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Randolph journal. [volume] (Winchester, Indiana) 1862-1862, August 15, 1862, Image 2

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. L.
deeply into t lie lic-irts of hi j thought of dextrin tion hnou
henre'ra. There vms nn interne ted hi i (1 iv nf.d niu'ht. Me Ii i-
husdi, n- il in truth the Spirit had
moved him to peih, am every
ientence w aa nmed with a hi
red authority. Amiath M't-li
enor looked at him, ever the low
partition which divided hr
nnd her lstr.n fr rn the men's
side, absorbed in hi r.np! earnest
r.rsi and Unlh. She loot that
other hearers wen present: he
jpake to her alone. A strain
-pell mermetl to seize upon her
faculties and Inin them nt hi
fret: had he beckoned to nr, rdie
would hue arisen and walked to
his side.
Friend CaraVr warmed snd
deepened a he went on. I
frei moved to day," he gaid,
"moved, I know not vhv, hut I
hope for some viv purpose, to
relate to you an instance of Di
vine am! nunan Urines wh'uh
has come directly to my own
knowledge. A vonn inan of
delicate) cori-titntion, whose
lun were, thought I' he per
iously affected, w.n fcnl to the
house of a Friend in thft country.
in order to trv tho e,flfect of air
and exer i
An.nth al not rented to
breathe, in the ii,tonity with
which ne. .171 aid IVened
Clanpin he- hinds tightly in her
lap to prevent them trom trem
bling, and fleadvin herself
again-t the b icfc of tho seat, she
lieird the etory of her love for
Richard Hilton told by the lip?
of a tränier! not merely of his
dismissal fron the hou-e, livit of
that mrrtir? in the treet, at
which only file nnd her father
was present! Nnv, more, he
heard her own words repeated,
pile hard Richard's paMonnte
outburst of remorse derrihed in
lanua? that hrouhl his living
face heforo her! She frisp"n
for brcath, his fire iris bMore
her! The features ha-pened hy
de.pairi n r ericf. w !i h her mom
cry recalled, hid nhrost ant i i
pated the harder linen wh'uh fif
teen venr hid made, and whi h
row, with a tTril le m 1; nndjed to tell you this sto y," Friend
choakincj le. p of t!'e h'-art, she 'C irter concluded, "fro o a iVf I
recoyi'zed. Hr fs"n?e4 faded, in j that it may be reeded, hen-,
and sh would hve fallen '"roro '-t t Ii t time, to inlluence some
her peat but for tb unpport of.'heMt trenddin in the haluu-e.
t!ie partition against whici1) the
FohmMelv, the women rear
her were to uvi h o coriied wi'h
tlie nn-ntive :o poiio hr -ndi-tion.
M mv o tie n wept. s'lnt
ly. w;th thei- Innkr. hiefj press
ed over her month.
Tip fir-t s!n k I fair.tne.
passed nvn-, an I she elnn; t
the ipftnkrr's voie. a if U
oud rinn cod! f'wo hr
treri,Mh to sit st'dl and lister
furt r-.T.
I)'srted by h'R frienl, U-a-
bletoy U'a feet oi th1 evil
patli."hrt eontinued. "the vo ri;
man left hiv hone an I went la r.
citv in nn ohr S'a'e.
Hithreit w!s easier to find
a.ss'eiae in evil than tender
hearts lhat mi ht I el;i him h I.
to yd. He. win tired of life,
ar.d the hope of .a pcdier death
hardened hioi in hi cour?ej.
Hut. my frie.vls Heath never
comes to thoe who wi kedlv
seek him The L'ard withhold
destrmtion 1'on lb- hands that
arc nui'ity out ref . hd to prip
it, and frM hi pitv and foriv
nfis on the, unwilling soul. Find
ins that vm the principal o'
life whi'h rrw trorer within
him. tie yminx Tn nt hit tredi
U(i tn awful rrimc. TXielcan't place thee.
I eed iround the wlii'vc-,
if. into ih d-ep waters, au I
WH retr lined fro it tile d'ed n
!y hv the mi' imrv of thvVi.-t lov
Z voice he h d hard.
I) ih iloo.ny evening, when
eveatV memory hid Ii led. and
he v tired the apma hin;dark.
u?rs to in ke hh d'irK ecu re.
! a hand was lihl on hit ar.n. A
iian in the simple ub of tlie
Friends stood I h fore him, and a
ftce which reileefed the kinhies
ofth Divine Father looked up
on him.
My child aid he, I ;m;
drawn to thee hy the urrit trou
ble of thy mir.d Shill I t. Ii
th wh it it i thee meditates?
The yonn man boo irs he ul.
