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The Illinois Democrats Will Not Get
Through V.'ithout a Struggle.
Springfield, 111., Jine 13. A large
number of delegates have arrived and
the Democratic state convention Tues
day promises to bring about a bitter
fight. Mayor Carter H. Harrison, J. P.
Hopkins of Chicago, chairman of the
Democratic state central committee,
John Keenan, off Wheeling,
Cured of Catarrh off Stom
ach by Paw Paw
u II
Is Said to Have Taken Place
Jn Harbor of Port
" Arthur.
Notre Dame Will Have Dis
tinguished Visitors
This Week.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
tt'f Itit'H'H'MM'
.AVfegetable Preparalionfor As
similating the Food andRegula
ling the Stoinaclis and Bowel 5 of
It Is Humored In St. Petersburg
That Two Russian and Four Jap
Ships Were Sunk.
Prince of the Church Who Is Visit
"lnt This Country Will Be Guest
of Honor.
If? 3
Bears the
Frof. Munyon deserves the greatest
compliment that can be paid him bypresa
and public He has absolutely and posi
tively discovered a genuine cure for Ca
tarrh of the stomach. He has compiled
in his Taw Paw Remedy a cure that will
destroy the terrible germs that make
catarrh both of the throat and stomach,
the bane of life. I was a victim of that
distressing ill, together with indigestion,
and poorly circulated blood. I tried bo
many remedies that I lost all faith. How
ever, a friend insisted that I use Paw Paw
and I did so. One bottle has completely,
regulated my blood and digestion and
stomachy Let no person fear to use it
becanse it is a genuine and permanent
cure. (Signed) JOHN KEENAN.
2811 Chaphne St., Wheeling, V. Va,
If you have Catarrh, Try it.
If you have Dyspepsia, Try it.
If you are nervous, Try it.
If you are despondent, Try it.
If you are weak and run down, Try it.
Castaway all tonics, all medicines and
all stimulants and let Munyon's Paw Paw
make you well. It will lift you into the
high altitudes of hope and hold you there.
It will give exhilaration without intoxica
tion. It makes old people feel young and
weak people strong.
Munyon's Paw Paw Tonic at all drug
gists. Paw Paw Laxative Inlls, best Stom
ach and Liver Pill on earth, 25c a bottle.
Who cares? I'm fortified with an "El
oreclo" laurdeted cellar, "The kind
hat don't melt Sown."
The Eldorado
steam Laundry
No. 18 North Ninth St.
Thone 147. Richmond, Indian
"My father lial b n a srifToror f mm sick horulafhe
fortlio lust twenty-livf yt urs ami n'.-ver found any
reli-f until li ! unn t:k i 11 your 'asi-arct. Sii!'-e
Jie lian lii un tukjns; ;. .iri-ts, h- has never h:.J
the heud-ii-li'-. T-li-y h.v entirely cured him.
Caseun t-' 'io vl at you rei-cinnieinl tliewi to do. I i
will Kivo ou tint irivilei;s of using his name.'
K.M. Dickson . llj!) lies i nc r tit., V.Iiidinapolu, lad.
Pleasant, Palatuhlo. I'otent. Taste Good, Do Good,
Kever Sicken, Weaken or iripe, 10c, Ec, 50c. Never
sold in liuik. The et iuiino tablet stamped (J C (J.
Guaranteed to euro or your money back.
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. 598
The greatest money nuking inventions
ve been surgested by minds familiar with
the needs of the age.
keep you in touch with subjects of current
interest in the line ol new inventions and
experiment. It will aid you to develop ideas
of practical value. Issued on the 1 st and 1 Sth
of every month.
Twenty-eight pages each issue. Sold at
all news stands 10c per copy or sent by mail $1.50 per year.
Sample copy lent free. Washington. D. C
ATE NTS srs:
will fd vise you whether your ideas
can be patented. Small improve
ments ard simple inventions have
made much money for the inven
tors. We dtvelope your ideas or assist
youin improving your invention. We
takeout patents in United States, Can
ada and foreign rountrits. Our terms
re reasonable.
fO- plarlatt & Dozier,
4?-4 folorlnl Bid?. Richmond
A WEEK "oS?1 Oil Burner.
Heats biotas or t urnaces ; burns crude
oil:o -tt r'KEE. Write National Sit.
Co. atlor HtHcwVorki X. a.
Try the Palladium for job printing.
This May Bo Iiascil on Admiral
Skrytllolt's llecent Cruise From
St. Petersburg, June 13. Rumors
are in circulation here to the effect
that a great naval battle has taken
place off Port Arthur, in which two
Russian and four Japanese battleships
were sunk. No confirmation of the
rumor can be obtained.
