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The Secret of Long Life and
How to Overcome Waste.
To Know thyself? is to take advantage
of life's secrets and equip one's self with
an armor which will successfully resist the
attack of disease in
the battle of life.
The old idea of fate
or "kismet," and
that a person al
ways dies when his
time comes, is now
exploded. Every
mechanism, wheth
er made by God or
man, has a definite
amount of wear
and its life can be
lengthened or
shortened accord
ing to the care that
is given it. If ac
cident or careless
ness destroys the
works of the watch
or the human mechanism an end comes
to its usefulness, but it has not actually
"worn out." Man's system at times gets
rusty like the wheels of the watch and
only needs a little cleaning and oiling to
put it in shape for life's battles.
An imitation of nature's method of re
storing waste of tissue and impoverish
ment of the blood and nervous force is
used when you take an alterative extract
of herbs and roots, without the use of alco
hol, like Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. This vegetable medicine coaxes
the digestive functions and helps in the
assimilation of food, or rather enables the
organs to take from the food just the
nutriment the blood requires.
Prof. J. K. Tauguay, of 61 St. Peter Street, Que
bec, writes : I had been ill for some time with La
Grippe and did not regain my strength. With
in a week after using Dr. Pierce Golden Med
ical Discovery. I was able to be around again,
and I found that my system was entirely free
from any of the bad effects of La Grippe. I
now keep a bottle of the 4 Golden Medical Dis
covery' on hand, and, when I catch cold, take a
few doses, which keeps me in perfect health.
As a builder up of lost strength and vitality I
do not believe your 'Discovery has an equal.'"
Accept no substitute for "Golden Medical
Discovery." There is nothing "just as
good " for diseases of the stomach.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, the best
laxative for old people. They cure con
stipation and biliousness.
aioaibrane. nl ft0-5.
In all Us
Should be r"
Ely's C
cleanses, a,
the diaea.-itHi
It cures catarrh and drives
away a cold in the head
Cream Balm is placed Into the nostrils, spreads
over tba membrane and is absorbed, ileiief Is im
mediate and a cure follows. It is not drying does
not produce sneezing. Large Size, SO cents at Drug
gists or by mail ; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail.
JELY BROTHERS. 66 Warren Street. New Tors
Evory IVoman
is interested ana a noma Know
about the wonderful
MARVEL Whirling Spray
The new T(tlnl Syrian. Injec
tion ana auction. Best 8af-
mt-Mnt Convenient.
Aik yor drnnlut for It
If he rannot suddIt tha
MiHVKL, accept no
otner, but send stain d for
illustrated book ml4. It gives
full particulars and directions in
valuable to ladles. HI ARVKJi CO.,
viaa aiiast new ort
Us Big for Unnatural
irritations or ulceration
of mucous membranes.
Itne Evans ChemicalCo. ZSoTXu.1-
Sold by Dr-amrlata-
sent in plain wrapper,
by express, prepaid, for
1 .00. or S bottles $2.75.
Circular sent on request
Vv OrltaI and Oaly Cfmnlne.
rc. AiwBTirnnaiii. i.momw. r uru1
t ltl ai Civld metallic mih. mi
with b)ae ribbon. 'I nk no others Rrfuat
Panirvroaa Knbatitutioaa ana Icnlta
tltfBut. Huj of your frrucgint, or nenri .ft. i
fAtnpm for 1'nrtioniurM, Trtttmonlni:
-a4 "Kellef far l.adlea, in ltt. hy ro
tara Atall. I rt.H0 Testimonial. Sold bi
Draccin. Calvhaatar Tlini!aKl U.
f la 1 ta i d; J
l-tJ Qaaraotead 1
I tjjjjf trlotars.
From 5 to 6 per cent.
Thompson's Loan and Real Estate
Agency, Main and Seventh streets.
o a S3 Z O :m. X
Bears the The Kind Von Have Always Bought
In compliment to the ladies com
posing the Evening Whist Cluub, the
party of young gentlemen who at
tended the leap year dance given by
the club, "Wednesday evening, will
! return the favor on the evening of
January 24.
