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iditor raormta or.
r i u l. L-L, Jua r v U . U - J-L- U Vjy I ( J U LJ A U
Out OoJlir ji1 1'iffy ft.a Year,
If Tai:) l a nv ce;
l i : v o t i : u tu the i n t i: ii i: s t s o y n a x u o lph c o u n t y
One-juir... o:,- i,.s,rfi.,n !.' ?OJfc TKIS WEK.
r. . i I liti in tl r:trm, ,. 2.
A o'i'Til '!ic'jiit will l: rri i to thoe '
who i-rti. f.,r I,,.,i'r f rio.l. ! BY J. fe. UARUliOi.
lVIAC'IIESTEK, IM)I1A, FRIDAY, II?C 12.11 II 121 2G. 1
Vol. 1 , Ao.
imstnrss Hirfftorn.
ui mo 1 1 of 10 li n.; or I es ft. per j ear
Clio o f. i ; x n i a i; i; , j Uck to
As I sit down to write, my
jwile and the young woman who
' cs with us, are sinking old An- j ty
: Ol rrt i . i
u-diavery songs
H'nUfn or the Journal-
A favorite author of mine,
)e Iiev Tirnotiiv Titcomb
. .. ... IU)p J((v lunoiuy 1 iicomn. j ijui years rr,u on, aa i on or two uiuo, Uonterence lor a t
ery songs. I he jamj7r j thinks our A i.erican system of j become eminent, a fw remain ! (Pr !nis he w.v sent b'- hi
and air carry my thoughts Education too prone fo stitnuht" ! mere co-union place plodder I , . '
the early days ot the a,re.1v ,lx,lriailt arnhilion and stumMers on the road lead rs a k,nd missionary
son on this subject, go to yonder j Slavery or WesNyan branch. In j turned out, to use a term of hi.
sci.oo room. I here in the same min,:-, u i .i I i r
cU. von see some dozen bov,-: I U!n he engaged in the , own in a speech here after he
scan them closely and you will mln,str-v about 1S45 ar,'! travel- ratr.e West, "a perfect ovatiox."
observe but little difference in j Ct't at first, near home, and after j He again resumed his labors as
fhir manifestation of talent. wards was transferred to Miami, a Minister among his old ac-
Uut years rr, on, ami on or two Ohio, Conference for a time. Af-i ouaintauces. suffered an attack nf
his church i iMeknes of jome kind at Wcst-
back to i fieKJ Int summer, from vhi h he
invi-T Utrule, when such songs were , ou .Qut, -j teennir constmtlv ! in- pternitv-wird. while others ni" n,tJ nAlive P,arp tI,e Soulh-
CIK.or. I:. IIM;u for n. VJ.. .i' . peiore me pup;i h eye sucn hum.
rv; :;;.. v;, ; . : why i. nev n i.em o
-lainitiwii of Aj-jljciDt. on th '"'late? Is it because people 'eel
roiirtu.sjitunUf in v.ach Month, tnCi deeply and earnestly lor sing
In the Xw I'rick School-IIou, .North l" ?. . , .
of ti Kiiiroi.i, Vincivier( ludUua. It iR said that tere is not yet
h"j-'l'1-v ; ariy souf that is a real expression
1 1 im w vi i. ViTi vi-V7" a.. o" the s'tirit ol the time: and some
- if I I , II I'll IIVl
I j tt . i. vvii,ch--tr. irui. e in have w ofcidereiJ at thi.?, and have a mu-iral eheat n
J.11 M.1i,!i!'5v ,-?; ...it.i. med ihitiua ensi like this, ; truth, but a self-evident lie. In
ei. . rvii tliere outfit ti le a son which his opinion, lives ct :iea' men!
Y," ' " MimiiH i.e. nie sei to mu-j teach a no more important lesson
0t. I. iT.it':rs:, U'i, i.t. r. i, ; in which, ul'er.n the voice than his that ditinmiihed
lull im i. Oihci- 4-. r.-MM..- on ... i. . I ii ii i . . 1 , .... n .
- uf ii 'ur, MiiMiui rur ait nearis , n,pn nave maqe itieir own 1 1
sentences a?,
"Nothing is impoiiiU! t'ihinj who wills.'
