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VI -si- HWwfrt un.w,, rswi -Mfe
HI '.f lrli,t
you can have the best beer brewed
if you will only insist that it started
from the Minck brewery. All kinds
of beer bid for public favor. Honest
ly did you ever taste a better brew
than the R..ET Don't know it f
Well, you're excused. But taste it
once and you'll be proud that you're
Th3 MinckBrcwinCo
"4 tvt fen tit3 icTifvTV
Jan. 2 and 16
Feb. 6 and 20
Watch for these
Both one-way and round
trip tickets at about half
in many cases less than
half of regular fare.
There are money-makinff and home
getting opportunist Southwest that
you'd not miss for anything, if you
knew about them. Take a trip and
inform yourselfsee the country.
F. POWERS, DUt. Pa. Agent,
I Claypool Building, INDIANAPOLIS. IND
v -V I I I
. , - i. :. i L L
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J Leonard fktt's Vow
Leonard Hutt ivaa a very couscion
tious 'young man. Had be been born
200 years r.go he woul.l have been ca
anchorite of the most austere type.
Leonard lived in a small villa witb
Ms Vvido'.ved motlier, to whom he'vras
tlevotc-d. havhiz little or notIi:ii"r to io !
with the softer sex. Since Le was i
fine looking fellow and had the reputa
tion of being intellectual and a strong
character, Lis seclusion wa3 very an
noying to the girls of the place, most
j of whom would have been very glad of
his slightest attention.
Daring the shooting season Hutt
went off into the wool- to fe'et a bird
for his mother, whose health and appe
tite were delicate. lie came back
without the bird, but with a very dis
tressed mind. What had happened no
one knew, but the news was soon
spread over the village that Leonard
Hutt was doing some sort of penance.
He had sworn to taste nothing but
bread and water, not to attend any
sort of amusement and not to speak.
How long this self imposed deprivation
was to last was not known.
Now, If Mr. Hutt had only known it
the real penance he had taken upon
himself was of far greater moment
than the one he had intended. There
were not less than ten unmarried girls
in the village, and every girl was at
once seized with a desire to compel
the penitentiary to speak to her. Not
one of them but would have regarded
the effort of any other to make him
break his vow as an unpardonable sin.
Each considered that in her own case
there were exceptional reasons except
Rebecca Gordon, who had no con
science in the matter and who began
laying traps from the moment he
heard of the vow.
One afternoon Leonard was walking
along a road when he was startled by
a cry anil a short distance before hi::i
saw a woman lying on the gro.ind. lie
hunlcd up to her and saw Keoecca
Goi'il-n helplos.s with a sprained auule.
"Oh. Mr. Iiutt," she w ailed, "what
shall I do":"
Hutt .-tsked with his eyes as express
ively as ptosis, ie what was the metier.
"I've either broken or sprained my
ankle," she said.
Leonard looked very nr.ieh embar
rassed and put his linger;; to l.i- H. to
indicate mat iney were seaiea. ulvh
rv.q1.il,l,tl..ltu..J..M,H..MM...,l.,. J J.
a Trrr fi FARMS THAT PAY 25o TO 50o
J WliUWI C t In southeastern Kansas. 113 miles south of Kansas City, onlj SO miles west of Mlssonri,ln tne rich
jr'ft'l'in,i.,mm ,'m.wt,.t'tHH", j vr ouZl. x. -rxuxiTO GrH.Orv& J1
1 5 fih r ""' I ca"s pretense not to unJerstand hi.;
! k. I g ? niotion was all the more embarrassing
J vs J mJ J; y ' to him, but he held to his silence and at
(tot? riiiz-K.-rn- - - ! h:.st by pantomime indicated that he
h E2J- A "i i
if. -;j',ii.rwTi
Via the Chicago, Union Pacific & North
Western Line. S
Through electric lighted train less tan three
days Chicago to the Pacific Coast everMlay in the
year. aI
Direct connections with stcamsjymes to H&araS,
Australia and the Orient. A n
New Route to Southern CferiU via SaUiSke City
and the newly opened Salt Latee i&tite. Extent service,
fast schedules and stgver afe. t'ake JS0 make this
a charmingf route i& tourisfUrWel.
