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Notic.j to fJubsc. ibcr s.
Atr nrxt week the Jui'ükai,
will only be sent to thor- who
mve made ndvanee p i vn .cut
0:1 it. We hhill use no partiali
ty whatever, h;.t the paper of eve.
rv su! s. ri! er who dors not pay
up nil : invars by the time stavd
a' ovo will then be discodnued'
We need g' vc but a single rtMson
1'r this course: wo have to pay
1 a -11 lor all our material, ('all
ami setMe all arrea; ao.-, and re
new your subscription. The ve
ry low price at which we now
lun.ish the Joukn.u. puts it with
in the roach ot" all.
Religious No ice.
Mr. Dynes :-Plea?e announce
in the Journal, th U Llder Hoop
will preact' in the brick School
J lou.-e on hnigar Creek near Kd
Wright's; on Sunday the last day
of this inst. And 0:1 the previ
ous evening ;it candle-lighting, at
W. C. Wilmoro's.
Sad zind Fatal Accident, j
Mr. Tempiin, a blacksmith
residing in Windsor, was killed
on Tuesday evening by the run-,
ning away of his team. He had
been to Richmond with a load of
volunteers and when within a
mile of home his horses became
frightened and ran away, killing
Mr. Tempiin.
Lewis Ileaston's horse with
a buggy ran away on the same
evening, and strange as it may
scsin, no particlar damage was
done.. Mr. lleadon jumped from
the buggy and escaped with but
little injury.
Another Sad and Fatal Acci
dent. James Hamilton, whose resi
dence, wc believe, is a few miles
north-east of this place was run
over and killed by the cars on
last Thursday morning', at the
Hail road crossing, half a mile
east of town. He was driving a
team, and was on his way to
tliia place, when, in attempting
to cross the rail road at Ludy's
crossing, a train of cars we
learn it was a wood train came
upon him, killing one of his horses
instantly, and cutting Mr. II. up
in a horrible manner. He lived
about two hours after the occur
rence of the sad accident. The
wagon was broken to pieces, and
the other horse was very much
Coroner John H. Lenke,
Munmor.cJ a jury and held an in
quest over the body on Thursday
afternoon, and rendered a verdict
in accordance with the above
On the p( rson of Mr. Hamil
ton w as found a quart lhsk, about
half lull of whiskey, and as it
was a common thing lor him to
be intoxicated, it is reivrnible to
suppose that this whUkey had
something to do in the case. And
if he was intoxicated, it is no
wonder he did nt notice the ap
proach of the cats in time to pre -
r,it the accident.
Hod. G. W. Julian's Speech.
Mr .1 1 1 1 i ? 11 spoke in tliis place
01; Jast Friday according to pre-
vins announ e ncnt. The. Court
liou-e was c -w b' l to ovi t Mow
ing wh.ch w.ss more thin we c
pei ted owin: 'o t!ie fvithat bi:t
two dns' notie,' was iven of hi
in'ention to sp-aL Hat the peo
ple came '0 mi'Iiv to hear their
ditinguidied Ueproseutati ve.
The lir-Kt half ot' hi- speeh
wis mainlv occuphd in recount
ing the doings of the i.t Con-
rres--uch as the passage c.l' tht-
Homestead Hill, Paeilie. Kailr :icl
Hill, (he bill ab di-hin- P.di-'a-!
inv in Utah the bill forever'
prohibiting1 slavery in the ration
al territories the bill uholbhing
slavery in the District of Colum
bia, alo the Confiscation Hill,
and probably others which wo do
not now remember. Hut enough
hss been named already to exhib
it a mo.t glorious record lor the
last Congress, the proudest that
has been made since the days of
Washington. His discussion of
the war question to which all
eyes and ears are turned, gave so
far as we have heard universal
satisfaction. He demands that
every agency that the Covern
ment could employ to crush the
rebellion be forthwith employed,
including slaves of course. He
was for making the war on war
principles making it so terrible
and destructive that the enemy
would soon tly from the field, as
the only hope of life. The prop
erty of Hebels, including slaves,
should in all cafes and without
exception, be used for their own
destruction. He said that "New
Hooks" had been opened by the
Administration and that hence
forth the wir would be pushed to
the knife, and the knife to the
hilt. This portion of the speech
was bold, unflinching, meeting all
the issues of the times, and filled
the people with enthusiasm.