41 will be dient, then, '-ut I will
save lljee. I know the human
heart, and its triilsand weakness
e and it may he put into my
mouth to ive thee strength, lb
took the youn n ans h in 1, a
if he had len a little (hi Id, anil
led him to his home. He he:ird
tho al t-tory Iro n, heiuuin to
eftd: md the youn: mm wept
upon his hreaM, to har no word
of reproach, but only t!ie largest
and 1 -filiere.-1 pitv b v tow hestow.
ed upon Viim. They knelt down
mle hv by irt t midnight; and
the Fiiend's riiit hand was up
o i ids head While 'they prayed.
4tThe youo n an wa rrit iie l
from hi evil wav. to ?j ):r.o-.vl-edi;e
still further the hound lers
men v of Providence. The di.
ipation wherein he hid reekl..i-s-ly
eouht death wu, tor him, ;i
marveou-i restoration to life.
His lung had heenme. sound and
free, from th'tendeney to dise.ase.
The measure of tiU forivenis
wan al nojit itmre n ho could
'enr. lie hore hi- eross t!eme
forwan) wiih a pvlul n'sinatioji,
and was merci'uliv ilrnvn nearer
nd nearer to th Truth, until, in
the fulness of hi. convit tion , In
entered into tha brotlierhooil ol
the Friendn
41 have been powerfully mov
ho in there anion; you, my
fr:end, that may not. snatch a
' r"d fro n the hurnin? Oh,
Relieve tint pity and charity are
lie n ovt rife, t lal weapons n
into the handh of us imMM ."ec
0 otlU and leave th awful nttri-
1 ute of wrath in the hands o.' the
He sat down, and dead nilenee
ep;n"d. Te.ar ol immolion stood
in th ei-s of (he he irer., me p.
a well ri women, "r,l tears ef
iirat'uude and thanks ;iviu h
ed war-'dv from t!ioe of An-
ath. An iiv In' le riae and joy
deewnded upon hr bf.art.
Vhn the iiip( tin hroke up,
Frir-nd M t hmr nhohid M"t re
ro -rzd Kit t;t"d 11 lton, but had
bard the htory with feelings
Nvdiiih he end-e.vored in vain to
eontiol, approached the preach
er. uTh 'poke to me this
dav. through thy lipV' slid he;
"will ther. come to one aide, and
hear nae n minute?'
"Hli Mitchno-!" exclaimed
Friend Caiter, Kli ! 1 knew not
thee win here! Doean t thee know
The old man ctared in aton
ihment. it Feems like a fnce
I oueht to know," he tiid, 'but 1
They withdrew to the .-Indeoi'
one oi ih f!)!us. Friend (J ir.
ter turn . 1 :w im, much mov ed,
and, K r 1 - J ' 1 1 4 the old man's
h lud in h own, -x liiir.ed.
"Frie.i l M t-hnor, I wne ill
d upon to-d v to sie-iknf mv-
sell. 1 a:u ir. in'her, I ifiti
till. 1) I ..It .i y. II I,.. f ......
t m , , t it. I I 1
rru nl .Mit h.ior s rr IliHii from t!te viol'-t ky.
,, ii , . i . I ' i I .
eil with minded e notiias o! At i-t b'.ch tid sto;);)i.
i 'ii- ' i i ti i i ' i .i
tiiM.enni jov. and his tiapoa; t,Asn ith,' sud h?, "d e-i lh'e
ii.. . I I I , l , i L I .. . ., i
the pre i(!:rr .s hands tihteecd. i ren.e.nh-r that s) ot-on ihe ereek,
,!., ,i ii I,, n a mi- o
'!uf thee -alN thy-t-Ii Car- wliere the rudb-ckan 'iew?
I ii ' i .i . .
terr he hiinll v r-ud. I r.'in ir.txr it, .sr.e answer -
t,o 1-, t i , I- l i i i .i
'.Si''ii alter I was saved,' w is ed, a mi h.-h Ldu h rir.ur' to her
, I, . , i , , ,, .1 .
the re 1- "an aunt o:j the moth- bi'V.
ler's sith- ( 1 i d, anu le't lu-r prop-i
j ertv t" to. , on condition tint 1
should take her mme. I w.tsj
tired ot my own IIi mi, :md to,
wr It up M'emed onl 'ike Io-ir,
mv former seL; hut I ,huld like'
tohnoitbo-k.aninrM.w' '
"Wonderful a i e the ways oti
the Lord, nnd pat lindiii out!M!
said the old man. k,C'o:iie home !
with me, Ki'hird, l on.e for invi
.ake, for tle-re is a coir eni on'
my mind un'il all b b-r le j
tweeu us. Or. say, will tlire;
walk ho'ue witli As'-mth, while;
I 0 with Moses?" !
