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w r .voir i :ht i-;k:
frida? . - - . Anstel Tn, 1 vr. t.
Foil lKF.lfKT IN !' I,
For Vk k ri:r.irp.T.
Fon UcrnrsKN-TATiVK or "mi Con-
For fiovernnr,
I'or f.ienlen ntil-f'ot ertotr,
CDf. CONRAD HA KHK, of Vamlf rburg.
I'nr Srrret.irv of Sfntr,
For Ainfilor of Stntr,
Thomas rt. Mccarty, oi Wabish.
Ior Trrnnrcr of State,
JOHN I. MORRISON", of Wellington.
Tor Attnrnoyfcnrn,
iM'.LWA K. WILLIAMSON, of Putnam.
Kaprrinteinletit of Public Int ruction.
fIRORr.K W. HOSs.of Miri .n.
For Jndjc Supreme f'nttrf.
lt District JA MRS a. PR AZKR.of Ko:-
2-1 Dist. JKIII T. ELLIOTT, oflfenry.
XI IM. CHARLTtf A. R Y.of .Virion.
4th DIjt. ROrtEUT C. ('REfiORY, of
For Plrk of the Supreme; Court,
Fr Hrporfrr of Supreme Court,
rm;.VJAMIN HARRISON, of Mirioa.
TRIoctor nt I.arcr,
HivM S. Hooding, of If.tnfnrtc,
Richard W. Thompon, of Vigo.
Stnl F.lrrtor,
1st District .Tames C. Penny, of Knox.
John S. I'otixhl ml. of Spencer.
21 District Cvnn F. Six-m. of Cl.uk.
Fringe Wetrr, of La.rr.in ere.
3d District Hftirr R. Piitchud, of Rir
tholomew. MIion Hv.itn.of r.nvrrncr.
4th. District Leoni! S'eiton. of Ru-di.
IL V. Kvper, of Franklin.
5th District Peni. F. Clavpool, of Fa vet to.
Joshua H. Mcllett.of Henry.
Cih District J. .1. Wright, of Morgan.
.LC.I'recn.of Shelby.
7th District lohn nborn, of Pntnnm.
Tho. N. Ri-e,or parke.
tth District R. P. Davidson, of Tippeca
noe. rtcnjamiii F. firegory, of War
ren. 9th District JmM n. Pelford.nf WVte.
Aaron (Juerney.of Porter.
10th District Timothy R.' Dickinson,
D Kalb.
Hallet Kilhourne, of Elkhart.
21th District lohn M. Wallace, of Cr.int.
James N. Te mplcr.of Jay. Co
News of the Week.
Some important mow liavo Lccn
xnalc this week on the military hoard.
The most important of these i- t!ie
advance of the left of Grant's line
to the WcMon railroad. This road,
of bo much importance to tho reWls,
lcftvinp; them only the Danville road
over which to receive supplier from
the South, our forces took posses
sion of, and tlcstroj'C'l, to some ex
tent, 1j hard fiVhtint?. Some at
tempts have heen made to dislodge
them, hut so far they hold the ground.
An attack was made on the 18th
corps Thursday, hut gallantly re
pulsed hy the colored troops, whom
Jen. ttirney highly compliments.
On Friday another persistent effort
was made to drive us from the posi
tion. The losses on both sides were
considerable, but our forces held
their ground. On Sunday both sides
seemed to be concentrating at that
point, and a desperate struggle
Hcemcd pending. The rebels can
not nfforil to lose the road, ami our
forces can not well afford to back
out from it.
Nothing of very great interest
from cither Sheridan or Sherman.
The pickets of both armies seemed
to be facing each other near Har
per's Ferry.
General Sherman has been made
Major General in the regular army,
to fill the vacancy made by the pro
motion of (Jen. Grant.
It is understood that reinforce
ments in considerable numbers are
heiri" sent General Grant from the
Eastern States.
The most important and exeitinp
development of the week is that in
relrtion to the secret machinations
of the peace Democracy of our
State. What every body has had
good reason to believe for some time
pat has now been developed, and
tlcarlv brought to light. On Satur
day last, Govenor Morton received
a letter from an eastern city, stating
that the copperheads of our State
hal ordered and paid for r0,U 0 re
oKcrs a::d 12 boxes of fixed ammr-
nition, to be distributed amongst the;
antagonists of our Government, for
th-! purpose of controlling the Presi
dential election.
