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Randolph journal. [volume] (Winchester, Indiana) 1862-1862, August 22, 1862, Image 8

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Lieut. Miller's Company left Utril, thy ke this mithod of rnrour
. von to l" there, an -1 when t Ii r to
for camp on Saturday morning ,-ul" ; , u ' . . n
1 " v l i i vt well vunr part. I Ii T B) mpithic po
la.-t, on the 5 o'clock tram in lUir H,p.cit..de for .v.-.r
illg. A large pOltlon Ol OUT
ns were at the Depot to scr
citizens were at the l)v
lilt Iii UU ll Mil I"'"" v.
well, with words ol cheer and
On the previous evening this
Company umh pre-entrd with :i .
flag hy the ladies of ne bester. ,
Judge Jere. Smith, on behalt ol
the ladies, made the pre.-cntation
speech, which was as follows:
J.:r.rT. Mil i k r am S'l.nttws:
The patriot it ifii: lido if Wiijt hr
trr l.tic prouid I r yon i) Ik autilul
Bi'.ii'J i now rt '-I in to privtm iof :
1 ..tat.
tme to you, an 1 h ive a-ir-nr 1 to n- the
plesntit duty of niyiii;; n IV wrd.- t
Tiu on thtir !k lull", u;ou the m c a-uu td"
it. 4 prr.-tfntitloii.
You lire uh'iUl to enter the tntrl ful l
in the nrtniei of the I'ni n. You havt-
iiohly o!T. rr 1 your-t ! ve.-t in tin- .-irvire of :
o jr he! ) e 1 country, nnd are no ent rini;
cpjij thf 5rJn.iu t'uh and piiratioiM of
Ih.tt ffire. You are ;' ut to hi I aiitu
to home wir' .ill its endtarii as oii
ti jii, an J th 1 )Tr I m.r-i vk 'i..i:i j.iu If iv
to hin J, Mil 1 t t forth to Kit lie hr your
C )v-utry nn I yoi.r )vrnr. nt, to sreur
J p rp'i'ia'.e 10 us woo ren 101 in n.me, j
.t wt 11 iii t y. urs 1 Ti an 1 to p -t . tin , j
the F.-ee C )vern:neit formed hy the pit j
ri 't.sof the Keve iluti on an 1 h m ie I !own
lj us in tru.t for in rati ons t unVrn,
t ) whom it is the cd, niu duty of us all to
1 . - .1
h m i it J jwn uut nnld.i I.
Tint ( I ) rnm i.t tlo ('institution
w!jkh fot m 1 an 1 creited it is n w t-
t icke 1 !y tut'i't ss h in .s ( w fhaine to i j
it; cf men Anot'u-i'i horn. T.iev are j
a in t'ie lud I with vt armes t. ..v r-
throw it, an 1 cnh iut the pt'oi ievs I. !.--
In A 'f th" liest (J v erutnent evir f.-rnn- I
f.r m, an I wt.hh they, in eon.m with j
t;s, inhrritf I fr tn ur piti iot;.- Fathet s. ,
Yotl hi ii f I v ht p; rd lot th to the res- t
cue, an 1 lail ) our hearts iip-: the altar d',
7 country, ar. 1 volunl er.-d in h r m i - J
. : . v ... . t 1, . j n. . r t. I I . j I . n I I . . I
i. i , i . i.i. i. ni'-i in .... i. ... i. .i.
h in J and st- I to st 1 1, an 1 tU tliem in
th inlt r t oics, tht this thin-: m-i-t n t
Le this im ither country 'f ti:i-, t'iith.i
8 ) rrcatl v h',- .. i u s , must II ot he dfst I oy
rJ hy her tecrc.mt s on.
ii f.rt!i then in the stri n;,th of the
istrirss of iiii'.r
He-' .5 iltlj :iMT I tio t .1(1. '. ' J lit,"
xn 1 w th s'.r mi;' a i in an t-t .;t h nrts do
hittle for ojr com. try. N-v.r .-top to
c u:.t th e i uuiht r of th o.-e wh- ate try :..'
t i n'.rj.i' d w ii our fljtio is ( " ti s . : t u t i:,
a:s 1 l'n', -a; h it, V'. j in ; them to he .-:. h.
