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T VflTor Wnv omher 27th. 1904.
m. mvmwViTT jfe r,TTTr?A0 DIVISION.
Arrive , Westward- Depart
RipVimoiul and Loean Ac Ex'.. 6:45 a m.
' rw o 11 '1R a m
w uno a. m. Vnicago opecwi
12:30 p. m. ...Michigan Ex.
4:40 p. m. Cincinnati aitd Logansport Ex. 5:00 p. m.
705 p. m. Cincinnati and Richmond Ac. Ex.
m. i-f nn. m ya Pii? Mail and Ex .11:15 d. m.
w j-L juv p. "-.... vAi. . -
4:05 a. m. ..Southern Ex 4:15 a. m.
Northland Limited 5:15 a. zn.
.Rich, and Cin. Ac. Ex.
n.AQ . M Loean and Cin. Ac. Ex
Q.ut n m ChL and Cin. Secial 3:55
5:40 p. m...... Logan, and Rich. Ac
..... St. Louis Limited 4:45 a, m.
4-55 a. m... .....Capital Ex 5:05 a. m.
....St Lows Ex 10:15 a. m.
10:00 a. in. nuu uu, aj.
JMm n TTI - I. 1 il 1 1 1 1 ' UA vwv
; a. '
9:00 p. m. Col. and Rich. Ac. Ex
t, St. Louis Special 10 :18 p,
Eastward , J
. 7:00 a. m.
.10:10 a. m.
p. ml
K-3fl m
10:15 a. m.
5 :15 a. m.? . ... . . . .Pittsburg Special ......
: Ac. Mail and Ex.
9:45 a. m. ....Ind. and Col. Ac Mail and Ex
: 9:50 a. m. New York Ex. ......
4 :50 p. m. Keystone Ex ........
7:20 p. m. Atlantic Ex.
8:40 p. m New York Limited
Rfi5 r m Ohio and Virginia Ex. ...
4:37 a. m. : St. Louis Limited
9:55 a. m Springfd. and Rich. Ac
10:10 a. m St. Louis Ex.
10:10 p. m Pitts., Sprifld & Richmond Mail & Ex., Daily
7:30 p.
9:00 p. m.
V 1
-. Pittsburg Special
' Rich." and Spgfd Mail and Ex. ..
New York Ex.
Keystone Ex.
, , . New York Limited
. Southward
3:30 a. m. Mack, ana uin. mau ana
9:42 a. m Ft. W. and Rich Mail and Ex.
3:40 p. m Mack, and Cin. Mail and Ex.
10:15 p. m. .Sunday Ac. !
' Northward
Kich and ii. it. mau ana
5:25 a. m.
4:20 a. m.
9:55 a. m.
r Tn
A w am
8:49 p. m.
"A Pair of Pinks."
It is alwavs a tt o f f At iesr to
of ' VA Al
heatre-goers to hear of thonin&
"vvard & Vokes. This yea-n dd
e interest is attached in t they
are bringing a new editiorf their
fun j-stival called 'A Paiiv links'
It is i the same order afier pre
vious rerings a musicawbrl of
laughabl, doings with cay music,
song hitsand chorus -apidly
propelled aj handsomelsted. In
the new piec Ward an.Vaes are
seen as a coue cf pjceron men
who have ;heir Wn jjet asto what
a real detctive diould e nd how
he shouldsro about t) uravelling
of crime. "A pn,v . Piks" will
be seen athe Gennet Tbatre next
luesday irnt, Dec. 1th.
Our New Ma-
There v no doufr han unusual
outpouring our Deonltto see Har
ry Beresfl in Chas. ,. Vincent's
reigning cess "Our New Man"
when thaiav is n-rtniA on the
boards o$r opera buse. Of the
play ltselbuch hasoeen written
and its retion has 3een most fa
vorable aithe cormandations of
the press ? been while critical.
yet of sucature ai to advise ev
eryone to ee it arain. This fact
accentuatedth the fact that Mr.
I t r 1 ... A !
rseresiora, 0f the most virile ot
the present comedians, will play
tne leaainguar role should add
additional i;st as this vounir man
brings met! new to the stage to
am in nis cterization. Ills own
personality eccentricities of man
ner accentuiby the playwright's
lines gives role. a most ludi
crous compliion. This comDanv
, that will sup Mr. Beresford is of
more than us,Xcellence. The stag-
ing of the pl-iH be of a sumptu-
out nature ae costuming on a
scale of mag,nce that will cer-
mi mm i a
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers is sure to know of the wonderful
iiii jrv I . cures made by Dr.
II Root, the great kid
l ney, liver and blad
der remedy.