He denounces the beautiful
lines of Longfellow,
"Lives of jrre.it rr.tn all r rnir. l us
V,'e mv imkc our live- suMimc."
wreck tliemehes upon the sh.oals Here he lost his wife, and, during
of di sipition nrd sink dishonored j ,'? stay there, married aiin.
to te grave. I hey starred even
in the rac e of life, w hy this dif
ference at the out-corr e? Look
and vou may see. Lavin the
was thought to hive recovered ;
removed to Newport in Wayne
county, where be sickened again.
lie got ou verv well for a while ana" died after a short illness crn
with U Anti-Slavery Go-pel,
In some letters of his in the
Dec. 12th inst.
dient students, and you wülhav'
a prosperous and pleasant school.
There are many dilficuilies with
which teachers have to contend.
One is that of larger students mis.
( - ---- .
ilehavin and being diuoledienl
land rude, and then tjilmelves
complaining of the order their
teacher keep?, and talk of quit
ting the school in consequence
thereof: such as this is decidedly
a eorf, and is calculated ta
pique" the most of us. An
other trouhle is that of instruct
ing and advancing dull, heartless
little u urchins" which it seems
almost impossible to instruct or
imrrove. There are many other
difficulties, lut will not notice
them now.
I wih to speak of the exami
nation of teachers.
I like the present method eit
cellently; but I would recommend
that we be 4on hand" at a pretty
eirly hour if we want a!i A No.
1 crrtfi-rai". When I went be
fore the. Examiner I met with
about fifty other tea heri- good
looking, intelligent looking ones,
especially the ladies, qualified by
the forn.er adjective. I thought
it would have been verv interest-
....... ,t . . . . II ..,11 1 1 t ii- i I I
riioi i i ! ni...ut.-.. hkH ,i iriimiiri-iviii. up iiif c n inn i mi t.mn iuiiMiniii i it . . i r . r..
, o i I - lil'- . " , t IIIIII J.l . II ill! 1I.IIL L Jlll'llllll U ril.l II11I frr...ffnrr 1A Irtfr. '
. . . . ' .11111 K'MIIMI III"!! Iii I III Irtir a'JIMI
n su li so;ig; out perhaps it is I their own natr.es ntul memory in
bi au-e the time tor sinking his
FT ir ii i i . . - m. I S-ii ;.,.,, v.
O'Pirr.: r r i i 1 1 n .n I .Mi i i h m' St-
not cr.e. Men -ing before the
mired in the miicksand of vice
history. J will not mar the force , aild (iis1peared from human
- . .
lives was ai an end, and from was rather inclined to exult a lit- mui.
that point the piths they trod tle that he couId prt,ach his rad- M"' lI:X)IT0R: 1 nice 5n
were divergent. Those who set - t , . , . . ., uvour last issue, a quotation from
ii.: i. i.' u 11 u. i( ili uocinnes rini in u.e verv i rt t0o,.i,u, n e r
-lrt l:.l,nro,t xi-itlinnt nn ,n,l in ihome and lair of the mender hearing thethonrrhts of KanHnlnh i ,n? II.l.naa .my been a specta
view, halted and stumbled, und I Cut after a while an old scathed County teachers.
thv who believed that "nature I and haltered Kansas soldier 1 ". I have been thinking,
hair-mad.!..! I,v the curder ol!?"'1 """T1 T'S.'o; but.
f)ein a mouesi m;in, inve re-1
his sons by the minions of Slav- ; fra:n;(J frnm u.ritin ('he lhmigh(s j x
ery, pitched his tent near Har- I tucvk until now.' i tr
bittle; soii.ttimes alter it; but not ie epre-se hi thought by any, Youn" man, ynun woman pfr's Ferrv nnd perpetrated the : lam, rircumstartally, a tea
'John Brown Hahl." This mimt ' 1 her ' pro ession; whether ex
it A 1 i f
,Viei iti; iiorsr. U.....i. c.iv, liltj Iii? lip" e ''Ü0"' nt !ti ontliet. I atlciupted par.iph:-a.-o: If you
j It. Kir:rv,pr...ri.t..r. ' They may prav, or ey may ; do not believe it, go to the ce.ne
K-VirÄ )ond.r. There they be-
yoijrdpstinv lis within voursIf
tor h r."'