Hai Cheng, Manchuria, June 11.
(Delayed in transmission.) A flanking
movement of the Japanese around the
Russian left from Feng Wang Cheng
June 9 was repulsed with a loss of two
whole battalions.
A large Japanese force moved out in
the morning along the Feng Wang
Cheng and H"ai Cheng road. The Rus
sians nad a force strongly posted in a
ravine thirty miles southwest of Mai
Cheng. The Japanese were preceded
by two battalions, who walked into the
Russian ambuscade. They received a
murderous rifle and artillery fire at
close ranase and were wiped out, only
one or two escaping.
The main Japanese force, which was
greatly superior to the Russian force,
tried to outflank the Russians, who
drew off without losing a man. The
Japanese, closing in, found the ravine
vacant, save for their own dead.
Didn't Stay Out Long.
St. Petersburg, June 13. Vice Ad
miral Skrydloff states that on June 7
he went within thirty miles of Port
Arthur with the Vladivostok fleet and
there ran into a fog. He found several
Japanese torpedo boats and two battle
ships, which attacked him fiercely and
Inflicted some damage. The Russians
returned the fire, but as none of the
Port Arthur ships appeared, Vice Ad
miral Skrydloff returned to Vladivos
tok. Heavy Russian Losses.
Tokio, June 13. The military com
mission assigned to bury the Russian
dead in the battle of Nan Shan hill at
Kinchou May 2G has presented its
final report. It was found that ten
Russian officers and GG4 men who fell
In the battle had been carefully buried
and thirty men were buried by the
outposts, making the total number of
killed left behind by the Russians 704.
Heavy Japanese Losses.
L,;ao Yang, June 13. Ensign Mari
loff, who has returned from the battle
of Saimatza, fought on June 7, says
that the Japanese lost about 300 men.
Reports of the Siuyen fight of June 8
say that the Japanese lost 100 killed
and the Russians one killed and twenty-one
wounded, including two officers.
Navy Finds Work.
Tokio, June 13. Rar Admiral Togo
reports that a part ot the fleet bom
barded trie west coast of the Liao Tung
peninsula near Kai Chan and drove
back a military train that was ap
proaching southward. No trains have
been seon since.
What Was Done Yesterday In the
Three Big Leagues.
At Brooklyn, 4; St. Louis, 3.
At St. Louis, 1; Boston, 2.
At Chicago, 0; New York. 2.
At Toledo, 11; Kansas City, 2.
At Columbus, 7; St. Paul, 2.
At Louisville, 9; Minneapolis, 4.
At Milwaukee, 5; Indianapolis, 1.
After Turkish Concessions.
Washington, June 13. One or more
of the American men-of-war now as
sembled in Mediterranean waters, it
Is possible, after their service at Tan
gier is concluded, may go as far east
as Turkey. Officials decline to say
just what the program of the adminis
tration is as to the future movement of
the vessels in this regard, but do say
.that the cruise in the Mediterranean
of some of the vessels will be extended
eastward, and the imerence is given
that they may touch at some Turkish
port. The United States is aiming to
secure for certain Institutions and mis
sions in Turkey the same privilege
that the government of that count r;
grants to the missionary and educa
tional institutions of other countries
Fatal Mistake oi Grocer.
Kansas City, June l;. A mistake U
a grocer in filling a customer's jug
with gasoline when vinegar was asked
for, resulted in an explosion at the
home of Antone Schoen in this city
last night which caused the death o?
Mrs. Schoen and injury to three others.
Argentine's New President.
Buenos Ayres, June 13. Manuel
Quintana has been elected president
of the republic
4. jorra p. HOPuiNa.
and the Hearst followers will have a
contest for control of the organiza
tion, xiie Hearst delegates are over
whelmingly in control, and it seem
that they will have ihe dictation in
the state central committee.
J. P. Hopkins will likely by a candi
date for temporary cli'rn :i, and if
he is not acceptable to th3 Fleirst fol
lowers the name of Frank J. Quinn of
Peoria will be suggested. The cen
tral committee meets today to transact
routine business, and the first squab
ble of the convention will be experi
enced. Harrison, Hopkins and Burke
of Chicago came in with their delega
tions on the special trains early this
Fire Fighters Handicapped.
New YorK, June 13. Thirty firemen
were temporarily overcome by tobacco
smoke and the fumes from alcohol
while fighting a fire in Holtz's cafe
in Broadway. The tire was confined
to the sub-cellar, in which liquors and
cigars were stored, and the fumes and
the dense smoke from the burning
cigars hindered the firemen to such an
extent that they were compelled to
work in two-minute relays. The dam
age to the restaurant was $100,000.