'j:;a'l, i.t ll cm,
jo; i.t in
i i. -i ..-1 . v. i : x
I 1 1 A I I H
til t ry rvt. rc et s n of
cj'jr.try w!;o i- in arn-.s iiL'iiu
our lo ! 1
tit, Ii I i t
4 W .
II :t i:i Iii c 1. t:r of viol ry .! . t f..r.- t
ll.e hi ive Me ill o i tiiiht
1 . ut' I Th i c i i ;li v in
ti v t. W hi a the foe rr
ate . n . li
the M lue of
f-.lt 1!; :i, aa 1 sues f r ,; irtt r, let u t the
n i .Ih ii : heat of stille c o: -o- , , .u to f t -f,
I t':i.t mi arc A no I i.'.iu e't:i :is. w ir-
i n ' i.;-jI th tu it i .i. 'I, an 1 .
k : io a th v c who have ;it!.!e 1 1 the v..s !
TLe with you th:! u.;..l
t .. w p lt l . tiO 3
l.i Ii s i f W .
.. t -ti r
hive p-
' -..r( 1 f ir 3 on, ani t. -w
J r -i nt
t y. u. Ih' ir it th 3.1 e-i th. !'.. II i f
jf.r lY ; a ' . 1 w ! m 'i the e : - t i - r
ra on:r too tow ar 1 it : r :. : .-. r th it
it i lh kv 11 r if 3 ":r n 'u-.tt ; r 1 1 1 ri -1.
r it is t'.f .: i.t ul' th" fair 1:0 s ,,f yi-r
I trnv- i:. . ' 1 i: ii h, and U t th a ,':".
u 1 th 1 e 1 .- )'.h .".' ,:.., d ' v ii r e 1 . r
tr :is uti ! t . 3 ir hi 't t- l-r t.. - c
jr. 1 h' ie .!' , too r I.t it I"1 tr
the d ;! : a r. ' ! f : " w r v
l.ve .. I t.f a'.h. ti di.Ynl it ft
!: 1 it,
" 1-0.
i 'li.
C i t ' 'i :,,'
'l hi -e f. r
' "
;,.";;::;V l,;.Y:,r :
i 'i v.
- , ' . .. .
I ,.3. t.j i r tv ttMt iJa.c ii.;.;,:, ,', ',': u..-x.x .uJ i u.:..e- tu
i . .i .
th 3 mi have devot d yourselves. Too
ik ai.i (ral th instlv.s to p t0
IctiO 1 fit 1 1 an I hear it part in jrriin war
w-!f.-tre eoutinue durii,; jour nu
Thru take thin fla;' of our country, now
. . . .
Ncruff.l t ii I v th fur h ir. I-', ni; !,
hj Toljr (.,,n 1(1(.t( ,(1)ti(ir it ll((I1r iu J(J
ur, an I le lotr our oiiiimoii country.
Iut. Miller accepted the flag
or, behalf of the Company, in the
f ,1 1, w i ni language:
Lti-i: I nrcfj't nt jo'jr Ii mds the
lt miil'ul 1 1 1 -r wliivli von, n l th ;se on
li'i-c Im h.i!f n aft, h ive -o kindly pit - i
tt.t-1 to u-t ; m. 1 in thr ii irne and n lo--
h i!f ol t! hrave )iun' nin of the
I'uiiii'iMV, I i turn to "'i , oti t; and nil, t!ie
In ail : t x j 1 1 --i'. n ol our t haii k.- fir tlie
i:,t i t Ton lino lli!m:.u ii in uur hi
I accttt it thn in an evidence of vour
r I will, an 1 nl-o a- an a lin o.itioti tliit
w hh all ! ot.r du'y in the .'re.it c":.t -t
i j h: h wi- ar thi.' lay tiittiii.