The police were immediately si t
to werk and were very soon able to
report progress. Indications point- remainder he made a descent upon
ing in that direction, a descent wns the city, with the intention of cap
made on the printing establishment j turing Generals Washburn and Ilurl-
of H. II. Dodd, A; Co., and thirty-
two boxes, such as described, found
concealed. I pon their being opened
the "incMtaUe" revolver, to the
number of -loo, came to light, with a
large amount of fixed ammunition
for the same arm. The Great Seal
oi the Order of the "Sons of Liber
ty, tht cfllcisl IM of the members
of the Order nt the capital, several
hundred printed copies of the t4Kit
tml," and a large amount of corres
pondence betw een different members
of this treasonable fraternity, were
j also raptured at the same time and
I place. William M. Han ion, Secre-
. tary of the Order, was arreted and ,
is in cuiHiy. j;omi, 'tiranu t om-1
mandrr," is nun ct. l'arsons and
Hutchinson, his partners, were ar
rested, hut released, on their affida
vits that they were not members of
the Order, ami were not advised of
the rontents of the boxes. These
are the prineipal features of the atrair.
Much of the correspondence is of a
very '"intere-.ting character," show
ing many of our Demon atfc nota
bles to be as thoroughly implicated
in the slaveholder's rebellion as anv
armed traitor South. There can no
longer be any deception. The vil
lainous and treasonable designs of
those lying and hypocritical scoun
drels are now as plain to the world
as the noon dav sun.
In an article lat week on the
i draft, Ve., we wrote at the conclu
sion that all certificates given by
physicians, or surgeons, should be
verified by the oath or affirmation
of the patties making, but the types
through somebody's mistake had it
"r rsijifiy It is hoped the mistake
will not cause anv one to throw his
certificates into loggcrel.
A corrc3)t:dent at Snow Hill writes
to know if loss of teeth exempts
from the draft. We give him, and
others, the exatt words of the law.
''Total lo..s of all the front teeth;
the eye teeth, and first molars, even
if only of one jaw."
In the case of fits," epilepsy, and
such like cases, that do not show for
themselves, the duly attested alfida
vit of physicians, and such other
means of proof as may be available,
will bo required.
Chronic rheumatism, unless mani
fested by positive change of struc
ture, wasting of the affected limb,
or putliness or distortion of the
joints, does not exempt.
Thc Articles of Pcue" lirought to
The descent upon the printing es
tablishment of II. II. Dodd it Co.,
at Indianapolis, and the discovery
of some -b)0 revolvers ami a large
amount of ammunition concealed
there, is an item to which we would
like to call the attention of the Cop
perheads of this neighborhood, and
have them explain, if they can, the
use to Im made of these very "peace
fill'' articles or prtnting-ofilee furni
ture! There is some curiosity about
this affair, which we think worthy of
their serious consideration more
especially so, if anv of them con
tributed toward their purchase.
For what purpose these arms were
intended, there can not be, in the
minds of honest men, the least pos
sible doubt. And there is good rea
son for believing that this is but a
small item of what that party styling
itself "the Democracy" though
more appropriately known as "Cop
perhead" has been doing for some
time past. In fact, we have the very
best rc:sm for believing that the
leaders have made a systematic busi
ncss of procuring ami distribut
ing arms to their sworn followers
throughout the State during the past
two years, preparatory to their great
work of "peace," to be inauguiated
on the day of the October election.
The facts as to their intentions can
not be mistaken. They will unques
tionably make a desperate elfort to
carry the election, and, if defeated,
resort to arms to overthrow the
State and national governments in
Indiana. This is tlieir programme,
And now whether these wonderful
"missionaries of peace" shall suc
ceed in their unholy work of inau
gurating civil war on the soil of this
State, remains for the great mass of
loyal and patriotic citizens to deter
mine. It is really to 1 hcpeil that
no means may be left untried to
avert this calamity and disgrace to
Indiana, and that the leading parties
concerned in this infamous work
may receive a punishment that will
be a warning to others never to at
tempt to follow in their footsteps.
Forrest, at the head of nine regi
ments of cavalry and two pieces of
aitillery, in all about three thousand
nun, left Smith's front and made a
bedd dash into Memphis on Sunday
lat. Half his force was stationed
outside the tow n to prevent an- fen ce
cutting off his retreat, and with the
but- 0,1,1 forc the troops could
concentrate occupy the town. In
this they were defeated and forced
to retire with a loss of about one
hundred in killed and wounded on
each side. They captured a few
prisoners and a number of horses.
Our forces rallied and followeelthem,
when a fight ensued lasting two
hours, in which the rebels were se
verely punibbed
FltO.1 TIIK MtTH It Ef! I. HEN T.
lIorrTr. First T)myt Forivm A. O
Unix Atlast, G., Aug. 17, Tl. J
KruTOit Journal One month ago
to-da', I wrote yon while sitting on
the banks of the Chattahoochee, and
to day I am under the shade of a
'mammoth oak divine." with a
,K)ok for my ,lcsk a(1 frrr(r fnnH for
a SOat
The distance to Atlanta is but a
few miles. Our batteries arc shell
ing the city while I write. From
our front line a person can, with the
naked eve, very distinctly sec the
shells and shot pass through the
houses, and hear the screams of
women and rattling of boards as
they are knocked pell mell by thirty-
two pounders, thrown from our
batteries. Not an hour passes but
you hear the roar of artillery and rat
tle of musketry.
