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Randolph journal. [volume] (Winchester, Indiana) 1862-1862, September 05, 1862, Image 7

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Yiv!: I'o-.ild
t: is t':i
u upon a' di.-cuioa with t i it-!
. ; ! ' 1 1 ) - . vi i'l i ' t l ) !
- ,
n ' i
t i .Mir : 1 1 i . i v i
I r'Mrct ve it (liH ol tin
I i O
.s A i it i-i ntj mit P'm.ii r
i'-.jii'i.i, uc t'jv 1 1 v repiv ol
.r Alroa'i t the N'ufi i i an:
il. .Vcu ih lin.i'd a.i.llii.i An-J(
.i i.
I I l I I I
,a .
. - j . . l";UMMl,c lo.Uia.il,' oba , ilitsj
I'-' ' ' 1 -,rriM 1,1
i .
I".' 1 .
....... i i. ....'
"M.f- M.a . us.; i ' i : : i j j i r i l i I
. i' i
ii if pi vui't.ii'v ii tiiii-ta.j ,jj
o i-l '!: irt.id)'" i-"-tH. u.oinli-
i and' v.'fi'K y. A f.: ::(!, o;i r
1 1.: . i : . . i i . .
n;.' uii i;ii uii.-. ni mil. i' ni
.1-11! ( 11 t .1 t
iff .-t la WM) ir ts in
u ,v j
't ' W 1" ? , i'i il 1 1 1 l.i'M III V 1."
tl.a' u piper, twenty odd year
-i ). fincr-ji-d ! u I v- iron, ,i odl.ir
i! v ii town, ;il."i'i: !i ill' tin' ri.o
oi 'l'li ' 'oci!v Ali -io-Ai'rican.
:' o'if flav t1? r.iitor n,.i :)e i '
in".-: IHu (Hi.- a nil" '1 !r .-on.i' o;a- ;
?' K'nd l.un tit a' Imtidrcd dolhrs !
T ) avo !;i pitjiT Ir'oiri niin. This
Iri'iiJ -a i-oloied n.ei-h uiie attli.' ;
timr, a tetnfil i ia r.-li itit .now i
lw rr. id. up i:is inii:d to :; and
! nd flu editor i n o'l'tioii t!t;r-1
)iiit: J c.l didl us, wlu-n. on open- j
in:: nie runei .next un v. lie ioun.l
a iolent artM i ,i:ii;ivt tle u.
i;ro(.v. .Th.s ItuS up that g'-ntle j
nr.'iis p'v kW. f)it iu" unriorshio.I
Cd a loi. d iirotlie (our mine-
ke l.iit no i ' ! i lion)' did Irtd tin
I'.to!' ot'Mie - i.irl 'ft-Tt thr tlitTe
iiU.i.l a (I doll irs, and t!;us saved
'.; c AVu' Vor', Herald . fro -n an
rarlv (if.ith.
S ) the New York10 vla.-e the interview, .o iuteut-
Herald ;;t thi inoiaent aetuallv
4ives its c xisterae to a timtd) 1
loan lioiii.a jin;ro capitalist! i
lio!ii tie' II-mmM and Ilm eapital-
in ' hUU-hve," audth'eea).t ili.t
i.j F.iid," o i inauv Vuhseouent oe -
J . .'. .
rasiens to' have eontributed to
1 1 i e i-uv.'ess and notoripty of tl:e
llcrald and it- p-opriotor, in vv
n v. av in vvhteli both are or have
been notorious. '. .
Screfa 1. intt-'retin .Uttej-s-wc re
four.d in tha- 'des.utbd hono.rat
M ilvern Ihll, when it was r ta-k-
a ly our troops." One 'true, wo
man, 1 though strong seceh, de-i.-rihfs
the lind.n U5on her farm
of?, dead Yankeo who had died
peaceluliy upon his blanket,
.'plead in a retinal spot. In his
pocket were lound letters from
hij mother idviin him to I.e. a
od boy, anir'teVoihrnendinu:
iiim to put. his trust in the Uo! of
littles. ISho Mutes thut she went
and looked at iiim,Tnd then came
b'ek to the hou-e and hid, as she
-p.-esed it. a "j ud old cry" a-I
Another Hdv. ieq-uire: all a
bo.it the b tttl. v. ith a cirious n,i
j. ..'ii tin, only a woman co'd
t.ibit, and then iini-hes hv viv
i:, ;, Don't b'uy any dead Yan-
: on our farm, tor I don't w mt
I - e U biead made Iroui Yauki r !
