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li'mlvxi est ;.Vfrvrvtr i ir w a
mjf.AypoLMNQüKXA l
AKDnnr j. crr, Editor.
riai.)l.Tt.t L.
Ihrrr i term rttrmlfthtng atnon ,
tlo p.pcm in the Republican prty
orr th question of tho next IVtvi
rtenry. Rom inonllu ago an
nounre! our p-eferrnce to Ic f.r (in-
tr.il Georg 11. Thorn a. Thc General i
ffcc'lnM tobt cindtd.i at that time, j
Wt till think that h i thr rrmiru of
thr American peop.e if he Would
ropt. In looking ovrr the in id wrarr1
no man for trhui wr ronM hh readily
voV nni Mlpport ft. thr hero of the
American armir-. At l--t for tho
present we fhall not take ujH.n u- any
new oUlitiom. Tlierr arc many
Rrntlcuieii In the party who wr ran
mpport with entliulamf Mit ournn-t '
rholce Major fJrnrral Thomax. In
fonnrction with thl question three
ottirr gentlemen have U-en nameI
rrne ral flrant, ftovcrnor O. 1. Mor-
Xo-.k and K. M. Stanton - all of which,
If randidatr, will llnd many vtry
warm frknd.
OuUldo of Thad Steven or Charlex
Sumner there eould not l-o Irct!
thrrr men in tho Northern State
will, h Deiiificratio coniH-rlitadx
nuch hate as the.e men, iMcaue lliey ,
tatid prominent U-fort? t!ie country ax
the Kat IcailcMof the Union 1"
during the dark dnyx of the rebellion.
Should Central Thomax in-rslst in '
)dx d.-clination, we Khali, without j
loiiur, lavoroneoi nie mur k"11-" j
men namtxl In this article.
(lovcrnor Orr address! the citizens ' two weeks ao, there wax an article
f Andrrson Distriet, South Carolina, relkt-ting very severely on thix jjentle
n the 7th Inst. After reviewing the f man. We have Ken spoken to by two
vnrloux pl.mx prrtntx! .ince tho dose '
f tho war for the recohdniction of the
Southern Statt s, ho earnestly lndxtcil
on the aeccptameof the plan of reeoii-'
struetion proiNNitxl. He show! fnm
the ccnxiixof bV) the great prejoinl'r- j
aucc of colortxl ver white voters in
the State, and the utter inability ff
the whites to defeat the convention or g. ,y furnixlting im the factx. We
to protect themselves whenever an i-,l( not intend that anyone shall sutler
mv ix made with tho colon-d im oj.Io. j fj,,-!, iw Jotirnal where these mat
There are Con.nnn cdorel H.xplo In the : c arc hrought to our iiofko. wo
State, and only 1VH) whitex.-Ji
If there were no other reasons fr ,
admitting the negroes, to. tho ballot 1
box than the one given alove, it wonhl .
certainly te sunkient. Think of 4,
OOO whites eontndling ami holding in
.Uvery 600,0 bhuks. Thero are,
however, higher reasons Ar their
rxerc'sin this right. Their civiliza
tion, onliKhteuiaent and personal pro
tection demands it. There is a greater
reason now forgiving them thlx right
tha.Ii then? was when they w ere slaves.
Then their masters had a pecuniary
interest in them that rendered them a
kind of brutal protection, the .same
that men give to valuable horses and
cattle. Thlx has passed away, and a
consideration for their physical, social
nnd political rights have taken its
place, and we rejoice to know that
Governor Orr begins to reali.e their
iif condition. If tho golden rule had
tcen observed thero would need not
now bo any cause for fear. Rut tho
copter has departed from Judea, and
the forty thousand are now trembling
before the Mx hundre! thousand on
account of the heinous Mns they have
fcxnmittrd against this people.
Thr. friends of these roads are work
tog very busily to foe uro tho success of
their favorito projects. A few oom-
pauicä, organized tinder the act of 1 W,
ar.i now attempting to organize under
tho law of ISöJ, and among them is
the I-ynn and Winchester Company.
Jr. Hamilton, who is the President of
the old company, is th leading man
in getting up the new 'irganlzation.
This will make the o$t of the road
mur h les. to those who are liuMo tin-
Oer llio first rganization, ax the tax
aiFesseil will reach out one anl a half
miles on either dd f the Iinof road.
AVc learned from Pr. Hamilton that
pr mile bad N-cii set uretl, hieb
will entitle them to ak the Comtui-
frioner for a -ommittee to assess leiio-
fils. This injures the completion of
f ho Lynn and Winchester Ivoad.
The Winchester and RlMimingiort
Company have tiled their tiiuate,
and it H now in tho hands of the Au
litor and will soon In on tho tax
duplicate. Th agreement of the
lizard of Diretors ix to make four
inllex thiH reason. Tlie Roard meets
next Saturday.
We are, und have leen, publishing
the noticx-x for ek-etlonx in several new
rgani-ation, nearly all of w hich have
ii bricht future !ofore them. Wc arc
not abk to give thc exact condition f
tbe-o companies, but wo trust to o
rationally hear from tho iYlecrs or
other pep'onx intrrr-tetl, who under-!
fand the true condition of their re-fx--tiv
road. There are but few
Itrmx of a 1toal charactrr that ix of o
niih importarvo to the oplo at
J tro a-sthcM ttirnpike Organization.