To give an idea of the amount of
firing done by our skirmishers, 1
will state that there is a detail of
thirtv-three men made from the 84th,
even morning. These men are
placed a short distance ahead of our
main front line of breast-works, in
what we call "gopher holes," to pro
tect them from sight of the rebs.,
ami during tho twenty-four hours,
they hurl six thousand leaden mis
siles at the enemy. So completely
are they protected in their places of
retreat, that scarcely ever one is
killed or even wounded. The enemy
adopts a similar plan. When camp
life becomes too monotonous, our
skirmishers get a good reserve, and
with a yell rush forward and take in
the ".Johny line."
The hospital of our division is sit
uated in rear of the troops, but inside
the rear line. As soon as a soldier
is wounded he is put on astretcher,
which w ith attendants arc always at
hand, and conveyed to the ambulance,
and from thence to the hospital,
where attendants are always ready
and willing to assist dress his wounds
and arrange him on a bed though
rural in appearance, is comfortable.
Persons not familiar with field hos
pitals would be surprised at the
neatness rnd perfection they attain.
Our hospital 1ms been on its present
site since the 1st of August, and all
is clean, comfortable and cheerful,
which speaks highly in praise of the
Surgeons in charge; Surgeon . II.
Tipton, DOth O. V. I., also Drs. Hill,
llos worth and Mitchell, the pro
scribing Surgeons.
The spirit of our arm' is good;
officers, privates, sick and wounded,
are in the best of heart, and possess
an enthusiastic and resolute determi
nation to prosecute the war to the
extinction of the rebellion and 11 iti
versal overthrow of slavery.
All that is required by the soldiers
is a re inforeement of five hundred
thousand new recruits, to till up the
armv. Give our Generals a force
that thev may continue to march
through the confederacy, until then
remains not a foot of American soil
trod by armed traitors. It is evident
to all, that the confederacy is in a
moribund condition. Death has set
his seal on the extremities, and is
rapidly approaching the vital parts.
The number of deserters and dissat
isfaetion among the rebel soldiers
are facts which can not be mistaken
We must remember, however, that
the expiring agonies of so terrible a
monster, require the attention of the
Northern people. It is an import
ant matter and should be heeded.
It is confidently hoped that the late
call will be promptly filled, and that
without a draft.
We have had hard fighting, heavy
marching, warm weather, and our
losses have been quite large, but our
army is in good condition and confi
uently expect to take Atlanta ere
long. We have diivcn the enemy
many miles over a country which is
naturally well fortified, and com
pleted by the rebels. Yet wc have
routed them from all these strong
positions, notwithstanding we did it
in many instances with the loss of
many a brave soldier.
We are constantly thinning the
rebel ranks b killing, wounding,
prisoners, deserters, Arc. and hope
by the strategy of General Sherman
ami the blessings of Heaven to be
able to completely demoralize the
rebel army. P. P. Davis.
The guerrillas of Kentucky and
Tennessee are fast coming to grief.
Wooelward died o;' his wounds last
week, at Clarksville. On Monday
Adam Johnson was wounded and
captured at Canton, Ky, while at
tempting to cross the river, and thir
teen of the command were killed and
one hundred captured. A party of
twenty-one crossed from Ohio coun
tv to Putler, Kv., on Sunday, and
were all either killed or captured.
A detachment of the loth Tennessee
Cavalry had an engagement with the
guerrillas at Kogersville, in Kast
Tennessee, on the U2d, killing twen-t3'-three
and wounding thirty-five,
among them Colonel Walker and
several non-commissioned officers.
The total amount realized by the
various Sanitary Fairs of the coun
try is ? 4,337,000.
We trust that a large portion of
our readers have pondered the Ap
pear of .Mr. Fcssenden, our new sec
retary of the Treasury. The
purport of it is that the People of
the United States, acting as a body
through their agent the Government,
wish individuals to lend them two
hundred millions of dollars for three
years, at seven and three tenths per ,
. . 11 .. I
cent, annual interest, payable every
six months. For this they offer
Treasury Notes that is, in reality,
notes drawn and endorsed by every
man in the country. The loan is
wanted for a great national purpose,
to effect which every man, unless he
be a traitor at heart if not in act, is
solemnly pledged.
The Appeal is addressed not
merely to a few great capitalists, but ;
aUo to tho many whose aggregate j
means constitute the mass of the.
, a i
wealth of the land. The notes upon I
which this loan is asked are from
."0 upward. Every man who has
fifty dollars can take part in this
loan. Apart front patriotism and
the duty which all owe to their
country, no investment is so desira-
ble as this. .
