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IS Tnr.KK mo relief? cries ninny a wretch, at the
racking pain of a disease- pronounced incurable
lenetrnte every libre of the frame. "Is there nothing
tliat will give me peace ami happiness, ami assuage my
anguish!" exclaimed the poor suthrer who is stretched
upon a bed of torture by that trriblo enemy ot the Hu
man race, Piles! There is relief there w something
that will eradicate every eta?e of your compliant,
and will positively cure you tor lite, without injuring
ny part of your system, without subjecting you toin
convenienco, without rendering you liable even to a
cold, nnd without costing you but a meretrille, in
comparison to which the nt'nclit to bo derived by it
-expenditure if a fortune, ami something beside. That
remedy that invaluable and inestimable gift -is
It is an internnl remedy, and composed of twenty
dillerent veijetaMemibstnnoes.which are too simple to
invnde tlio system perniciously, butpowerfull enough
to set the springs of health in perfect inotion.and that
no elfectMlly that they will not get out of order in the
snme manner again. No mineral can bo detected in
the composition, nor nny other article that can le
directly or indirectly deleterious. The remedy was
invented by l)r. Upham alter he left College, lie was
driven i. find a cure for the piles by thetiiisery the
disease indicted upon him; and ho now offers the
benefit- of his discovery to the world nt lnr;i The
proprietor of the Electuary unequivocally and distinct
ly avers (and challenges contradiction) that it will
completely cure external, internal, blind or bleeding
piles of the the longest standing, no matter how ob
stinate the cu.-w may be, or how hopelessly the patient
may bo considered situated. The. one-dollar lwxes
have entirely eradicated the disea.se, after it had exis
ted in its must ternlic aspects for twelve, fifteen, and
twenty and twenty-five years; in proof of which,
the fortunate individuals who were made whole have
.presented the most positive and unmistnknlilo testi
mony. In some instances a cure lias been eliiictcd by
ix ilnses, or half a liox, alter the ingenuity of a hint of
pkisicinns,,V thedreadful knife of the surgeon hail lieen
exercised to the utmost with but t!ie smallest shadow
of success. These are not idle assertions, falsely put
forth toentrap the credulous, but solemn and wonder
ful truths to which hundreds will testily. Even if a
surgical operation were certain to accomplish a per
manent cure, it i- too disgusting to he thought of,
while the ai'oiiv it eniren uers ii appalling in the ex
treme, ami shatters the const iuit ion beyond a h te of
recovery. The nunilx r of persoiiselH-ctually eired of
plies v tne r.iectuary lit two years Kills I tit nine
short of ten thousand in New-York, Philadelphia,
lioston and other cities of the Union. This is n
yti iu result to IxKist, and is not equalled, or even op-
. I I 1 . . . i . i i- i I .. t-
proacneii, oy any cvcni iiorou in tne momcui msiory 01
the world. It is rensomtble to suppose that sneers
will le leveled nt th-jse remarks. .So they were at
Kul ton when he first made known the worth of steam
unci its great practical utility so they were at the
persecuted Giillileo when he published his discovery
if the Microscope. so they 1 --ere at Morse when he
hinted at the discovery of the Magnetic Telegraph
which is now a familiar and every day a flair. It is
safer for the sufferer to try liofore he scoffs, una pro
cure happiness and a renewed lease of lite if he call
Many a mnti has lost his existence by permitting
ins incredulity to master ins judgement.
The Electuary is particularly commended to tlie at
tention of married ladies, the one half of whom are
subjected to the attacks of piles in a modili-d form.
1 lie medicine run lie salely taken under all circum
stance. Either before the piles appear, or nl'ier they
have iiidae their sad havoc, the victin is intule to en
dure severe cosiiveiiess' giddiness, inllamationsof the
spleen, kidneys, liver, intestines, bladder and spine,
with many corresponding ailments, for the sure cure
uf all of which nothing equals the Electuary . These
professions are not solely mercenary, but are mnde
with a view of alleviating the distresses of myriads
whocan discover no method whereby to gain a re
storation of their health. This fact will be apparent
to all who inspect the medicine, when, by so doing,
they may perceive, tluil its cost must necessarily te al
most as great as the price demanded for it! while
this certain and speedy remedy is to be had so cheap,
it is criminal to neglect to test its worth, and put our
unqualified asseverations in its tavor to the test.
Wold, wholesale and retail, by WYATT Sc
K ETC 1 1 MAN, l.'l Fulton-st., X. Y. and by
A.C. HAL LOCK. Evansville, Ind.
And Druggists generally throughout the U. S.
1'riee $1,U0 per box.-
Notici:; The genuine has the written signature
thus : ft:J"A. L'plium, M. D. The hand is also done
with a pen. i je3 if.
