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Copyright, IC03, by
Charles W. Hooke
THE room was now empty ex
cept for Thorndyke. Bunn.
Donaldson and myself. Arch
er's outburst had not been un
derstood except by the members of our
group, and so the other men who had
been present at the meeting had escap
ed as soon as possible into the cooler
air outside.
"Bunn," said I, "tell me the straight
"I took the money," he replied. "I
was hard pressed with that land com
pany deal and other matters."
"In heaven's 'name," cried Donald
son, "why didn't you hold on with the
land company, as I told you? We've
turned the corner with it in these last
few days. The company is more than
all right."
"My luck." said Bunn. "I thought
that there was no way out; that I was
ruined. Yet I hoped with that money
to make myself whole. I meant to
return it fe!t sure that I could. You
know how I got it. I saw the parcel of
bills on your desk and made a dummy
to take its place, which you put in the
safe. I hid the money. You know that
row of box letter files? I put it in the
oldest one. There was no chance that
it would be discovered. But it was.
Some one got it; stole it from me; rob
bed, the robber. Meanwhile I'd used
"i took Vic money" he replied.
about S.'.OOO. I'd got out of the land
scheme. I seemed to be in better shape.
I felt that I could restore this money
and that nobody would ever know.
Then, suddenly, it was gone. Do you
wonder that I went crazy?"
"Who took it?" I demanded.
"I only know what Donald says," re
plied Bunn. "But I don't see how there
could be better evidence than his. He
knows everything. He has told me the
inm- st thoughts of my heart. He says
that Archer took the money from my
hiding place."
"Well, there can't be much doubt
about it," said I.
"One day in your office at noon Arch
er accused me of being the thief," con
tinued Bunn. "That was just after
Gillespie came here as Professor Sev
ern. He was in Archer's pay as a de
tective. I suppose that he found the
money. When Archer accused me, I
did not know that it was not still in the
letter file. You can understand what I
felt who-ri this charge was brought
against me. It meant it meant just
what he aanl two minutes ago; that I'd
die in a cage like a rat. Yet when he
told me what he wanted me to do; that
I must redeem my stock from you and
vote it against you at this meeting. I
declared to him that 1 would take my
punishment before I would do such a
thing. I said that I would return what
was left of the money and raise the
balance somehow to make all square
with you.
"'All right,' said he, 'but do it now,
or I'll expose you.'
"Y'ou, Mr. Harrington, were standing
outside the office at that moment. I
made my choice and went to get the
money. It was gone. I accused Archer
of taking it, but he denied the charge
In such a way as to convince me that
he hadn't done St. I believed that some
thief had found it. I suspected Tim
Ilealy everybody. Archer promised to
help me recover it. lie had me in his
power, for what could I do without tt-
"More and more this man got me un
der his thumb until I half agreed that
if the money could be found I would
allow it to be thrust upon Donaldson.
I had known all along that Archer was
plotting against him. Carl used to
walk the floor in your office at noon
and say over and over again: 'Donald
eon, Donaldson! I'll have him under
my foot!' He used to do this even be
fore my crime. I overheard him once
as long ago as the early spring. I had
opened the door suddenly when his
back was toward it."
"Why didn't you tell me. Jim?" said I.
"Tell you?" he echoed. "Would you
have believed it?" ...
Beha a True Record and Explanation of the Seven
Mysteries Now Associated With His Name In
the Public Mind, and of in Eighth.
Which b the Key of the Seven
I was silent. Therein had lain the
weakness of the case both for Bunn
and for Donald. They knew that I
would not be convinced of Carl's real
"Archer told me that Kelvin would
furnish any amount of money that
might be required," continued Bunn.
"Kelvin was to know nothing about
any robbery. It was merely that the
money was needed. Now, what was I
to do, Mr. Harrington? I never would
agree to vote my stock against you.
Not even the threat of prison could
make me do that. But I did at last
agree to absent myself from the meet
ing. If you want to know just what I
really meant to do," he cried, rising
and seizing me by the shoulder, "I
meant to go to New York and kill my
self in a hotel there, where no one
would know me. But I had their
pledge that the money which I had
taken from you should be refu;i!cd."
"Considering that they h.-ul $r5.".000
of it already." said Donaldson, "it
wasn't much of a price to pay f jr the
control of the branch road, with my
disgrace and ruin thrown into the bar
gain. They probably relied on Gilles
pie to manage that."
"I will tell you how they relied on
him." said I. "and how they failed to
count up i! Donald: but, Jim, what
changed this crazy plan of yours?"
Bunn shiv.hlered.
"More and more." said he. "through
out all these terrible days I have come
to fear Donald. I had no faith in him
at first, but that night at Kelvin's I
saw my own fate in it. Well, let me
finish. Last evening I went quietly
across to Solway to take the train for
New York. No man can know what
misery I endured. A traitor to my
best friend, a ruined man, a suicide at
my age, unable to bear the weight of
the year or two that would be granted
me at the best! I was insane, truly
insane. I walked across to Solway.
and as I stepped up on the platform
of the railroad station there I came
face to face with Donald.
" 'Ah. Mr. Bunn,' said he, I was
waiting fi.r you.'
"I would have fallen if Le hadn't
caught me in his arms. He iified me
into a wagon, and wl;cn I got my
senses I found that Isaac Thorndyke
was there. We rode slowly back to
Tunhridge. and upon the way Donald
told me everything that had happened
to me in these dreadful weeks. He
told me what I had said to Archer and
what Archer had said to me in our
most private convert:-. t'ons. He knew
my crime- ar.d" :::y 'ci:; pi a Lions and my
sufferings as they are known in heav
en. Do you think it's any wonder that
not only I, who was at his mercy,
but Thorndyke also, who was merely
a spectator, agreed t do precisely as
Donald directed? 1 was hidden in
Thorndyke's house, and Donald drove
me over here this morning. We were
hidden across the street. Thorndyke
signaled to us from the window when
I should come over."
