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I 1 BEST rORn mkii I
m N0.I6 SJthSt- M
And All of the Other Teams Will
Have Strong Lineups Notes of
the Teams.
Everything is ready for the refer
ee's whistle to sound the opening of
the polo season in the Western Lea
gue tonight. The players strike is a
thing of the past and the only play
ers now out of the fold are Cunning
ham, Jr., of Richmond, Murphy of
ElwooJ, McGilvary and Bannon of
Indianapolis all of whom refuse to
st:ml for pared off salaries on the
Durbin-Cohen style.
The Quakers will play their first
game at Anderson and the fans will
not be greatly disappointed if they
lose, the contest as Richmond will
take the floor that night with only
one day's practice while the Ander
son outfit has been in training for
over a week. Tho Fovy Five of Ma
rion will meet Petty's Oil Workers
at Muncic this evening and
Cohen's Children of Israel will try
to take a fall out of Grandpa Rob
erts' five in the Deserted Village
north of Anderson. All in all the
Western League looks to be about to
embark on as prosperous a season as
the organization has had it its exis
tence. So far the local "bugs" are
concerned the sooner Wednesday
night comes along the. better pleased
they will be. An immense crowd is
expected to greet Inst year's cham
pions on their opening game in this
city with Joe Fox's Marion quin
tette. Tho teams on the opening
night will probably line up as fol
lows: Anderson Wodtke and Mercer,
Rushers; Miller, center; Gardner,
half-back; Mallory, goal and Moran
Ehvood Roberts and O'Malley,
rushers; Devlin, center; Lyons, half
back; Slarkie, goal; Haley, utility.
Indianapolis Mennard and Syl
via, rushes; Cogrshall, center;
O'Hara, half back, Hai-per, goal.
Marion Lewis and Dawson, rush
ers, Jean center; Cameron, half
back; Burgess, goal; Wiley, utility.
Muncic Hart and Fahrer or Hig
gins, rushers; Farrell, center; Ilold
erness, half back; Cachman, goal;
DeWitt, utility.
Richmond Bone and Houghton,
rushers; Mansfield, center; Doherty,
half-back; Jessup, goal.
Latham, Waller and Rundell will
referee the games.
The entrants for the Western Polo
League championship handicap are
parading to the post, and on next
Monday night the barrier will snap.
Tf the teams get away to a good
start it ivill be a surprise.
Some of the teams are in good
shape, in fact the most of them are.
and are fit' to begin plaving at afast
clip, but others, of which sad to
state the Indianapolis team is one,
are in nnvfhinsr but promising form.
The Indianapolis team will sart
on three legs ficrnrativelv soenkinr
of course and will thank its luckv
constellations if it is able to stick
within hailing distance of the rest
of the crowds for the first couple of
With Cogceshall, O'Hara and liar
per on deck the last named two
are already here, and Cogsreshall is
expected, to arrive today the de
fense will out ur a prettv good front
but the offense is an unknown quan
tity Pierce will not be here for two
weeks yet. However, he recommend
ed a rusher to the Indian anolis man
agement, who has been signed and
who will arrive today with Cop
shall. The new coer is Frank Dal
ton, whom Pierce thinks a comer and
a valuable find.
In tbe opening game at Elwood
next Mondav nisrht the Indianapolis
rnsb line wiU probably consist of
Dal ton and Whirmle, tbe latter beinr
borrowed from Ft. Wayne to help
out in a pinch. It is possible tint
Turner may be here in tio for th
""time, in wMb cse he will be used
instead of Whiople. Svlvi. the
rw man will be used as utility.
Indianapolis Str.
Annerson, Ind., Nov. 13. -With
the signing of Mercer as first rush
the lineup of the local polo team is
complete and the indications are
bright for a most successful season
here. Mercer was holding off for an
advance in salary, but he has wired
he will come, the local management
having accepted his terms.
Paddy Moran, late of Logansport
has been signed as the sixth man
and the fans view the new oonibina-j
tiou as the strongest Anderson has
yet had.
Capt. Woedike arrived from the
east.' yesterday and the team will re
ceive a tryout this evening. All will
then be in readiness for the opening
game with Richmond Monday night, ham is a pretty smooth article, isn't
when the Anderson team will line he?
up. Short un You bet he is. Why, I
went to his office to borrow $5 last
Elwood, Ind., Nov. 13. While the week and before I could get away he
entire Elwood team is on deck and had borrowed ten from me.
ready for action, loyal polo fans are j
not inclined to be optimistic over the "Yes," said the giraffe, "I've got
situation, as few of them can figure a sore throat. Can you imagine any
where the team will be bey stronger thin? worse than that?"
than last season. "Well." replied the centipede,
Indianapolis will be the attraction
here on the opening night, and as the
Indianas appear to be i a worse row
of stumps than the local team, El-
wood fans hope to see their lavor- exclaimed the anrry husband. "I
ites at least start the season with a can easily get another wife, and I've
victory. been on earth Ion? enough to. know
Marion, Ind., Nov. 13. The polo that one woman is just as good as
season opens in Marion on next Tues another, if not better."
day evening, when the Elwood and "And I," coldly rerdied his better
Marion teams will meet in the first half, "have. bem on earth long en
local game. j ouch to know that one man is just
The members of the local team ar- as bad as another, if no-t worse."
rived here the first of the week and
have put in some hard practice.
None of the men on the team has
lost any of their cunning since last
William Dawson is a new member
of the team. He held a place on the
Lafayette team in the Central Lea- (
gue last year and made an excellent
record. The local team is expected
to make a hard fiffht for the pennant
and it is believed that it has a good
chance of winning it.
- I
Muncie, Ind., Nov. 13. The fourth fullv, after a pause.) '.'Are you af
season of roller polo in the Western raid of being asked to look pleas
League will open in Mnncie Monday ant?"
nisrht, when the local team will play ,
with the Marion team. Seats were SET HIM A TOnQH TASK.
placed on sale by the management Farmer's wife Why have you
Thursday morning and the advance left that piece of steak I sent out
sale is sufficient to indicate that the for you ?
polo fever still rages. J Tramp (indismmtly) I didn't
Despite the fears of the local fans . ask for work, ma'am; I asked for
that the refusal of some of Muncie's
strongest players to come west', thi;
season would weaken the team the
organization which starts the season
in the purple and white looks to be
as strong as any in the league.
Four of the stro?igest professional .
rdnying the game are now lined up
with Muneie. These are Hart, Far
rell, Ilolderness and Cashman. It is
not to be denied that Muneie will a verv pomilar man, wasn't he?"
suffer by the refusal of Edward Hig- "Yes, indeed; why, even the un
gins, last j-ear's rush, to come west. dertaker was sorry to see him go."
H. M. Coosby, Grand Rapids, Mich.
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Willie No, it was on the mouth.
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fessor, "has a patient iufferinir f rom
.delirium tremens?"
"He sees lizards, snakes, police
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--r- i- 1'".'
answered the vouthful medical stu-
nrnmnt I v
, dent.
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I . -rm 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r
pfpmiflgiM neck
gu.' jLjwtf band
pi Mia
mc ta i
Columbia Conserve Co.
Indianapolis, Ind.
The Palladium
Has the natural
red of the ripe
Exact size of
Columbia bottle
For JOB WOIffi

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