SOMETHING more precious than Gold.
The most superior Anti-Billious Pill now in the
market, and which are creating so much ex '.'.eiiient,
and are so greedily swallowed by the Billious, are Dr.
Charles A. Van Zimdt's , .
A.Nn-Uii.i.iors Hkai.tu Restorative Tills. They
rure stituly and certainly, without preventing the pa
tieut trom attending to the business, and are the only
, mire remedy for limiouucss and . -
Au. irs Arn;,NtM.vr 1 i.a;uls, ever placed before
the people. They open the port's, cleanse the stomach
restore the biliary ducts to health full operation and
perform miracles in tiie way of jirt.iti-viiig health, and
preventing spread ol dangi rous maladies. This in
valuable mtHlicioc will uiso correct a depraved appe
tite, strengthen the nerves or any other debilitated
part of the system, remove those dull headaches which
are premonitory of Liver Complaints, and generally
accomplish what it takes Doeus of other Medicines
to do.
All this is performed through n concise knowledge
of the plain fact, vi that there is but one cause for
troubles of this kind, and that a medicine so made as
to strike at the root of this cause, must of a necessity
Annihilate and Dissipate all its subsequent re
sults, which medical incompetency has so badly treat
ed. . ,
Yes Billiousncs involves an infinity of disorders,
all which render life a curse and death a relief,
liitliousiicss is simply a manifestation of disease of the
Liver, and if not taken
1 ii Tii m c t
will eventually send the sufferer to "that bourne from
whence no traveler returns." Let a billious affection
have sway, and it will end in induration or abscess
of the liver, producing, as it commits its secret and in
sidious ravages, Dyspepsia, Gout, Epilepsy, Heart
disease, internal disorders of all kinds, foul stomnch,
Headaches, Hysterica, Shorutes of Breath, Mucous,
Expectorations, Fains in the Breast, Dry Coughs,
Soj-e Throat, Dropsy, Apoplexy, all species of wast
ing fevers, capricious appetite, or loss of it; Scurvy,
Chlorosis, Jaundice, Neuralgia, Palpitations, severe
tostivenes, and an hundred other fearful complaints
which are too numerous to ireiition. v. e can prove
to nnylhxlv's satisfaction, that these pills will com
pletely renovate the human frame, and Cure Perma
nently, all these ills by driving way every improper
condition oi t ne nue ana liver.
Billioiisuess being produced by a hot climate, by
a chaugablc atmosphere, by dumps and fogs, this nieu-
lcine, unequalled as it is, is just the thing for the
Vv est, where men are exposed to all the causes nnd
efl'cctsof the Bile: to the South, whero Liver Com
plaints seem lo Ik? epidemical: to too Sea, . when on
excellent Cathr.rtic is invariably the rreservcr of lite
nnd Hapiuess.
Ia-i iij onesufE'r, but liny Dr. Van Zandt's Anti
I'illious, Health Restorative Tills, and Ikj strong and
mentally as well os physically igorous. The seden
tary want it, and can procure nothing better.
In short, all these virtues of the pharmacu'pia are
comprised in these littlo pellets of life.
SfrSo family should be witUmt themj
If pliilanthropittts, would purchase boxes of these
invaluable pills and distribute them among the poor,
they would prevent the expense ol Doctor's fees, and
ameliorate much genuine sutleiiiit;.
Sold wholesale and retail by Wvatt c Ketcuam,
121 Fulton st.. New York.
In Evansville, Indiana, by A. C. IIALLOCK, and
druggists generally tliroughout the L'. States. Trice
'25 cents per box. tip M 3m.
TIIE suWrilier betrs leave to
'JL inform the citizens ot Evensvill
that he continues to manufacture IIrf.ap, Ri sk, Cake
nnd Ckackf.rs of nil kinds, fresh every day, of the
liest materials nnd in the best manner. He will nlso
keep constantly on Viand for side by the bnrrcl or re
mil, the liest nrtiele of Flour. lie is determined to
pb-n.e the tastes of his patrons nnd hoies to receive a
liberal share of patronnge. His stand is on Main St.,
next door to Jesse T. Lamb's stortv
-70 kegs ree'd er steamer Mail
lleblsj W. &.C. IS ELL.
V s.
ind for sale by
At all times,
And nnder all Circumstances!
