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Randolph journal. [volume] (Winchester, Indiana) 1865-186?, September 20, 1866, Image 1

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Ii rriiuitDiTiiTTüiiiiiTiiT
A." 1. trr.
n. . met.
Oae Dollar nniC .fifty Cents aar,
Tr.iun or .uvf;i:Tisi.c.
O tt O-dUr n.-r .j-4rk for Firi Imfrtion,
. ta 1 TtiilT-lMrc OcRt per S pätre fur vch
abacpicut i:frt?o:i.
O i S-rnre .
$: on
- 0
11 on
14 oo
3f, oo
70 00
J i r
l:ie-F:irt!i ( ilumn .
' .') ie- fl ( Column.
Ob t'Criura
RcrnUr Notices, Strrnty FireCrnts per
t Week; Tr-ifs-it-nt, Ttn Cti.U prr J.iae.
TKiii r?i wucutsrta roM" wrsT.
MAIL ,t 3.30 I M.
Nir.HT kxim:k.hs t s.oo a. m.
i , ooimj C4ST.
UM AIT. At "H-Vml'
' .vjfsiiT i.xrnKss n n.io M.
' A C C 0 M Ü I ) T A T I O X t..... r. M.
MAIL nt... r0 P.M.
.! rtiT.
MATT ' A. M.
'Arritrnl an-I Departure f Trrtim n!
t'tilon e'ltr, Ohio nntl Indfnnn Mnte
. xcLucruTAi.c trvr. -going ait.
ArnTf .
7 IS A. M
.tnft a. m.
XizhX Eiprc..... 12,21 a. M.
AccorarniJition ... 9 40 r. u.
mLL'WRt'i h:i.r"id
12 40
Arrirr. ' Depart.
A(f?o:ftnn.Nfon . . .7 lf r. m. . 30 .
, . , , ArriT. Dfpirt.
2 40 r . m . 2 0 a . m
KiPr?$ 4 Mt . THOa.m
Easiness JUirccforn.
ntivUii!( r.l k!;i
Booksellers and Stationers.
' 1 ' Ko. SC. 31rtln Stritt,
rich MO.fi,
- - - I.1DIANA
GEO. W." BRUCEi M. D.,
Phyietnn and Surgeon
rnler Iii rrif4inal prrvicrs to the
Itin-i iif WincliAlrr nl virinitr
IFKK'!'. At liii Ui'!cncf. corner of Min
au i S.Mj.?t treU the f.irmrr tc'lmce
of Dr. Kr-4.Ho;i.
S. M. McCLURE, M. D.,
Tfn.lrri irlcr t the citiietn of
An J vicinity.
II jr cppM aUentian to Diices of
tcil. U
. ; ' ' . Alio r those cf the , 1
Uiciltfl ptrtlculu attention
Oflicr Sotilli !ile nf rnblie Äqunrr,
' " la tr: Wilninr' Dnft olücp.
(XeiJfne Frtnkljn utree t. near Monrmtn
! 41
. -f
npim' 4.,hiV j.!of PuMic S-iunre. op
(tor 0w J' A. V. 4 frt I tl 4 I. M-
! "'A.M. It OSS.
J 11 !TST T I S T.
iY$tftk I'mhlic S jmirt. Yitrtttr.
Alw.T. S"'l .nl mvlr t'-r.lfrln the
..Iii.-.' PiliCES m.AnAt.t..
ANI ACCinr.. i a i.
,4&A ,l.!tlJ&&A idho.
.. '
Jay County Indiana.
Jf. S..W.AY
.ASU .
Mental PAiHTEn.
iVv.v:.-. "-vV Tripp, Uwrmcf
-.."juMi. jus Vi.fHf- of the
4 i ' : , iJ ! r ' ' '
f- rnrea tf do U ctAJe of plttl8S
tod priinhiR ou rrDbl terms.1
Waterier, Ajri! Wf IK6. clJ
Vol. 5.
nankins Hour O A. to 4 1. 31.
THOS . WARD, Pres't.
Wh. M. Tnrcrf Cashier. ,
National Bank
No.O Columbia Street,
Loans Moncv, Huts a-l Sells Kxchangf,
r.fM r.d Silvrr; Deal Government
HoikJs, Pjj Interest oa Deposits bv agrrc-
n- ... ..t fill 1,1 j r.rnmrll s
men i, iiccuuuis un:? uu " i
to Collection. ,
Ilaiikin; llonr l A . M . to r. i.
K. STARHUCK. Tresidcnt.
R. S. FISIIKK. Cashier. 12
Ia the OM P. O. Room, Hrnnliam
lIouc Ittiilriius
And Does
A General Banking Business.
filtAY CADVAMADi:it,
T414 Proprietor".
