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A Glrl' Ilevolt Anrafnist nn Award of
Valedictory Honor.
"I think the greatest shock I ever ex
perienced and the biggest revolt against
my discipline occurred when I was
teaching In a country high school," said
the schoolteacher. "It was In a school
5S"ira1et!ictory honor was award
ed tj r 'riyot of the school, a most
- onjuzt Lie .I-od J by the way, but one to
jR&&lWJX&Ji)rcrt to succumb. The
girl who received the most votes was
by no means the best rcholnr, and the
pupil who rr. nlted highest in scholar
ship was plainly indignant.
"Every boy and girl in the class was
obliged to write find read u graduation
essay, and it was i".y t.'sk to look these
essays over -m l r.M iii tl?e rewriting of
them. I.'ho pup!l who r linked the high
est in tho ci.tsj; lurr-ei! I:i her essay to
ine with ko!o t!eii:nico, an! In it I
found 8)?nr reference to the valedictory
honor being rightly ! er. I cut it out
and told her plainly that nolhlng of
that f'ort should go into her paper. She
agreed to leave it out.
"The graduation exercises were pass
ing off e;plenuldly when It came her
turn to read her essay. She had a facile
way of writing, and I was proud of
her, but when she reached what I knew
was the conclusion she stepped forward
a little and proceeded to deliver two
pages of regulation valedictory. She
bade farewell to the class, the school
and the teachers, and of course we
could not stop her. It took all the sails
out of the chosen valedictorian, who fol
lowed, and after the exercises there
was much wailing and hot words. We
couldn't do n thing, as the sinner was
now n graduate of the school, and we
had no right to punish her, but It took
t mo all summer to got over the effect
of euch a stunning performance." New
York Press.
O 51 O 3T5. 2T JSu
Beara the Kind Yon Have Always Boaglrt
Signature J? , ZZS-- .
The Southern California New Train.
Best Route.
The L03 Angeles Limited, electric
lighted, new from the Pullman shops,
with all latest innovations for travel
comfort, leaves Chicago 10:00 p. m.
daily, arrives Los Angeles 4:25 p. m.
y'v.third day. Solid through trains via
Chicago, Union Pacific & North wes
tern. , Ljufiani The Salt Lake Route.
'Uor rates, sleeping car reservations
end. full particulars apply to your
nearest ngbut for address.
A. IlT Waggoner, Trav. Agt., 215
Jackson 131 vd, Chicago, 111.
vnw 1 1
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bough
Bears the
Signature of
....Low Fares to California,
Colorado, Mexico,
And Points South and West.
via Pennsylvania Lines. Quick train
service takes passengers from cold to
w,arm climates in a few hours. Fur
ther information cordially furnished
upon request addressed to nearest
Pennsylvania Lines ticket agek .
When Will Richmond People Learn
the Importance of It?
Backache is only a simple thing at
first ;
But when you- know 'tis from the
That serious kiduey trouble fol
lows; That diabetes, Bright 's disease
may be the fatal end,
You will gladly profit by the fol
lowing experience.
'Tis the statement of a Richmond
Mrs. L Aldrich, No. 407 North
Thirteenth street, says: "For sever
al years my kidneys were out of or
der, and two or three times each year
I was laid up and had to take a
course of medicine. I had at such
times constant aching pains through
my loins and in,- the kidneys. I
could not rest comfortably, and in
the mornings was lame and sore all
over, and I was often scarcely able
to get up. Learning about Doan's
Kidney Pills, I procured them at A.
U.JUikca4s "drug store and began
tzVrj t! 21. I soon felt better,
)t ccz'ued to improve steadily
For sale ny. all dealers. Price 50
cents. Fostcr-Milbiirti Co., Buffalo,
New. York, sole agents for the Unit
ed States.
"cm?mbcr t!e name Dean's
and take no other. '
C .
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine 'Tablets.: All
A Case 01 Nerve
After he tragedy people tried to pick
up the thread of what It was all about,
but Nevada was a' wild country in
tho:v days, with sudden shiftings, and
It wa i hard to follow any story froin
bcIunifirr to cud without t;on:o break
and obscure place's. We Le:ir of th.
gootl old colony times. Xooo.ly ever
had anything to say about the goo.l old
Nevada days. There was a lot of shoot
ing and precious little inquiry Into
which of the shooters tmd the right.
For n real startler the ii-jlit between
Peldif-r ::;ri Ho'!;re? bents a.'.nyihin.4 ie
iih:;:!1,:1! c in lho;--e e::clt!r tl.nys. As i
Wits !r-!vli:s. cnly a b wo out Hue oC thv
story prc-ro.-iiu;; it letr.-i.ed, an-t
th.:-.. st:c-li is . it R I w'.il & -e.
