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1 VI.-:
Dally delivered by carder to any par of the city for six cents a week.
Outside cl'y. six months, in advance 95
Outside city, one month, in advance fS.
Outside city, one year, in advance 8 w
WEEKLY By mall one year, $1.00 in advanoe.
TT7 VP TT 17 ATT t any time to get your paper from your carrier, you will con
) It lLU rAlL, tar a faor by at once notifying the office by telephor-
James R. Hart. Editor. xS
S M. Rutherford. Business Manager ' 4DN1QN LA BE lV
John S. Fltzglbbons. City Editor.
( the studio of Pauline, a friend -i Le
ontes. She has a. statue of 'Hnsione
which is very lifelike, and which sbo
reveals to. Leontes, Polixene.-, and
Perdita,fvho has been recovered.
t Then, invoking! the Gods, she ief
me siaiue 10 step aown, ana tuey
find that she was not dead after all.
The beautiful tableau ends here, with
Leontes forgiven ani kneeling before
Tank Car Mystery at Whit
ing Has Been Satisfact
orily Explained.
In the minds of those who are studying the outcome of the war in
tlie far East, the ouestion is. "What will the end be I There are some
who think we can already fore cast the issue and do so with certainty.
Everything points to the early fall of Port Arthur. When this happens,
the Japanese will have won half the battle and possibly the larger half.
More than a month ago Gen. Dragomiroff advised that Port Arthur be
abandoned and the fleet destroyed, but Gen. Kuropatkin thought other
wise; he now sees that the stronghold is doomed. Sebastopol held out foi
a vear against an allied armv but the mehtods of war and the modern in
struments of destruction have advancd within the last GO years.
After leaving Port Arthur, what will the Russians do" It is sup
posed that thev will retreat to Mukden and lure the Japanese after them.
Will the Japanese follow or will they content themselves with holding and
fortifying the line "across the bases f the Korean Peninsula of Liao-Tung,
and defying the Russians to put them out? In possession ot this line
thev would be in possession of all Korea and of all maritime Manchuria.
Would not they be in possession of all for which they have really been
fighting? With not merely the Gulf of Pe-ehi-Li and Korea Bay, but
with the whole Pacific ocean, closed to Russia, might not Japan claim the
victory of which she possessed the spoils? If Russia wished to continue
the war, would it not behoove her to attempt to dislodge the Japanese,
while Japan could well afford to "stand pat"?
r vr, i. .
- V. &
Thank You!
Fred Hull Crept Into Tank ta Sleep
Off Effects of a Protracted
The Fumes of Naphtha Overcame
Him and He Wag Unable
to Get Out.
Rev. George R. Jones is to be substituted at many of the Chautau-
quas this year instead of Rev. Sam Jones. He is a southern gentleman
and is recommended bv Mr. Jones. The latter said recently: "Mr. Stew
art is better than I am." Many people who have heard Stewart say that
Jones told the truth when he said this. Good for Jones.
Indiana Republicans who are veiy ambitious to shelve Fairbanks- need
not worry. The Democrats will attend to his case with neatness and tlis
lvatch in November. Indianapolis Sentinel. Shelve is not .just the word.
Promote would be better. Yes, the Democrats will attend to this mat
ter with "neatness and dispatch" If ore sailing "up" the saline stream.
Some one has said that simplicity is a sign of greatness. The Logan-s
nort Renorter savs that Dr. Hushes, the new president of De Pauw Uni-
versity, shows his greatness in his alility to put great thoughts into lit
tle words. Dr. Hughes gave the commencement address at Logansport
and "caught the people."
Hammond, Ind., June 2. The Hull '
murder mystery at Whiting has been1
exploded and an ending made of the
sensational stories surrounding the
death of Freu Hull. After a coroner'3
Inquiring covering three days, and an
autopsy, three physicians decided that
there was no proof of murder, and the
coroner reported that death was due
to asphyxiation. It was shown that
Hull had been dissipating freely for
some time. During the fag end of his
spree he borrowed $20 from a friend
and he told another friend that the
police were pursuing him because they
thought he had stolen the money.
Circumstances point conclusively to
the fact that Hull went to the Pennsyl
vania railway yards and removed the
cap of the naphtha tank, after which
he crawled in, readjusted the cap and
laid down and went to sleep. During
his slumber he was asphyxiated by the
powerful fumes. The bruises on his
face and head were shown to have
been caused by contact with bolts and
rivets in the tank while the car was in
transit. Not a single arrest has been
made in the case, as Chief Collins of ,
the Whiting police has never doubted '
that Hull's death was due to accident. '
The retiring firm of D. C. Beggs & Cd. take this method ot thaak'ng the
public for the substantial manner in which they have extended their patronage and
friendship to The Railroad Store in the past; and at the same time bespeak for the
new owners, Messrs. Game & Browrt, the same liberal support and friendship that
has so materially helped to bring this store to the front.