T!i impnivement of ltu country is the
Croat d-Mcr.ifum, anl w think there
I nothing that . much Ktlniulatfw
thii x !o the huiMin? of theo r04l.
llicy bring to the iooplc ca-c, com -
fi'jt and uealth,tsides an migration
.of & ?rv tlrnble character.
j no tractor on north, rasi nnd
uest ronfls w ill won l-o at work. Thc
T!rocfnrof rtt la-t nanuil met on
I i-t Monday and i!trrniincil to let
far uiilos of the inte, to U vm-
j.h ttd this year, the Citizen of that
j-ortion of the line volunteering , pny
itirir -tocU ImnvsJiatcly.
Thv iVniof racy of the "prou lM St Ate
of MarUni arc gpltlng out a now cli
tlon of "tlrac-honorrd principle
Tii flrt j-Aint i that Conprfft must
'y im linia'" for destroying the
v.iltif of our property Intern t in thrrf
ngo.,, 'Ihr next is that tip plavrry
in the 'mtiirar' relation of the Mack
and white, it wnul'i 1 f::iint nature
not to rtor it, anM it mud lc r tr-
M -.l.Tlv. Maryland and Km.
iiicm.v n? iijpjjrfai l 'rmorraiif nrnic.
They homl th column.
Tin: Hoot ox tiih Onii.u Iii:o.
Tb, palladium, rafter tho Wlnehcetcr
Journal,) cotripnrc m to Jlcccher'n
"(ng ol,0t" Urkins at tho hole after
the enmr had flown. Now it occur to
ut in making thU insinuation, thco
editor nrc talking at a rr.y empty
,ole, a In ds NnMo. hmwl
Wo are ready to admit that laae i
ft!lfMl rght wh,.n ,r haVM ,N lKtM.r js
ft Vrry empty hole; Inside, It U the
(jirt, jjril0f tt ono. jt is rather a
maI Mi.lnesstoharkat Iiae Julian'
paper; lit our real ohjeet va to re
form him. Why, you can even teach
a do many thing; und idnee our,
aitietr Tmiac ha- leen hi-turins a Hircj
head out In the West part of the State
fir pitching Into Morton, faying it wax
time to quit
I MV .-Lid t niiixdf Isaac has really
foim (jt (hat IirtMn ,,a)4 v.ltV
from hu nh.UmnUiX H tvJlf aiHi that
J(c H fa,kf, . u.!t k, of iU,i.ai.
f )r niunt,is ,M.for Ui fult itiirkUiK at
the ludo where he went In. We arc
(Iat ww payw ,ni ioU.c f 4.
i)T ,H, vonM aUh t,Mn.
H, a fo .yo Ui for uu on.
ATS. CO Y Kit.
In the liH-al columns of the Journal,
,r three genth-iiien ax to itx Mv'rity.
We were not the writer of the article,
and therefore wo knew nothing aUut
n,t. (ireuinftanee-. Mr. S. 1 Uottom
WUM at tl&v trial, and the article wax
written from the evidence there hoard.
if yiTt (nyerhax Uimi nilxropreseiitfil
n any ,nrtk-iilar, it shall U made all
are not a friend to personalities'.
Hereafter Mr. Cottom will not indulge;
fu persorialitie in the local depart-1
went. We pave Mr. Cottom the eh-!
tiro control of tho kn-al pa Re, ant lie !,
hereforc, entitled to all the credit for
Ita f-picoand it vormwoM.
Thc wcavel has made itx apiHarance
In the wheat in Virginia.
Huntsvillc Items.
What has become of theeorrespond
rnt from West River, whose graphie
descriptions f parsing ventx so .-ud-dcnly
disappeared from the columns
of the Journal? He certainly hax not
relinquished hi.x claim for want of
material. Wo Mould not usurp the
right of the inrognito correspondent
or assume to lr more interesting; but,
by your consent, we will endeavor to
confine oursolf to floating items ex
clusively. We noticed tho indignation of the
Journal vented on "Prior," of the Cin
cinnati CJazcttc, for indulging in the
little too hasty criticisms of Winches
ter, and for fear of a similar burst ol
disapproval from some quarter, we
will refrain from noticing tho numer
ous rat holes, and the countless mil
lions of quadruped (of growing pro
pensities) that inhabit the town ot
Huntsvillc. Suflieo it to say, that
"Young America" is waging a warot
extermination, and with theaid of the
adult imputation we might win a small
lrtion of the field.
However, th work of reconstruction
goes (n. W. S. Sterling has demolbh-
'l the famous old horse-killer, and in
its place erecte! a large, magnificent
livery stahlo. This, with the addition
of .ivxNM)otiM!unl a couple of smokc-
housHt constitutes nltout all thenrchi-
tirtail improvements made this sum
mer. Jr. R. L. Kikenhcrry has sold his
r town irrHTty to Mr. II. Hunt. The
old gentleman lias moved to lown,
ami cnteniilatcx selling; his lauds nnd
living more utireil from t lie wrts of
business life.
Kd. T. Cropper has sold Iiis black
smith shop to llalos t I'.n.ther. Tho
latter have issesionand are at work.
Our place ix (or should W) justly
noted for its temperanco sentiments.
We have a good working lodge of ( Jmm1
I Templarx, and one f the Sons of Tem-
perance. There ix nNo a flourishing
lodge of the I. (). of (). F. Application
has Ihcii made, and douMh-ss wo will
have a lodge of the Masonic fraternity.
Owing to tin unusual amount of
rain thix spring, most farmers arc le
hind in planting, but indications are
favorable f.ir a 1ountiful harvest.