T. 31. BROWNE,
OrViCe iu"Xntionl 'Hnk Imlltliwr
My 10, 1C6G. t45 Ij
. -
(Fucesor to Jii'lrjc Frown,)
Will tttend to all ImVniew i'triHtcJ t..
h,"rr' . r 'rr r t , t
OFFICE -At IU former office of J'
llZH'- rx- -.- r
I. Ml 1. 1. ICS.
I.. J. M '1 K .
.fTTO?.V;V .IT X.I If,
Ti tit art Cta f m 1z?n t ,
44)' l?Ur ford Count TIcdUnft.
joiirfi.cnt-ccrd - - toxL w.t.
Are xto prfparctl to procure
Pensions, bounties am! Arrears nf ray
K fivn t collection nJ sccur, , of
. M n the Cl
S trtlnti f flolin.
T aiithnrltril liovrrntufllt CUIm
Arnt. n Py Prtictflr ttention to
ATTORN E Y S A T LA, lt,, ,1,:,, (.npvss i as.un.is er, !,:! I.,,-,, clc,l nd.tl.c Imw, ; r' , m'V .
"' winrhctef. In.II.inn. j nmi is not wllhin tl- limit- "f 11. O I.. ary, one of tl..- maM,:.!, mount-! ; ' vr a . wlJ ,
W1U .') f Hotlne.S.llitu '1 i Constitution when tlii-y rc iimkin i ., W-vkick, r...U- 1-mk ami foil . . , ,v.lt M,lllu
II kind, of R..1 E..;r.o., iW m.. vr. , . V),f, (lf (,,e j,,.,,,., lbruxVU tlie .lfi.se-. row.l, tu l!:e l.uiiu- al '-V ' ' 1
M, urmi. Th II . .1 l ; , MK.m()1, nlllv i, t 1k a,.- f, .lanr f every ,K-r... with whpm ' ' "";! 'V'
Ai. Ny rb. ..-i-ni kr.Ur
(HIV I rrn- ii" " . .
Ar.n 4rt
ttrhrJ. for fr" ' ,lur.
Office iu Jail lluUöiußi ap tr.
iVI n'i Chir. of the UtMt an.i hft
.ITH nl,fPb5icSaurtre.WncS.r
IViOer in
"Shop West Side of TuMic S.juarr.
V, iorhtter,
Indian it.
' Proprtetor.
FRANKLIN HÜUÖK. -hwrel-not, 1,01,.,. uck, a--h!lnl;, - , , M,.,u.,of "Hun,c Jiml.Com.au.lukUri
1. IUI.'-" . . . 1..: ' ... ri- ..,.1..... una li.Vi III' IlH l."t(i in """"h . 1 .ri. ,1 1 . h,il,tnrll ft.n'1
Sjutb..t Corrrof Tobllc Fqu.r.. -taut, that t launs or ki.uui.i c.mu, a, , up "Vm -T , ,1 niiddi.1 thesV mi.iveliired, WiTTi Nortl.eni ' vn.. 4nrn - . j 1 " '
SjutQ ,vr, !lrt.c i nortion (f the tiliUMm earefuj lie. .They instantly e.Zed and di-. 1 " ' 1 ti,,, ttu v nr.. Imdu-arm; they wiunterod . Ion, to
W'S"S- '- c! t .ilÄ U .1 Tire roar, r,-i
P.-ri-lt nriSMTniKB, rr..pri,tr. ' i,.,t f-KlWmt.ruuim-.'.t . AuJ lib i-.mra.lo, for )ril-:lM.ii. 1 he , ' f 'J1 . -m;i.,,n . ,ha 1,1 mn WM-J.m Or.,.., U.l;
TU. Tb...Xn-"' h X t r,r "lv,s W .-. ton..!., Ml Br p..,ulrl .f him "Wl." K ' 1,1 " nf Knw ,"w,,'n
Tr the ionrnl.
Petnocrncy No. 2.
MI-VHin,.,, VII UMIH-II ,riTl-
neritv nl o h - mneh lnroT-r-on if-.'!-1
pcniN , ai-o iu niuci narj)!.) on weak
1 ; lit..; - t
point, whi h certainly, inthentiud
,,i !
of nny sensible man, can amount to
nothing. This c?n be m counted for
In' no othcrway than that their party,
'daa. whole, embraces a fcurerabundance
of.iguoranee, which U uceptiMe to
the training of desininpr polititian,
whoJake advantage, of it tol aiu pow
er. Notice one point that was made
in the Philadelphia Convention, the
TemarkatAc event of the South Caro
lina dele-rate and those of Massachu
setts coming" in arm-in-arm. This
wonderfully impressive scene has !ccn
trumpeted by every Democratic paper
throughout 'the land; and even the
President ill his.oVr moments,' could
not but feel that suli a scene would be
sufficient to move a nation to tears.
