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m FZ7D
, Who cares? I'm fortified with an E1
orado' laundered collar'The kind
nac aon't melt down." ft
j'jf jjJy
The Eldorado
steam Laundry
No. 18 North Ninth St. '
Pfcone 147 Riclmord. Indian
Harness For Show
and harness for eve'y
day use mean a dif
ference in quality in
some makes here
they are identical in
strength and dura
bility. More style,
of course, in fancy
driving harness, but
all our harness is
made from trood
stock, and every set maintains our repu
tation as to workmanship and finish. All
sorts of horse equipments at very moder
ate prices . - - - -
The Wiggins Co.
: :
BIgpesf, Busiest, Best
Carpets Taken Up, Cleaned
and Laid.
Miss Ethel Patton, of Kansas City,
Mo., granddaughter of II. Luring, is
visiting relatives and friends in this
city for a few days.
The members of the Ladies' Peenny
Club are making. preparations for a
dinner to be given Monday, October
31, which promises to be a success.
The ladies composing this elub are
energetic and enter into their work
with a spirit that is certain to bring
favorable results.
4r r
Mrs. James Van Zant and son, Roy
have gone to Liberty to be the guests
of Mrs. Van Zant's brother, Rev.
Roy Brown and familf, in company
with whom they will form a party to
St. Louis to attend the Fair.
Mrs. I). B. Street, of Washington,
I'. C, who has been the cuest of Dr.
ai.d Mrs. M. Swa'lener ret 'in ed to
her home yesterday afttr a wle-i-i.'int
week's viir. Mr?. St'.:et was en
route home -iom St. Louis, w; ere she
attended the Fair an 1 Dinvf-r, whre
she w.is a dei':r;!es to the annual
fecutiv meeting r.f l!ir Woman's
Home, Missionary snc o;!'k.
Thirty-six persons enjoyed a very
pleasant evening at the home of Mrs.
John B. Dougan, who entertained in
honor of her guests, Miss Rhea Reid, Mrs. Frank Elder at drive whist last
of New York, and Miss Cass, of Den- night. Music was furnished by Roe-
ver.- Drive whist was the feature of co, the Italian harpist. The decora-
the evening and prizes were won tions were in white and lavender.
by Miss Clara Myrick and Mr.
George Dilks, Miss Merle Williams
and Mr. Milton Craighead. A dainty
luncheon aws served at a late hour.
Those present were: Misses Inez Wil
liams, May Shiveley, Clara Comstock,
Hhea Reid, Miss Cass, Juliet Corwin,
Maud Lamb, Clara Morgan, Jose
phine Cates, Clara Myrick, Frances
Campbell, Elizabeth Thompson, Caro
lyn Foslei-, Miss Marehant, Lucile
Gaar, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Kolp and
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Study, and
Messrs. Joe Hill, Milton Craighead,
Dudley Elmer, Robert Seager, Thom
as Kaufman, George Dilks, Orville
Comer, Ray Shiveley, Charlie Mor
gan, Harry Carter, Frank Braffett,
Ermau Smith, Clarence Gennett,
Walter Wilson and S. S. Strattan, Jr.
Miss Cass, of Denver, who has
been visiting Miss Rhea Reid will
leave for her home this evening.
The Ladies' Whist Club of the
Country Club held its regular meet
ing yesterday at the club house. The
hostesses for the afternoon were Mrs
Lou Emmons and Mrs. John Lontz.
The prize winners were Miss Eliza
beth Comstock, Mrs. Jesse Fletcher
and Mrs. Jonas Gaar.
- - -
Mrs. E. R. Beattv entertained for
His lungs have been ruptured,
lie has fallen into a well thirty
three feet deep.
He has been run over by a hand
car. He has fallen f rom a high trapeze,
dislocating his neck.
He has fallen from a high trapeze,
window striking on his face.
He has been gored bv a vicious
Having a great life ahead of him
to do in accident line, the boy start
ed earl v.
Willie was scouting about the
country in the vicinity of his home
and came upon a well that had gone
dry, but which had not been filled up
or covered over. Willie had a large
bump of inquisitiveness and the well
was a challenge to him. He climbed
up on the curb and leaned over and
peeped into the deptlis. His eyes did
not immediately become accustomed
to the darkness in the well and he
leaned farther over. The curb had
doeaped and it collapsed under his
weight, and Willie went head first to
the bottom of the well. It was thir
ty three feet to the bottom and when
Willie reached it his bump of inquis
itiveness had diminished noticeably,
but he had many other bumps to com
pensate for its shrinkage. That was
thirteen years ago. Since that Wil
liam has had four other "fatal" ac
cidents and a lot of less important
ones, and still lives.
Your heart beats 100,000 timesetfeh day!
Put your finger on your pulse and feel the blood rushing by.
Good blood or bad blood? Good health or bad health? You
know. Your doctor will tell you his experience with Ayer's
Sarsaparilla in these cases. Sold for sixty years. i&fCSSZ
: Monarch Laundry ! ;
New Phone 61 ; Old Phone 251 W
No. 22 South 8th St.