. icellent or indillerenr, some know.
others do not. Nw. it may srem
i . ' ii
--ou may nipp u as vni will. nvP pled as a vrv small af
nl 4' l'.i" I. a I 1 . . I t i i . I I lail niw'r.f r I. ,w .t I ' . . . . .Iif
iv iney are mcuu-jore.nu inuer.s ten iiiousan-t upitirneu laces tikHe has iivcn vou to do! ir ' u,m; improper, in these critical times!-.;:
- I . . ... . . .... I . -1 . l H" i . . . . ii .ii i r !.. .i . i . . ii
t)!! Itoss. i;r.M.r:u,l 5,kT..u,.i ir " ls 'M' io moU a:. ti nreainiess mwoiiis. I e iris .rjven vou Orenrrth tn ""i iuvic, Inp Hcnnva liko a,tor i mdi to be teafhinc: but.l
.if.hr i.. ProtN1,ai;. s,or, the Kight has iniimplifU, when : 1 fit-re wis a tune when lire moir h;c ..lirt. tvn.,- tt nark of firp In n n.uvlnr n ' nntwithstindinr t!e fe.nrlhl rrici, i 1 ' W! U,L t-,m"5
ünSr1 " M"u j"J r k-. m uf r crusl-M in.,,e ' : Phiiv o;. ;,i m. ! zinc, n M, a Ho,ic 'ho : '"'"iiti- f -.,ry, i r :!":r "ri1?
. i Ä .1 . .nim.-d nun u.uiuilUll lj M UcUV I
i ii 1 1 (.-ii 1 1 n v; i" war, me saerm-
tor. I thought it would certainly
be "real nice" if we could insti
tute a Teachers' Association on
some kind of a basis for the tnu-
:tual benefit and occasional enter
tainment of all teachers. Who
wants something of the kind?
What do you say, Examiner?
I'm a hand."
We look for our Examiner
amonu us some time during the
inter; at leat we think ho
ought to visit the fchools, advise
rV,;,:,.,, - e;l, and our eountry is free , we ; warm ambitious pulse J in those : vhhta, rnunM'iihh,. and vou
I l.jhi siMinr.it x Ulisivshall a-am hear the vo.ee ol the bosoms. IleaM.ot fame and . a,werin to' it
I J M ri!fctnir- ii V t.riiici;.-! iiui i i. ii i i i . ii ' "ri" " i M ape Hnwenng to it
:h.i,....r, i,,,, Pl'le "'.'.',' " ;Per once Lau,,...! . ,W hoi-. ,,.or (Ml,- nrire of emin,-e
of il-r.. ,i;, - u ,i,-.i.r. anlhem ot Ktory Oh U.e lip- low skulls. 1 "uc liltlu pilpn ol y. rrn,r
t I . mil II irt II f flu ,I-lltA n'll'il.nLl
'"'ii iiwiii um. niiiiic i'lm riniiu- r. ril 1 .1 T I III"
in-re-ion. The men of that se- to . PAn n9ec, a , . j These are my thoughts.
fion tlt it as a new and terrible 1 i.nve evaded thest
ing throughout the county. -These
are my thoughts.
, , It does appear, Mr. Ld'tor, that
horror, and T i i i
, -ii can not make my articles brief.
. . . . ... fit Mil 1 1 lOtl Will) tieVer Slimr If.: I.nnr.. llmf nrn-n linin e.n r-i 11 ....... . . . f .1 ti!... 1. .1 i : 4 T 1
tl ;ieio.,.hi;v,,1,H1,,i1,,t,r,i,1;i. when the movement aga.n.t op 'they led? Wie lived-he died wl -i , " , Z tC jabnnd.nto. .Ion,, Brown, were !nn !hp 1 have a bnve i M 1 rtRIKKD- T,n.1 !s wHI
J;;; predion was in its infancy. I -he was hurried," j!l head "lCP ' W in every Northern man. It hmther a-w-.a-v down South ' in ! enoi,5.l,.; r ur.pnne.pal motive
l.-ni.i,.,,wi,.. ir.ciil'iT o,.u-iric, reu.emberan anti-slavery meet-j stone tells us v ..' ... ! wa even id the cows dM nor ! Dixie, who is" a. Letter ten,-bprlln writ.,n' ,m.,,a . UI1!,r0e
an J L)-if.i?t i,f l't in ilt
im' held in our neighborhood in! True it is that of all the mill
An:;;';; 0: who i,e qu-.etiy m the vai- w;r;',;, ,tt,in.a t,
t'ie II ,;,;t.-ii tl, i I)i!r.,.'ii,.ir.. ..r' 1 iiil.- ty vcirrf auo The lecturer s lev of shadows, lut a lew have H:r Iii1 n-ir romjMniiM. -h-r
ir pint, 11. 1 initio i;,r.iiUiiin"rfil. nt ; name was Withrow. He was! left a life-record behind them.
