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1"H"I"M-I--I-H"M-I"I-I"I-1 H"I' H"M"M' I1 1 II I-I-l-M' M-I-
HOME - ' - -
Dally delivered by carrier to any part of
the city for seven cents a weelt.
. ; ' DAILY - 'C ' i
OaMlde city, six months, In advance ..fl 50
Outside city, one month. In advance 8U
Outside city, one year, In advance...... 8 uu
By mail one year, 11.60 in advance.
A. O. HOLLY. - Business Manage
H. S. CARTER, - Report or'
The Palladium will be found at
the following places:
Palladium office.
Westeott Hotel.
Arlington Hotel.
Union News Company Depot.
Gates' Cigar Store, West Main.
Two cents at all places of sale.
The tariff reformers do not dare to
begin to specify Avherein they want
the tariff reformed, because they
know that such a procedure would
result in a fight among themselves.
jfr d&
H..X-I-: .m-mmm..:. i i i;..i..h..i..i..i..i..i,iI :..i..i-..xx-.imi..i.-i-
The Xmas party to be given by
the Young Ladies Sodality of St.
Mary's Church, Monday evening-,
December Twenty-Sixth, at St.
Mary's hall, promises to be a de
lightful affair. A novel feature of the
evening's pleasure will be a "clothes
line special.' ' , Each member is re
quested to bring a stocking contain
ing a package, to be deposited with
the committee having the "special"
in charge. A "general good time is
anticipated and a .cordial invitation
extended to all members and visiting
guests to attend.
V" 5v
The Thursday Afternoon Social
will be entertained this afternoon
by Mrs. "Walter Paulus, at her home
in North A Street.
Mrs. Bert Gains, who resides in
North Sixteenth Street will be hos
tess this afternoon, for the Navajo
Euchre Club.
K- -A-
Mrs. J. A. Greenstreet is visiting
New Castle friends.
Miss Mabel Barber lias
from DePauw University to spend
Xmas and New Years with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Barber, of
South Thirteenth Street.
Some Witnesses f.Were
these 12S04,G1G were paid and 6,
890,239 were free.
Cleveland, O., December 21. Still
another sachel, one thought by. Re
ceiver Nathan Loeser to contain val
uables belonging to Mrs. Chadwick,
In, the Gutter. ;
A young married woman of this
city was picked up in an intoxicated
condition and taken to the po!iee
station last evening. A few hours
later her husband called for her and
took her home.
Charlotte Myrick, editor of was to,la-v fo;in, t0 be hissing. This
(developed m a snort examination or
th American TliHi fir-li -!. who at- !
inAcA v,, Af-ri i-TTo i;SMiss Miry Loudraville, Mrs. Chad
will return to' Indianapolis todav. AVlck s fcimer housekeeper, held be-
(fore referee Remington. This exam
sJohn Bracewell, of Danville, Uli- ination merely a continuance of
nois, is in the citv assisting Meitzler the "earim the receiver is conduct
Brothers open the new ci-ar store. ln? to locate missing Chadw,ck
Mr. Bracewell is a cigar man of wide Property. Other witnesses will have
j to be examined betore the receiver
will be able to put his fingers on the
The K. C. ladies were entertained "Pposed valuables, if at all. The
Mrs. L. I,. Harris and family are
now residents of this city. They re
side at 101 Ncrth Thirteenth street.
yesterday afternoon at the club
rooms, Mrs. J. II. Luken acting as
hostess. The hours were spent at
progressive euchre, prizes being
awarded Mrs. Margaret Dempsey
and Mrs. J. II. Luken. The hostess
for next week's party will be Mrs.
John Barrett.
-? vr vr
Mrs. Walter Ratliff entertained
the Wednesday Whist Club yester
day afternoon at her home in West
Fifth street. Four tables at drive
Coins is J. A, Spekenhier Giving to
His Friends.
County Treasurer J. A. Sp3ken
hier is distributing Chris' mas pres
ents to mnn of hi-, friend in the
sh:ue of a of the r.-w coins To?
York the dav before Mrs. Chadwick tIie IMiilippue Islands. In the set
discovery is in addition to the miss
ing trunk and grip that disappeared
from the Holland House in New
was examined.
Mis Landraville was the only wit-
are a half eentavo (cei.O. one cen
tavo. Jive eentavos. ten eentavos.