The policy of the store shall be, first of all:- Goods of strictly dependable qual
ities at the very lowest prices; and careful attention will be paid to those things that
will make trading with us a pleasure, namely courteous trsatment to all; square
dealing; no misrepresentation; all goods marked in plain figures; one pnee to
We hope a continuation of the liberal patronage extended to us will also be
given to the new firm.
Again we say, THANK YOU !
2). C SSeqgs & Co.,
Special Notice !
We will be Open for Business Saturday.
Ohe Stailroacl Store Co.
President Roosevelt's Americanism is always in evidence. In his
speech on the Gettysburg battle field, he said: "He is a poor American.
who, looking at this held, does not teel within lumselt a deep reverence
for the nation's past and a higher purpose to make the nation's future rise
level to her past."
The La Fayette Courier says: "The latest hard-luck story is tele-
granned from ii art torn v itv, Indiana, wnere another wise and circum
spect hen is reported to be laying petrified eggs." Petrified eggs are about
as useful and much less offensive than some of the ones coming from the
Yesterdav might well be called a "rare" first day of June and the!
second day gives no evidence of being "well done."
Of Earlham's Elocution Department
Saturday Evening.
On Saturday evening, June 4, at
S p. in., will occur the annual recital
of the elocution department of Earl
ham college. The program for the
recital is as follows:
Piano. Tarantelle Chopin Ma
mie Hough.
Closet Scene From Hairlcs.
Hamlet Luther Feeger.
Queen of Denmark, mother of
Hamlet Grace Stayton.
This is the most thrilling and vivid
scene in Hamlet, in which Hamlet at
tempts to persuade his mother to
leave her perfidous husband, who has
slain Hamlet's father. The bloody
death of Polonius adds interest to ihe
plot, and the audience is held spell
bound while the hero, inspired, pleads
for the right. It is the best seen',
from what is probably S lakespeare's
best tragedy.
Reading Pantomime. Song of the
Mystic Rvan. Posed bv eight voung
Fall of Cardinal Woolsev Shake
speare. Woolsey, Wm. Mills; Crom
well, Nathan Davis.
Song Pantomime. (1) Last Rose
of Summer; (2) Ave Maria sung by
Miss Kehlenbrink. Posed by nine
young ladies.
. .Tableau from A Winter's Tale
Scene Pauline's Studio.
Leontes George Hamilton.
Polixenes, King of Bohemia
rence P. Smelser.
Hermione Ingrid Jesten.
Pauline, an artist Annette
IVrdita, Leontes' daughter me-
lia Partlett.
Statues I lorence Lindlev, Edna
Attendants Pess Huff, Grace
Stayton, Alsie Kendall, Maud Helm.
Song Pantomime. Slumber Song
Story of Winter's Tale.
Leontes, suspecting his wife Her
mione of loving Polixens, killsherand
banishes his daughter, Perdita. Six
teen years of penitence follow, for he
soon finds his dead wife io have been
innocent. Thus it is that the tableau
occurs at the end of six'een years in
Grand Jury Given a New Lead In the
Bedford Mystery. j
Bedford, Ind., June 2. Attorney R.
N. Palmer, who defended James Mc
Donald, tried on the charge of mur-'
dering Sarah C. Schafer, has given'
his testimony before the grand Jury
which is investigating the tragedy. !
Prosecutor Miller appointed Palmer as
his deputy that Palmer might direct
the work of the grand jury, but Palmer Some of the Interesting Things That
declined the appointment, and Deputy
Prosecutor Eli B. Stephenson, who has Happened Here,
been in doubt as to McDonald's guilt,
is conducting the investigation. t
Mr. Palmer was before the jury for aT,. nmi Mrs Charl TTn,ltin nnI
about two hours and placed additional i , , -,r , , ,
information before that body. He de- chlia,tM1 of Moblle Alabama, who
clines to make known the information have bL'eu the uests of relatives here
he gave the jury. "From the mass of for the past few days, spent Wednes
evidence I presented to the grand day with friends in New Castle.
jury," he said, "I would venture the t
assertion tnat it will be several weeks ,r , . .