I'oir hr.irt.4 and fair IiJu Ih h iv- this d iv
romruitt 1 hi I . inner to our keej.in ;
heticifoith let hifi hearts and troii
ir iih ht ir it ahdt in the v ice of our be-
Ion d eo..ntry.
As ;i foith fron the en ! arnnnts
of h otne, and as w e min-'le in the ru h r
m i in s of war, we w ill hear with i: this
. ...i i f .. ..ii- . ..
m . f rjioi jiMir ,-iut iii iii, i in inntrin'
I.I. I. I I . .1
i:.ai, hiihoii -n aixi r.i, w e are not I cr-ot -
ti u, i md ;nh rin that yonr eyes will
I dh- .. to the distant fie Ms of strife,
and will ansiotidy w oitth mr hteps aiuid-t
the p iiN that will .-urround us. It shall
r er h on- hi-he-t aim that this haunt r
sh ill ot.il'i r i:o didfinor at our h u.d-. At
ih'ud itk hour in onr country 's history w e
jo f. rtli to do what w e c in to restore our
C vi in no nt i,, jm furnier peaceful and
j, . v r.,.;ti ,ii , to aid in vindiextin
th.- mij.-ty of the C.m-titution and the j trci..-on or forei-n .ipresion ; there is h it
1'i.i -u ..f the Fathers a'.: iin-t the mill oly ' nc heai t and soul to the people of the
r.lUion th it now seeks their overthrow. ! p,y;l ;at.s ; that we stand readv to jmvc
t is m ,.t latin;.: that this hannir stioiihl ' yolunt irily to our Government whatevtr
.- , It!, i; , f,,r it is erat .J hy all the (,f n,( u or money it mav ne 1 to
h ,!ovrt d no r.i -ri s of the Revolution. I c.U- its authorit v, and n udi out hy force
As we look ,., its hi i-ht ..t.irs and strips!tie portion hrou-ht a-.-ain.-t it. I,t
we w .11 think of yon. the fair :iv. r--, and llot this Government of ours, whV.i r-ts
. . t" I I .(.I.. 1 ...... 1 ..... . I . I 1 . . . . .. r .
j "i .1- Uni i i 1 1 i v it ,i e it-1 1 1 1. ii us.
, Our In .its w ill f el ns-urr-l of your sym-
;jathy; an ', tru-tii :-r' in God as imp j totec-
tor, s, .-h.ill o fottli chtorlullv in the
M-rx ii-t1 of our In loved country
With I' !! Mi's ...ii vi, ..ii r i-'i t,
A i; I 1 f'-'- i"iu'. t;i 1 1 :ii- r t ri u in 1 1 ' o'l-r u
dud-o .Ian.es Ih-own hein" call -
ed upm. eaine forward and made
the fnllowill try appropriate
t!ie folio
ren.ai ks :
o nil U: You h IV
f 'U'ii' f oth at th-
all !' oi.- i . i it 1 1 v t i t ik i o:r
K'o in
the Armv o
de hv si le with
e w !i i u c
'ii' I- tttle f r o'.r In hi -
1 Fi.i ii. V' it l.ave coii-i: ti 1 I r a
to I iv" the e:i le.irrn nts of home
.... t t o. '.. '
n . i : , l n; p v le in t n ru-ler set i.es
"f w ir. Vv !n n the v
in -' r i ni . t i "i , i r.'
t '. t - i . - s. in', I i- mi r i
etil v :r i oiji.trv
1 in 3 'l to c ni f
i V fatn-V the stni'.'-
. e th it 1. r a time t .-t
W Mil II V. ill
.r 1 rri-
Oi t'ie one
i Je w re the
f alii :,ia,.-e
0 n s.'
(I i r : . i 1 1 t . t
I'm st
li Vi U
i rc
' j t i t : . i
t i w : r.
h i e- l V - d.i t..k 'i. Oa tho ,.th. r h i:.d.
It i-a;.t :-' - .-f I. me at.d kin-lr 1 imd
i m I . f re " l w ith all
t .i ir ni
At lot
'. !' t t !t t I i .i our t C
..'o'v tr v.