Has received his
Fall and Winter
Samples of
Which yon can see, for a full suit oi an
overcoat, over
923 Main Street
I still have the Kahn Tailoring line of
Indianapolis. Call and see them be
fore placing j our order.
As ever, yours,
O. B. Medearis
Letter to Judge
Mc Cabe, Form -erly
of Indiana
Supreme Court
C. E.
The following dispatch is a trifle
old, but very timely, and will be read
with general interest:
Indianapolis, Ind., May 7. AY. J.
Bryan has written a letter, -which
is one of the most interesting
pieces of campaign literature yet
1 produced, regarding Judge Parker.
The letter- .'was written to Judge
James McCabe, of Williamsport, Ind.,
formerly of the Indiana Supreme
bench. In part it is as follows:
"The reorganizes, as you" any,
have deceived some of our Demo
crats, and it has pained me to learn
that some of the prominent Demo-
0. G. mUSSAYl
Broker in Grain X
J. Provisions and Stocks. 4
Room 1, Colonial Building F
Telephones Old, Black 811; New 701V
M"M"!"M'H I'M I M-l-H-H-
in 20
anything he could conceal from oth
ers the fact that he was foolish.
When he returned he had a sad re
port to make to his mother. 'It's no
use he cried, 'it was found out just
the same. I met a man and he asked
me my name, and I did not say a
word. Then he asked me where I
lived, and I did not answer him, and
then he- said, 'What's the matter
with you. Are you simple?' It's r.o
use mother; I can't conceal it, even
when I keep still.'
"And so with Judge Parker. - The
people -have found him out, even
though he has refused to give his
opinion upon public questions. He
crats of your State have been caught, may dodge the trust question, evade
in the trap, but recently the New ' the labor question, ignore the money
York platform and the loud-speaking question and be silent upon imperial
silence of Judge Parker ought to un- ism, but when he undertakes to se
deceive them. cure a Democratic nomination by con
"It is impossible to conceive of a cealing his political views he confess
Democratie campaign fought on a es himself lacking in at least one
meaningless platform, and under the essential principle of Democracy. If
leadership of a muzzled candidate. Democracy means anything, it measn
The excuse that his judicial position the rule of the people, and no one de"
makes it improper for him to dis- serves to be called a Democrat who
cuss public questions is a pitiful and lacks confidence in. ili,- people or who
roTitemptible pretense. Other judges does not recognize the right of the
have not been so hampered by judi- people to sit in j-uljMeut upon ev
cial ethics, and besides he can re- ery public question which concerns
sign any day and thus free himself them.
from the imaginary restraints which "As you know, I have no choice
he has invoked to excuse his lack of as to candidates, but I am sure that
frankness, and if a Democratic nom- among the more than 6,000,000 who
Shiveley Announces Many Ap
pointments Yesterday.
Charles E. Shiveley, supreme chan
cellor of the Knights of Pythias yes
terday announced the list of standing
and special committees to serve dur
ing his administration. They are as
follows :
Judiciary G. II. IIansou of Maine'
Ways and Means D. S. Wood
worth, cf Maine.
Grievance J. 15. Gallagher, of
Finance T. P. Matthews, of Ken
tucky. Credentials J. II. Scott, of Dela-
Reports AVi Ilia m La dew, of New
Mileage and Per Diem D. J.
Peace, of Ontario.
State of the Order J. J. Brown,
of Illinois.
AVritten Work A. P. Gardner, of
New York.
Pnwritten Work J. J. Doj-ne, of
Wrraants and Charters N. L. IIol
lowell, of Kansas.
Rules Frederick Adolph, of Louis
iana. Review W. E. Chaplin, of Wy
oming. Endowment Rank T. P. Hanley,
of Iowa.
Uniform Rank W. E. Hitchcock,
of New Jersey.
Subdivision and Reference A .II.
George, Vermont.
Revision Tracy R. Dangs, past su
preme chancellor.
Amplified First Rank Committee
J. AY. Sullinger, of Missouri.
ination is worth having, it is certain
ly worth resigning a judgeship to se
cure. Rut the judge's attack of lock
jaw does not save him: actions speak
lounder than words. You have
doubtless heard of the simpleton,
who, when leaving home, was told by
his mother that if he would not say
voted the ticket, both in 1S96 and
1900, theer are many dauntless spir
its whose Democratic zeal has de
fied repression, who who are worthy
to lead the militant Democracy and
able to inspire the masses with hope
and resolution. Very trulv vours,
"W. j. BRYAN."
First Lesson Free; absolutely jjj
most complete and up-to-date
methods; position guaranteed; j
lessons by mail exclusively ; no in- Z
terference with regular occupation; $
no riiffionltiVc .-Vi .- :ie
-- - -". ? x
X anu cipar ; indorsed by boards of X
J education and leading newspapers;
aje thousands of graduates. Depart- $
25, Campaign of Education, 211 31
$ Townsend BUlg., New York. $
. at
Bears the , Kind You Have Altars Boutst
New Paris, O., October 13. Mr.
and Mrs. Will Mikesell went to Ea
ton today to be the guests of Russel
Mikesell and familv.
