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Hie Grip Leaves Thousands in its Path
Weak, Nervous,' Dyspeptic, Catarrh Wrecks.
AT 922 MAIN STREET. ': "
ttafvovn at RrrHMnilD POSTOFFIOK AS
Dally delivered by carrier to any part of
the city ior seven
Outside city, six months, In advance
Outside city, one month, In advance. .
Outside city, one year, In advance
.11 50
. 30
.8 00
By mall one year, f 1.00 In advance.
-MHiv s. riTZGIBBONS. - Editor
A. O. HOLLY, - Basin ass Manage
H. S. CARTER. - Report or
The Palladium will be found at
the following places:
Palladium office.
Westcott Hotel.
Arlington Hotel.
Union News Company Depot.
Gates' Cigar Store, West Main.
Two cents at all places of sale.
The ground is all covered with
snow, the first of the season.
A, Chicago judge fined a man $75
for stealing a 98 cent umbrella.
The Chad wick forgery case is at
tracting the attention of the whole
country. It seems from the evidence
mat Airs, cnadwick lias ior years
j 1 i r t i i
been living on forged checks. She
was unable to secure the $15,000 bail
and is now confined in the Tombs,
iNew i one iutnougn a leader in
TLT AT 1 Alii i It
society a short time ago, she is now
languishing behind prison bars.
In this week's issue of the Satur
day Evening Post, William Jennings
liryan is the author of an article on
"The Reorganization of the Reor
ganized Democracy." The article is
one of Bryan's characteristic write
ups, and a reader would be able to
recognize the article if the signature
had been omitted. He says:
"Whether the overwhelming vic
tory won by the Republican party in
the recent national campaign is to be
considered as an indorsement of the
president and his policies, or as a
rebuke to .the Democratic party, is a
question which can not be fully de
termined until the returns are com
plete. It is evident however, at this
writing that the falling off in the
Democratic vote was much greater
than the gain in the Republican vote,
and in some places the Democratic
loss was even greater than the gain
shown by all other parties combined.
This would indicate a considerable
stay-at-home vote, and the man who
stays at home usually does so be
cause neither his own party nor any
other party arouses his interest. The
great majority of the members of
the Democratic, party voted their
ticket, although a very considerable
number of those who voted did so
with much less enthusiasm than they
manifested in former years; but they
voted because they felt that Judge
Parker's election would bring cer
tain much-needed reforms, whereas
President Roosevelt's promised noth
ing of the sort.
"Judge Parker's position on the
question of imperialism was strong
, ly stated. . He was not only in favor
: ; of ultimate independence for the
Filipinos, but he "was in favor of
!' making an immediate promise in cr
uder, that the. Filipinos might know
that they were to be treated as the
Cubans were treated. This being the
position taken by the party in 1900,
Judge Parker's attitude on this sub
ject appealed to those who regarded
imperialism as a menace to our the
ory of government. His position on
this question alone, ought, in my
judgment, to have given him the full
Democratic vote, because the evils of
a colonial policy become more and
more manifest with experience. We
can not deny the Constitution to the
Filipinos without striking a blow at
"constitutional liberty, not only in the
Philippine Islands but here and all
over the world.
"Judge Parker also stood for a re
duction in the army, the minimum
strength of the army having been
more than doubled during the last
eight j'ears. The increase in the ap-
jU N l"A B E L
f T T f T T ?..T..T..?..T..T.rf-T-T- .T--T--T--T-T------
"4 4 .
There will be an open church social
at the South Eighth Street Friends'
church . this evening to which all
members and friends are cordially
4f vfr
The gymnasium classes at the
South Eighth Street Friends church
will be an interesting feature Tues
day and Wednesday evening of next
week. Light, warmth, the latest pe
riodicals and a cordial welcome
awaits all those interested and who
will attend. .
-5f vf
An unusually interesting session
was enioved by the members of the
Frances E. Willard W. C. T. U. yes
terday at Rhoda Temple. Dr.
Rachel Bailey Hill led the devotional
exercises. An encouraging review or
the past year's work was entertain
ingly given by Mrs. Eves. Mrs. R.
