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A Circulation that will give bus-
iness men Results.
Cloudy today.
puffers the Loss of $10.00 By Cash
ing a Bogus Check, for That
v Amount.
he Name of the Forger is "Rog
ers" and He is Supposed to Be
a Professional.
Thursday morning an unknown
nan, who lias boon seen about the
ity several times of late, -walked
nto the Court House Pharmacy, at
he corner of .Main and Fourth
treets, and after purchasing articles
Amounting to about $2.00 he handed
he clerk a check for $12.50 on Rob-
nson & Company, of this city. The
lerk accepted the check without
iiestion and handed the man change
Amounting to about ten dollars.
Shortly after Mr. Quigley took the
beck to, the First National .Bank to
lave ik.cashed,, hjjtihe officials, of
orgeiy : and Ik most clumsy one at
IhatTbe ejieck was signed by "II.
a. xvouuiuuii, uuu uie xuigei xiau
nade no pretense to imitate Mr. Rob-
nson's. signature and had omitted
Wding the title, .."President," after
h signature, as is Mr. Robinson's
ustom to do. -
The oheck was endorsed by a. party
igning himself as "Rogers." It
vas impossible to learn the initials
of the signature.
Mr. Quigley, after learning that the
heck was a forgery at once notified
he police, who are now working on
he case. Superintendent Gormon re
uses to divulge any information at
Present, but thei'e are reasons to sus
pect that the unknown is the same
arty that worked several local peo
le about three years ago on the same
Kame, only his checks called for
arger sums.
Earlham Football Team Leaves This
Morning for Greeencastle.
Captain Hobbs and his band of
turdy football warriors left this
norning lor iireencastie, where this
ifteruoon thev will meet on the grid-
ron the crack De Pauw eleven. The
Quakers had a good practice yester-
lay afternoon and they expect to de-
eat the Methodists and if they fail
heir adversaries will at least know
hat they have been in a game of
botball. The ifepanw eleven out
weighs the Quakers, twenty pounds to
v man. Earlham will line up as fol-
Harvey, center.
Ellis, right guard.
Wann, left tackle. -
Brunson, right tackle.
; MeCreaiy, right end, ;
:Lorrence, left end. i
Hobbs, right half back.
II. Bond, left half back.
Newliu, full back.
TVlsion, quarter back.
A Bear Story.
Greencastle, Ind., October 15.-
De Pauw closed its hard practice for
he week yesterday for the Earlham
bame today. Coach McFadden is ex-
peedingly anxious for the team to
nake a good showing in this game.
?oble is now playing at center,
lolmes has been shifted from half to
Quarter and Douglass from full back
o half. Hall, the big full back who
was injured in the "Wabash game,
will probably not enter the game to
day, and this will weaken the team.
Smith drew a fractured rib in yes
terday's practice and will not be able
to join the squad for about two
weeks. "With the hospital list full,
De Pauw's chances for winning from
Earlha mare not flattering.
NationalAssociation of M. E. Church.
Camden, N. Y., October 14. The
National Association of local preach
ers of the Methodist Episcopal church
in America began its session here to
day. t One important matter to be
considered is the report of Taylor
University at Upland, Ind., where
there is some rivalry between Rev. C.
B. Stemen, incumbent and Rev. John
C. Wright, Washington, D. C, as to
the presidency.
Bourke Cochran.
(By Associated Press.)
New York, October 14.-W.
Bourke Cochran is to make a west
ern speaking tour for the Democrats.
His engagements carry him to Mon
tana. He will speak at Cleveland,
O., October IS. Indianapolis and
Terre Haute October 28, Lafayette,
Tnd., October 29.
Question Receives Consideration at
Hands of Episcopalians.
(By Associated Press.)
Boston, Mass., October 15. The
house of deputies,, of the Epis
copal general convention in a com
mittee of the whole voted 214 to 191,
in favor of reporting to the house
the canon amendment forbidding the
remarriage of any divorced persons.
The house of deputies in commit
tee of the whole also reported in fa
vor of the adoption of the amend
ment to . the canon referring to the
bishops' request that divorced per
sons for permission tb -receive v the
sacraments by, a vote of 280 to 12G.
