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Remember That The Palladium Is Tro Official Polo Paper.
Fair and Colder.
- ;
Try a Want Ad in the Palladi-
am today.
A Number of Additional Presents
Have Been Obtained by tb.e So-
- n- - 'i
ciety Picture of Lincoln.
The November mooting of the
Wayne County Historical Society
was held yesterday afternoon at the
ourt house.
Tu the absence of the president,
Professor Hodgin, Joseph Ratliff
was chosen temporary chairman.
This being the annual meeting the
officers of the past year were all re
elected for 1005, as follows:
PresidentCyrus AY. Hodgin, of
Earlham College. .
Vice President -Dr. O. X. Huff,
Fountain City.
Secretary Walter S. Davis, of
Richmond high school.
Treasurer Reuben Mvriek, Rich
mond. CuratorJoseph C. Ratliff, Rieh-
mond. J--;
Assistant curator Walter S. Rat
liff. Advisory members Prof: Lee
Ault, superintendent, Cambridge
City; Mrs. Helen Y. Austin, Cen
terville: Mr. Eli Jay, Richmond.
The "quarterly report of the cura
tor. Joseph Ratlin", showed the fol
" - lowing additions since the last mcet
i,1;r: . L'.
i A fro for riving boards.
Spoke shave, made in 1S34.
A pair of hook and eye hi nays,
' made in 1S31, presented by Walter
Sickle used seventy-five years ago,
Miniature flax-break, made and
presented by Rev. Luke Woodward;
of Fountain City.
Mr.' John W." Foulke, of Spring
Grove, presented to the society a
number of old Wayne county news
papers, among others, copies of the
Palladium of 1839 and of "The
Spirit of Old Wayne," published in
Richmond in 1S40.
On behalf of Mrs. B. R. Custer,
of Centerville, Mrs.-Helen V. Aus
tin, presented a number of frames,
the most valuable of which was a
badge containing an ambrotype por
trait of Abraham-'Lincoln, worn by
Benjamin Custer for thirty days
after the assassination of Lincoln.
Other frames contained bank bills
and tickets; poster of picnic held by
the Young American Dancing Asso
ciation at Walnut Level in 1S02;
picture of reception at the AVhite
House in Lincoln's presidency, ded
icated to Mrs. Lincoln by the pub
lishers of Frank Leslie's " Chim
ney. Corner;" copy of the New York
Herald, of April 15, lSCS, announc
ing Lincoln's assassination.
In addition to the above Mrs. Cus
ter also donated deeds to property
in Centerville and a premium, list of
the Wayne county fair held at Cen
terville in 1SS0. For her interest
in the society, Mrs. Custer was made
- -
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' THFMHHlllir
For the Western League Polo Re
ferees. Anderson. I ml.. November 10.
Th assignments of referees for the
Western Rol let-
Polo League next
week follow
Monday Waller, at Muncie; Ar
undel, at Anderson. Tuesday Lat
ham, at Anderson; Waller, at Ma
rion. Wednesday Iatham at Rich
mond. Thursday Arundel, at Mun
cie (night) ; Arundel, at Tndianapo-
v-s. .-.its iii iniHHia ; , t iiiifi. m .ci wood ;
Latham, at M"arion. Friday Ar
undel, at Marion; Latham, at Ander
son. Saturday Waller, at Rich
mond; Arundel, at Indianapolis:
V Latham, a t El wood.
Goes to Wayne County Industry at
Another Wayne County industry
receives a medal at the World's Fair
The Cambridge City cheese factory
received the first award and now
comes the Light Inspection Car Co.,
of Hagerstown, who has been award
ed a gold medal for their niotor in
spection cars. They 'were successful
over a. large field of : competitors.
This company sells many of their
cars to foreign trade. Cambridge
City Tribune.
Richmond Man in Chorus of "A
Girl From Dixie."
Ira FlicCLjger, who
owned a grocery store at the corner
of Eighth and Main streets is in the
chorus of "A Girl From Dixie,"
which appeared at the Gennett yes
terday. Flickinger moved from here
to Norfolk, Ya., seven years ago and
for the past three years has been on
the stage. The first two years he
played in "Floradora," and was
in this city with that company last
winter. He went on the stage for
his health and he says that the con
taut traveling about the country has
made him a well man.
Will Be in This City Before Lor.g-
Mr. Marks Advertising.
Mr. E
S. Marks, who is on it of
our new corners, is doing some ad
vertising for Gus Sun's minstrels.
Air. Marks, while he is in the insi.r-
ance business is .pretty handy in
several other ways.-its can be .attests
ed at this office. He is doing some
valuable advertising for Air. Snn.