It is the great med
ical triunioh of the
! nineteenth century ;
discovered after years
of scientific research
by Dr. Kilmer the
bladder specialist, and is wonderfully
eiirccfn1 in TrrmrM-r rnrinc lame haclr.
fcj -ww x - r J e
uric acid, catarrh of the bladder and
Bright s Disease, which is the worst
form of kidney trouble.
rr TTilmer's .SwamivRoot is not rec
ommended for everything but if you have
i i: Lt.jj..ti.i.:..,:ii
found just the remedy you need. It has
vpn tested in sr mnnv wavs. in hosoital
work and in private practice, and has
proved so successful in every case that a
special arrangement has been made by
which all readers of this paper, who have
not already tried it, may have a sample
bottle sent free by mail, also a book tell
nhoiit Rwamn-Root. and how to
findout if you have kidney or bladder trou
ble, wnen writing mention reading mis
generous offer in this paper and send your
address to Dr. Kilmer
&' Co., Binghamton.
N. Y. me regular
fiftv-cent and one-
dollar size bottles "re Bmunp-Boo.
sold by ail good druggists. Don't make
any mistake, but remember the name,
Swamn-Root. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
and the address, Binghamton, N. Y., on
every ootue.
5 :40 a. m. nY Pase eminine portion of
- io.ka our meaire gv, Tms play will De
- 'Cn ' Tn presented at Gennett Theatre
....Cin. and Mac, man uu ...... .. pv.ninff llo
All trains unless otherwise indicated, ue-
The original rv AnA Hht ef-
' c -
fects used in thw York rjroduc
tion of "Hoity af Weber and
Fields' own Brou Theare. are to
be used in the p.tion to be seen
w - uauy. ouuuoj - , jl
part and arrive daily, except Sunday.
I; W UiLiMJliiv, .rasseugei uu
M U JL JL JL Jfc mWfr mmm mw w f -
0 0. & L. TIME TAJJiii.
Effective October 16, 1904.
No. 4 Daily.
Leave Richmond ... 9:00 m-
Leave Cottage Grove .... 9:37 a. m.
(Arrive Cincinnati 11:15 . m.
No. 2. Daily Except Sunday.
f.ftava Richmond 4:05 p. m.
Leave Cottage Grove .... 4:45 p
Arrive Cincinnati ...... 6:20 p,
No. 6 Sunday Only.
Richmond 8:15 p.
Leave Cottage Grove .... 8:50 p. m.
'Arrive Cincinaati 10:25 p. m.
No. 1, Daily.
Leaves Cincinnati 8:30 a. xn.
Leaves Cottage Grove ...10:05 a. m.
Arrive Richmond 10 :40 a. m.
No. 3, Daily.
Leaves Cincinnati ...... 5:00 p. m.
Tmtm Cottaere Grove ... 6:30 p.ym.
Arrives Richmond 7:5 P.
No. 1. Daily.
Leaves Richmond 10:40 a. m.
Leaves Muncie 12:01 p. m.
1:07 d. m.
UOBTes JWLiMAW ..... -
T-v Pern 2:05 p,
'ArrivM North Judson ... 4:05 p. to.
No. 3, Daily.
Leave Richmond 7:05 p,
Leaves Muncie 8:25 p
Tmttpm Marion 0-30 p
Arrives Peru 10:30 p. m.
No. 7, Daily Except Sunday.
Leaves Richmond 7:10 a. m.
ia nTnnmA i. 8:30 a. m.
Leaves Marion 0:35 a. m.
Arrives Peru 10:35 a. m.
No. 2, Daily Except Sunday.
Leaves North Judson ...10:35 a. m.
Leaves Pern 12 :35 p. m.
r rrives Richmond 4:05 p. m.
No. 4, Daily.
Leaves Peru 5:35 a. m.
Arrives Richmond 0:00 a. m.
No. 8,
Leaves Peru :45 P-
"RirTnond 8:15 p. M.
For rates oi iixfonnatioo retarding
connections, iaqmirt oi
Passenger an4 Tlsket Afient.
Home Teleptoae 44. n
at the Gennett T.fi. for on Ter
formance only, F, evening, Dec.
loth, and an entinew and alto
. gciuci gulhv"" "cosiumes nave
hvtnn N- westprn nrtinnio. en provided, is said to
""J be uncommonly Q
A ft I i. aV.
without notice. ' leaSt OI uulJ luiaio covers a
main une wide ranpre 01 tune nelodv: the
PMIPM scenery dances and w, daz-
8 01) 11 00 ,. n ;t . .. . .
0 45
10 00
11 00
pfWE T fiL
Mormon Dress Rehearsal.