Tharaettdment - mak es e xcepiioli .-.in
the case of imminent death and of
tlie innocent party in divorce. '
Passes Away Wednesday at His
Home in St. Lous.
Frank I. Reed was called yesterday
to St. Louis by the death of his
brother, Arthur F. Reed, who died
October 12. Albert Reed was unable
to go owing to the fact that he is
suffering from a sprained ankle.
The announcement of Mr. Reed's
death came in the nature of a sur
prise to. his two brothers as the last
word they had from him he said that
he was enjoying good health.
Arthur F. Reed was the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Irvin Reed and was born
in 1835. Shortlv before the civil war
he removed to Ft. Wayne with his
uncle, Col. Hugh T. Reed. At the
outbreak of the war Mr. Reed enlist
ed in an Indiana regiment, serving
throughout the war with distinction
and resigning at the close of the war
with the rank of lieutenant colonel.
He had been a resident of St. Louis
for the past thirty years and was in
the drug business.
For Tommy Jones, So He Assaulted
Julia Anderson.
Because his sweetheart would not
prepare his breakfast for him yes
terday morning, Tommy Jones, col
ored, proceeded to pull her around
the room by the hair. The lady in
question being Julia Anderson,, whose
husband is a cook at the Arlington
hotel. Jones has been going with
the ' lady for some time and although
she thought , very well of him she was
married to another. Yesterday morn
ing Jones went to her home in North
Fourth-street and ordered his break
fast. She refused to prepre it for
him and he became' angry and slapped
her a number of times and then pull
ed her about the room by the hair.
Jones was arrested in the afternoon
by Patrolman MeManus. The An-dei-son
women is considered to be the
best looking colored woman in the
city. Jones is charged with assault
and battery.
Receives Much Praise for Excellent
Work Under Captain Jeff
(Special to the Palladium.)
Cambridge City. Ind., Oetober 15.
Last night the ' Odd Fellows of this
place had a grand celebration. Three
candidates were taken trough three
degrees of Odd Fellowship. The work
was put on by Cambridge City,
Richmond and Shelbyville degree
teams. Large delegations of people
were here from all of the above
named places, Richmond bringing
the largest crowd, two special cars. A
number were also present from New
Paris. The work of conferring the
degrees was put on without a hitch,
and the work of all the various teams
was highly praised, especially that
of Captain Jeff Meyers, of Rich
mond, who represented Woodward
Lodge. His team has maneuvering
down to a fine point.
After the degree work a banquet
was( served consisting of all the good
thing imaginable. It was a late hour
before all departedd. The occasion
will ever be remembered as one of
real pleasur.
Will Not Speak in Indiana Until Last
of Campaign.
(Special to the Palladium.)
Indianapois, Ind., October 15.
Bourke Cochran, of New York,wU
speak in English's opera house m
this city, the night of October 28.
Other assignments made by M. A.
Oyan, of the Democratic State com
mittee speakers' -bureau, for Mr.
Cochran are as follows: Terre Haute,
the afternoon of October 28; and La
fayette, October 29. It is probable
that Cochran will not speak in Indi
anapolis the last Saturday night be
fore the election. Other assignments
made by them and by the State com
mittee are as follows:
E. V. Brookshire, of Washington,
1). C, former congressman from Indi
ana, Liberty, October 20; Darling
ton, October 22.
Senator James B. McCreary, Atti
ca, October 20; Linton, October 22.
Edward Fogarty and Frank Herr
ing, Anderson, October 19; Evans
ville, October 22.
Senator Culbertson, Vincennes,
October 27.
Richmond is to Have a Meeting Very
Ensign Winterbottom, of the Sal
vation Army, accompanied by his
wife, Mrs. Ensign Winterbottom,
were in the city yesterday and engag
ed a room at 1032 East Main street
for two years in which to hold meet
ings. At the present time they are
stationed at Connersville and they
will come here for residence next
week. The Connersville paper speaks
very highly of the two officers and
the city regrets to loose them very
At Fountain City.
Secretary of State Dan Storms of
Lafayette, will address the Republi
cans of New Garden township and
vicinity at Fountain City next Mon
day night. The Richmond Glee Club
will attend, and arrangements are be
ing made to take a good sized dele
gation from this city to the meeting.