Solendid ncsr eruirkM ChicaS San Francisco and
Portland, of PuUmalRtiEaV drawing room and private she said ruefully. "You
compartment sleepirtf carr froithe shops and provided f" wouidn t be at h?n
Willi till r.fcxy&
and compartmeAen' suite; unusually large
and oKrWtion carsvCBooklover's Library).
pupcro oimng service
A. H. Waggener T. A, 215 Jackson Blrd Chicago.
out a I
OonlV Pisice
DDI DClllinniODllCl
Where you will find a full line cf EDISON PHONOGRAPHS! mh
The G?m. Stancard, H? j riumph, the tv;o latter woods
being equippea "Wiiii ltpeatu auacnnieuis Aire r t;r hnz
of Horns, Horn Cns; is, Record Cases, Record Cabinet-? ,i -d
other supplies Wc; c rry in stock 5.000 Gold Moulded
would carry her homo in his arms. To
this she objected for awlnle. hoping by
complicating matters to Ln-ee him to
speak. But at last she gave in, he took
her up and carried her home. He had
no sooner turned his back on the house
than she danced to the window, shook
her fist at him and declared that she
would yet break down his resolution.
No sooner had another of the girls,
Alice Waters, heard of the young man's
vow than she began assiduously to cul
tivate his mother with a view to effect
ing an entrance to the house and laying
siege to hun. When Leouard reached
home after his adventure with Miss
Gordon he went into his library and,
tired and fretted, threw himself on a
lounge. A cough admonished him that
some one was in the room, and, looking
about him, he saw Miss Waters sitting
by a window. She had been sewing,
but had dropped her work and looked
painfully embarrassed.
"I didn't menu to intrude. Mr. Hutt,"
our mother said
me for another
for a moment
to get the light through this window."
Hutt stood looking so much embar-
i rassed that he could not say anything,
pleasant, while the girl waited. Then
she began to pout.
"I didn't suppose," she said, "that
you would mind."
A happy thought occurred to the per
secuted man. He went for his mother,
who did his talking for him, and Miss
Waters retired discomfited.
For two months Leonard Hutt walk
ed into pitfalls set for him by a lot of
girls, none of whom confessed to an
other what she was ching. Rebecca
Gordon followed up her attack with
the most perslstance. - She tried every
salve known to druggists for her pre
tended sprained ankle and sent for
Hutt to ask his opinion of each one of
"Mr. Hutt," she said at one of these
visits she was lying on a couch dress
ed In a becoming wrapper "if you'll
tell me why you made your vow 1'Jl
never ask you another question."
Hutt groaned and said nothing.
"Tell me." she pleaded with her red
lips as well as her eloquent ej es.
IT-it's eyes were on a clock that
stood on the mantel. In a few minutes
the clock struck 12. Hutt heaved a
long drawn sigh of relief.
My time is up," he said. "Two
s ago I was shooting in th?
Seeing a movement in th
icidlsoif Headquarters.
Harm Walferman, Prop.
Try A' .. .Want-Ad For
but lies I fired and was shocked to hc-vi
a huu.au cry. Tluwluguown Liy r.u.
I ran to the spji . uu i- t- I I;::.'
wounded a young g'.rl. I carried he-:
: to her home and called a doctor, wh,.
said that sL" would recover, but tau I
remain in bed for two months. I i! 1
r rrKl jrr A C not consider it right thrt one who sv.S
COr.'6inanCl50. A MS. fered by my fault should suffer d.io
I made a vow to last while J-.he wu?
laid up."
Miss Cordon threw off an afgl an an !
stood on her feet.
"And you're going to irrrry this
wounded girl," she said ax-jrr'Iy.
"How did you know thai?" asii 1
Hutt, astonished Nth at her rhmg aL "
the knowledge Rfc fho-wt-d.
Without reply ?.he marched out of th
Eva and I had been treading the
pleasant road of newly engaged peo
ple a week when we encountered our
first stumbling block. I called "Wedues
' day and Saturday evenings to arrive
1 not before b, to leave not after 11. I
I the hour of meeting and departed-
well, I . stayed as long after 11 as 1
dared. On the sevemh day after cur
engagement I was on time and was
ushered into the green drawing room,
which, it had been stipulated, should
be reserved for our exclusive use. Eva
advanced as usual to meet me, and I
was proceeding to greet her with the
usual kiss when she stopped me.
