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j An Excess of Talent?
Tatsy Dolan, professional burglar,
appreciating the opportunity offered at
Colonel Bridges fV.ucy dross ball and
realizing that ho could not personate
an' one so well as himself, resolved to
attend as himself or rather ass the pub
lic conceived him, with a '-'oil of rope
thrown over out? shoulder, a darh: lan
tern Ln cue hand, a revolver In the
other (not loaded, of course) and a jim
my stiekiii.gr out of hi-? pocket.
On the n's'.it of the brill, bavins made
himself b)ik an little like the real Da
lan and a j i.::ivh like a sLa burglar as
possible, !. imu ( n a ma.-!? to enp the
costume aa v.-cll tin to conceal hi. unre
fined feature.; ad proceeded l" Coioucl
Bridges' residence. Seeing the oloucl
at the front door taking the name- of
the arriving guests, l'aisy withdrew to
the rear, climbed a trellis and elVeeteJ
ah entrance inlo a closet on the second
floor, from whence he emerged among
a crowd of guests pouring In and out
Vf the dressing rooms. Concluding that
for the time being there must be more
people upstairs than downstairs, he de
scended and entered the main drawing
"room, where stood the family waiting
to receive the guests.
"What an original Ideal" exclaimed
M!hs Bridges as Patsy Railed into the
room. "As sure as you live that's Ben
llarker. I'd know hlra In any costume.
1 knew he'd come in something unique.
Why doesn't he come to speak to
tan? Oh. I forgot; a burglar wouldn't
know enough for that."
Ah Roan as Miss Bridges could leave
the position of hostess she sought out
the burglar. Fhe thought it would be
fun to pretend to mistake bhn for the
real thing.
"What are you do'ng here, sir;" sh
nn!d. "I'm ging to call a policeman
and hand you over to him."
If Tatsy's fare could have been peon
Ihrovg'i Ids mask be would hae be
trayed himself, but It couldn't, and this
gave him time t. recover h'n assurance,
which admonished him to bluff.
"Ve're . eompUmontiu me costume'
he tvU at a venture.
"It's splendid. What's that sticking
out of your pocket?"
"Shure, it's me jimmy!"
"You're the best character in the
room. How did you come to think of
It?" .
Patsy drew a sigh of relief.
"Boh Marker," continued the girl,
"you needn't think you can fool me. I
knew' you the moment I saw you.
Come, let's go Into the ballroom."
Sho led the relieved Patsy away and
forced him to stand with her in a
square dance. He had no sooner dis
played his awkwardness than his part
ner burstt into a laugh, and every one
In flu cnt xt-na rrti n l.il -itl inii-tH
the blunders of the burglar. Indeed, it
was not long before nearly every one
In the room was watching him. This
was too much success, and he tried
hard to dance like the rest, but the
harder he tried the worse he failed.
When the dance was finished he told
his partner that he was tired and must
go upstairs for a rest, but she would
not permit the best character at the
ball to retire for a moment.
"Oh, there's a policeman!" she ex
claimed. "How nice it would be for
you two to know each other!" And
she dragged the unwilling burglar to
the cop.
"Here's a burglar for you, Mr. To
liccman. You'd better take him to jail.
You two are the best made up of any
In the house. You're both splendid."
"Are you an old offender or new to
crime?" asked the policeman to keep
up the byplay.
"Oi'm a yung bir-r-d," replied Patsy.
"Ever cracked a crib?"
"Nlver a oncet. Oi'm as Innocent as
the day Ol first wint to Suuda' school."
Miss Bridges clapped her hands.
"He beats you." she said to the police
man. "Isn't he a perfect character?"
"As near the real thing as any I ever
saw," replied the cop In a dry tone that
made Patsy wish he hadn't such re
markable talents for Impersonation.
"He wants to go upstairs and rest,"
ald Mtss Bridge to the policeman.
"Do you think the jewelry would b
"Doubt It." replied the cop.
"I think I'll take him into the suppei
room. I d like an lee."