Mrs. Timothy Wilson returned last
evening from a trip to. the west in
cluding several davs' visit to the
World's Fair. '
States That He Has No Understand
ing Wft&lbe Wild Man What
. V; er.
. .U! W
-., , :
A dispatch from Anderson to the
Indianapolis News last evening has
the following to say:
Charles Farrell, on the reserve list
for Muneie, was the first player to
Roller Polo League in this city.
Farrell wished to know of Secretary
Durbin if there was any way pos
sible to get his release from the re
serve list of Muneie so that he could
sign with Indianapolis.
Durbin' offered hi mno encourage
ment further than to work on Man
ager Petty'of Muneie, for release.
Farrell sai& he would not play at
Muneie and that if he could not be
released from Muneie lie would file
his resignation and go back to New
England.- .
Farrel did not go into details as
to the plan for getting on the salary
list of Indianapolis, but he appeared
confident wthat he could land with
the Indians. if he should be let out by
Muneie. f : Farrell 's ultimatum indi-
' J-. -
(Continued on 4th page.)
At Trankton,. Indiana Loss About
(By Associated Press.)
Frankton, Ind., October 14. The
ppera house, Wells drug store, A.
Wise and Son, hardware, Geo. Ma
land, undertaker and the Geo. James
Grocer, were, sufferers from a fire
today. Total loss $40,000. Partly insured.-
Steamer Wrecked.
(By Associated Press.)
Chalham, Mass., October 14. A
schonoer, Wentworth, was wrecked
last night on Chatham bar. She went
to pieces today. All on board are
supposed to be lost. The body of cue
man and one woman were recovered.
The crew numbered nine.
Forgery and Embezzlement.
(By Associated Press.)
Mansfield, O., October 14 Geo.
W. Spoolman is under arrest here
charged with embezzlement and for
gery by which railway companies are
the principal sufferers.
J. Frank Hanly Will Speak Till the
Night Before Election.
Indianapolis, Ind., October 13.
J. Frank Hanly, Republican nominee
for governor, will speak until the
election continuously. His last 'speech
will be on the night before the elec
tion, at Goshen, November 7. Many
changes have been made in the sche
dule of his engagements since it was
published early in the campaign. A
new schedule, completed yesterday by
C. C. Lyons, of the speakers' bureau
of the State committee, is as follows:
October 17, Michigan City, 7:30 p.
October IS. Sheridan, 7:30 p. m.
October 10. Sharpsville, 2 p. m.,
and Windfall. 7:30 p. m.
October 20, Winchester, 2 p. m.
Oetober 21, Linton, 7:30 p. m.
October 22, Washington. 2. p. m.
October 24, Shoals, 2 p. m.
October 23. Orleans, 2 p. m.
October 20. Greenfield, 1:30 p. in.,
and Shelbyville, 7 :30 p. m.
October 27, Bos well, 2 p. m.
Oetober 2S. Dunkirk, 2 p. m.
October 20, Angola, 2 p. m.
October 31, Lagrange, 1:30 p. m.,
and South Bend, 7:v0 p. m.
November 1, Plymouth, 2 p. m.,
and Wabash, 7:30 p. m.
November 2, Huntington, 2 p. m.,
and Bluff ton, 7:30 p. m.
November 3, Brooks, 2 p. m.
November 4, Lowell, 1:30 p. m.,
and Hammond, 7:30 p. m.
November 5, Lafayette, 7:30 p. m.
November 7, Goshen, 7:30 p. in.
Runaway Horse.
Mrs. John Maag left her horse
standing unhitched on south eighth
street yesterday afternoon while she
made a short call. The animal is a
gentle one, and was never known to
Irighten at anythmsr. but something
started it this time and in a few min
utes he was fastened in a fence. Sev
eral parties came to the rescue and
relieved the animal before much dam
age was done. The buggy was broken
No Information.
The police have been unable to ob
tain Jany information as to the
whereabout of the man who stole the
horse and buggy belonging to Ora
Little. Mr.' Little went to Muneie
yesterdy, but could not find his prop
Commendedd by the National Liquor
Dealers' Association.
(By Associated Press.)
St. Louis, Mo., October 14. The
National Liquor dealers association
has voted to unite with the Knights
of the Royal Arch and Knights of
Fidelity under the name of the Na
tional Liquor League. Resolutions
were adopted commending Bishop
Potter for dedicating the saloon. An
other resolution favored the reduc
tion of the whiskey tax.