It is secure. Fverv dollar of
every man's property is pledged for
the punctual payment of the interest,
and of the debt when due. 1 lie se
curity is increasing in value. For
labor, we have earned more than
ever before. No man who could or
would work has been idle; and, ex
cept for the war, we have spent less
than before. The total valuation of
the property of the Tinted States,
according to the census of 1K0, was
sH;,l;"),oi0,O00, of which 610, 9.'7,--l
4 S,0."iG was in the Loyal States.
This valuation, according to the
usual rule of assessment, was not
more than two thirds of the actual
cash value of tho property. The
increase of property in the Loyal
States during the last ten years was
over lli per cent., or an average of
PJ 0-10 per cent, per annum. In
three years of the war we of the
United States have certainly earned
oUUO millions more than we have
spent apart from the war. The cfst
of the War may be set down at 'JlMM)
millions. Deducting this from our
net earnings, the People who are
security, for this loan are lOtM mil
lions richer to-day than they were
when the war bivke on'.
No other investment can be so
easily convertible. The man who
has a Treasury note for 8"(), or $100,
or 81000, can turn it into money
more readily, and upon better terms,
than if it were invested upon bond
and mortgage, or in railroad stocks.
The interest offered is higher than
can be nah.ed from an other safe
and convertible investment. It is,
moreover readijv collectable when
due. To. each note are afÜNcd five
"coupons," or interest due af
the expiration of each successive
half-year. The holder of a note has
simply to cut ofr one of these cou
pons, present it at the nearest bank
or Government Agency, and receive
his interest; the note itself need not
he presented at all. Or a coupon
thus payable will everywhere be
equivalent, when due, to money.
Thus, whih this loan presents
great advantages to large capitalists,
it oilers special inducements to those
who wish to make a safe and profita
ble investment of small saving. It
is in eve ry way the best Savings"
Hank; for every institution of this
kind must somehow invest its depos
its profitahy in order to pay interest
and expenses. They will invest
largely in this loan as the best invest
ment. Hut from the gross interest
which they receive they must deduct
largely for the expenses of the bank.
Their usual rate of interest allowed
to depositors is o per cent, upon sums
over 55."))li. The person who invests
directly with Government will receive
almost f0 per cent. more. Thus the
man who deposits tflUUO in a private
Savings' Pank receives 7)0 dollars a
year interest; if lc deposits the same
sum in this National Savings' Pank
he receives 7; dollars. For those
Who Wish tO find a SalV, convenient,
and profitable nieaiisof investing the
stirplus earnings which theyhnve re-
served for their old ngo er for the
benefit of their children, there is
nothing which presents so many ad
vantages as this National Loan.
It is convertible into a six per cent,
gold-bearing bond. At the expira
tion of three years a holder of the
notes of the 7.Ö0 loan has the option
of accepting payments in full or of
funding his notes in a fix per cent,
gold interest bond, the principal pay
able in not less than five nor more
than twenty wars from its date as
the (lovernment may elect. For six
months past, these bonds have ranged
at an average premium of about
eight per cent, in the New York mar
ket, :u;d have sold at 100 to day
(Aug. P-'t'.t), thus making the real
rate of interest over ten per cent.;
and besides, to make the inducement
even greater, Congress by special act
exempts its Treasury "notes from
Stale and municipal taxation. Could
Shvlock ask more? Was patriotism
ever so liberally rewarded': JInrpirs
Aoknts Waxtco to Skm. tim: Po
litical Mam al, embracing the most
important Documents connected with
the Political Ilisv,--. of tLe T'nitcd
States, thereby showing all the Great
Movements of the different Political
Parties since the Confederation of
the States, among which are
The Declaration of Indepenilence;
Formation of the original American
Union; Constitution of the United
States; Washington's four most iin-
some years before the war we were N.TrF HP A PDfllNTMrflT ! ep'emVr, pfil, :it the hotsr of
.... llUIIVib Ul ill 1 J ill! III Uli I I , f i. t f , -it
earn n -f llMHI mi ons a vear more! ATnrin-M . ..... "llo( M.v "f in'1. )u? 1 " !,:at
llian we speni. WUI lUg me last, llliee - i urr.gned i,a lue., ippo.r.tc.l .Mimiti- tV i;iiia!l;lt i,,r .in., .leterminr -aid snit.
years of the war, owing to the high ' Ktntor of the e.-t.ite of N.nhan Cos, d-. uoifT f.. MlliAN l., J. V
prices and constant demand for " .'' u "'W 1 " 1 - Augu-t m, 7-3
l r. state is ni'Mised to In- solvent.
portant Addresses; Ordinance of Notice ol' Appointme nt, j
I?; Compromise that the unJer.
gitive Slave Law of lN0; The Kan-j J eJ ha beiirrointeJ Adminitra
as and Nebraska Act of ls.l: Pon- tr. with the win anacxet). of the e,tte of
illation of the United States atdceen-
nial periods; Klectornt Votes for-
I'resident and ice Fresi h fior..