! I
To Wrecking Friends'
Church at
Newcastle. Ind., November 10.
Riley Robes, who was arrested and
placed in jail at this city on a
charge of arson, today confessed
ii.i iii ii tj
mat no was implicated m me pjoi
which resulted in the wrecking with j ,,ti0 team, became quite comical
dynamite of the Friends' church at ; wl0n Jl0 rt,oistered his team at the
KaysviUe. and the burning of Asa j Ilo,(lj V0St0ott' last night. After
Sample's barn at Kuightsloun, twojtlu, name f Holderncss he wrote:
years ago. Sample was an active ; im Thomas," and after the names
temperance worker and he circulated of tIu, 01l(il.c (eam luf wnte: "Have
remonstrances against saloons. It j ,MHMl defeated three straight times
is expected that Robes will implicate
others and a special session of the
grand .jury may be called to inves-
tigate ine case ami the Mt. Munnnt j 1Vjtv nuTOt(1 wi(h llim amI all were ;u(e on the third Saturday in Octo
robbery several days ago. Another j tJ..x( io seo that he was an easy ijwr -and 'Eebruary of each year to
arrest is expected today in the rob- j joosfM. nm1 ot s,cj several buck- take the place of the Thanksgiving
erv case.
Pleases Two Large Audiences at the j
' - i-
' "Mary from - Maryland?' and' 'The
Sunflower and the Sun," were two
songs which" made a big' hit in "A
tlirl from Dixie," at the Gennett
yesterday. The show was a very
clever one and pleased two large
houses. Miss Gertrude Millington.
the leading lady of the company, was
last seen here in "The Silver Slip
per,'' and she has always Wen a
favorite with Richmond audiences.
Her song. ''When the Moon Comes
Over the hill," was one of the. pret
tiest songs heard here this season.
The comedy of the piece was fur
nished by D. L. Hon in the character
of Ludwig Regengorgen. Mr. Don
is very comical and bis discourse on
the evolution of the world was side
splitting. Some very pretty girls
were in the chorus. Ira M. Flick
inger, one of the chorus men. is an
old Richmond boy and is well known I slide similar to the Republican jva
here. j lanche which rolled over the eottry
Mr. W. S. King of Kansas City is
visiting his brothers. Caleb King,
also ' many other relatives and
friends in Richmond.
Intense Smoke Nearly Strangled the
Firemen The Fire Lasted for
Twp Hours.
Fire was discovered last night in
Hne uu'? stable belonging to Edward
it. Megman, at iweiitu ana.coum
D streets about .1:30. .When the fire
department arrived the entire roof
was ablaze and the fire was rapidly
spreading. Prompt action on the
part of the fire department soon ex
tinguished this blaze, but the fire in
the meantime had spread to the
large quantities of hay, straw and
oats which were stored in the barn.
The firemen found the work of ex
tinguishing the blaze in the grains
a very hard one and most of the
straw and hay had to be thrown out
on the side walk. The blaze in the
building did not cat cli any place
else except in the roof. The barn
is practically a new one and one of
the largest in the city. The hay and
straw will be a complete loss, but
it is thought that the large quantity
of oats can be saved.' The firemen
found the fire difficult to fight, as
the smoke was so thick that many
of them were nearly strangled, but
a little fresh air soon revived them.
The lire lasted over two hours and
a large - n umber - of - people were at
traded : to the-' scene, but -the blaze
was not a ; spectacular one and con
sequently the curiosity of a number
of them was soon satisfied. Mr.
Stegman stated last night that the
t loss would be at least 000 and
probably more.
Makes a Prediction on the Hotel
i Afan.llf,-,r pcttv. of the Muncie
ami the fourth will occur tonight."
Evervbodv who noticed the flow of
w p..,,,,, in v,nn .,c n,o .,;ai
II Mill 111 L I HKj LCUldl I
- U Jilt
ets of salt water every time his team
lost a game, a la Cohen.
IWill Likely Be Called to Meet in
Special Session. j
Washington; 1. C, Xov. 10.
v '
is a growing probability that the j
new Congress will be called to meei
iti a special session next spring ti
revise the tariff.
