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Tt is just a common cold, people say,
ILtrt's no danger in that. Admitting: their
tthtement, then there are uncommon colds,
folds which are dangerous; for many a
jat&l sickness begins with a cold. If we
t culd tell the common cold from the un
((unmon we could feel quite safe. But we
ffcs't. The uncommon variety is rarely
jt-oognized until it has fastened its hold on
the lungs, and there are symptoms of con
At the first symptoms the careful person
-ftill heed the warning by taking a mild
.laxative ; some vegetable pill that will not
tlirtnrb the svstem or cause griping1. About
the best is "Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets."
3f the cold starts with a cough, and it
jerifts then some local treatment for this
condition should be taken. A well known
alterative extract, which has been highly
recommended by thousands of users, is
Ir. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.'
This tonic compound is composed of an
extract of roots and herbs and his a sooth
ang effect upon the mucous membrane,
ajlays the irritation and at the same time
-works in the proper and reasonable way,
e1 the seat of the trouble the stagnated or
j-fisoned blood..
It contains no alcohol to shrivel up the
"Mood corpuscles, but makes pure rich red
Dr. Pierce's loco-page illustrated book,
The Common Sense Medical Adviser," is
rent free in paper covers on receipt of 21
one-cent stamps to pay cost of mailing only.
T'or3i stamps the cloth-bound volume will
1 sent. ion8 pages. It was formerly sold
for $1.50 per copy. Address Or. R. V.
fierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Who cares? I'm fortified with an "E1
nxado laundered collar, "The kind
hit don't melt down."
The Eldorado
steam Laundry
No. 18 North Ninth St.
Hone 147
Richmond, Indian
Harness For Show
and harness for eve'y
day use mean a dif
ference in quality in
some makes here
they are identical in
strength and dura
bility. '.More style,
of course, in fancy
driving harness, but
all our harness is
made from good
st act, 'and every set maintains our repu
tation as to workmanship and finish. All
sorts of horse equipments at very moder
ate prices - - - - -
The Wiggins Co.
M-M I1 I I I I1 'M"H"M"H"M
t The Schneider?
$ Factory
Has re-opened at! 47 N6tb St 4.
Repairing, painting and rubbeV
tiring a specialty. "
New work made to order,
3 -H-I-H-M I I I I I I I M-X'
3! See J. ABLEY
12 S. Ninth St
The Effect of the Bryan Tour Not
Perceptible Root's Book on
the Matter.
(By Associated Press.
New York, October 24. If the last
week brought any decided change in
the general political situation, the
interested observers here have failed
to discover it. The betting odds have
moved up from 3 to 1 to 4 to 1 on
Koosevelt and Fairbanks having a
majority' in the electoral college.
Odds are now offered that the repub
licans will carry the state of New
York on the electoral ticket, and the
betting is even on the niggins-IIer-rick
race for governor of this state.
Of course, men who bet on elec
tions havent any exclusive informar
tion, but their offers are indicative of
the drift of popular feeling.
New York, Indiana and "West Vir
ginia are the only so-called doubtful
states about which the managers of
theRepublican campaign are concern
ed. The success of the Bryan tour
encouraged the Democrats at head
quarters, but Chairman Oortelyou
and his assistants expected just such
a revival of Democratic hopes follow
ing the tour of the Nebraskan.
The Democrats have planned to
crowd much work into the last two
weeks of the campaign with the hope
that the strong Republican drift may
be overcome. Former President
Cleveland's sjK?eeh here will no doubt
bring some of the halting independ
ents into line for Parker, but the
impression is that it will not help
the cause among the Bryan Demo
crats in Indiana and West Virginia.
"Hold what we have got,' is the
injunction Chairman Cortelyon is
sending out from headquarters. He
believes the election of the Republi
can ticket is secure and that the
thing for the Republicans to do now
is to see that it does not slip away
from them. Stories are current here
trat the Democrats will have plenty
of money for use in the doubtful
states during the last few days of
that campaign.
F. T. Roots of Connersville, will
make several speeches in New York
City this week for the Republicans.
His first appearance will be before
the Business Men-'s club Monday
noon. The New York committee has
ordered 100,000 copies of his cam
paign pamphlet, "A Business Man's
Views. ' '
Better Than Pills.
The question has been asked In
what way are Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets superior to the or
dinary cathartic and liver pills?
Our answer is They are easier and
more pleasant to take and their effect
is so gentle and so agreable that
one hardly realizes that it is produced
by a medicine. They not only
move the bowels but improve the ap
petite and aid the digestion. For sale
at 25 cents per bottle by A. G. Lu
ken & Co., and W. H. Sudhoff, corner
Fifth and Main streets.
jgSjr THE lE.