'Watch the spoons if you do."
. ZflsuZ? pleasantries were '.'lar'nlpf
We like best to call Scott's
Emulsion a food-medicine. It
is a, term that aptly describes
the character and action of
our Emulsion. More than a
medicine more than a food,
yet combining the vital prin
ciples of both. It is for this
reason that Scott s Emulsion
has a distinct and special
value in all wasting diseases.
There is nothing better to
remedy the troubles of im
perfect growth and delicate
health in children. The action
of Scott's Emulsion is just as
effective in treating weak
ness and wasting in adults.
. SCOTT & DOWN E, 409 Pwrl Street, New York.
.Want ads in Pala&ium pay.
When you place
the other "two, but came rattier too Hear
home for Patsy.
Oi'm tulnkln'." he said, "Oi'm ob
trudin' ineself . betuue two frien's, and
the requirements of polite society re
quires rue lavin' ye. Good evehin'."
"I don't think It safe to let you travel
about the house alone." said the police-
mnn VnnM l.otfon etnv l.v pia till lha
time conies to unmask." Then, turning
to the young lady, he added, "Don't
you think so?"
"Unmask'" said Patsy, an ill eon
foaled alarm In his voice. "What's
"I think," the officer, went on, "that
your presence at the unmasking would
not help these festivities to pass pleas
antly, and you'd better unmask else
where. Come with me. You're want
ed." The last five word a were not only fa
miliar to Patsy, but were spoken In a
familiar tone. Patsy followed the po
liceman out of the room, Miss Bridges
looking on admiringly.
4'How well those two play theii
parts!" she said to herself as she turned
away without suspecting that a rea':
policeman had arrested a real burglar.
Patsy unmasked on the sidewalk and
spent the night behind b:rs.
"Me tah-ic fY.r p'n":n' parts was tx
much for m ," he s:.id to himself. ''O
should p: or tN s1:t 'e."
Bears the TIib Kind You Have Always Bjnght
ProRrrelve Mntritnony.
"You can always tell a j'oung hus
band from an old one by the way he
acts when he goes after a bucket of
water," says Uncle Hiram. "Three
months married, he swings the pump
handle, whistles and casts covert
glances at the house as though some
one wrere looking at him from the win
dow. One year married, he swings the
pump handle more slowly, smiles oc
casionally and seems to be annoyed be
cause the meal is late. Two years mar
ried, he looks sour and glum, kicks the
cat over the coal house and looks at the
house as if he would like to choke
somebody. Three years married, he
sits on the doorstep and smokes while
his wife works the pump hantlle."
Kausas City Journal.
Itching-, bleeding-, protruding or
blind piles yield to Doan's Ointment.
Cluonic cases soon relieved, finally
cured. Druggists all sell it.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
County, ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that
he is senior partner of the firm of F.
J. Cheney & Co., doincr business in
1 tii r.... 1 oufn
the City of Toledo, County and State
aforesaid, and that said firm will pav
the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL-
! LAKS for each ami every case of Ca
tarrh that cannot be cured by the use
of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscrib
ed in mv presence, this Gth day of
December, A. P., 18S0.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, and acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druggists, 73c.
Take Hall's Family Fills for con
stipation. To Colorado, California,
Mexico and Florida
; and points "West and South now sold
at special low fares via. Pennsylvania
Lines. Information about routes."
stop-overs and travel conveniences
freely given upon request addressed
to nearest Pennsylvania Lines ticket
your O. K. on anything you are willing to stand by your
this trade mark in red and white on each end of a package
f Biscuit, Crackers or Wafers it has affixed its final O. K.
which absolutely guarantees the contents of the package
to be the very superlative of excellence. To learn what
this trade mark really means try a package of GRAHAM
Her Bitter Disappointment
The bitter trail in a woman's life is to
be childless. Who can tell how hard the
struggle may have been ere she learnt to
resign herself to her lonely lot? The ab-
SeilCU Ol U113 UnK WJ U1I1U BLUIX! llll lllO LU-
gether, the absence of this one pledge to
mutual affection is a common disap
pointment. Many unfortunate couples
become estranged thereby. Even if they
do not drift apart, one may read the whole
extent of their disappointment in the eyes
of such a childless couple when they rest
on the children of otliers. To them the
largest family does not seem too numerous.