.Tu.n;:.i lii'li-l;:'.-. ;i h.tr.Iv.-orhir.g l.-u
utducUy m:in in (iic east, (inr'.ii:. H ban:
to ujahe a livii:;r for his wife and little
children, heard of what wus g '..ig on
in the Silver tate the Comstock lode
had then recently been struck and re
solved to go ut there and hunt for ore.
He fell in with Philip IIo.Vjcs, and the
two prospected together. Hodges was
a strong personality and was used to
taking every one by storm, but points
in this story go to indicate that he had
had one thing left out in hi3 makeup, a
conscience. He and Belcher made a
strike and Belcher decided to send for
his family, but before they arrived
Hodges contrived to swindle Belcher
cut of hi:; share in the mine. IIo'.v he
did it i3 one of the obscure points of the
Then followed a hard time for the
Belcheivt. Bel--her never had any luel;
or win to: inlid"ng. At any rate ho
had 11 j,hli:g on which to support his
family, and !hey were terribly rrn
down. The two children, c:ie after the
other, sickened and died, and tho niDtli
er v.-.is not k.ng in foil )ving them. Bel
cher (Itiring all his troubles saw bis for
mer partner growing pro-porous out of
the mine they had owned together. lie
never raid amything about what was on
his mind. I'-v.ae people who know how
he hud been swhidle, rou;:ere l why he
bore wiili Hodges so paticutly. But
Belcher knew that if he got into a
scrap with Hodges it meant war to the
death and dreaded leaviag his family
or what was left of it to shift for them
selves. So he stood at his post and let
revenge alone.
The day after Mrs. Belcher was bur
led we were in the Bmpire saloon the
saloon and the cabins were all the
places to bet in in those days and
Hodges was tjhere too. He was a popu
lar 10:111 in spite of the general under
standing of the way he had -treated
Belcher. As I have said, he was natu
rally calculated to be prominent, and
his mine was doing better every day.
There's nothing like success to make a
man, outwardly at least, respected. At
any rate Hodges was surrounded by a
group of admirers, "settin' 'em up,"
when the door opened and Belcher
came in. Evidently Hodges had been
looking for something and must have
seen what he was looking for in Bel
cher's eyes. Besides, Belcher had nev
er been in the saloon before. Before
au3' of us knew what was up Hodges
had drawn and shot a hole through his
former partner. Belcher fell, and it
was plain to all of us that he was dead.
We carried him into a back room and
laid him out on a table. There he was
to remain (ill action should be taken as
to his burial.
It turned out tlmt Beh-her's revolver
wouldn't wurk. Whether it was in the
hammer or the trigger or the revolving
apparatus wasn't known just then,
though everybody knew all about it
afterward. At any rate, he never got
iu a shot. He had snapped it once be
fonf Hodges tired, and if it hadn't been
for this cussed luck that had stuck to
him the other man would doubtless
But' :
been the one to bite the dust,
.i 1 was saying, there's nothing
like success to make a man courted
even if it is a matter of luck, and
Hodges' drop m.u'.e him all the more
popular. Outward.'y. at least, he was
as unruffled as if he had shot a bird.
He asked us all up to drink by way of
celebrating his victory. I didn't like
him and declined. He gave me a look
out of the corner of his eye which told
me that he considered my refusal as
sympathy with his enemy, and he was
right. I noticed tliat his hand shook
as he poured out his liquor. Terhaps
he had a presentment of what was in
store for him.
They were still driuking when sud
denly the door of the back room where
the corpse was laid out opened slowly,
and there stood the corpse- itself.
Hodges looked at it and staggered
back. The corpe, or Belcher, raised
his pistol deliberately and drew a bead
ou Hodges. There was a momentary
unsteadiness in Belcher's arm which
he conquered by an almost superhuman
effort of the will. Hodges was para
lyzed as if confronted by an avenging
spirit. Belcher fired, and the man who
had ruined him fell on his face. Then
Belcher gave way ad at once and
dropped dead, this time for certain.
There wjis no human being to tell of
how Belcher revived sufficiently to get
his revenge after all. There was no
doctor near to explain the possibilities
of the ease, and the secret would have
remained a secret had it not been for
Belcher's revolver. We too'.; it to an
expert hi arms;, who told us that the
cyliivder had h'-va taken out. fixed and
putj back. Think of a dying tr.121 re
viving. ( hitching his weapon, pi: t ting
ft its order, going into another reom and
Jiiitng his eemy. If that isn't nerve
rHir aud simple!, don't know what
Mouth and Eyes Covered With
Crusts Face Itched Most Fear
fully Hands Pinned Down to
Prevent Scratching
" When my little boy was six months old, he
had eczema. The sores extended t.o quickly
over the whole body that v,c at once eaJied in
, the doctor. We then
went to another doctor,
but he could not help
him, and in our despair
we went to a third one.
