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and FALL
Makes the best grade of Fertil
izer in this part of the country.
His wagons are called out every
day to take care of dead animals
and while so doing he will deliver
Fertilizer to all parties desiring it
It makes them LAY EGGS. Farmers having
bones on hand can bring them to Mertz's mil
and have them ground for the toll.
Write or phone your orders to
Both phones 103. Rural Route No. 8
Send in your order
coming rush ofearly fall.
early and avoid the
i Ayi.! uiiuiiiy
Purdue Students Laid Up As
Eesult of Brutal Class
Most of the Injuries Were Received
In This Peculiarly Characteristic
Form of Attack.
While None of the Cases Is Consider
ed Fatal Several Are Quite
Lafayette, Ind., Sept. 19. As the re
sult of the tank scrap at Purdue in
which about fifty members of both
classes were so badly injured that tkey
had to be carried from the field of
battle by friends, four students are
still confined to their beds. While
none of tue four cases is considered
fatal, all are serious and demand med
ical attention. The four are Jacobs,
sophomore; Earl Chandler, freshman;
Haas, freshman; and McCoy, sopho
more. Must of the injuries were re
ceived from kicks in the stomach, and
no broken limbs, such as last year,
were recorded. Considering the large
size of the crowd the members of both
classes escaped marvelously well from
the melee. Others who were injured
but are again out were Trumble, back
wrenched; Wright, kicked in chest;
McNeal, kicked in stomach; Lucas,
kicked in stomach.
A Hundred Thousand Dollar Fire In
Michigan City Penitentiary.
Michigan City, Ind., Sept. 19. Mys
tery surrounds the origin of a fire
which broke out with a sudden flare
in one of the chair factories at the
northern prison and which destroyed
two factories and the penitentiary
store-rooms, causing a loss that is esti
mated at $112,000, and for a time
threatening the entire institution with
The flames were discovered in their
lncip'ency, but they spread with such
rapidity that it seemed almost impos
sible to check them. Fortunately, how
ever, the fire was confined to four
buildings and their contents. The
heaviest losers are J. S. Ford, John
son & Co., manufacturers of chairs,
whose losses will reach $55,000, with
$45,000 insirance. The next heavy
loser is the state, whose loss on build
ings, cold storage plant, stores, prison
supplies, machinery, etc., will reach
$50,000, with no insurance.
When the convicts learned of the
fire loud shrieks were sent up from
the cell-houses. The scene within the
prison walls was one of intense ex
citement. Soon, however, the uproar
was quieted when it was seen that the
convicts were in no danger. In no
way will the disaster necessitate any
transfer of prisoners.
Passengers Escape Injury.
Colfax, Ind., Sept. 19. Passenger
Train No. 26 on the Vandalia, known
as the World's Fair train, ran into an
open switch at Colfax, and the engine
was ditched. Fireman Elmer Warren
of Logansport was caught under tha
engine tender and was badly scalded
by the escaping steam before he
could be rescued. Engineer Cook was
thrown clear of the wreck and escaped
with a few bruises. Tha baggage car
and two of the passenger coaches left
track, but, aside from a severe shaking
up, the passengers escaped injury.
Experts Reveal Shortages.
Portland, Ind., Sept. 19. Shortages
aggregating $19,0394 are charged
against eleven Jay county officers and
ex-officers by expert accountants who
have been investigating the county
books. The greater portion of these
amounts constitute disputed lees,
which wilt no doubt be contested in
court. The officials named as abort
have employed all of the attorneys in
the county.
Caught at the Crossing.
Thorntown, Ind., Sept. 19. Mrs.
Matilda Riley, eighty-three years old,
was struck and instantly killed at the
Bow street crossing by a Big Four
train. Mrs. Riley, according to the
story of witnesses, seemed to be run
ning across the track and did not no
tice the approaching train, which was
running at the rate of thirty-five miles
an hour.
Probably Fatal Domestic Quarrel.
Hagerstown, Ind., Sept. 19. Mont
Baily, during a quarrel, threw a tea
cup at his wife, striking her in the
back of the head and inflicting a
wound from which it is doubtful if she
will recover. Baily is held in jail
pending the result of his wife's in
juries. No Reason for Her Act.
Attica, Ind., Sept. 19. While walk
ing on the street with a friend, Miss
Allie Swank, aged twenty-five, fell un
conscious to the sidewalk, as the result
of taking carbolic acid with suicidal
Intent. She died a few minutes later
without giving a reason for her act.
Foot Caught in Frog.
Delphi, Ind., Sept. 19. Roy Davis,
son of Daniel Davis of this city, left
here to visit friends in Chicago, and
while there, in crossing a railway
track, he caught his foot in a frog and
was killed by a passing train. He
was twenty-four years old.
Republican State Committee Believes
In a Speaking Campaign.
Indianapolis, Sept. 19 Chairman
C. C. Lyons of the speakers' bureau of
the Republican state committee today
gave out a long list of assignments for
the next three or four weeks, and J.
Frank Hanly's itinerary for the re
mainder of the "campaign. It shows
that Mr. Hanly is scheduled for forty
two more speeches. He will be busy
every day and night except Sundays.
