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Randolph journal. [volume] (Winchester, Indiana) 1865-186?, January 10, 1867, Image 1

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XEFF' '& Bill CE.
tstms or rfciiscuiPTioK. '
.ia .'.llr and Fifty IVu't. u Vcnr,
Ta'huK ivi:j:tiin(;.
!.'. L AI T.ltir DVTIl0.
0 i- t i i tr r7.j-i r b.r K.r' Tn-rrti-e.,
i) 1 I- rr-r ire -nt p-r S j i ire tr
... : ')
... O-'l
... 110")
.. . M i-0
. . l-fn
. .. rift
. . . 70 no
I ir-e
K ir ' ' . . . . . .
I--K . irth 0 fTT i
.) H .it 0 .! iM i. .
O'l ColuTl'l.
u Cr. S'fie;r.
't-jlr No:i ?, !)' f Fitr C-nt per
tVf4 .Trtrient, Trn Crut TUT Line.
it iii.uo id tiie ta ii I es.
I 1 1. t 5.3' P M.
N'ir.'iT .V'lR-SU SI"? A. V.
N. Y. I ViU:H it 7JJ) A. M.
' ' AUW KHT.
iir, .';.... 7.o a.m.
Vir;?rr ..,!'KK . A.M.
lYRSTKR.V KX Mli:S t ... f. J.
M Tb 7:-2 A. M
'. Y. KXPIU'.v'. f 47 l- M
l rrivn -ii I O r- of Trnfn at
i; m, City. O'ii inl IuJimdh .Statt
Ma f.
D. .r.
.11 r m
.3 Olf. m
1 1 ;V f v
C tM 4 M j
n.-r.irt. j
.7 ID A. M.
". n n 1 ii 11
"- t-n xi I itio'i ... G r m . . (
Tri' !
fH ' r m J J
Rtnr... ...... ...7 A - M . ' A.M
iV.niius5 Dirrctorn
OP VI r.sTI'It, INI).. .
Njrth-ffnt ornfrof Wii'ngton nnd Mp
ri li 111 trret. .
It nikins lIoir ' . M. to I I. I.
TIIOh. WARP, Pre-.'f.
Wn M. IjOckk. ' hii r.
National Bank
N.n ro!n:nlii Mrrt.
I. im Jh'iüT. P.'iv oi. I S.-IU Kxeh-nce, !
. ..j j-i . r.. .1.. i. ....... ....... i
t'mU, Piy bitrt op )poiri by izvf - j
f . I)-rinf r,f, tfl -ittrpil iromntly
t t'.iHrrPOfi.
II i iL in r Hi -? A M. t T. V.
K M Tt'CK. IVcid. nt.
R. S. FlIIr.IJ. (t..hor. 12
I'hwiriftn ft lift Surziosf
iiiiht,t. ItiiliiHO.
Oi..r. V .' r i ' ' iciirf w.
I""!1 h ' lt-i ! ncr. ii. r M tin
iil t r.-t ' 1'iriur r !-"
d Or K.-e .aon. '
S. 7H. MjCLURE, m. d.,
Ten lert hi errleiü to the citizeni of
V 1 X C II E S T E It
And ricinltjr.
If gle etnfriil attention to Pieape of
Female, ami all
Alio. lhoe of the
Ktcriv partU-'ular attention ,
niHee South idn of Pnhtlr Vjnitrr,
In Pr. V;iir.orr' I- ntal o.ti.,
Cf ln're oi F'r miV Hn trt , pif Jformnn
V i', opp )it V.. I". ! r'a rev!Mioe.
D "F. ?s T T S rI
OFFICE S uth i le of 'il.U.' ? I'lar. up
tiir. Rfi lfine K! di-i-r f rrt,
nortVet nt of Vineh-atf . OTi.-f Iwuir
from tu Ii A- M. 1"4 ftn,l to 4 l M,
, A. J. ROSS.
' v- - 'timir rr 11 im.
i f . ' w - i 1
. t--i" ' r i t I Mi U a.
I i ' : ' M i
..... - .
Vtmfl Pnhlie Sjmtre, Wimctttr.
mXJ9 on hn-i ml mvlt to .ir Irr In the
laütir: tricks rc $ok.uu.k.
Dil, S. 0; ÖTAPP0RD.
PhTtif'n nd Snrreon,
, .iiii
Tu'" kl praf'"' rtien f I
It rltti peci! Mii
t t or
t rvK-riivnourri: k wrsp.
MA N rj f A CTIT n Fit S o r FT R N rTv R F
aai Chain, of tteUtft anfl fft
r:l ef Tutiilc -jjrr, .io;UeiUr
J-CN' ipp. hnwrnipf
Tfrf" " T CjT- & Co.N(rocerr.
W A .
Vol. 5.
T. -31. -BROWNE,
.ITTOR.VFsY 1T .'111
Office in National Hank hnildin;.
M.vio, lfCC. rilly
(Surcpfsor to JuJie Brown,,1 '
Will ntte'iJ to U Lu3ir.?s intrusted to
OFnen -At tbc farmer office of Ju'ljc
nrorn. 4 26
Viir.,i"T,r, Inilhiiin.
Vil ottrn to T-ivtnr. Sell'r: I.'!!!!!
i'l kit-U of R1? ftt,fif. t1:p rao-i f-ivf.r-U.
tfrrrn II- 'H '! l
C.itMm'.r." nl r-rnrinjr nf 11 k'n'la of
Cljtrr,. Oilier i:r ","'r'i 1 'T ,U BniMinS-
W. A. H0XT1AM,
.ITTOK.YRV tT L.lll",
llUitftrt; Vlttin; tJcnf,
4Jj r.Ui Kf- r'' C--t;t tv. I: linna.
john J. emtxrr.l Ifm-i. watson.
isr.Ai. rvTATi-: ;i:.'y.