The Huntsvillc and Ruena Yita
Turnpike Company have nut and
adopt oil articles of asMiiation, uliich
is on file fr recoril in Winchester. A
meeting will le heM June '2'2 to ehrt a
Nanl of officers.
Kttorts arc N lii" tnaile by sonic to
proviire the pike on tho oM ro.nl
' through to Wint hett r. Tlie ntot
cn-picu"us parties in town for each
' ral are IVyton Johnn, for thc oM
route, o J. N. Cnpjr for the Ruena
i Vista route. Wc arc iu J y too anxious
; to iec thc pilc oo t-lttsr road, and will
bid each oue gv seeii,
Thc Huntsvillc and Hajyrtown
TurnpiVe Company ore srw-edily pr-,
paring for active operations. Tliis
pike will U- let out for completion
i nUmt the middle of this month,
Mvreonoo. Loki l,
ICrt pro;;rps Miu mu! in tln Sur
ratt trial Tu by.
' 1
Thcrholrra is riWH to nave dh-
iii it ii i i 1
appeared from nearly 11 partn of the ;
world. j
The rrri.-tratlon in Virgin! will N -
Iii , I..,.,
rMmplrte.1 hy thr U of Jul.
Henry lennieher, a toy twelve
yrarf old, wax drownd at Richmond,
Indiana, m few day ago.
flrneril Sln-rJil it h;i. restored 01
Judtfe StrlMinond JJaeon to oHlerxi
they wrrr leglxlatrd out of in eone
quenee of their riiionim.
The it urn Iter of voter in Alahama
will he a Unit one hundred and eighty
tlKMiMand, equally divided letwten
whiter and tlaekf.
Senator YViUon i. in Itiehmond in
eoriMiltatinr with the Virinian ax to
,'"'1" of oraniiiiK the llepuhliean
party in the South,
A projoitloii Irwikin? to the enfran-
ehiement of female.x Wm laid on the
tahte in thr New York coiutitutioiial
eonvention n Monday.
The amount of pnld in the Treasury
at Washington U51",h'.1), of which
lS'ST.K) ii repreente! 1' ld cer
t illeates.
In Txmiiville, oi Saturday, Misx
Ianfhe Willis took byniMakea heavy
iloo of hartshorn iu-tead f sirup of
squills. It is thought she can not re
A young man named CoIüim, a rail
road contractor, wax murdered and
thrown into the Mississippi, at Hast
lug, Minnesota, last Monday night.
Richard Cox, foreman of the Terre
Haute Railroad shops at Kast St.
Imix, was murdered on Saturday by
Kd ward Downs, a discharged cm
Ninoty-nino one thousand dollar
bonds were recently rciorted missing
from tho Treasury Department. No
clue to the mystery hax K'cn tliscov
J. I. Naihr, a worthy citizen o
McNairy County, West Tennessee,
was murdered in his field while at
work last Monday, by some person un
(Jeneral CI rant has telegrapheil to
(lenerel Sheridan that there ix no truth
in the report that Secretary Stanton
and him-elf censured Sheridan for re
moving (fovernor Wells.
In Toledo, on Thursday night, Mrs.
J. (iould left a pail of water standing
by her bedside. During the night, her
infant child fell out of bed, and wax
drowned in the water before the moth-
r awaked.
A young man named Rradford was
killed near Rristol, Ithodc Island, on
Saturday. He was standing on tho
platform of t lie car which wax hacking
ilown, when a sudden sh'ek threw him
n the track, and tho train passod
over him.
The President will not interfere with
the removals of civil officers in the
Southern States, until the Attorney
(iencral shall haw comptcfnl his in
quiry and report iqon the legal au
thority ofdistriet commanders tomake
such removals.
The Wheeling Register tells of a
young man who for some weeks had
len wasting away to a skeleton,
owing to mysterious kiss of blood. On
awaking every morning, bo found a
fresh puncture on some part of his
lody, from which blood had been
drawn, lie at length became con
vinced that a vampyrohad been suck
inghis blood, and removed to another
boarding-house. Since the removal
he is recovering his health.
Stephen Rureh assumes to be com
mander of a gang of regulators in the
Crab Orchard region in Kentucky. He
and his party -ntered that town the
other day in search of a man named
Ilridjrewatcr, an ex-ottieerof thourmy,
whom they accused of horse-stealing.
Hridewater gathered some of his
friends, to resist the regulators, and at
la.t accounts a battle lctveeii the op
posing parties was expected.
Two hoys who played truant from
Sunday-school in Chicago, on Sunday
last, and went bathing in the river,
were drowned.
The Kir-t rrobvtorian Church of
Chicago has raised n quarter of a mil
lion of dollars-, for varius puroses,
within the past eleven years.
President Johnson was much indix-
posed yesterday, and all visitors were
excluded. His disease was pronounced
to be Rright's disease of the kidneys.
Tho Wuhhhifc'ton City Cou.icil or'
gani.ed last Monday, appointing a
colored reading clerk and messenger.
Thc Roard of Aldermen have an anti
Republican majority, and :;pjoijitid
all white men to till the v.uanoiia.
Surratt was taken into Court at
Washington Monday morning for
trial, but after sonic considerable
squabbling among the lawyers as to
the legality of the solu tion f jurors,
the case wax postpontxl until Tuesday,
Two f (iovcrnor Wells' nephews,
one of whom was formerly aHupreme
Judge by Wells' appointment, mur-
I brol a prornint.nt Unionist, ami al-o
woiimlo! a SheriiT, who uus trying to
arrest them on katunliy l.it.