Matters became so bad
that he had regular
holes in his cheeks,
large enough to put a
finger into. The food
had to be given with a
epoon, for his mouth
was covered with crusts
as thick as a finger, and
whenever he opened the
mouth they began to
bleed and suppurate, as
did also his eyes.
Hands, arms, chest, nd
back, in short the whole
body, was covered over
and over. We had no
rest by day or night.
Whenever he was laid
In his bed, we had to
pin his hands down:
otherwise he would
Alfonso Hohrath.
scratch his face, and
make an open sore.
I think his face must
have itched most fearfully.
" We finally thought vt athing could help,
and I had made up my mind to send my wife
with the child to Europe, hoping that the sea
air might cure him, otherwise ne was to be
put under good medical care there. But,
Lord be blessed, matters came differently,
and we soon saw a miracle. A friend of ours
spoke about Cuticura. We made a trial with
Cuticura Soap, Ointment, and Resolvent, and
within ten days or two weeks we noticed a
decided improvement. Just .is quickly as the
sickness had appeared it also began to dis
appear, and within ten weeks the child was
absolutely well, and his skin was smooth and
white as never before." F. Ilohrath, President
of the C. L. Ilohrath Company, Manufact
urers of Silk Ribbons, 4 to 20 Rink Alley,
June D, 1903. South Bethlehem, Fa.
Cutirura Soap, Ointment, and l'iil arc sold throughout
the world. Potter Oru2 & C'lifcin. Co' p., .olel'rops., .Boston.
Bo-Mailtd Free, " Ilow to Ciiru tot the Skiu."
A meeting of the shareholders in
the Second National Bank of Rich
mond, Ind., will be held at 1 o'clock
p. m. at the banking house on Tues
day, January 9th, 190G, for the pur
pose of electing nine directors to
serve the ensuing year, and the tran
saction of any other business that
may come before t lie meeting.
. President.
Quick changes from hot to cold
and back again try strong constitu
tions and cause, among other evils,
nasal catarrh, a troublesome and of
fensive disease. Sneezing and snuf
fling, coughing and difficult breath
ing, and the drip, drip, of the foul
discharge into the throat all are
ended by Ely's Cream Balm. This
honest and positive remedy contains
no cocaine, mercury, or other harm
ful ingredient. The worst cases
are cured in a short time. All drug
gists, 50c, or mailed by Ely Bros., 50
Warren Street, New York.
A Ead Scare.
Some day you will get a bad scare,
when you feel a pain in your bowels,
and fear appendicitis. Safety lies
in Dr. King's New Life Pills, a sure
cure for all bowel and stomach dis
eases, such as headache, billiousness;
costiveness, etc. Guaranteed at A.
G. Luken & Co.'s drug store, only
25c. Try them.
Why suffer with your stomach,
kidneys and liver when Ilollister's
Kocky Mountain Tea will make you
well. If taken this month, keeps
jou well all the year. 35 cents, Tea
or Tablets. For sale by A. G. Lu
ken & Co.
Doan's Uegiilets cure constipation
without griping, nausea, nor any
weakening effect. Ask your drug
gist for them. 25 cents per box.
The Southern California New Train.
Best Route.
The Los Angeles Limited, electric
lighted, new from the Pullman shops,
with all latest innovations for travel
comfort-, leaves Chicago 10:05 p. m.
daily, arrives Los Angeles 4:45 p. m.
third day. Solid through train via
Chicago, Union Pacific & North
western Line and The Salt Lake
Route. Pullman drawing room and
tourist sleeping cars, composite ob
servation car, dining cars, a la carte
service.Tor rates sleeping car reser
vations, and full particulars apply to
3'our nearest agent or address A. II.
Wacrgener, Trav. Agt., 215 Jaekons
Blvd., Chicago, 111., 12-31
ne Reason
represent the Oldest and Strongest
1 nsurance companies.
WE adjust oar own 1 asses and pay them
without disco ant.
WE insure you and your bank against
bubgury as well as against Fire,
Lightning, Tornado, Boiler Explo
sion, Liability and Accident.
WE are not a trust and not connected
with any of the big eastern corpora
tions at present under investigation
WE insure your life and property at rea
sonable rates, and in companies of
which each director ii indii!udly
liable f jr their proper managemi u t .