Washington, Dec. 12. The Com
mittee on Privileges and Elections of
the United States Senate, will today
take up the case of Senator Reed
Smoot, of Utah. Twenty witness
es have been summoned in the case.
The opponents of Senator Smooth, it
is understood, are prepared to unveil
many important Mormon secrets to
the committee. There will be a repro
duction oi the scenes in the Mormon
Endowment House, with a sort of
dress rehearsal of the ceremony. Dur
ing the previous hearings all of the
Mormon witnesses, including the
Apostles, on the stand refused to re
veal the Endowment House secrets,
insisting that they were bound by
oath. The new witnesses are said to
be former Mormons who have re
nounced the church. Three are said
to have been through the Endow
ment, one as late as 1898, and they
are expected to reveal all of the se
Ira Swisher, Manager.
....Presents "That Odd Fel
low," Mr. Harry
"01 W BAB"
By Charles T. Vincent
Prices $1.00, 75, 50 and 25 cents.
Seats now on sale at Westcoli Phar
Lv Richmond
Ar Eaton
W. Alexand'a
0 00
0 45
7 00
8 00
US Uling. All in all, it ve a delight-
w tul treat, not oniy . a musical
Dayton I QQ I unm m uu i . . . . - - .
NEW PARIS BRANCH Thro Service and comedy point Ot f but as a
PM I real uenuij
Messrs. Jacobs and rner
Lv Richmond .... 5 00 0 20 every 10 20
Ar Oedar Springs 5 25 0 45 hour 10 45
NewParta.... 5 80 0 50 until 10 50
Parlor.Buflet Servlo
' AM P M
Leave Richmond 050 860
Arrive Eaton 10 25 4 25
West Alexandria 10 85 4 85
Dayton 11 15 6 15
Sneelal tickets must be Durchaged before
Doaraing inuu.
Ho baggage camea. rrunjet, at wamj a
tent on trains preceding or iouowing.
, uuneb imncn serveu uu vm umu
Direct connection at Dayton with "Lima
Rlohmond to Lima (12V miles) In 4 hours.
Limited" trains for Troy, PI
trio lines In the United States
The fastest long distance service on eleo-
. . . - " ' 11 J L U11W
of the latest successfu,odramas
ever written. A orer Lib
erty" in which the sceXre laid
late Biddle Brothers.
The story of the piece is
tens dramatic interest w
hold its audience from tnt 0
the curtain until the nnai -na
tion of the fifth and last ac
Plav- . . .
To those that have ioiiowe
i history of the Biddies from the
CONNECTIONS At Eaton with P. CO. A 0f their arrest in Pittsburg j
St. L. for points north and south. At West . fmm tliP countv It
for nolnts north and south. At Dayton L. ... aa;. ctmle acrainst i-
with electric lines diverging for Troy, Plqua i"i "L-"-T. V.. 3 i-w f
Sidney. Lima, Xenla, Springfield, Oolum- 0ljds for life and liberty ana t
bus, Hamilton and Cincinnati. . I , Aanix,
nriA can
Sufferers from sciatica should not
hesitate to use Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. The prompt relief from pain
which it affords is alone worth many
times its cost. For sale by A. G. Lu-
ken & Co.
"Makes You New All Over."
For sale by A. G. Luken & Co.
for Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
The New Blood and Nerve Food is
a Blood Maker, Tssue Former, a
Nerve Builder. Took expert chemists
ten years and cost $50,000 to perfect
it. For sale by A. G. Luken & Co.
as, Hamilton and Cincinnati. . . jfi, in
Through rates, through tickets to all final capture and death, one can nathe
mint, I'niiftirlkai'lnfnrinlkHnn M l Hnmt . . Ik.lilinc M.
Phone 909. C. O. BAKKK. Agent.
Christmas & New
The Kind You Have Always Bought
at a glance the great possibilities -n s&Ftf
dramatic action. c-
The author has departed trom in
Anv melodrama where the vil ...
' " or,P else oauiorna lniormauon.
Han, nero or ueio"" vi
in the play must, be shot every iew
minutes. It is true that in "A break
for Liberty" the play, is not com
plete without the use of gunpowder.
What melodrama would be complete
without it? The use of hre arms
c into, legitimate play during
two of the scenes, the escape from
twTCtslmr iail and the desperaie
battle which takes place in a blind-
ing snow storm, between the officers
Tear MolldaVS JJ. Uw on one eide. the Biddle
To all point in Central Passenger Brothers and tha wardens wifs on
Aaeociation Territory.
r "i Tbc gtniK oeocjr
mm Mmled to
mt mmm f the M-.- - . .,- . -
tarn ytm m nuca nu Mbt of
tmnrn) iaHfa knt l orw iniiii
tiMiwmm. tk wfl aid you to lmi
ctmwHttl aW, haotd ca tb laad 15th
1X1 el vmy aaoath. "v i,r..