Its Useless to Doctor
No use to doctor Rheumatic - un
less yoa go after it the Jt
way it came.
It's useless to doctor Rheumatism
from the outside. It didn't get in that
way. Rubbing with oil, bandaging with
salve, applying hot compresses won't do.
Your Rheumatism jjot into your sys
tem through exposure or faults of di
gestion. You must go after it the same
way, if you expect to be cured! That's
what Athlophoros does, and does a lit
tle better than anything else. It cures
because it goes directly to the cause!
Sounds sensible, does it not? It's also
We can show you how to get well, so
that you may never have Rheumatism
after being cured of it.
Send four cents in stamps and learn
more about "Rheumatism Its Cause
and Cure.'
Athlophoros Co.. New Haven. Conn.
If your drujrgist doesn't sell it. let us lenow. w
of the store were stored thousands of
dollars' worth of mattinsrs and other
ness examined today. She told of .twenty eentavos. htty centav.s and mghly int.aiuniable material, and
accompanying Mrs. Chadwick to the'om lvso (dollar). On one side of i the tire went into this and destroyed
Holland House at the hitter's re- the coins the English word
i t '
quest, and of taking two sachels in- i "fed with the Spanish word
to a room. Judge Albaugh, of Can- "eentavo" or "peso." At the hot
ton, and several men, the witness m of the coins u this one side is
said, were present in nn adjoining "Filipinos." On the other side is
room. She heard no conversation. "United States of America." sur
rounding the earle and shield. On
it as so much tinder.
Every Engine Called.
Every engine in the city was call
ed out. The tire spread into the
building adjoining occupied by the
Wheeler grocery, where it was al
most impossible t, cope with the
! the Eilipino side there is a figure ofillames as they were on the top floor
I -.1 1 1 ,1 ' 1 ,1 ...
in i ue rear, away irom llign
Active volcano. 1 he, street and the allev alongside the
"T wsia i ns rn f-f Oil in n-5 -r tlif. l:ii-o-n a woman with a hammer, and m the .and
, whist was a feature for Avhieh a
prettv prize was awarded Mrs. Bert A to wliat hal '"mo of the sach- (
returned , Smvser. Mrs W. C. Converse will,01 tl! witness roUed
otilflrinin lir rliit f1iT-f Tr-.ifiVc!
i . i. ot o..i. t..i. one to IK I. 'me. ot this citv. 1 "iwine .m .inm- .. ,
ui'in-i- ii nei mime. -Jt ouuui J t-iim . - . . . ... ,-., ,Y , .,
street failed up by telephone and told him t'oin"; :"v ot t,K' sanu slz' :1s ro,ns m.MitholT building.
' i about the sachel, and asked him to ll!t United States, except that the! The firemen carried the hose,
come for it. He arrived after Mrs "lie ,(nt is l:""ger than the one in however, into the fourth floor of the
Chadwick had left for New York, nst' !'''s nntry, and the half- new First National Bank building
and I gave it to him."
luster to his own fame. But the! Miss Edith Doney, Miss Louis Eb-
Ameriean people have already pass-; ert and Miss Louise Boyd, of Earl-
fcent is a little smaller than cur one and fairly Hooded the MithofT and
led a series of resolutions in their .ham College will spend' their vaca-i One sachel, she said, contained let- , 'nt- Thm' is u -"-t piece in , Wheeler buildings. After the flames
own minds approving this man in tions at home. hers and papers. She did not know ! te set. the twenty taking its place. had eaten their way to the front of
In one Southern State an empty the same way as the Friends at Ma- Quite a number from here will go what had become of the other sach
poor house has been sold at public riC!n and elsewhere have approved to Hagerstown tonight to attend the , el. Receiver Loeser said today it
auction. Evidently the South does Christmas dance. j was not likely that Mrs. Chadwick
not. expect more of tlie kind of time.? mmmmmmim 0 Bert Coates is able to be back to ; would again be summoned before the
it has been tryiiiff to vote upon the f! AM'R'R.T'nfTP. flTTV i ,lis work affain. i bankruptcy court. She appeared in
The lower i-ide of the nnblie 1 harles Auit, ot liartlord t ity, court yesterday, but did not testity. At Columbus, Ohio Loss Will be
i (
country for a long while.
