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1 Kr W bMIIj I
''J i'
NO. 00
On Dollar per aquara of ten lines for first three inser
tions, twenty-rive cent apcr square for each con
tinuance. One-fourth of a column three months, - .- - $8,00
" " " aix months, (renewablo) 12,00
" H one year ' 20,00
One-half column three months " 12,00
" six months, " 18,00
" M one year, " 30,00
Longer advertisements in proportion.
CT All advertisements must be paid for in advance
tinlesa otherwise agreed upon by the parties.
LAW Notice. JOHN INGLE, Jr., Attorney
at Law Successor to Lathll In git General
Collection and Real Estate .4rwry. Business prompt
ly attended to by himself and Horatio Q. Wheeler,
Esq., who is associated with him in the professional
business of the oflioe in which one may always be
& Olficc on First street, below Main. feb25.
LAW Notice J. J. CH ANDLER, Attorney at
Law. Oliice on First st., below Main. ap20.
BAKLK 6c GAKVIN, Attorneys at Law, Evans
ville, la. Oliice in the Court House. wp3 '46.
OltATIO Q. WHEELER, Attorney at Lain Of
fice With J. Ingte.tr. r ir?t st. below Mam. tc'Ja.
JAMES G. JONES, Attorney at Law, Office on
t'irat street, below Main. ap23 tf.
Q R. IIAMILL, ;ltory at Law, Offico
in the
KJt Court Uouse, tirst floor.
ap23 tf.
EN. STLNSON, Jr., Attorney at Law, Office en
first et., below .Main, myunm-
A. CORBET, Nolan Fublic Office on Main
St., opposite the Dank sep 11 '45.
Surgeim. first St., above Main, Evansville. ap20.
EDICAL. GEO. D. WAI KER, Physician J
5nrg'.,coriicrol' Vineand First its. Ijy 16 '45
MEDICAL. D. Sc. J. MORGAN, Fhysiriant
and Surgeons, Oilice on First St., between Main
and Sycamore. ap20 tf.
BRAY &.CASSELBERRY, 1'hystciunt and f,w
giont, First at., above Main. np23 tt
JANE Si. WALKER, rhysicans and Surgeon,
J Office on First street, a lew dior? above Alain,
Evansville, Ind. aug 31,'4 f $ io-tf.
rpR A ETON & VV EEVER.rA.v.ticion $- Surgeons,
L Oilier on First St., near the Sherwood House.
N. B. Dr. Wi'tvi'm residence U on Second St., first
door below Rev. Mr. Dodge's church. my 25 tf.
ITfOOLSEY Sc. N EION.romm issinn Merchants A-
W Aucfiri-,Main,OddoorfromSecondst. a27
PAYLOR it HARVEY, Commission and lor
MH,r,li,in Al rrhartlt. Watcrct.. hviHwvilli', lmli
ann. Have ai.-o a Inriw, nw wimn-noaj wnure iney
will receive anu suire irrigiii ure ui urayngn. ujkj
I "! AUKLNGTON, HANNAH & CO., Forwarding
X X. am' Commission merchants. Water St., opposite
the wharl bout, hull continue to receive mid tor-
word on liberal terms. ap 2 1 tf.
f"1 M.'.HUGII, F.ishion.ihl Tailor, Water St., op-
poite the sletim boat landing. IdecJl ly.
O'NEII, Fashionnhle Tailor, First st , nlxve
Main neai the Shcrwtwid Houst. ap20 ly
M HOLDEN, Tailor,
street, over
Scantlin's tin-shop.
1T7"M. M. MORRISON, Taulor, Mainst .onedoor
vV from the corner of Second. Solicits a share of
the patronage of the town and country. apf4 ly.
J II. BIRTH, Stonr-Cuttcr.-
near the canal briilge.
-Shop on Main st.
op 24 ly
2 T A I LOU I N( J. The undersigned wouldin
if form tlie citizens of Evnnsville thathetitillcon
if f linues to carry on the alnivo buhiness in all its
branches, and respectfully soliciis a thare
public patronnsre.
Shop on the East sidof Mnin tt., one door from the
corner ol iirsst. inp'JU ly A. 1J. UK AD T.