I ! .d.'1 Which of these two wo
...rn do"r- n.o'j iioaor to her s''.?
"Itoy.V oid a traveller on a th.em. a. tliey ai the triuiupnal
it.-ange ronl, 'wbo lives in the car of universal freedom uiaieli-i-i
,' -e on m r:g!u?' inj as John Urown'a soul ir.
'.Ir hn t In s sir. man-hiug on, and the vvhn.e
"Who lives on my left?' j -vuitry ti anda redeemed and
"Thomns (fi-aw.0- lenilrlh-d hv the genius of mil-
"Ard who lives in the lira: ( ; v n inancii-atiou.
on th Iii 1 . j
OWmnnfira..." '
Th.U'lMo. Sonnv-r.ll iW,
i tf.H in thii xieihborhooi!,
A Piii) liicul?nt.
1 ...: Will i I 1 -4 1 i 1 J) lit. tile !
j .liiti.iiic. iro n .o;f.lk, V iri i-!
J 1, It lit. t:
i ite; i 1 1 0;JH-.iU
'in U'iui lei i ii i ..tai ion eo i. h.
I She w as i-Im i. th a Hired. an 1 ic-
j ,().i;;i mied I iv' a mild u i 1 i er
i It u 15 l'mi!c:;I th it .--Im it id i o.ih
1 M s. ( .1- ol llu
,.twa ij'iifMv 1 4 m o. en il iJiit
.,j,t. iIm-wcII A. Kid, u, 1 1 It!
irnvf'd tMilva if iv rr t w siiu
m oa.n laa-iit. II.
,Vllv.. tti ''I't f i v Ijii1 s i ' 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 . .a i
v - - c-- " ;
.iir uJ'u ui ir.ini iicr ri 11 I H I
. i... .i . . . i ? , '
i i . . t 1,1111,1. I. . . ..... I i ...
!l'-i, neu tiiou. .4ie beuMidisoictv hold its no'. J, .u.r
iiio:t U tliJllJv lor mm. - Mr -kl.- lit ntrd soc.erv iniilil n i! J,fj
. ' I I l ' .( I I i . I I 1 ' l ( ' I I ; J I I I , 1 '
d a I:im-i of DiiuT, ami .atrli-!
it' IV" 11 (iriK :i n,l i.,,f it fii (In.,
,..,;.. i i i
v.nn.t M 1 1 4 1 U I I 1 1 . IVWilS il- ;
iiin.-itiir to w itrh ttjc . )Liii!"a.iii-!
I III lilt' II II J 1 1 I V luimiilil'i in j i
1,10 wniJciws Jilid flours, as t liny'
-'1 J wif !j uttt-r m lcmi' i!a ;i v id-1
ity w ith uhn li hi! ojiem-ii tli
not-; iiuirk a thouiHit r!u. si-iz !
' l ' IIICII Irani tla' ollL cr In- :
I,.... ..I J 1 - .. . . t
"-ii., um ik'iu in rnn. i'i
tlf - oior"! oi' tin.1 u ml !
a,',i,d and relieved tlur" aonv ol
1,10 C.-:i u hy nllowin liim to
,rom til? sfntiiK'l to tlirear.
ri'-'A hen the p u tio.s very r.u e-1
lll".V ""'"'ufed cat Ji othi r. It w is
,lM lnti'1' view so very polite and
uim u was a reiiel to
''dered hy the? monotony ol' nn
imprisonment, and earned b.uJ
'e heait;ol inauy a spectator to
t lie üi i .-! u f jHriod ol his own e ir
1 .attachments. I5ut to the point,
the dear Captain Mirromxied hv
in impudent t,rnard, was eonipell
'-' u,llt m(-' hy hi.s prison
e) ;,nd he did this by a ki?s ofj
i'r liand, so bt-witehintIy be-
stowed that thp younj; olli er was
! it -eted hy one uueral hout
i()l1 hi rtturuin to Iuh ciuaiters.
'im. i . . . 4
x ir; ) umi lauy, as me oiliccrs
sny, repondi'd by an instant ap
plu aliiui ol' the smitten hand io
her heart.