It will rather appear to them that those
on whom this blessing has been most
richly bestowed hardly valuo it sufii
ciently. In many cases of barrenness or child
lessness the obstacle to child-bearing is
easily removed by the cure of weakness on
the part of the woman: Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription has been the means of
restoring health and fruitful ness to many
a barren woman, to the great joy of the
household. In other, but rare cases, the
obstruction to the bearing of children has
been found to bo of a surgical character,
but easily removable by painless operative
treatment at the Invalids' Hotel and Sur-
fical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., over which
)r. Pierce of the "Favorite Prescription"
fame presides. In all cases where chil
dren are desired and are absent, an effort
should be made to find out the real cause,
since it is generally so easily removed by
proper treatment.
In all the various weaknesses, displace
ments, prolapsus, antf-versions, retro
versions, inflammation of ovaries, leucor
rhoea, giving rise to disagreeable and
weakening drains, and in all cases of
nervousness, nervous prostration and
debility. Dr. Pierco's Favorite Prescrip
tion is the most efficient remedy that can
Eossibly be used. It has to its credit
undreds of thousands of cures more in
fact, than any other remedy put up for
sale, through druggists, especially for
woman's use. You do not have to take
Dr. Pierce's word alone for this, because
the ingredients of which the "Favorite
Prescription" are composed have received
the most positive endorsement from the
leading medical wri ters on Materia Medlca
of all the several schools of practice.
All the ingredients are printed in plain
English on the wrapper enclosing the
bottle, so that if you are an invalid woman
and make use of this famous medicine you
know exactly what you are taking. Dr.
Pierce takes his patients into his full con
fidence, which he can afford to do as the
formula after which the "Favorite Pre
scription" is made will bear the most
careful examination.
You do not have to experiment when
taking Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription,
as with the many fake, Cheap John Med
icines that are sent out on trail, composed
of cheap and often harmful ingredients.
Dr. Pierce resorted to Nature's Labo
ratory to get the ingredients for his "Fa
vorite Prescription," believing that the
Indigenous, or native, medicinal roots of
1 our country are endowed by Providence
with the most marvelous curative powers.
The only rational way to attempt to
cure disease is by assisting the natural
functions of the body, and to do that
there is nothing like Nature's remedies
which act In Nature's way, toning and
Invigorating the digestive organs, the
liver, the stomach and bowels and the
nervous system, which always suffers to
a great extent in all the various derange
ments of the organs distinctly feminine.
The medicine of known composition is
the one to rely upon the one that has a
record of nearly forty years of cures the
one devised and manufactured by a regu
larly graduated and experienced practi
tioner of medicine. Ily addressing Dr. R.
V. Pierce, at lJuttalo, IN. Y,
secure, free, a little pnamphlet giving
numerous extracts from many medical
Maud Isn't 5 and 30 too old tc
hope for a"y improvement? I
should say net. One 1 .? Iv.m-i ;d
live. Take Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea. You will be blooming
fair at GO. 3o cents, Tea or Tab
lets. For sale bv A. G. Luken &
Palladium For Job Work
Furniture Repair
: and CabinetShop :
J All kinds cf Cabinet arid Repair Work done. Saws "
ser and filed. Please give me a call.
Sam Lott
Pliouc 219. Iormerly S elm eider's SIiop
writers of prominence, extolling the vari
ous ingredients which enter into Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It is
worth looking oyer if you are a sufferer.
Dr. Pierce does not claim for his "Fa
vorite Prescription " that it is a "cure-all."