JFyou are sick, get cured; if well, employ measures
to continue so. Every individual indulgesin hab
its, which must, to a greater or h-Nser extent, disar
range the admirable and intricate combinations
which form the system, and consequently
should popwssome mild, yet efficacious, simple and
accredit! d ag.ml for preserving all functions of the body
y in good uidcr.
will achieve this result, and should be in every
family, and in the hands of every person, who, by
business, profession or general course of lile, is predis
posed to the very manv little ailments that render
life a curse, instead of a'blessing, and finally result
in their aggregated condition in the cause
The Eitlcrs here mentioned are compounded by a
man of gmal skill and knowledge, from the bimpies
Nature presents to those w ho care to find them, and
winch are; the only reliable antidotes to tne poison oi
.i: 'i-i... i . r : i: . . l... .-, .. i 1 l,
disease. The chief ingredients are the universally be
loved Sarsaparilla and the Bark of the Wild Cherry
tree, with w hich the nil man of the forest cures near
ly every disease of the internal organs Those mate
rials, though powerful in their action, are, as common
senc teaches us,
and prepared as they are here, one of the greatest med
ical operatives in the inhabitable glotie. By taking
these BiTTER,the scrolulous may lie restores! to beau
ty; and avoid the sharp knife of the Mirg-on; for
they not only eradicate pimples and tumors, but over
Whoever is subjected to the horrors of constipation
i-hould at once purchase this sure remedy. In the
train of Costivcness follow dreadful local congestions,
oftentimes insanity, very frequently mania or hypo
chondria, violent headaches, palpitations, and other
all returns of the heart, and rheumatic swellings,
Dr. Wood's Compound is one of the most ellidcnt
medicines in routing these complaints, and their
fountain head that cun possibly be procured.
From being confined in close rooms, and from ta
king a small modicum ol exercise, numerous persons
daily are made to deplore a toss ot apctitc, tieud-uchi-s,
weakness of the muscles, languor want ot en
eruv sutlicient to permit them to seek recreation, &c.
&.c. These persons say lor years that they "don't
feci very well." If they do not employ a method by
which they cun feel qt'iTE well, they eventually sink
under a severe tit of illness, and are
only by a miracle, and even then tho lancet, leech,
blister and calomel have left them mere shattered
hulks, full of aeliesand sorrows, and not only a pest
to themselves, but a source ot disgust and annoyance
to all with whom they come in contact. All these
may lie avoided by tin early application to the virtues
of these Bitters. For tho truth of this, the proprietor
pledges his word and honor, and in evidence can sho w
files of undoubted certificates which he has received
unsolicited from all naurters. .lie does not however.
osk the invalid to swallow his certificates, but his
Bitters, and is willing to stake all he holds dear on
earth in luvorot their worth,
in either a modilied or severe form, will disappear be
fore the qualities of Dr. Wood's preperation, and the
cure limy be relied on as a permanent one. Did the
Bitters possess no other recommendation, it would
oe one oi the tiuest vetretauie compounds nieoicai sci
ence can invent; but it is equal to the complete erod
ication uf
in every shape, and of every aliection, minor or ci
gantic; of the biliary aparatus. Individuals who are
constitutionally Inllious ought regularly to take una
mild agreeable and excellent tonic and ait.riekt, as
it will diffuse health throughout every fibre of the
frame, and send happiness and love of life thril
ling to the heart, r amities ought to keep it on
Every medicine chest on lioard ship should also be
well stocked with this capital remedy, as KTSCL'R-
V Y jCO cannot attiict those who take it, or long resist
its vigorous assaults. All iMruRrriEs or the blood
vanish before it, and the old relics of early imprudence
invariably disappear, soon niter mmg submitted lo its
action. Every complaint ot" the stomach is broken by
it. Tiie Bitters have in no instance failed of curing
jaundice, several debility every disorgamza-tion
By neglecting the little inroads made upon the lat
ter a vast partion of our fellow lieings are rendered
extemely miserable so miserable, indeed, that they
wish to die. Every bottle of "Dr. .Woods' Sarsapa
rilla and Wild Cherry Bitters" contains a modicum of
joy and content far each of these anxious and impru
dent sufferers. Remember that an injudicious use of
mercury is iueviuibly productive of many evils which
arc put to flight by this glorious and unsurpassable
compound; and that atilictious which are
may speedily nnd safely be shuttled o!F through its a
gency. As a medicine which must benefit
from the simply delicate to the confined ond despair
ing invalid, no equal is to lie found for iL It would
lie well to bear in mind that preventive is infinitely
more desirable than cure, and that Dr. Wood'sSorsa
parilla and Wild Cherry Bitters ARE BOTH.
Put up nnd sold in large liottles, at $1, by WY
ATT &. KETCHMAN, Wholesale end Retail A
gentsr, 121 Fulton-st., N. Y., nnd by
A. C. HALLOCK, Evansville, Ind.
And Druggists generally throughout the United
Stales. my 27 tf.
Mackenzie Compound L,iv?r Pills.
These trnlv Celebrated Pills.
