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i riSLf.Of:i
Dovorly and Dynos,
ik r :i in advaao:;
ti:rm or .ir:riTisN(-;:
One Rimrc, o;ip ip-irtion, SlX'l
llirvi i.i liti-mAi irt-erti ja,.1. 3.
A I i or:I ili-fnit Mriü he runde to th'3e
justness Hmctcm.
u ; i.v - i ir ; ., f ) ;i , , r 1 1! 5 . ". f r t'tr.
! N V ALM J. I. V I N A 1) V A CK.
at. I. in-, W i;.r!i-r. In I. OfTir- ir:
the . I .ill !Iiil!t:ir. ('iw r-; (ci.il ;i:ti:i
tion f V..c cut'v.iZ ar. 1 cilltf";n of
OK. II. ri:iti:rSO, WinrhcUr.
Iii'ii.m. 0:;irt ani rr-idenre ou
rnrner of M.iin an 1 Sout i .rtrt-!.. w "h re
lie rniy rU all tvm be toim-l, unliM ri-
5 IJOS i;STIi. ". -.rbm ar 1 S-r-.
! I 101 t'l-
vi '.-in r tii M i''u anil M rt')i :i c-1 1- f -.
al v.iye n lurni u,'! J,r - v? , sv t :i
ur -in-'! ilo-, miiiI vfirrant ! t r Ir :a
Ca!t)iii!. 0."il::ir.' or Ar-iilo i;i i-iUlm
1 7 l r i:i I i- k -i .tt. l r-r.iiionary.
Corti r oi tr ir.klin ;i"A MrtiUkn St.
1 ch tut, Wa.hin-t-n Str.a, north of
the l'uMic SiU..n, Wiiic.iff cr,
1 I I.I.I VltON V LOON. Ol S. Wvh.
J t 1. Pi-'.ri.ü.r, !
tot I !.? M iiiioa
n .
, :i , , i Ti t. j o iiic lovtr
ol'plci-'ire t'ii-, is a ; '.M.-.m: 'i:;if.
i:oj s;:. rui-.u city, i:a
JL Ü- I ".!! f , iYi'T rii 't.r .
J U i r ! 1 j.or tl.'.y or "J.'i ct-;. p r tncal.
il.il ir't'd and i;::, riivcd Mliihlin
for horn 4 nl- ly
"j"! TOUKIS 10)1 Si:. If. V.'hiinu r-,
i.1 1 i'r; i ict r, (;;o'itc the Union De
jt, lndi.i.irili-, ilia.
' K i: v i: !. v x i y ?: s,
j M . k .tnd J.i! TrlTiKTS Hast ol the
P-aMic Sj'.iiri', Winc!ictr.
- - --
1IIN' ICOSS, fir.K--r and P.irr, und
c de iltr in P:"i-i-ns. f:r. Store on
th tiorth-ra-t t 'i tier of Main ami Irank
!iu Strcrt-.
f i:Mvi:!:six)i;iKf: jl vii
1 'T tvit '-Mit r. f r.;r:ii;v:rc .''.d
Co lir , oi the 1 and K . t -f ! . Ea.-t
of th I'u'i'iic Si;i.i.kr'-, Wiii' h -tcr.
OIIN 15. ntOlV I.I1Y. M D., I hv-
in, ainl-S iro') !, Win .hoK r, I:.d.
(iri-Iüiteof PUil.idcl:,.;a r.:Si''o ot nu-d-
iciae, and Phi'. i l. I;.hi i L)in;-ia-Charity
Ilo-iritül, ernhr.iria 1'iactical Ob; tt tiici
un i D'.- i-ch d" Kt'inilcs.
lining ht t.'i A iMrt.mt D T'uMi.tr.itr of
Abit.uny, and having ;xnt ttiree yearin
the !!i-pi..!.'i a a d Di-pms iri.-.- of I'hila-f!c!;-hi
i, and ! mpplicd with co lient
Sur'i'' il IltstnrlIl:-, he U prj pared to
pf rlorm all operations in the various de
partments of th j rofe-vdoti. '
Öf'irt'ca''ir Attention paid to di-eaa-eof
the Kjc OFFICK. Washington
ftrt-et, near the north- et corner of the
TuMic Square, Winchester, lnd. ma'(l
Wi : r i : 1 1 n ' o .ii i : i c: i a i.