I was amazed to learn in con
vertation with thr gallant Cap
taitUliis'evrnin, that on this
very day he was to have been reived; deleat and coiifusion,
married, that on ihe dav of his hiekness, tome where he is re
e.ipture the Coionel of his regi- jeited; till to-day tiuu;nul.s of
meat had gone to Washington to j oii rs, which a vear ago knew
oldain a furloti'-h for him ior ! not the man, are ea vini:: Yes, let
that purpose. In viw of the
scene just witnessed, I inferred
very naturally ihnf the lady in
question was the bride to be, but
in reply to :ny inquiry he said,
"IMOj .oJi, no! 1 bhe. is merely a
u atenng-piace . acquaintance
formed at Saratoga, which has
been continued by aceidi nlii 1
meeting in'Waidiiiigtnn, :md va-
riopH .a. m of mintial jood tiudrr-,
v'a.iKhng and politeness ever tsinie. J
Gor. Yates r, Uli nots, ln.ije VXdi ted. .
a sj.".( h at; a Avar., meeting inj Steam.', Ihitrnati, -Lowell
C!iic.ifio,!if(?Vfl4vs:iL'o, in wnieh'' they not all the 'martyrs ol
1; raid, alliulinto ?orth'ni re-1 hb'-ity, eiultlc; of conniv ing al.
., t.: !
Th ihv i- fat hriprftnelnn-'i
whcntla v .dull call mioti the
roi.'j." and inountairis to hide
CT Ft would hr very imprn-' . -'-V ;
!.! nt.f any railway co;npny to! M,th.rr, (,ovcrna.enl goo
'allow. washer wormn lodryliik lo-k -work." - Knet'v
'cJolhe.- ej)ou tiitir own line.
Las :ii a; th Gate.
Li. 1,U h In I it 111'' Ü
all oa! io,(; i ,a.a. u in loco
oi a IV I lev v iiii o.. 1,1 'iiimt oi
s i m
i.ioin.'-. j
Vt 'MC träte h' h l.- IlLiinlllf
( rKi iti (lie i 'Ihm i liv; .mil
I... . ,.i., .i:Mu- i ......
li-Mi.-ii him, ii.;o-id lo.a u.iii
Ill I UV stl'i lies, Ulirolh l
liltlu' mir' ol .
1 1 1 .i s i s 1 14-' vv as hk
in i li I.-1 i'tl ajaijv nt'tlic s j.iS of i.lm, a ul tli
iii ul'' Ii is iin-r-hi ni" , ni, ii'i-i
o i
i U a 1 : . UK.' liMM'll ..11 r:if,
i . i. .. i
i .. .. I I , f . . , . . . . t I'll..'
I 1 II I I I I I I 1 L i lLllL(ill.'l. i , i i I t -
liurki-d w ith IhMrin ilic divju-l
i 1 1 1 r 1 1, f . i k Hi i' k.. , im I i hlil
.i ; . . i... ,
MMlll l lUil I 1 s( tl' ' III ill ilUCIIll
to !n in. KYliord M ra-ty wen-
nHllit.r !.', i . i ill rv lit A Mill.
t io;iit - (nit tluMO h "il.l ImnvI
1 muil 1dm il" iht'V woaKi, onlv
tin if nmt I p allowed to .-hut tin1
window and draw d ) a thcuu-
t lin..
Iv I I I .
iav the Winnow? oi r-iitirriirsi
h wt- liv shut, an. I thf hlirid
drawn, hv-t a
rro lit
iio.'i laai
should disliuii tl f siii;;i .'i; oi dr-
vont anthems; and juu-M and!
Leviti-s havp pn.-cd uel.e i tt'ly on
the .other üiili. Kvei y thin n l.i-
tiiijr to Jarus wa.s tahoncri, in
luhh so. u tv. iiowcouui i"o-
want to disturh reline and ol
levant Christian life with such
uusavon 'allusions.? Wiiat (nxl
made siu lia ereitui,' lor is a
mystery, add what is t. he done
wilh hi t! a ilelu-ate (jue;-ti'in.
whuli tliev piou-ly leave with
Weil, God has aeeepted lla
nssoci-'miction. Let us hee To,- a oi,
(Mj-I an invisible hand hisiioned
the llai K mau up to our politi
cians, our l iener ils, our btaeb
uien, our soldien; and i voire
stern as fate has Haul, Will yon
own this man will yon have
him es or no? .