r?c.ipc .picmn. Open anil .v"n an' a mnr, ,1,,,,,,,,,, r but
Ivowp.1 ALolitionirt would romoi "''"" ' ? 1 , .k,nd "5 T150'"! li.is article is written t sc mist-
. : I W . . .
ViiXT;;;::,:: KZ1?. :XZ y edrUVS i much. Countless muUiuKles havethread
prirnf tit-i of ttj- jimfV-jiijn.
r5f"l'rtici!.ir .irfiiwn t.ni.1 to iliea- strain of bitter invective.
nl' II,. 1.'... Iiri'l'l.' tl
-i ..-r i.i r. 1 1 I I v r., .II
but denounced ail opponents in a'ed the humblfr paii;s of liie, aird
He (lying, have p.sx-d Irom the
..,..if l... iU:.J :.. i. n 11
Wore toili:.,: upward i., tl,, night." jn for attention. To furnish the! " " ' . , ' ied, and I hope to gee it publish
um go io war, ana inai someooiiv ! r t -,u . j- i ' .1
better oretevt. tlie snbiert nf thi. 1 ...i.i y d, notWlthstai-din? its lentth.
I ill. l. I I. I VM1.I VtOlCTJi. , . ' . j Hpcneetfii lv
isf r i liarl oio a lu rnniM nf, nut t hn;,-- 4t hniifThtc-'7 In tKl 1
n sucti information as we', , , , , . , e,.f t. 1 .v.!. 4-.t
me eeiPiira:eo riciper s oook. iji :-- mmu ui.u ie;ivuuig,i pi-i,ant
ItllTtOfl rAA u, nrt.i.li- 'i L In mi'a flxii.. II. ... i C . .1 : . . ..' T. I I l
tr.-,t,n,irt!,u,rth.,.tc-.n.,r ol '": 'fi' : . Mius memo, i . a ihnjci .r poes-. -mu u is nut IUM as , .Voll.i no .1: rRrni ! linder most CirriHTKf ances, IS fa-
Psiu. Ss, ( Wi,,cfur, I,,.. j orj !r scorn. ,io a generation or.lv inve lived U P eould desire, u.-nn nof well L' - . V " . " s ther a hanl leith. When wr con-
, i , UlKnhelpd done spakms. I up to their capacity. Umehas mm ,n- r irforp 0(irv n his conue .on. though h-j si;r ;jis h.gh responsibility, hi,
" TAtlftRIMr " " "roiir,:"?'i,,?s"? an-.uestoweduponm.nya meruum . . " f , ,;r a,w,Pnk1 ,n ms ; imperative duty, how he has to
TAILORING. jt,.sl:.very n -laman alo-0f manhood and womanhood, 1 ome account of the 1'; nrtip j.jnfore whom he had : he wearied and p-pVed we
JOHN RICHARnSON !bt.o:i,,t'; a,,.! one o! which luhi.h they, through their imlo- nd labor, of tl oor old nnd hUtrinL S(,n(eir. aftPr ,Pvrn! i rotiHurlc a tParl,Pr ?,il, rereive
Ridf , Ind., Dec. IK), l$C2,
iH'. IMnlll rill I' Mm flu.riu 1 I U . . . . I ' . I uP ., I rmnnii-lint Ji ll imiu I . n.l 41Ia...
I ijn ii..iii Hin .ivmuo ; it'KLe, .l ive iie j: re 1 h.'hj. uou mur-w n n iiiMiui;uiMini ivnow-
i ' in- !i.up. n'i-ri!i-s: on ?..v tr.u k: ' is a gnod worker but he loves to c'tizen ot wimse recent death a
I Oh, Clif.-li :i m ill j u md i.it l.i. 1 1'' .he helneil I)nf--?li;e fie tilfit 1 .
j 3 , utr ut ipeu. uots u.e i.ic. ui.n s r,,p0 a nnou'ieement wa made
I There was no diurbance that,a!ost men are humble and iguo- . .