WE do i't a;k you to pay a year or more
in advance, unless voa yours-if in
sist uwu it. YOUR CREDIT IS
You should Insure wiili
H. X, KOLL, Mgr.
11 South ' 7th St., Richmond, Ind.
Telephone 41.
Correspondence Sollicited.
Graduate of American School of
Osteopathy, under the founder, A. T.
Still, Kirkyville, Mo. Licensed by
examination. Five years' practice.
Office and residence:
109 N. 9th St., RICHMOND, IND
Home Phone 1396.
Lady attendant.
No charge for TonsultatJon.
f t hvc fcr ssle the
inest Jet fcr a ccd I:cuse
in Richmond.
I W. H. Bradbury & Son I
Westcott Block
Carriage Factory
No. 47 North 8th St.
Builds all kinds of new
vehicles to order,
Repairing Promptly Done.
Rubber Tires Patched
And only the best of new ones put on
at lowest prices.
Dayton & Western TractionCo
In e fleet Nov. 27, 1903. Subject to change
without notice.
Lv Richmond.... 8 00 And 8 00 11 (0
Ar Eaton 6 42 every 8 42 11 56
W. Alexaud'a i 58 hour 8 5J 12 12
Dayton 8 00 until 10 JO .. ..
Leave Richmond for Cedar Springs
and New Paris 6.20, 7.20, 8.20, 10.20,
11.20 a. m.: 1 20, 2.20, 3.20,4 20,5.20,
(V20, 7.20, 8.20, 10.C0, 11.00 p. rn.
Parlor Car Service
stopping only at Ceiitervllle, Cambridge
City, Dublin, buurelth. Knijjlitstowu and
10 53
12 44
12 23
4 44
8 51
9 44
10 25
Lreave Richmond
Arrive Katon
West Alexandria.
I 12 10
2 30
5 10
Loave Richmond .
Arrive indtanapolis ..
Special tickets must be purchased
before boarding train.
No baggage carried. Trunks, etc.,
may be sent on trains preceding or-fol-lowing.
Dirsct connection at Dayton with
"Lima Limited" trains for Troy,
Piqua'and Lima, and with "Colum
bus' Limited' for Springfield and Co
lumbus. Through rates, through tickets to
all points. For further information
call Home Fliorv 203.
C. O. BAKER, Asrent.
' Richmond, Ind.
j E. H. MORRILL, JR., G. P. A., Day
ton, Obiu.
Pennsylvania Lines Time Table
(In Effect Nov. 2Gtb, 1905.)
Arrive Westward Depart
....Rich and Logan Ac. Ex... ... 6 45 am
11 10 am..... .CbicagD Speeialj.. 11 15am
12 30 pm Cin Mack Express
4 35 pm Cia and Logan Ex .... 4 53 pm
7 10 pm Cin and Rich Ac Ex
11 00 Cin and Chi Mail and Ex....ll 15 pm
4 C5 am Southed ExJJ ..
Ricb and Cin Art Bx
9 43 urn Logan and Cin. Ex .,
3 50 pm Cii and Ciu Spvili!
Rich and Cin Ace
5 15 pm Logan and Rich Acc
W t Vt id.
......St. Louis Iimitedj 5 03 am
5 00 am upitU Ex 5 10 am
..... .hit. Louis Express ..... .10 15 am
10 00 am Cols and lad Ac Exi......10 20 am
1 15 pm.. St Loui3 Esj 1 20 pm
9 00 am ..Col., Rich & Indpl Ac Exi ... U10 pm
St. Louis Special ............12 10 am
1 10 am ..Pittsburg Special
5 10 am ..Eastern Mail jj ........5 15 am
9 45 am Ind and Col Ac Mail and Ex . . . .10 15 am
9 50 am New York ExJ
4 50 pm ,. Keystone Exjj ........
7:15 pm .Atlantic Exj 7 30 pm
9 00 pm New York Limited
9 10 pm Ohio andVa Ex ... . ... 9 15 pm
Westward. ;
12 05 am St Louis pecialj
4 50 am ... .St. Louis Limitedjl
11 00 am ... . .Xenia and Rich AccjJ
10 55 pm.... Sprg fc Rich Mail and E'..
10 10 am Pitts., Sprgfd adn Ricb Mail and Ex
Pittsburg Special .....1 15 am
Rich, Xenia & Spfg, Acc J ......5 20 am
Rich, Xeu occ ...... 3 52 ptii
New York Exj 9 55 am
........ Keystone Exjj ........ 4 55 pm
..... New York Limited ' ' 9 06 pm
3 15 am Mack and Cinail and Ex...