Yes he is a contraband of" war,
is t lie first trembling response;
hut still the invmhhi presMire
pushf him on sueeess lollows
the anil) only where he is in
I HO '
us have liim; quick, or v. e are
God is a great ftnte.stnati, and
il he has taken the patron ige of
Lazarus at the pate, it is better to
be up and doing, while hid w nth
is kindled hut a little.
With our Lett heart's blood we
are paying the awlul debt to
1-iod'i justice. . ith the bloml o:
vietimd, yoitn, bo.u.h bil, iuno
cent. -liiemHves guih!'r ol tl;p f
nation'-r giat oppression r, the
t dradltil - ruiiia of our gtnlt !'
our irrvai wrong? " -
The innocent for the guilty!
as u, Ute grcai i nwia in. uu-
man ra e, wnuigui oni leuemp
tion by utule. erved . ileal Ii p ias,
o by lives dearer than heart'.
biood itm't our nation's guilt ex
jiialral! Mrj. .Sloirc, in TJu
A ) b rcpreoble
ifrcribh r nays k th machinery of
running doun all th time!
18G2. 18G2J
H. a. kletcii bk ros
ic i.i.ti i Ui in , '
CO ttntl 2S
Wvst V ii x?j in:; I on St.,
SiuiliMsipatis, mUtiUit.
SIJlNs (.'OOD.S, lllr-nut Styles
I ,
All ciu:lei oi'
ni:ris, m inns,
mc IM.. ( .vsi.u:in'.
s rii:is, oATixjs,
cin-roxAii:. j
host :;i:"i , .r.ovi:s,
mmmin i)i:its.
it vMiki:i;i iiii;i
Til m: i)s, l4 n:s,
sti:i:t, ski it rs,
.11 V M l 1,1. S, in Sill.,
i f. oi ii and maai.iN,
MI.VUI.S is miA. MM'..!
A II l.iiil mill z i aJe.,
Oil lolh., , , ,
Da iniiOi-,
J lot In ml,
l.nee n r f ainn, I
ami Siiail. I'itture..
t m ...
i lie l. ir-et it 1 1 C lu npe-t Morli
t.i l'ie U et. ee itnd eleKiiiit Mi le,
C;riivciis ii rail, u lien vi. comr
l t lie .('r.itul, autl we uill -ell yon
miiN at priee to -till t)ii time-.
. .ii. v. i'firrciiiatc roi
liUJi Cm
HOOT and S MIO 11
Citri! K)ier, iiuo. Keller,
,We knp eun-t iiitly .mi ' li.iiul ri' iily
in ul.' M utH ;i i i Sh(i-4. We ire ilhii ire
ir"l lo til iiiiil. turt tli' :iHiel In f
I'T i'i i nr.it, .ill-t in i i ll in inner. Trv
II-. Wm Wj'l .ilfO p;iv lln hilit'st C4)l
jiru'i-!" Inr Mines rrui or tlrii j. .iilj Jy t
I '
I 4 IT DA 4 T VYPIin
IVllj hiAll iMMIlIV
UVU.l, i'V I Vli.
I'lir-n.int 1 1 n resolution of thv flor!
o. 1 1, re, ..r, .,1 the l..ke hue . ,V I .uif.c j
K. ulw.it (:Mnp.iiir MOticf i liiTiliy I'Woi
. 1 . . . , ' ,1
in l MiincriNri T'i I ii r HH'i i i.rn- Di t
4iid tiiii i nt , tliii e i Ii h im U I: i 1 1 1 1 r i-
ri-ipiextnl wiiliiu Oiirtv tliii t' j-u'iü
citi'Mi .a tlii iH'li. i , li jpiv iit tlt nf?i e
-if tU- 'I re tmirt r of ' i i f i"m;i ua .it Cim
iri.l' fit , W.n' i'.mihIv, littlimi, .i
Tun uisr.iiimn,i tu' ti (inj ;i. r rem. on
tl. mrk "'r "i n.!"! lv Imn.
f. Q lt.W; nv,
June IK, UW.
i., r. x i'. kail ut n
7Vnnlon tKit r m im V'ir't( r i
: I K l ?
Kir rc r '.. .
M ,r t y '-fl.
V l -. L . " ...
i. h r. j i
n r. m.
"a r. m.