Y i h ive It :':
i i ' t lo IIM :
i :-. li we e -tne th!- f.r, an 1 !. t mit iw
f'nl'"' 1 - , . O f I I. .V . 1 ttl i . r I
m i'",.' ' F.',":: N h ivr ;.,thr, I aio-in 1 ,ou
t . h I
it i
i' n 1
i e
the ha-l 1 i f
at: ce
t ; :- tt- ; i f.- .'.
! . I . to c h . i e
lt r he w t -ti I te tr
, ai. 1 ia thi ir h; h-lf I am
1 1
il t a Id: i ss t v the w ,o ,.'s o
V ' i w . ! 1 mi in 1.
i 1 ! "1 toll It il
- i ; i - will i l
i e
. i
- .
I 111
. r
; ii
F. .t th -h a'.-tt.t, will n il.
: r Th.ir 3s w ill w at. h 3 o.:-j
:: ;:!.":.: :::;vr!:::iL!t!'.f:;!;:!y.!,.ti.ic.. Minor-, is a xo.
prayer of many a loniu heart will ascend
l Him lm rulM ouymj; the iuluhiunts
of ctrth that jiAi may he kept h" His
guardian cur-; and alt r you have lini.-h-1
vour ncrviccs in tin.' fit 1), that von mav
he r clor -1 to thee loved outs from v hum
you to-day separate.
Soldiers, wo live in n mot eventful pe
riod of the world'a history. Our Fathers,
hy tSe still riitf of a seven years' war,
laid deep und ftrong the foundations, ul
American Iit rty. Thef tstaulishe d for
us ii Constitution an 1 Union which have
showm-1 unnumbered blessings on thtm
and tu. Jhivin finUhrd the jrirat woik
n.'ij.'r.d to 1 1 1 til they ti:iv jusm' I ;ov;iy
fium u-i, and ti our baud t!m day i. com
mitted the B.M-red tr t-t of r serving the
iiilieritancc of Lih rty won hy them. Are
vr Mjual tothetak? XV 111 we !iov (nir-
Ire to he not unworthy di sceini uit of
tliesc nohle I'ath'is? Or bIoiÜ we hy
oifl'erin our Union ;ui 1 our Coi.ftit u' Ion
to Im de.-t roved hr the unholy nhellion
; i) w arr;i'ii atiin.-t tin in, show or.rstd ve
uufiu-tl to the en.er.'.iM-y? Shall we C.il
in tresi-rvii what they .' ive ih ? I he
. lievrtliat we sliall not lail. 1 helievethe
, loval pople of more thin twenty States
! w ill vindii ate their love of country l.y
jn.'tor'n their (ovi rni.i nt nnl Union,
, cut what it ruty.
i Y'U, sol di rs, po to form a p i rt of the
.'re it army of the Union, wh'uh will snun
I numhi r iivre than one million of nu n,
J th :reati st and noldest army the world
' his ever know n ; nnd of this mijjhty army
' not one single sohlu r w ill he in the ranks
, ,y compulsion. p;.ul, aIllJ all will he there
...ii ....
, i, rm-e our country, in me nour oi us
j p ril, apptaled to them lor aid. Sucli is
i the trihute that a free people e in ive of
! the'r devotion to the Government of their
! choice. Ili.-torv, neither am iiiit nor
t inodirn, can present any parallel to this,
! l ei it -mi forth to our own ciiiens verv-
.. . . . . ,.
w!o re, and let it ! h.tne n the swift
wini's of the wind to the Nations of Hu
r ,;,. that ur now rc kiu our destiuction
i that, for the urpose of de!' ndlnir our
1 U,,;.,,, i:d Constitution a;;ain.'t ii teinal
J or its si;? 'lOit on I lie sii ouniers ol it j lov-
! al ;.,,p!e, apt eal in vain to the people t
come to its n ni.