Arr iNn prrpard to procure
f'eiistoH. fSfjunti? and Arrears t,J Pau
ITnon the most firor-ibte term. ?rWt m t
rention irir" t co'letlon 4iid senir'tv of
'Jl.iini. Offfte in Jail l.uildir.s.
ttokxi:y at i.w,
Prompt Al? i!i..ii iltvvn to the ( nl
Irrto.n f i'lnim.
I firn n 1'ithor'zn! (iovrnmerit C'vm
Ai'tit.nd will piy p-irtieular attention to
?''. ri
Office in Jail BuiMlnff. t.Vr.21
Fit A XKT-I v il
S)!th-'!it rnrir of Pnb'ii- Scjnar-
wisrHKiST'n, ind
:i;Ti:Jt :i:IM!I IMI it. Proprietor.
T t Thr-e mm v pru U Ibiiblin- h:t lo"n
pur'hifed and lffit teil by Prprioor.
tvli.. jr"pa tu ptr . tiiin- r fXjn-!'-t'imikeita
lirf-rl ik I lot 1 . lie b.vr
t III" p it rOM-l of : 1 1 .
J . S . W A X ,
pr.ftre.1 bi .b rid crale of panting
,n.U'r,u,ir,cr,.., r-n),..,.,M.. t.rm.
Wii.cheite.-, At.ril. Icfi;. nil
.che.te.-, Aj.rilüö. lcf). nl.V
GcorSf llr.cl.1lll.
T)eIer in
fMi-.r W t hide of ublic Nju ire,
- - '
tt 31
liiilintui. !
' I
. 1
t-v -r - -v- -i -r
lJ .1 O X , J'j -s O V JA J. 1
US til TrS.TMl T 9f
-FfF'f iiKf ivi'c i'h M1In""' ,M,io;v s
f,f 1 ' 14lf"N'ihh't.d; and the le-ult i. a idi.y. o,
It'V Mwhnul ht. Mrhi:"n" of Ihe stomach. We nrc 1 .
u.ul Whini j not be adonMici that such va.-t nam - -
I t ..1 it........! I .
, ' "r0"' !,i, i,..j . lialiitiul lliol t!..v in Inlv f ir v. ,mr ilaVn th( tlo.rmMilo- t..w -I'lnnif r-vi-rv bri.n- ui.il ninkfi finT
JL.-- - lultimately become iu,eu-:b!e of the ter rT;ge-s fr,.,n 0) -to W" iu the hot- iety 11 tconrtant preand Ipower ntj ' j nco Vather than to fceok Lih.-r will ,et de-n-nd ta a reo"
1.1 ! .1, ,.t, it,af ..r .1 int. .... l.,iti4 li .b.v. Tf li th.-n i in - ix-S..h ttr-jn(ri.fv o lind "xrnndr. 1 ' Lir)',..T"iii 11 UfHni in WW
""iSOTlEas. AOESICrsr. . - r.. i. .eT, , In tid W, du :8 On-n.rhkvMhU ,.,.H nrW.c rri-uiHlcm.... ihcrn., lib.
,a,.aTi t ' n r,- pLiu . Lxfr '.. of die is firmlv et. and force w o: k with a teura, unle-. he U In tho -impatience about them; and our dayU R; ' crty; it is a hlclng thAt muM Ins
i : ' i then, t r..ir i tV.d bv davlichf. and. reding four or hndhoarvhurrir-donthwhlrlofcon-' Have the counrct- provide enter- tamed before it can r enjoyed. ! '
XMmmmum iiti lii6MMBMMMMawaMW T i I mini mM mmtimmmmmmmmammmmKammmmmmmmmmmKmm
er wm. r. wood.
Th? spirit's chi-), rtijn uprerr.e
Arurt- of m.TCY stiv to tcp,
An.l vp, nmrU!.!raue-to dream;;
A.:,.,Utionofthonl. ,
(The ch.os of immotta! rrin.J:,
A .larkr.c- h.ron.l Faitl, rontro!.
I, .h.t Life', .imJe, ir.a.!-nr5f.,,h
WherefcreshouM nnj:el.?tiT to wcrr.
And why thould mortal psuie to
O'er the their confine of the deep,
Dirk witfrs of OK'liv'on'ä stream?
Doth darknrs bear a llithinp cur ?
I nothingness a j'nou". to dread?
Drw re th- curtain from t!f liear.ee
Of time, if re touM inouni tbe df a i! j
Oh. Wt r.ot t:mc vour tlioushu entice. !
Ti'C pn'äf r.t'-j il.irkne o'tr tl. e roll 1
rt-rri''v will !.nt FHHi',
Ti HI! the broad xpurd': r soi:!!
Vl. ii lit ji i'-iti'in ! irk :tm1 i p
The pirit'-i rivjo-, r i r t . s n'rt-iae,
Andels of rn(rcy Jt"v r.) weep,
And ve, 0 mnrr:i!?.! rniie todrc irn
t'nlv b-jr";iMiiii the jourrer,
.Mmv a mi'r t iro;
Little It i t, hiv they utti r,
V:ir..-hrhi to and tro
Trvin' n-rain.so brave'r,
lli'iiuj: fate iu . tii"t!ier'a lap.
Proud r." a bibv can be.
Talku:; the oddest hiru.te
E't r before wm hmni;
Pii mnihtT fyoiiM h ird!y think .o)
Vn i rstand.'' evire wi rd.