And so deep was his -emotion, and he
was o much overcome that he could
net finish reading the dispatch 1 Since
the day. of Jud.V, has there been
known such hypoeraey? What is
there so strikingly impressive a! out
the event of a Southern rebel ami a
Northern. Copperhead entering a Con
vention coniposed of such men? This
ftcrtjiinlv I. liiithincr tranve.to those
who have watched the movements of I
the DemiK iatie party for tlie past six
vcars. The
men wuo !W)jnniuai
Philadelphia, n tho 1 1th of Augu-t,
and (he men who, according . with the
Kxecutive programme, -.marched into
the Convention arm-in-arm, are im-
ply representative men of two c!a-sesj
who have been endeavoring to destroy
tbo life of the Nation, or rule, for
many years past. .
Within the lat six years, these men
ha vo been arm-in-arm in every State
In the Cnion in midnight assemblag
es, .scheming for the success of tre:is- j
on and rebellion. They were arm-inarm
at Chicago, inlMl, when they
(Iceland the war a failure, and labored
to inaugurate a policy to protract the
war, and finally end in the Nation's
(1 w"m,,r' if ot utUr rui,K T,uv uro
arm.in.lirm to-lay all over the land,
striving to get the government back
into their own hands, so that they may
reeal all laws that are obnoxious to
the peculiar Institution. mid tastes of
the South. And a President Johnson
I HO r"Oi:l i I. . i p i i--i'uiii .iiiiiii-".m
M,r"' m K"1 . , .
f.. aa: . : 1 . . . M 41. nt iSl
aunerents win uecuue an wi wn-
. . win..ltiv...l ..f
the Ä f;.m ti.at Uly, nu.l a.vl
AVho can estimate tho : fatal results
. .
that imist ecrtrdnlv follow, if the Uov -
ernnienfsbali now jm Into thehands
j.f the rebels South and the -Copper
will repudiate the rebel debt V. Or is it
not more likely that they will render
Couferate script a legal tender, and cs-
tablish it as a valid currency for the
discharge of all debts of tlie United
, ........!!. ... Iia
r.,.,., j,Aif fr lo.cn. and
,"' " " 1
hoe h.. iil.Wfiil to a form of s'avervV
V . ... .,. ..1 !.. if i
Tho Democrat nro a-ain playin ! nu-nct-sclf-iiniirovcmi-nt, hylu.nl tu-) prcmoniton- warning or a disturb , wen wauaur nnxioij to near join,
thöiroMptmo maliiin: fearful txap- v aiil clo aiilication, r t-vCn to nnov, ho heard two shots rtrcl in quick J win a rr.H'of niot no kle amnion,
iroratioiiM in ih'-ir public jounri! f-e-! thifik, for a few moment hy careful j surr .-ion a few ynrd. frora where he land if the President was not to v.n
ouentlv amounting to ' tWout tAtion um a sure way of iin-JstHMi. He nähert to the rla from ! fu,d or anry toj think at all it mt
1 - ..... t i -ii -. ..i uli.1i tlin f.ivirf Pimm nrn!w Air. IllftVP IXII1 l)kol UTVin IlV him a ft
jheiuls XerlhV AVh,t h.,1;o , ,,,,r, ,he ,-nnv,., "we iihvc x, - , ok
have Uie future v.eliare of our pi-to!s." , ........
tvm.he.na.le for their -tvn. lH? Can pv.-theor.ler: -l.nve these Ahu- . 1 ' '
.. ...... ....... .. f.,,,.. Lniii. oi of the W..V." ui.J il-lers.lo i.t .i.nt Hi" UK-iuiu, i r
I 1 1 UC Si i I I ?"V ..! I .i.v. '..f-.- ,ni.v.. . ,
ill Mltili: WilUOllI lli;in;l ui muni " I'niHii. ai.ii"i- ' ..v.
Concriiead-rebel Congress get into aml they were innm uiately u -et eded
U .. . . ....... I.,. ;, r i) - fi, . .r
power imu an .. wn,. ?w.
t'ne hi.Mtd ff our fallen heroes, the tears
aud sighs of tlieir friends, and billioii
Nf treasure will be totally lust, and the
1 . . .