It is sail that ii i.uniU'rof (oliticianji
are in Washington for the purio of
, soumlincrcn-rul (irant on the Presi-
dential pntion. It is also aM that
the (Jeneral informal tliesepentleien
that ho did not loire thc nomination
himself, but Would Ix? glad lo if
tenderel to General Sherman.
(lovcrnor WolN has written k leitr
to the President, protecting agntns
what he calls Sheridan! usurpation.
He has also written Sheridan a letter,
in which he intimates that Sheridan.
kurked on thc occasion of the Julv!
riot-, od further that bcndan is a
nwllci'ms slanderer.
We h:vn rvlvicei frm M x'co tip to
th WHiof May. Maximilian had not
lwen flint iit to that time. Ho was.
howt - ver, rutTVrin; from iy.nti ry.
. . . 1 M.....I. Ii. 1 . . .... I I...
'"" .'-.n.,,,,, ih surrcnut r, m
eap1, and wan r taken ami aliot In
thc p,IMl(, tfirk OM Sunday morning,
Colonel t.'ompa.-, of Mux'h UhIv cuard,
triei to orai with Mttnr ?l,iU( and
he wa.H also fthot. Mo.t of the tni-
mvo nr mi to the Cltv of Mexieo
riiii: r.M.trrio..
ltrr will b m-"l!tijf Uii SOtihoMri
Inf liil(r !! Huntitlll ,k I'omtinT
sttf,,7. " . ' M.. !
f.art of rUrlinc n.rJ f Oir tor f-r
fmi.iij. an1 nttir Important uliiai AH
riiti-i1 1 aiifnl.
J v. iiu.it. fir.oiriir. mvi.f,
I'. WKIUIIT. J. I It AlMflS,
1.10 VI
M.T!i:it LIST.
LNt of iTcrtird tttr rerrnhilrc In
the Tout Offic it Winchfuter Ind., June
Aloy, Ciiriti4n
Hrook .Mrxh
oman .lulu A
(Vi I.irin
llorkrt llMrlih
Hopfon Jnif
Miller Julia M'hk
Null Jre
Kohtrüon ?rh J
Ku.h Kilnr
Shultz ii'.'ut
Si-Avott W illi.ua
Hjrria I-4C
lUrrU Annt
Hid'hw Abel
Ilittt M. ir.nn.lt
k'can R.ilor.l W
Miller II K C Mr.rs
Rohr rrtn John II
K in. ttl IJ.rrr , Mrj
l!ft.rl A'ljin
Smith M irth J
Wolf II M Mr
To obtain nr of tlire U t(fr. thr nrt.li
cunt will inquire for mlntliml tdltr, uvi
&trc the dt of tut 1 ist-
,Vt iho Orlir Trm, r, of Um Conin'Mi
e t i i. i.i .i ,
Jn-I W. i;niir, w a li lar-i iro'allv In
vtil. I '!( i.t-r--t art iiotili.l tlmt It will
t rtt1d lUTorJingl),
Jun. Im;:. Hflill M. iJVNT,
S"-nt .tiiiliiUtral'.r.
Mato or Iii'lUna, Kai..o1j.h rniinty, S'S;
I, John It llondrw h, Icrk of the lfntM.. h
Circuit Cnrt,lu K r ! i crtil) tli.it tin r.llo
Inir 1frriiiii .fan iitriiy ha l.n flic! in my
tlK-: (Mi .- jr mar mit, Uan a mall nUr in
thn forclM'S'l. lelt liiii.l lt wliil t ..Mtrii
j"lni, near iin.-n ..-n.l liljcli; umh. l .?
i.2.v.mMNi..i aPI.r.,i..M .i r".i -m.i.!i
i.ir I) rimre ihiiti un i i.wi i iif;ot.n. I
luken tiji ly .ulluii Kr-. .,( White h'ivt-r
T ioMj.. J. II. (iooiU.'iril, CUrW.
sminiri s sali:.
C.vvirt.ir.. f ot.t, Mi..., .r...t..l fr.
ti- ri-rk ni,. lim..' .ij.ii t'oiiiiiMui ri.4 Court,',
I III ihhc nl l'ubli s:i I-. to Oi9 ti1ir) . I.i.l-
Irr. on Sut ur.1.1) , tin- f.Ui l.iy or Jul). A I
IHC Wt pii Iii liour of l oVI.ick A M, nn.l
-i oYiork i M..r ;ii.i Ih, at Ue door of tin
profit rr a t-rni not cMct Mlinjr jvoii years, Vie
foiiowii.. .ic-riiK..i r..i -.t,. t. if ii...
north half of tlo Mt half of tli north-wont
oil arte r of ctiou thirty -Ave (:i"0. In twwmhl
niiiUjdi (19), r in trlve (IJ), ront.iiiiini;
lorly acr. Anl rn fulltire to re Iii. thr full
amount of tn Ju.lgment, iiitvri'it aiol ru't. I
111, nl thi mr tiin aiol laro, tH. at l'ul
lirSalctlio fe -imlt of ail rtalt.
lakfii i. tin !rfiiiirty o Corueliu Curray. at
tilt) anil of Ua.u- Uon.
Sail alf tili t. in. Im v ithoiit any relief hat
evrr from valiiat'.ou or aj'jrnivi:.int law.
June 7, 1S;7. JOKL A .NKW.MAX.