17tt to 1S00; Historical S h of
the Thirty-live. States; niogi.uY V
Sketches of the K-Presidents, withj
Jr. good Portrait of each; Portraits!
. , ft .1 -v- r !
amj Sketches of the Nominees for
President, together with the Plat-
forms adopted by each Political Party'
for 181' and lr,4; Abraham Lin-1
rrw.Pinvitinn- I
... , 1 i ! The unuer-ipnetl, having determine to
Ihe Crittenden Resolutions; lhe.c!o!ie out their Nur,frv buine-. at Win-
present pay of United States Ollicers, j rhc?tc r, i!l !!, at a bargain, their entire
Civil, Military ami Naval, also of Sol-! Xuwcry, or in lr t suit purc)ifr. The
diers and Sailors; Portrait and Sketch ! Ptmk -" rZ' nd well .elected
.. ., ,i I assortment of Apple, hr, Clierrv and
Ol Gen. George h. MeUellan; 1 or-j rp,Hl Trec?,Cirrant,i oeberrie,Straw-
trait and Sketch of Lieut. Gen. ;
r S Grant Present rate of Stamp'
n,,,:,,, I f.,r.,l l Winnent. A - J
1 .
compiled' from Oilichd Docil-
ments. Large 'l mo., bound in
cloth, finely illustrated with cood
engravings, by the best Artit in the
I 'nit I'd Ststos Priee. si .".
This will be the best book fnr
Agents ever published, as it is not a
partisan work, and every intelligent:
voter will want one.
SamplecopV, with terms to Agents,
sent, postpaid, on receipt of price.
io tiMi mi mo
Ptiblishers, Indianapolis. lud
Aug. '.", Yd. SAP. All A. COX, Adm'x
W INCH 1 :s T KU, I N 1) I A N A ,
VTTKXPS riiOMPTLY to pH call in
the line of his prof. s-io:j. )ih-covr
W. 1J. Tierce's I'eedaad ('rain Unt. Resi
dence at IIenilers-n'.H Hotel. J-'-tf
Adiiiinistrator' S:lv.
"IVTOTICK U hereby given tint the un
Xi dersigned , Admin'.stiMtois of t!ie Us
t te of William Day, deceased, will ollVr at
(midie ?ale, on
Tlinrfilay, the loth 'y rsili", lf.,
the fdl ing property, vi., almut ' Hilms li
ds of Win t, ly the bud:tt, and l0iit
twenty five Stock Hog-.
A ertttit of six iii ii'!i. will l0 given on
; tu en" exccnlmg three dollar-, thenr
chaser mv:ii note, will nppruved security
waivu. hoiefit of valuation mm uppr.use
incut l.nvs.
A. C DAY. AdmVs.
A mn Auctioneer. s-d
C O T O ! it .V
AH prr-on wislun' to Imy fJKNLMNT
(not ho'u) Davtori Vnin, iil alwav find
it nt No. s. (s)" i:i:;:pki: & wr.i.'nv.
.Mo. s. () It. ,v W.
Notier to Ilrir of IVtiti.iti to Sell
Itcnl IMnle.
State of Indiana, linrnol.h County:
"jVToTICF. hen l.y :-; .tii, th-t William
L x I. P' ho't, Admini- ' tor oi c estate
of d.icot !l.tr-h in in , . e 'i iIan.!u!;Ji
county, Indiana, i!eecnid, ' - f'Ud his!
petition to sell tin Heal I'.stat.- . l e dive- j
dent, his personal property heilig insulheii nt j
to pay hi ileli'; mid that said petition iil
lc heard ;it the next Term of the Court ol ;
Common Plea of iaid eountv.
Au-ust Hi, IHM. ;-l
Atlmiii isl rn t riN S;ic.
NOT1CK is herehy piven that the under
signed, A'liriini.-tiatrix, with the will
n:inexed,f theesite (f (Icorf Meek.de
cied, will ott'er for sale at puhlio aurtion,
:it the late re.-nicncc sud deceased, in
1 II. it ti til
rratiKiiu lomisnip. in uan lo.p-i county. m-:
.liana, on Saturday, the J(th day of Sep.
liiwrr 1 I . I I hi, i- ..ii-tl t rfiti. i e .i
estate, .ti :.t I nir "f Ih-r-. s, C
'.,. i-.--...,. ... !,
'Canning Implemetit-, an J various othi r ar
ticles. S lie to I.e.Mii at ID o'clock A. M.
TKIIMS Sums of three dollars an. I un
der, cash; over three dollars, u credit ot
twelve inontlM will be divert from the dav!
of ale, the purchaser 'ivin i.ote with np
proved surety, w aivin valuation and np
fir.'ii.-einciit law?.