"So far as my part of it is concern
ed," said Thorndyke. "this is all strict
ly true. Of course I could have no part
with Kelvin when such business as
this was doing."
And he entered into a weak explana
tion and justification of his previous
conduct. He was interrupted by a
sound of confusion outside. We ran
into the hall and saw men looking
from the window down into the street.
As we went toward them Donald came
flying up the stairs.
"l.'ucie." lie cried, taking my arm in
a grip that nearly broke it, "don't you
believe this! Don't you believe it! Fa
ther, tell him that I had no knowledge
of it. I didn't mean that the man
would die!"
"Not Gillespie?" I cried.
"Yes," answered Donald, with white
lips. "He's dead. He's been sitting in
his wagon before the door here for
hours stone dead, and no one suspected
it. He was there by agreement with
Archer to stop Jim Bunn in case he
should not keep his word in case he
should not stay away from this meet
ing, as be had promised."
"Dead!" I exclaimed.
"It's heart disease." said Donald.
"Uncle, j-ou won't believe that I knew
it? I have no such powers. I am a
fraud an absolute fraud and when I
told Gillespie to denounce me yester
day because today would be too late I
meant that I should confess everything
openly today, and I'm going to do it. I
have merely been playing tricks."
"You're excited, Dou ild," said his fa
ther, trying to soothe him. "This man's
death should not affect you so. You are
In no way responsible for it."
We made our way to the street. Gil
lespie's body had been taken into a
store, and the doctor who had pro
nounced him dead was just coming out
"The fellow had a weak heart," said
he in answer to my question. "The
blow which he got by falling against
that hitching post weakened it still
more, and liquor combined with the
heat of this noon finished him. There's
nothing unusual in the case."
"Isn't there, eh?" said u voice behind
I turned and saw Kelvin, who raised
his right hand and shook a finger at
I've got no cause to take sides with
you," he said, "but one thing I'm will
ing to admit : You are a wonder, a
wonderl That's what you are."
"Mr. Kelvin," cried Donald in a voice
of agony, "I have confessed"
"Confess all you want to," answered
Kelvin. "I heard , what you said to
that man. and I know what has hap
pened to him. That's enough for mo."
."But don't you see," exclaimed Don
ald, "a coincidence was bound to come.
It was certain. I couldn't go on in the
way I was going without having some
thing of this kind happen sooner or lat
er. I never meant that he would die."
. Kelvin was turning away, but Donald
sprang after him and caught his arm.
"Let me tell you," he pleaded. "The
diamonds! I knew where they were.
Some one told me. Some one in your
house heard a noise in the night and
looked out of the window. And there
was Cobb digging a hole in the ground.
It was dark, but she knew him by his
extraordinary shape. Of course she
had no idea what he was doing it for,
but when the diamonds were missed
she understood. Meanwhile she'd men
tioned the incident to me. I'd confided
in her days before. I had told her. that
I knew there was a plot against uiy
father and that Archer was in it, but
Mr. Harrington would never believe
the truth unless some awfully queer
thing was done to impress him. Well,
she agreed to help me. She saw In the
Cobb affair a chance for me to shine.
She'd mentioned the incident to me In
the morning before the diamonds were
missed. She knew that 1 would know
what it meant. So when Mrs. Kelvin
insisted upon coming over to see me
Amy chimed In with her. And you can
understand the rest."
"This may all be true," answered
Kelvin, "but it doesn't change my
opinion in the least."
"When Cobb was let out of jail,"
continued Donald eagerly, "he went
straight to your house and climbed in
through the library window. You
caught him taking down some books.
What was the absolutely certain in
ference? Why. that the deed was in
that room and somewhere near those
books. Cobb had found it weeks ago
and had left it there because he could
not think of a safer place. I told
Amy. and she smuggled me into the
library. We found the hiding place,
with the deed and other documents In
It. We took them all out. Of course
it was certain that Cobb, having been
prevented by you from getting the
deed, would elude Reedy and return.
"Joe Harvey, as we all understood,
was in this plot to blackmail you by
making a pretense of producing an
heir of Walmsley and then selling you
the deed. He had put up the bail for
Cobb. When Cobb escaped from U"e
dy that evening, he got into your libra
ry and found that the deed was gone.
What could he do? Tell Harvey and
go back to jail? Not at all. lie skip
ped, just as any other rascal would
have done. Then I went and bought a
skeleton hand of a young doctor over
in Solway, and, with the aid of that
old se.tr on the table, I fixed up my
Kelvin sawed the air with his fin
ger. "That doesn't explain the finish of
Mr. Gillespie," said he.
"But don't you see." cried Donald in
agony. "Nothing can explain that.
It's luck. luck. It's mere chance. It
was certain to come some time. I
was playing with fire."
"You play with it too blasted well to
suit me," said Kelvin, with decision.
"Now, Mr. Harrington." he continued,
"you understand that I didn't know
anything about Jim Bunn except that
there was a string on him and that a
little money would keep him away from
this meeting. 1 knew nothing about
the robbery. Thai's Hat. I'm not
oversqueamish. but I don't make part
nerships with thieves. In the first
place, it is not safe."
"I'll take your word for it. Mr. Kel
vin," said I.
1 (To be Continued.)
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