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We Clotbe
Overcoats and Rain Coats
Double Breasted Styles
: a
Why should you pay $15 and $25 in one lump
when you can get the same coat at the same
. price and pay for it in .weekly payments ?
It's simple and certainly convenient. $1.00 per
week will buy you anything you wear
Clothing, Millinery
Furs, Petticoats,
Waists, Jackets
Ladies' and Misses' Suits
Men's Suits, Overcoats, 'Hats, Shoes, Etc.
Nos. 6 & 8 North 6th St.
Will be mailed you
UNfc TtAn, ADOULU I ELL.T rtltLfcl
Is the latest success in the magazine Qeld, having already reached front
rank. The 3,000,000 members of the National Council of Women unanim
ously endorsed it as their official organ, an honor never before conferred
on any magazine. Full of interesting stories'; and beautiful pictures,
"Madame brings a monthly message of culture into a quarter of a mil
lion of homes, and reflects the mental development of the last decade as
no other woman's magazine attempts to do.
Some of Madame's Contributors
Lady Henry Somerset Ella Wheeler Wilcox Bishop Potter
The Marquis de Castellane Mrs. John C. Black ' Mrs. Maud Murray Miller
Mrs. Burton Harrison Capt. Richmond Pearson Hobson Jean Cowpill
Mrs. May Wright Bewail Camille Manclair Jessie Ackern an
Geo, Horton Edmund Russell Countess Karolewitz
THE .Palladium
i ,
needs no describing. It stands pre-eminent as the leading paper of East
ern Indiana. Its reportorial force is capable, and completely covers the
news of the day. The Special Departments devoted to art, literature, re
ligion, society, the stage, sports, markets, the garden, and otheubjects
of interest, are managed by writers especially fitted for the wori rm their
respective fields. ' A v
This Unique Combination Oiler v
is made at great expense to the Palladium, ever ready to secure the best
possible for its readers.
If you appreciate clean and honest journalism, both in your daily
newspaper and the magazine you take into your home, you should appre
ciate this offer.
Just fill out this coupon PLAINLY and give it to
your local agent or send direct to the Palladium.
Towa - Stmt:
The Daily Palladium, Richmond, Ind. J
.Zf 1904
Please send the Daily Palladium to me for 6 months and thereafter
until ordered discontinued, for which 1 agree to pay regularly 7 cents a
a monthly magazine, for one year absolutely free.
Are you a new or old Subscriber?
Commence Delivery
This offer may be withdrawn
le Palladium
each month for -81
- .
... , Name.
at any time, so act at once.
Is Good
"The Royal Chef."
In Sam S. Shubert's production of
"The Royal Chef," that ran twenty
three weeks in Chicago and likewise
was seen at the Lyric Theatre in
New York Citj- is to make its tuneful
advent in this city on Tuesday even
in?, November Sth, at the Oennett
Theatre. It is a musical comely
which is chuck full of fun, pretty
music, and last but by no means c;st
the prettiest -chorus that was evei
sent out with a musical comedy. In
terpolated in that third act is a sc
ries of imitations of the most fa
mous actresses of the day done by
Miss Stella Tracy who it will be re
membered made such a pronounced
hit in this line of work while play
in? with the "Chinese Honeymoon'
last season.
An Up-to-Date Attraction.
Exceedingly smart and clever is
the performance presented by the
Broadway Burlesquers, announced
to appear at the New Phillips Thea
tre next "Wednesday, November 2. A
welcome innovation in modern bur
lesque is promised, and the entertain
ment is' an enjoyable one looked at
from any point of view. Calling for
special commendation are skilled
and accomplished Vaudeville turns
presented, noticeable among which
are "The Gardner Trio" in a bright
smart and agreeabde singing and
dancing act; Lizzie Purcell, a versa
tile young lady with a contralto voice
of exceptional range, and who has
been winning golden opinions every
where; Seymour Sisters, who render
recent musical successes with a
rerve and vivacity seldom equalled;
Ford and "Wells, a merry couple who
do a neat and effective comedy
sketch; and Conley and Fulton who
possess sufficient originality to pre
sent a burlesque "strong act" that
is a veritable series of humorous sur
prises. The winsome and charming
chorus in effective, picturesque cos
tumes render dainty and delightful
musical numbers with a vim and spar
kle that is exhilarating.
