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Backed tip by over third of a century
f remarkable and uniform cures, a record
ach as no other remedy for the diseases
and weaknesses peculiar to women ever
attained, the proprietors and makers of
Jt. Pierce's Favorite Prescription now feel
fully warranted in offering: to pay $500 in
legal money for any case of Leucorrhea,
Female Weakness, Prolapsus, or Falling: of
Womb, which they cannot cure. All they
ask is a fair and reasonable trial of their
me axis of cure.
Very often a married woman or oungf
girl does not know who to turn to for ad
vice in circumstances where she dislikes to
talk with the family physician about deli
rate matters. At such times write to Dr.
tL V. Pierce, chief consulting; physician to
the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
ef Buffalo, N. Y., for free consultation and
1 vice, and the same will be held as sa
credly confidential. It is foolish to consult
women friends or persons without medical
training:. .
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription con
tains no alcohol, is entirely vegetable and
was the first exclusively woman's tonic on
the market tt has sold more largely in
the past third of a century than any other
mecncine lor women.
All other compounds intended for women
rally are made with alcohol, or alcohol is a
large component tins aiconoi injures tne
erves. The little red corpuscles of tne
Hood are shrunken by alcohol. All such
compounds, therefore, do harm.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets invigorate
the stomach, liver and bowels. Use them
with the "Favorite Prescription " when a
pill is required. One is a laxative, two, ft
Mild cathartic.
or women
In Wearables Told About in a Way
Of Interest to The
In all its stages thero
ftboald be clcauiiueas.
Ely's Cream Balm
eieanses, soothes and heals
tie discard membrane.
'Si cures catarrh and drives
r wy a cold iu the head
Cream TSalin !s placed into the nostrils, spread
rrer the membrane and is absorbed. ' ileliefis im
mediate sr.i a cure follows. It is not drying does
s,ot produce sneezing. Large Size, 60 cents at Drug
jritts or by mail ; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail.
SLY BROTHERS- 64 Warren Street. New Tors-
Evory IVoman
is incereai-i una anouia Know
about the wonderful
MARVEL Whirling Spray
The new Tpll Syria, injtf
Hon ana Jiitctton. nt rar
est Most convenient.
4 Tor t) rural. I for I.
r h trunnot supply the ,fjy ig
Uir. butend &iauip (or
Ulnsiratnt book Vd. it elres
tnll nartioiilars and dlwHoim in.
alnabl to lattipo. MARVKltCO. w 'll;n
Fiance uiag., aew lrsu
nJf imi .irlctur..
IrHJ lr,rl ffrlttaKtttft.
kin :lniirti
men aiiu wurvitrtvi
Use Big W (or nuoatural
'rrifiuiouM or ulcerations
of niucou tnembranir'
i'inte8, mill not aatrin
rnt or poi-orious.
ffolt by Irarcata.
o. sent n plain wrapper
by ex ore, prepaid, for
1.00. or31ottl'sf2.75.
Circular ntut on reyuefc
yf-v Original and On It Um !..
f..r ClllCIIKSTF.irs h.Ntil JSK
t 1 i wr.il 1 i - " . mmw rv . r . ---
SJ l,'vrou(i uWlit Hiluno mi. J lfl-ll
t f ftyOinn. hy of your Iru(cgi. er penit 4. i
4 "Keltrf fur l.a1lr."(n lur, by rr
liim Matt. IO.n tintim.iniaK. Soli
lr.Mlrt. Chli-heater Cneaaleal Co-
lUHikknmr. tladMa r !-. Hilt i.
; Table Corn Meal
Custom GriiicHiijj
Pnone W 16 S. 7th St.
The ladies of the Williamsburg
Cemetery Association serve their
aunual tuTkey dinner in the new
Masonic Temple from 11:30 a. m. to
2:30 p m.
Train leaves Riohmond C. C. &
L. station at 7:10 a m. and 10:40 a.
m. Returning, arrives Richmond
at 4:05 p m. and 8:15 p. m.
