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THE ; ;
1 HOME - . - - -
Dally delivered by carrier to any part
. ha itv for seven cents a week.
, outside city! six months, in advance
Outside city, one month, In advance. .
Outside city, one year, In advance
.fl 60
. 30
. 8 00
By mall one year, $1.00 In advance.
M, 0. HOLLY. - Business Manager
H. S. CAR TER. - Reportorl
The Palladium will be found at
the. following places: :
Palladium oihoe.
Wcstcott Hotel.
Arlington Hotel.
Union News Company Depot. '
Gates' Cigar Store, West Main.
Two cents at all places of sale.
" j
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t-abject of which was, "Should the
constitutional limit of municipal in-
!ebtednoss be modified or removed. :
From the discussion that followed it
was shown that a number of cities
in the State were defeating the pur-
pose of the law, it was shown that
number of cities who had reached ,
f.heir limit of indebtedness, have
'practically become ' the owners -of
lighting and Mater plants, and also
Ity buildings, hy having them erect-
d hy private parties,' the city then
)a.ving for them in yearly payments
Tor a certain number of years, thus
but doing so
in a roundabout . . way and defeating;
the i u ri "oscs of the law
w in the mat-
k v, ; ;. ; !
Jmlgo MofieU then presented a
resolution which provided that the at the church parlors promises to he Brown in East Main street, when of the poliee department. Further
1'igue w)iild iew with disfavor any an unusually interesting and enjoj'a- Mesdames John Lohtz and Harry information in reference to the lea
change , in the present law etc., hie affair. An extensive; program of Land will have charge of the papers gue can be had; by procuring from
which . was laid on the table.V This living pictures discriptiohs of .which for that date. , v - - j the clerk copies" of the constitution
i i j? . , ii .
law changed in order that thev can
construct water and libt plants of
men- own in a legal manner. ... . ,
The legislative section presented a
bill, which if enacted by the State
legislature, would have repealed- the
present Metropolitan police law: this
was the cause ' ;f much , discussion
and brought out the fact that there
is a division of opinion in reference
to the present law, some of. the del-
egates being in favor of the repeal
of the present law entirely, and oih-
crs being in favor of a change in
the law that will place the appoint-
fluent. 'f the police commissioners. in
. the hands of the .mayor. .After . a
' lengthy discussion the bill as pre
. sented was laid on the table. This
action undobutedly places the league
on record as being in favor o the
present law. Although there were a
number of delegates who favored a
' change iu the present law, the bill
' as presented was defeated by a vote
: of about 2 to 1.
Another paper that caused some
discussion was the one presented "by
v Mr. Haywood, city attorney of La
f fayette, the subject of which was,
- "Municipalities and Quasi Public
ticnon snows tnat mere are a num- .
her of cities in the State who fa- " j
vr municipal ownership and that ..Colorations." In the discussion
an effort will be made to have thus that followed it was shewn that ; the
fl.' CENTS
. The Ladies' Afternoon Social will : hp' enf erainingly given by "Miss
Club, which usually holds weekly Edwards,- of .Earlkani college inter
meet in" on Thursday afternoon, jspersed with musical numbers " fol-
will meet' instead, this afternoon,
with -Mrs. 'Timothy 'Rady,1. at her
home, 313 South Eighth Street.
The Evening .Whist Club will be
entertained this evening by Miss Et
ta Luken at her home in South
Thirteenth Street.
.V. -V. !
The original Tuesday Club will
meet for reorganization at half af
ter seven o'clock this evening at the
home of Mr. W. IVFoulke, corner of
Eighteenth and Afreets. At this
meeting a constitution and -by-laws
will be adopted and officers elected.
A" prominent feature of interest will
be the paper "Masterpieces of Fic
tion" to be read by the Host, -Mr.
W. 1). Foulke.
" M. if. j.:
Mrs. A. 0. Smvser will be hostess
this afternoon at her home, 1314
North A Street, for the Wednesday
Whist Club.
The Navajo Euchre Club will be
entertained this afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Charles Webb, in State
Street. An enjoyable session
.V- if. if.
A A ,
Mary F. Thonfas W. C. T.
Union will meet this afternoon, at
two-thirtv o'clock at the Grace
Methodist Episeoal church. A
large attendance is earnestly reques
.ted -at 'this meeting,
' 45-
The -regular bimonthly meeting of
the Campaign Whist Club will be
held this evening at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Cox in South Sev-json
enth Street.
Mr. and Mrs. J.