It is recommended as a most perfect spe
cific for woman's peculiar ailments. So
uniform are the results which follow the
use of this remarkable rernedv, that it
can be truly affirmed of "Favorite Pre
scription "that it always Iiclps and almost
always cures. Ninety-eight per cent, of
the women who give this medicine a fair
and faithful trial are cured and remain
It is a powerful invigorating tonic, im
parting health and strength in particular
to the organs distinctly feminine. The
local, womanly health is so intimately
related to the general health that when
diseases of the delicate womanly organs
are cured the whole body gains in health
and strength. For weak and sickly
women who are "worn-out," "run-down"
or debilitated, especially for women who
work in store, ofiice Or schoolroom, who
sit at the typewriter or sewing ma
chine, or bf-ar heavy household burdens,
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription has
froven a priceless benefit liecause of its
lea 1 tii - restoring and strength - giving
As a soothing and strengthening nerv
ine. "Favorite Prescription" is un
pqnaled and is invaluable in allaying and
subduing nervous excitability, irritabil
ity, nervous exhaustion, nervous prostra
tion, neuralgia, hysteria, spasms, chorea,
or St. Vitus's dance, and other distressing
nervous symptoms commonly attendant
upon functional' and organic disease of
the womanly organs. It induces refresh
ing sleep and relieves mental anxiety and
Cures obstinate cases. "Favorite Pre
scription" is a positive cure for the most
complicated and obstinate cases of leucor
rhea, excessive flowing, painful menstru
ation, unnatural suppressions and irregu
larities, prolapsus or falling of the pelvic
organs, weak back, "female weakness,"
anteversion, retroversion, bearing-down
sensations, chronic congestion, inflam
mation and ulceration, inflammation,
more or less pain and tenderness over the
lower abdomen accompanied with "in
ternal heat."
Dr. Pierce's medicines are made from
harmless but efficient medicinal roots
found growing in our American forests.
The Indians knew of the marvelous cura
tive value of some of these roots and im
parted that knowledge to some of the
friendlier whites, and gradually some of
the more progressive physicians came to
test and use them, and ever since they
have grown in favor by reason of their
superior curative virtues and their safe
and harmless qualities.
Your druggists sell the "Favorite Pre
scription" and also that famous altera
tive, blood purifier and stomach tonic, the
"Golden Medical, Discovert." Write
to Dr. Pierce about your case. He is an
experienced physician and will treat your
c?,se as confidential and without charge
for correspondence. Address bim at the
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N. Y., of which he is chief, con
sulting physician.
It is as easy to be well as ill and much
more comfortable. Constipation is the
cause of many forms of illness. Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipa
tion. They are tiny, sugar-coated gran
ules. One little "Pellet" is a gentle laxa
tive, two a mild cathartic. All dealers in
medicines sell them.
Dr. Pierce's 1000-page Illustrated book
"The Common Sense Medical Adviser," is
sent free in paper covers on receipt of 21
one-cent stamps to pay the cost of mailing
o?i?j. For 31 stamps the cloth-bound
volume will be sent. Address Dr. K, V.
Pierce, Buffalo, N, Y.
The Palladium is prepared to do
small " or large jobs in typewriting
and on very short notie-e. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. Factories and bus
iness houses needing work of this
kind will do well to give us their or
der. We can do it cheaper and
quicker than anj-one els in tha city.
No. 9 South 6th St.
Removed to 14 Norti Ninth Street.
Mav . .
83V2 S3
December 44":'t 41!
May 441V 44 I
Oats. j
December .. 32s 3!
May . . 32i, "t ;v.:i j
Pork. j
January $13.5.1 13.30
May 135 13.77
January 7.3.") 7.30
May 7.52 7.50
January 7.20 7.20
May 7.42 7.40
Hogs 13,000.
over, 3,077. Prospects
Light, $4.955.20.; Mixed $5.00
5.27y2. Heavy, $4.955.30. Rough
Cattle 300; unchanged.
Sheep 2,000; unchanged.
(Furnished by II. J. Ridge & Son.)
Grain Prices
Wheat, GO lbs., 70e to $1.15.
New Corn, 35 to 37c.