Filipinos at Washington's Tomb.
Washington, June 13. The members
of the honorary board of Philippine
commissioners visited the tomb of
George Washington Sunday as the
guests of the United States navy, As
sistant Secretary Darling acting as
host. The commissioners left for
Philadelphia this morning in continua
tion of their tour of the country.
Cutting Down Expenses.
Susquehanna, Pa., June 13. The
Erie Railroad company has discharged
10 per cent of its working force, or 108
men, from its shops in this place.
Like discharges were made in all the
shops on the system. This is the sec
ond discharge of 10 per cent within
thirty days. The company is reduc
ing expenses in all directions.
Confederate Veterans Gather.
Nashville, Tenn., June 13. This is
Confederate week in Nashville. Ten
nessee's capital is decorated as never
before in honor of the veterans who
meet in reunion here from Tuesday to
Thursday. Preparations on an enor
mous scale have been completed for
the entertainment of the old Confeder
ates. Exposition Attendance Growing.
St. Louis, June 13. The statement
of recorded admissions lor the week
ending Saturday night, given out last
night by the World's Fair officials,
shows a totai of paid and free admis
sions of 499,228, which is 100,000 more
than during any previous week since
the exposition opened.
Excursionists Shaken Up.
Minneapolis, June 13. As a result
of a collision last night between a
reavily loaded excursion train on the
Minneapolis & St. Louis railroad and
an empty Northern Pacific passenger
train, three passengers were injured
and several more or less shaken up.
Chicago's Idea of It.
Chicago, June 13. Organized labor
in Chicago, through its organized body,
the Federation of Labor, passed a res
olution appealing to President Roose
velt to send tederal troops to Colorado
to. restore order in the Cripple Creek
Ot. Louis Wants Raisuli.
Tangier, Morocco, June 13. A rep
resentative in Morocco of the St. Louis
fair Is endeavoring to open commu
nications with the bandit Raisuli, the
kidnapper, In the hope of securing the
robber as an attraction at the exposi
tion. Release In Sight.
Tangier, June 13. Raisuli has re
ceived the sultan's letter concerning
his demands, and unless the bandit
formulates fresh conditions the release
of Ion Perdicaris may be expected
Wednesday next.
Child Kills Her Father.
Norton, Kan., June 13. While beat
ing his wife, A. C. Jenkins, living near
Norton, was shot dead by his eleven-year-old
daughter. Jenkins was insane
and had often threatened to kill his
whole family.
Quieting Down at Cripple Creek.
Cripple Creek, Col.. June 13. The
district Is qniet. Nothing important
has hannenea durinc tha dr.
Charles Bonaparte Will Also
Among Those to Attend the
Notre Dame, Ind., Jirie 13. Notre
Dame's annual commencement exer
cises will be held this week. One of
the largest graduating classes that
the university has ever turned out
will receive diplomas. Cardinal Satol
11, who but recently arrived from
Rome, will be the guest of honor dur
ing graduation week, and the Hon.
Charles Bonaparte, Laetare medalist
two years, and one of the board of
commissioners who Investigated the
postal frauds, will attend.
Withdrawal of Funds Leaves Institu
tion in Bad Plight.
North Manchester, lnd., June 13.
North Manchester is excited over the
suspension of the Bank of North Man
chester, a private concern established
ten years ago. The bank had a paid-up
capital of about $20,000 and deposits
of $48,000. The deposits were recently
$75,000, but withdrawals of funds by
depositors and inability to get cash
on paper forced the institution to
close. The president and cashier are
D. T. Krisher and Dayton Harter, re
spectively. Krisher was the receiver
of the defunct First National Bank of
North Manchester, which closed In
Traveling Men Adjourn.
Indianapolis, June 13. After the lar
gest and most successful meeting in
the history of the organization, the
grand council of Indiana of the United
Commercial Travelers of America ad
journed Saturday night, to meet at Ft.
Wayne next year. The election of offi
cers resulted in George D. Custor, sr.,
of Loganspcrt being elected senior
grand councilor; H. A. Pritchette,
Terre Haute, junior grand councilor;
Henry Cooper, Evansville, grand con
ductor; Harry Maxwell, Fort Wayne,
page; Peter Daley, Terre Haute, sec
retary, and John Gardner, Indianap
olis, treasurer.
Watts Returns to RockfcvJ.
Marion, Ind., June 13. John Watts,
former city clerk, charged with em
bezzlement of city funds, was released
from the Marion county jail on bond
and he said that he would return at
once to his home in Rockford. He is
interested in a big wallpaper estab
lishment there, and says that he has
been prospering for the last four years.