7- ss
fgf& MILLS Y
H j.run1e&co. I
m N0.I6 S7thSt- M
What is to Become of the Constantly
Increasing Number of Drug
Can They Be Cured?
This question is agitating the minds
of the best ministers, doctors and
thinking men of today. There are
over a million drug users in the Unit
ed States alone, and the number if
rapidly increasing. All unit in say
L0 that a reliable cure is the only
salvation. This is no ordinary dis
ease and j-ields to no ordinary drug
r memoes oi treatment, we now
offer our treatment which we guaran-
' .n will cure any case of Morphine,
Opium, Laudanum, Cocaine or other
drug habit or refund your money. To
any person suffering from this dread
ful disease we will send a trial pack
age of our treatment absolutely free.
Write today. All correspond encf
strictly confidential in plain en
elopes. Address, Manhattan Thera
peutic Association, Dep't B.. 113u
Broadway, New York City.
Cambridge City, October 24. Miss
Daisy King of Centerville was the
guest ' of friends here Sunday.
E. E. Beeson was home over Sun
day. '
Mr. Fremont Freeman and family
visited in Dublin Sunday.
Quite a crowd from here attended
the rally in Milton Saturday.
Conductor John Thurman of the
I. V. line has been very sick for sev
eral days past.
Mrs. I. N. Falls and daughter, Vir
ginia returned home from St. Louis
Saturday night.
Mrs. Mark Beeson returned to In
dianapolis Sunday after a few weeks
visit with her sister, Mrs. E. E. Bee
son. Miss Maud Drischel was home
from Indianapolis Sunday.
The Helen Hunt club will hold
their opening meeting at the home
of Mrs. W. F. Medsker, at Mt. Airy
and the meeting will be a social af
fair. Miss Beulah Guy ton visited with
her brother in Richmond Sunday.
Mr. p.nd Mrs. Fred Storch, Mr. S.
B. Fisher and daughter, Miss Hazel,
and Mrs. Willard Ulrich, are at St.
Louis this week.
Miss Mellie Doney has returned
home from a visit with relatives in
Edgar Ault was in Richmond on
business Saturday.
J. Willard Rummel is , expected
home this week. He has been travel
ing with Buskskin Ben the past sea
son as leader of his band.
Reuben Bertsch and family of near
ITagerstown were guests of John
Gehring and family Sunday.
v Robert Clark has accepted a posi
tion at the steam laundry.
Fay Wade was home from Indi
anapolis over Sunday.
Mabel Straughns has scarlet fever.
Mrs. Dr. Harris and son are vis
iting at Rising Sun, Ind.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ressler were
guests of friends in Straughn's Sun
day. Miss Ruth Highley visited in Con-
liersville Saturday.
Raymond Swallow was in Indiana
polis Saturday.
Miss Myrtle Van Meter was home
from Indianapolis over Sunday.
Robert Mosbaugh attended the
foot ball game in Connersville Sat
urday. The directors, of the Orubbs urain
Co., met here Saturday and have de
cided to build a new elevator as soon
as possible and to build one much
larger and more no to date than tie
one burned. Mr. ITazelrig will man
age the new one with Mr. Strauglm
fs assistant manager.
The football team is getting in fire
shape and have several good games
booked ahead. They will play their
Thanksgiving game in this city which
will be the closing game of the sea
son. A dancing club composed of twenty-five
couple will give a series of
dances at the K. of P. Temple during
the winter. This season promises t
be one of the social events of thf
city. s
Miss Haisley, who has been thf
tuest of Mr. Condon and family, re
turned to her home in Dunkirk. !
Mrs. Lafe Beeson visited in Dublit
Tuesday. j
Mr. Harry Penny is at St. Louil
this week. !
Buckskin Ben and family returned
home from the road with their shovL
Mr. Stalker reports a verv success-
fu! season. j
Mr. and Mi's. John Guyton anl
family entertained at dinner Sunday
Mr. Stanley Guyton and family, of
Richmond, and Mrs. Susan Guytoi
and daughter of this city. !
George Doll and Rev Paul visitel
in "KT nights town Sunday. j
J. W. Rummel returned home Sun
day night. I
Matt Shew was in Dayton on bu
iness on Monday. j
Mr. and Mrs. Park Gipe, of Easj
Germantown, were guests of Franl
Rummel and family Sunday. 'i
Miss Edna Martin, of Richmond
is the guest of the Misses Helen an
Mary Garvin. !