Tottr'njr v.orr an ! fnil'i
Mvrs tha wre '!n to cry:
Kiüü : rnl ptenty d 1 vt- orJi?,
Wiliin"- aain to trv.
Father of all, 0! jruide the m,
Tlie p itteri;i' Jlttte fvet.
Whilr tlicv arc tr-ali' the uphill rOid,
I'riivii; the da.-t and heat!
Aid tttf-rn lieu th'-y jrrow r;e iry.
Keep them in pathwavs bl--,
And ul.n t!i' j .nur. in led,
avi-iiir. )! ulw tli-:n r-f.
rr tlic J.'irr.üi.
Hyioaij Physiol gy,
ourt m anni: n or hating.
In reference to liealtli, our manner
fe:itinvr is a matter of gre.t in:;nr-
lnne. iiic people oi me pre.-eni j:en-
the table-well spre ad w ith nutritious ;
... , .Ml... I.. i
f I I . t lul imII- I ntlll 11' lint 111 V l"ltll.
laiKitaous iii"K 01 caung 111 a comple te
i 1 a 1 t i .
,r. , . I
A A '
y-..7 - :
picieu, esi.a ciauy anp;ug niHimtü men
pletcd, es.( ciallv among hmimts men !
during buiy neurons. Now, ibis is a ;
gross violation of tho laws of health. ,
Xedhlug less thb.n lialf an hour should !
c:"ir"1"";1 ..S''-'..a..r i
d t f t ; wi . i.i I'Miiwm'r m k. in ii 1 iirt r-. - '
I .....iv ... , .... ,
linn 1 .1 .11 1 iiwii 1 1 1 .iu.,.11 1 ii. c ii
f e.oi i; p.i, u i j
masticated, and iedae-'d to a pulpy j
eonhtenev bi:bi"e swalloxed. if
large ph.'-,. of food nie. swallowe! the. ;
juice- of t!e to;naeii only u;t up.n
the ouHide, and by this low proeen
they frequently begin to f. rtnerit, or j
lileeompoM, befon di i.'e-l i n ii c..m ,
bei, of our people die at ,ueh all early
ae; when we uro v.ntinuall v xiol.i-
ting the laws of health by fat eating ,
and over gorging the nom.vdi'. ' '
- r.
Let any family, w ho are neeifomed
to fa-t e-atintr, try the experiment oi
, . , ...
eutuig Iwly amleu, what a ddler-,
e' " w, ....v. i
,!u'' iU'
min, net only whilo vatiiu.b.u af;e
I . . .. . . .
(I am ity in .Mirr.iii m r ;ti: p i
Hiiro iiK.vi.Tir. '
Another error we commit iV W
e quine twice t!iemonntid-rood that I
I the stomaeh demand-. This is a gro- !
uror und i- the gro-sjnj-woik fer many
funns f ,ij.t;,e. be organs of di-
gtlon, bvso doing, arc 'over-worked
r ...
. ration im? a fa-t peop.e - "A oani; ' d.ic.M io ta U itö I Siite.iu 1 eau not re J, witiioat ree-ivin- posi- j Tlie "commimitv" at Oncitla .V V
AnunVa.'' Kve-ry thin- mi:st- at : rerane-1 t t!ie C'e-wds Bireui, wa ' tivo injury. Then there me Ihrht, i n,w, xvoik.i ...L . i.. ' t ' .V ' , '
ther.ttu of "f.v.) farty" per minute, ar; i ' ID. U-.nl .aalloiis, and it i bidieved ', rhliiui- and foidisli ooonle and books , i t t ' " . i '
' ,"llM"n .i i.i iun(1i! (n iijui. .i.iu eioous, , TtiMr'f-w which are eomxdctelv 'ueef ss-
in nothlrur am ri.ey latter nn run m- ; t.us wai rather uiue; tnan over the wh(Ml! l!i!np,,iy teuds to dl-iPate tho j fill. Tvvo Vf.ulN lnoio ' ilVi, f(.
eatim;, Sea family gather around aetual prod;:etion of tut y-ar. tins mind, and Kyv a diate for every i u-Vi. i.A
j .hi ti.ti.i :.... r. .... i I.. i i' i. ...... -I .a t.......
i.u K-U. O to j i i i mio oe: iomm, ,mu ; u.e.u asi; a tax was p.iui (.n j i,o i .u m i ifcl to improve the min I and heart. r,nnt ow hi mw. in well
.' ii!li'' t !u f, ii )! i j: tu hi in r i'oiiidoi! n-r ' nr ! 1 1, m 4 1 , n- i i.i 1 l. t mm r 1 : . r ...... 1 ' '
1 1 1 ; ' " 11. 1. nun 1 no manner 01 lea'iwig, no, is juipoi i- j t j jj ctlltii atc
: hit tfitli Midl-ii es an h, tnii thill tha II ' i i f 1 1 f K'i ti 1 1 1 1 i 1 11 a 1? . 1.1 1 . r 1 11 in -1 1 ,1 1 1, .t i . t 1. 1 1 11. ....1..... i. . '
; " v " r'T """'urn. j,ook .-hoiipi oeroa-i not inertly f.j . ... , 1. v w..rj1Vf r
na iii.lii"i(iiN llil ill thla li'l.tV li"ili. ' Ii, I.':'. H...I. llnM I .. .1. . . . , , ULIIII, lilt I.e. At 4Jlilll0 il.