9 42 am Ft. W and Rich Mail and Ex
3 40 pm Mack and Cin Mail and Ex ..
10 15 pm Sunday Ac ........
North vrard
..Rich and G R Mail aad Ex .. 5 40 am
Michigan Ex . . ; 12 50 pm
....Cin. & Mac Mail & Exp. ....... ..11 10 pm
Daily. 'Sunday only. Daily except
Sunday. All trains, unless otherwise indicated, de
part and arrive daily, except Sunday
C. W. ELMER. Pass, and Tick. Agt
a C. & L.
No. 3 Daily.
Leaves Richmond 9:05 a. m.
Leave Cottage Grove 9:50 a. m.
Arrive Cincinnati ..11:30 a. m.
No. 1 Daily except Sunday.
Leaves Richmond 4:00 p. m.
Arrives Cottage Grove 4:40 p. m.
Via 0. H. & D.
Leave, Cottage Grove 4:59 p. m.
Leave Oxford .5:14 p. m.
Leave Hamilton ....5:35 p. m.
Arr. Cincinnati ....6:20 p. m.
No. 63 Sunday only
Leave Richmond ....7:45 p. m.
Arrive Cottage GroveS:35 p. m.
Via. 0. H. & D.
Leave Cottage GroveS:43 p. m.
Leave Oxford 9:01 p. m.
Leave Hamilton . . . .9 :30 p. m.
Arrive Cincinnati ..10:30 p. m.
No. 2 Daily.
Via 0. H. & D.
Leaves Cincinnati ....8:30 a. m.
Leaves Hamilton 9:10 a. m.
Leaves Oxford .......9:32 a. m.
Arr. Cottage Grove ..9:48 a. m.
Via. 0. 0. & L.
Leav. Cottage Grove 10:10 a. m.
Arrives Richmond . . 10 :50 a. m.
No.. 4 Daily.
Via. C. C. & L.
Leaves Cincinnati ....F:20 p. m.
Leave Cottage Grove 7:03 p. m.
Arrive Richmond ..7:45 p. m-
Of late the magazines and daily papers have had much to
say by way of critizism of certain life insurance companies,
and especially with regard to the legal organizations of such
companies, and of the manner of their control. Tirese criti
cisms do not apply to The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany of California, but demonstrate the truth of the assertion
that "for policyholders The Pacific Mutual has the best legal
It is not controlled by 1 or 2 mvm having no pecuniary in
terest or responsibility save as policyholders or recipients of
salary, but it is controlled by a Board of fifteen Directors, not
mere dummies, but stockholders in their own right, holding a
larg amount of the Compan's stock, and policyholders as welL
The Directors of the Company are men of high financial and
commercial standing, and are bylaw made responsible for the
acts of the Officers of the Corporation.
For Full Particulars, stc, 'Call on
Room 3 Vaughan Building.
. .. . 4 15 am
. . . . 7 u0 am
... 1 10 am
... 3 53 pm
5 20 pm
1 I
Time Table
Sept. 24th.)
No. 2 Daily to Peru
Leaves Richmond . .10 :50 a. m.
Leaves Muncie .... .12 :10 p. m.
Leaves Marion 1 :25 p. m.
Leaves Peru 2:25 p. m.
Arr. North Judson . . 4:20 p. in.
Daily except Sunday to North
No. 4 Daily
Leave Richmond ...,7:45 p. m.
Leave Muncie ......9:03 p. m.
Leave Marion ..... .10 :03 p. m.
Arrive Peru ..11:05 p. m.
No. 1 Daily except Sunday.
Leaves North Judson 10:20 a. in.
Leaves Peru ....... .12 :25 p. m.
Leaves Marion ...... 1 :25 p. m.
Leaves Muncie ..... 2:32 p. m. .
Arrives Richmond . . 4:00 p. m.
No. 3 Daily.
Leaves Peru .5 :40 a. m.
Leaves Marion ...... .6 :40 a. m.
Leaves Muncie ....... 7:40 a. m.
Arrives Richmond . . .9:05 a. m
, No. 63 Sunday Only.
Leave Peru .4:30 p. m.
Leave Marion ..... .5 :30 p. m.
Leave Muncie ......6:30 p. m.
Arrive 'Richmond ....7:45 p. m.
Tor Rates or Information
regarding connections in
quire of
0. A. BLAIR,
Passenger & Ticket Agent.
Home Telephone 44.
General AgcntI fori Eastern
-- t'f"' 'mi''
Jr .
1 -
.'il V- x
. si?'. ? . -4

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