NOW proierly esteenu'd in nil neighborhoods
Whero they have been used.were first made some
twelve years Ago by the proprietor, from a veget
able Extract, and then recommended by him as a su
ierior Bilious Pill He then resided in an eastern
City. On his removal to the west, in ltiUti he was
soon forced to observe the very general complaint,
men aim now prevalent, ot a jjiseaseu siaiR oi
The Liver, Jaundice &e. His long experience
of the primary causes,nnd disastrous results of an af
fection ot this all important working agent ot thetiu
man frame, and posessed as he was of a practical
knowledge of the sM'cttic action produced in that or
gan (theLivcr,) by the Extract sosuecesstully resort
ed toby him in eastern practice induced the Proprietor
to give his rills a trial in those diseases where Chron
ic or lorpul State of the Liver was Complained ot
Tho result in every instance, so far as he has been
informed, has shown their Complete Triumph over
that disorder. 1 hus convinced ot their comp.ete elti
cacv, helms eversince invariably recommended them
ami thousands who in the health-restoring iiseofthem
have Ixen benefited, now bear witness to their power
ful etll'cts in ridding the system of all those diseases
connected with or dependent upou an unhealthy state
of the Liver, such as Bilious and other Fevers, Jaundice
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Flatulency, Heartburn,
rituuiuui costivness, x.c.
In view of all these facts, the proprietor in rccommrn
ding his CoMmnvD Liver Pills, does, so wil
the greatest confidence in their oroiiertics of prevent
ing and curing Bilious Diseases. He nseiires those
who may have occasion to use them, TIrtrt they are
strictly what they purport to bo, lining prepared express
ly for the afore mentioned diseases. They net sje
c'ificnlv on the Liver nnd Viscera: remove all con
irCMlivn fif-titin Mint murliiil KWrl inns- mirifvintr flip
blood; causing a free nnd healthy discharge of" bile;
strengthening the system, and assisting digestion.
C. S. Mackenzie !t Co., Cleveland, Ohio, Propri
etors. For sale by W. M. WOOLSEY, agent,
mayl-!lm. Evansville, la.
1(H reams ruled Fool's Cap Taper;
100 do letter do;
10 do commercial post do;
50 gross blue nnd blnck Ink;
Blnck Sand, Quills;
IetterStamps, Inkstands, dc.
In store and for sale by tlS W.&. C.BELL.
"CHOCOLATE nnd Cocoa: A few lioxes Pon
lon'stresh.torsaleby telS W.&.C. BELL,
TI'ITNE1 Loaf Sugar. 75 loaves Stewart's
J 1 double refined, and three barrels Stewart's crush
ed, for sale by
W. ot C. BELL.
KT Chrono-Thermal system of treating disease is
now being practicd in some of our publicmstitutions
with great audit nprecedentedadvantage;and Dr. Tay
lor's Balsam of Laverwrot is destinedto become one
of the moat important remedies of the age. Were
commend all to the olfico 37I Bowery, and get a bot
tle and be well.
FaicF. Large bottles $1 50, or six bottles for $7 50
Small bottles $1 IK six bottle $"HX). For sale by
W. & C. BELL. Druggists, Main sU , . my8.
son is now approaching when Bilious Discuses in ev
ery form prevail, it behooves all those who are in nny
way threatened, to make pmeiy resort 10 .Mackenzie s
Ctimitouiid Uver Fill, a few doses of which will
cleanse the stomach ot all morbid matter, restore a
healthy action to the liver, purify the blood, and rid
the system at once of disease.
Also those who are in any way troubled with Jaun
dice, d vspep?i a or d iseased state of the digestive organs.
Mek Headache, riles; Chronic jJiarrnira, c. xc,
will find the Liver Pills a certain and effectual cure-
No family should lie without them, for thev are su
perior as a family medicine, as our own sales testify,
having sold the past i months over 10,t00 boxes.
For sale only by W. M. Woolsey, agent for the Pro
prietor, Evansville, Ind may8 lm.
Dr. Colix S. Mackenzie's Toxic Feeriftge. This
invaluable medicine has been ill use for better than 8
years, as a certain, speedy and safe cure for Fever and
Ague, Dumb Ague, Chill, or Intermittent Fevers.
The steady and increasinsr demand, with the universal
success attending its use, has gained tor it a reputa
tion unsurpassed by any other medicine; tor the above
it stands urivallcd! Emigrant and all who are trav
elling west with those who reside in situations where
Fever and Ague and the various forms of Billious dis
eases prevail, will find the Tonic Febrifuge an etlect-
uai preventative.
Full and explicit directions accompany each bottle.
For sale by V. M. Woolsey, agent, Evansville.