'-4 Sheriff K C.
NOTIt'K or Arroi.vr.MKST.
Nutice ia hereby trifon that I bar thilay
taken out l-tiers f A linini't ration on Ute ctaie
of James William, uWeamMl, Ixt. of KniiloI-t
rou nt. 1 1t etul 14 aiitoe. to h iiol vout.
Jim I", IhOi U. r. AUh A lKIC,
r0 3 Ailiiiiniilrator
Notice I hereby iriven that the umleroned
will, on Satnroaj, the 6th lav of July. 167, r I
lb lite rrMlMic of Jini.-1 illiain. !-reae.l ,
Dear Hurbnl.t, Watno Township, roll at public
miction the personal properly of nul! ilceJnt.
lint taken b the v.., r'iii-tni in r.trl of
tlie follow ii.p artii l -. Kt wit: Horse.', wcotia.
harne, farminK uten.iU, honehol. ami a itcb ni
fiirnittire un.l oihor urlnhM too tclioti to rnu
ni.:rnlT. J'ckm or Si.r. A rre.tit of i v month ill
be iven on all of oimi thnro ) li.ir aioi over to
llie jur h.n-r Kivlng note tili a provr.l person
al security, waiting r.-iluntion ami appraise
mem 1. 1 v; all um umler thre .l.illarn, ..Ii in.
haiol. Sale t. coinmciu-e at I .'. I... k I M.
June to, is7 C. Y. A I I" X' A Ml K,
Vi-4i Admiiiitrator.
NOTIi:i; TO .t.N-ltlvNlli:.TS.
Slate o Indiana, Knixlol h coimtc.
In ihe Kaiololph Circuit Court, Fall Term irT.
Charlea II Stanley yj Henry 0 Huffman aixl
'ow firnp th n.iirlitr, by drowne A llone
brake. Attorney . aiol file. hi., complaint herein,
t ' -ther w Ith an afll-larit that pint .r naii Ie
feiolant urn not retlent t Ihe state t In.linna,
t wit: George Irenhart aii'l .Mary J.lz;nhart,
Notice i therefore hereby Rice:: ai.I l'-f,iii.l.ml.
that uiile) tlie be aiol appear on tlie flrt ilsy
of the next Term o tli Kaulolph Circuit
Court, to be hoM, n on th thir.l Momlaj (J
Septe.inber, A I IM57, at the Court lnux" ii
Vinclie.4trr,ln .ail county ami Malv. and an
rwer or demur to .M roniplnint the same will
be heard anl Irterminc! in then absence.
Nltnr my n.one, an ! the Sal of nai.l Coirl
affixed, at Winchester, thi llthdav I Jnnc, A
5.1-41 Clerk K C
X OT I CK TO MO.N-U V.S 1 1 1 1 ; VIS.
ftate of Indiana. Randolph county.
In the Kaudolph Circuit Court Fall Teim A
1 i-o;.
Complaint f r Partition.
Thomas lo nejr vi Jacob I'owney and 31
Now come th Plaii tiff, by Hrowtte Ar Hne
braVe, A llornej s, ami tltex hi eonipt.ittit lier-in,
toe itlior with nn BfTU Vit howin that thn M-
lowini; dcfetidan' are either mi-reaileil, r
that their place nf rpfjiicnfc M niiVnn, In ml:
Jacob l'orny, T: n erance lowtie, Kachfl
Hro;il.lone, Jacob l?rialton', Cbm Kerker,
.Iniin ).' ker. Sarah J. Stoker, John Molr,
lfa-he I'f.x, I'jr'M Cot, William IltMton, n".
Ibwn,y, Ahne t'otT, bniir l"oiert y,)jn .1
low nt-y. Mary I . A lley , Simon P. Alley, Nebt
moti iLiwnrr. Mary W itliam. P.ivi.I William,
the unk now it heir oftleorge io ney , ffeorpe .
Horotijfit, Aman!.. Itrtiirhf, kcoS W. Ur-
ehr, Thon J. i;-r.Hyhf, l.uthT K. l.ronj;hf ,
Ten per a to e II ur ton, 1 1 oina lluton. Ja me ., .
j;.'ou!ir, (Jeorc-' H'Olon, Mr A. Koro'ijhf.
'olt e i therefore hereby given aid defend
ant.ttat nnle Ihec l. ,n l appear on the llrl
ij:i of the next Term of ;lm Knndolph I irttm
Cour, to be hidden on the fid Moii.hv ol Sej tent
her. A 1 l-6;, at Iho 'urt-hoii u V
ler, in r-.id couno and Mate, and anr or,
dtn;ir t i til roinplaibl tho am h iil !o htur J
and letermin-d in their almetjee,
Wllnoo no iianiH. Biel tt.o Se .f ai. "ouH
sftixi'd, at S;iitl',cs',r, U.i i;;'. 4ay (,J ;i ,
AHWT. jOil.N It. (fOOhKK'M.
at- t lar H
I'n ion nnd l,o.inport IlnilroHtl
On and after ."4..nl) , iuuv ?I. 17, until fur
ther notice,
Trau.i 1T1 If are UnrltorjJ Cilr at 4 A. M,
Arrive at JfoUeville at .."
Peerflol.i, at fi.H
l'ni'n Citv at 7.1
Crtnnectiriff at 1'nion Citv f.'ir Pil'ia. Columbie
an.l all l.at rn Hie, ai:d also with Trains f r
Pa Ion and Cincinnati.