Tho Proprietor scxpi t n. tantly on
h and a 1 ir'e und varitd a-s-irtment of
Fruit Trees l'.v '-rettif, Kose.-, Orna
ment il Tn-i and Shrubj, and all kinds
of N ur-cry i'rn !uct-.
Ke;.n,'t!e Ai ent wa-ed in t-vtrv
!ointy. C it.i! . .its aj ;.!icd free on up-tdiv.-ati.in.
C. FI.rmiKU, Jr.,
nov D? ly Indianapolis, Ind.
. i . - ' - - -
Writ i.f:c '.v', Square,
wi.cm:sTi:u, isn.
f lwavs ou hand and made to older in
the l.i.-t ptyle.
Pli it' KS liKAON AP.I.I.
Drain tmir II Vf Nausis!
r M: Dr'un Tile u tr.:.lact:;n d ! v tho
un I( -ri::d have !: ; roi. u::.-t d
theht-.tin n e. Try tlu in.ai.d if ) ou do not
rMV.nue it:.-lied t!i it they are jut the
ttu nut Ir-iini ; trt l.ir,!s, we will re
tui d von the : i"':.e piid for tin :u. Wc
keep on h.i:. 1 i' I C K , of oar O w u
;m i::..; itture, v.!iUh we wairant to ive
-i.:'.-e iti-f w v..
C--i;ivo us eaM .it ir Y.tr 1. north
ot t Si- iVp i, Wim !u -t r, I: ll i: i- ;
i iMni mi. i n i in - r - mxnwa
rviEAT MArj;;er.
"TfOri.D re.vtfjlly infrr the
f '.;' '.;'. -; i i ' 1 the lovers ot"
:! MFAT, thnt he r,- w -!!-n
m.V. VK.lh ,V .MUTTON
M fron
I to o Cents per Pound.
M uket nn Tae-d.iT, Thiir lxy -r ISat
ur i ia T.. ill's; Meat always on li .nd.
:i U 1 I
nmii inarnet but l
. I'lHlMjverquott-d.;
"7"(,"'I'l nocctfopy a -no --.tut to
f f tl. c.t. of Old Kir.doip': that
I i ut Dentistry uj-oa iho mot rf a-oaable
:.-;.a. .ei,Jr.:o3 r;;rar.rce 1.
r Jchn Kc
'Iro.-rT !
IVew Series
J. JJ JL I I .
r;i:.f:itA l-mitc:iii:i..
Tlie luVi'jwiuz coble poem, occisior.cJ
lr the il rt:i of GiLerut Mitclitl, tie
p I liir-a-tr'r.orr,(T, Hj'j-eri in the Ntw
Yer r.rrnii'j l't:
7 l. the Ih-ar.eu trith Hack"
Hi" rr.iV.t life vr.n l.'irncl aw7
My C.ip )li:i fiery -un;
T!ic j..-tilciicc tli.it walks 1-y day
.Smote li'ira before LU course acemcJrua.
j 'j,o Constellation of the .ky,
i l''. hc "Utl.era Cross,
T.o .kt i ?.i Ily lioAii tj see him Uie,
Tu qc a nation wce: hiiluas.
"S. :i 1 hlrn tr u,' the stars miht cry
"Yo; il- :.f. iVtl his worth helow;
Yur I'tUy f--ix.it Jj u:t try
The i;n;u-urc of his miud to know,
,4Sf n 1 hi:n to us. This is Iiis place,
Not 'mid our puay jcalouslcd;
J OJ Ili mm m uu.
Of envits, strifes and po!icic3.
"Hi i eyo could pi?rce our vast expanse,
ilia ear could hear our morning song?,
His mi.nd, amid our irustic dance.
Cuii! 1 follow all our myriad throngs.
'Send Irin to us! no martyr's eoul,
No hero stain in righteous wars,
No raj lure 1 s-aiut could e'er control,
A holier w elcome from the stars."
T.ihehf m, ye stars! t'.ik him on !o;rh,
To your vast realms of b m'idle;- hpace.