- TwiSy ils fi ch !, SoM t
tsnos 10c.ccjTr am by sud Sl.SO ftryw.
4V. Alior
Messrs Jacobs and Underner nave
a f mnu for this pro-
L BOIU 4XX31UUCJr rxt TlOl Siupptu 1
, 1904, also J anuary duction. Money has been spent rree-
5, good for return- and lavishly and it can be stated
luary 4, 1905. ' vps;t.tion that a production
will be furnished that will not be
surpassed by any attraction VT1
the popular houses. The east will be
an exceptionally strong one, contain
ing the names of artists inai rr
well known to the theatre-going pub
lic and will be seen at the New
Phillips this evening.
Tickets on sale December 24.
Z5, 26 and 61,
1 and 2. 1905
ing until January
Finest Trains in
Central States
Call on nearest C. C. & L. tent fo1"
ul information regarding rates
alifornia is a big state; large of
. rieh in natural wealth, tre-
nTt in itc CAnnii foatnros an1
J,a uture full of great promise.
ei,di knowing about this won-
er eimonwealth. A fort page
, 7" more than half a hun-
;mui illustrations an J a
eomp, c the gtate in eo,or8
SrLi?med by Chicago &
Nortneu. t:i t.
in colm and interesting form,
. . ixonnation on vanoos
teiest, Including a list
California tonrnista
points ithieir nU)St capacity,
B ly addrare on receipt
of fonmu stamps. A. H. Wag
ener, it. 22 Fifth Ae,
Cars nmatLO
"Makes You New All Over."
For sale by A. G, Luken & to.
Monday, Dec. 12
O. G. MURRAY, Lessee, Manager
The greatest sensation of
the season
fi mm
For liberty
Founded on the life of the famous
Biddle Brothers and the great
Pittsburg tragedy.
PRICES 10, 20, 80 and 60c.
Reserved Seats on sale at Nixon's
Iredell Sc Ferguson
i Fire Insurance?
No. 4 North Ninth St.
Iredell & Ferguson ;
Attorney at Law and Justice of the
Prompt, personal attention to all
business. Office over 504 Main St.
Richmond, Ind. Office open Satur
day evenings.
DT5e 12tl3th and 14th ex
cursion kets Marion, account
MeetlnjJin,Ute Grange, will
be sold Penn&vania
Lines from
all tiekationsa State of radi
an Forrticnla, COnsult Local
Ticket At of 11 line.
TOE SAtoid por tale at
the Palom offi, 15 cents
htmdredd aomehrown in.
first L9SS0B rtma ; absolutely
moat complete and up-to-date
methods ; position guaranteed ;
lessons by mail exclusively ; no in
terference with regular occupation;
so difficulties: everything simple
and clear; indorsed by boards of
education and leading newspapers,
thousands of graduates. Dept.
25, Campaign of Education,; 211
TownaenaBldg., New York.
12 S. Ninth $
i Flour! Flour!:
Wholesale & Retail J
Every Pound Guaranteed
Winter Apples
and Potatoes
All at very reason-
4. able prices
wan ana see qb
t Wrh. Hill & Go.t
Four very desirable Flats
FOR rent:
at No. 322
North Eighth St.
W. H. Bradbury 6 Son m
Westcott Block
Patents '
II ideas can be patented. Small is
have made much money for the investors.
We develooe tout ideaa or aadat voa in
improving your invention. We take oat
patent tn united btatea, Canada and
foreign countries. Terms reasonable.
Slarlatt Cl Dossier
42-48 Colonial Bldg. RichmomdV
, Caness For Saetr ,
and harness for ere'r
day use mean a dl
ference in qnalitr Ih
some makes -hers
. they are identical ia
strength and d usa
bility. More sty,
'of course, ia faaey
driving harness, but
, all our harness Is
made from coed
stock, and every set maintains our reptw
tation as to workmanship and finish Alt
sorts of horse equipments at very moder
ate prices - - - - '
The Wlffslno Co.
Take Breakfast
or Lunch
on the D. A W.'s
Moormann s
Book Store
Parlor-Buffet Train between Rich
mond and Dayton, O.. leaves Rich
mond at 9:50 a. m. and 3:50 p. m.,
connecting at Dayton with ''THE
LIMA LIMITED"' for Troy, Piqua
and Lima. Richmond to Lima In 4
honrs. Other trains to Dayton eresr
hour, making direct connections tc
Springfield, Columbus, ZacesvIDt
Cincinnati, Xenia, Troy, Piqua,
Lima and intermediate points.

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