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Courage is a Matter
of the Blood.
WW. 'fc m
food red
blood a
man has a
heart and
toor nervM.
Anemia means thin
ness of blood. It
Mtntnnn In tnn
otincr wnmpn anrl all
nrnrV inHnnra
who do not jjret enough outdoor air and
rood oxygen in their lungs. There are too
many white blood corpuscles in such cases,
and there is often a peculiar sound in tho
heart, called a murmur, in cases of anemia.
This heart murmur is caused by thinness
of the blood passing through the heart.
The murmur of anemia disappears when
the blood regains its natural consistency
and richness. It is not heart disease,
sometimes people suffer intense pain over
the heart, which is not heart disease, but
caused by the stomach. It is the occasion
of much anxiety, alarm and suffering, for
which its victim is dependent upon reflex
disturbances from the stomach caused by
indigestion. In the same way many bad
coughs are dependent upon these reflex
disturbances of what is called the pneumo-
Eatric nerve. To enrich the blood and
crease the red blood corpuscles thereby
feeding the nerves on rich red blood and
doing away with nervous irritability, take
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,
Which promotes digestion and assimilation
of food so that the blood gets its proper
upply of nourishment from the stomach.
Get as near to nature's way as you can. A
medicine made entirely of botanical ex
tracts and which does not contain alcohol is
the safest Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery contains no alcohol or narcotics.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the
best liver pills.
In all Its stages there
hoald bo cleanliness.
Ely's Cream Balm
cleanses, aoothesand heals
the diseased memane.
It cores catarrh and drives
away a cold in the Lead
Cream Balm is placed Into the nostrils, spread -over
the membrane and is absorbed. Belief ia lm
mediate and a care follows. It Is not crying doei
not produce sneezing. Large Ska, 59 cents at Drag
gists or by mail ; Trial Size, 10 cents by mall.
BLT BROTTTRRS. IW rwrttnn 9trwt. "Wo -v
la interested and should know
about the wonderful
MARVEL Whirling Spray
The new Syrian. Injec
tion ana Suction. Heat Saf
est M ost Convenient.
It tieuMl ustantij.
Ak yar drnnlat for II.
If he cannot supply the
iMARVKL. accent no
other, bat send Htainn for
Illustrated book Td. Itglvea
iuu particulars ana directions in.
valuable to ladies. MAKVKL CO.,
flame Bids;., mew York.
A, f ' 1 o i lTOtf
mm - ' " tfei
not to atrict
PrT-l OonUrioB.
L. 8. A Z&'ifc
IJne Big U for annaturai
dincbarKea.inflani illations
'rritations or ulcerations
of mucous membranes
Painless, and not astrin
Knt or poisonous.
Hold by Drartrlala,
Ok sent in plain wrapper
by ex cress, prepaid, for
$:.0O. or 3 bottles $2.75.
Circular sent on request
SAFE. Alw reliable I.adltw, k lrur-
in KUI !)i Uold nielallia Dox.a. .cam
with bine ribbon. Tube no other. K-fu.
IaKorou Kubftlltutlon. and Intltn
tluan. Huy of yoar lruggi t. or n.t -ie. ii
fimpt for Particulars. Tentlmonla
-od "Itelttif fop l.adlixs" letfr, by r,
tan Mall. 1 tfVAifelft T...timnl.l. anA ..
al( Drurrlata riil.aut.. 'K .....1 I
Mu this paper. aladlao. kuuara. i'illiA fk
From 5 to 6 per cent.
Thompson's Loan and Ileal Estate
Agency, Main and Seventh streets.
There is one rational way to treat
nasal catarrh; the medicine is ap
plied direct to the affejeted mem
brane. The remedy is Ely's Cream
Balm. It restores the inflamed tis
sues to a healthy state without dry
ing all the life put of them and it
gives back the lost senses of taste
and smell. The sufferer who is tired
of vain experiments should use
Cream Balm. Druggists sell it for
50 cents. Ely Brothers, 56 "Warren
street, New York, will mail it.
Comforts the heart, strengthens
the mind. It's good, ill or well.
Makes one's face bright as a summer
morning. That's what Hollister's
Rocky Mountain Tea does. 35 cents,
Tea or Tablet. A. G. Luken & Co.
"Neglected colds make fat grave
yards." Dr. Wood's Norway Pine
Syrup helps men and women to a
happy, vigorous old age.
"Women love a clear, healthy com
plexion. Pure blood makes it.
Burdock Blood Bitters makes pure
' That Throbbing Headache.