Siooo rewakd::!
ft7 It oliered to any person who will pro
dues one fourth the amount ol real certificates
of positive cures in cases ol consumption or dis
eased Lungs as Dr. Roue's' Liverwor'.h and Tar
list made in this city orany other place where
it has btenintroduced. Although it has not been
pufied in the city papers in Editorial Form by
ilia Proprietor lor the Sole purpose ot Gain,
(as most medicines are without regard to their
worth) yet the demand has deen enormous.
In the city el Dayton alone, where this medicine
has not been advertised lo the amountof ten dol
lars, we received an order from Messrs Ells,
Calllin, 4t Co. to the amount of one Thousand
Bottles. And this too, in the summer season,
when there is comparatively little or no demand
for medicine ol this character.
Or-This medicine still performes Cures that
seem almost incredible, but as they are here,
and our own neighbors whose tstimony can
be had from their om n mouths, it must con
vince the most sceptical of the worth ol this med
icine. Another remnrkable cure of Consumption .
Mr. Gabrel Whitehead, of this city, was redu
ced so low ail his friends, and even his physi
cians had given him up to die!!!.
Mr. A. L. Scovill. As I owe my life to the
use of Dr. Rogers Liverwort and Tar, i feel it
a duty, and shall without lenr or delicacy give
my testimony as evidence that others who may
be afllcled with consumption or diseased Lungs
may know that this medicine is no humbug.
but is worth ten thousands physicions, res
criptinns for the disease for which it ia recom
mended, Last summer I was taken with a most Dis
tressing Cough and about the fust of July
my Lungs were so diseased that 1 bled in a
short time sevetsl quarts of blood, which redu
ced me so low that all my friends, and even
my physician thought 1 must die with con
sumption, my broihcr.howevcr, heard of some
ol the wonderlul cures made by this medicine.
and procured a Louie, nd before I lisd taken
one half bottle, il seemed to go to the very
seat ol the disease and raised a large quantity
of matter and phlegm, and my cough v as stop
ped as bv a charm. 1 have since used some
two or three botteis and am now able to at
tend to my business as well ever.
1 feel very thankful to the inventor of this
rnedicene, fur if it had not been soma all power
ful medicine to have raised the matter and
phlegm, and healed my lungs, I should, without
doubt have now been in my grave.
II any one w ill call on me ori Catharine street.
half a square below Linn, I w ill eive particulars
and reler them lo numerous friends who visited
me during my sickness.
January 1 0th, 1 817 . Gabriel Whiteiii-ad.
We will civc the names and residence ol
few well k nown citicens uf Cincinnati, who have
given cernficstesofneing cured of Consumption
attended with a distressing cough, that by
calling upon them yon will be convinced ol
the virtue ol this medicine, and ny to it for
relief. Mrs. Ann Childs, on Sixth sir. two
doors west of Smith, Mrs. Hiram Ptumer, Main
between Eighth and ninth sir. Mrs. Demniing
Ludlow, ICace two doors above rilih, Mrs
Beniiman Smith, Ann sir. one square North ol
the Hospital.
Late Professor in theCineinuati Electic Medical
College, and a physician well known, who
hasftii extensive practice in relation to the case
of Miss Bell after having been given up to die
with the last stage of consumption, by a number
ol able physicians
"Mr. A.L. Scovill: Sir However reluctant
I have been to permit my name to appear, at
tached to a cer'ehcate recommending Paten
Medicines, Nostrums or Catholicums. 1 never
thelees think it my duty, not only lo my pal
rous, but the community, and all afflicted with
diseases requiring Cough Medicines to slate
that tn three particular cases ot incipient Con
snnmption.viz. Miss Belt,MissBaroer,sisteriiilaw
Mr. V. Wiinder, butcher, nnd Mr. K. K.Coz,
one of our City Council, that Dr Rogers' coin
pound syrup ot liverwort and Tar operated
more like pecihc, than any remedy ol h sum
lar character in Hs operation that 1 have ever
used in mv practice. One ol iho cases above
viz. Miss Brit, appeared to be laboring under
the last stage Scrofulous Consumption as pro
nounced by several physicians who were in at
tendance previous to my being called to treat
the case. She isat this present time in the enjoy
ment of as apparently good health, and from
appe4rar.ee, as likely to die with any other dis
ease, as any other young lady of this city
As it respects the health uf ilie ether two cases
all the (breaming premonitory symptoms seem
to have subsided from I lie use ol few bottUs
of the Syrup above. Very respsctlnlly, &.e.
I11RAM COX, M. 1).
have ycv a coi cii:::
Call on the following well known Citizens
and see whether thev will not recommend vou
to try this medicine at inck. Hon. Judge Win
Burke, J. P. Garniss, Gnflin Yeatman, Esq.
