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Backed up by over a third of a century
c f remarkable and uniform cures, a record
such as no other remedy for the diseases
and weaknesses peculiar to women ever
attained, the proprietors and makers of
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription now feel
folly warranted in offering: to pay $500 in
legal money of the United States for any
case of Leucorrhea, Female Weakness,
Prolapsus, or Falling: of Womb, which they
cannot cure. All they ask is a fair and
easonable trial of their means of cure.
" I was a great sufferer for six years and doo
tc;red all the time with a number of physicians
but did not receive any benefit," writes Mrs.
George ftogden, of 641 Bonda Street, Saginaw
(feouth), Michigan. I had given up all hope of
rver getting better. Thought I would write to
you. When I received your letter telling me
what to do I commenced to take your ' Favorite
prescription and follow your advice. I have
U.ken ten bottles in al, also five vials of the
' Measant Pellet. Am now regular, after hav
Ig missed two years and suffered with pain in
the head and back. I was so nervous, could not
mt or sleep. Now I can thank you for mr
Don't hesitate to write Jo Dr. R.V. Pierce,
chief consulting physician to the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, at Buffalo,
K.Y., if you want goo medical advice from
fully qualified physician as to your per
sonal good health. Such letters are always
fciBwered free of charge and confidentially.
A medicine which has outsold all others
for women in the past third of a
century and being recommended by all
those who have used it, is a good remedy
tt tie to. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion is purely vegetab'e and does not con
tain a particle of alcohol to destroy the
blood corpuscles and weaken the system.
I'O not permit the ealer to insult your
intelligence by sugges ing some other com
pound which he recommends as "just aS
good," because he mates it himself.
M-M-I- I-M-M- -H-I-H- l-I-I-
Public Sale t
If you are abx.it to hoi I a pub ,
lie sile and exp;ct to take notes ,
ro t should fjet the riht kind o ,
blanks. We keep blanks especially ,
for sales, and you can get your.
supply here without charge. 1
Bring the notes to us after the
.sale and will collect thern for you. ,
" We also make loans on these notes
when requested. T
Richmond, Ina.
Who cares? I'm fortified with an "El
crado" laundered collar, "The kind
lat don't melt down."
The Eldorado
steam Laundry
No. 18 North Ninth St.
Phone 147 Richmotd, Indian J
Harness For Show
and harness for eve'y
day use mean a dif
ference in quality in
some makes here
they are identical in
strength and dura
bility. More style,
of couise, in fancy
driving harness, but
all our harness is
made from good
stock, 'and every set maintains our repu
tation as to workmanship and finish. All
sorts of horse equipments at very moder
ate prices - - - - -
The Wiggins Co.
m j.rTjnge&co. I
m No.l6S-7.h-St- Mf
Viv irsTtLPrlONEN950:(g
Miller Says Ha Will Try to Put the
" Agani.
Joy reigns supreme at Earlham.
In response to the urgent telegram
sent to last year's coach, John Mil
ler, at Danville, 111., a reply was re
ceived from him yesterday morning
saying that he would be here in the
afternoon and would remain at the
college three days and do what he
coftild to whip the boys into cham
pionship form.
John Miller, better known to the
local followers of the game as "Loiig
John" Miller,1 was the coach of the
eleven J;ist year and it was due to his
efficient coaching that Earlham won
the State championship, defeating
the crack AVabash team in one of the
greatest frames ever seen in Indiana
for that honor. Miller was for four
years full back on the Purdue Uni
versity eleven and in that time he
made a reputation for himself
throughout the middle west as one of
the greatest players in this position
that ever donned the moleskins.
Miller arrived yesterday afternoon
and when he appeared on Keid Field
with hi football togs on the play
ers gave him a genuine ovation. The
practice that "Long John" put the
men through was the real thing, la
beled 100 percent pure and warrant
ed to make good any place in Indi
ana or Ohio. When Miller got
through with the Varsity and the
scrubs vt-ry maji on both teams trot
ted off Ihe Held with his tongue out.
A rooter observed as Miller was put
ting th? men through their paces.;
4Long John" reminds me of Brewer,
lie's so different."