ClOTHS. CÄ5SIWERES AND VESTI?JGS. ' night, but a lw davs alter, as the ia..t, leach tl. it greatness, in a " ' ' , ' , , .
il nii.' in ,in!,r in A i,.t..r.i. ...... ..,;....., nA iti-irmo iwin.f o i M i ! , ! n ! . w oc. - " n u a s oo r n i n iiuu-
. ... . ciuiic ii.ici. i ;i ""' lu ii' v. i" uuiiiiiiiuK
HV.to'rf I'nUie S-juure,
isrni:sTi:i, ixn.
V; o;. Ii in-i :tj,i
tii l.rt t !.
ntici:s i;i:AsoAi!!.n.
ing three or lour miles from our ; ery rationabh- being ? Is it true ford (or Randolph) County, -jf,;i
On the sitbject of 'promotions''
we find, in one of oar most high
ly valued exchange, the follow
ing allusion to our bold and in-
' . i i . . -. i in i ! i.i-.i .ii ti
months impri-onrnr-iit waitin- ar least a g-reat nig üoliar and a (le.'LUgauic ieilOW-t 0 w n s m a n ,
i . - " : g-reit big quarter (1. g.") per day. Col. Col.rovt"
lor the rissizes, was-two vt.irs im- n-i 7 i 1 . I HuFbru1'
. . . .. . H hen a teaeher is to Ii employ-; . . 4,., n.
pHsnnrn.-Pt,pilIoryandwiisppirg.iPlj. the farmer sav: "Why pay' Colonel bilas (Jolgrove went
Hi attorney moved for a new him ore than the 'common la-i out as Liciite,:ant Colone 1 of the
Mint n-h-mli na.i o hnrnrV Tl.o.ir 4. . i M h 1 tegi meut in the t h ree mont hs
u riif kiii ii fin mi M II i III r J'i i i ii- ii ii iii i ? . I 1
1 .
me as much a vou do vour me-
Th I f tni'i in 1 1 rt n . 1 c In
. . i jut. iw u a .'.a i.ixeii ai ui i rea o.ii ii. itiv uiw .n.viuu iiu.-u u mi v , . noon i m n e,ii i v i 'e . . .. . . eri.anir i r. rr nil nr .in-
-r, ' , on: a nistol ball oasMiiL' throufh: little because their .Maker has . u. it i ; ,U arnr,,,nl of &till he , . s,fUf in j fought at R
r.Mr'w UWI; bis eli the. and cutting of his : not L'lven them the uowcr to do . . , .. ,. ! eomd only come out of jail and .:lf. fapmftr Mi1At. i,.,t. i.ef was in all
TILK! TILK! Tl I" at.hoan'. I heard n.anv I mor Nature Ins not treated lf,. rm men' (US eU ! leave the State lV stealth. With ! tire and monev in Irniner , h.ir i 4tlire '
Untill iioitr UV Lands9 : people express regret that il had her child.eM with an ungenerous "n at tr.e piacr 01 v-isomebody's help this was eflbct- .'trade." "Av,,; savs the teacher, IT'' an'
LiilK Dr.ii. Tile ni.ujuiinftun.i .ti- ,Kn Hiie uirou-ii ins nart. .iv.ciin "-- iii nui nt'xoigcu ...f-.n cc-,.,, (. mw- ' " , ed. "SO 1 Old to lorn ;jy trade." j" '
uii-hrf i-'uitl iiavi- I , !., n.üfUM,,'! .1 i This man was not a snecimPn : some wl h her blesillL'S and tin- reared, a r.d wa? married iliere ! ! O ve- " 6nv f l.oVoi-mop ti,f i t"e I otomac
. ... . ' ! r . . .., , , 'a irArnmA i, a VJ..,, ! 'I J ' """"" """I'l wui;
. ... . oi wie i euer i lass oi aiiii-iaverv ,tu '""Ji sne n.is iKii lavisneo
flt rame to tlie West about lSlt
to tu
i the sin of being Northern-born, I the teacher answers
eonntv .....