I'ut once he turned from you to try
His name on martial scrclls to trace.
That once was when his country's call
Said danirer to htr tag was nitrh,
And then her hanntr's ?tars dimmed all
The radiant ii''t3 which gtnnntd the
Take him, loved orbs! His country's life.
Freedom for all for these he wars;
For these he wejeomed bloody strife,
And followed in the wake of Mars.
" You'll Tell Her, WouU You!
"Another (soldier,) shot through the
lunga, eUspttd a locicet on hirf breast and
moved his lips till I pot down my ear and
listened for his last breath: 'You'll tell
her, won't you 7 Tell who or where I
could nut aak, but the locket w as the pic
ture of one v ho might be wife, sweet
heart or sister." Armj Lrtttr.
You'll tc'.l her, won't you? .Say to her I
As a brave noldier should true to the
She'll bear it bettir if a thought of pride
Comes in to stay htr, the first thock
o'er pat.
You'll tell her, won't you? Show her
how I lay.
Pres.. i ii ' the pictured lips I loved so w ell,
And how my l.i.-t thoughts floated far away
To hon-.e and her, with love I coulinot
till. '
You'll tell her, won't you? not how hard,
it w t i
To pie up life lifo fcr her sake so
Nay, nay.riot so! Say 'twas a noble cause.
And 1 did die for it without a tear.
You'll tell her, won't you? She'll be
,Iad to know
Her bold'ur .tood undaunted, true as
His heart witn her, his bosom to the foe,
When the blow, truck no human power
Could heal.
You'll teli her, won't you? Say to wc
t.lia.1 meet
In Hod's lureafttr, where our love
hall L.TOW
.More ho! for this p.;r:i;;, and more
And cleansed lioi.i every stain it knew
FiTCi!rrK:, M ss.
To Li:t. Thpre are more
things 4,to let" than are placard
ed. Hearts are to let every day;
old hearts, young hearts, stricken
hearts all empty all to let.
There are heads to let ; to any
new tiling to isms, ologies and
ists; heads -without a tenant
There are consciences to let e
lastic, accommodating caoutch
ouc, At per cent per month 60
per cent per year. To let on
bond, and mortgage, and pound
of tlesh. And so it goes, from
srds to so'.ih; almost every thing
with its p.rice; every thing in the
inarKet but oriels. I hev are ne-
never at a premium,
vr i ht-
Wc often fancy we suffer from
ingratitude when in reality, we
:r-.su:ierin.T from tclf love.
The Wilmington (X. C.) Jour
nal announces u the arrival at
that place of seven negro regi
ments to garrbou the town and
fortifications during the eickly
season. They have been en
camped for the last six months
under the instructions of white
officers." This news was sent
over tho country by tho Associa
ted Press, through the telegraph,
a few dayd since. Slaves with
six months' drill and disciple are
to be matched against our white
soldiers. Wo admit the ood
sense of the measure, and if wo
were a rebel we would support it
with all our might. But being a
loyal man we are puzzled. If
we say, "Set other drilled and
disciplined negroes to fight them,"
the Jireekenrldge party screams
out "The Constitution! Good
Lord, where will these abolition
ists end?"' and in pity for their
terror we stop. If we say "Let
the acclimated 'negroes be met
only by unacclimatcd white
men," we compel white men to
accept negroes not only as ene
mies on their level, but enemies
with many advantages in their
favor, and we really like our own
whites a great .deal better than
negroes. Sometimes these Ureck
enridge gentry are very fearful
that negroes in the loyal States
may be put on a level with the
whites, but insist that our white
f-oldiers in the South must be
placed on a level with negroes.
The inconsistency is characteris
tic, but a little puzzling. Ind.
Daily Journal.
John Hanna, U. S. District
Attorney, publishes the following
in the Grcencastle Republican
last week:
The second section of an act
of Congress entitled 'an act to
authorize payments in stamps,
and prohibit the circulation of
notes of a less denomination than
one dollar," approved July 17th,
I82, as follows:
"That from and after the first
day of August, 1SG2, no private
corporation, banking association,
firm, or individual, shall make,
ifisue, circulate, or pay any note,
check, memorandum, token, or
other obligation, for a less sum
than one dollar, intended to cir
culate a money, or to be received
(or used in lieu of lawful money
of the United States; and every
person so ofl'ending shall, on con
viction thereof, in any District
or Circuit Court of the United
States, be punished by a fine not
exceeding five hundred dollars,
or by imprisonment not exceed
ing six months, or by both, at
the option of the Court.