James Foster Esq. Col John Riddle, Stephen
Burrows, Esq. Ebent zer Harrison, Esq. Samu
el Trevor,ol ihe firm Wood mil" Trevor, Mr.
John Kice, Rev. George Maley, Rev Mr. Wal
ker, Mr. Samuel R. Lea,. Mr. John II. Hudson,
at the corner of Main and Abigail sir. used this
medicine upun a periodical cough of more
than fifty years standing, with entire suc
cess. For sale by A. L. Schovill, corner of Fifth
and Race str. Cincinnati, and by
feb 25. WM. M. WOOLSEY, Evansville.
COXSITMPTIOX and Lirer Complaint.
Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort has been used
successfully for eight years in the ere of these diseases.
Remember the original and genuine is made only at
375 Bowery N. Y., all others are spurious and unau
thorized. To the PrBLic We hereby certify that our son,
six years old, was suddenly taken ill with a fever, and
after a severe sickness; a violent congh ensued.
He was bloated, his skin was tilled, and his physi
cian said there was no favorable symptom about him
that he had confirmed consumption. At that time we
procured a bottle of that valuable medicine, Taylor's
Balsam of Liverwort. After taking one bottle, we be
gan to have hopes of his recovery. - He continued un
til he had used five bottles. It is now a year from
that time, and his health is beeter than it has been
since an infant. David Sc. Haskah Rogers, s
Granville, Washington co., N. Y.
AS attended the use of Doctor Robert
B. Folger'. OLOSAONIAN. or ALL-
HEALING Balsam, in every ease where ii has
been admnisieried; and the afflicted have ascer
tained that there is no remedy like it or thai
will compare with it in subduing ihe disease
lor which it is recommeuded. Scacely a day
passes without the receipt of teetimony in its
favor. Iu thai fearful and troulesome diaeaae
ASTHMA. which sn often threatens suffocation, it has prov
ed itself to be far more effectual than any other
remedy winch has ever been discovered. The
diflicnlty of breathing is immediately relieved,
ihe cough ia subdued and the sufferer ia enabled
to enjoy quiet rest So also with.
which, if not soon arrested leads to a fatal ter
mination. There has never been case of this
kind treated onauceessfully with Dr. Folger's
Olosaonian, and even, when all' other remedies
and prescriptions have tailed this has effectually
removed the evil. Also.
which always lays the foundation for serious
evils, is immediately cured . Il is not a pallia
tive remedy il removes and overcomes the dis
ease, and the sufferer has nothing to tear from
secondary effects. In
it stands unrivalled. It it acknowledged by the
Faculty that the ilisesse as olten battles their
skill as many disease wiih which they have to
contend and yet Dr. Folger's Olosanian reaches
it at once, bo with Coughs, pains in the Side
and chest, Night Sweats, ami all the discour
aging symptoms which announce the approach
ol thai tell destroyer.
Where there is a dry cough where the breath
ing is quick and hurried on the least motion
or exercise whsre there is oppression or sense ol
rtratluess in the cheat, where there is expector
ation or raising of a frothy mucus accompanied
with emaciation these olten latal symptoms are
completely mnsiered by this
Among the professional men who have used it
and are acquainted with its effects, 1 may refer
to Kev. IMr, Earle, l aitor ol the Cnion Baptist
Church. Cold Spring L. I ; Dr. Samuel Howe,
Demist I Oil Spring street : Dr. A.C. Castle Den
tist 381 Broadway t Dr. Jeremiah Ayres, Ritchie
county Va. 'Iheae all speak of it in the most
tavorable terms. It haa effected some ol the
on record.- Witness the perfect restoration of
Mr Caleb W. Ward, 1 14 Washington steel
Newark, N. J.: also Mr.Golbert W.Owen, of
U illiamburgh: Alansnu Luce. Esq., form I y of
Brooklin : Mrs Catherine F. Gilbert, ; of New
castle, Westchester county; Elixa Lelaml. ol
Schoolcraft Michisn, and the scores ol ethers
which we might mention were it necessary.
Do not mistake the mediciue but remember
that my genuine Olosaonian is only put up in
one large sue bottle-- bas my name printed
in lull on the top ot the label and reads thus:
Doctor Robert Ii Folger's Olosaouis n, or All
Healing Balsam.1 and has my name signed with
pen. rnce $1 per bottle. All other forms
are mem and spurious imiiatjons, and - worthy
of sources from whence they orriginate.
t'rincipal othce for the sale of Dr. Kobert B
" tolger's Original and Genuine
3J door west ol Broadway -id fJoor opposite
inarch 4, '471 St Paul's Church.
