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rrr.rr- - . : .: r.r.-r. -, vi
For IleprcrutnUvc
For Trosecutor,
For Sheriff
For Treaorr
2'or Comiiioner,
For Anesaor of White Hiver Tp.
We ar anthorirtd to announce the
ntmeofJESSK WAY, Swn., cndi
üatr for ASSESSOR of WhiUrivcr Town
hp. Notice. Those of our sub
scribers who have been getting
the Journal at the Post Olfice,
will, hereafter, find it at the
printing office, where it can al
way be had early on Friday
Found Vail. On the Rail
road last Sabbath, a Vaif, w hich
the owner can have by calling at
this office and giving- a correct
description of the same and .pay
ing for this notice.
Leake &, Corwin havefmished
Edger & NetT'a Warehouse, and
did o good a job that (hey have
been engaged by the same gen
tlemen to erect a
ter bouse.
An official Army List of the
Weitern States has been publish
ed by one of the editors of the
Chicago Tribune. It contains
a complete register of army offi
cers from Indiana, Michigan,
Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota,
Iowa, Kansas, &c, &c. Price
50 cents. For sale by Bowen,
Stewart Sc Co., of Indianapolis.
We believe there were more
men in Winchester on last Mon
day than there has been on any
one day before since the political
campaign ofl8G0.
Jacob Monteith has been ap
pointed Second Assistant Sur
geon, vice David Ferguson re
signed, 69th Regiment.
The drafted men of this Dis
trict will rendezvous at Rich
mond. Eder & NefTnre buying large
quantities of wheat and flaxseed
since the completion of their
Warehoue, opposite the Passen
ger Depot.
Our market ia now well sup
plied with peaches. Thoy arc
Hing at from one to two dollars
per bushel, owing to the quality.
Every company mastered by
Col. Cirrington, rayi the Indi
anapolij Journal, hcj been- ad
monished to flght four enemies
beside? the reeah, viz: iwearing,
gambling, drinkiag, and tmclean
iocu uf person.
Ths e-ltli
Rgi men xhj "Tha
. It is compoT'1 Tc-uri
rnnnd is full.
as fine material us any rcgiml
that has vet been orjranitd in
the Slate. The following in a
list uf the line officers ot the reg
iment, as for as the companies
have been organized. Randolph
takes the lead:
KamlolpH County.
Captain, William Rurris;
1st Lieut. H. T Scmai.s;
2d Lieut. W. h. Burris;
1st Sergeant, IL P. Davia.
Delaware County.
Captain, J. C. Taylor;
lft Lieut. J. F. Orr;
Sd Lieut. Win. Mcütcllan;
ht Sergeant, IL E. William?;
Jlcluwnro Couuty
Captain, J. II. Ellis;
ht Lieut. Geo. C. Hatfiid;
2! Lieut. Wm. Ii. Spencer;
ht Sergeant, Frank Ellis.
Henry County.
Captain, Robert M. rubbr;
1st Lieut. Valentine Steiner;
2d Lieut. J. R. Masm;
1st Serjeant, Joshua Wilburn.
W'uyuc Cuuut).
Captain, Wm. A. Royd;
1st Lieut. Joseph M. Taylor;
2d Lieut. Luke I). Roark;
1st Sergeant, Joel M. Gilbert,
Iltindulph County.
Captain Geo. U. Carter;
1st Lieut. A. J. NefT;
2d Lieut. Wm. IL Focht,
1st Sergeant, Messena Engle.
Kandolph County
Captain, Martin Miller;
ht Lieut. J. E. Ruh!;
2d Lieut. Harry Warren;
ht Sergeant Joseph Fisher.
Unorganized Compnnio.
Capt. Vanneman, Henry Co.;
Capt. Kirby, Delaware;
Capt. Tullidge, Wayne;
Capt. Fellows, Henry.
Caleb Johnson, who was re
cently appointed Collector for
this District, declines to accept
the position. At the time of tue
enrollment of the militia he en
teted opposite his name that he
was conscientiously opposed to
bearing arms, and thus could not,
of course, conscientiously fill an
office created for military pur
poses. We have not yet learned who
has been appointed in bis ctcad.
Gen. Dumont has been nom
inated for Congress in the Sixth
Indianapolis District. Hon.
Albert G. Porter declined a re
nc mi nation.