The scarcity of "small change"
has induced many good men to
issue and circulate their individu
al checks as money, and this has
perhaps been done in mot cases
without a knowledge ot the ex
istence of the former statute. It
is no pleasure for me to prosecute
in such cases, and I trust the
practice will be promptly aban
doned. Cincinnati Gazette.
r.xriiNsivi: imm;.
The Columbia City Republi
can says:
A ca.-e of some importance to
owners of dogs was tried at the
last term of our Common Pleas
Court. It was an action brought
by Whipple to recover damages
of one Hennemyer for keeping a
vicious do:; mac iriLrmeneu ine
. i . r i . i.i
team of Whipple, causing it, as
he alleged, to run oil', thereby
breaking the leg of the plaintitf
and greatly injuring him, from
the eliects of which one of his
legs was amputated, in order to
save his life. It appeared from
the testimony that Henoemyer
resided near the public highway,
ami his dog was accustomed to
ru.-di out into the road and bark
at and follow teams passing his
house. This fact it appeared
was known to the defendant.
The dog thus barking and follow
ing the team of Whipple, caused
it 'to run oil", resulting in the al
most fatal accident to him. The
case was finally compromised be
fore giving it to the jury, by the
iMer.daut, ilcnnemyer, paying
the plaintitT five hundred dollars !
and costs of suit. It may be
news to manv owners of dogs,
accustomed to'rio iust as Henne-1
,nvr' Hid. Tnit thrv ari liablft
fcr any damages resulting to pass-j
ers by from this canine propen-
sitv of their respective cur j
t;ikiia.nd oi ;oo.
As a nation,the hand of God has
touched U3. The sun of our In
dian summer looks down on
scenes of carnage nd desolation,
the breezes quiver with tin
of battle, and the autumn leaves
rustle under the tread of hosts
rushing into strife. North or
South, there arc few kindreds
whose blood has not been shed,
few homed where tear-dimmed
eyes do not rest sadly on vacant
places wailing by our hearth
ptones. The'hand of God hath
touched us.
Will it ever be lifted? God
visits nations sometimes in wrath
sometimes in mercy, now puri
fying them as wheat is cleansed
from chall. lias he come to us
to purge or to destroy? History
teaches u:s that God never des
troys a nation unless the whole
mass is so corrupted that a reno
vation is a new creation.
The Jewish empire and the
Roman empire are instances in
which annihilation was needed,
and was brought about. We
hope and pray that our country
is not. The mass, of our people
is not corrupt. The great body
of our population, represented bet
ter in our armies than elsewhere,
love justice, endure privations,
and follow guidance in defense
of what they think is right. The
million soldiers now rallied a-
round the old Hag, prove this,
and the hosts of poor fellows who
followed liragg, barefooted, a-
cross the Cumberland mountains
and those that are shivennr by
the Hlue Ridge around Lee, dem-
. . . -
onstrate that selfishness and cor
ruption have not spread through
the masses of the American peo
ple, either North or south.
But the people have been proud
and careless, and have forgotten
God. They have followed iheir
caprices and exalted those who
flattered them into power, t'ney
have deserved to 1k Ik trayd by
I,l.. , I i I,
,1 1 1 . .1 i
trayed. thev have shut their eves
1 11 j
upon corruption, and allowed
..i i i ' ... jv i.:. i
piuuuLi iu ueeorne ine i;isni"u.
So pride was pampered and jud
ment forgotten. In the M)uth.
pride instigated men to adopt
and defend the evils and wrongs
fit, . ' I . i . i i : tit
of the slave system, in order to the olisppmrr says he, Hurry up, !
,öfinrit;;c; i i 1 1 i " hi i i !