For sale by ALLEN C. HAl.I.OCK, '
Drngirist, Main st. Evansville.
o K li A iDTs U U V K It 1 ! ! !
AGl'K .4X1) FKVKK.
Cured iu less than 21 hours, or money
Vrgetable Tonic Pills.
remedy now iu use for the certainl and
permanent cure ol the above diseases. These
Pills are as pleasant lo the late as sue si balls.
Ofj- Prepared .inly by JOHN BULL, sole pro
prietor, and sold, wholesale and retail by BULL
&. A LI) EN, wholesale Druggitts, 81 Fourth su
L.ouisville, hy. - , . . ,
This valuable medicine is offered to the pub.
lie as one ol the most sure and certain remedies
ever discovered tor the permanent core of
AGUE and FEVER, in any of its various
forms. It possesses many advantages over most
of the Ionics which now flood the country, the
principal of which are: 1st, It is a more certain
remedy, as one dose seldom fails to make a sure
and lasting cure. 2d. It contains nothing dele
terious or poisonous lo the system, consequent,
ly it may be taken without a fear of any of the
bad effects which attend the use of most ol the
tonics of the present day. 3d. It is more con.
venieni lor transportation, and not liable In
loss from freezing, breaking, leakage, and other
accidents which attend the liquid bottles. 4th
It is more convenient and pleasant to lake, and
its not so nausesting. 5th. Il incressoa the ap
petite and braces the whole general system.
And, lastly, it is offered much cheaper thai
any other Ionic now in use, which placet in
witlcn the reach of every one so thai ihe poor
man is enabled to save his doctor's bill, and es
cape days and erhapa weeks of sickness.
The proprietor has received, and is daily re
ceiving numerous certificates and tesiiinonisls
ol the ellicacv of this Tonic; but, knowing as
ho does the imposition which has been practised
upon tee public in the way of false certificate
ill bringing a medicine of this kind into notice,
he will only insert one received from one ol
our oldest and most respectable citizens, to
whom any one may refer if they doubt the effi
cacy ot this medicine :
Mr. Bull having requested me lostate what
know in relation :o the efficacy of this Tonic
Pill, in the cure of the Ague and Fever, 1 will
say dial I never used them mvsell, but received
a couple of boxes from .Mr, Wro. T. Spurrier,
as a donation to a poor family, and ihev speed
ily cured eleven out of thirteen, and the only
remaining tw o were very small children, ui.'
die to swallow pills. This whs a large afflicted
family and connexions Irnm St. Louis on their
way to Tennessee. J. 11. OVKKSTREKT.
The pills 1 gave Mr. Overstreet were made
by John Bull. WM. T. SPURRIER.
Louisville, Msy I, I84G.
N. B. None are genuine without the written
signature, on each direction, of John Bull.
e'old by W. & C. BELL, Main et. Evansville.
( August 27. 184G. i
DR. McLiAXE'S American IVarm Knaelfia
" Promutlu ex Del worms to an almo.it in-
credible number. , .:. ; '
flOsubstsntiate the above fact many hundred ;
A ol testimonials could be addaced, out of
which the following are selected, liom Individ -
uais oi standing and veracity. Indeed, ll la sl-
1 i . - . ..
milieu mat earn new trim oi the powers ot this
remedy will have an additional tendency n '
widen and confirm its fame, and that if it were '
universally known and diffused overthe United
States, it would not save less than many hun
dreds, i! not thousands of lives annually.. - , ''
Thists locertifylhat I purchased from Holmea ;
St. Kid a vial ol Dr. M'Lane't American Worm
Specific, and gave two dears to a boy of mine
about three yesrs of age. , He passed fully half
a pint of worms. The quantity war so targe 1
was really alarmed, and called in severtl of my
neighbors lo see them. Had this storv been, re
lated to me, I could nl have credited it, with
out being an eye-witness to the same.' My'
child's health iitinrnrf m t, h tti..
Q A Aiic Tir u o TCSrtM V'
Merchant Tailor, Wood si., Pntbsurjh. -
Some two months ago I purchased t vial of :
Dr. McLone's American Worm Specific. I
gave a boy of mine most of a vial; be passed!
lorty very Urge worms. From that time hiar
health improved very much. 1 had tried two
other Vermifuges to no purpose. I believe Dr. '
M'Lsne's the beat article before the public.
. m D. CALHOUN. ' 1
MifHin townthip, Allegheny county.
rom a regular physician, Dr.G. S. Smith, Sun-
fish, Ohio.
