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Lives. He compared life to an ice
berg. One tenth of which is above
the surface while nine tenths lie be
low. It is even so with life. The
significant part of life is the invisi
ble part and not that part we ee
which are the individual ehara;ter
istics that stick up above the sur
faces of our natures. The visible por
tion is too often the one upon which
we are influenced in our relations to
The part of life above and the purt
n $
Yesterday the Wayne County
Teachers' Association held its first
meeting of the year in the auditor
ium of the High school building. Mr.
F. L. Townsend, the president, oc
cupied the chair. The program was
opened at 10:30 a. m. with a selec
tion by the High School orchestra,
after which Dr. Madison Swadener
conducted the devotional exercises.
He read three separate passages from
the gospels and in a brief address
which followed pointed out the un-
derlfmg principles of these portions below are However continuous, are
of scripture and that if they were constantly passing over in each other
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closely followed by men this wovld
would be lifted to a much higher
This was followed by another selec
tion from the orchestra Avhich was
well receeived by the audience of
President Torrence, in a few well
chosen words now introduced the
speaker of the hour, Prof. Edwin
Staibuek, Avho is in oh a rare -of
leparfment of education of
uira College. Prof Staibuek is an
nteresting speaker, and pleased ids
audience with what he had to saw
His subject, "The Inside Weather"
. - "s 1 .1 v it
was somewhat odd, out neiore lie nij
l m n . till.
advanced tar it became evident mat
le was presenting some good thing in
l very lucid manner.
The speaker's interpretation of the
subject, '"The Inside Weather," is
jased upon the thing which gives the
)articnlar atosphere to the homo,
he church or the school.
There is an indefinable something
that one recoau'zes at once on emer-
ng these institutions, which makes
hem desirable or undesirable places
to be.
In relation to the school it is the
duty of the teacer to teach the suo
merged part of child life.
This may be accomplished by in
i : i. ii
nuuiiaug hi me program iuusvj
branches which have to deal directly
with life, and by constantly cultivat
ing in school the proper attitude to
the real life about us.
At the close of this address a bus-
lliness meeting of the association wr-s
held, the business of which was in
cluded in the following resolutions
which were unanimously adopted by
the association.
Resolved, That members of the
Wayne County Teachers' Associ i
tion congratulate our County Super
intendent on the successful manage
ment of the County Institute held
last August in connection with the
Richmond Chautauqua.
We also" respectfully request the
County Institute of next year be
conducted in a similar manner, pro
vided in the judgment of the county
superitnendent suitable business ar
rangements can be made with the
Chautauqua Association and provid
ed the quality and standing of the
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The factors which go to proJhico
his atmosphere are (1) the person
ility of the teacher, (2) the se ssi
iveness of human life in receiving
impressions irom outside lntiue -oes
and (3) in again "pissing emotions
over to the outside world.
These three phases of the subject
after stating were discussed by the the YYayne County Teachers' Assoeia-
speaker in the reverse order. Many it ion express our thanks to Dr. Star-
nteresting experiments of a phvsio- buck for the two earnest and help-
logical natui'e were given to i!lus-jful addresses he has given today, and
trate the thought and make the nr- , our high appreciation of the fact that
gumentl more conclusive. J he has moved into Wayne county to'
The afternoon session convened at make it his home, and to become one
gratulate them ou this important
movement, believing that it will mean
much to the educational interests of
our countv, and we pledge the sup
port of this association to the work
of the educational department at
Earlham at all times. After the pas
sage of these resolutions President
Kelly and Dr. Staibuek both ex
pressed heir highest appreciation of
such an action by the teachers of
Wayne county, and felt assured that
because of such great harmony in the
county and throughout the State,
: .,i ... ..i.
lecturers and other talent employed """" ,u.
... .i r. , I much creater than heretofore would
surely follow.
Upon motion
on the program ot the Lhautausua
be of a high standing when consider
ed in the light of the best interests
of the educational growth of the
Resolved, That we, the members of
1:30 o'clock. The program consist
ed first of two or three musical
numbers by the Ladies chorus of the
High School conducted by Prof-
of its corps of educational workers.
Resolved. That Ave, as members of
the Wayne County Teachers' Asso
ciation extend to the president and
Will Earhart, followed by the second board of trustees of Earlham Col
address of Prof. Starbuck. The lege our appreciation of their action
speaker took far his subject, The in establishing at Earlham a college
Influence of Submerged part of our department of education. We con-
the association ad
a most interesting
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