The Merchants' Band now ha
eighteen members and is doing som
fine work under the direction of Mr
Will Wager. j
Mrs. Gettell and daughter, of Cen
Hunt Club held at the home of Mrs
Medsker was a social success. Sev
eral musical numbers were given and
light refreshments were served.
Willard Drischel was in Hagers
town Sunday night.
Mrs. Mabel Kepler, of East Ger
mantown, visited in the city Monday.
It is announced with a great flour
ish of Democratic trumpets that John
C. Havenieyer, of the Sugar Trust,
one of the great Havemeyer sugar
family, is out for Parker. Why, of
course! Is not Cord Meyer, of the
Sugar Trust, chairman of the New
York Democratic State Committee,
and is not Patrick McCarren, lobby
ist for the Sugar Trust, chairman of
the Executive Committee of the Dem
ocratic State Committee? And who
ran the Democratic State convention
at Albany, that started Parker on t11
road to a Presidential nomination?
Why, the same Cord Meyer and
Patrick McCarren, assisted by Bel
mont and David B. Hill!
Of course the Havemeyers and the
Sugar Trust are against Roosevelt.
They could not control him as Presi
dent, and they have "put up money"
for Parker's election to succeed him.
They must talk as they pay, must
they not? The poorer their invest
ment in Parker looks, the louder
must, they talk against Roosevelt.
Even a trust magnate does not like
to lose is money.
G. A. R.
Will Have a Grand Rally at Dayton,
Ohio, pctober 26.
There will be a grand rally of the
Grand Army of the Republic at Day
ton, Ohio, Wednesday October 20,
ID04. Commander in Chief Black
mar and Department Commander
Moulton will be in attendance. All
members of the G. A. R. Posts, and
Sons of Veterans are invited to join
with the G. A. R. Posts of Montgom
ery county in a reception to the Com
mander in Chief of America, and
the Department Commander of Ohio.
There will be a short parade through
the- principal streets of Dayton,
starting at 1 p. m. sharp., after
which there will be held a carapfire
in Memorial Hall at theN National
Military Home where Commander in
Chief Blackmar, the Department Com
mander and other good sneakers will
deliver short addresses. There will be
receptions at' the Old Guard Diester
and other G. A. R. Halls in the fore
noon and for campfires at night.
All comrades and their wives who
desire and citizens can get tickets on
the Dayton & Western for $1.00 the
round trip, good going on any car
Wednesday and returning on any car
Wednesdav or Thursday.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who is acquainted with its
good qualities can be surprisedat the
great popularity of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It not only cures
colds and grip ecectually and per
manently, but prevents these diseases
from resulting in pneumonia. It is
also a certain cure for croup. Whoop
ing cough is not dangerous when this
remedy is given. It contains no opi
um or other harmful substance and
may be given as confidently to a baby
as to an adult. It is also pleasant to
take. When 11 of these facts are tak
n into consideration it is not sur
prising that people in foreign lands,
as well as at home, esteem this rem
edy very highly and very few are
willing to take any other after hav
ing once used it. For sale by A. G.
Luken & Co., and W. II. Sudhoff, cor
ner Fifth and Main streets.
terville, were guests of Mr. Charlej
Kummel and wife Sunday. j
Miss Grace Beard and Miss Belj
tonklni visited in luchmond nu
day. j
Charles Crawford, of Idianapoliij
is visiting here with relatives. j
Tom Clark and family are at ' Tip
ton for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. James Winte
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Zeigler visited i
Lewisville Sunday.
Will Lukehardt was the guest
Richmond friends Sunday night.
The social meeting of the Hel1
$30.00 to Colorado and Return.
Via Chicago, Union Pacific & North
western Line. Chicago to Denver,
Colorado Springs and" Pueblo, dailj
throughout the summer. Correspond
ingly low rates from all points east.
Only one night to Denver from Chi
cago. Two fast trains daily. Tour
ist sleepiie ears to Denver daily.
World's .Fair excursion tickets to
St. Louis will be sold via Pennsyl
vania Lines at approximately one
eent per mile each' Tuesday and
Thursday until September 20th, valid
la ' coaches of through trains; good
returning within seven days. These
are the lowest fares at whieh Word's
Fair excursion tickets to St. Louis
re sold. Fifteen day tickets, sixty
i dav tickets and season tickets sold
daily at reduced fares, good in sleep
ing or parlor ears, with required Pull
man tickets. For full information
r aj
mm mm Y
v-ff MM
Mrs. L. C. Glover, Vice Pres. Milwaukee,!