' . .. 1... . ........1 .Iluloill iti'VK
gallon ii; jm--ii o i........... .. .
tame will be niulcrcd a shameful
tii.M-lcerv Tlicse are the prohal-'.e vi
. . ...111 ..:..:!
SUIl-S lIUll 1 1 IV ll'llHll "
lA .1.. .I..V .11 II 11 -l lll hi I 111 I 11
. -i. i 'i.i. iu-rl leads and rebels succeed
9 1 1 1 Iii " r 1 .
lUtflldtflitln ludr.arm-m
nroi 4 rnrnvoim nts - to
get power.
Jai:o:-i 1 SenNcm:.
- - 1
F-r the Journa!.
- .
' . i . . . r ,. nf till Iii I I 11 T rilfll 1. I , I IIOiIIiIt I . 1 , t- l'l ...v j , i . r, .17-1 ,i - -i i. ,v III - I
uiv t.4p. . .v- --- v ... ; i.r(. : authorities to protect tne ciiien, im,. , 4 t,rtr. iiUfui.;timHh.l
fecund tlieeot. loubUe-s there are tatcfc War - .errt turns ' S4,OJ1 1 " 1 -v'
mi vi-who groje their way th(. nrfu enmeneed, a tall man, un-; rrt.rte..t o n the .sh rn , juW u u a J((i(ir anjnk.
Sg liXiivorU from tlu,e Unown to him, .topped outoftheto.d, -r eve I ;T m,r the .ith to , of u
nvo.aust-s, ,wm..ui v.... ...... ... ...... ,-- ... ..,.,,, ia.i.t..iur.l.rer..-r i.m.w.i ai.a i-u-...-. ,,,1 nl..:ii..n
L" ' - ! T,, ... Uii. tun. .t!.n, .U .It In Con,ro .naK.. law-f- r - yPt ,. kmw,,
v a-Tthis Mibjeet p.intsou t to the J bad Ihm-ii no qif.rn-ling r any dhlleul
wf our land,.a source by which ity. These facts .show that . the
Youths, f our land.a source by which
Itheyean Wctmie educates!, and by j H'riiead managers m tneauair 'nH,. to vour widow, or
fwhichthcycnnm.aketheniselveusefui;pre1.;rtdfora fight, nought ik-cioii ; uklnngef ho Uuitel tstatcs
mUrs In society; U - is ery c - sen
and Mghiv mju.
ted wiUtaUiUWiriugs; viewing
subject with i
to st t forth, but ftw thoughts uj on this ;
iiutH,rtantKuhjot. lUit if I should U!
the mean? of coniueiiijr? one Ynun.ar
man (,r nnn youiil' vornan. t com- I
.. .
tlie true ! kiis of civilization.' It
t'lnenc : imizwi hoi owiMun iii;" . j ...... ...... ...... - - -1 -.
eli)M in vain. o'.v i ocusiaor cduiu-i"
is the Ionization stone upon wrnen an 1
' '
-ood K-ieties and true povernment. place lie hcanl atlnni Hior, which wa.- f unn.e:.. an. iruu.n, ami no imopici u
.stand. It is the marhle sLih in the I probably tired hy one Sam. Serihner, a I at I-OuivilI. The pe(i-le of Ken
characte r of every pod man or wo- i loafer and blacklcc of the Copperhead j tueky have jiibt defeateil ( ien. HoIjüoii
man. It is the kev that unlocks the persn.t-ion. This rl;ot iiit and rtijrhtJy j for t .iate oflieo because he ras a. Cn
losand suirersyou to look into hu- ! wounded ISeiyamin House, a.lHeharjr-j iert eoMier, by n majority of about
man nature. And lastly it is the irrer. t ; cl Union addier, who was standintr i -Hl'! voU's- co;npetit( r v.-a- fo
master wheel, that runs the muehiiie- j
rv of vcrv nation.
Wc woidd pay young man or young
woman, this golden prize is within
your reach, however poor yor 'nay le. T
..... !
It is not a hidden treasure. 1, those
u-bMdilbr, tK. andnersovi rinrrlv. .seek 1
after it. "we'nml neve expect, to at-
tain a very reat amount of knowlel-e,j able old inan, iiad disturbed noiay . lows :
without hard and unwaverin- stud v noriven any provocation whatever .or j -lie had found that, while in the
on W part. We must stuih for our- violence. The only persona seriously j Nortliern States there were great dif
selves art for ourselves, fhink for our- hurt at tho first Jlrinir, so far as we foreneos on the subject of the re-tom-
solves nrid we will receive a hist rev-
M " A !