My heart sank. I had had a hard
struggle to get her away from a rival,
and it occurred to me that she had,
after all, discovered she loved him and
didn't love me. However, I withheld
any expression of trepidation and sank
on to the sofa where I usually sat But
tonight instead of sitting so close to
Eva that a sheet of paper could not be
thrust between us I sat on one end of
the sofa, while Eva sat on the other.
It was plain by her expression that
something of importance weighed on
her mind. I dreaded to hear her speak
the word that should undo all that had
been so delightfully done. She had
taken me up into the "delectable moun
tains," and now she was about to cast
me into a "bottomless pit."
"Harry," she began, "something has
been on my mind ever since we've been
"What Is it?" I faltered.
"You know I've always said I
wouldn't marry any but a perfectly
pure man."
"I know it. I see it all. You're go
ing to break our engagement because
I'm not good enough."
"Don't go so fast. Often when you
have kissed me I have wondered if
you have ever kissed any one else.
I've thought that it would be better to
i ask you and get the matter oit my
"Hut supposing I have."
"Sn)iirisi!u vim b.ive well, sunnos-
ing you have." A touch of feminine
curiosity came into her eye.-; aud voice.
"In tli.it case it would depend upon
whom you have kissed."
"I never kiss and tell."
"It's not felling; it's confessing."
"I.ut v, iKit right would 1 have to tel!
that I had kissed a girlV"
"You h ive only the right to tell me.
No one else, cf course."
"Do you think the girl who has been
kissed would assent to that?"
"She has nothing to do with the mat
ter." "Humph:"
This to me was a roductio ad ab
surdum, but to Eva a valid argument
on her side. Our relations were be
coming strained.
"Do you remember the autumn we
all went nutting'" Eva asked.
"And how you and Daisy Langdon
wandered away and sat under the
"Did we?"
"Of course you did. You remember
it well enough. ! You put your arm
around her waist and kissed her."
"How did you know all this?"
"I happened to be walking toward
the bridge and saw you."
There was a pause, during which we
sat studying on the important problem
that had come up between us.
"Well," I said at last, "since you
won't marry a man impure enough to
kiss a pure girl I don't see but that" ;
"I'm not immaculate," she said, hang
ing her head.
"Then why do you expect an immacu
late lover?"
"I have long had a confession on my
"Make it."
"At that same nutting party"
"At the moment I came upon you and
"I was walking with with a friend."
"You're sure he wasn't a lover?"
"A friend who might or might not be
a lover. When we saw you go away
from under the bridge we went there
ourselves and sat down. Then, be
kissed me."
All this came hard, but It all came at
last, and I felt that I was safe from
farther molestation as to my own pec
cadillos. I was a trifle Irritated at hay
ing had to go through so much for so
little and, rising, said coldly:
''So I suppose your - knowledge a
knowledge you have had for more than
a year that I am not perfectly pure
ends all between us."
"I have confessed to an equal sin. If
you will forgive me, I will forgive you."
"Oh, I see it all now. Having a sin on
your conscience, you first bring up an
equal one on my part."
"I think you are very unkind."
"There is one thing I donit like about j
this matter, one thing in which you
have had the advantage of me. You
Prices lower than for fertile Improved farms anywhere In the corn belt, where every tome srrass
frrows rank. The treat rremlam Corn rrows nr. bkkutok rKii s " ?"
U, 80, 1U0. ISO and lancer.
THOS. 1. IltUBAHU, Klnball, K.n.
WANTED 50 men and -10 ladies to
call at the stage entrance of the
Gennett Theatre at (5:43 Friday
evening January 5th, to take part
in the production of "Checkers"
which is to be presented at the
theatre that evening.
WANTED Sweeping and dusting to
do by an experienced house man.
Home phone 995. 12-30-5t
WANTED A good girl for general
housework. Small family, 52 S.
13th street.