5ft 55 vs
It is to be hoped that the seating
capacity of the Coliseum will be test
ed to the maximum this evening
when a treat will be in store for all
j persons musically inclined. .An ex
cellent program has been arranged
consisting of individual numbers by
ten leading choirs of the city. A
small admission fee will be charged
and appreciating the fact -that the
services of all participants are offer
ed gratuitously, a neat sum should be
'realized from the veture, which is
prompted in sweet charity's favor.
i -96-
! The Thursday' Card Club which
was to have been etertairied this ev
ening by Miss Amy Harned at her
home in North Nineteenth street,
will meet instead Friday on account
of the union choir concert at the Col
iseum. ,
Very successful and enjoyable was
the annual Chrstmas entertainment
of the First Presbyterian church
Sunday school given Tuesday even
ing in the parlors of the church un
der the supervision of the appointed
committee, Misses Sarah Hill and
j Ella Winchester and Mrs. Robert
! Ferridav. Christmas decorations
were prominent in the Sunday school
rooms where jovial St. Nick appear
ed in costume to contribute the deli
cacies of the Christmas season. Dur
ing the course of the evening an ap
propriate program of songs and reci
tations was entertainingly given by
the children of the primary depart
ment. -x -
The Woman's Missionary Society
of the United Presbyterian church
will meet at 2:30 o'clock Friday aft
ernoon at the home of Mrs. Augustus
Scott, 126 North Tenth street. At
this meeting the annual election of
officers will take place and in conse
quence, a large attendance of mem
bers is earnestly requested.
The Happy Hour Sewing Circle
will be entertained this afternoon at
the home of Mrs. William Loehr, in
South Fourth street.
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Simmons en
tertained in a delightful manner
Tuesday at their home in South
Eleveth street, at a elegant dinner.
Among the party were Mrs. Albert
Weighman, of Chicago; Misses Ethel
and Ruth Boaz, of Indianapolis, and
Mr. Herbert Weighman, of Chicago.
In spite of the cold weather of
yesterday a large number of seats
were marked off an the plat for the
choral union concert. The committee
desires to urge most earnestly that
every one shall see to the reserva
tion of seats before coming to the
hall. Otherwise there must be delay
at the door and in wintry weather
that means discomfort. There is no
eharge for reservation of seats, and
consideration for the ladies and
children who might be compelled to
wait at the door tonight should lead
everyone to attend to the matter to
day. The plat will be found at Al-
ford's drug store until 6:30 o'clock
and after 7 o'clock at the Coliseum
box office.
The following invitations were re
ceived yesterday by the many local
friends of Miss Merle Williams and
Mr. Willard E. Rupe of Montezuma,
Ind., formerly of Richmond:
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hay Williams
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Mr. Willard Elmer Rupe
on the morning of Wednesday
the eleventh of January
nineteen hundred arnLitvtT
at nine-thirty o'clock
First Presbyterian Church
Richmond, Indiana.
45 $ fc
A party of eight young society peo
pie took six o'clock dinner Tuesday
evening at the Country Club and
spent the remainder of the, evening
at whist.
To Fix Taxes of Millionaires.
Newport, R. I., Dec. 29. The citi
zens of this town will meet this af
ternoon for the purpose of taking ac
tion with reference to the exemption
of taxation for a term of 10 years,
beginning next July. The decision of
the citizens will affect many of the
best known millionaires of the coun
try, since many of them have their
summer home here.
American Economic Association.
Chicago, 111., Dec. 29. The Ameri
can Economic Association began its
seventeenth annual meeting at the
University of Chicago here today.
Among the important questions to be
discussed by the delegates is "The
Open Shop or Closed Shop." John
G. Hibberd, president of the Chicago
Metal Trade Association, will speak
for the employes in favor of the
open shop while Thomas I. Kidd
will represent labor interests in the
Callahan-Grady Fight.
Pottsville, Pa., Dec. 29. "Tim"
Callahan, of Philadelphia, and
"Jack" Grady have been matched
to fight here tonight before the Potts
ville A. C. The boys will battle at
133 pounds for fifteen rounds
Dublin, Ind., Dec. 27. Mrs. Wil
liam Baker died at her home on
Johnson street about ten o'clock last
night, having had an operation for
stomach and bowel derangement on
Thursday last, the effects of which
terminated her life. The family mov
ed to Dublin last spring from Cen
terville, where they had been living
for some years. The deceased was.
the mother of six children two of
whom are living at home. All are
members of the M. E. church. Fu
neral will be had on Thursday at 2
p. m. Services conducted by (the
pastor, Rev. Walters. Interment in
Western cemetery.