Let us remem- '
ompense lor ounoii.
her the roüowing rules;
1st. Never to neglect any
nity for self-improvement,
-2d. To believe that whatever otb
era had done, we could do, and tiiat !
therefore, no real or supposed difticul-
ties formed anv reason whv we should 1
nr.t i ii-r n... in hiiv unili rtukinir with I
f eonfidenee of success.
v ... V J
.'id. Not t be dctenctl by any di ffi
couhl be surmounted, I
- A w 1
from prosecuting to success, ano io us ""- "i i i
termination, anv plan which wo had ! unquestionable, and if they had rc
..,w.,w.,.n,.,w..w .l .. I ceived the bullets which wounded and
1th. Always to think, ftlwavs ob-
erve and alwavs seek to learn, let the !
source be what it may. Walter Scott
declares that the most stupid groom
that ever took care of Iiis horse could
give him hints that he prized highly,
:th Think of thepleasureof know!-
..i i ii,.. .lernen f i-ooranco.
v T lli.TTS. '
to m: co.vn.vi:!.
The Copperhrad Itiot.
- h.W gatherel from oI7cr,: of ;
j the police force, and citizens of the first
! re,pcctability, some Incidents .f ,
C.pp. rhead riot of last Monday night, ,
which resulted in tlie won iding of :
omcofthe spectators tf the recep
tion ceremonies, and the murder of
Mr. Steward, who had given no eativo
..r o'1'..n-c :tnv oersn or nart v. At-
( m iiihi. i n inj, i . -
i . Vr. ".: . ' ,
11. .t I... .i?.. x.-i: liir w" 1 X 1 1 n ! . ll I 1 V
imiccii e i wi-ijv i..v...
1. i .:. sliv-t. he rie,l out to
uu l.ullie. who lu.l man h,-.! in . the
come on. boys, we will
I'"" c ' . '
f . . m 11
have a tree t.ght or a loot lace i.e
1 ovm
r some of his accomplices, exeiaime.t
'mmmii iiii'.MUiie; iiiiiv i i tf in mi. -
Anoth. r voire ,
jHtaricd.with his followers in procession
through the mass of people who were
densely packed that it Aas nlmot
.impossible for tliem to move. These
, acts and threats occurred almost fsim-
.1i.. .1. lv .iii.l if i.: .1 1 1 i . 1 th:it Villi-
.l.rlff-.ua.l a-trd their torch sticks
' " 1 ..
mi thr head-", of stnne lieroiis in tlie
! i u.,ll..,v.,t, l,!nuivri.r,.Jn;, :
:i,uV r .
which was Are
I lV 1 rilCK-Pv-, oi.e ui
I tu. Dt ni cratic mar-!
n lsereafter
The larger lotion of the people left
5 . 1 1 v ....,.vil,lon,,l()'Learvhim
J-elf, linding the job he had undertaken
- ; t,,o hc:iw for him, lud down Kentucky
..I... !.!..!... . . . , . 1 1 . ; l i i i '
i iUlllliV u mi. .
.t'..tt.i. .IT 1.11. '.' 1 I' .1
l.whiu hor-o c uM mal:
: Mr. I nveivau, tne
i states that on hear.ng
1 rnuvle hN way a- rapidlj
. tK. and saw Truck
. .... 1 ..l.t'kt. m-o-i
tue crowd which wh-
ity. These lacw uiau uii. v 'l
- ior a puin-"' "
ln.i.iii nnr nAi4 IV OT I'iCUM' i lilClVlVl.
... . ; t.
- uMr. nvc-
fhe after takingTmeR t? jai , aneirv
O IT -K N A. I
Tin Innrer prtWn of the cmwil hail (
K f, Unt a !ih IoniM numUr wc-roj
till liii;Torinr thrn ANut twenty .
minutes nftc r his nrrival, without nny :
lO.., f,1l nn.l n-l 0,.,fM. ,.),
''"' "uu .w, i.. ,
h him, in the liand of wir.p otlicr !
vm.:.,., i ..
uma i. nn. ...vj
. 1
near by. Senbner luvi u veieu nis jus-
tol to lire itpim, when ho was seizca
and disarmed by omo'of the polit e
force. Mr. Stewart had attended Alf.
Harnett entertainment at ra.onic
nan, arm na.i ien u.ere m vun.-.i
with Ids son but a few minutes before
he was lulled. He wa a quiet, peace- ;
know, were .Mr. uooKcr, oi iianuuen
county, who was a quiet spectator, and
Truoksess. That more tragical re-ults j
dil nvt follow, from the number of
liots fired, is a wonder.