WANTED A good boy to work in
the Railroad restaurant.
WANTED By young colored man,
any kind of inclpor work. Reliable
and sober. Phone 295.
WANTED Washings
South Fifth street.
at No. 4
E. B. Grosvenor, M. D.
AN i)
Glasses Fitted
24 North nth St.
WANTED Representative in own
community. $500.00 capital re
quired. Good salary to right party.
Bona-fide real estate proposition.
Address New Martinsville Im
provement company, Steelton, W.
Va. Diet. S. 29-tf
WANTED There Nvill be an opening
soon at the Business College for a
boy to work for his tuition. Call
at once, phone 635 or 240. Itfl-tf
FOR RENT Five or six rooms in
good location. Call phone 1111.
FOR RENT Blacksmith shop vvith
tools complete; also a paint shop.
9 S. Gth street; 24-5t
Dayton & Western
Dayton and Return, - - $1.00
Eaton and Return, - - - .60
Tickets at above ptice will be told
every Sunday until farther notice.
p mm as the
nuhltfl lit, h auU. i
- la . Suoo-
radoMa rywhr. ippiow
by tmr uai Uw ooU(M. Btte
Collaf Law Court asd BcMBwf
Law Couna. Literal Ta, I
aclal OJhrHtw.
Calalagu FijJ
Spragutt CcTCrndnJ
School of Law
133 Majestic Bids.. DetrITM
ft A A A
vr:4, 60 YEARS
FOR RENT Desk bench or
room, with power at 1024 Main
street, Richmond Anto Station, tf
FOR RENT Nice furnished nm
for gentleman, 120 South Seventh.
in vmm uu. ",tmum
asrl 1 1 wJ
Trace Marks
Anrono ending a fkotrh and deacrlptUm uiut
luk'kly afu'wi am ur opinion frotj whether nil
invent inn is (irntmMy palentJibln. mrmiiilc.
tinnnRtriet;ytoiitkicnti:il. on PiXcuts
Bout fpe. M8t ttpeiirr for msourliiir iii(enls.
I'iiieiits 'aken 'ttirouirh ilumi A Co. receive
eperiul iwtlce, wit hout chnrgc. tu tho
Scientific Emsrican.
FOB. SALE. A handaomeJy Illustrated wpeklr. iMreont clr-
culation f anr BCietit iBo Journal. 'i'priiiB, $3
Richmond property a specialty, i Yitm ro ntha u sbjaii newsdeaiorj.
Porterfleld. Kelly Block. Phone 329 l)Um & L0.dt)luroaawa'f' HBW lOfK
BraucU OtUce. 625 F SU Wasbtngton. D. C
FOR SALE A new guitar cheap at
215 S. 11th street.
FOR SALE Favorite baseburner
at 47 S. 12th St. 20-2t
FOR SALE A first-class pawn
brokers business. The only one
in a town of 20,000 people. Good
reasons for selling. Address box
number 7, Palladium". 2-eoJ-2v
LOST At the Gennett Theatre a
blue silk scarf. Return to 201 N.
12th street and receive reward.
LOST Lady's umbrella with pearl
and gold handle with letter "S"
engraved. Finder please leave
same at 47 N. Sth or 215 S. 11th.
ajata ir. fmi-a,,.
Evory IVoman
uuuerewea ana aiuiua kbow
about the wonderfaT
MARVEL Whirling pri
The nw Tartaal Bjrimr, InJrc
turn ana auction. nai
Mt M oat C onviMiletil
II Uiumi lataaU
Ak yemr UnnrKl.t fa It.
It he cannot auDiilr tba
iillVKL, ac-eit no
other, bat aead ataino for
t;matratd book itglTea
full tarticu!ara and direutiona in.
.valuable to ladle. MAtVKli CO.,
ran vw. new ism.
LOST Yarn mitten. Address 402 N.
14th street.
LOST Blue silk erepe in the Gen
nett theatre Saturday afternoon.
Finder please return same to 201
N. 12th. Reward. 31-5t
LOST A pair of steel rim glasses,
return to this office or Miller's
harness . store. 30-3t. .