Soi.tiii-.ns You will so oi take ynir
phu-ein the rcat Army of the Fnioti hi !
hv si le with the men of tin othtr ln,i'
it is. 'flu r' vou will find the nun fiom
i01'" M l" iUI 1 !"Ml ,,M
hills of Vi rniont , and from Michiiti nnd
Mini.i'.i.ti. 1 1 i ! ! I i ' in (lie viimi 11.1t
Ci;,-c. You need nl.t he a-h amd to livi-
it known that you tue from Indiana. The
charu'tir e.f Im r soldiers stands to-la
i i,
urptrli tps tlan ih-'.-e of any otiiir
State i.i the I'lihui. Tlo.ir hiatr- ai-.l
, eiidurani-e have hi in at 1 1 J t id i 1 111 1 1. v a
; will e.-nte-ti.! i:.ii. You, I know, wii; ;
do .our put in sustaining the I f-u.l np j
ut tlion ol our Lc!od .-state. I
ah ..., ti,,,, ,,. th,. ,.!.',. .it,. -,!
3. up.: nun wh o f. rth today in the
' si r ice ol t!u ir cou: try. "i wul re
eiive, hi caii-e 31m will hetiitiiit l to it.
1 tu e rn : t u 1 . o : t :.is una com ; n : e n-1
If v.o. hall he in-tiuu.. .t.: in r.-
I tl.'tlS.
' i. 1 1 ir1:
this ; e.fn.mtnt to its i,,tlil ,
let py c..ni'.it:tn, in I i'ri;'l:u: 1 udi
.. ii.i.. .I
.1,1 pi ice w it ,i a:i um ,r in n uniT.iioe o,t
I sir .'s to " lo si- ii;-tra l ;-U't s an 1 j co-
rle, y. u 'aid have won a t;t!' to an im
iniotxhty of Fame more ( niui in it t! an
j tuo-.MiuH t.ts of hr.iss er in nhle. An 1 th '
! it mav i.i t I e v.-i.r I t to s w a v t he sc ; 1 1 r
j if . :n ; !re o v r St aft s or Nations, i
ill h ive what is hctti r the Jie'id eon-
I " 11 'S1 1 -""r '1'',.V l r
tout. try in the h-.ur ol its j 1 1 i I .
i (Jo tin .i w ilhhr.ivc hi arts, r it.cii.hi t -
it"r that von I i ir w ilh tmi the svni-i ith -.
1 ' 1 !' l 1 r '" "oVK;ni Hoi..,, w u e
i I 1-1. ! .
ur t . t.l
1 s ct
m'.I hive In --a ! ri o-i'ilv tiücl. v oi
iv r. turn vain to the h ;.u s an 1 itunds
I til
! : (- t'-!iy hoe left
In tiiis connection we would
' 1 cf'i'fa'")- '.! "ill do j;oiJ s:r-
vice for tLe Union. It w;ts rais
ed principally in Ward and Jack
son townsliips; hut there a few
in it from Wiaeheter.
oic they may soua return to
peaceful homes.
An election for ofilers in this
Company resulted as follows:
Captiin M. T. Miller;
l.-t. Lieut. Dr. Ruh;
'Jd. Lieut ll.vrry Warren.
The following i the eoneln
sion of Ir. Putni". n's account of
his tri) to Corinth :
Tli'; inmMes of tili s Hospital
had an aluiiulaner of clothing.
furnih.'d them hy the Lidies
Aid Society. The Surgeon in
j ci;n.lTl. iQ) Mie thro' tlieword
and explained in detail the inau
aoement of the institution. The
dangerous cases were confined to
two tents. In these were about
fifty of the poorest, emaciated
creature.-; I ever saw. Here and
there I saw a father or a brother
bending over the siek loved one,
but not a sio'rle mother in those
' tents to wilXi tllO death-tfWeat
I '
i flmir l-rmv
The ( ienerafst orders are tf al
low no females to come over the
h'aihoad without a pas-: from
headquarters. This may ho best,
but it is hard lor the poor sick
hovs. The grave yard near by is
kept in nice order. The graves
are laid out in row.-, each being
uraiked with a board upon which
is c t the name of tho deceased,
company, regiment and Stab', tho
time of his decease, oVc. The
Surg'-on informed me that a great
manv had come after the bodies of
their hi .lids-, but after seeing with
j what care they had been buried,
went bona.; without di.-turhing
them. The deaths at present are
about three per day much less
than it has heen at tunes.