Miss Mary Clark returned today
from a short visit Avith Richmond
Geo. Bogan went to Eaton this af
ternoon. . - ; :
'..'Mrs. Abner Ilahn of Richmond was
calling on friends here vesterdav.'
- .. .
Chas. Bloom of Eaton sont the
day here.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Williams of
Muncie are visiting frionds here.
Mrs. Williams was formerly Miss
Julia Kessler and is well known here.
"Win Mikesell and family of Joliet.
111., arrived Monday for a visit with
relatives here.
'.Mr, and Mrs. Frank Slork are the
proud parents of a baby boy.
Mrs. Georee Smith Avas a Rich
mond visitor today.
Mrs. Jassie Hunt of
snout the day Avith her
Mrs. Edgar Reinheimer.
Mrs. Jennie Sawyer and Mrs. Grace
Kessler entertained the Aid Society
of the Christian church today at an
all day quilting.
.... About forty Odd Fellows including
the degree staff Willgo to 'Cambridge
tonight to put on the initiatory de
cree. Mrs. Glenn av.is a Richmond visitor
this, afternoon.
Elmer Hoover spent- the afternoon
in Richmond.
Elmore Catches.
Fied Elmore, of this city, a-Jio has
been Avorking at Tenv Haute this
summer and playing ball with inde
pendent teams in Southern Indiana,
caught Wicker, the premier pitcher
of the Chicago National League Staff
Avho tAvirled for Loogoottee on
Thursday against the Washington,
Ind., team, the latter winning the
game 6 to 1.
I.OST-On North E or North Eighth
streets, between Thirteenth on E,
or from railroad store to Natural
Gas office, a twenty dollar bill Re
turn to this ofliee and receive re-Avard.
Have you a A-aeant lot or t aao n
part pay for a good neAv cottage or
two. Thompson's Agency.
Endorsement Speer's Wines by the
Faculty of New York.
Dr. Cyrus Edson. of Ncav York
Board of Health, says there is no bet
ter wine in the Avorld. Speer's Porto
is especially valuable in many cases
of Aveakness. debilitA. etc.
Wingo, Ky.. October !". These
things haA-e happened to William
Thornborough of this place.
He has been pronounced fatally
injured five times.
His scalp has been torn from his
head. ,
His neck has been dislocated.
His face 'has been battered out of
resemblance to n Iranian being.
His i"ibs have been fractured.
m J.RuiioEaco. I
V& No.I6S-7ih-St- Ml
John Quincy Adams was never known
to be behind time.
The gaieties for fall and winter have begun.
Club work is again taken up.
Wedding announcements have been made,
And rumors of parties are in the air.
Remember John Adams and be like him.
Do not wait until the last minute to get your
Suits, Vests,Neckwear,Linen
are ready for your inspection. Splendid line X
I Men's Evening Suits
jjj Handsome black cloth. Exclusive patterns.
t $18 to $25
MONEY when you canborro w
the amount you need here
quickly and at the
'Lowest Rates
of Interest.
We have money to loan on
furniture, pianos, teams, fix
tures, etc., without removal, or
diamonds and watches left in
pledge, or on salaries.
We make , loans ii Rich
mond, Cambridge City, Dub-
n, Milton, Centerville, Eaton and New Paris, so if you cannot call
at our office, write or phoue us and our agent will call on you.
Loans made on salaries, and on diamonds and Watches.
Here are some of the terms of our weekly payment plan, allowing
you fifty weeks in which to pay oft" your loan:
(0c is a weekly payment on a $25 loan.
$ 1 20 is a weekly payment on a $50 loan.
$2.40 is a weekly payment on a $100 loan.
You can get any other amount for the same time at the same pro
portion, Call on us when you nted money.
Applications by mail or telephore recei-e our prompt attention.
EDD5DnrDtra(ia L)37) (Sod.
Established 1895.
Home Phone 415.
Room 8, Colonial Bldg
This is an idea that should interest one and all. It is something
worthy of the consideration and support of every man, woman and child
of the city of Richmond and the county. After a very successful opening
of the IDEAL CaSH GROCERY, the management has concluded in
order to more thoroughly introduce himself and business and to show his
appreciation of the interest taken in his store by the public, he will for
the next two weeks beginning Monday, Oct 3, and continuing until Satur
day, Oct. 14th, during which time I
Will Give Two Per Cent, of my Cash Sales
same to be donated
To The Home For The Friendless.
The proper officers of this worthy institution may call upon me at the ex
piration of the time Jherein mentioned. As I keep a daily record of my
business, they can readily determine just how much I have done and what
ever it is. gieat or small, I will gladly give 2 per cent, of same for the
benefit of the Home of the Friendless, of Richmond. I would have one
and all to remember that this donation is simply a gift from the Ideal Cash
Grocery, and all I ask in return is your support and patronage.
I have a line of groceries second to none in the city. In conclusion
will state that this is a matter that should interest one and all, as we all
realize that this is for a very wortho cause and the more you buy at the
in the next two weeks, the more you help a good cause. Come in and talk
the matter over with us. We will be glad to see you.
Yours in a good cause, .
. . . AT THE ...
Ideal Cash Grocery, 9x4 Main, Richmond.
, at
. at

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