His wife will return to Rockford with
him. He says that he does not fear
the outcome of his trial. He was short
over $6,000 when he left the state.
McDonald Received Warning.
Linton, lnd., June 13. James Mc
Donald, who was acquitted of the mur
der of Sarah C. Schafer, the Bedford
Latin teacher, has moved to this city.
Through a mysterious source McDon
ald says he was warned that unless
he left Bedford in twenty-four hours
he would be lynched. After a consul
tation with his attorneys he left Bed
ford. He has taken a place as a
miner in the North Linton mine, and
he says he will live here permanently.
Driven Insane by Gossip.
Goshen, Ind., June 13. Mrs. Ella
Hartsought, wife of a landscape gar
dener, who attempted suicide by cut
ting her throat with her husband's
penknife, will be sent to Long Cliff
asylum. Mrs. Hartsought has become
insane over false reports concerning
her character circulated by her ene
mies and attempted suicide as the di
rect result of gossip among certain
women. Physicians declare her case
The Deadly Gasoline.
Fort Wayne, Ind., June 13. Mrs.
Lewellyn A. Fisher attempted to fill a
gasoline tank while two of the burners
were lighted. The fumes caught fire
and she was envoleped in flames. She
ran out into the yard and rolled around
to smother the fire. Her clothes were
entirely burned from her body. She
survived but a few hours.
Boy's Head Blown Off.
Indianapolis. June 13. Mystery sur
rounds the death of the eleven-year-old
Bon of Mr. and Mrs. George Hile, who
live in the vicinity of Clermont. The
boy's head was literally blown from
his shoulders by a load of shot from
an old family gun. At the time of the
shooting Mr. and Mrs. Hile were in
Fort Wayne. Ind., June 13. The jury
In the second trial of Charles Dunn,
accused of the murder of Alice Coth
rell. returned a verdict of guilty and
fixed the punishment at life imprison
ment. Portland, Ind., June 13. The Gilbert
Oil company ha completed a well on
George Hold's farm north of here
that produced 300 barrels in twenty
four hours.
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerfur
ness and Itest.Con tains neilher
Opium.Morphine norlineral.
ImtfJtut, Seed'
prrmml -BiCttrborutkSoda
Aperfecl Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature oT
flft Qtei:b i&Go rasp
Canoe Trips
Lake Trips
River Trips
Bail Trips
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Atlantic Coast.
The ' 'Rockies' '
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Puget Sound
Also to Great Britain and Ireland.
Hawaii, Fiji, Australia, Japan,
China and the "Philippines."
For further information and illus
trated literature write to
Gen'l. Agt. Pass. Dept.,
Canadian Pacific Ry.,
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rtelniil duo uuiy Urnulne.
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all OruriM.i.. ChtrKmirr ( hraileal '.
tfaatkoD thka paper Madlaoa Nuara, i 111 LA., t'
CLAYPOOL HOTEL, Indianapolis,
occupying the site of the old Bates
House.. Absolutely Fire Proof.
LY FURNISHED hotel West of New
Soft and distilled water used ex
clusively. Assembly Hall seating twelve hun
dred; roof garden and sun parlor.
AMERICAN PLAN $3.00 and tip-
EUROPEAN PLAN $1.50 and up
ward. Henry L. Lawrence,
9-6t President and Manager.
Reduced Pares to Greencastle via
Pennsylvania Lines
June 15, 16 and 17, excursion tick
ets to Greencastle, account Indiana
state convention, Epworth League,
will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines
from all ticket stations in Indiana.
For information regarding rates, time
of trains, etc., call on local ticket
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Thirty Years
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making connections with all Railroads
for points East.
Leave CLEVELAND, daily 10.15 p. m.
Arrive DETROIT . . . 5.30 a m.
Connectingjwith Special Trains forWorld'S
Fair. St. Louis, and with D.AC Steamers tor
Mackinac, "Soo," Marquette. Duluth, Minne
apolis. St. Paul. Petoskey. Milwaukee. Chi
cago and Georgian Bay. also with all Rail
roads for points in Michigan and the West.
D.iv Trips between Detroit and Cleve
land "during July and August.
Mackinac Division
Lv. TOLEDO Mondays and Saturdays 9.30
a. m. and 'Tuesdays and Thursdays 4 p.m.
Lv. DETROIT Mondavsand 'Saturdays 5.00
p. m. and 'Wednesdays and Fridays 9.30
JL. m. Commencing June lftth.
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Send 2c for World's Fair Pamphlet.
A. A. SCHANTZ. G. S. 4 P. T. M., Detroit. Mich.
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