(leiy criticism, and to declare that old crazv bones, or we'll be ketch-
Slavery was more sacred tl.uJc Ji,: ihr iiosint . '
marriage, or than the l.nml, oil up ll.u hrro rich fabric' T,e I
. . . . . . . . '.
blood. In the iioith, it led men
lo nvprloolf thp PV'lIc i'fl'Mi r f 1 1 I
i 1 1 . I 1 i
Heaven around them, the hvpoc -
risy, pauperism, oppression! fest -
ering in their midst, to ignore
Godt to calumniate and trample
upon his church.
It is useless to discuss the qties-ihr?:
tion who struck the lirst blow.
The voice from the ghnslly bat -
nn. a...
uliilius uuu uuouii.i;.) uuiii lilt-
frightened public halls and the !
3 . .
sorrowing homes is "Be ye j
humbled under the mighty hand !
of God."
Wc are not too
justice, nor too
it but the
tiaitors in place
tt'nTitnrt rntornrii
i . ,i ,r iiii i t '' ' our p aui low.iro ine
! and power, the h4 ou misabul old cripple, it you , J 1 . ,, . .
-i II'-'. fiiiuniiiiiintNin ViViMiM flio tmi
must nmW. If fin co ,ntrv uiiüi, I .L u ,,,!, o,i ,!.
. r.u t-i i J '
T . T -
The Taunton Ilcpubbcau gives ,
the following retrcshing story
which wo mmmi-nil tt? th. ntfpn. '
tion of those in the habit of '-tin
piny the mug." A few days ,
since, says that paper, a man went
into one of the beer shops in town j
and called for a half-pint of ale.
The ale was briight to him in a
common pint measure. Heiaw him tugging agun, and it
drank a little, anil thinking it tas-j made him so wrathy tint he
ted rather queerlv asked th? says says ho: Why in thunder
....... .. . !
inatter witn his l-eer. J he answer ,
was that it was lirst-rale beef . just
bought in Boston. 1 1m. satis-
fied the customer, and he swal-joa . But he li..nt finish Ins
lowed the remainder of the beer, j observation; for, as lie walked
When he got through, seeing; toward where the hamm'-r lay.
sorne-thing in the bottom of the: the tack came out, and the old
measure, he asked what it was.j'im ue.it to bed agnin under thc
"I declare," said the shopkeeper,! carpet. Up sprang the sal pa
"I forgot to take out the soap tent, spitting rage, and. he .-v.s,
the last timei shaved!" :siy l.e: -Weil, now, curous
'to think i should come so sud-
rvl l I j II- . - .....
1 WO pianos in ;ue iemocraue
platform, to be strictly adhered
to in the next session ot
Con - -
Kepudiation of the war j
v- nn organized resistance
debt, by an organized resistance
to the war tax.
2. Renuiliation of the ?Ca-I
tional taxes, that the piv nf the
soldiers mut fcto. CiallipolU
- . . : ? ' jatelv blomned out with "new
NTANin.v o Tin: cakpitt. j prs, and all because you didn't h.iir the hair of his youth new
Orpheus C. Kerr is sometimes take my advice about the ham-1 teeth, and new eyes."
"reminded of a little story" mcr n l,'e nrst lace-' The poor The general health of the old
which he puts into "the IIonest!okl 'l!a ,u."ed ?nd and : mtleman is stated to be good,
, 1 ... - t ! pouted, and sivs l:e- ' ell, now,' although we should not have
Ab,.. ,nuh with a stinging ef- üm ls ti;rv.us, I swun to mas J been surprised had the Maino
feet not at all impaired by its lu- .v. T,ert, crin't bi. no tacksj pip, r stated that h was occa
dicrous language. The follow-; way out in the middle of the ; si ;nlv troubled with cholera in
ing in his last letter, is as per- j floor here, can they?' Tu make j fant 'um, as well as subject to
lVct an illustration of the scltish,
' J
leaders of the "iJuiieruut" tvle
of Democrat? as can be imagined, s.ivs, avs he: 'Why. 'pears to i Marshal Saxe, a high authori
It is as true as gospel. A better ' me, Sammy, yot'kk stamm n on j ty in such thing?, was in the
exposure of disgraceful indilFer -
ence to the honor and safety of a
country, aggravating itself byi.an,j tt was ,j1L7
mean assaults on faituri v irfiirk I the carpet had tuck in sc nianv i ' Ie('irri1 an(1 Surgical Gazette
its mm dislmjaltij has produced, jplace.O published at Lyons says that the
we have never seen: lndiaaap-! " N'"'" ,"vs t'"' H(nc , fact was verified at Solferina, ev
olis Journal. AIh-' l11'- h? :lUiCrr cllM) en with the recent great im-
I he Honest Abe cracked
wahi ut, and says he "You say,
neighbor, that the organization
still insists upon a vigorous pros
ecution of the war?"