As the ease of stretcher is to under-
g a julieial investigation wu maKe no
further comments upon h!s conduct
than simply to state how Stewart came
to his death
Tiiat the bloodshed of that evening
was caused bv the rash and outrageous
eondut of O'Leary and Vandegrift, two
. ,,.t. ...ri.o-wi .uli;ii-niiM. in
S ... . a t a ii. !
killed mcir innocent victims, mcie j
would have Uc, less cause for regret,
These are the facts as we have path-
ere.l them, after careful inquiry, of the
murderous onslaught by Copperhead
bullies upon a large l:dy of men,
women and children, who were law- j
fiillv assembled in ne of tho streets of
thecitv, and whi'li isdenominateilby
1 the Copperhead press as a Uadical not.
j Tlie original offender lied from the
I ground after the light commenced., and
; t ii.it tlw. .vlilhiti l iikii Tiinidenee
nv , ' iri,riatln.rtheoiiiliet
short Ta wouM h.ivo been given
ti,.., if tliv lul ruinniiic-a Iwiicr cnrtirli
to jh(. WinjlJll thcv lc.
,crvC(L( jltriutl.
The Xcr Orleans 3Iasacre.
I should like to say to myoid friend,
. , . ii,,,!,,,,, ,.,,
a.- no ltlm-,. ..r ..U, Kid. their
, . . . , i 1 . e i
I In-art or i.u.u- luut olianKi- U fore 1
! ivethem the r.Ut h:m...,r le.lo -
r..:... o.., 1klw.rMfiiiUin.li.vnn
11.1 It II 1B"111V. -
n . . . a .rMV.
' " '-k - ;
before the war a Democrat remain
, . t
for auht I know, ee.la.n ly he
i noes not give any ouiuiu uiauut.i
no reason that I can see, excel
don't agree with tho eighth article in
tlie Philadelphia resolutions.
The whole Xorth was aroii-ed by the
Now Oilcans nmaciv, follow ing up as
it the Mcmohis riot. President
Johnson telegraphs to I .elier.il Ml. 1
.i .Im .iii-fuM ejil lc:Ul-
uaii, I'ui i in-, wi... ...,...
UrilT OUC.tiollS t-)
him to draw out a
, - ..1
J luvorahle anw. He do i t n.l .
, U ( ieocial Shend.m, Kaymg, -fcoxu-
L fl,n ,ll4!,ii .i.i,,it lhis rit." The l'reHi.
I -
I.... .i ll a I.!. ,ll. n
jdent d iiiMiteii asueu i.r . ivm.
r..i...vt M liov-il.Ie .f the :uTalr.
! 1 . . , .
Wiu-u the President asks (.enrnd
I Mlcfl.UU ll tlio CiVjj jwuri
tt tpkc care of these men heausw en-:
t 1 t .... ...! I bi.l1 l(ta.
. . .. .i
Jhi-sis alter the jriviemjiao
vou. lave w w
debts sliall bti pahl or gf) impaH,
tu -luill l.o oaid to vour
... inii.i,i-v To h.iveaTsrtiou
n. the country, in governmnUl relations
. ......
, llinfrv where 110 loyal man
- i ; ; uJi
. - . i .lililhllllllTriiriiivilllllvllll llLlllJlll itt
?. uou
. . i i
r',vv ,....'. 1. 1 f tl... iKili ,,itowarouie earui, aim iu. -
i T" . : ' : . . "r totUrir,gsiiutllcf the clll-tt of h.y
City M:i,vhrd,jAu?u, ;u:u i ,? . . -. . , He reeled fuaa one sidc-of
the iiring U , . ! f. .V. .VlTt 1 trf-o the pavement to tho other, und at la
'ft8lüXlMIT , " ,. it..,..... ii:.. brought up da lHnip-i.osi on tne. cor-
m.t.. i ri i irin. i.4iii.'iifi-s ."""'' . a . .
e. following ; ?. 7.; wheu-a youug looking loafer
tlrrjv falling ,"u' luw :iM,'v C"' V .
' il ..... .1.. ,.1 Kii.l ii-, .1 1 1 11 Ii .1 f 1111.11 'ifn
Vdlt. llVll. If WIT M ,. i... .
J o
o. 12.
A rieaar.t "Wnj of Putting Thin?.