(I.T II1U-U' HWI ' 9 U . 1 . IIA LlliL I 111 A J ' I I '. ' . 1 i.A. 11111 I ,1' 1-t-MT I'M !. i lllt'ri.'n
i..iiK,i-..li,.u- m wmHv 1 I. ..!.. .iiii,i ..e . . . - ,1U ii'-o1' si a iut.it s apart
1 iit-i iii.n.1...... m " I ' a-J? n imisuiiipuoa in ii,w.,vo e' ! I OK ri I .' (liVll" IvaUeVs l!U) lOtir ,lV t .... r.lW . ;trilt :,.
5: r....... . I ,i 1 . : . . . 1 1 , w . ..... ... , 01 111 1 o row j (Uiiiiiii uoi
,iv miinii, .i-.ii, ii'mii .in. iw nun liivti', 11 ili ,lVH' l.l il I." "it Olli." I . npv " i(i p,t " liA TVS
ki-;nd Ucomc inactire'. and w eukened.
j . , ,. , ,,,,
J Tlie ftMl is only partly digested, ihe
whole svstem svuipathizos with this
. ...
violation, and the result is dyspepsia,
! irn-triti". uleer of the tomnch, rton-
..,.v diarrhea, constipation and in
faet ?ubjectu tu tho whole truln of tho j
disfhses of the organs of diction.
fanv liulividtiuN uvv of tho opi nioii i
that thev inii"f eut until tliey areemi-
pletely Ailed. r.d never think of eeas.
jng until the stomach l mnie pain-
fji from over distention, and t!n viola-'
A nhtural
t or unprnertcd appetite !o
itenan as to tho quantity of
a nroner cnt
fw-nilf.nund nnrt until h.aMt
.f c:iflni t mcrh la c-ntnT?i:d, an J "
I ... 1 .. .
i -t.A 11 a
. , - " " i 1
i the aptito porvert'!, win do invari- a tyiii i..r nuv iv.i7 h.m v4 ' 1 ' lal-tn c IV frun rmt!jib tl9 Pt liinu
I aV.lv a a' ?uiio. We are very apt to : could not for himif, nwl no enbp , ?er hunt of -oIJ or rank uninurxuptoO, has f(jrIlb pvVLi Ui tu re
j pönale and appotite confounded, and ! working farmer a-ould think of limit-. U would kvxi wee-p au-ay K'frt- II all . ?um tohi, lana TJ coU
j think tliHt we in tut tat tu knir fo.d , in hi? own day's work to fight or ton that ckvat.; an4 puhlkM humaü nn-; .j to .
I V,, won, which i, very wrontr. We hour. turc .or givw tho grace and ikh2:u, ; Xone ,;f Ultir nnmU üi;ir whwlJ
UOUi'J aiwavs Slow e:iu:i vihti 111? fyii.v.:uii ;uiui.jj.yj wi.n . ...v. . w. ir- j-i- ts..
Kii r.uer uiai i nyunou louo-r, 4S a mu. -..umu
health. IIyota. ; the ten-h.ur texn. The farmer
i mutrUe early to do the light chore,,
Tho Wlif Frn'itl Astonishing to niik tlio covru, feed the stock and
Development,. teams betöre breakfast. Thi, exercise
Th following extrariinarv täte- in the morninz air I but a mere appe-
i;u.mN (it.Jnan j"inz the erinunand tizer. In the field the real labor of the
prombt attention ot r-wro an i tue
: eomitrv, are mnio fv tho Wahinston
corrnondont of tho Kochttor Demo-
pa'r..:iie bcyon ' thy history of rere
ien.atiV3 iveMimc-rit. Tii'j Immeiuv
frauds bv :ne.i:i of illicit di-t!!.'f.tion f;f
whi.-ky hive ei'minitd in Nev'
Yo:k CItv i:i a't -?.u -t o'jcii c j::te::i-t
of the law. Y'i!-;ky barlM' tho in-?p:-etor?s
br.-i:: I en be p-irohi-eJ ut
! from .1 2" to vl 7" p2:"t:.::hn w.'iile the
j trt:; a! -:ie I cJ. Tie n-in":pI revenue
I officers a-p :nte I bv Mr. John von are
I vhown U have a "il-e 1 comocteneic
id-riu-the vho-' t'ov o" th-'- 0:r:,n.
! holding
T.holr p!aee? were br.i-.rlit f.r
he National Union Johnn :
thorn. T
r.t,,t.a t ,.,.1 o ....... I
cmt: j waior in in- ifciory. or me carpesne ; u 4 , Wl .u:-i i u , workw, in Hainl & ,-. ;-
rri i i .i at his bench. For sevvral months of . atralnt the better charit: of life -a-a ; ... . v tTf r .
T h?eoniinitftoliavii mcnarze the , , ... . . 4,f ., i. ,,vi i i . . mill, In h.t Hfvrlford i. ,
, . s , the var th" ppne nal work is taking ' wromr done to the hr aw lader.eJ a-a , . . . , .
invest U-u ion of frauds in the internal, UIt - . ' tl , . , , fr, , tcr, In ls31. and there, bj
... 'earo of atopic, and the skillful and sue- tf taken outwurd to barhan-rn. ... , ,
revenue have utiearUioJ a rvtcm oi , . . ' , . . , mreuieaw oi pouerr o.i
. T . . . . T - .. V J . JL.A ..... . . . . - ' . w .... - - . . . i . .
r ' ; icf hU labor it u imparetieaUe for him
Tiu-ntmeio: riV.-r P ittc-ou, IJ ; lt
Johnson, son and son-in-law of his ae- " J
lur-i ...1'
cid en cy, of Randall Browning, and
others are mentioned in connection i
wuh these tranaetion, a r0 with
similar ones In relation to the Cu-tom
, . 4 . , ,
traced oik, is no. ies man - Y,' i published in this country, and many young man, find out whether your la
whde the sam? amount is reported to ; 1 . , , ' , , ..i.i i
have bjen p i'd over from t!:e Cu-tom .
iiwiuj. uoivM mnuii-ju..v..;
il l
of whi'kv from mid. a b ra i. F
p.; p. of extra ii!s:!I!.iti a, v.-'.iilcy Is
; . , , 1 :
returning it the barrel .ar. slid to i
. ,.
have' heern dis(vwre t to Kj idled witn
, , ,. , ;
i . , , , , , . . ;
! tiwand he id-i of den.iitm.'iifs are sa;d
. . , -
lo ov impiie aieo.