"Asenath? i
44 Yes. There die c:0'"1, thro!
me faie. I nee can e.i.-i l v over,
tike her. F'O coining, Mose.-!"
and h hurried awiy to his
hxis carria, which was rp
t roach in.
Aven-.ih felt that it would be
impossible lor her to meet Kicb
nrd Hilton then. She knew n ;t
why hii nmie h id h-en ( h ui;' d;'
he had not betr;.Vr-d his identity
with til' youu man ol ins tory;
he evidently did n't widi it to le
I I. 1 f ' t t l M M O ) V ..fit I MlDof
ivil ' V I ii li HI M l' M I I i Uli I I
imj with her u.iKt snrprio him
into an iuvolnnt f.V r;v-(datio'i rl
the fa t It wars en on h forheri
that a saviour hr.d ari?.er. r.
lot Adam w.w te lee ned
a hober liht than th" a :t nn sun
now resh'd, arjd would forever
ri st. on tne one hndsi ip- of lir
youth. 1 1 or eyes shoi e witii
the pure brightness (; fr;,dhoo.i,
a soft warmth colored h -r che-'L
and si:eodied au'ay th co.-uin t
line- of hir I row, and her sei
was bht and ( I istic ab in tho old
Ki.Ter to esr-p fro:n ihi;
crowd, slip cros"d the h'hwiy,
iliisty wit ii its vtriir' o' r.-turni'i
ea riaj;e, and e.ittocd t!e ? In
ded ''.me. Tli' hre' v. ind di,d
iwav, the a'r v is full o,'
'H!)ds, -lid ih" w tr.n h ;!iL of
the rinkin sun iv II upon til
voorf-: nr.t n.f wlnw. N itn.-o
vee-ned p-Mict r teil with a KV,n
pitr.v w th hrrowii inne.r p-'ai'e.
liit'l the n ou n oi' ti e benign in t
dav w is vt t i o n A ijuick
f-otstep 1. üowt'd h o-, .ami cte.
1 'Mi j: a -oi c, n-ar at hand, call
ed 1 er by i. l ee.
Mi" stopped, tu. -cd, iu 1 for a
mo i eat tin y tood silent, hue to!
hu e.
d knew then, Kh hard:" d
h.t she Mid, in a tmnddi. oite;
mnytiie Lord ldees tin ci"
learj were in thü eyes cfj
"lie h?i 'blotted me," Uichird
answered in a referent tone;
t4and this is his Ia-t a..d sweetest
that thee forgives me.
l have foiven thee lon
ao, Richird forgiven, but not
Th hush of sunset was on
the forest, they wal .ed en
ward, fide hy side, exihirg their
mutual hutotics. Not a leaf
htirivj in the cirwr.-c oi' the till
'trees, ami the tSik. creenin
.ih;, between their Jte:n,
brought with it a lieber wood
lau 1 olor. Their voices were
low in I suhd'ied, in ii ar. auel
- ' i
(.fd'od wh;v h v-rit in th"
b ulows .and I.sN'nin, or 'lod
J I;... ..Ii i -J ... i ;
"If I were to say to thee now ;
. . - -
ev -a SDJp" SSP-SEP
I M f fH f j
l 'Ü
-r' -' ' ;' ' " " V ,r -. '
TA-TT T? Oii
1 XViWfOkJ,
At tUa Grocery an! Baktry may
j Groceries,
C)8ifccö;flonB ete etc
.7,7 rrx.s '.'.
& :a veil, t.
1 It Mil IP ;JK;JT, ttursr, BOIjOJJ&
(() ill Lindt. baked freth erery day,)
r-SVCll AS-
HUSKS r.lKzs.
Wo woc'i' crvll ttif iinrticul.ir ntttr.tion of tli- jiüblif to the fart th&t
and th.t r
Ab Provisions and Groceries can not bo bought on tkzz.
whit I said to thee thre, what
1 would thv .an-wpr' '
H"r words ca'ue lir''iNenlv.
I would nav to thee, Iii '.hard,
1 earj trut thee I dj low
Look at me A-euath."
Her cve.s beamirj with
(dearer li 'tit t'nn cvn then
I . , , j
when Mie lirt eonlepj, wrt
i , , . ,- ... i i v
'lilted to his. M:e pla-ed teT
. , 1 . , ,
h inds sent y upon hi s shou hiers,
. . " t . 1 . ,
And bent tier lien! upon fit
4 ,f , , L , ..
breist. jr tenderlv lilted it
, . . . r . .
avin, and, lor th? hrst time ner
. ,
vitlmii ip.i knew the ki:s oi
" 1
"O iiv-j
UJ s
be fcurd TUtl VLWY UKSTcf
Baked Stuff,
& u a r
T c n s
Sp ic c,
V O 4l 41 .
Sa It ,
'l iZSm
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