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. King's New Life 'Pills.
Thousands of sufferers have proved
their matchless merit for Sick and
Nervous Headaches. They make
pure blood and build up your health.
Only 25 cents, money back if not
cured. Sold by A. G. Luken & Co.,
druggists. . , ..
Commission Meets on Monday and
Shippers Hope to Balk the
Indianapolis, Ind., December 9.
When the Interstate Commerce Com
mission meets in Washington next
Thursday for a continuance of its
hearing on the proposed new uni
form bill of lading, shippers of the
country hope to be able to compel
the railroads to abandon their last
position on the question. To accom
plish this result in the short time at
their disposal, various associations
of shippers are making earnest ef
forts to gather in necessary ammu
nition, in the shape of statistical ev
idence. The Indiana Grain Dealers'
Association is an aggressive factor in
the gathering of this evidence. It
work is going on from the office of
Secretary C. B. Riley, in this city,
as a busy center.
Mr. Riley returned yesterday from
the first session of the Commerce
Commission's hearing, in Chicago,
where he occupied the witness stand
for a short time Wednesday evening.
He says that the railroads practical
ly have waived nonnegotiable fea
tiures of the proposed new bill of
lading, and are now making their
fight for the proposed advance of 20
per cent, on freight rates under cer
tain conditions. It is to prevent
such an advance that the testimony
is now being gathered by the Indiana
grain dealers and other shippers.
Under the new bill of lading the
railroads propose that the shippers
who sign it shall do one of two
things; either relinquish his right to
recover damages from the carrier,
under the common law, for loss and
damage to his freight in transit, or
else pay an additional freight tariff
of 20 per cent., it is asserted by the
railroads, would merely serve to
cover the losses they are forced to
suffer in the payment of shippers'
claims for damages to freight in
transit. It would be an "insuianee"
against such loss. They further as
sert that no less an advance than 20
per cent, would cover such loss.
When you want a pleasant purga
tive try Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They are easy to take
and produce no nausea, griping or
other disagreeable effect. For sale by
A. G. Luken & Co., and W. II. Sud
hoff, fifth and Main.
Has a New Christmas Book, "A De
fective Santa Claus."
Mr. James Whitcomb Riley's
Christmas book, "A Defective Santa
Claus," is a pretty little Christmas
eve story, told by a child who was
one of the actors in the events. The
little boy, who has been in some
doubt as to whether Santa Claus
would visit their house or not is
reassured on that point by Uncle
Sidney, who has come to stay when
"Pa's away, for
1st before
It's go' be Chris 'mus day, w'y,
Enough, Pa had to haf to go
To 'tend a lawsuit "An' the snow
1st right fer Santa Claus!" Pa said,
As he dumb in old Ayersuz' sled,
An' said he's sorry he can't be
With us that night.
The little boy goes on to tell how
he and Etty and Lee-Bob and Uncle
Sidney spent the day. "Ma" spent
the day in cooking and preparing for
An' Uncle say, " 'At's ist the way
Yer Ma's be 'en workin,' night an'
Sence she hain't big as Etty is
Er Lee-Bob in that chair o' his!"
Nen Ma she'd laugh 't what Uncle
An' smack an' smoove his old bald
An' say "Clear out the way till I
Can keep that pot from b'ilin' dry!"
Uncle Sidney baked potatoes for
them in the ashes of the fire place
he pops com and cracks hickory nuts
and behaves altogether as a model
uncle should. Trip, the dog takes a
part in the , proceedings, too.
Nen Trip wake up an' raise, an' nen
Turn roun' and nen lay down again.
An' one time Uncle Sidney say,
"When dogs is sleepin' that away,
Like Trip, an' whimpers, it's a sign
He'll ketch eight rabbits maybe
Afore his fleas '11 wake him nen
He 11 bite hisse'f to sleep again
An' try to dream he's so ketch
Uncle Sid assures them that Santa
Claus is sure to come, but that he
will be allowed to come through the
door at that house and not down
the chimney. So they prepare a tree
for the visitor to hang the gifts on
and in the evening Uncle Sid says:
"Hush! Listen there! Hain't that a
An' sleighbells jinglin'?" Trip go
Like he hear bells an' smell 'em too.
Nen we all listen -
Enough, we hear bells more an'
A-jinglin' clos'ter clos'ter still
Down the old crook-road roun' the
An' Uncle he jumps up, an' all
The chairs he jerks back by the wall
An' th'ows a' overcoat an' pair
O' winder curtains over there
An' says, "Hide quick, er you're too
Them bells is stoppin' at the gate!