Archbishop Leaves For Home.
(By Associated Press.)
bishop of Canterbury sailed for
home today on the Cedric.
Makes . Specialty of Collecting Junk
With His Hoofs.
Weber & nolzapfel, junk dealers,
manage to get about every thing in
their line in and about the city but
one of their dray horses, a relic of by
gone days, is their most industrious
junk collector. His specialty is er
tra long bolts and railroad spikes.
He brings something of this variety
in daily but to make him deliver the
goods a surgical operation is neces
sary. He has the bad habit of col
lecting the above mentioned ostrich
feed in his hoofs. Yesterday morning
the old boy ran a three inch spoke in
one of his fore hoofs, which he ac
cepted with the indifference of long
practice. The driver secured a hatch
et, crowbar, chisel and monkey
wrench and with the aid of these tools
soon had the bit of iron out of the
hoof and into the wagon.
Turns Artist in the McClellan Trial at
Court House.
The case of Theodore McClellan,
charged with assault and battery on
Theodore. . Smith began yesterday
morning. vTbe State rested its case
at 2:30 in the afternoon. Evidences
were heard until 4 :30, when the case
was adjourned until 10 o'clock on
Monday morning.
It is alleged that on the 10th of
last "September McClellan assaulted
Smith in the former's laundry in
North Ninth street, when the latter
called to protest against his son be
ing discharged from McClellan 's
Attorney Wilfred Jessup, for the
defense, entetained the" court, jury
and spectators by drawing on the
floor in chalk, a graphic reproduc
tion of the interior view of the
laundry Competent critics declar
ed it a work of art.
Given to the Champion of Free Silve;
and at the Present Time &
Our Own Henry U. Johnson Enter
tains for a Time Overflow Meet
ing on the Street.
An audience which tilled the Xew
Phillips opera house to overfiowh.5
greeted Willian Jennings Bryan, tLe
peer of the Democratic party, lait
night. Mr. Bryan was late in getting
to the opera house and his time was
filled by the Hon. Henry U. Johnson,
of Richmond. Mr. Johnson was re
ceived with considerable applause by
the large audience when he was in
troduced by Cliff ton W. Merrill. Mr.
Johnson dwelt on the Philippine
question in his talk and endeavored
to point out to the audience that he
saw the imperialistic question appear
injnike horizon years- ago, when
the purchase of Alaska and the an
nexation of Hawaii were made. He
declared that he was a candidate for
no office and that he would "accept
none whether elective or appointive
and that he had retired from public
life a few years ago never to re-enter.
In speaking of the peace question
Mr. Johnson said:
"The Friends in their Yearly Meet
ing held in this city a few weeks
ago sent a message to President Roos
evelt asking him to re-convene the
Hague conference in the interests of
peace. I heartily commend their ac
tion but they could do more than
that. Quakers and all are silent
when war is on, they did not support
Bryan four years ago. Do the Quak
ers in this campaign propose to go to
the polls and vote for Theodore
Roosevelt, a man of war or Alton B.
(Continued on eighth page.)
The Happenings of a Day Briefly
Peter L. Beard, executor of the es
tate of Edward Ryan, filed final set
tlement and w'as discharged.
Walter S. Ratliff, executor of the
estate of Margaret Kline, filed final
seettlement and was discharged.
William H. Kelley, administrator
of the estate of Timothy O'Connell,
filed final settlement and was dis
charged. Belle Coble, administratrix of the
estate of Frank Coble, filed final t-;
tlement and was discharged.
Letters of guardianship have beeen
issued to the Dickinson .Trust com
pany on the minor heir of Harriet
Almeda.M. Wildman, guardian of
minor heir of Marion Wildman, or
dered to sell certain real estate be
longing to ward. .
Joseph W. Moore and Charles II.
Moore, executors of the estate of Su
sannah Moore, filed final settlement
and were ordered to pay balance of"
G2J53 to eounty clerk for benefit of
Albert Wasson.
Letters of administration have been
issued to August F. Kemper on the
1.G00. -
Joseph P. Carty of Fountain City.
was in the city yesterday.
AS. I.

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