Though the matter
,' is as yet far from being determinej. j
) President Roosevelt's inclination js
now stpiiig in that direction, and tti
less he meets with unexpected opj
sition among the leaders of his patty
it i likely the extraordinarA sessim
will 1h called. The chief argument n
favor of this course is that if fie
tariff is to be .revised by the itw
Congress no chances of delay shold
be taken with the ossihility of liv
ing the new law go into effect short
ly Infore the next presidential eW
tion. The Republican party hadjme
taste of that sort of thing in 190,
when there was a Democratic ltid-
; asf week. f
Mr. Dr. Young of Centervill
ited Richmond friends the
v -. . ' - -
Automobile Was Going at High Rate
; - i
of SpeedInjured Man Attend
ed fc;
y Dr. Weist.
A man whose name could not be
learned, but who resides northwest
pf Rielimond, was painfully hurt by
being knocked down and stepped on
by a horse near the Nineteenth
street bridge yesterday afternoon.
Tdie man was driving across the
bridge when an automobile came
across from the other side and fri
ghtened the horse. The man quickly
jumped out to quiet the animal,
when he was knocked down and
tra'mpled upon. The occupants of
the automobile ran to his assistance
and he was taken to the office of
Dr. Ha rry Weist, where a number
of wounds in his head and face were
dressed. Two large ents on each
side - of his head were sustained by
the man and another just above his
right eye One of the occupants of
the automobile was Silas Zeller and
the other is supposed to have been a
man. by, the name of Dennett.
Mr. ' iennett denied last ev
ening tiat any accident ha 1 1 tp
pened'rtile he was out in the ma
to a '.representative" of this paper. A
number of bystanders say that the
machine was going at a very fast
rate of speed when it came across
the bridge. Dr. Weist does not ex
pect any serious results from the
wouids received by the man.
On Wednesday and Are Closed Until
Wayne county schools will close
iKNt Wednesday and remain closed
mtil the following Monday. This
I wll give the school children a
htigthy vacation. It was the custom
stveral years ago for the teachers
ct the various schools to hold a
teachers' institute at the Thanks-
j pving vacatKti tune. this custom
as done .away with, however,
Ind the teacher mm- nn insii.
! ' - 4 . -
institute. This gives the teachers a
vacation at Thanksgiving time.
Dies at the Home of Her Daughter
in this City.
'K ; Ford
Mrs. Ellen l ord died at the :
her daughter. Mrs. Olive
AVom1, 1 OS Xorth Seventeenth street, jConkling's I'nconditionals," a pfdi
last night. Mrs. Ford was sixty- tical club, as a guard for the Presi-
llllin Vi!ll"C niwt y v i-. fkl.t .ii,. 1 :
is survive
rod bv six sons and three!
The funeral will be held I
Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 fnm thejization as his immediate escort, and J
First Paptit church. Services will then he more than intimateil that the !
1h conducted by the Revj Hackle-j men wlio would le next his carriage
man. lbtrial will occur at Earlham. j in the ride up Pennsylvania avenue ' ; '
Friends may call any time after 12 would be the "Rough Riders" who j -o'clock.
niM.ii, Monday. went with him to Cuba. A Weww Known Colored Man 'Died
t 1 . 1 it . .
A Lost Boy.
Price, Sjjuns: son of j
Edward I
" rm u 4r auuui i
five hours yesterday j,..
.moon. His !
his hair cut !
lamer vm mm tr nave nis nair cut i
and the youmr lad disappeared. His that be feels that be owes something
disappearance caused considerable to the Rough Riders for the ridicule
excitement but he was found about and abuse they received during the
7:.'l0 in the evening and returned campaign.
safely to his parents. ;
- ! Attend the P.asket Supper given
Patndman Edward arrested Wil- by Miss Elsie Kendall and scholars
liam Sittloh f.r being intoxicated at District Xo. fi. Poston. Wednes
last evening. ,ay evening. Xovember 23.
Connersville Man is Seeking Foreign
(Special to the Palladium.)
Connersville, Nov. 10. Francis T.
Roots, of Connersville, is seeking a
foreign appointment from the new
administration, and it is understood
that he is after the position of Con
sul General to Paris, now held by
John K. fJowdy, of Indiana, unless
Republican State Chairman Goodrich
seeks that berth as a reward for his
services to the party in two cam
paigns. STRUCK OIL
In the Jay County Field in Paying
(Special to the Palladium.)
Cambridge City, Nov. 10. The
Wayne Oil Co., of which J. W. and
Orange Hall, George Murray, W. K.
Floyd and others of this vicinity are
the oflicers and principal stockhold
ers, received information Saturday
from their well just completed in
the Jay county field, that it was the
best well, yet developed in that ter
ritory. This is their fourth well,
and all are flowing oil. They are
much elated over their flattering
A Band of Troublesome Ones North
of the City.