Col. 'Carrington, General
Superintendent of Indiana volun
teer Recruiting Service, has rec
omended to the War Department
the draft of reserve a of 400,000
men, to be drilled at home, on
half f.ayf and to draw full pay
only when .crdertd into camps.
The name of Colonel Mifon,
who turrendcred Clsrkjville,
has been itricken from the roll.
Invalid Brigade. 11
urrencs somewhat amus-
mg hJWtrinsnired smce the draft
as talked t-ifhui durin the ex- 1
amVtion exemption certili- excuse. '0,n"aid he, "any
c.itcstb dirr...xrus been ripped, 'body would Know that I was
1 ..it, a .1 l v.: U
A lar"- number of men presented
themselves for examination
home of them really disabled, but
inot of them "white-livered," a
disgtacc to themselves and their
On Tuesday we had alarming
news irr tithe War Department,
but htill the crowd bwiegi-d the
Examination office. Cincinnati
and all the border cities were
threatened, even our own 'Capi
tal was in danger. Rut ml
stout, able bodied men who had
been "flea-bitten" or "grasshoper
kicked" wanted to le excused
from fighting for their homes,
ihere wives and children. Hut
at 3 o'clock p. m., a shower-bath
was administered from a window
in the second story of the j iL It
was announced ths.t a. disp.it ih
had been received from Gov.
Morton, stating the alarming
newt;, and ordering the Enrolling
Commbioner to enrol applicants
for exemption from the draft on
two lists, and draft half of them
at once. It was stated that they
woubl not be required to make
forced marches or do heavy work,
but tint they could defend our
cities und operate on breastwork
as they were able.
Ttie despatch went on to say
that a train would be at the De
pot at 5 o'clock p. m. to convey
the drafted to Indianupolif, and
would be commanded by Captain
Henry Carter.
About this time a promiscuous
skedaddling commenced. Some,
who a initiate before were lime,
halt and blind, .suddenly received
sight and were made ever) whit
whole, judging by the facility
with which they left town.
One mart standing near the
west eud of the jail buibliug,
made his way to the north side
and then raited the "lope." Ho
was met south of, but near, the
railroad, going in a tired, "tur
key trot." On being asked "what
wae up," he raised hia hands and
exclaimed, in the most woe-be-
gone manner: "We are all tuck!"
Another nwore, "by th- light
nings," that if they took him on
that tram, thy "would have to
catch htm," notwithstanding he'
hd"lhe blind Piles." Othcuifromthe Count'-
of th co ward ly m'uereints who
had crowded the purlieus of the
examination oflice uddcnly re.
membered their promise tu be
at home by 4 o'clock and mix-
lied. Tho.o who undcrjtc-od the
loko cheered vociferouJty. Äud the
,y,r , t.nnrol V, fn.(A- U.
uiwic mi.; ..ii.vnuiuv are giau oiy. air. aiuraruige
"white-iiveredM scampered. One is tnlu 0f encrKyf ,nd other
man, who "traV ttoul," fled fOf WflI quliiCed for thf poai-
precipitately that ho fell from hiiliori aüla Vfry cercr gfDthrran
horse. Report sarr that his usu
al'shortaesj of brvilh' has great
ly increased.
j Wc approached another niano Waihiagtoa
uho was patiently hiding
time to lay
before the M. D.'s
the nature ot his pnymal mea-
pacity. Wo aked him tor -hi
sick.' ,gun wc hum ui
was the matter. "O, 'bout titteen
years ago I tuck a do,e o doc
tor's truck gueec it wasn't all
calomel and it eat ti all my
bowels, and I've been hard there
ever sense!" We wouderod what
physic pills or crotou oil -would
do for him. During these fifteen
years that he has done without !
bowels'hc Las cultivated a good
larm with success.
"Wednesday brought quiet to
our little city, minus the "af
flicted' Captain John NofT has been
appointed Martial for this Coun
ty. He will isue passes to per
sons liable to military duty on
the following condition.:
1. Citizens of the State, on
proof of loyalty to the Covern
ment, and that the dcuirc to leave
the State docs not arise from an
intention to evade military duty,
arc. entitled to pass to points out
of the State tis follows: For
any period of time not extending
beyond the 10th of September, a
p.isa will be granted without
bond; far periods extending be
yond that time, a bond in the Bilm
of $l,O()0, conditioned as in tho
form furnished the Marshal, is re
quired of all persons liable to
military duty, before a pass will be
J. No pass is required in pass
ing from one point to another in
this State.