tU -nrJr,nhu,t uu,i,t J r,. pcoph ; though there were doubt- j her gilts upon a lavorcd few, and Qr 1S20 ( sHtjn .
i.n.a ou ii,,. iU.,,.v p-.iii i,,r tUru. s , j.s. ma ii v among t hem u ho were i dea it t hei n out to h er erenteil and ' " "
nu.ii.p.1,, a,,,,!, j;j;j(K, of ..r om,: tje f ' p in(h, world. dependent millions witiithe sti;i- hut VPrv soon
W irriIlt l Many wl odeace.d to the vye ne,s of a miser. Equality is south-west rorner of this
k7T(.if u i-i,i .it our .ir.l, north jot tiu.r adversaries, and when the primal the omni potent law where tie made a farm an! ron-f fP1, ffrm l.,,, .j- flttm,
m the Utpji, WiiK-t.e-ur. ,,.;, M. , .. , , ,:. ., , ' tlir t ; i i i ; i, . jranri Irom a letter 01 Ins own:
inivjiivi ,) j k T,v they were reviled, did revile a- in nature. Lite. Air, Li-ht, inul to ridP till within a few
' .u.Aii i.i . I..-"'. r.-,, . t :i,,.. 111.1......:.,,.. I tti..i.i -i ...i-
gain. mere wea some, i;,, u.w.ij-.mi .e vp?.r4 ITavin- PvliU-tk- a i mwiiu i-ui iu m.Kingii
- I prolessed friend- of the eause. frilmted with an ecpnl hand hv . . monev, ofeourse i must retarii in-r more interexted in and en-
MEAT MARKET. ; who were no( utrolied by pnu- the Almighty. lfthrr x p- ryen n mu-h more thoron?,. t-mM r on.and release niv bail I ligl;t-pnd ori the subjea,
n y ci)v; wl;ose livs were manifest ceptions to this great law, mm, I'Tl'h education than nunltvTo go back to prison iv On th- tea, brs part. t should
. .f. im VO; j ly unworthy; and who were thus i not God. has made then;. h- fall to the lot of itie Snu'riTnj beyond all (juestion to die 1 1 an plv qualified for hi undrr
Y'rrll;P r:"v-o'.iUv inform the g.ea t.' y i u "the wa v of success, j man intellect xit$ in v-ritv,-p.mVrnnt. and moreover bei n en-j-re. Another ease remains vrti taking, for 4A man, to tea, h a
4:oüd Mcxr.he';; ul'w ,!:;V;? t,f- of ery it the Great Arrhiret-tinsr.-tib- dowed bv nature with a verv an i' try which will add another; public school. And tkach it with
service. He labored in the en
trenchments at Clarksville, and
ich Mountain. He
the service that the
onths' campaign' re
man, hinee then
i . i . . i
'nniO'M rrio i f n nn
all the time, never
l i - r i i
wouldn't tak. u-hir vn.it ' 1 JJ ULL" away irom u a uay, uas
thern prison house, in the like of';i , i t , , ; , j fought with it in a do.en battles.
which so many hiv perished for iit it. would vou? Of course ! m:irc,Jt'd With it over a thousand
miles oi wearv ana bloodv tirouna
VIM I - HTniY u
t J.l U i'l l 1 llU , y the same thing h
at I rum
4 to Q Corns per Pouijd.
ltkt u Tu-liv, Thurl iv ntSat
8f.ll in.rilH,-; iut.lt . if. I Vi y h:id.
. 1 ottier good movement. Precise-
as a'wavsab-
ftructcd llie progress of Christi
lished eo natuiai irUellei tuai ar
HQ, anni. . . . : r . .
we will uWe the reader a n-t.a- tnu th parents of uneducated j . .
children sometirr es reason with' ' , ,r " """vK
teacher.: but ue am hannv to "f to hardly more thill a ML
If I should fail in making thej know that men are now hVcom-1 r'.V ron,la"' a,nd A11 1 tne ,.rn
tii:t llcKs to ttie t.;aue, rajuuiy
as it is yearing away in the fear
ful strife, that yeern? to have iiei
tlier aim nor end, in Eastern Vir
ginia. Is there no material for
a Brigadier in this veteran? He
has i-e(C; as much and as danger
ous service as any Col.anrl Kast
or West, and stands side by fdde
with tf.e gall-int Gavin in all but
the accidental honor of a wound.