Everybody invited.
Go and take the family.
The woman who has not outgrown
the memory of the polonaise will
find it suggested in some of the lat
fr skirts. Just how far it will
welee itself into popular favor re
mains to be seen, but the fact that
it is a revival gives encouragement
to the modistes who arc supporting
the. attempt to bring back the 'pic
turesque skirt decoration,
A very smart costume in brick
colored cloth shows the polonaise ef
fect on the skirt. This is outlined
with black embroidery skillfully in
terwoven with dyed red lace and the
effect is stunning.
The jacket is almost tight fitting,
having scarcely any perceptible ful
ness over the deep . girdle at the
front. 1 1 lias a low yoke, round in
shape, of white cloth stitched with
black and silver threads. Finishing
the yoke is a band of black silk cm
broidery which is continued around
the figure below the bustlino in Eton
effect. The sleeves are formed into
the shoulder strips by means of
small stitched plaits; above and he
low the elbows they puffed and gath
ered into a deep cuff.
Completing the costume is a red
hat of pressed beaver trimmed only
with a shaded red lobster curl.
Despite the great demand for high
ly finished cloths cf smooth surface,
the French shops are showing an un
usual variety of novelty suitings in
which embroidered dots or small de
signs are a feature. Something ex
tremely chic is a new camel's hair
cloth, very soft with a touch of In
dia cachmir, in gun metal shado with
Roman dots embroidered over it. This
fabric is used for a handsome street
gown. There is a rather long close
fitting coat finished around the bot
tom with a band of plaited satin
headed with an applique of silk lace,
but very heavy.
The silk skirt has a wide box plait
at the front which is continued
around the ligure in a succession of
tinier plaits. The sleeves of the coat
are novel, liagging from the shoulder
m mutton-leg design tney grow nai--nower
at the wrist where they are
finished witli a cuff of satin and
lace, opening on the inside, where
the sleeve is buttoned above the el-ow.
Embroidered dots are also a fea
ture of cloths of canvass weave. The
embroidery is raised and the favor
ite colors for it are brown, bright
green and blue. Mohair and worst11
mixtures in novelty weave are in
dark neutral tints with a glint of
bright color. Among the clinging
fabrics there are softgivognes in
mixtures, or with small plaid
grounds strewn with tiny dots of
white or color.
Gowns For Indoor Wear.
Nothing is more in demand for in
door gowns just now than silk alba
tross. llns is an improvement on
the familiar cloth, always adaptable
to the season's styles, and comes iu
such a handsome range of new col
ors that it seems like an entirely new
For the woman who is foud of lace
inserts a design in vieux rose will be
appealing. The albatross has a tiny
silk dot of the same shade and small
square of lace are set in all over the
skirt and bodice. The latter, which
is quite full, is made with a deep
flounce and trimmed with two nar
row silk puffings of the shade of the
gown, placed rather far apart above
the rufile.
Quaint is the bodice, hut very
stunning. It is made with a wide
surplice silk collar effect back and
front, with a soft chemisette formed
of rows cf old lace inserting whipp
ed between rolled puffs of cream
batiste, forming a succession of tiny
is a. most artistic bow, with loops of
silk and delightful little handker
chief ends of the old lace and batis
te cmbroiderv.
The top of the sleeve is a large
puff and it is finished at the elbow
with a Direcioire cuff, below which
are a series of lace and bastiste puff
ing at the wrist with falls of lace.
Conspicuous among the latest tai
lor made designs are entire cos
tumes of white corduroy velvet1, a
material admirably suited to the
long, close fitting coats, liut these
long coats are taking on variations
which their designers little dreamed
would be possible at the beginnirnr
of the season. From the fancy vests
with which they wore first trimmed,
they have merged into a corsage ar
rangement which is as perplexing as
it is fascinating. Anything frcm a
simple vest of stitched cloth to a
blouse covered with lace ruffles is
possible in the matter of such deco
rations. Under some of these coats are
worn charming blouses made frcm
Persian scarfs. They require little
trimming and one scarf is sufficient
for a blouse.