. Hopkins gave "The Year's Vic-
tones. An able report of national
gaines was then read by the presi
dent, Mi's. Davis. The meeting was
one of the most largely attended of
the season. The union will meet
next rridav afternoon at 2 o clock
to elect a superintendent
for the
next year's work.
apron sale under the au
spices or t lie ladies Auxiliary or
Locomotive Engineers at Pythian
Temple, this evening promises to be
a successful atlair. Durinir the sale
beautiful doll on which a number
of chances have been taken will be
-X- vS-
Mrs. Richard Study will be host
ess this afternoon at 2:30 at her
home in North D street for the reg
ular monthly business meeting of the
Flower Mission.
propriations for the army amounts
to more than $50,000,000 a year, and
there was every reason why the Dem
ocrats in general should protest
against this unnecessary addition to
the expenses of the government.
There Avas abundant cause, too, for
the laboring men in particular to re-
cord themselves against this menace
to their interests. j
"Then, too, the president's utter-.
ances had made him appear as a mil
itary enthusiast, while Judge Par
ker, both in opinion and in disposi-
tion, was
the very antithesis of the
Judge Parker thus stood
for a number of things which Demo
crats regarded as important, and to
ward the close of the campaign his
attacks upon the president for ac
cepting campaign contributions from
the trusts encouraged many who felt
that his arlier utterances on the
trust question had not been sfficient-
ly emphatic."
The article tells of the many
things that might have been done
and would have been accomplished
had Judge Parker been elected. Bry
an's idea is to seek out all the re
forms that are needed in this coun
try and embody them in a Democrat
ic platform and select a strong man
(Bryan) to represent the party on
the Democratic ticket. Bryan con
cludes by saying:
"There is every indication that the
Democratic party will nowr address
itself to these reforms, and thus, by
deserving success, lay the foundation
for a real victory."
A President on Brandy for Sickness.
The president of the Baltimore
Medical College, who has thoroughly
tested Speer's wines and brandy
says: "Speer's Climax Brandy is a
pure and valuable article in all cases
of disease in which a reliable stimu-
ant is required. I regard it superior
o most French brandies."
Sherman Jester Locked - Up.
Sherman Jester collected a large
quantity of bad whiskey last even
ing and went to his home in South
Sixth street and started to break up :
the furniture. Patrolman Edwards
heard of his trouble and locked Jes
ter in the police station.
We have a very large assortment
of fine candies for the holidays. We
make special prices to teacbers,
pecial prices
Sunday Schools and parties On:
candies are all our own make and
guaranteed to be the purest th.it- can
be made always fresh and whole
some. You are invited to call and
see our display of candies and fancy
boxes. We have on display in win
dow the new German boxes, of all
sizes, something entirely new in
The Horticultural Society will
meet this afternoon at the court
house. At this meeting reports will
be read and the annual election cf
officers take place. It will be an im
portant session and all members are
cordially invited to be present.
One of the prettiest of home wed
dings was that of Mr. John Thomp
son Cox and Miss Mary Belle Rob
erts, which was solemnized at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry S. Roberts, southeast of
the city, Wednesday evening, Decem
ber 7, at S o'clock. The beautiful
and impressive Friends' ceremony
was performed by Rev. Allen Jay,
there being on attendants. The bride
was attired in a pretty gown of white
and carried roses. An elegant din
ner was served the fifty guests, who
showered the happy couple with nu-
emrous and costly mementoes or the
day. Mr. and Mrs. Cox will spend
their honeymoon in the East and up
on their return will go to housekeep
ing at their country home southeast
of the city. The best wishes of their
host of friends attend them.
Dr. J. A. Walls will
Denver, Colorado, today at
business trip.
leave for
noon on a
Rev. W. C. Butts, of Centerville,
will preach at the 10:30 service on
Sunday morning at the Third Metho
dist Episcopal church.
Mrs. C. II. Roberts, of Minnean
ohs, is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. II. S. Kates, of East Main
4fr -X-
Miss Portia J. Craig, of Williams
burg, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs.