,,J Vi.l, tu.
i'i t. -T,
H C! .
iv ft. 1
;. t ! y a. v,
J. VV Wil.LlA V.-M.W .l.r.T
num. vv
-1' 'W
V 'A
( lillj i;tt!t t :tiv' t.i v. '; tu J
Liwry, üita A1 Ftrd SiaMi?
J IX VINC1U 1 l.H.
t ik i i Ii ,.-ui in ii)H"'..iu'i!i t' t Ii "r u'.,!
' rJ i,V','Vl1; fr, ft,,t" "'.'
; ,,, , , ",,f . '
m)isi:s. iiici.'iin, vittti-
' t'"r tlif ncioinmoiliition nl he puUlic.
J I 'v i n 1 1 1 1 n i it n in i t i'Hi i tli l f-1
liiMMiituMit ii i at nil tiiufh ti 1 n ;ici in
i .
tin I" -i - i".!i r.
Tim.' l-'liiuto or j'irii r0''
Winn um riM tu toM-fi, lrln .vr
b'f i .!'i w f-. v 1 i-t d.t, wlit rc tlajf will
i will 1 1 u .,..1 can J iotmI lit lie r i'Ciir.
U'c u on I I m! o in fori n tlir illir Ih 4 1 we
1. fi a t i itiiMi c noiMii nl!!e ivrr.tl
! ul llu ,
jmi l tl: il i!uv will tr'l.t taVfrij the
I rn i-cit, w.iuit ;il ttoii i'nle rli CülJ '
IUI' I C llllll.
Stable., on Miin St., Win':Iiotcr. .
aii p, ' Kns.s x t'K;r,,
1 : 1 1 , .. ...... . '
1 v 4
j 1- -t :' V.',4 ; '
. 'C . ,: U ( -' A Vv'' V '
', .ycbTri
! Y" 'f -1 f; i'.'M'f'. 'V !: V T ' 1 K"f- '
I r V11-1 -; v V'' -T
"Who has not lost a liicnil?
1 !i. i ii,i. ri4j(i',l Ii n w !r"r tnl l";
lr ili.rllui'lt'. ol - ...'. ,
Aiiicrirannnd IblLuj !SIarWr'
.1 tio lüi lu rcto ire been oflort ! iu lbta vUi' '
n . . ' : i v
tuiiM-iuurj ol Iboif 14 lii-parled, wobld. 4'
j U
frrnn r-?if"l iliV. ' (.'at! " Jti!a!nf,'
si, ti: itoo I r.J ; .
,.. i - I. J 1 . 1
m ikk in .i.l i. it fvi.r.uiol ki.u.n !.., tu tau 4.
: I hi l.i t.ft w ill lit. J a SlaUi k' ( v tr 1 1.
IJ,.. t a lid C hen pol t Ko n nOV in nml
, , . ' . , . .,
J 1 in it tiiii-V r wit lnlnrinfit...M rrlMlva
1. 1 f4 ' 'inr rbcvrfi'tl) " ) ul.!rr1i 4:
r J . 11 "
I), i;. II4HTM AN K CO..
II'. V
1 1
inr ;n (. r. t
: f nitlic, - cfperialtr '! Ifiver of
COOn MKAT. thltl i tr IftMyj. '- -
. at froti "
, 4 to G Cent per Pound.
irVi t ua TW"'!, 1 Jiur'l 4!'J w '.
ur t.it iii'iiiiii;i; uic4l ttw4 in litm
ftiif I yt ' . . 1 i 1 . .
.... . , ,
... ... - 1 . f ' ' ' . . f
To Borrowing of - Sinking ' ,
I'm hit - ' ''"."
Oiikr nr i'iMiisf, TtVrJ . '.
I.iii.Uiii"lis An. I. IroJ. i
f I lli: ! :i.,.jM-t.t 1,1. t lr t-f -11 1t. ' '
J r.11 f r tri tli K:iWIn Tnt J"lll
t..- rn.lv for fHih1k.:itlMi r.ln.ut llir Iftk r
.luv t h' 1 ifit.-r ttril. tn nt f tri -
Um -t rn'tt i rirai before ifc it.ütCc (it r
1 .t. . . ,r,
T'l-V lVi-;Jvce Tnf.:;jKC.'
ninth 1. iv of Ii '-n! rIfKr.lJ. -! - . - 1
11. it. Nj:uct"v.ir..
1 -4
-1 ,

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