The sick need more chic kens,
vegetable. md ft nit than they get .
Th.-y w ere very grati.lnl for what
I took them, though it was but a
ta-te. 1 know it is easier to find'
. 1 1 1 I
lault than to remedy the delect, j
j)U fdt that the sick .-hould not
j,-;.,. ,-)r Un,r. The Quar-
. . .
term isl.r iniormed me that lie
h id pb'i it)' of money t buy with,
hut i-ould not get .uch articles. 1
.'.Id hi;n that Indiana had an :-
i hand. imv, ami for him to put his
: monev in the han'l.s (d the State
! S mitarv Committee and thev
would purchase all that was
nerihd. 15ut if 1 h.ad the ear of
the 'povt rs that be,'' I would tell
them to look at the large plantation.-'
north of Corinth belong-
in.,' to rr! els well stipj lied with
j CVCfV thi Ug UOCCi aiy to UKlke OUT
si k eo;nfi;ta!de. There were a
b )ut 2 -i) Indinniaiis in this hos
pital. 1 u 1,11 '".ic v-t.i-
lege, one hl i f mi h" SOtltlt o! Cor-
lintli, which is being used ri.rsii.1- w i m. t i.-.. . lie c.c-r, c.t-c
I . . oi'dht.rv. I - toe 1 1 h r
h.wtr.taL .mtl here I found about
Uo,o:-e mCi. Mst of thi-.,,
i,.m. Lrcu Uken out oftlte luiU-
in;,' and jmt in tents in the front
vard whre it in cooler.
I woul 1 surest to the women
of our State that they rahe plen
ty of ckickens, andean up and
dry a.s much fru'.t a possible, ni
su h things are going to he need
ed hy our hrave hoys before the
vear ii? ended
CO" Col. Tho. M. I in. who,
appointed Knrolling (Oiimis
rioncr, will hive the milit'u of
thn County enrolled hy Tue.-day
Apji )i iitu. fnts for the (y ih wi re
made on Wednesday last, as fol
lows :
CohnelWm. A. Hi' kle.
Lt. Col. Job Stout, of Con
nersviüe. Major Cr. J. Walterhotisc,
Dr. David Ferguson, of this
placo, received the appointment
of 1st Assistant Sunken. A good
Clodey'is Lady's Dook lorSep
teml er, contains two fine steel
en 'ravintzs. double extension fa.-dV
ion plate, choice literature, :c.
Volunteering for the new regi
ments ( ea.-e to-day, and all boun
ties and advance pay are stopped.
Volunteers will ho received to
(ill up the old regiment! until tluv
ls-t of September.
V7inchc3lcr 13 moiled.
Col. T. M. Hrowne has
just finished the enrollment of
town. No. of persons between
the ages of IS nnd 15 year.-3, 251.
xVo. of persons in tho service,
No. of persons exempt and
disahlce, 15.
What town can do better?
on i).
VAV.-i;i the l'Jth in-t., Susannah A.
Way. Wife of A. 1. Way, aged 1'Jy'is
three mot. tin and 'J! days.
Tills is indeed a sad hereavemcnt. A
wife and nmlher, dearly hcloved far pnl-
itii. of ' odm-s.s and alfec'iort unsurn.m-
' 'l A !,1'-:, 'c' of reinivrs and
l'i ieti 1J, t st.litd the'r re.-pe"t lor the do-
ilV ;ltl, ,lilini, lll0 Ua Holelm r!tM
nzmxx xj faajjjjtua tJM.'tni'.'va lTCiafcanampi
Hi t.i il ".!; in the F.v-'t Oiliceof Winches
ter on the 2 Mh day of August, ltb2:
li. .1 on Fen -on, ? W H)nd.
F. John W Oiin-.l.ell, Jj-rph Ch,.':
e v, Win M fun Mm il, J atria Ca-e.
I.. !. i lihh illlthusch.
I'. r.i j'ii'iiM- Ann Fislihuck.
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