3. Residents of other States,
upon eathfactory evidence of
such residence, will be entitled
to a pass without bond.
4. Uona fide eubjects of an)'
foreign government, resident in
this State, are entitled to a pass
' upoa satisfactory proof of allcgi-
ance to such government.
Two hundred and thirty-three
persons were exempted from the
dralt by the Hoard of Exaini-
ncra. Commisioner Rrownc hae
gone to Indianapolis with tho en
rollment and cxemptiou lints.
We learn that there ir about
275 volunteers in actual service
from this township, and 1,303
DcarRvitD Pkomotio. Mr.
8. Mutkridg?, who has for ioneLONXt cxcccx "ixumtYV
a . 1 ' m -mm m w m W
tunc naft hau cnarije oi tnis por
tion of the Reliefoiitaino railrosd
and unrfer wiese sunerviuion
hii fl rojcjj improved, has
i . . ... xm m I .
into the bargain.
Troops ar daily pouring in-
$10. WACKSr.AII) $100.
To eil pooJi for th Ad4hi icwtwi
MAUiiNt Corwr. Wo r)m
icisii.in or. all foocii o!d by oar AnU.
or p7 j at from $ 10 to $103 ptr
month, ml pj 11 iirocnary cipecftt
Oar tn icKitif is prrft ct in U xsechioUn
A child enn !t ro to opmtr bj half aa
ho ir' W'strnclion! It if cqvil to vj
Fmil.winp; Machine in Qtt and tt
hrc rrJucrd thprK'e 13 Fifteen Dollars
K41U mich'u. ia wrr4i.t J for 3 )ftri
AMrrs c. itur.t; 1X8.
rfyl Ooo. Agt., Iftrpil, Mich.
I. MANNING, ,'lattof fi'
(r r tl alrüio Intirmr)f) hatitg dt
tTrrutuJ ti rpnd i fr motitha in thl
r. no. in'uiiy ui.fitrshi l'roffMioa:
.rtvirf I I F-rsn in lhi,ana aTjoia
in-; rou r.t , alllictt 1 ith dirca üf th
y an l vm. Ilavinf; hd ripcrifOCiO
t li dT ilTioru Ol' jlnlicin and StT&r
t, afi(! htvii fnjoyri more than ordina
ry !". i 'iiti for quirinj a thorough
k'now IrJ of Ofhthalroic and Aaral Mad
ii-iu-, (h inp brrn aat-riitd with Trf.
FiA, in Iii Kye .1 .Er Infirrntr? ,) tha
Ir. ?f Ij l afclf to rtflore to fijr,ht
and lUdniifT, vnnny '-ho Ii a bcra h-re
r rrJ-tl uf hop ti cacrg.
lr. Maiinin will, ni hile hrrt.ba
liapjy t ivi 1 court's of rrt lt
1 11 rat to lli Tiivxit-iat a of thia vieioitjea
d ; a-tv ü of ihr LI v and the Kar.
No chirf for toofu'.taiiou. Thapoor
trrnltd crlia.
IV. M. iiiy found, whfn not profe-
niii.tUy r'ijrrd at the Franklin oTUC.
Winch strr, lro
l'.n raiNrr Pr. Hrr ptr, Columbia City,
Ind.; hr. FtU, A . fl. L. L. I .CSrefOTiU.
Ohio; Fiel. A.J. I'ouplii. Columbia CU,
Ind.; I.af ' rSmith, andjudg Crain.Ft
Wnpc, led.
tll 1. i . I, I. in . j mm
vmex, o. cer
Vuvrv awdi
vtwewX. vxvvVS
v vr
' o vvnAV : ttw-
,ftvu,0A Wc, VfcxxV.
M ot ttUAtt
t,xY SvvxftVtCtt., vt
.oc tcm o vS
jltowf. OWCA vxxVO Vwour.
VfosN." TiiVXvctxsN
ixxi trc VvfvAa,
Chtlby Co., IIU., Ftb. $9, 1C6B.
xvvwo,, xvvVv, oxfc XoVXV. er)
- , a. w. twvytuuii.
it.aA vxVocaVc
II. P. Kircr, Winchester, IcdU.
The number of drafted taea
11. frm4.Vl Ktf tSit
w;llh known fa a fjqr iap.

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