7-1 MARY MF. CIC, Adm'.x.
r a it i: it s
. , , Äl V .... ,,tu.p in i-rr lin toivn-nip, i;;n..!oip
W M-U (;1MT.' h-r Family Serin- Machine has.,
f,' MAMvI.I many useful apj.ihncc for Hemmi,., ILnd-
-r-r rri Tekin?, Caiherin-, Uu.!njr,
V itüSVi B r.r.u l.r.-r, Kmbroidt rin-, Cording, ai; l to
And everything cNe a Farmer has to sell.
AUo, has constantly on h.mJ, at low figures,
&c-, Ac , A.c.
Fiinion City Price Paid for Wheat.
Whore the I).st-O.Ticc and Dru Stor uf
to he.
.vo tici:.
llK.llVtRTKRS FlKTH PlSTRf'T. Ind..)
uiciini'iDd, July 1-iil. j
To the Citizen of the Fijth District, Ind.:
The following extract from a late Circu
lar from the Frovo-t Mir.-htl (ieiural's
ottice e;lnin itclf, and will af? eHectually
give the publir notice required as can be
eivrn in anv other war.
'Tlie lioard of Knrollment li 1! 1 have
copies of the Knrollment Lists open to the
f Tili n i f 1 1 in tf tho r.nliT!. II . -
tims, and shall riyo public notice that any! l ' aholuttly necessvry to sec the Fan
person '.nrolUd may appear befrc the V. ardi .Machine in operation, io aa to jude of
nni lu m w n.iie a name Mricuen oil the :
list, if he c:mi fhow to the ? vtisfaction oft
the r.o..rd that the person nnmed is not'
pioptrlv enrolled, Cti account of '
1. Aliens?.
2. Non-IJeh!. ice.
T. Over A?e.
4. I'trmanent Physical Disability, of such
decree as to render the person not a proper
eubject for enrollment under the law and
Civil ofiicers, clcr-ryncn and all other
prominent citizen are int'ted to appear at
all times before the Hoard :: poiat out errors
In the lists, and to give ueh information in
their possession as may aid in the correction
and revision thereof.
Respectfully. I. KTNLKY,
Fro. Mar. 5th Dist. Ind.
v Tapers through the District please copy.;
(;eorP 'fk. Randolph county, de-
7-3 mxpymVk- a, .
Ihh RR r.ivns; to
T I tO purchase A Nur
n one Jriring
hcrric, Unspberrus nd H!.rkb rrie?, to-
pother with a hrc variety of Kvcr-iecn
Pr TVrm. rill on the umkr-i-m-l, or
I -lev S I .iioiin!i
Ntl 1 iVVVO IV.
Winchester, InJ.
Au -ust l."3, P'l.
A of irr of A t lacJimrn i.
John M.Mhm v.. Mattiti . V . Fou.t, in
ntrili m onr brf .if A lh.ii AltPriMilt.
-jyroTIOK is horehv civcn that a writ of
JX att.ichiaci:t ha ti.i d.y been duly
itid aiinst the property ef the aftove
named defendant, con-isting of one thtee
tT, '! 1?Ü h rxUvd ' 5 1 r"e
two-hre r-lonr, nt s..t; one evthe and era-
,pP, at l; one .sd.tle rt .') cent.
flu pirt:r- to the iiivo uit will hcrrhv
tnke notice tiit on Sitnrd.iv, the lMth tlnv
J virtue of je;i execution to inr directed
I P from the U.mdolph Circuit Court, I
will expose to sale at the Conrt House door
in Winchester, Randolph county, Indiana,
Oh Saturday, Ike. .U day nf Srylrmlnr, 1M;I,
hetv?en tho hour of 10 o'clock A M and
1 o'clock V M of siid day, the following
real estitr, situated in KanJ!p!i county,
Indiana, to-wit:
The e i't put of the nr.th-wrst quarter of
section twfi,!;, -nine O-Vl, in town-liip nine
teen ( 1.1), ratine fourteen (I I) e.i-t, c-mt.iin-in
seventeen a;i 1 :i hall (171 acris, more
or 1 s.
Hxecuted as the t :ert y of noiii.im'n
Hunt, at the suit of M u cus Vdi im r.
A. II. .u:kins, Mi'ir It. C.
A us us: w, P:l. 0-:t
Votier to .oii-gcicl'i)t .
The Stntr of Indian i, Uandnlt Cvilitij,ti.
In the Com. P!en Viirt, iV t. Term, IM'.I.
Complaint No. -li.1.
.I:irnr Dol ls s. Cllil . th P .lds. William
D ;1 is, Thom m I) . ! !s IVe-ton C. ho lds,
Anireline I'.w ii ;'. -Un iuiah Cwin', .M iry
'.. Ke.Hns .iii'1 C 1 1 INaiiH.