Mr. Miller remarked before the
practice yesterday ' afternoon, "I
have got a warm place in my heart
for Earlham and when I received
that Telegram "Wednesday I just
made ap my mind to run over to
Richmond for three days and see if
I could do anything to improve the
present condition oC affairs. What
is the matter witb. the team? Why
thev have not been started right and
The Greater
Home Pride
Cooking Ex
hibits. Hot Biscuit
and Coffee
erved Free
He viest and best Material. Handsomest Finish.
nomicalin Fuel It will pay you to come.
they n;ej to buckle down and get
to work. If they were working to
gether right there would not be so
much of this fumblng. No I'll not
; trj to undo the lessons taught by
Brewer, that would be fatal as my
stay here is too limited. I can't im
agine what was the matter with
Brewer. lie certainly knows the
game. lie must not have put forth
his best efforts. You can say in con
clusion that I will do everything iu
my power while I am here to put the
Quakers on their feet again."
Mrs. Wm. Bulla and daughter No
na entertained the following at din
ner last Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Watt, of New Taris; Mr. Jesse Green
of Iowa; Mr. J. F. Jackson and
daughter, Mrs. Shaler, of Kansas,
and Levi Watt and family and Jesse
McWhinney and wife of this place.
Imo Cooper is spending this week
with her cousin, Mrs. Ilattie Hart.
Mrs. Zee Kramer of Richmond,
visited last week with her sister,
Mrs. Ida O'Neil.
Mrs. Jacob Fudge of Germantown,
is making an extended visit at the
home of iier niece, Mrs. Kate Bailey.
Perry Deardorff and family of
Richmond, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Lucy Oxer, the mother of Mrs. Deai--dorff.
Harley Wtat met with quite a pain
ful accident Monday while sawing
wood at ITarve McWhinney 's, which
resulted in the breaking of a finger
and somewhat mashing his hand.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Hart enter
tained i':e following at dinner Sun
day: Clarence Druly and children,
of Boston: Mr. and Mrs. John Hart
and Miss Erma Miller of Winchester,
O., and Miss Orpha Brandenburg and
brother F.arl of this place.
Mrs. Bertha Davis of Birming
ham, Alabama, who has been visiting
at Wm. Bailey's returned home last
Ed Ball, of Richmond, spent Sun
dav with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Allen Bali.
1 Rev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls,
Mont., recommended Ely's Cream
Balm to me. I can emphasize his
'statement, "It is a positive cure for
catarrh if used as directed." Rev.
Francis W. Poole, Pastor Central
Pres. Church, Helena, Mont.
After using Ely's Cream Balm ?ix
weeks I believe myself cured of ca
tarrh Joseph Stewart, Grand Ave.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
The Balm does not irritate or cause
sneezing. Sold by druggists at 50
cents, or mailed by Ely Brothers, 50
Warren St., New York.
C it.
I 1 nstr- N U
A Little Care Will Save Many Rich
mond Readers Further Trouble.
' Watch the Kidney secretions.
See that they have the amber hue
of health;
The discharges not excessive or in
frequent ;
Contain no "brick-dust like" sedi
Doan's Kidney Pills will do this
for you.
They watch the kidneys and cure
them when they're sick.
Miss S. Hamilton, 22 south ninth
street, says: "For two or three
years I was troubled with my loins
and soreness directly over the right
kidney. The secretions were unnat
ural and irregular. Headaches and
attacks of dizziness were of frequent
occurrence. Having seen Doan's Kid"
ney Pills highly recommended for
these troubles I got a box at A. G.
Luken's drug store and used them.
They seemed especially adapted for
my case and relieved me in a very
short time."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents per box. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y., sole agents for the
United States.
ember the ename Doan's and
take no other.
Rev. J. H. Blackford preached at
New Weston Sunday as a supply for
Rev. J. A. Stoner.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kimmel and
Mrs. Letitia Kimmel spent Sunday
with D. H. Horn and family of
Andrew Barnhart and family en
tertained Sunday, Ben Pence and
family and Mr. and Mrs. Marker.
Mrs. Foutz of West Alexander vis
ited her son at Geo. McCoy's the last
c ix " i -i i nir-
i f i- 1 i i at 1 :
iKomberg of Richmond, and Mr. audi
lAr ,r , ' T ,r
1 Mrs. W oriey Barton of lew Madison
visited Harrison AVelbaum and fami
ly Sunday.