The fJeneral Assembly toi convene
on January r) will be one of the most
imporinnC in the history of the
Stale. The size of the Republican
majority in both branches of the
le;i 1 d '.ire should only serve as a
special incentive to avoid rush and
il!-eo.siU'ivd h'gisl tion.
r;en!s a;
Marion, lnd., have
schools will give an entertainment j
Friday afternoon. I
iur. vjiver ienson and nss -Jessie
Pitman were married Tuesday even
Mrs. Ed Doyle was in Richmond
Harry Allen will be home from In
dianapolis for Christmas.
Miss Reriha Hastings, of Rich
mond, is at Morris & Krahl's this
iwill be home Saturday to visit for
several days.
Ben Stalker and family are mak
ing preparations to go on the mad
again in the spring with their wild
' west show.
commended the )resid' nt in a series week.
of resolutions commended him for! Mrs. Elias Scott visited with rela
his elTo'ts toward promoting the lives in Richmond Tuesday,
pea-.v of the world, and this is j Bailey Fraumburg is home ihl
the same man that the demagogues week.
depicted as "the man on horse-j Willard Ulrieh was in Indiana
back," a man who sought war as a polis Wednesday.
twentieth century Napohon in order. Matt Shew was in Davtcn, Ohio,
to enhance his own wver and add Tuesday.
Roy Paul will enter business col
lege at Indianapolis after the holi
day vacation.
Miss PolHo Horvern, of Dublin,
visited with local friends Wednes
day. Miss Nellie Knox will be home
She was returned to
the jail in a
from Richmond this week to
her parens for several days.
('harles Dill is expected
ft om Muncie.
Of the Louisiana Purchase Exposi
tion Given Out.
The official (igm
been prepared- by
Columbus, Ohio, December 21.
Fire early today in High street, near
Broad, dest roved 1 Hi ,)(() worth of
the M it holt building the firemen
from No. .'J house entered and work
ed on the second floor.
Explosion of Gas.
Suddenly there was an explosion
of gas, an dthe second floor went
down. Firemen Darken, Owens, Me
Avery, Herman and Freeh were in
jured, btu none seriously. The five
story MithofT building was partly
wrecked. The fire was next to the
new eight-storv First National Bank
winch have
directors of
admissions of the l.ivd as 1'ats. and something like
exposition, on . fifteen t ami lies reside there, but, all
osses are widely distributed and
are partly covered by insurance.
property and stocks in the center ot lM,il,iiIUr. but it escaped dama-e. The
me nusmess district, ana m an ex-. OSSls nr0 widelv d
p!or n durtnu' tne tire nve liremen
were liiore or less injured. The lire
started in the Mithoff building on
'the second floor in the rear of the
First National Bank. The Second,
third and fourth floors were oceu-
A Wreck Reported.
As we are alumt to go to press
v.-crd was received that a freight
wreck had occurred in the vicinity
of Centerville. Nothing could be
Try a Palladium Want ad.
concessions ami ac
Louisiana Purcflbise
nome ti,e number ot admissions to the big were rescued. . learned at that hour as to the extent
fair, have been 'made public and I The fire so; n spread into the stores of the wreck or if anyone had been
they show that the total record for j of the Krauss, Butler & Benhara ; injured. The wrecking crew left the
admissions from April 30 to Decern- ' company, the largest carpet and nig citv at 3:30 for the scene of the ac-
ber 1, inclusive, was PhGOLS;") ; of dealers in central Ohio. In the rear cident.
. - w
,-.'i--(;$'(-':' " JrfVyY .:'-.V'---; :'.. " W 5"" - : V, ,V N-
v'tA', , - -.. , -Z' A
We are now experiencing a Holiday Season of unusual activity, and in the remaining three days this activity will reach its climax. We are very grateful to the
generouslpublic for the liberal patronage they are now. according us, due, we believe largely to the fact that WE HAVE WHAT THEY WANT. Our effort to
please are being rewarded by an appreciation made manifest by approving expressions from the hundreds of satisfied customers who daily leave our store.
v ;v Our stocks are still quite large and varied. We have gifts that are within the limit of any purse. Pretty and desirable Gifts costing but a trifle and repres ent
ing good value for every cent asked; and from that point upward to the most elaborate presents the heart could desire.
Have your friends meet you at Knollenberss' Store.
When tired from the strain of shopping,-avail yourself of the use of our room.
Our Store will be closed all day Monday. December 29.04, and Monday, January 2, 05.

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