) VJ)U,' "'io ' ;f''. 'y Ch-n.-y .V
1. xj Wat-ion, his ;,t;. , -. and ti'es
eo,: !. I lint lu rein, t l: t !i i v 'ti 'i an .i ill I i v it
t!i:tt -iii.f defendant- are not i e; li nt.- of the
State of Indi tin.
Ntitie tlienfoie hi rehy ;ivrt saiil de
fendants, that uiile.-s tiny he ami :ippr:ir til
t!ie tir.-t d.-y of the next term of the fan
dolpli Common Pie is Court, to he holden on
the Konrtli Moo. lay of .-tolnr, A. I- 1
at theC)urt lloue in Winchester, in siid
county and St , n i1 answi r r lmur to
sai I complnint , ti e sime will be heard and
determined in thrir ahseoee.
"l:io-- mi name, nd the Seal e?f
fi.. s.1 r- ii-1 Coirf .'llixed at Wim lienor,
t ! t i - '! 1 d !v ' Auju.t. . J). 1.
.-.-l .iu,;. j: im id':!,'!!, i i,,k
At hfs Waic-Kooiu in incholer,
I'or which tin IIiliet 3Iarkct Trice
will he Paid. Ii
To Si ilk ina ItukI Horroworv.
Vi.i, rnusoNs iM;;;rn;i) T" tiii:
SINKINC n?.NT) are h, rehv not. lied
!..! 1! 1 .....n ...... I - ....I ....
hWh h h . . ,
1 . . T
for t!f lT.-iiit c.ir. v,II I.e. n Ivertised for
sixty dav pn viou-i to and olfilfd lit public
sale on t!it' itco cl Tucsdav in Pecendter
next. 'y ordi r of th
!'' ir f of Couine-
M'l.H I '!-. 1.11
: . . -i t- ii i
I'Al.noTT. IVe,.
MACH I Nil i.s fast gaining a world-wide
i i'iit ition. It is hf vot.d liotdit the hr.-t and
theape.-t and most beautiful o( nil 1'arnily
j Sew in- .Machines jet ofltrcl to the j.uhlic
forth. No ol!nr Family Sowing Mic-hit.e
h.H fu much rapacity fur a preat variety of
work. It will sew nil kinds of cloth, and
wiili all kinds of thread. Croat and roccr.t
improvement make our Family St ins -Machine
in -t reliable, an.l most durable, an 1
mort etrtiin in a-.-tiou at all rati of f4Ttd.
It i-iakei the Interlocked stitch, which
the best stitch kniwn. Any one, cveu of
the most ordinary capaeity, can fco, at a
j plar.ee, !.rw to c,ic the letter A Family S'ew
(Ji in- MuMiic. Our Family Si n in .Machines
i rre tini-1 eJ in cl a-te i.rxt exquisite ftvle.
Tho Folding Ca?e vf the Family Machine
lä a piece of cunning woi kman.diip of the
mo.-.t useful ki::d. It protects the macliire
j when r.ot in use, and when about to be opc-
rated may be opened as a .spacious and ?ub-
tar.tiil tah!o to vA.un the work. While
some of tho Cie, m dc out of the choicest
wo)J, are finished in the fcimpU;t and
chastest r.iatner p ossibl j, otliers are adorned
and embellished ia the raost costly and ?u
perh muter.
iu great cpicit v and beautv.
. Wnm!n2 " P'T'
sewing r.a 'ur .Manufacturing
liar fur farnifr
machines are
lor mat!1:- -. :nn purpC'St?.
The Kra:.' '. '. ."i-.s aro well supplied with
eilk, twist, ti..( .d, nee 'Aa, oil, c, of the
very best quality.
.Send for a Va m ruLZT.
438 L roadway, Xew York,
4 Host Washington-St.
1. ytt in the Sowing .Machine art.. A ca
riosity worth eein.
Plea semi for circular with sample of-
Thee improved Machine save One Hun
dred per cent, of tlire.nl anJ silk, and make
the Lock -Stitch alike on both aides.
Thejr require do instruction to operate
perfectly, except the priotwd. directions."
No ch-ne in sewing (vom one kiud of
goods to another.
And no taking ap.irt to clean ororli
Our New Manufactory la now complete.,
with all its machinery and tool entirelj
Dew, and is airetdy rapidly taming out Ma
chines, which for Beauty nd Perfection oC
Finish are not surpaaed by any manufactory
in tho world.
N. 13. Should any Machine prove unsat
isfactory, it cn U1 returned and money re
funded. Averts wanted in counties not cauvaüeJ.
hy our own Agents.
itnkm: lvon s. jr. C(i.f
TVo. 33S Ilrondway, New York,
with Tiir. H..OIK tmt lights thk rooh.
Fy tho rl vmo of t cimmon lamp, at the
cnt oi a cent's) worth of oil, a xcrj com
fortable briakf.ist cau he cooked. N. V
Simple in construction, easily kept in or
der ready for uo in a moment, convenient
to have on hand. fPrncsist'? Circular.