The Democratic chan sliced
a toothniek frem the arm ot the!
ninip trifi, his i-nii vu L -
. -
v....... hu iii niini,, hu iiv
"That is the present platform on
which we are E jduribus -
"Well," says the Honest Abe,
"1 believe that you mean well;
but am reminded of a little sto-
"When 1 was practicing law
I out in Illinois,'- says the Honest
j Abe, twir ling the bow ot his
black necktie around from under
i his left ear, "there was an old
i-itti frtiiv i ir i n rr nn -i p t
meinatumble-downold ;i!anty.!(ie:i- 1;ulks was P1Tsent
He lived there until half his roof! 'de a long speech, m which he
blew oil' one windy night, and 'chiefly dwelt upoa the part New
then he concluded to move to a Kngland had taken in the war.
m whou.e, where the chimney j Wc ; iiahß A shure cxtract.
didu t take up all the upper story. . . . .
, ! i i I Asa Yankee he was half m-
on tue dav when he moved, ne il , . , k . .. . . ,
.'ii c i; .i . o chned to talk, but as a man of
irot most all ot ins other traps . . ' . ,
, 1 i , . :i . some varied experience he hcsi
changed to the other re.-idenre, .... . t. 1 , . ,,
, P , . ,,. , tated, for he thought the time
and had sent one ol his son- to ' .
l..i.t .i ti ..rtiVl..
- 1 r 1 1,1
in doors, when suddenly a show-
er commented to tome up.
..mm .1 ie.. ...
i ne oiu mnn iino nis inner
ollspruiir, who nad staved to mir-:
f- . ! ' . Äf
ry him, were taking up a carpet
. 1
from the floor, at the time the
, I i i ii ,,i
iiu.uw.v; in K4IIUM vim mu,
,t I i . i 1 ; j
stern parent heeded the admoni
f i n r ml , i 1 1 1 iiiiniii'it',iX' fl'i
! earpt t around the edes of the lun h" 'V n
1 room, until he came near where ; l,iai,c ? ,mderfln'1 U? 1 l
I the offspring was standing, and I ,en,(,J,,,0US ;iI,tl prolonged
1 there it stuck. He pulled' but it ! Americans, however,
: wouldn't come, and he says, says ; vi11 , ! 'l '
"Pears to me that dod rot. j bnve hitherto, thought there
! ted tack must be, ten pennv m 1,0 V thrh.V;
1 nal-it holds on so.' You sce,!" "p but here heir idea is at
.i... i.i i.i..,.i ! fault; there is no short cat m this
i e oil! ,.l,n n.is ci nium
without li s specs,' says the Hon-;"
I ' . J
est Abe, buttoning his vest
kew, 'and he couldn't see
t i it . . .
tiful remark 11 went stamping to
j 1
I the window, and at the same mo-
i.. ) l.i iiniiliui '.irnnr ('in "I mil
out, and the n,ed parent wen
ver on his back, with the car ct
110 to his chill. He Ot UP and
dieted, and says he: 4 Well, now,
that if cur-ou how suddent it
went.' Then he proceeded t rip
away again, until became mar
the window, and there it stuck
oriL-e mo:". The wild otlspring
i.i I I . 0 I. .
you ero5,ve(i o!(i ytjiner, o i. ii
enough to make me weep afresh
tor the old woman, to see mw
,i .1. .'.ii
Minn. .ii.i mi UL- unii, ui.ui
il.iit1 li l r r- nr. i.il'
tne carp-: was all up trom around
the edge: but when he tried tf
drag it away on t i siioub.lcr, it
was last snmewheres yet. K
r nun born boom ! went th
I thunder; and cavs th.1? infuriated
cf!pri:ig. -ays he: 4 Well, I nov
;'cr aid w ucn a blundering old !:
J dad a.you be. We'll be k. t. !; :
;cl. ia thj riiu -ssurc grihup-,
ii-lifirn i lw (net trie
wv,w,,, , l ' I .it l . .1 . Oiuue, ami uns once unucisioou,
corrupt to lear:: , i.va t)t t Piind.'T at tins moment .. ,. ... .... . .,
i ii in i i im i.ii.