I.Vti.ri.ii c. leave t'nion City on f.rri! .f
T.'fciu front the t'at and South, at 3 " P- M.
.rrir 5i twrflej at 6 W
Kidpeville at ." '
Ilartfor.l Citv at s.o
J, X. CU.NVKKs.I-:; PresidrM.
Notice I hereby given that we aill eil, at fit.
I.r luflion, on Saturday, the vih day of June,
l"0?, at the !eid-nee of John llolloway, de
cee., late of Ktr1t h county, all hi per on
i proper;)- (not taken by the widow) con'iolir
of bor4, be, rattle, hep. farmin; utenailf,
corn In the rr.b. lb.i in the btlbcl, wheat,
prowinc In the fld, Ve.
A credit of aii m)eih will be jlren on all
um over three dollar, the purchaser f ij IPC hi
rote with approved urety waivios TaluaOon and
apprateneat la.
ii 3 M'SA.I.NAil HOLLOW AV. Atmf.
VUJ l,e received at Jame Moorma bat irr
n W lncheter. up to June ??. fer tad-p
K'.iiin.f , i loriiir inn uriniii(. i.. mow.
of the Kat end of the Winchester and Wlndaor
specification can be acen aoy time after the
e over Cabin Creek and SXotj
STtl- BJ 'ler of the Board.
! e. halüi v, sec
.,, juet out. Addres0. T. fSAREV
City b-4;;jin;, Diddcfcrd, Sic. Iiin
suppoiiT Youn nor.iE
Oubacribo for tho
The rido f every county shoubl
I 1... I... I.itil.lin.r lit. if mtllllll' nr.
in- nir iniiKiiiu i' "i um. w.
gall lliai Will ii'OtHUiu mi: iiiieiVT.i
of tho ieoido.
Since the .lOl'RNAL lias passed
into tho hands of tho present pro
prietors, its effect lue Ieen clearly
felt and soon in its advocacy of pub
lie improvements. It ha boon
no less active in tho religious, islti
utionul and political interests of
Its lKitrnti. It, therefore, should bo
' flu tirhlo of tho ttootito of tho eoilTi-
i . . 1 A , .... : i .. i
Kv to sustain and loiprovo it by the
increase of their p.r
The proprietors ask that every
man in thomunty takes and work
r 41 - t ..4 I I -SI...
lor.n.( r;,ryr " '
leei Ulllisoi I iunuoi in i' o"t .
.peak in its favor, but to scctm
nioro subscriber.
No county paper published in the
State gives as large an amount of
,vti r . . i.. i i
The M ) RN A L will ad vooite the
Interest of the wholo (Yuinty hor
Railroads Turnpikosi anil tho busi
noss interosts of thc ieople
The low price of tho suliseription
brings it within tho reach of ull
Only $1 50 per year.
It is too low, but tho proprietors
have h'terminetl to continue to
furnish it at that rate.
Wo are now prepared to do
all kinds of
Buch as
mm bills,
4t:TTi:n iie.ids.
Wo have purchaseI .a r.cw Job
Iros and tyK; an! will do work
ratisfactorily. Thc patronage of
morehantH and others is Fclicitctl.
Scul vour orders to
j. 5fKtr, rofctbfc?r,
510,000 Y:vd of lVOOLi:' GOODS, at Ihr
10,0. VtmlxTof ri.AIl) and I'l.AlN l-'LANNKLS (new Myloa.)
A.OOVl ' Jiviih, (varlom kind",)
ü'nno 44 S.itiuet-4,
ifNNi 44 Main and I'tney t'ASSI M KRKS,
Also UV) palr.x.f RKANKIMX, STtM'KlNU YARNS, Ac,
r.tctudvd) f
Our otm .linnufacture ami
rARMBR3! Look to your interest. Call and bcc our Gooc!
and hear our
nil night, prrsom from hUmc tu l.ate
in a reoubli time.
f-Remenibrr, that 4,OCR (JOODS" can only be had at thoWIIITi:
RANCH WOOLEN FACTORY, miles North We.t of IIagerstownv
Mt 20th, ir.7.
Till: f III: AT CATsK r IH'.H AN i
Jul publiahe!, in a aeated n I
2fÖt?jf " Ihe Nature, Treatment aiol i I
, leal cure of J'ernito rho
Seminal V?ak , Involuntary Kmi-ion.,
unl l'ebilit, aiol Impediment ., Marriage, irn
II. V .1 ..... t ....-...... .... ! ri.li.i.a
eraiiT. ,riTounrp. i oii-inij'ii" -. j--,
aiol Fit, Mental aiol Ph; iel Incapacity . renlt
ina: from elf-atMie, Ar. II KntK-rt I. 'iiler
wrll, M. I..Au horof tlie tJre.-n llwok , A c.
1 hi worM rrno i.e. I author. In nl lmuabl"
lecture, learly prove from hi own perlene ,
that the aw ful coneUence of alue ma le j
effe tunily rrinovc-l witho'it nie.ln itie nn.l with !
out lai;erou aurgit-al operation. hoice, in- ;
irMmcnt, rinc, ' cor-lial, Mito' 'it no.le
f cure nt onre certain an! en. et I, by whuh I
otfrv aulTeier. no m.itt-r what bit ou.hiioi, iuaj '
le, may cure bime hcapl, prlt ly", .!
radically. ,
Jl t" f hi lecture will pr e a bon to t.iou
aii'Uan.l tboiand.