Daily JouruaJ.
istocraev. One menti c harac- lU r ,T ramPnt nnn x rn SO( n1 oer hao more. An, tvha i. thi. nr.t n rn, n, U Tv I..., '
istic is more stiikinlv develop- qnilmw ofmin.l, he was not u). ; nriso flo y Words are not ; gue " He or b.e should ie pre-
ed in some, anjthr in others, lowed to rensiin lon in private j sutlit ient desc ribe it. Think pared to avoid a 'Mall" in nnv
t is agreed that many of the but there is not iniWiortv in the 'o. was rhosen to represent I of pining awn y in i rooia ot un- j mse: nnd if there should be anv
anti slavery saints wen; not very lone, and superiority in the others, (h;s Counfv in the Le.Mslatnre at : sutlerahie stench, closed up from i would be graduates in the Dis
ainUy p. opk-. Tcry humane ! but sua plv dxsswy.tar f7wa".y-' very early dav and we think he ; v"ery. human e-Vt?' excTt tne vii-; trict who think they know as
1 reformers th:y werej somewhat ! Brains have been much more ' - ' ' 1 : it of your keeper twice a day-much as any con. moo ehool
Is dfih uhbf rn, for stubborne,s ! evenlv distributed (hin we seem u'as prrhPS npr t,'Pref:eri-; when he brings your course food ! teacher, the t'er.eher lw,ld
i . . . . - ... r. I " . . . . . . - v. , .i
;i-a nevesary element in the!w;Hing to believe. "Uer.ius is "live a; one ot his cotemporar.es and water; all tU sounds which ; able to say to them; '-bring on ! South informs us that the rebel
A gentleman just from tlie
w,Ti.f üccp., chaiaderot a martvr; but they ! nn I v great patien-e. I no ap- savs i was at a time when tti reach you are, loathsome curses, j your Analytical Ortlmgranhv I r.nnmpni hnc -rant,! nermi
ililiOitd and sutlbred, am some j parentJy immeasuf.ible d.llerence (;nimtv hlfj no ROr(M.w.strrri j oaths and blaspt.emies, from the vour Higher Arithmetic, your : - frt ,n eu;r-
! .!.... .1 ...I l .1 l....A.n mnn..l...lirunn rrrr. i.r,..,l. .1 ,l-.ll..l rtl ri-. il l . J . . ! S 1 0 il 10 U 1 1 U S O I C I C r . UO OWU
SOOTf?P'TPPq ..lll.'.i.d.cJ.forll,et-.-i.a,e. i I' mon-l.-uveon Lounrtnrv thnhe know, of lhiS!mouU" "' dreadful 31 Part Alaehra. yoor Enjlish
-iUAOIi i-HiIVO i I here may hae leen tanati-1 and little o. en, is almost whol- . w re t-IiPs the sun ever !-hone up- Teactier, (Pinneo's), your Philcs-
Aml XT A T I O I! It :,cim amojig- then , it-o; (If any i ly se.f-ereited. Talent mut pot fule "A ',r unPrcr on: i.i;..ine our sinking nature : onhv. etc. and when vou C:m
Vi n ii'ui; c r r , 'ixdv knows just wr.it tint is!) ! onl v 4 ligfit it's own nV," but it lon a'Cf that he held other omre ?;.illv confined to your couch, no ' through them all. I will then con : gear's planting, and crops, and to
but we .Know, and tLe world will must supnlv it s own luel. n a ot trust in the earlier part ot our ' iriend to stanri around vou to ad- fer upon vou the decree of j ; look ot;! lor the operaiion ol tne
'r X lH II or I, . . "..ii i .l i "- ' - ' S ' ' ! . . ... , . - rr i
h I
I home to provide fcr the next
SCIIOOf ir I f:is Tl lf v ivn Mimnuur, uuit among wq ri;ui winiiu ... i ' cournrv S Uistorv.
Teachers Class Boflks.i,,l0neers of iU' Anti-Slavery hor, and if he wou d be nobie, he Ahnut the
AirfATtmfOf i inr ill nr ?imhc ui ine Iiur ' niin iu.ur. 1- c i
Superior Blue, Black and Car- est aiu oobleft spirits thu ever! are alike mon-tro$itie. Tl.ev
W'Tth lcanie
C- f
battled lor the Uighfs of Man in
!-Our own or any other land.