He occupied a lew minutes in
. .
claim.-? for re-election to Con
gress. His refutation of the va
rious charges that have been made
against him was overwhelming,
so much so that if any had come
to the meeting prejudiced againt
him, they must have gone away
A Sibbith SMiool (Vhd)ration
was held at Farmland on h?i
1-Vi(iav. It was very lir;: lv at-ti-ndetl.
In tlie forenoon. 1!
conclu.ion in nrcsentin:' Ins!111'", '""i oe muicu u-re, ;u wc
Mr. Marine ol Mumie, ad.hvfs- ".ied in this city. When
ed the pare.-.t., r.nd lev I--., and J U(-"l' ," tt,r' 1"'MM l!,:t
in th' a'h.rnormthe children wc re ! lh"! l'rW"- u ""7
addr-ed bv J. 1). 1 Iarrh on. j 1 : lk - AgK-at p. -r-The
"Hoover raniilv' from ! ,ioM ol lr Ia,'ri aro iy fir-
I ) ay ton, blind vocah-t di
cr.ur: -t d exec lb :.t mmic f'r the
ocea;io:i, arid every thing p.d
off plea- tntly and to the s-ntirfjc-
ticn (f all who attended it.
CrrSee the Carl nf Hr. I).
F. Manninir in another column.
F. Manning m another minimi.
W.ho we unJeri tand micccwfuily
treats disease of the eve and ear.
Attention Invalids.
The Adj. (Icneral h&s counter
tiiMrvltni the order requiring eer
.tiiieitrs of disab'ditv to he fur -
uish' d llii? Commissioner.
The Commissioner and hi - dep-
a .
Unties will ute vl at the lourt
House in Wine liefer on thel'oth
ami i.'7th days of August, inst;
when thev will hear and deter
mine all applications lor eemp
tion from military duty.
All persons c laiming to he ex
empt, mut apply at tint time.
This order dees not apply to
oacs where the enrolling ollicer
" regarded the disability as
a7 arcit and has so marked it on
the enrollment.
By order of the Adj't Gen.
Thos. M H HOW SK.
1'nrolli ng CommissioikT.
An ru st 10, 1GJ.
We, a short time sine?, visited
S. P. Ludy's Hail Ho id nursery
situated half a mile east of Win
chester on the I. and H. H. H.
In looking throujh the above
nursery we noticed over a hundred
varieties of apple trees, and an
assortment of peach, pear, and
cherry trees under cultivation; al
so, a great number of ornamen
tal tree--, such as the Oak leaved
and Weeping Mountain Ash,
purple Fringe Aecia or Moss Lo
cust, as well as evergreens of dif
ferent kind and roses, of every
form ar.d color.
Mr. Ls assortment of sn.sll
fruits is large. We hail an op
portunity of testing the merits of
the Lawlon Hlackherry, which is
verv fine for size and ilavor. We
are surprised tint any ore should
deprive themselves of these luxu
ries, so easily gotten and cared
for. Mr. L's stock of li rape
Vines are looking very thrifty.
Some are fruiting. He has a
number of the best varieties.
We think those persons wi.-h-ing
to beautify their homes by
netting out fruit or ornamental
i . iii -i it. .
tin i. k that trees, vines cVc, grown
on our own soil and in our own
climate, would give satisfaction;
and Mr. L. has visited and pro
cured the best improved t-tock of
tlie mot extensive nurs'eri'. cd-e-wherc.