Sheriff Smith yesterday was call
ed north of the city to restore peace
in a band of gypsies.. If there is any
one person able to quell such a dis
turbance that person is our genial
For Expectorating on the Floor of
the Coliseum Last Night.
! Edward Grimes, a young man liv-
ing in the country near Richmond,
was arrested by Patrolman McMan
us last evening for expectorating on
the floor of the Coliseum. Grimes!
, . . . .. .. i
was locked up at the police station
but later on a promise to appear in
police court Monday morning he was
released by Superintendent Gormon.
Ihe managers of the ( oliseum in-;j
tend to have the ordinance against j
expectorating enforced this winter
and all offenders will be punished.;
I lie arret of (rims on tins cbnrsre
is (lie first one for some time.
Will Have Place of Honor at Inau
guration. J Washington, Xov. 10. It was the i
i desire-of Xew York, the home state)
I of Theodore Roosevelt, to furnish t
the body guard for the inauguration
ceremony. The jeople of Xew York;
iiioiini, us ,i iiiiiucr ipi Maiu pniic,
j that tlieir desires should be granted
Representative James S. Sherman of
Cttica. Roscoe Conkling's old home,
oiTeird the services of the "Roscoe
in ilui 111 nAi n i
Mr. Roosevelt told Mr. Shermanvj
that he didn't wish a Klitical organ-
I -treauy tne note mat was smuided
! si shrilly during the campaign is be- S
ing beard. The desire for the
milieu j 10 nil cs-
hlbition of Rofeyclt's flrgilitsirismi
Those close to ihe President savs
i nose ciose to ine I'resment siiys
No' Score Being Made in the First
Half A Peculiar Play Was
Yesterday afternoon , the Farlhaci
scrubs were beaten by the Central
Academy team, of Spiceland, 12 to o.
The Farlhamites had a narrow es
cape from having eighteen points
rolled up against them and their ouo
lone touchdown was in the nature
of a lluke. The Keserves put up a
good fight, however, and were only
tlefeated through the better team
work of the visitors. Central's
back field was fast and they follow
ed up their plays to a lietter advau
tage than did the Quakers. In the
first half neither team scored, but
the Reserves were on the defensive
nearly all of. the time. Every inch
of ground was hotly contested by
the Earlhamites and when the time
was called Central had the ball on
Earlham s two foot line. -
Exhausted by the fierce attacks, of
Central in the first half the plucky
defense of the Quakers was broken
in the second half and the Spiceland
boys bucked their way through 'for
two touch downs. Spiceland kicked
off in the. opening joj the half and
held EarlhamVfr ' downs.' Through'
j the. spertaeuWrr jf : work of Ingling,
iianna, ami nanuers, -Uentral lough I '
their way over the Quaker f goal line "
and a goal was kicked. The two""
teams lined up and the ball again
was put in play. Earlham on .b
taining i)ssessin of the ball at
tempted a place kick, but the oval
went wide of it's mark. Haisley
reached the ball first and promptly
fell on it. but seeing n one near
him, jumped to his feet and crossed
Central's goal line, for Earlham V
only touchdown. No goal was-kicked.
Cenarl braced up and before the
end of the half had once more
bucked her wav down the field for a
i second score
Goal was kicked. The
feature of the game was the playing
of Ingling, the left tackle, on the
Central Academy team,
The .lineup and score:
j Earlham
, . Jones
. Smith
.. Uray
. Yorke
Ha nn a
1 Grave
L E .
L T .
. h Cr
. . c .
Ii G
! llaisley
j Chambers
j Winslow ......
: liatliff-llastinirs
i; t
11 E
j Grimes F P.
Johnson ..... R H II.'..
Elliot t-Xewsome L II 15 1
i Maple ' :
Touchdowns Inkling, Dallard and
Referee Hadley.
Cmpire Rati iff. ;
j J inie oi Halves 2 minutes. ,
S. ore '-End of first half 0 to 0
Score End ofseeond half 12 to
favor Cntral Acadeniv.
Miss Edith Ellebarger left Rich
mond yesterday, for St.Louis to -.Wsit
. L .... . --ii io. ner nn-
f'''.' U Kl,a barger.
La8t Evening.
Gc. rtre William Woods, nee!
fifty-one years, died last, evening at
7 o'clfK-k at his home, 530 South
Sixth street, from a complication of
disease?. Mr. Woods was one of the
best known colored residents of the
city and had !een in pwr health
for .over a year. He leaves a wife
snd three children. Mr. Woods was
born in Lex inert on, Ky,. and had
lived in Richmond for. a number of
years. The fnneraj. . arrangements
have not -been decided on.

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