M. RENSCHLER, B!a kmith. Shop
nn Locust street, ounu.-ito the Sherwood I( ,1
llouw. Every tliimr in my ine don-v L
with neatness and dispatch, give nic a call ap i
t C GUNS and Pistol Just n cived by
2i Charles Keller, on t?econd street, at the
ign of the "Golden Key," a Inrg- and well selected
stock of Grss and Pistols of all kinds, which he offers
lor selo at very low price for cash. Also Gun Locks
ol every description. All kinds of repairing el Guns
I isiois, uoor Liocks, c.,Uone to order, my IjTiii.
Jlarge a.-sortrnent of Blacksmiths Tools,
i-Lnwmely, Anvils, Vices, liellows, Rasps,
Files, etc., etc., constantly on hand and
for sale low by may 41 A. LAUGH LIN
The Co-partnership heretofore existing between
William Bell and Crawford Boll, under the firm of
W. Sc.. C Bell was dissolved on the 2'Jd inst., by the
withdrawal ol William Bell. The business will in
future be conducted by Crawford Bell who alone is
authorized to clse and adjust the business of the con
aug 24 1S17. CRAWFORD BELL.
HAVING disposed of my interest in the Drug
Store to C. Bell, my late Partner therein, thu
business will be carried on hereafter by him at the
same stand on Mun Street.
I take pleasure ia recommending his house to a
continuation of that cncotirrtcmciit heretofore fo
liberally bestowed by my friends and the public gen
erally whilst connected Willi him.
aug 24 1847. WILLIAM BELL
NOTICE. Being desirous of closing up the af
fairs of the late firm of W. &. C. Bell, as soon a3
practicable, all persons having claims against the firm
will please present them for payment and those in
debted will plcaje clo.-e th"ir accounts cither bv cas-h
or note. C.BELL,
aug 24 18-17.
I f?"" 1 i ii t' subscriber begs leave to
a mi -r. . i i uiloriii tho ciiicns of Evensville
that he continues to manufacture Bread, Rusk, Cake
and Crackers of all kinds, fresh every day, of the
best materials and in the best manner. He will also
Keep constantly on Hand tor sale by the barrel or re
tail, the best article ot Hour. He is determined to
picae the tastes ol lus patrons and hopes to receive a
iiDcrai snare oi p:uronBt;e. ills stand is on .Mam st
nxt door to Jese T. Lamb's s'nrp.
r 25 tf. Nicholas nx.
Wholesale aud Retail Dealer in American,
EuglUh & German Hardwares Cutlery.
Main Street, Fvansoille, Ind.
1 ME subscriber has on hand ana is
now opening large and general
assortment ot American, English and
German Hardware and Cuilerv, to
which the attention of Country Merchants
aud the trade is invited. Hi stock is well
assorted and of direct importation. His
intentioii is to sell goods lower than ever Before offer
ed in this market. The Block is composed in part ol
the following, viz :
. 100 sett Knives and Forks, white, black, cocoa, ebo
ny, bone and stag handles:
50 doz. Pen and Pocket Knives, a.ssorted;
20 " Rogers & Son's warranted do 1 to 4 blades;
30 " Wastonholm & Son's do sup. do do;
' 2 " Superior Cur ran s- . .
CO u Wade'B Superior Butcher Knives;
30 " Russell's do do do;
10 " Wade &r Butcher's barber and other Razors;
5 " Rogers & Son's do do do;
A superior assortment of work and pocket Scis
sors; .
A superior assortment of Baiters an J Tailors
A superior assortment Woman's cutting out Shears;
do do Lamp and Paper do;
COdoz. Sheep Shears;
30 " Waldron's Grass and Corn Scythes;
30 " Harris' do do do;
5 " Inman's Bramble Scythe;
lO Colbn'n. nnd Kirnr's. and Hunt's Axchi
Socket, loiiu handle, canal, coal and grain sliovcl.i
of Ames' Taylor's and Rowland's make;
Ames and Rowland Spades;
Manure and H.iv Folks:
Butt and table Hinges of Greenwood, Clark am
Baldwin s make:
Knobs, Dead, Pad, Chert, Tin, and Cubbard Locks;
Bolts and Latches ofeverv variety;
Brass Round Head, and Wood Screws, all sizes;
Bed Screws, flat and square heads, 6, 61 and 7 in.;
Jacks, Brads, Sparables and Finishing Nails;
Bright, Black and Hollow Augurs;
Rowland's Mills Cross Cut, Pit and Hand Saws;
Bringhurst and Karby's Mill arid Cro&e Cut Saws a
tupenor article;
iir.j:. in i . T- ..J c. :
AuaiLiiU kiiiwfui - . .