! fecember 18th lbo2.
Seventeen violins were recent.
auction in London at
minister christian consolation, or ; O.i the parents' part thev I'man Jpati on proclamation. The
... : . .1 1 .1 . . 1 1 . . . . . v 1 ' - 11:... . 1. 1 .
1 poorer vQiui ers, wio iuie tici
land children, and few or no
laves. :! home, dor.'t like such
------ t r (
vea- 1i:P Mr wipe ti.e cold death-drops Irom should try to be p( rlectlv recoil-1 f
a n ember of the ' yUr TV lUi P' ! l)n ' cild with lie prospect "of their P
'. ' . , , ;s u red voluuc and read in the'er-hool Irom the day it commen h"
are a hixe the result ol a violated "uicu. in nau ue ion words ot Ihvid. " 1 hnu n.,i bt r.,. nn-, - .f .
law. Don't slander the Al- held a good reputation, and be- all my bed ir. mv sicknes;" and should be verv narticuiar in -e-
mighty by charging vour igr.or- came a local preacher. 1 finally io yield up the spirit to : lectins one that will suit all,
ante tmon natur, wnen you
must know it to 1 e ihe result of
of vour own indolence. That
the ca
i .. . .. ...i
a di.-tin( (io;i. ar.d u .creaiea a
deal nf ill teebng among the;
'white trash.,'" wno mak up five-
Druggist and3iuller, wt
I T.mov CITV, IMl,ceTun. the aversjc lriie ol SjUU en,-', man wholivs without a purpose; rause ot
I i t:r tit Li-. t I.llW i-i'Iff. k ! iC I!,-. ...Un ci-inf Wa 1 rifal lr,-.f nnd fhi-on- hlj i n Tnn r f n.'i nor. ;iiil i Iii C ... ...I l i .1
mi fit-, .-n.w-r- . l- C . ,l,n., r. : i I ' "v " " " - i 41 '-u I v-e no . int'i 1 ncr.
'. ,. . . . ,tt4v UO in a shell l:KC an OVSter. Can- snril verrinn into their defense deliverance, ocent hv nn-inn fl.
WhenthA -Vnti-SIavery agita-' Uoii ?',lll,5t -c" -ene.-f the !ati without anv sinvttr motives ir.pxths ot the rebel army, hlow
anarr-e he heartilv embraced fart" ' 5,',lini1 th and! view, laving aside evfrv preju-; r'dicule -s - iU opponent, may,
an arc, he heart 1; embra ed ,,hsphemies;-this, thi, it is, or 'dice; and, they and theVaelU there is no mistmg the alarm
e. cause ot Lie down-trodden ivnuld be, to 4ie in leen.bor and students should all co-operate hVilh which the leheU regard
PRrns family .T i KOI Lo-; were drafted in the township ol : . 4 V" 3 14 J 'r, iVVon
j ifli.iiii..x.iiiMi.MLi, w !0 a i huou uv cuargiug his . , . u . . . j. n, lä , , . x. - ,
.t-it-wi. . . . r-.. t ,t- .. ..I . . . - .5 . nevvr M fivrn1 nnrl when toe ni- DUt ne nro.TerlpH fr ir rl-
hnmn J? crnn Hnixr tr H.ir V. inH cfnnloH hri n fr. : ----- " " - '
i . .i ! ..i i ii
Tilt SS1 AM SI I.
. H I. t - I
known in literary circles recently j partial and niggardly nature. .vision in the Church arose onth?.t , inn to 4ev Lngland, whtre the
died in London, ged 70 yean, t If you desire an instructive ' 1"e;tion, he went with the Anti-' matter of making the Ion?y,,
s into their defense deliverance, except by paying thej Everything else but nranglinj
a zeal sad fervor that was vona? aioresaid. . and jangnng like there is in sou."
Districts! (It is not o in mine.)
Then, to recapitulate: A scholar
for a teacher, reconciled and st-
' tgfled narents, tgretable and ob-
Lincoln,s Prochmntion. Jt is
their nightmare and terror. If
supported by the unv.imou? as
sent ot the loyal Staler it would
ilone cripple the rebellion more
than any army could, l)ilf

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