Sent, un.ler ae.tl, to any a-t-lre. ie a plain
aealeil rnvclope, u the roeipt of rent, o
two pota? l.ini. AIo lr. Colrerweir
'Marnase tlui.l-." .r i e .'. it. A-I.lres tle
17 Rowei),Ncw Virk, lVt 2l.e Uo 4.
Tic:!-: to NON-itr.siii:.NTs.
Male i-l liolinna, Kaiololph County.
In lb rMimon Pleai Court. June Term, l'G?.
C : lni lit ' IO.'i2.
Vnhlnr.ton Allbatigh I manticl I.'Menour &
Maty KiJeiiour.
Now come tbf IMali.tiff. by Jcob l'.l;rtb. At
lornojf. and rile hi complaint hec-in, together
w ith nn sftldnt it that ai'l deb'iid4tittire not r--ident
f the State of Iniliaiia.
Notice I. therefore hereby civen aid lefeiij
"iit. that mile they ! and apj-ear on the flrt
day of the nett Term of tho Kaiololph Common
Cl-a Court, t be lo'M'Mi on the 4th Mon.lay of
June, A. U. I'7, at the Court llouo in Ulm le
lr in ad coiiuty and Stat, and anw-r or nemur
lo ar. id t implaiiil. the name will be heart üiid 1
termine! in their atmenre.
w itnex my name, and Ihe eal of rt. Court
affltrd at W i'mhcir Un 2A av of Mav, A. I.l
ifo:. J.o. it. ;ooiHi ii, ticrk.
IMI1JI.TKY ! 1'Oll.TKV ! t
C'liirkcio nnd Tnrk') wiiiite! for
hit Ji we will pay the l.iif'.i-'s; pn ever L'nr
r. in .tli. l olive rel at the old Carriage Shp.
Franklin Street wiiicl.eier.
notick to srocKiior.ni:R5.
rtr.t,ee r hereW Kien the SWkbil l f f the
Wincli-ter aet t'l.k-.n 1 It) Taiafilie Coinpaev
that by order ef the H arl l l-e-r, of 3,4
company, 011 the I Ith day of Mav , ei5C, tbo-e u-
rbttig stock, l aid comp ay . .- leuired -
ay tlt-ir Bubocnption, to aai-1 ntnfiv, . fi
ow,toit: .Vi per r,-nt., o.v thw );tU4.vyi
June, l?r'; V5 per cent , on the lt day of o t
her. Pi7; li per cent., on the v'.Vth day f lecen
ber. fSflT; p-r rent.", 0 the Jt fay r Mm.
IN;?; and Ij pr cent., on the lt lay of Ort..h V,
IWs. And that John J. 1 henry, lio- ( ox,
John f. Velthand .la tut, V Hill? t rp t rioi ti t-V
gnt fr cln bi1 nir?rrrpriMi bv note, inW t
A a a. . .
ouo aP'i payanie, at tne times gj.c inel, ror lh'
amounts abe r-peilded.
JOHN J. r.UKXKV, Ore.i.leut.
Altect: Jok K. ( r a. vcretarr.
Way Ii. VC,
nj.f KVl.s m v f yr.w,
ei!y. wtth"-.t Jrtor or
Sept p'V! pabf.! refipt
of infjent. A'1'fr
Or. K. B. FOOT K.
yn. 0 1! 1 11 st tu ,tnne,
t ct. of Kaf.'fc'li tt.f V.
1 HtKhS.
rOK 1 1 1 K M' PIT PHI.
S.'lit nt-paM "U the re
ceipt of pi ( Iii.
lr. K. n. I'OOTF.
11 1 v r,. t .. . 1 . j
V . ....... .-. ..... S . ..,
tio: Scne. -Knoit i m-
o. t I. ex irrt". 11 Arn.
Cer. of r.-vt C3ih t., N. V.
Teo I.F.GS In one -)oti can take off the Foot
.nl put on a ;tuh. Ail in want, ncnd l r a
Cam; liKi,
J. W, WKSTo.V. rotorr.
ßroa.Uaj , . V
piki: Mrrri4'.
OTICK i herlypiven tnat Ihere i',nea
mertinr; o the II mit ille a nd Kuena Vita Turn
pike Company, on atir.tay the T2 1 .lay f J.inp
I .;, at one oVI.xk.P. .M., at Itun Vota 1?
KaiMolph County. Indiana, for the purpo.e oil
! Ilm I tt reet.ir ran. I t A .t... I - i
tant buine. A full attendance I rciueti.
' ' '"aj --.--- w-' ' a irtitrr 1 in e r-
ft.K. KrAKBl'CK. MOSKK I.Aal.KV,
4J SlKpllF! l.'.Y.K.-St.,;kholdcr.
TO t ).st .M'TIVKS.
The ad vertier. havir.r ben retired to health
in a fev ekl If ft vry :Jir.fIe remedy, after
having auVeroti l.r aeveral year with a aerere
I'lnc affectK.n, and tha' .Ire I t1ieae conaump
tioti)a mi loua t make ki on to bit fllow
ufferer t!;e meant of core.
1 o alt bo de 1 re it, he ü end a f opy of the
rcrrif.;n r,ed rfree .f charge), with the
rection lor preparle? and unifg the ame, hich
thy will Bn4 a j-e cure for ccnumption, a
thma, br.nchi;i ;ouhi, co'..lt and all tar-. at
aid lure ifiVfiior.. The only object of the id
verlUer ta Auie( the preacni.lion i to benefit
the afTlicU4, A.t4 prea4 Information which be
conceived to La lariuabla. and he hopea evert
ufererwill try ;,3 jerofrdy, a it will ro.t ihm
ooikiar. and may prave a Mesniec. Parties
wthtrr the pretcr;ptiMn, free, by return mail,
will plcai add rn.