Chicago paper, commenting on
ta0 cimrm.ty of the w.u4!;y traud,
i ne quantity oi utiici spirit- pro-,
Wjm lluve gallon per inhabitant of the
1 1. Tv . .1 .
II- lliill li'H.ll'ilt'i.li I) ivin:. tl,. 1...
. ......
sevi utn as muoii whi.-l:y a ilniuic now
:usis Vt:irs a.rc. MiiUimr full nlbiw.
r r - ..... - - - - ' - 1
fo. w. .,.. ,.f illlf Jwii
. .0 ,
pie.i.iinu..iin j
burni rig Ihlid-, mescal preji.arations j
;uid in thu arts in e.mcpieriee of Um;
high tax, it l-Mpite certain that the
p:e,ent eoiumptioii exceeds seventy j
ZZri'ZZ" !
i no :..:uiki i im-i 1 1 iiiwi ii. 1. ii'.niiM 1
o. nil,,,,. iivM if 11,.. f..v. 1,...!!
1, "'' " ,,,,', ,..iiui
1 "i v ,j '"1 1 1
been hoijc-iJy e lb'ctejd on this ij iai.-,
rty, th'' r-ivenue thercfr.'m wou.d he ,
St I ,), III, whorea th- am aetuiily ,
co'le.-h. t was only c.oj.yu !; shewing
t-rit I.i.- ta::.! 0:1 hi.s :.e arti'h-
am :tr.. 1 t h a e.:-!ii ,.n of
$ 1!2,0)),!M id i.'l.t r t:i" p t l y -w
vat n,,, la-.' .. .mi . !.,: t, pay
ihe irPer . .? o:, f.-.u'lm .! d,!.t, w.h
tc ml :1m,! !y p ck -re 1 by u hi-.;y
........ I .... ..... !.....! ...',. -
m ilie-s n') 1 r;'e:i.i'' d 'i.'.'.k , aetinr
ia -Hüll -ion Wi!.i la
T. .-i:.iu s.?iu fer l'uuiio. ,
(.ln partner .adopt tho t? n or e'.ght-
h-ur v -ten), o", in a broader Vcn-c
;iMV d.-iiaii'.' limitation to the time .fj
i j 1 1 1 - i i ; n ' .l,!l!ai,on i o iiie ,u:i.: "i .
daily lai,.,r on tbe farm? We think j
nit; a: 5 anv lawdei;;uatvl toenforee i
fc ;(;, ., sy-teiu of farm la'.ior would tall !
.it..... .. . e ii., .....!. 1. !
t y . rl ' v lL' , . J1" 1 -? ,! afford time for the perusal of one- hazel-nuts and buy her own clothes.
i) t ; or tac tn:i! 0(1 ; tenth of the book already published, I Wlien vou stc a man pending two or
. . . i to sav nothintr of tho vat annual in- , three dollars a week foolishly, the
valuation of inrnrts are ret) riJ m . , ' . , P . , , 4 v , , ' ...
Ä rr ' . .. crease, and tho groat aniount of peri-. chances arc five to one that he will
: T Fill i .U'liri I k l 1 - "k O I 11 T f . r I 1 1 - I I " -
n in aeif pov en.-i uom me; n-gi-ia um maiie me man loriy years oio,
t' hand, tmh-Hthe owj.rof muhingland four times as old a tho girl; and I
i,. in',,".
like Ai-e de -'
lM,ehd contia't we-iu
-tmy.Ml. .
........... 1
It not a ivi-ai.le to a.tpt a y-um .
a r 1 i ti t ihe re .lar operatio.i of wd.ich
fre.pient cceptioui arc liable to ari-e;
an.t liowoften it is an absolute neee-i-sity
fer tlie farm or, in order to fccure
hU crops from the weather, over whLh
he has no control, to call hU helptarly
to th field and continue work until-
in tho dark. To offset against thcMo
extra hour of labor the workman ha
the bene-lit of ruiny days, aud many ,
periods of leisure ceur in the fa!ret
w cather, and on the best ordcrod farm s fhould boeomo barbarians without Jt.
, . , .... . .v.l. jj.
rcsuUm from broken ImpIeiiKntijthu Already tho lust of mony apd di
chriins work, and the waiting for llnctlon, acting upon nature already
tf- imsto feed and rot. To illustrate; ! la-hed by our peculiar institution Into
suppo-e a ploivman i "breaking up" 'the mot vehem ut emulation, wrink-
live h'-urs in thu middlo cf thu day,
continue bis laUr again until tho
tir tri immer in the skv. A ''.lis. it ia
nt.f ractaMv for the firm r to a lopt 1
JAMAUY 10. lfr?G7.
e 1.. e ,. l-t.-v.l
..4t : . - .v I t
.1.. I,,.a.: ..,1 n.,.t .-,f 1- ( i
, U5
i UUIJU ,lUL 1,Jil-
hour in the whole year than the op-
of labor to the wants of the cattle
If the ten hour svtem in?an to the
i 'r-fic; iv T'l-mpr ti vr rr? .hp i i nine o v iia tuvi ic.LLJi ai : . , . .