KTr""It is generally eom-cd' d,''
-iys tje Ki hmond j'VA : ,
4'lhnt the G'.uh i- e)uipo.-rd of
I i-tt'T iii.-t ri d, t ik' it all in nil.
I 'I. ui t itiifr c the olie r r;
mcr, Iro.n the v
of lif', and hive uluut ere 1
with tic- p.-cial iK. ign of doin
.-on, thin:;, arel t!;ey v- ill mal.
th:ir mark' if i!.e- hive un c;
: - I i'.th regiment b ! t l up. u e l,h. v l.vM.-. Win
Iridi.inapidis on Wc t!m-day fortt-r, i - ir- r of .1 ly ( a;.!; ,
'Kentuckv. "V.il L:;:oy, LA.
ILJ'Thr following, from
Lihrty (Cnioii County) Jlcra
an anti -Julian piper will she
to all the in inner in w hich kli
Washington" Julian is throw
ing cold water" upo'i the recru't
ing hu.-ii'fss and ''opposing the
policv of the Adaii nitration
".Mr. Julian made a speech in
, . ,
the ('ou:t I louse of this place,
Vy '
lat Saturday, to quite a large
audience. lie discnoeil tlie ab-
orbing topic nf the day tiie
war, how it hid been carried on,
and how it would be carried on in
the future; giving his opinious in j
regard to hodi policies, concil
iatory and war, 'war to the knife,
and the kilt te to the hilt III his
.. I'll
war policy as proclaimed (y
him liom the rotrum last Satur -
day, :io loyal man will take ex
eepiions, indeed it was .-uch a?
phr. - d e very one pre.-ent. Such
a policy as he time proclaimed,
faithlully carried out, would soon
in our judgment, end this infer
nal re r ellion."
nC'An cdei-tiuu for olbYer in
Lieut, v'aitcr'e (Company, at
lliclcuoir! on Ia-t TucHlay, re
sulted as follows:
Captain (ieo. U. Caiter;
1st. Lieut. A. .1. Nell";
ld. Lieut. Win. Kocht.
The I 'Ov.s hid an abundance of
good material from which to select
-1. ill . I I ....
meir uu ers, aim we n
doubt tho-? who were
chosen to
lead th'ni t) the h atthdiedd will
prove th;ioidves to be tile ri glit
men in the riht pi u es."
0Ci"Tl.o Companies of the
GlMh l? 'riniCiit arr. h tt?red as i
Comp.'iny A--Ca)t. Fin It1)'.
Company I) Capt. M irdi.
Company (J ('apt. Ihmebrake.
Company I) Capt. Ho.-.
Company K Capt. Walterhotise. i
Company I' ('apt. Harris
Company (I Capt. Wingett.
Comj) i:iv II Capt. Hoover.
Company I Copt. Collins.
Company K Capt. Kerr.
CrrThe r.-ud ol the election
of otlice:s lor Lieut. Ihirre s's 1
('ompanv, tcsu!td i folhnvs:
Captai a V;n. liunt-;
l.vt. L' iut. II. 'F. Siinmo.i-;
lib Lieut. Win. A. Hum--.
(;.r. Wc v:v Id e.il 1 t!,j atten
tion of our reader. tu the adver-
t:e;;u-nt of Dr. .1
M. Frot,
wuic'i appears in tins paper.
II. F. Ki'-r iv t!,. a -eat fn- !:i
:i;ediei;4cj in t.hi. p! ice.
r;.' in':
i.:.a i-'i'.'-et wa
! ,
: ; mi::- ! at l k;n nd la t
Fiidiy, r-!:d 1 it tiler.; for Ir. 1:-
an Ii)-,;; ; -:i .M jrvlav ri'.;!it.
A:'iit!i i c;:npmy Iron J;y
( 'i c m-e t r f j - phr" o:i
Mondrtv, .' ri 1 I' ll h' f
1 1 ' ) i : i i r i x ';'r 1 :i
.11 . . ,
w i a 1 ; u 1 ri mm inv. a no wa
.- WiM
1 1
m 1
fhe Atlantic Monthly for Sept.
t hand. The Atlantic is the
i magazine in the world.
b. WACHS TAH) $100.