Fish's Lamp Is one of the pre itett novel
ties of the day; the utility of it is uniue
tinaMo; a preat snvirr; is made rn heating
mid cooking smvll articles, nd can be made
ti cook meals for a great many percon,
hielt is actually ilone on tho arahnlance
ear which carry the Mck Didiers. Sci
entific American.
F.r Family use, hospital, tent, harraote
picnics, Ji i'-iiig, nur-ery, or fitk room, it i
an Mticle of comfort beyond nil proportion
t( its oot.l Hall's Journal of Health.
I hc tried the app iratus, and mv wife
and I proclaim tho same a mo?t valuable
and indisp.- nsable article, and we now won
di r how we could hav! loi.g done w ithout
i t . f F.d. Co il Oil Circular.
An economical euitrlvsnee for pettin nr
hct at short notice for Mirsery and general
hou-Sbo'd purjKses; one important point t
the stviiifr in cost over coal fires. N. Y.
F.vening Pot.
lricrs from Two I Sit Ihtdfur.
Three ArticU Coolst tit One T'i leiA
One I'nrtu r.
Arranged fir Kr wine ir ('ml Oi'.orCt.
A Dtsciij.ti v Pi.ni, '. of th'rty r;r',
- I uri't.shed it'-i.
Price, .V) Cent.
To ho attiehed to a common Kerosene I. amp
or I i I'oirner, lv which Wntrr mar be
Boiled ami FiKd Cookeil: also
urranired to m..(wtrt hde.
V.M. IK K! SSi:i.I., Acmt.
N . rjot', IV,tl street. New Y .rk.
It is th' Only Itelintilr Self-Aljutiug
No Wood-Wrk to Swell r Split.
No Tliomh S ri as lo get out of order.
WA'lü ANT F.l WITH OR WTlini'T
It took the Flb'ST PHKMICM at Fifty,
si veti State and County Fiirsiti 101, and
i, trithnut an exerptinn, the Lett Wringer
ever made.
Fatentid in tho Pnitid States, Pnglsn.T,
C.n..di, and Aiitrali. Agents autel In
everv town, and in all part ef tho world.
Fix luetic agents caw make from 1.3 to$Kti
pc day. Sample Wringer arnt exress pai'l
on n c it of f-rier.
No j, ; .vi; No. i, :.0; No. f. $-.5i;
No. A, .f. .V.
M inulactuie d and sold, wholesale and
tin; pctn am m ant fa cti ' n i n o co.
No. 13 Flitt Street, New Vork, Cleve-
laud Ohio, und Hi iiuinton, Vt.
Tint Iron well galvanixe.1 will not rut;
Tii'it a simple machine is better than A
complicated one;
'fh.it a Wringer thould be self-adjusting',
durable, and efficient;
'J'h at Thumb Screws an 1 Fastenings caui
lcl iy and trouble to regulate oi kcf lie
That woo I soaked in hot water will swell,
.-.brink and split ;
I h it wood bearings for the fhaft to rur
in tv ill wear out ;
Th"t the Putnam Wringer, with or with
out cop wheels, w ill not tear the clothes;
That cog-wheel rcguhtora are not essen
tial; Thai th ruLiam Wringer has all the ad
vantages and not one of the disadvantages
above named ;
Th it all who have tested it, pronounce it
the f.t Wringer over made;
That it w ill wring a thread or a bed iitt
without alteration.
Wc might fill the paper with tcstimotials,
b it insert ot.fy a few to conrir.ee the ken
tical, if uch thrre be; and we far to II,
Ten Putnam' Wringer. Test it THOK
Ot'eJIILY with ANY and ALL o'herf , acd
if not entirely utisfaetory, return it,
Putnam Manufacturing Co:
fir.mmr.xi J r yrmctif ex
perience that iror. trell galvanized trith zinc
trill not iVite r rwif eiie particle. Tie
I'utnam XVrinqer it at near perject at petti
hit, and lean cheerfully rtccemmend it
it the Lett in r.
KepoctfiillT tour.
Cleveland Ohio.
Many year's experience in the galraoiit
ing business enable me to indorse the
ahjvc statement in all particular.
No. ll0 Psekmann Street.
New York, Jar.uary, rA.
Wc have tested Putnara'a Clothes Wring
er br practical wcrking, an J knoir that it
will 'd. It is cheap; It is impf 11 reqvre
no room, whether at work or at restj a child
can operate it; it does its duty tnorocgbij-J
it htm tiae and It caves wear and tear.
We advise all who bare mc waikbp to
do, with all intellirent persona who have
any, to buy this Wriner. It will paj foi
itaelf in a rear at most.
V-tl Ho.. HORACE (ii'EELET-

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