1 - t..A. . 3 .. ; t - irtt
iic . j-a:ei oar:i-: 'v, oi neeesiiy, iuu
ti.no U l;t in wet weather, and in the
! "" l m vv UU,RI ltu" iU u"
i shon fjM-v" nu(i 1,10 fitr:MH cf wn,ter'
: mu.t be lecüveied In tiie fairer
' of i ir mm er. And if the ten-hour sys-
!cni meUl 1
that a fiuccijicd number o
the measure of a day's work,
' then froin the incessant variablenes
Ittadius lor Youth.
A ti kn mnn mifin uiiil nf Iii nifll:.
. ,(. ,,a . r , T. . .
moro literallv true now than when
spoken some three thousand years ago.
more in isnRiana, sua r ranee, anu
other parts of Europe. A lifetime de-
, .,niilr ta m.Untr xi-nnbl tint
' . V.-.v...., ....v...
odical iiterature. A, therefore, with
ii t"..lik l"..linil -r. llAl'ii A. I'firiflillr
lite; LiiJie; ouüa, ni'.ii iluu i". ii;.iuiii,
only a ve?ry small portion not one in
a iuiii Jtl' I the existiiiu' book and
. .. . , .. , ,
of the periodical matter can he read,
,. , .,
it becomes neeessarv that the vouth
should bo verv "elect n choosing
. . , . . , ,
W'i '.-j tri iiim flu.- ilnviifi 1 1 1 iu r (nun
3 1 W V 1. M 1 1 V, . .I.' 'IV III VI IlillU
and attention. If this is not the case,
vain:ide ti::io is, at least, wasted.
la books, act as in ehoosinir
friends". There are 'those with whom
W(, t.an ,Jot ns-,-r.ate. and botds we
thin-.nar.lv and :Mo. Sr loot onlv a j
',. i I ... . . t. ...
i.-. in.- i.w: a;...- ............. trade, and came to IUrtfonl, where iio
shall re rur.l at all seasons of the ( rapid A.unremateut. and where the iWorkcJ a, hU lmJe FroJ)l strtH
ye::r, Mid in all kind, of weathrr, , worship of matmnon or of phure h , jUtclI UmJ r1,0 to luanufcielurw
manifestly he mn not adopt it. He :Mptu.il it aj ah-rbiu?. The; of malch but hU meaM
can n li.ht up in tho hour, of nicht, h-tdtty to the ftunduy paper, devoted ; yQ ,imiteJ thal ,K. (.ouW pru.
r,r protect from storm and cold his i to bu.lnc and pure and in the j Jnanv Ho ,k.d to D
.i i 1. .. I. . i ' ilncntn.il ,fl i.i .1..-,. ; . H . . ......:. '
pen-sal, un.ltho-o(lMt-jnl
( lassos Pf 10 llNt." lie savs.
m.lN I
. compared to an hour-gia
II I'll
:.... 1. ..!... .. . ti. 1. 1. 1.,
ll'Illll II' lll'l I" 11 I III' n.IIIU. 11 I III 1, III.
. , , ,
;-i.i.......ih.i, ...... -i tnnc. ' J
im.,m.i. a urcd class remmcs a
!.,,, d. A M-ecd class remhlcs I
sponge, which Imbibes every Hung, !
and returns it iu nearly tl,., amc.state, !
0Iliy :i 1 i 1 1 1 . - dlrlhr. A third cla i
m)" m ..:..
1 . . 1 v n . , 1 i..t,iin ,
1 ' 1
.. 1 - ' ... . .... -
j iii i in ii.i.s vi- in hui uni v
uu r-"I'.l-e aim me ilfegs, iiieiulinil
t:r, v H. or.njp'ircd f. tlu- slavi in
(jiarnond mias of Tole-mda .who.
c-a-th.;; add." all th.it Is worthies', pr.-.-1
-rvbs .dv tin pure gem. I
Aii'.fli -T auth.u sav. it is r.ca -irv ,
t a lr.r. .' a lixi d, ir.M- purpov. bviiind '
!:, itiont. read, ai behind phvs- i
, j(. .t, t r. . s , . .-4h it. .-cnilar imuh,, other-1
( v.u( y.h - . , n ,;u, u,1h. of cunipara- j
; . , 1; J(i .,.rVi,.t.. Tia-e few hint '
! ' '
on n -.ding are d W:ud a. iJiU vJy ug-. -a; n i-Je n-n i.uow u not, l.u
ve iiv.. of t!i .a -l.t, and perhap di's-! L"rtl wil1- Who fear- Uod nooi nt
Cii-iioii among our young readers. ari-in. If lhy foe he as -mail ;m u
m m ', gnat, faii'-y h'tmi- large :ty no t.-h'pliant.
Wno can A Nswrn fT?-upposo u A man who we.-ps fo.- everyone will
man were to eel 1
married: tho ifi,i
ihlrtv-live years old and the girl fUv
uiinV-UVC yCATH U'I MIHI IMC gin livoi""". "
yeai; thi liiitk- the man live times hooks. Afriendisof
old us the tlrl, and ihcv live to- a kin-man. H-j rid
gothef until t ho Ldrl is ten years e.ld, I never rides an b it a
- !.... ....... r ... .ij
.im. i''i tii.icn .V-, .iivi k.ii, iiii'i '
they t41 live ijgethor until thn girl I
hftocn, the man would bo rerty-tlve; '
. 1 I. . . l.. il . t 1 I
mi- nwhei me man iiirce innesanoio,
and if they till live on till the girl is
thiity years, thi make tho man -ixty,
only twice as old, and so on. Kow,
how long would tbevhavc to live to
make tho girl ta old as tho mau, the
fcauic rato of rcaAcnlna'.'