Tlio coür-!ii.n f Mfilith's
:illr. - t Tr. .T..lm!i, at tlio Ii;Jti
Houe, t the cil'ect that the iJlc
rir, l,f lUOlt. X T
beward, however, seem- to haro wl-
5i thu wt v! ,.f .iii; m-toI..,,
t ... . ..
w. (a
. t . ...... A. A A l .lt 1 . 1 A
rampant a rebel that Gen. Utnbridro
had to send him tu the Dry Tiinniras
two years since, and it is evident to
everv boriv that lie was voted for bv
the rebels, and elected because he was
one of them. Knowing these facts,
the polMicd Secretary of State tal-
da-sed the crow!! at Louisville a.s fol-
uonoi tüc i nion, in ine siaicoi ntn
tueky, and he might, with propriety,
say in all the Southern States, t here
was an entire unanimity of opinion in
i'avorof the Union of thoKJ States.'
Having stated his fact he proceeded
to theorize somewhat as follows: That
the principle or policy for which the
South fought was of filly year's growth
and therefore very firmly set in the
minds of the people. To carry out
that policy they bad pne into the
war; but being whipped they saw at
once that the policy for which they
fought was wrong, and now they are
cvideutJv the bot satistfojl with the
. f ii Ww . ........ ..
rcsirn. oi nie war. e supp.ae, meo,
if the reU ls bad gained the victoiy,
their.polioy would have been right, the
doctrine of secession w ould have
been sound, and Mr. Seward and the
North would have Ken the best satis-
fied with the result.
This id very much as If (Ien. Mcre-
dith had, ad Jed a paragraph to Ids
seech acc(unting for the. desire of the
people to hear Mr. John. -on by refer
ring to his Cleveland, Chicago, and St.
Louis speeches .us models of eloquence
and dignity. Indkmu (huttte,
A Johnson Orsau Iu Milling the GraTt
of Lincoln.
Tho Itichinond Kxaminer .is loud
and earnest in mppoit tf President
Johvon. It exults over bis grand elec
tioiieering tour through the county, on
a vi.-it to the grave of louglas, am
savs that "the tribe of anes, better
known as radical." mut g-t up "
similar tJiir r be overwhelmed at tlie
election. JJut, it says the lladicals
have ho great leader to .-end on a tri
umphal Jour. . rio it this inde.-cntly
and outrageously speuke of Abraham
Lincoln, to whose death Andrew John
son owes bis elevation to tlio Presi-
"Wo are afraid that the Apes u 111
liave to go luck to tlie Middle Ages for
a . suggestion. In those days there
were fanatic pilgrimages in which
certain holy relicks were lsune to at
tract and iu-pire all the. devout along
the journey. W'Jttrtfurc ul jhxnnr
fh Lnnraoj Tin; Ki.mj An:, (him'who
played' such fautastick tricks before
high Heaven as made the Angels
Weep.Y and parade them through the
This Is the way in which the editor
lcading Johnson organ of the
Soutli, where the main strength of the
Joh-on party cxbts, talks f the mar
t led Lincoln. And Andrew Johnson
asks the loyal people of the North to
receive this ghoul this umvpuitant
traitor to their b soms as a brother.--
i?jix;t rj?t.
Tall of n :re:it .Inn.
Coining down Chestnut .street, S'aint
L.uis, one d..y lat week, writes a er
rtspndent, I was Htruvk by the ui-
.caraiicc of an old inun jast .wxty,
. . . it.. ' . ;.i ' vi i 1 1 1
who won alhreadbarccoat.shii.y with
('I 11 Ixi.lIU wi.l MUM '" s. --
i liiiii!"! and ed . llineaii w.t oeni
. -
coining along ,uluted him
Tin: ho- cholera is rIng In
Tcunctc. Tip- Joji(-l.,ro Hag or the
J-ph Kiys that Kwnd f.irmeiM in that
eti vicinity hayo Jost every hog they nvi,
while otliers have U-en idnmst equally
unfortunate. Tlie di-ea-e i nt con
fined to small districts, a- usu.I, but
extends through tevcral counties.
Aatnation Copperhead 5o4etr
. Tho HeraJd professes fo fvar that
President Johnson will bo axsa-sMU-ated
by tho 'Iladicnls,' Jt ought
to blister tho tor.uo of a Coppor
heacl to utter tho word ".ia-sM-ation'ia
such a connection. 'Democratic-
Prosi-IcnU always outlive
their term of oß.ce, but every Pre
ident elected by tho opposition has
been providential; taken oi.,
aid Jo!ia V;i!i Ilureri to a y-lling
crowd of New York Copperheads
And it is true that every ' President
opposed to tiiat inf.ur.ous party has
died an untimely death. Andrew
Johnson understood that, und tooc
an early iucurai-o wi lib life by
joining the party that usuiuateJ
Abraham Lincoln. A few months
before that illustrious ruler was
mrdered, the Ii Croe LKi
, s. ... ...
jiaier iniiiy lxiiunar
ith tho
Copperhead-of the Northwest, bold
ly publi-hcMl tho following incite
ment to Ids murder:
if Lincoln is LLi:cri:r FOI1
Pome Toy, tho author of that mu
derous advh', ha, not been hauled
as ho deserved, but has hovn in
vited by the Copperhead Stute
Central Committee to canvass this
State for tlie Johnsen (?) ticket, and
his foul-mouthed libels upon tho
Union party and its martyred lea
der, have been wildly cheered by
thousand of Indiana Copperheads.
who were base enough to do him
honor, and who honored him all
the more because of Ids invocation
for Abraham Lincoln's llooJ.