Git back o' them-'air chairs an' hide
'Cause I hear Santys voice outside!"
An' Bang! bang! we- heerd the door
Nen it flewed open, an' the floor
Blowed full o' snow that's first we
Till little Lee-Bob shriek'' at Ma
"There's Santa Claus! I know him
His big white mufftash!" an' ist
An' laugh an' squeal an' dance an'
Till, when he quiet down a spell,
Old Santy bow an' th'ow a kiss
To him an' one to me an' Sis
An nen go clos't. to Ma an' stoop
An' kiss her An' nen give a whoop
That fainted her! 'Cause when he
An' kiss her, he ist backed an' went
Wite 'ginst the Chris 'mus tree ist
The candle's at Lee-Bob lit there!
Then there was commotion. Uncle
Sidney dragged Santa out into the
snow and rolled him over and over,
while the children wondered within
and were presently hurried up stairs
to bed. Next mornin father's cheery
voice roused them with "Merry
Christmas!" and the mendacious
Uncle Sid explained to them that Pa
was so anxious to get home that he
froze his nose and his hand.
An' he's froze some more
Acrost his chist, an' kindo' sore
All roun' his dy-fram, Uncle say.
Nen Ma say, "There, Sid; that'll
Breakfast is ready Christ 'mus
Your voice ud soun' best, sayin'
Say it." An' Uncle bow' his face
An say so long a blessing nen,
Trio bark two times 'fore it's
It is a sweet picture of human life
and of the child faith in Santa Claus
and is told with all the author's skill
and charm. The poem, which ap
peared in full in the Christmas num
ber of Collier, is presented in book
form for a holiday gift, which should
please old and young.
Says the Doctor, who is frank to acknowl
edge that the new
Is a delightful solace and a choice dessert
to a good dinner. A gentleman's smoke for
FIVE CENTS! The best ever offered to
the American public.
No dealer catering to first-class trade
can afford to be without the NEW CU
BANOLA. A.. Kiefer Dra$ Col
Sole Distributors. Indianapolis.
1010 MAIN ST.
WeslcottHotel Rlclg.
Head About to Burst From Severe
Bilious Attack.
"I had a severe bilious attack and
felt like my head was about to burst
when I got hold of a freesample of
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets! I took a dose of them after
supper and the next day felt like a
new man and have been feeling hap
py ever since," says Mr. J. W.
Smith of Juliff, Texas. For bilious
ness, stomach troubles and constipa
tion these Tablets have no equal.
Price 25 cents. For sale by A. G. Lu
ken & Co., and W. H. Sudhoff, fifth
and Main.
"Makes you new all over." It's
Nature's right arm of power. For
sale by A. G. Luken & Co.
A Long Reign.
Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 10. To
day is the thirty-ninth anniversary
of King Leopould's accession to the
throne. The anniversary will be ap
pripriately celebrated throughout
Be Quick.
Not a minute should be lost when
a child shows symptoms of croup.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy gives
as soon as the child becomes hoarse,
or even after the croupy cough ap
pears, will prevent the attack. It nev
er fails, and is pleasant and safe to
take. For sale by A. G. Luken & Co.
The First Christmas News
r I HE Credit Store's first news of Christmas things, and it tells a long story in few words.
A First : It points the way to an easy payment plan. Second : It suggests some good,
practical gifts. This Store has something for everybody men, women and children, some
thing of the useful sort, too.
Choosing a Coat
Some choice coats for women are awaiting the Christ
mas shopper. Every one is man-tailored. There arc light
and dark styles, and a good many qualities.
$4.50 to $30
Thinking of Furs ?
How about a fur piece for a gift ? Just the thing.
You can buy a boa for $2 or for $20 and for nearly
every price between. Coats, likewise, from $18 to $50.
There are good varieties to choose from ; and there's no
extra charge for credit.
Christmas Suggestions
A pair of fine shoes why
not ? Patent leather, or per
haps, a plainer style. All
the new shapes for men and
women are here.
$1.50 to $5
For MenIf s Overcoats
And it's chiefly the long, loose style. There is IT
good overcoat here for every price from $10 to $30.
All the best kinds of materials and the word 44 Over- ,
coat " suggests a good substantial gift.
The Clerk will Charge Ity
1905 Styles now ready.
Get Your Driver
Or Your Husband
Or Your Fellcw
For His Christmas
A Nice Lap Robe
A Fur Overcoat
A Fine Saddle or Bridle
Or Something for his Horse
See Oar New and Elegant Things

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