3fr 4r "5fr
"In The Shadow of the Gallows."
"In the Shadow of the Gallows'
is not only a melodrama that thrills
but it is exceedingly well constructed.
Miss Mortimer the author has gained
distinction as an actress in many
parts and the result of her long stage
experience is visible, by the clever
stage situations, strong dialogue and
effective climaxes. The play will be
presented at the New Phillips Tues
day, November 1, by a strong com
pany. There is Liore Catarrh in this
section of the country than all oth
er diseases put together, and until
the last few years was supposed to he
incurable. For a great 'many years
doctors pronounced it e local disease
and prescribed local remedies, and
by constantly failing to cure with
local treatment, pronounced it incur
able. Science has proven catarrh to
be a constitutional disease and there
fore requires constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufac
tured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
O., is the only constitutional cure on
the market. It is taken internally in
doeses from 10 drops to a teaspoonful
It acts directly ou the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. They
offer one hundred dollars for any case
it fails to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials.
J. F. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists 75c.
Hall's Familv Pills are the best
Judge Parker, in his tariff speech
of last Saturday, after referring to
the Walker tariff of 1846 and the
tariff of 1S57, said:
"At this point in our history the
tariff question ceased temporarily to
be an issue in American polities. It
disappeared so completely that when
the Republican party was formed
nobody thought of reviving it, .and
there is good reason for believeing
that it never would have been revi
vetPbnt for the civil war, which ne
cessitated the raising of a large
amount to meet the extraordinary
demands upon the Treasury.
Either through ignorance or de
sign the judge in this statement gives
out an absolute falsehood and an
artful misrepresentation of the facts
in the case. Any student of American
history knows, or should know, that
the first great law enacted by the
Republican party was the so-called
Morrill tariff law. This law had
passed the House of Representatives
in May," 1S60, nearly a year before
the civil war, months before Abra
ham Lincoln was elected or even nom
inated. It passed the senate some
months afterward, as soon as en-
: UAJ theatre' ;
O. G. Murray, Lessee and Mgr.
Tuesday, Nov. i
Thrilling, Startling, Sensational.
A carload of electrical and
scenic effects
a. OCT The Realistic Railroad Scene -w
ijEE Tlie Breakwater by Moonlight
. The Midnight Marriage
A play that appeals ta all classes
Seats on sale at Nixon's.
ough Southern senators had resigned
to give the Republicans a majority,
raid it was signed by President Buch
anan on the 2d of March, 1S61. It
was a law designed to meet the ex
isting conditions, to give the coun
try money enough to meet the nec
essary expenditure's of the Govern
ment, and to afford protection to the
languishing industries almost ruined
by the tariffs of 1S4G and 1857.
In this connection, as entirely un
prejudiced and irreproachable testi
mony, we quote the following from
Appleton's Annual Encyclopedia for
1SG1; which alluding to the Morrill
tariff, said:
"A revenue law affording uncom
mon Protection to manufacturers was
enacted. -This was proposed not for
the purpose of husbanding the re
sources of the country in anticipa
tion of approaching strife, but
chiefly as a great party measure, and
to secure an increase of prosperity
in this great national interest. It
has proved to be the wisest measure
adopted during the season. It imme
diately checked the importation of
foreign manufacturers, secured the
reduction of the debt of the country
to other nations, caused a large im
portation of specie in payment of ex
ports, and thereby enabled the citi
zens to advance' loans to the Govern
ment in its most pressing hour.'
Yet Judge Parker has the audacity I
to say that the law would not have j
been enacted but for the civil war?