The Sabbnth.
There I? uo land where idl religious
obligation it-sid-j the S;ihhat! Is
nKav-;aiy as in this, country. Wo
1 eraut incitement, loiw thfctr UMinet -
Iness and mlnrln in a rca in whb'h
thclx:tter reason inn faculty enn di.
tln-jhh Tittle th?t accord - v:'h t!A
T)i sl-ililifli tffl vj tlif tin vrtriP T i- 1 cr.s :
- ; "j
j clouda that pthor around tne ctt, J
and jot, m the Ilyht 01 better thought-,
and better fwdmr. To lose tlurj .
curring dl-pcnsation from th. care of
the Impetuous life-strugele. wou.d be j
to render our destiny that of the dun-
rf tnM r.t r rr.?i a t f.n Irirv ow !'irr
cfinn n!ivi W)illo t!irri.'.-,r. ravi r.
- -
-v. '"'
primarily otton.ve, a volution of a
Tili? i there-it.t in t!io-e commuri!
: Ti Wf litre k thii T'il?n rT cr nh u rr I
-tjuvn v mv h.i uv- t ü. i
; ment.
! j licjuil blaekinu. and he a
! They who invade- the- day of re-t do j to et his mat ein inl
a wronr to the race at lame, find ;udicet. .s;,n after the xnati-
in weakening u ilivine institution tiiv-
en in mercy ni)d inseparable from civ-
; iii&ttion
J'. .1.
; ":..t.
J If the poor hono lias an v terrors for
; vou noxvT buv wlmt Vou don't need.
Don't bo Tilra a-atit.
. Before you pay three.' cent for a jew.s-
. Lim. lliV hr.V. fiSCCltAin wilfdlior VOU
' nn ,mf mn,.(1 .IIit ,,iPn..int n tlfair
by whistling, for which nature fur-
nilips thexnaehinery; and before you
uy w ouia jiui ev ju -t as iu j uu
! in one that cot half the money, If
I lin wniild not. lot .her era rk her own
. ..v. , ......... ......
live lonr e:pugh to know how many
. nullt J ttw.Vik 11 ! itillciT 1 tltf fli'iri'f
: n ui u.vr; mi in u ui'iiai, n uv nun i
j lic-'s jirotty snrc to Ki-fjue-ath that jiiiv-
: lloire to his widow. Wlem :i man
! , i 1 e i i
u?ks vou to buv that for whu ii yeti
! . , , ..
t have no ue, no matte. r how cheap it
i, don't ftty yes until you are sure
that some one else wants it in advum e.
! Money burns in midio folk.-.' poi ket.-.
! and makes Mich a hiir hole that cverv
i thin' that Is put in drops thioueh past
j finding.
i ' . tZ. ,,:, it,.rt ,., 'l )U n . '
,vIntoM.,1Is T( . Uv
U'lt IHV) Hill IIMy Millie iiir WilLt
iu.i nu n
inphnt for
In one row,
apart. o
, U ,. I,, liln.il nr.t Ml rt' Itn 11
.i.iL ii.i'iiv. iiiu jriaiiia mi; vj'j i,-ni.
. . . . rvii 1 - f
V4ft, 1 ll J IU I. H 11V MIC 1
. . .fc
"WW. ( tUUlcCs than thCUs.ge VII
t e r. Thefruitis beautiful, and It
,rM(i(1 fii,. ,,....,,.,, hAU 1.. ,n mv
.0öl fr ' I art inU Jellies ''in t
j.,ftVru tt(' the so'iM-i abua
theTulr'of ctttin-' it out of the
u . .,, , t ,j .
ibuad int;
tll., )raMM ..r,mciy
Orango is extremely vexutiouu;
mvii fi tii'i. 1 nn id tiiin lfiwi i'iir.nrw
. . .
should not fail to examine this sub-
Tm-Uofc Troverb.
A snnll stoi(o often nviUe.i a great
Uoi-e, A looUh irietid h, ai timv, 41
greater anu:jyaii"; than u w i-e enemy.
Vou'll not s.veeteu your mouth by
yM "honey." if a man Would
1 should he blind, deaf
al1,1 dunil. D g'j.l and throw it into
,. ..i ... , . . . . i .
in imc ioi ins t)i"i;'m. aiaio is
i i i i . . :... ...... i .
. ! .i p
Ifanp-'d fnm , cm vernation than fn-m
A friend is of more worth than
!e4 !el.lotn who
borrowed horse.
i'lVtlil In IliA M-Vi 1 1 nn i . of Vif t flfll:. n
l " "....
who baught the soap oiicn-dit. Dath
'j t i
H a 'lack carm! that knerl- be fore cv-
m.an,-' door.
rourne in Iheiy-Dny Idfr.
Ilnve tho courago to do without that
which yon da not tieexd, howover nach
your eyes mav covet it
Ilkvu tho Lounge to ahow your rt j
epoctfr honesty, in whitovtr rlc
it may appaar, and your coouaipt to:
disbooLt duplicity, hy whouoevi-r 1 1
Have the cfunigo to w r.r y.ir old
clothes until you can pay for new one-?.