J. A. Walls, of South Tenth street.
The publishers of the Metropolitan
Magazine announce for 1905 their
literary and artistic program to be as
follows :
Stories by Rudyard Kipling.
Two of Mr. Kipling's remarkable
stories, written
in his vigorous old-
.time style, appeared in the Metro-
politan Magazine. These two pieces
of fiction, namely: "Mrs. Bathurst"
and "A Tour of Inspection," creat
ed more comment than any other
short stories published in any peri
odical anywhere during 1904. Mr.
Kipling will contribute his best work
to the Metropolitan Magazine in the
numbers for 1905.
Anthony Hope in a New Vein.
The creator of "The Prisoner of
Zenda" will give to the world
through the pages of the Metropoli
tan Magazine during 1905 a number
of his newest stories, in which the
characters, the settings and the cen
tral idea of each story will strike a
new note in fiction and agreeably
surprise the author's innumerable
Another Rehearsal.
The Eagles will hold a rehearsal
for their ministrel show Sunday af
ternoon and evening a,t the lodge
halls. A new feature has been in
troduced in the show. W .B. Moore
who was with Mrs. Fiske two years
ago will give a special feature Rich
ard Harding Davis' sketch , "The
Littlest Girl." This sketch is given
by special permission.
Good Meeting.
Whitewater Lodsre of Odd Fellows
jrave decree work to a larp:e class of
candidates last evening New par
phenalia was used by the members of
the team and it game a fine ap-
ipearance to the work. A large niim-
ber of lodtre members were
ln at-
tendance to the work.
Month After Month
a cold clings to you. The cough
seems to tear holes in the delicate
tissues ot the throat and lunjrs. You
, iose weight and you wonder if you
Lre thrpntPnpd with i;.,
uie lureaieneu witn a disease vou
scarcely dare to name. Are you
aware that even a stubborn and long
neglected cold is cured with Allen's
Lung Balsam? Do not spend more
of your life in coughing and worry
insr. Institute.
The teachers of Abington and Cen
ter townships will have a meeting at
Centerville todav.
Wmgm PA weak. nervousTM
Frern AVz, 3 ork Journal. MB
ch-ni:,-, claiming a million vie- j
in quickly relieving this malady and MlSjv min
its after-effects has teen the tall, cf the ff S'Pllf
livK A DEMON j:rip has crossed our
country, leaving behind scores of
h ysical wrecks.
Vieliim; of cutarrh of the head, catarrh
it the throat, catarrh of the lun-s,
catarrh of the stomach, catarrh of the
kidneys, catarrh of the pelvic oxgalls-,
are to he counted ly hundreds of thou
sands. Grip is epidemic catarrh, and
sows the seed of chronic catarrh within
the system.
This is so true that few rip sufferers
are able to make a complete recovery
until they have used l'eruna.
Never in the history of Medicine lias
a remedy received such unqualified and
an i versa! eulogies as l'eruna.
A New York Alderman's Experience.
Hon. Joseph A. Flinn, alderman Fifth
District, writes from 101 Christopher
street, New York City, as follows:
"When a pestilence overtakes our
people we take precaution as a nation to
preserve the citizens against the dread
"La grippe has entered thousands of
our homes this fall, and I noticed that
the people who used l'eruna were quick
ly restored, while those who depended
on doctor's prescriptions, spent weeks
in recovering, leaving them weak and
" I had a slight attack of la grippe and
t once took l'eruna, which drove the
There's a new Perfume in
town. Bring your handker
chief and we'll give a whiff of
Jf you like it and want to buy, 50o
per ounce.
If you don't; care for it, do not feel
that you must buy. You are wel
come here always.
We want you to know this per
fume, anyway.
We think you will like it very
Court House Pharmacy
C.CJL. :
Christmas & New
Year Holidays X
To all points in Central Passenger
Association Territory.
Tickets on sale December 24,
25, 26 and 31, 1904, also January
1 and 2, 1905, good for return
ing until January 4, 1905.