Mr. J. Kidd Dear Sir: I have ntti in mr
practice Dr. M'Lsne's Worm Specific, and have,
ofien witnessed its efficacy in expelling worm
from the system. A patient of mine, a abort
time ago, gave a vial of the Worm Specific to a
child; in a short tune upwards ol sixty-five
worms were expelled.
of mine psssed one-third of a pint ol worms with
one vial of Dr. McLane's Worm Specific. It ia
truely a surprising medicine. :
T. BLACK BORN E, Peehlea township.
This valuable medicine is sold by
Dr. MeLane'i Worm Specific.
A few days ago I purchased from Jonathan '
Kidd Si. Co, a vial of Dr. McLane's Worm Spe-' '
-" -" .. , n . j - i ii i ii , (! n
passed 18 worms. 1 must have another vial.
The promptness that this medicine possesses in .
expelling worms Iroin children ia traly aurpris- ,
ing ; trial ot which will convince any nnpre-
udiced person. D. SHROM.
Sharpshurgh, near Pittabureh.
1 m TA..I l':u l- mi - .. !;
4uiiinaii jviuu Bin a u is is to certi ly
that I bought two doxen Dr. McLane's Vmmi.''"
fuge ol your agent, and used it in my practice ;
no oui oi tne two dozen I ml not hear, in on
instance, where there was one failed in having
Ihe desired effect, and in every case expelling .
from 25 lo 150 worms.
N, 15. This statement I Ireelv make, that ihe
people may iry and know the tlTvcl of Ihia pow.
erlul medicine.
f' b 28 A. P. CORYELL, M. D.
For sale by W. Si. C. BELL, at their new
urn; eiurs main lurei, ivfttirvii,, Innitnft.
For tlie. cure of Hepatite or l.irrr Com
plainl, l)y.tprpr,in and Sick Head-Ache.
Piu in the right side, under the edge of the,
ribs, tiicreased on pressure; sometime thi pain
is in the telt side, sometimes the pain is felt nn
der ihe shoulder blade, il frequently extends lo
the mp of Hi shoulder, and is sonieiimrs mista
ken lor the rheumatism in the rtuht arm, Thn
siomsch is affected with toes of appetite and
sickness; the bowels, in general sre coanve,
sometimes alternating with lux, ihe head is
troubled with pain acconixni-d with a dull,
heavy sensation in the bark part. 1'hers is gen
erally a considerable loss of memory, accompa
nied with a painful sensation of having left un
done something which oueht to have been done.
A slight dry cough is sometimes sn attendant.
The patient complains of weariness and debility
he is easily startled, his feel are cold or burning
and ha complains of a prickly sensation l the,
skin; his spirits are low ; and although he is sal.,
iafied that exercise would be beneficial to him.
yet be can scarcely summon up fortitude enough
to try it. In fact, be disirutts every remedy.
Several of the above symptoms sttend ihe disease
but eases have occurred where few of them ex
isted, vet examination nf the body after death
has shown the liver to have been extensively
deranged. .
This is lo ertily that I have been afflicted for
six yesrs wub ihe Liver Complaint, and applied
to different phyaicians. obtaining temporary re
lief. On hearing of Dr. McLane's Liver Pills I
obtained and used two boxes. I now feel almost
fully restored lo health the Liver Pills have
given ma surprising relief.
S. DAVIS, near Pittsburgh.
fF-ORSERVE None are genuine without
a lac-smile et the proprietor's signature.
Prepared lor the proprietor hv '
Wholesale and Retail Druggist. '
No. 60 Wood st Pittsburgh.
N. C In order that there msy be no mistake
be particuisr and ask for Dr. McLane's Liver
Pills. dec 31
For sale by . At C. BELL, st iheir new brick
store. Main street, Evaneville, Indisna.
Cave V Shaffer's Tonic Itlixliirc.
A certain and speedy cure for Fever Sf Ague
pWHE extensive prevalence in this conn'ry
J of that trouble disesse. Fever and Ague,
and the vast amount ol suffering and distress,
which il hss occasioned, hss iiaturnlly ted to
the adoption of many compounds fur its mitiga
tion and retief.
Amonir the numerous remedies for this dis-!
esse none will be found to effect a cure mote
ipeedily than tho Tonic Mixture prepared by
the subscriber. . . . : t - '.-.
The ingredients of this Tonic nre of a hifchly
aalnatory character, efliicseious in their imme
diate acnon upon t he digestive orgmie, a ud en
tirely harmless as regards subsequent etlects
upon the sjeiein, when lbs disease is removed
the Tonic iMixture being s gentle aperient, in-'
variably carries off nil obstructions in the bow-'
els. and restore tone and vigor to the stomach.
This Medicine is confidently recommended
as a certsiu remedy for FEVER' AND AGUE
and deranged digestive organs, without the
slightest probability o( even a remote deleteri
ous effect. . . .
Frtaleby july6.S34.J . W. & C.BELL.
-'aj' --'3i

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