Iluve th': cuqge to clsy your
Maktr, at thu mk of itiug ridiculed
by taan.
Have the coun;c to prefer comfort
'and proprio ly to fashion in all things.
tamnietu for your fner1 within yourj
j waans-not bi.TeiiJ.. !
Have the cruras: t- iskc n good pa-,
rr. a'idp iy Kit :i'i:rn:iy in nlvaivc.
TY t.l.iftr.... It. .!..
A Co:-riNTiNorLn rum-jponcU-tit
! of the -v York Tribune edvenrvahtr
a dicnuraci:ir actruut of t!ic
tion of tie American colony Vbrh
; recently emigrated frna MaI. l
! Pali-tlnr, uti'ler iiiM leailnilij. .X en
j UM'ii. or a uJl hiui-Jf. I'roiJuit
Adan. H'c colanists licloiii? tu 9
I v.-x which i N. lf hvIh1 "Th3 Chun-H
; of !ho Moolah." Cnn jvjint of f&ith
i thul they atrf Iii JwIU.-trib of
Iv;h:afm, mi'J that cure havi: l)wa
9 T
shown It-tlf friondlv thus Air; aad ad
IaIttefJ Ult,Ir u of JuU.
,3tt) buttlv hav invited .Ut'xrvlv
iu Ian lh?;xlvlv rt.sur(t, n:äV !:Jt
, ,L . "
7HI: jiartfrd ("on-
i thnt tho Inventor of -
j , , . , ...
V '
liuuifuiu iy i.'penuiviia ne siirae.;
.;r:tr l? a n'na ft h rir.m L
. Coolcv, who was ioatiufuct)rin
licjui 1 blacking, and he usistjl lhil-
into the inar-
tihes became
vpular riiillips went into jmrtiRTship
with Mr. Chupin. of Caljottvllle, and
tin- f;rni turned out lurpe quantitlei of
them, riiillips pnHtirtsI n wapn and
went round the country aching maUda
and town er county, rights. In this
way he gathered up con-dderaMe uniü
of money, but he expended the money
as fast as he got it, and died poor.
Coxxeiwville and Uuhville are
now joined togpther by iron !arM, the
track of the Junction railroad having
been ho far completed as to iermlt
train to pasa over it on Tue lay, We
understand that a considerable amount
of the subscription promised hy the
people of Rush county on the arrival f
the first train at Hushvlllc, wa.n
promptly paid on Tuesday, 'Jfonor
to w l;oin honor is due." Convcrtvillc
mm -
Thep.e i ; troo I authority for najdng
that a rcsclution directing tho im-'
peaehment of President Johnson, uill
Ik ottered in the House, by Mr. Ash
ley, of Ohio. Thevoto favoring im-'
peach m en t has been closely canvaabftd,
and its friendj say they have no doubt
of its pas-a2:e. Tho President Mra to
day notified of the fact, and replied
that ho va entirely prepared to meet
the ist:c
Tin: rrciic Ii Minier at W'aalilng-
tin lin 1 1 c-f vi'il i'tlr-inl !nf.-irmnfiiiti
t .. L
irom r raiicii uiai vne emperor nao or
dered ten lare trancporU to leave
Brest iminodiatfly for Mexico, for tha
nurnoM' of hrinirini? hörn Krentli
' Ten others wore to follow ai
J toe.n as the Ilr.-t be-jUiidroa was under
1 w ai .
A lady who wan in tho hbit of
.'pending a largo portion of her limo
in tho society of her rc'fh')orrl hap
pened one dy to be taken suddenly
ill. mid nerit her husband in "great
lia'-t-; for a phylrinn; the hUHhand ran
a few rod., but wvn returned cxclalra
ing "My tlear, wheru i-hall I Und you
w hen i get hick?"
1 -
WIT A X l 111 .MOil.
TaI; yotir wife? first udvico, not her
i jcorid.
A woman's heart is a hivo of sweet
and aini.
Tlic .-otil j;r,os highest when tho
bady kneels lowest.
lie that Mills and lie:., hull Had tho
lie l:fi in hU purc,
When ore gloves uualabhj?
Wiicn they arc kept on hand.
Wh(M h a wouan llko a watch?
When . he it capped and Jewella 1.
Jti MttirH policy to uflr all ex.
ticmitie -, rather th in lo a bail action,
T. -a-ke Itl.M are decidedly Vankej in
their im lodv they .slug through thdf
Wlaii you fall out of a carriage,
w diät aieyoumoüt likely to fall against?
Again t your w ill.
Mn aru .iid Ut admire that which
thoy look up t, ind to love that which
. j I. I -
-" "
If mother, as s fj),dniel, mould tho
humAii rninl, how 4 It that women
ha never had her "riyhtT'
It hn sometime hecr. aid, and
rgvcr but by an Irishman, that Ire
laud is a iM-aiitifnl eon ij fry to Jiv out
Wmiy uu- rjilroal con.panie.s liko
hüDdresct.V liitM:i-e they huvo
Ironed tlc whole country, and wiun
titm.s d.a - Mttl. rnanvdin'.
A mal. advertlfS-d fir -mKite?iit, .
j4 T-on t undcrtakr the ile nf u
r.e'v nediein ," nd M thai it wlU
be p::ÜUKk for tho waUrtaktir.
It is BiupuUr that the more you
damp rhe ardor of atroubloocaetilkcr -
by throwing idd water cn hi ffu-
Hoyle's epitaph has Uteij' ht?n roj.
ied hy a tourist, and ninnlhui:
He ai tbe fthvr of cbeetre.
.t;4 bother t . the Kr!of Cerfc."

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