Finest Trains in
Central States
Call on nearest C. C. & L,. agent for A
m e of tiains, etc, or address
Carew Bl nuati, O
. C. Cot.. CU.t.ta T'l D,.
jt worms, Tetter, Erj-Bipeias. Scald Htad, Itch ,
IJ Finipies, Jiiotcnes. innamw tyes
and all stin .fc.ru prions. Makes tne SKin
beautifully fair and smooth. At ail drug
gists, doc St-nd for booklet.
"1 3
Johnt. HolUwar A Co.. l'bilatlelnhla.
se out of my system in a few days
did not hinder me fitm pursuing
Ir.llv work.
iv. v
should line to .-e ovr Hoard of
IIe:.l:h :f ii oTilclal recognition and
h.ive it v.rrd generally amoi i; our poor
. :-k people in Greater New York."
Joseph A. Flinn.
I. L. Wallace, a charier member of the
International IJarber's Vnion, writes
from 15 Western avenue, Minneapolis,
Minn. :
-1 oJowins; a severe attack of la xrippe
I seemed to be affected badly al! oyer. I
suffered wiih a severe backache, ndi
gestion and numerous ills, so 1 oould
neither eat nor tdeep, and I thought I
would give up my work, which 1 could
not afford to do.
"One of my customers who was greatly
helped by l'eruna advised me to try it,
and I procured a bottle the same day. I
used it faithfully and felt a marked im
provement. During the next two months
I took five bottles, and then felt splen
did. Now my head is clear, my nerves
steady, I enjoy food, and rest well. Pe
runa has been worth a dollar a dose to
me." D. L.. Wallace.
Mr. (). IT. Ferry, Atchison, Kansas,
writes :
"Again, after repeated trials of your
medicines, Peruna and Manalin, I give
this as my e:pression of the wonderful
results uf your very vniuabie medicine
The Prime ministers of FUNLAND
E. D. STAIR submits the richest production of musical farce comedy
and the prettiest and best gowned chorus in America,
with those popular comics
WARD and
Chas. Howard, Will West, Tony Williams,
David De Wolff, Eddie Judge,
Lou Miller, Dan Coleman
And 48 others, in their
new frolicsome affair
The largest of all big laugh shows,
and as handsome as girls can be.
PRICES $1, 75c, 60c and 26c. Sale of seats opens at the Westcott Phar.
macy, Saturday morning. December 10th.
You'll be detected securing seats early.
935 Main Street, Richmond. Indiana.
Store Open Evenings Until Christiras.
Dr. E. E. Pierce
Dr. L. 8. Chenoweth
Rooms 44-45, Colonial
Third Floor Elevator.
in its effects in my case after repeated
"First, it cured me of chronic bron
cliitis of fifteen years' standing by using
two bottles of l'eruna in January, ISM,
and no return of it.
"After 1 was cured of bronchitis I had
la grippe every winter for several win
ters. Hut, through the use of Peruna,
it got gradually weaker in its severity,
until it dwindled down to a mere stupor
for two or three days. Now the stupor
does not trouble me any more." O. II.
A Congressman's Experience. I
House of Representative,
Washington, 1. C. , J
Teruna Medicine Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Gentlemen" I am more than satisfied
with Peruna, and find it to be an excel
lent remedy for the grip and catarrh. I
have used it in my family and they all
join me in recommending it as an excel
lent remedv."
Very respectfully, j
George II. Whita.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Ilartman, giving a
full statement of your case and ho will
bo pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Ilartman, President of
The Ilartman (Sanitarium, Columbus,
With Lucy Daly
and Margaret Daly ,Vokea
In which Percy and Harold pats
themselves off as a pair of Pink
er ton Detectives.
Forty of 'em Girls All good singers
It should not be a question of how cheap, but
where the best can be purchased for the leat
money. From the amount of pianos we are sell
ing we are satlsMed that
The fact that they receive full Talue for every
dollar that we ask for a 8TAKR or RICJIMONIJ
Piano. A home piano for home people. The
manufacturers guarantee these pianos. We sell
pianos on easy payments.
Home phone 1637

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