before the investigation ends. As sure Messrs. Calvin Yv issler, Gus Oar
as fate, the guilty will be brought to rett Millard Ulerich and Dan Petro
justice. It may take a month or longer were in Muncie on business Wednes
to prepare the case, but the man who dav.
murdered Miss Schafer will be ar-
raigned before the bar of Lawrence -.r r -ii ij.
county " Ernest Reid and daughter, af-
. ter a tew weeks visit witn tier motu-
Didn't Know It Was Loaded. er, Mrs. Anna Bond, near Dublin, re
Bloomington, Ind., June 2. John returned to their home in Ann Arbor,
Strother, a well-known citizen of El- Michigan Wednesdav
lettsville, was accidentally shot by his -
stepson, Louis Snyder, twelve years
old. The boy was playing with the Mr- Larl -uss or mcumond was
gun, which he thought was unloaded, transacting business in this city Tues
when he pulled the trigger, the entire day.
ioaa entering ms steptather s side.
Strother, who is thirty-three years old,
will probably die.
wedding of Miss Elsie Martin and
Fred Davidson.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bond were in
Cincinnati, Ohio, today.
Mr. Benedict of South Carolina,
who is visiting his daughter, Mrs. 0.
Hall, in Dublin, was in this city on
business vesterday.
Are Being Sent Out to the Station
Large maps, about five by three.
Mrs. James McCaffrey was calling ,are beiu? sent out by the headquar-
on friends in Dublin yesterday.
ters of the Information Bureau of
the Pennsylvania to the station
! ag
, fi 71 i T1 .
Wiiiio G... w;n:om tk-,- "i vL Muaiia- iuns. men-
Daniel Chapman and Jesse Mustin ,mond 1S distributing point for these
were in Connersville yesterday. I1 P.S and a number of them a the
. (station attracted a good deal of at-
ltention. Across the top is the well
Mrs. C. V essel and daughter, Ruth, ,. Ppnnsv,van:a ,:,10c
were shopping
in Richmond yester
Miss Sarah Williams and Herbert
Fisher, after a week's visit with
friends near New Castle, returned
here Tuesday.
The Sophomore class of the high
school held a very interesting meeting
was sixty years of age. He was em- 'wim llieir leacner, Mr. vv . u. vvissier
ployed by the township looking after and wife, Tuesday evening,
supplies for the poor. He left a large
family. . ,
.... ) iu ns. ivimon uaar vissiitru rtiaiit;s
Delphi, Ind., June 2. Charles Brock, in New Lisbon yesterday.
who entered a plea of guilty to forgery
iu the circuit court, has been commit-! aiv ,.,,1 Mr n V. Whif nvo ?n
. . , , , I'll I t Wll i'A 1 V JL-4 "11V ALA
ted to the Jeffersonville reformatory t- i i .1 n. j- i
under tfc indeterminate sentence law "" t,u"us k-0
Despondent Veteran's Suicide.
Richmond, Ind., June 2. Jacob Kel
ly, a civil war veteran, committed sui
cide at his home here by shooting him
self through the head with a revolver.
Despondency was the cause. Kelly
the route of the Penna.-Vandalia
short lines in red. The larger part
of the map is taken up with a col-
Miss Rheba Ohmit is threatened Cred drawing, a bird's eye view, of
with the fever. J the entire Exposition, by Graham.
j There has been a great demand for
Mr. and Mrs. Bent Wilson visited these maps, which are certainly fine.
friends in New Castle last night.
A bulletin from the Publicity Bu
reau of Boston, dated May 23, says:
Among the saloon passengers on
the White Star Line Steamer Cano-
pic, Capt. Maddox, which sailed from
Henry Overman and Lew Laubscher. Boston May 2S, for Naples and Gen
oa were Mrs. David Sutton and son
The Indianapolis Star saj-s: :
Lew Laubscher, the local pool ex
pert, is anxiously awaiting word from
Henry Overman, the Richmond
(Ind.) crack whom he says promised
him a match game at 1,000 balls for
a side bet.
and Miss Anne C. Swan of Richmond,
The next meeting of the Retail
Merchants' Association will be held
We can assure our .Indianapolis next Friday evening at 7:30 at Pyth
friends that "Punk" will be there ian temple. Every member should
with the goods when all is ready. be present, also new members.
PONT Stocking's
19 cents per pair
Outwear two pairs of any other Stock
ings made. Once a customer, always a
customer. We want all the boys and
girls to be members of the Pony Stock
ing Army.

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