Mrs. Corey and graddaughter, El
len Fud20. visited Portland friends
last week. '
j Miss Alice Sliewmon has been vis
iting her brother and sister in Indi-
1 1 iniii il i
j Miss Alice and a cmwf paytr ahrr
C. E. Shewmon and family have
been entertaining Mrs. C's brother
from Manila for the past week.
Henry Hunger suffered a stroke of
apoplexy Wednesday morning. At
this writing he is somewhat improved
though . till unable to talk.
Miss irene Kimmel went to Cincin
nati Surdav for a week's visit.
. .fx "o .
to. a - i Kt s c
li nk! VXl'MI Vf W ' P Wf
1 J is if irfewii i r
r o at at Ir. MiC , I Wj U
- LL1
The Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Carey To
ney ami Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hart,
are atte-iding the Dunkard Sunday
school and ministerial meeting of the
Southern District of Indiana.
Mrs. Caroline Brown, who visited
at the home cf her sister, Mrs. J. O.
Wilson of College Corner for several
weeks has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Moss of Rich
mond were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. diaries Hart Saturday and
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hart enter
tained at dinner Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. Caldwell and family of near
College Corner and Misses Marie
and Addie Owen of Liberty.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Allen of Ha
gershnvn were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. James Allen Saturday and
Mrs. Charles Dunlap, who visited
relatives in Indianapolis for several
days ha -5 returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. John G a rver of Rich
mond visited relatives here
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who is acquainted with its
good qualities can be surprisedat the
great popularity of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It not only cures
colds and grip ecectually and per
manently, but prevents these diseases
from resulting in pneumonia. It is
also a certain cure for croup. Whoop
ing cough is not dangerous when this
remedy is given. It contains no opi
um or other harmful substance and
may be given as confidently to a baby
as to an adult. It is also pleasant to
take. When 11 of these facts are tak
n into consideration it is not sur
prising that people in foreign lands,
as well as at home, esteem this rem
edy very highly and very few are
willing to take any other after hav
ing once used it. For sale by A. G.
Luken & Co., and W. II. SudhofT, cor-
j ner Fifth and Main streets.
T late to cure a cold after con
sumption lias iastenea its deadlv
. A, , m ,
grip on the lungs, lake Dr. Wood's
C- c, , .,
Norway l ine ovrup wiuie yet mere
is time.
A Thoughtful Man.
M. M. Austin of Winchester, Ind.,
knew what to do in the hour of need.
His wife had such an unusual case of
stomach and liver trouble, physicians
could not help her. He thought of
and tried Dr. King's New Life Pills
and she got relief at once and was
finally cured. Only 25c at A. G. Lu
ken & Co.'s drug store.
From 32 South Tenth street to our
new office, 24 South Thirteenth street
Home Electric Appliance Co.,
15-7t. Richmond, Ind.
Daring this exhibit
we will give away a
set of heavy steel ware
To the one holding
the lucky number.
Also a set of ware with
each Range sold.
The boy must be strong
"before he can be smart. The
sick boy has his body to at
tend to first, even though his
brain goes a-begging.
Scott's Emulsion gives
strong healthy bodies to little
boys and girls. By good feed
ing and gentle stimulation it
paves the way for bright and
happy minds.
Scott's Emulsion, then the
strength of good health, then
the bright developing mind
that is often the progress of a
weak child.
Little daily doses of Scott's
Emulsion give strength to
weak children and fatten the
thin ones.
It is peculiarly adapted to
children's needs.
We'll send you a sample free upon request.
SCOTT & I'.OWN E. 409 Tearl Street, New York
nUM :PlHMfrl If tt).'
Green or Black
The Great Atlantic
& Pacific Tea Co.
U interested and should know
about the wonderful
MARVEL Whirling Spray
lumamt aurtitnt. HrM-Saf-
11 llrUMl ll.Uall).
noil i-onTenienr.
tk rar drainrUt far It.
M ttti'lt!!.. A.i.ii ..a
1 f h ranrmt Annul v t Ha
iiiuwraieu uuok wiiN. IlfflTes
fllll nrtitflila rm m nA A I va.. ...
ralua We to ladies. M A KVKL. CO.,
ohi.1 new sorau

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