Ranks have
issued t larsre number of invitations
for the .crystal anniversady of their
wedding, at their home in South
SVeoinl Street. Wednesday evening,
November Thirteenth at Eight
to he, given under the ausrtiees of the
Kpi(h '.Iie;tgue f the iFirst Meth-i
odist Episcopal church, this evening,
. i
delegates were strongly in iavor. oi
cities receiving compensation lor .tneitue tax aupneates were: not iooteu
ixiiw. nL'n.. man j lr i inm ait hnr in
i..Mit.ii.-v ii 'vv 1 "
a stipuiatel sum per annum, or a cnargeu to. tne treasurer. ur. iuar- zatiCn. The expense of the delea
per cent, on the gross earnings of the tin then presented a resolution pro- tjou ro tujs cjty composecj cf ten,
corporation to whom such franchise viding for the enactment of a law amounted to the sum of $103.50. It
is:'granted. " to create a bureau of municipal ao js itemized as follows:
Other papers of interest were, , counting and a bureau of inspection Ranroad fare $71.00
"Artificial vs. Natural Stone Curb- 'to .see that the laws are enforced, Hotel ...... 75.00
ing," by Albert T. Gridley, city en-
giiteer of 'Aurora, Ind., and should
paved streets be restored aftr ex-
cavations by j1 umbers and private
corporations, or by the city, which
will be found in the minutes of the
meeting. , ; ; !
One paper in particular, that
should receive careful consideration
bv all those interested in municipal
government, was the one presented
by Fred W. Martin; .comptroller of
South Bend, on ' ' Uniform Municipal
Accounting." Mr.' Martin, in his pa
per cited instances showing where
there wjYe a number4 of cities that
were very lax . in their methods of
transacting the business of the citv.
One instance cited by Mr. Martin,
that caused considerable comment
was that; of a city; in this State of
HO.OOO inhabitants, and doing busi-
" ' - '' " 'A
lows : t
Piano "Duett Mrs. Louis King
and Mrp. Will Longnecker.
Picture "Thanksgiving: on the
Picture "Pilgrims; Going to
Church." ;
Vocal Solo Miss Stella -Brush.
lecture "The First Thanksgiv
ing." Picture "John Aldeu and Pris
eilla." ,
Ladies' Quartet Misses Stella
Brush,- Ida Taylor, Mesdames
Otto Krone and Kay Longnecker.
Picture Signing the . Declaration
of Independence. "
Picture "Football Plaver."
Picture' 1 John
Smith, and Poea-
h out as." , .5
Flute and Piano Duet
-Mr. and
Miss llasemeier. ,
A cordial -invitation is extended
all those who attend to bring offer
. jngS cf fo0d which will be distribui-
ed among the poor. At the -close of
the program, refreshments will be
-X- -
The members of the Ticknor Club
enjoyed a very pleasant meeting
yesterday afternoon, Mrs. W. I I
Martin serving as, hostess at hor
home in North Twelfth street. An
.'excellent paper on "The Soo" was
read by Mrs. D. L. Mather, which Municipal League and the purposes
was highly interesting and., enter- of . this organization. The league is
taining. Mrs. A. II. Kelsey led the organized solely for the purpose of
conversation of the afternoon, on aiding the State legislature to en
"Around the Great Lakes. ?' , At the-aet . laws that will be of benefit to
next meeting for which Mrs. Harry
Mather will be hostess, the papers
of the day will be read. by; Mrs. Jud-
Rupe and the hostess.
The Magazine Club met; -in regular
session 'yesterday' afternoon with
Harry Land Mrs. jOstrander
read a paper of literary merit on
"The Manufacture of. Silk in the
United States." Equally entertain-
ing was the article, "Loudon, as
seen by American Women,' read by
Mrs. Mary Paige. After an inter-
esthig xliscussion enjoyed "by the sev-
eral members, - the meeting ' adjourn-r
ed to he entertained rn week
hence 'at th'e home of -Mrs.1 F. A.
- :
sues under the 'General
taxes being collected ... by
Law, the
the City
treasurer, ana. wnere in etgtit jeai-s
rv . ronnm Ml arinn iTi'lrlo An . fHYiminis
and aJso that the members ot the
league . oc maae a part oi u, com-
mittee to take this matter; up -with j
their representatives and senators
and urge the passage of a bill mod-j
elect , alter the one now m lorce m
the State of Ohio. f
The police section of the league
presented a detailed report and re-
commended the passage of several
bills, there being seven bills in all,
as follows: First, That district work
houses be established in cities where
a Metropolitan poliee system is in
force. - I
Second, That the vagrancy laws of
the State bo so amended that the
State shall take "charge of vagrants
and provide work for the common
tramp. - .;-
Third, That wife desertion be
clared felony.
Hundreds of beautiful subjects from which
. ; V -- ' " '
- - T ' . " , ' . ...
All new,
. Fourth, lu reference to horse
stealing. ' ; -
t Fifth, That the alluring of or en
ticing of females under twenty-one
years of age into a house of ill fame
be declared felony.,
. Sixth, That eouu'y councils be au
thorized to appropriate funds to
aid in the pursuit of a fugitive from
justice, and that horse stealing be
declared felony.
Seventh, That more stringent laws
be passed by which burglary can be
reduced to a minimum. This report
was one of the best of the meeting,
and the recommendations offered
mejt with a hearty approval from the
In closing this report wre desire to
especially call your attention to the
fact that while we have one of the
finest cities on earth, there is still
was brought, to our minds by this
visit to South lend. This city is
without doubt one of the best equip
ped cities in Indiana in the way of
permanent improvements, such as
cement sidewalks, asphalt and brick
paved streets and sewers. This city
has about thirty-two miles of paved
streets,, four miles being paved with
asphalt, the rest being. of brick and
'ji'anite block. There are about
ninety-five miles of paved sidewalks
and twenty-six miles of pipe sewer,
and twelve miles of brick sewer.