Wis., Business Woman's Association, is
another one of the million women who
have been restored to health by using
Lydia E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
" Dear Mrs. Pink ham : I was married for several years and no children
blessed my home. The doctor said I had a complication of female troubles
and I could not have any children unless I could be cured. He tried to cur
me, but after experimenting for several months, my husband became dis
gusted, and one night when we noticed a testimonial of a woman who had
been cured of similar trouble through the use of Lytlla E. Pinkham.
Vegetable Compound, be went out and bought a bottle for me. I used
your medicine for three and one half months, improving steadily in health,
and in twenty-two months a child came. I cannot fully express the joy and
thankfulness that is in my heart. Our home is a different place now. as we
have something to live for, and all the credit is due to Lydia E. PInkham'S
Vegetable Compound. Yours very sincerely, Mi. L. C. Glover, 614 drovt
St, Milwaukee, Wis." Vice President, Milwaukee Business Woman's Ass'n.
Women should not fail to profit by the experience of these two
women ; just as surely as they were cured of the troubles enume
rated in their letters just so certainly will Lydia E. Pinkhanra
Vegetable Compound cure others who suffer from womb troubles,
inflammation of the ovaries, kidney troubles nervous excitability,
and nervous prostration ; remember that it is Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound that is curing women, and don't allow
any druggist to sell you anything else in its place.
An Indiana Lady Tells of a Wonderful Cure:
"Dear Mrs. Pinkham: It is a pleasure
for me to write and tell what your wonderful
medicine has done for me. I waa sick for
three years with chang-e of life, and my
physician thought a cancerous condition of
the womb. . During these three years I
suffered untold agony. . ' v
I cannot find words in which to ex
press my bad feelinjrs. I did not expect to
ever see another well day. I tead some of the
testimonials recomendin you- medicine and
decided to write to you and give your treat
ment a trial.
"Before I had taken half a little of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, I began to sleep. I have taken now
six lottles and am so well I can do all kinds
of work." -Mrs. Lizzie H inkle, Salem, Ind.
If there is anything in your ease about which you would like
special advice, write freely to Mrs. Pinkham. She can surely help
you, for no person in America can speak from a wider exierlence)
in treating female ills. Address is Lynn, Mass. ; her advice is free
and always helpful.
6fAnn FORFEIT Mwe cannot f.rtbitliprodM!tteHirlnl lttr mnd tgtifttoraa of
nllllll abore testimonials, which will itot their atxoltit ir-iiuiiieiiM.
ggUUU Lydia K. Plnkhaiu Md. Co., L;na,
: Merchant Tailors :
No. 516 MAIN ST.
nrVio nlrlpsf. ATnl mnfcf. rplinhlp tnflnr pstn Vilishmpnfc
Sv M M m vi t7 ay a a av r aw a a m 'w v m m m a wa a mmm w
in tbe city. Guarantee every garment made
Prices to suit the times.
New Fall Stock Received.
.H,,h..i..i..ih..;..:..ii,h:-: I M"H"I..M"I"H"!"I' I I I M"H-
Fish, Oyster and Poultry Market
T 109 Min St. Home Phone 393 V
It's like a "dip in the fountain of i
iliat ''youth lingers on the face of
old ago." That's what Hollister's
Tea or Tablets.
A. GL Luken & C.
What One VJomcn Caya :
Mr. I. A. McCorroick, Lacase. Ohio, writes: I wast the world to kaow wk
Vitoaa hi done f me. It bas tnunrtMmcd me from a weak, acrrout. aaa oofioaara
State to a coodatioa nf perfect health. TkaUtothismtiraedr,itB(ta.tAer"r
ye2rs suffering, ite to ttke as actWe interest ia life aad to do bit duty to my faUy sad
L.-a Fim vmutoin the old trootJe has roued -lackaebe aerrouaarta.
a bri f an.-tin. uatnftJ tierinrt all hai AiumMml Mv faustjaad ays 1 am a
luaw cfiect. It makes hiia aa vtruar aad vii-orooi as a jvuag maa at t
elf tor its tuaw
ww the mwV t
inw -a hot Vttota
Aaj dn Jer me.
" The New Way to Health"
wl .Jo for any fvfTcrine fo M"- McCorakk- It b prweription of -f1
acts oa the tlood aad teaclies eerjr organ through it. restoriae tbe eatire fysteta. wy deuy a tiafw aaw waea
bealrh and hapaes are within your grasp? begin asiag Vitooa at once.
Frk.e txto. A written guozaiucc bi.ch iw im.m uwuc

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