He will probably mae the most thor
ough speaking canvass of any candi
date for governor in recent years. Hi3
campaign is to be closed at Lafayette
the night before the election. Gover
nor Durbin is to formally open his cam
paign at Seymour the night of the
30th of this month. Colonel William
E. English will speak from the same
platferm. The governor made a brief
speech at Anderson Saturday night in
defense of his administration, which
will be his policy throughout. His re
marks seemed to please the Republi
can leaders, and he is expected to ably
defend his own administration. Chair
man Lyons' list included assignments
for 205 meetings, which will be but
half of what is to come, so it will be
seen that the Republicans expect to
conduct a most vigorous campaign.
Among the famous men coming are
Senator Allison, Senator Clapp, Seth
Low, Secretary Shaw and Congress
man Hepburn. By the first of next
month the national committee will
have a number of the stars headed
for Indiana.
Alonzo Greene Smith of this city,
former attorney general", who has long
been one of the most interesting char
acters in Indiana politics, is out with
the prediction that the Democrats will
carry the state. It is a partisan pre
diction, of course, as Smith's Democ
racy is of the simon-pure variety. He
has, however, been making an investi
gation of the conditiors, and his opin
ion Is entitled to consideration. He
said today that he finds the Democratic
organization further advanced than
might be expected at this stage of the
campaign, and that there is not the
great disaffection among the Demo
crats of which the Republicans talk
so much. He said there are two things
that are favorable to the Democrats.
The first and most important is that
the business interests that insisted
most strenuously on the election of
McKinley are not losing any sleep
over the probable outcome of the cam
paign. Four years ago he said many
of the same business men who are now
placid were going to their employes
and demanding their votes for the Re
publican candidates. In addition to
this element of strength Smith said
that hundreds of Democrats are com
ing back into the party. He made the
statement emphatically that the Rs
publicans have reached a point where
they are obliged to depend on the ne
gro vote for tneir majority, and that
they are worried about the negroes
because many of the latter are alleg
ing that the Republicans are merely
making tools of them.
Equally interesting as Smith's pre
diction, but widely different, was one
made today by Congressman Charles
B. Landis of the Ninth district, who
declared that the Republicans will
carry every state north of the Mason
and Dixon's line and probably two
south of it. As for Indiana, he assert
ed that the Republicans will carry it
by over 50,000 plurality and that there
Is probability of it reaching 60,000. He
based his prediction on the personal
popularity of President Roosevelt in
Indiana, the great popularity of Bryan
among the Democrats and their un
willingness to be led by the nose to
vote for a new creed, and the superior
organization of the Republicans. All
of these things, he said, will count in
bringing about the greatest Republican
plurality in the history of the state.
As for his own district, the Ninth, he
said that it will give an increased Re
publican plurality.
The announcement made today that
Senator Beveridge will reply to any
questions that William Jennings Bry
an may ask during his coming Indiana
tour was received with much interest
here. The Republican leaders are
confident that Senator Beveridge is
equal to the task. The Democrats, as
a matter of course, are very confident
that he can't hold much of a candle
to the Nebraska orator. There has
been considerable talk of replying to
Bryan, and W. D. Bynum recently de
clared that he would meet Bryan in
joint debate, but the announcement
that Senator Beveridge is ready to
reply is very pleasing to the Republi
cans. Much interest is manifested in
the arrangements for the opening of
the campaign here Thursday night,
when Senator Beveridge Is to make
the principal address. It will be the
occasion of the first big rally of the
campaign here.
Ice Conditions Insurmountable.
Tromsoe, Norway, Sept. 19. W. S.
Champ, secretary to William Ziegler,
and who was in charge of the relief
expedition sent to search for the Arc
tic exploration steamer America, ar
rived here Sunday afternoon on board
the steamer Frithjof. The Frithjof
reached latitude 79 degrees 10 seconds
north, but was unable to reach Franz
Josef land. The ice conditions were
Will Test New Law.
Corydon, Ind., Sept. 19. Judge Cook
of the circuit court holds that the leg
islative act providing that clerks and
sheriffs shall receive full amount of
salary whether sufficient fees are col
lected or not. Is unconstitutional and
Toid as far as It refers to ex-officials.
An appeal cas been taken.
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t Richmond to
: ViaC. C.& L .
Through car service via
Cottage Grove and C H.
& D. via College Corner,
Oxford, Hamilton.
4 Leave Richmond 4.-05 p. rx.
Morning ttain leaves 9 .05 a. m.
Home Tel. 44. P. & T. Agt
I W. B. Calloway, G. P. A.
Crude Methods
of laundering have no place with us. We
are ever alert to improve, but improve
ments are scarcely possible where work
is done so well as it is in the
Richmond Steam Laundry
Hurry orders receive our prompt and
careful attention, atd even with rush
work the wash entrusted to us will be
thoroughly treated, and be as well finish
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D. W. Walters, Prop.
919 Main Street. Thones 157.
ID) ATE NTS srss
2r will advise you whether your ideas
I can be patented. Small improve
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M made much money for the inven
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BXarlatt Sc Dozler,
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Through Car Service via Hamilton to
The C, C. & L. have arranged for
through car service from Richmond
via Cottage Grove and C, H. & D. to
Cincinnati this in addition to their
own through service via C, C. & L.
direct. Through car leaves Richmond
4 :05 p. m. daily except Sunday run
ning via College Corner, Oxford and
Hamilton arriving Cincinnati 6:10 p.
m. This service greatly reduces the
present running time into Cincinnati,
the run now being made in two bonrs
and five minutes.

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