This part of his speech alone should
condemn any utterance that he may
give to the American people as un
fit for credence.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who is acquainted with its
good qualities can be surprisedat the
great popularity of Chamberlain's
Congh Remedy. It not only cures
colds and grip eceetually and per
manently, but prevents these diseases
from resulting in pneumonia. It is
also a certain cure for croup. Whoop
ing cough is not dangerous when thi9
remedy is given. It contains no opi
um or other harmful substance and
may be given as confidently to a baby
as to an adult. It is also pleasant to
take. When 11 of these facts are tak
n into "consideration it is not sur
prising that people in foreign lands,
as well as at home, esteem this rem
edy very highly and very few are
willing to take any other after hav
ing once used it. For sale by A. G.
Luken & Co., and W. II. Sudhoff, cor
ner Fif tli and Main streets.
"A dose in time saves lives.' Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil.
Bobbed the Grave.
A startling Incident is narrated by
John Oliver of Philadelphia, as fol
lows: "I was in an awful condition
My skin was almost yellow, eyes sun
ken, tongue coated, pain continually
in back and sides, no appetite, grow
ing weaker day by day. Three phy
sicians had given me up. Then I was
advised to use Electric Bitters, to my
great joy, the first bottle made a de
cided improvement. I continued tbeir
use for three weeks, and am now a
well man. I know they robbed the
grave of another victim." No one
.hould fail to try them. Only 50 cents
guaranteed at A. G. Luken & Co.'s
drug store.
Where are you going my pretty maid,
To the drug store, sir, said she,
You see my complexion is getting bad
I need some Rocky Mountain ea.
A. G. Luken & co.
Scald head is an eczema of the
scalp very severe somtimes, but it
ean be cured. Doan's Ointment, quiek
and permanent in its results. At any
drug store, 50 e-ents.
is the time for frolics and parties. Young people like to appear
well. Clothing does much to bring about this desired result.
The Varsity Sack Coat
with its broad shoulders and loose back is very
popular with young men and is generally worn
Single or Double Breasted
is proper and correct. J : . ', . -. . .
Best qualities in many patterns.
PRICES S10.00 to $2250
for evening wear and dress occasions, varying in design and
style are in our cases.
to suit the wearer are to be had.
Who cares? I'm fortified with an "Kl
orado" laundered collar, "The kind
fiat don't melt down."
The Eldorado
Steam Laundry
No. 18 North Ninth St.
Phone 147
Richmond. Indian
Harness For Show
and harness for eve'y
day use mean a dif
ference, in quality in
some makes here
they are identical in
strength and dura
bility. More style,
of course, in fancy
driving harness, but
all our harness is
made from eood
stock, "and every set maintains our repu
tation as to workmanship and finish. All
sorts of horse equipments at very moder
ate prices . - ; - . - j : ...
The Wlfircins Co,
M"I"M- H-M- -M-1-M-H-l-I-t
The Schneider
Has re-opened at 47 JV. 61 h 514
Repairing, painting ard rubteV
tiring a specialty.
New work, made to order.
H-I"I"H"X"I"1"M I I I I I "I"!'
12 S. Ninth S I
W A A A M J"f JT M PT JT M XXAAiiMiifiiniiMfifi
Excursion Faxes to Greenville. Via,
Pennsylvania Lines. t
Oetober 29th, excursion tickets t
Greenville, aecount Republican Mass
Meeting, will be sold via Pennsylva
nia Lines from Urbana, Richmond,
and intermediate points.
Cure croup, sore throat, pulmona
ry troubles Monarch over pain of
every ?ort. Tr. Thomas Ecletri
u u
What Are You Look
ing For?
An auctioneer to cry your sale?
Phone 491. He is all right.
5 and 6 per cent. Interest
In the leading companies. Manager!
for the
, : Assurance Society of New York. -
THE 0. B.
doom 3 Vauchnn Dlds
Biggest, Busiest," Best
Carpets Take If p, CIm4
Monarch Laundry f
New Fbone 1 ; Old Phone J51V
No. 22 South 8th St.
: Phone For It
When jou are busy and want any
thing from a drug store Phone
No. 188 You'll get it in a hnny
and it will be satisfactory or
we'll make so Lots of - ptople
order Ondj, Drugs, Toilet Ar
ticles, Perfumes, Medicines of us
by Phone. - - ------
Its agoodway. Try it
Court House Pharmacy
400 Main Street.
M. J. Quigley, Prop.

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