. .
c;nt:.vT many un mailable let
ters are ported weekly, and their
destination is the dead letter ofiieo
at Washington. Thou who desire
that their, epistles thould reach tho
persons for whom they nreintended.
would do well to bear in mind that
tho following letters eomo in tho
category of tho unuiailable: Lottcra
attempted to bo sent with stamp
previously used, or btainps cut from
stamped envelopes; unpaid letters
for foreign countries, on which pre
payment is required hy tho regula
tions; letters not addressed, or so
badly addressed that their distilla
tion can not be known; letters mis
directed to places' where there aro
no potoffices; and letters wholly
unpaid, including unpaid drop let-
Tin: U. fc L. Pw. IT. Tho work on
this road H progressing finely; tho
rain, however, has put it back about
one month. One half of the work, In
distajiee.'from Cnicn City to Hartford
will be completed ready for tho rail
ing, in tliis month. Tho contract of
this road is let fit in Hartford City to
Marion, and the work thereon will bo
commenced immediately. The iron is
ulsoKcuad for-"tliis 'portion .'of tho
road. Our people may rest assured
that our railroad Kan established fact,
fur which they bhouid rejoice ; a its
completion is the salvation of our coun
ty. Our jtoople liave butlered and lcen
imiscsl ujioii much from the Lick of
un improvement of tiii Kititl. fart
jird Union.
No loia: outrageous insult could bo
offered to the Union meu of Indiana
than. the importion of Iliick Pomeroy
into thiühtate to make speeches In le
half pf the Cojicriiiiid ticket... IIo
openly advised the murder of Mr. Lin
coln, yet with perfect knowledge, of
that fact the, Copperhead State Central
Committee invited him to Indiana to
insult the memory of the dead Prcd-
dent and vilify his friends. ot'vith-
standingJiU infamous record, ho - hr
not been disturbed xt.uny of his inett
ings, yet the Copperhead paper aecu-o
their opiK)iieuLs with rilou.s lawless
ness. Tho most conclusive evideueo
of th -ir forlM-aranec is furuUhetl by
the f t that P.rjelq Pomeroy tr.avels
and speak throughout the State with
out molestation. ,
. ... . -
Itnv. J. 11. I-YKorsoN-, Sfjexotary of
the Jobii-on Pread and, Ihitter Club,
at Va.-'hiugton, who did the praying
I at the Philadelphia Convention, was a
and U now An
ardent suporter of th President. Is a
brother of the notorious CLauap . Itr-gu.-on,
the guerrilla. .
TtrsioNnf). Ilr.nnibnl Jlamlin han
rc.slgtied ' Jds po.-t as 'Collector of th
P.j'rt V.f ,'TJo-t n. Ifo rays that ho is
co'hrmt of t!-.o rfTcrt? to make .'p a
new party,' composed of traitors and
their allic, and hence, ho can no long
tr -ontlr.ue !n ofllce, under tho xitroa
of that now' part y.
. i i
Tire Cnion men of nhlngRuri, Ohio
county, carried their municipal elec
tion on Monday last, by an 1 nvc rag
'majority of eventy Tti s. ThI is a
great triumph, fttb Coj-p-rhrads
have heretofore carried the clectionsln
Rising Hon. . .
A Wi:.M.Titv lK-Ai. Ki)iTon.-rV
are glad to know th:it tlicro Is ono
wealthy local v(llior;ia tho world.
Aecnrdins to his own figuring, . tho
lor-al editor jof tho, itmnihal Courier
is the- w?,üthiest newspaperman in
thr West.' Ho sums up his worldly
prissevions in tliis vLs?;-Mr. Uocal
(par value), l,(0'J,r; one live year
old local, -'oi ,0..; ono soven week
old lrx-al, $iVif0:K; cah on hand. 1 1
cent; -duo on neoount, IM; nun-
dri, 12 ciU..-. Total. 2.7.tKH)tA;
yearly income, one loi-al.

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