Ht k;ivai:p a. viion.
ic4J-!y ilSiamnbure, Klag Co., w York.
A rood farm of TOacre, c re.l.wlf cleared, wjth
a cod yo'JB rtard. : jjed e;, rtlj J
te frott inrhe.irr lio.rf. .innei
Billeif Hanfv i'i. ; a r -...j . j,Mie J0 f,u-
eorner of the Ijiid. lerum.,.. t
Fer particular m.rurr ..f .r a.! !-.-. 1
particul ir tn.i 'i:re ..f a.J
Will.. . W.rKIS, ca..!e Iri
n43 3
imiinmeiHH quality.
-nd SPINNING. A r .rr rnnnninp
their tWRPIM iM -VI I N M N l j it-
J. .V: W. TEST-
4 .LLs
ti 1 1 : i low l : m a n 1 1 N r. con
t;!M) lRRMDWAY. '
?few Trk.
ForFitmilicN anclManufactnrrn.
Tiu:sr. voiti.i-!tr.ou xi:i
l.x: .mach ini.s
II" re ftH'urih'tl fJiC Jufjl'rst premium
ttt tli' Wurhl' f-ltfr in F.fttnimt inl
tix: fmt pminum. ttt thc Svw Ywk
.S'att loir fj and
Aro celebrnte.l f.r doin; llo bet work. niif a
much maller nee.llo for the ame thread Ota'
any other Uta hin-, uiol hj tie tot ro,tti-lln f
the inoi approved tun bii erj , e are now abrf
towuppl) the very bet mut boo- in the eorld.
I Th"e miliinr nr mr.ijf at our rrw nn-l
I pneiou Kertitr at Hridrporl , .ioori., t-
lcr tb' iiTimeli.itr H ii per v im ui T Ine rceg.
i.!ent of il.- C.im;wiit KI.IAS NOU'K, Jr..
thn original inventor of the tjcwitig -chitic.
They are adapt' ) tal) .i,l Ihiinl 5W
i ti jr. nii! t ttn ii of s.-mtree, UreriB
er, 1 ri !'. iln'.ef i"Jri .-t Shirt.. Cdlar,
M.ir', f..W. NC i. Hl U. CtoThii c. Mala ap.
Curvt, Hm.t, Mm.'. H irn. Sa..l-. I tre
(t.Mi.t, I'mhrell:.. Parax.'.s, Ac They will
work erpiaUv rlj ii.ti ilk . woolen and
oMon ;-.mm, with mU , rotlon 7in-n thread.
I'hev u.ll p.-rtrm i-i rr -"Cie of aemii-.
m:tktMr a iV ntifiir arT f--t Ä ct .titch, alike oti
both id ol tlie article .wed.
Thr s'rft-r, f, tit v -Vr. jwk
anil nt'ftc uii this Afirhinrf fat fir inrl
Hl!iir ami ilurahfr, unit nit .V iriittf
Mt-fi!n a rr fttl'jiit to thr jri ;')-?
in vt ntt (I Inf. fu'ia.
m:i roit circcivk
J. O. lilt YAM"T
f.KNKKtl. AO P.N r.
its WaOiii.f-'on Street,
i'iticaica. III.
.i4l ty
f.ARPRT KTnnir f
.. I
Houre Furnishing Goods!!
TSnlt MninSt., MAlfTO:, O.,
Il.-ive ir tor.' f.ar?e Stoek and are daly
nvcu'inj H-.-i- KiirnKhmp Uwxl, .ntabl fc
FurM-hiic I'H.Mt Hu., Holet at I
I'hUti h-, .in I'll-i l.
O v fhT VKL CT.
... . 1V.11.V
, i, 1,1 . o JV Vi v ur un a t.,f
C A P, P C T I W Q ,
MM ii.-l.-r. u...I Mt'uLlute. lmh
! li.ey uQvi Pt
A laree Stork Coca. Cane. Manilla and Straw
Floor aiol TaMe o-b ..th all w i4th.
Linen aul ( otfti Sheeting. Pillow Catier
V,,h. Twrrj ,r.: I!er. Curtains tlcjant Lac
Curtain Iv-onaäj, Coui.te-j apf . linen Tabla
L'-Miav'., lowclliii;, 'apkin, I.l1ici, A.C., A.c.
Plain and (olt Ü itxlow it.ade.
'.Vir. l iw Holland, of all l.lrl and ChIö".
tili t ori.,;e, Piri, liaaids, Loops aat laffdi,
TL Laheit and mol -l"cri.t tiotkof lipt
I-?apcr : Hangings,-
F.ver bro'jeht to tb.s parcel. FaiiaMrfor 1111,
Chur.hr. lotelt. 4-. l;.r:.l- Jloe.e , 0-
Frtn-the rihet te,?n l; ncroratiee Paper
Unprr. Stamped GtH Paper rtanriee Freace
and G tit Taper Hangt re. Pineat Frep., and
Kn-fli-h J.,. do. eaLu and Comuon a!)
I'ar, VV4ow Papers.
l!e.c Furr.r.;re Jerd ef a'.! I ;n i.
"4 vam treet. Pajtea, Ohl;
- vi . - ,. . v m
in It 2ti

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