A very animated cyclone struck
the ast part of Dublin about 1
o'clock Tuesday which proved to be
very narrow in its track No building
j was especially injured, but in its
trail trees were blown down and
many of them scattered in all direc
tions. The storm's fury was espec-
ially severe when it struck the large
! numbev of evergreen trees' illDr.
Champ's yard where ihey lay piled
up on each other like tangled brush
heaps. One of the large brick chim
neys on the Doctor's house was
blown over. No injury to anyone resulted
Theatrical Notes.
"Stronghoart," the new play by
William C. de Mille, in which Henry
B. Harris will present Robert Ede
son will have its premiere in St.
Paul, Minn., tonight.
Robert Hilliard appears at Keith's
theatre, Providence, R. I., tonight in
a new one-act play entitled "As A
Man Sows."
Extra Session of Delaware Legisla
ture. Wilmington, Del., Dec. 29. The
legislature of this state met in extra
ordinary session here today by proc
lamation of the Governor for the
purpose of amending the defective
judgment lien law.
Its wonderful power goes to the
seat of your trouble, vitalizes, and
strengthens every part of your body
That's what Hollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea does. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets. A. G. Luken & Co.
Ngdms Shjos Mince Me at
In IOc Packages with List of Valuable Premiums.
Tfraa , i i
" .... 1. 1,. j....,..t..
AVgctalxlc Preparalionfor As
similating tticFoodandRcguIa-Ur.gLhcSloiUuChsaDdBovsvlsof
Promotes DigestionJCheerfur
ness and Rest .Contains neither
Opium.Morphine norlineral.
fmpkm Seut"
. finite Stmtl
ftaniti .iiaar
I'jaavpram Vfanr
A perfect Remedy forConslipa
Tion , Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Fcverish
ness and Loss of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
aj ib mpiUfu- it,?.
iThUtoaita - Arte o
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
,07 Via U U Va
For Over
Thirty Years
Startling Evidence.
Fresh testimony in great quantity
is constantly coming in, declaring
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds to be nn
equaled. A recent expression from
T. J. McFarland, Bentonville, Va.,
serves as example. He writes: "I had
'Bronchitis for three years and doc
i tored all the time without being ben
efitted. Then I began taking Dr.
King's New Discovery, and a few
bottles wholly cured me." Equally
effective in curing all lung and
throat troubles, Consumption, Pneu
monia and Grip. Guaranteed by A.
G. Luken & Co. druggist. Trial bottle
free, regular sizes 50c and $1.00 .
That Throbbing Headache.
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. King's New Life Pills.
Thousands of sufferers have proved
their matchless merit for Sick and
Nervous Headaches. They . make
pure blood and build up your health.
Only 25 cents, money back if not
cured. Sold by A. G. Luken & Co.,
O k. fc X O X .A. .
Bears the j 1 to Kind You Hav8 Always Bought
Cigna.tnre S , SAU.
The Toptae
Of headache
The sharpe acute pain, or the dull per
sisting kind is promptly relieved by
The Safe Cure' For All Pain
"The Phen-a-mld
camo all right. I
used It In two cases
of headache. The
first case i worked
like a charm. The
other casewas a man
with la grippe. It
cured him; it cures
all rlKht.Would like
my druggist to put
In a stock of it. L.
A. Faulkner, M. D.
Good Thunder.M Inn
s$c at all druggist or
by mail front
Osborn-Colwell Co., 46 Cliff St., N. Y
Face Pain
Colds and Fevers
Back Pain
Neuralgle Pain
Rheumatlo Pain
Seiatlo Pain
Dyspeptic Pain
La Grippe Pain
Colds andlFevers
' Sualiitf
If there is ever a time when yu want to look your
best it is when you are making your
You want every article of your dress neat and
There is no one who will appreciate each
Stylish Garment
Correct Hat
Harmony in Color
and every little finish like the young woman of your
set likes. Her eye takes in every detail. She ap
preciates QUALITY as well as the general effect.
Young Men's Suits
Sio S20,
Saughtered Prices on Carriage Robes and Horse Blankets.
Now's your chance tor bargains. We would rather sell them at a loss now than carry over.
This sale will last all this week.
s I
V 5
JcS) Fc&hm rem

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