It is a long way from a fancy bod
ice to the negligee, but the great dif
ference will give an idea of the vari
ety of ways in which the favoriet vari
tie Persian scarfs are used. The
flowered liberty design like the ones
worn over the head in the evening,
make lovely short negligees. These
are fashioned somewhat after the
style of the handkerchief negligees
worn for some time, and may be tied
and draped most picturesquely.
Black gowns are made up with
more than the usual touch of white.
A charming dinner design shown in
one of the ateliers of the rue de la
Paix has a nun plaited skirt' of plait
silk crepe deChine, except for a
front breadth of cream white mous
eline. This panel is finished with
four tucked nifties and the skirt
proper has a flounce of plaited black
The bodice blouses over a deep
girdle ot black pane velvet laid in
folds which are piped with
crepe. The effect is delightfully
soft and refined. The decolletage is
draped with the white stuff also and
the sleeves are shirred and bound
with black panne velvet.
Velvet as a Trimming.
Never before in its history has vel
vet been in such a demand as a
trimming. It not only is self-decorative,
but is used in the ornamenta
tion of all kinds of other fabrics.
Paris modistes have endorsed it for
every detail of milady's wardrobe
In fancy effects plaid velvets are
new and bid fair to give the plaiJ
taffetas a hard struggle for supre
macy as a waist material.
A handsome waist for theatre or
very dressy Avear is made of black
chiflou velvet. The design is rather
simple, yet what the effusive woman
would call really sweet. There is a
chemisette-shaped yoke of pure j
white lace falling over the opening
in frills combined with the
1010 Mil ST.
Westcott Hotel Bldg.
TUST a week left, but a week will eive ample time to make
J a selection. There is something about a holiday that 9J
seems to demand new Clothes. Perhaps it is merely a tradi- , Q)
tion: but there is a certain decree of personal satisfaction in J
it, nevertheless. The Credit Store is prepared to give you y)
flriHirinnal satisfaction hv fittincr von u'irh P.Inthes of the OJ
" Better Kind."
CThere are a great miny different varieties of Men's Suits
ready to-day. There are Suits in Fancy Tweeds, sort of
a rough and ready style; there are Greys and Mixtures in
Cassimeres and Worsteds; Brown effects in Cheviots, and
Blacks for dress occasions in Clays, Unfinished Worsteds
and Cheviots. The main feature about these Suits is the
tailoring and finishing. They are not sale lots or special
assortments. You can't buy them for " half price." But
you can buy a Suit that mill fit you perfectly, hold its shape
and wear satisfactorily. We are talking Quality now; and
CThese better Suits come at different prices. You can
be suited from
$8.50 to $25
ffafe. Bpdy rmUtr: 2s bU Prorate or m&
chiffon. Outlining the yoke is a band
of white satin stitched with Persian
braid in pale blue, rose, bold and
black. The sleeves extend onlv to
the elbows and have a cuff trim
med with the white satin and embroi
derv. They arc 'finished with ruffles
of the snowy white lace and chiflon.
One sees more and more of the red
velvet hats. Those made with the
broad sunken crown trimmed simply
with a slender bow of red velvet rib
bon are very smart. Underneath the
brim there cluster either red and
white ostrich tips or a bunch fo sha
ded red flowers.
Smart little toques of red chiffon
with a big velvet rose shading to
pink are much used for evening wear
Sometimes such a hat is the only
touch of color seen with an all white
evening toilette and the contrast' is
warm ami ueautuui.
Sailor hats in broadtail velvet are
excellent for every day wear, for be
sides being serviceable they are quit
fashionable. One seldom uses more
than an immense rose or bunch of
foliage on such hats. Tricorners are
not becoming to even- style of face,
but the woman who can wear such
shape successfully ought by all
means invest in one. A rich little
design has the brim and crown made
of pressed velvet leaves in shades of
brown. These leaves are of much
importance in the millinery world,
being a feature of the new season.