Ti mU ;: ! fr ttie A pan rwin
Mt mim (j'Mpanv. Wo w ill pi vc a com-iui.-iii
:; all (! Mh! lv our Ape nt
r j it w' at fror: $ 10 to W0 p r
j r-'J u wj- ripcnf.
i ( ur tu u liini' it i rf-r t 'in it rarchinii'tu.
. , ,, , , , , ,e
A lull can li ara cjfAttf lv Lilf 3
j illMir in-tnu-ti-Mi! It ir. -.IUl la any
: oiniv Si whi.- .MtcMi.f ir uu, ml we
luv' rtdurt't the j rice to I'ilt-a DolUr.
M.ith mitltii.t' is arc.int l for ' )fra-A.l-Iris
ii.) 1 (li-n. At-t Ptlroit, Mich.
OH. I. V. MANN INC, (Uteof
t ); lith liuii Iittirfivtrv.) li.ivincde-
t-rmiir,l topml a t't w montlM in thi
I'' " n 'I'1 t'O'ilIv t ii'h r Iih I'rulVs'Hiontl
j M n . t(, ;tU j ttlis an.i u-ijoin-
; ,,',"l;t,,- tii.c-t.--i wth iiraoi- oi th
fv ali i var. u.ivint: lim t X rit'nr? iu
tic-i !t irtuu nH of M Jii ine niil S-'urpe-r,
ar.J l.tvin ujo iiur Uuin or4iu
rv t'.iriiitirH f r a-iiirin a ihorouph
kiiowl cf C;'h(li.ilii.ir iiiiJ Aural Med
i' in-, ;!i.ivii': Ix i n nyi)ri.ilf I with I'rof.
I'i.-k, in Iii- l'.yi' an l Il.ir Intirmary,) the
Pr. lio;i s to h' ah! to n tor1 to Sipht
itn l llnirinp, rvuir who luve Lcui here
rt rnrli"l ;n hojn c. .
I'r. M inning will, iiio while here, ho
!i;;'t'y to pi a rnrt of jrivRte Lc
t'ir to th- l'h i'u i.ui- ef this vitliiitjr(n
ii-'f of the live aal tin T.ar.
No dar;'"' for l'oiullation. The poor
tT"W'l t-riti.
lr. A!, ni iv he fuiul, Un rot profe
' i:i;illy i.ti;' tl ,t the lV:ikhn 7ouhe,
"kVinrlw sti r, Jnl.
l!n t'if T. I'r. Clrepr, Co'nmhia City,
Irl.; Ir. I'iA, A. II. L. I.. I . (ir envilte,
)!ii.; Prüf. A..1. P.uiphii. (V'lumhia Cil.
In-!.; In v r Smitli, and nJpe C'rain, I't.
W.ivne, JiiiL
, ",j)furN.
i y v? -y
i -
ViVVW iv. 0
ov Wvcvafvu
av.y vvN
cvvc 'owsvVv-
Vvof.Vv ic vvv
iAniiAui-W Wecw WV.UV
Yvos avv: vv.
luve V vvvv.
ivvvvvv vwv )uvvv)vh;
:r,...' y C.. 2M. '!C2.
j v. Wo A, Wvv Vvv:
1 ivivwc.vv;V evvvc v uVuvVeuvw
i . . . . .
auwc, vW owe hAVm
ynv c Xs. Av A lw
kWuwvw.'XwwvV vvav v.oCk
." T:jm W ti-lil nut ! Hlrn-t,
iriiAKAroLn. ixd.
' . . A 4 k - " V. ......
w vviwuvv kV YCVVVVV.
vuvv v mvU kwwivvu
' .wn in'
. H. Kizcr, Wine he:! :. I; Fa

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