I 4? cke3.
la 1 U a 4ara I
r-J Onarantced
R4aaT sat ta atrtoturt.
vA omciiiATi.ori
Daa Bin O for unnatural
lrritatioD or ulceration
of mucosa membrane.
Praate Caataalaa. Palnleaa. and not aalrln
IrNEEVJUISDlEMICAlCO. gent or poiaonoua.
old by DraffrfaU,
or ant in plain wrapper,
br expreaa, prepaid, for
91 M. or I bottle 92.1a
ctrcour nb( on
LOST A blue saddle cloth on the .
New Paris pike. Return to Tay
lor's livery barn.
LOST A string of coral beads. Ad-.
dress 1224 Main street. Reward.
m 'SfMaaMBaaawaaaHaaaBHa
LOST Volume I of Fiske's Discov
ery of America. Kindly return to
Monisson-Reeves Library.
LOST Silk umbrella about Thanks-;
giving, with name on handle, sup
posed to have been left in some
store on Main street. Finder
please return , same to Palladium
office or call new phone 1403 and
receive liberal reward. !2-21-5t,
i Dr. LcFranci
Safe. Quick. Reliable Regulate.
Superior to otbor rowndlai void at blab prlw.
Cnro ptrHtaal luuiiajTullr a by orar
SOJ.fte Waajiem rfoo.sS Oowtat dta
Rlata or by malLTaottmon lola and booklot fro.
cures Sores. Barn. Scalds, Ulcers, Itta.
worms, Tt r, Krvsapeias, Hcald Head, Itsk ,
Pi m plea, Blotcfaas, loflamod B7M, PUes.
and all 8krn KrupUraa. MaJbea tbe akin
beautifully fair and tooth. At all drug.
Elsta. fidR. Rend for booklet. '
ttfcBrtaa, Bouawar St Ce.. PMlaclpta. Jy
know the girl I kissed; I don't know the i , ' ,. , ,
man who kissed yon." ' : D' gentleman's brown golf
gIov. Owner ; may have same by
calling at 1100 Butler street.
"Is it necessary that I should oonfe-ij
that? No one expect-, . :'.!r.g of a
"But you have expected something of
, Eva patted her fooc on the carpet. WI
only icten.'Tcd to confess my part in tho
matter," she said.
"It has not Leen necessary that you
should confess anything. You did it to
eas; your conscience, not at any re
quest from me."
Here occurred the only effective argu
ment in this mild blow on a mill pond,
a tear that I saw g"sten!nr In Eva's
CT& The episode was closed.. . - (.
That night I overstayed my limit an
Fhone 17
FOUND A black yam mitten. Call
at this office. 2S-3t.
' Vzpa -ids. in the PaHa jam Pay
Try on.
l?lcaas?5t to take,
lov-rMi! to Cure,
Au.i VfK-onieiu
every I2orie
yb f every iiorte
tm& KIDHEY and UVtBccre.
r"ti ' Dr. Ketmr lT'f Favorite Remedy
Is arlapted to all a?ef and both t-jt-n, arromintr .'-r-manent
relief in ail cam's mim-d by Jnpwrlty f tho
t.lood. such aa. Kidney. Biad'ier and Liver Com
plaint. Cmwtfpmioii, and wcako'-ovn peculiar to
r.-'vrwn. KieeeKf. 1 1 for veara. Prepared br
DR. I. RKKriVJ teOlV'K, Rondoat. X. V.
fl.C0 all druggists. Six bottles fOXft
ctnxm a cmmlb jb oar -rr
Tsirarfy Btbsba Ontnlm n.kia. a
KiVtW . Original and Only Oeaalaa.
,Mt. aiwararanania l.a1(M, af Druail
, In Ki:i an4 Void matallic In, acalas
wnn uiim r-.DDon. i alien etker. Kcreaa
Ilaiavwaui Knh.lltntiMi. sad I
tlaaa. Baj of jvnr OrugfiM, ar Mad 4a. la 1
"""ftor FarUrnlara, TeatlManlata
"l::ir for LidiM,") Mur, b) r
turn Mall. 1 A.OOO Tcaiimoaiala. flold b
Trufjl.t. ( blrhaatr t'haaalaal Oa-

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