With the ultra smart long redin
gotes of fur are worn, effective to
ques of shirred velvet trimmed with
a bit of brilliant color. These red
ingotes are always made of the flat,
dark varieties of fur and have rath
er loose easy-fitting alcoves.
gence in things destined to fleeting
favor and it is the exceptional wom
an who buys a hat or gown widely
departing from the conventional
white j li,ieK merely for the sake of novelty.
The freakish fur of the season is
a rather strange pelt which no cue
seems to have appropriately named
as yet mingling black, white and
brown in odd fashion. It is evident
ly some species of cat and comes
from Russia, but as it is more bi
zarre than desirable no one seems to
be deeply interested in its origin.
Far be it from your corresjn.ndent
to boast oi' the fulfillment of the pre
diction made earlier in the season
that - the shirts of evening gowns
would not be shortened, despite
prophesies to the contrary. Every
one cf the designs exhibited for even
ing functions are long, with a good
sweep at the sides and back. Floun
ces and mules seem to compose
many of the skirts and those made
of taffeta embroidered from hem to
belt in rows and rows of tiny frills
are beautiful beyond description.
It is by no means an easy task to
build a fashionable evening gown.
snowiest jxiie new designs are such complicat-
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ed affairs and involve so many dilt-
?rcnt ideas. Take, for instance, a
vedgewood blue tulle made over
lighter blue taffeta. Below the tulle
there are two chiflon interlinings and
i third of white net spangled with
rld. The tulle skirt has ' a gradu
ated knee flounce, the top of which tion and one that
is sc.alloied with a wreath garland popular,
oi chiffon roses in tones of blue,
thk, lavender and white. They are
th? most delicate things imaginable,
not too realistic and yet perfectly
This trimming Ls repeated on the
lov cut bodice and below the round
no;k the design is shirred in hton
effect, the outer row of shirring be
ing outlined with the tiniest ruffles
of blue and with white lace.
Speaking of lace trimming re
minds one that liuo French embroi
dery is used on the handsomest of
cloth gowns in combination with Val
enciennes lace. The effect cf the
combination is heightened by stitch
ing the Val frills on the embroidery
with narrow silk cord the color of
the gown. This makes a rich decora-
will prove very
One sees many exquisie girdles in
Paris just now, some of the hand
somest being in shaded satin ribbon.
Others are of Pompadour silk, while
still other designs are of the most
delicate Japanese workmanship with
Japanese names Tatsn-fushi, for in
(stance. There is no limit to the
width of these girdles; they come
from three to nine inches wide. Tho
latter however, can be crushed into
the smallest jKssible space, and
stretched accordingly.
The newest shopping bags are
great square affairs that might bo
mistaken for portfolios, music roll
or anything else except what they
really are. Their immense size af
fords an opportunity for all kinds of
handiwork which, of course contri
butes considerably toward their ex
pense. The cheapest are $15 and
the price runs right along from thw
sum to $600 when the clasps and
corners are studied with jewels,
though seldom diamonds. Amethy
sts, olivines, sapphires, opals and
Iearls seem preferred to the more
dazzling brilliants.
V's down the front. Around the en
tire collar is a puff, of silk, finished
with a ruffle of the old lace insert
ing and sheer batiste embroidery. .
Around the scallops of the embroi
dery is whipped a narrow old lace
edge and where the front ends of
the collar meet at the bust line there
This season, like all others, has
its freakish styles, though be it said
to the credit of the modistes that
the aggregated and superflous
seem less anl less apparent as the
years roll on. The really necessary
fashions in themselves are too ex
pensive to permit of much indul-
Elegant Assortment J -
Latest Styles I
Bifid W(BT3
Winter Goods For Livery.
Prices that will Suit You.

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