.'n. , ' j .i -ii iv .:n ' the reijellion will la even should
covardly to do t made the irrascible ohspnng ti 1 1 . . , . , ,
emagogues -the madder, and he says, says he:, . . .
f I - I, , . II t I . I I I. Nl.-'U 111 11U VlWlt, IIIIWII1.4 IU' 111 M
Vol. 1, 4o. 20.
i : uu ' luv UiU V u i as
.... . . . . I . . .- f
i mi: U'jw ii :.i;er ii i.iiV .1 i
'mouse-eve view, when all d a;
cmi,l1m ht. .. o,t
!TMi: UAKI'i:T L'iti:i.K: .nu sol
" was
so 1
u.iv, sus i.iej
Honest Abe, smiling into tho fire,;
reason wiiv
nn me rins won ins Mit rKies, "i
vour organization wants me to1'
move more vigorously in this A"' fired 8,100,000 times,
war, tell them not to be standing! ''be of the French and Ital
oa my carpet all the time. Oth- j ians was 'JOO killed and 10.000
erwise, I :nut still be tacking a-i wounded. Each man hit cost
! bout 91
Tb T).TnnrT.Ttii di-i? n(l
I M. I . V -v-.-' V V. W I i F II I 1
i. i 1 ...:..... .... i. : . i
i iijpji j,nnui Jiui;; iiwui iu rn.iir,
jn this small moral tale drew to -
wards its exciting conclusion,
and at tho last words he lied the
japartmeht with quivering wach-
--- -- - -
The Forty-lir-t Massachusetts
I regiment escorted Gen. Jbnks
j from Kostka to New York, and
! w:ls entertained with a breakfi. t
nt tfu Acfnt ITniici n't I-rhl-ii'
1,1 nan not 1 1 cuiiit.
I 1 hf peotde ot this and nad not
4 . .. . . . .
vet been .sulhcieatlv steeped m
... . .r 1 ,
IsuheririLT. .More Mate must be
. , , , . , . . .
dered doolate, before the people
.... ' ... ' 1
ol this country will conset to talk
' . , .
with one another as they shoud.
,, . .
. . . . . , ...
had to say, but this he wou d de-
. 7' . .. ,
"1:ire ns e,"r!,f . 'll"'t' t!nt
' im!i.'.all t ho tmiym
.-in nir1! Piifnfiiiii.il piiii , ii.-lPiiv
I'll I Mi 1,1 LHIIHM Ii'll . CHUM UtMii'V
v ine. i ti'iiu v'-t i ono lit
. , r . . ,
Jfc ' ' V , j
ti t ... v.. PL' .rw! H i. timet fi r it
to tire verv end. We must lernt.
! J ---f - i
land that, to with a full apprecia-
tion of the men with whom we
1''er and intrusted witn th.
ilread resnonsi lilitv
allow this
glorious Government to fall, m
-l4lj1..r. .l...r tlt.fc Until l.'ll
Inon.iono1 with pity, thee would
. '
I;ims:i.s. Adam was
in,.r wiiiie yet in Paradi.-
a lar-;
rut, r hi fall he v.i commanded
to earn his bread by the .--v.vat of ;
bis brow. j
Job. the honest, upright, and
.obedient, was a larmt r, and his
stern endurance- ius p;w?jd into
1 ... - .
,s: AlK0 ,vris a i-;rrm.:-. an,i
"divides with I'rometheu-the honor
of ubiecting the ux for the use ot
Socrates was a fanner, ar.d yet
weddeil to his calling, th glorv
oi his immorf il ti:i! jsor!iy .