No. 2, 5G lbs. 50c (shelled) 50c per
bushel. .
Timothy, new baled, $9 to $9.50.
New Hay $8.00 to $9.00
Mixed hay, baled, $3.00.
Clover, baled, $7.00.
Clover loose, $0,00.
Ciover seed, $6 to $3 per bu.
.ft ye, 5G to oOc per bushel.
New-Oats, 23 to 2Se per bushel.
Straw, baled, $4.50 to $5 per ton.
M.eaf oats, to It'c.
Millet. $G to $8.
H. W. COLVIN, Fire Insurance,
City and Farm. Telephone 553.
920 Main street.
Insurance. 4 North Ninth St. Tel.
G2G. Notary Public. ' -
and Granite Monuments. 33 North
Eighth sti-eet. Phone 1457.
Duiing the Winter Tourist Sea
son we tun through cars from
all points on our line to-Jacksonville
and St. Augustine.
This is the direct line to
Asheville, Thomasville
Savannah, the Caro'inas
Tampa, Miami
F Cuba and Nassau. H n
Round Trip Tickets Good Ail Winter Low Rates
Write to or ealFupon any Agent Great Central for full Information.
Hotel Kates, Tourist Books, or information about climate, write to
m ... -. '
Passenger Traffic Manager, Cincinnati, O.
I Want
To make four good first mortgage loans with.
From $300 to $800.
leati at SeUiL
Maher Hadley Meat Market.
Roast pork, 15c.
Veal, 10 to 20s 'b,
Beefstake, 12V2 w 15c.
Fresh pork, 10 to 15c per lb,
Chuck roast, 10c per b.
Beef to boil, 6 to 16c per lb
Pork chops, ipTr-Tvcr
Fbh, i5c ib.5 . ';;
tltjjBiyiiiM-iiiii" - - - Lftfai
(Pud hy tit- :e Hie Grocery.
Eggs 23c dozen.
Putter, creamery, 23 to 27c
country 15 to 20c lb.
Chkkeus, dresed 12c. .'
Retail Pricea
(Furnished by Hep Hiv Orocrrj
r'ancako Hour 10c per package.
Buckwheat flour 10c per package.
Maple Syrup, $1.25 per gallon. Ex
tra fine $1.40 per gallon.
: Honey, 22c lb. .
Dates, 10c per lb. t
Lemons, 35c doz. '
Apple-i 75c to $1.S0 per bu, -Cabbage,
3c per lb. ; :
Potatoes, 60 to 75c per bu. 1
Cal.- Oranges, 25c to 60c dozen.
Cranberries, 15t to 20c per qt.
Lettuce, 20c lb .
Figs, 20 per lb.. I
Bananas 15 to 20c per dozen.
Maple sugar, 15c a lb.
Jersey sweet potatoes, 40c peck.
Clam chowder, 25c per can.
Clam boulJion, 25c a bottle.
Popcorn on cob, 5c lb.
Shelled ' popcorn 10c per lb.
Malaga grapes, 20c lb.
Crape Fruit 2 for 25c.
Richmond Livestock.
(Paid Richmond Abbatoir Co.)
Hogs, top heavy $4.00. to $4.75.
Ilogi, 400 lbs., common and rough,
$4.35 to $4.50 per hundred.
Hogs, 200 to 250 lbs, average, $4.S0
to $5. per hundred.
Choice butcher steers, $3.75 to
$4.25 per hundred.
Lambs, $5.50 to $0 per hundred.
Calves, $5.50 tc $G per hundred.
BllljJjWjtiJLiI HOTEL,
14 and 16 North Sixth Street. ;
Meals, 25 Cents. !
Meal Ticket, 21 Meals, $3.50.
All You Want to Eat.
TEA CO. Extra S. & II. trading
stampu with our teas, coffees, baking
powders, extracts and spices. 727
Main street.
Dire; i connections for
Mobile, New Orleans
Hot Springs, Eiloxi
end all points jn
Texas and Louisiana
Mexico and California
the Cash
8th and NortJi

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