These facts are given simply to
show that while we have mere than
half as many inhabitants as the city
of South Bend, we do not reach that
proportion in the way of permanent
improvements. For example, . we
have about two miles of paved
streets, while they have thirty-two
miles of paved streets.,
In conclusion we djsire
too sav
a lew words in
reference to the
the cities in the State and for the
bringing together the officers of the
different' cities that they may learn
from each other how the affairs of
their respective cities are conducted,
and thus get ideas that will aid them
in the performance of their duties.
The league is divided into six sec-
tions.- The, executive, composed of
the mayors : of the different cities;
the .legal, composed of the city at-
torneys; i the clerical, composed of
the clerks, comptrollers and treas-
urers?j the legislative, composed of
ijpembers.'of the common council; the
peers and
strectivcommissioners, 'and
the police. composed of the members
and by-laws.
The filet tll'lt ihn Ci.cc wl.i -ii-icf
eiORej vras the largest in attendance
oril III . tlm nnmlM. r P oitija vftnrft
sente1 aml also an incroaso
in the
membership is substantial evidence
n ., i ... . ..
oi tne interest taken m this organi
Dues t0 ieanie t... 15.00
Transfer ...... ... .... 2 50
Tnfnl in'?n
We cannot close this report wdth
out expressing our. . appreciation of
the manner in which the. league was
entertained, both in the- city of
South Bend, and also Mishawaka.
The officers and citizens of these cit-
ies done everything in their power
to make the, meeting a success, and
are entitled to all the good things
that' can be said of them,
Wo also wish tfc express our
thanks for the manner in which we
were treated at those grand institu-
tions of learning, St. Mary's Ac'a
demy and Notre Dame. ;
Respectfully submitted,
- For the delegation.
never shown before. See
ctatp nnisrPTrbT'Wfir l T nr.TKfl
In Attendance and Axe Taking an
Active Part in the Delibera
tions. The State Conference of Charit
ies and Corrections began at 9:30
this morning at Terre Haute. The
sessions are being held in Normal
hall and . Presbyterian church and
are well attended. . , ,,,
Mr. Timothy Nicholson,. Dr. S: E.
Smith and Mrs. Anna S. Beeson, of
this city are in attendance.
In the appointment cf committees
Eleonora M. Robinson, of this city,
was made a member of the commit
tee on nominations.
"Insane, Epileptic and Feeble
minded" was discussed by this com
mittee at the afternoon session: Dr.
S. K. Smith, of this city, chairman;
Dr. (1. F. Edenharter, Indianapolis,
Dr. J. (J. Kgers, Logansport; Tim
othy Nicholson, of this citv; Dr. E.
L. Patterson, Brookville; Dr. C
K -
Laughlin, Evansville'; A. E. (Carroll,
Ft. Wayne: Dr. Mary A. Spink, Tn
dir.na; olis; Dr. J. W. Selman,
After remarks by the chairman of
committee. Dr. Milligau's splen-
read. , ' "
Only Makes a Matter Worse.
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it, but ' the fact must he apparent
to every one that constipation is
canscd by a lack Of water in the sys
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their effect, and when the proper
J jooj, js taken their action is so nat-
ural that, one can hardly realise it
is the effect of a medicine. Try a
'25 cent bottle of them. For sale by
A. G. Luken and W. II. Sudhoff,
Fifth and Main streets. ;
Ryan and Burns to Fight.
South Bend., Ind.. Nov. . 22. r-A
ten round bout will he fought here
tonight between Tommy Ryan pnd
Pat Burns, the Detroit wonder. Both
the boxers are in prime condition
and equally confident of victory.
Pastor Wagner in Washington,
Washington, Nov. 23. Rev. Char
les Wagner, author of "The Simple
Life," which has created such a sen
sation in the United States, will at
the request of President Roosevelt,
address the Young Men's Christian
Association of Washington this even
ing. He will be introduced to the
audience by Mr. Roosevelt.
To Visit Saxony Home.
Washington, 5Tov.-22. Baron Von
j Sternberg, German Ambassador to
the United States left here today for
New York. He sails tomorrow for a
few weeks visit at his home in
Saxony. He will also Kave an audience--
with;the Empeivir in Berlin.
The Baron is accompanied by ; lys
wife and th?y are expected to return
here in time for the New Year's re
ception. '
to choose.
window. Come early.
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Bsart th
. ef
1 -- :
The Kind Ywi Hate Always Bocgfst
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Trouble and Never Suspect it.
How To Find Out.
'"1'1H a'liottle or common glass with your
water and let it stand twenty-four hours ;
a sediment or set
tling i mlicatesan
unhealthy con
dition of the kid
neys ; if it stains
jour linen it is
evidence of kid
ney tronbte ; too
frequent desire
to pass it or pain
.in the back is
also convincing proof that the kidneys
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What To lo.
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X -
We dies day

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