Cincinnati! s w a farmer, and
the nohle: Koman of them all.
Hums wa a larmor, livA the
mu-ic found him at the plough,
and filled him with p'.etrv.
Islington was a larmor: re-
tir lf0:i te bighest earthly sta
tinn to enjoy the quief of rural
lite at Mt. Vernon, and pre.-er.t
to the world a spectacle of itumari
To these names may I"1 added
. . a I
a host ot others u no sought peace
an(i repfUf? ;., t,n cultivation of
tn,;r lrllber e irih; the enthusi-
j:jL. L-ifvf.te, the steadf:
Pickering, the scholastic Jetler
son, the fiery Kandolph, all
found an Eldorado of consola
tion from life's cares and troubles
in the green and verdant lawn
that surrounded their homc-tcad.-.
i.vmtixrix: to ;ih. iiaknc n.
A Maine paper gives an ac
count of an aged preacher Df
vears old, we think who has
habit of s.ivinc; that to kill a man
Jn i)nttj0 tne ,r,an2 weight in
: iead must be expended. A French
. r nn
! nrmvmrnr in firo nrma Thr
1 720 rounds and every man killed
. .
. ost -4 ounces, i lie mean
j weight of a ball is 1 oz: thus we
j llnd, it required, on an average
A n..nm: tr, i;il n r.n Th
W ' IIWUIIllJ 1 M IV 111 l-J AAJU& A M A V
soldier in battle may therefore
find comfort in reflecting that 700
shot may be fired at him before
he is hit, and 1.200 before he
"bhudles oft this mortal coil."
oood (;:iAi'iors
It is proposed in Pennsylvania
to end James Buchanan to the
United States Senate! We would
laugh .at this, if we could, but
it's a pretty söhnen business to
those who have friends buried
in that state, for they will be ri
fling the cemeteries for candidates
next, and each party will have a
Resurrection Committee. Don't,
gentlemen, be misled by words!
J. B. may be the Old Pa of big
country, but it is well known
that he never was the Father of
anything, his proudest public
service being that he allowed tho
Buchanan breed to become ex
tinct. This patriotism certanly
entitles him to Go To Pieces in
John Brown, jr., was in the
city last evening, having como
1 ' liu Ilk I (U ill JMV JirliJUaWIl
which he has pjrghased ten acres
of ground, and to which he pro
poses shortly to remove his fam
ily. He informed us that,
though compelled to resign the
command of his company in the
Spring, in consequence of rheu
matism, be has never ceased to
be ready to light the moment he
was lit for service. He hopes to
I ..It ... .1.. T
i i i . . T T.
' " ' , , 7 VV
.I 'llO 15 ICOOTI II: Ilf f 1 ?1 J TOT hl
again as soon as he has got his
firmly provided lor. Sandusky
OT; Here is a characteristic
Western occurrence. Jxidje Jere
miah Smith, old, drunk, and trea
sonable, blackguarded iJnion sol
diers nt Portland, Ind., a few
days since. Judye Bowden, full
of righteous indignation, was
about to knock down his yoke
fell mv of justice, when somebody
carried oil' the tipsy old fool,
who, however, began agiin, and
was rolled in the mud by some
indignant soldiers, until Judne
Klliott harrangued them, and in-
dnred thAm to permit Smith to be
taken out of town.
.New lorl;
r-Tr M.ior-General Ambro
j Kverelt Biirnside, ot the United
: States volunteer service, is in tho
nrime of lite, having been'boni
' ... ' ..
Ijibi-rty, a small town in
lion c .m.tv, Indiana, on the
S-i i of .May, 82t. After being
well grounded in the usual rudi
ments of a liberal education, ho
w'.is nominated to the West Point
Military Academy, and his name
was enrolled as a cadet in ISJg.
He graduated in l6 J, eighteenth
in a class of UH members, and
was immediately attached to the
2nd Artillery, with the brevet
rank of Second Lieutenant.
Law is not something wrought
out by man's ingenuity; nor is it
a decree of the people; but it i
something eternal, governing thr
world bv the wisdom of its com
mand and prohibitions whatev-e-wiitisal?othetrue
law; nor
can this be abrogated by any
written läctnitn:-.

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