baw r lies:
Curry Combs, Horse, Wool, and Cotton Cards;
Seives and Riddles;
Horse, Shoe, Scrub, Wall, Cloth and Hair Brushes;
Wilson's, and Parker and White's, lion Hopper
Box plain and covered Coffee Mills;
Hunt's shingling and lasting Hatched;
Pittsburo Patent Broad Axes;
Patent Ballances and Stulyards, all sizes;
Rifle Barrels, brass and iron Gun Mountings;
Houso, lea, and Hand liens;
Trace Chains, 6J and 1 feet No.'s 3 to 4 assorted "
from 10 to IS inches.
Halter, r ifth, Dog and Jack Chains;
Cat Steel and Iron weeding- and Corn Hoes;
Pecging, Sewin" and Brad Awls;
Fish Hooks arid Lines;
Shutter Lifts and Screws ;
Window Fastners;
Sash Pullers;
Brass, Iron and Japaned Candle Sticks and Lampu;
Brittania and Japaned Spoons;
Wood and Iron l'wine Boxes;
Horseshoe and Wraught Nails;
Together with a full and general assortment of all
goods in his line, with a well selected assortment of
Among which may bo found :
73 doz King Uradoons;
30 do Snapple and Wire Citz;
49 do Stirrups, plain, full and half plated;
50 pieces worsted, Cotton and String Web;
NpU do Skirting Leather;
30 doz Pad, red and green, Morroco, Hog, Calf and
Shark Skins;
IS do white Welting Morroco;
SO gross flat and round Log Roller Buckles;
20 do Tiu'd Sham do;
10 doz. Japaned Mullen Bits;
Japaned Cockegers and Pad Screws;
1 latter and Britching Rings, Draw Gouger;
Claw and edge tools, Straing Forks anu Irons;
Pinchers, Creases, &c, ic.
june 26. C. M. GRIFFITH.
50 Custom made Side, four and r?v
halt Straight Head and rail BackSaddles.
5 sett double and finale Ilarnesp;
10 doz. Bridhv and Martingales, offered low to
close the lot. fjuiiu26 C. M. GRIFFITH.
SALT. 300 bbls. Kanawha Salt No. 1. for sale
lower than the agent can sell, by
je 2(i. C. M. GRIFFITH.
STONEWARE-. A few 1,000 gals, still on nand
at a reduced price by je2bj C..V1.GRIFF1TH.I
13 LANES, Ac. A full supply of bench and other
Planes, on hand by Ije2b1 CM. GRIFFITH.
rT " noiesale and Retail
- V I - - .
iuiowi y, jiwi, null, i iA
and Shut Iron Store.
water stbeet. evansville. Indiana.
WE beg leave to call the attention of merchants,
Traders, and Farmers generally, throughout
the Wabash country, Illinois, and the Southern por
tion of Kentucky, to our lartre and verv neneral
Stock of Groceries, Iron, Nails, Tin Plate, Copper,
Wire, Axe, Cotton Yarn and Domestic Manufac
tured Articles. Which we offer for sale at verv re.
dueed prices for Cash or Produce.
The head of the house residing in Pittsburgh, M-ill
enable tis to be regularly supplied with all articles hi
our line. L'eaicrs ana country merchants need not
travel beyond Evansville for a supply of all articles
they may need, and they would consult their interest
by giving us a call, as we are determined to merit a
share of public patronage. The business will be
conducted by
Sir Feathers. Hides. Tallow. Beeswnx. nnd nil
kinds of Produce purchased at the highest market
price. may 4, '47-tf.
WINDOW Glass. An assortment ofAVind
Gla3s. assorted sizes. For side bv
may4 tf. A. LAUGHL1N, Wate st
IltONand Nails. A large assortment of Bar
Iron, 73 tonsor more just received.
Also 400 kegs nails assorted, from 3d to 6 inch
spikes. For sale very low bv
may 4 tf. A. L AlGIlLIN, Water st.
COTTON Yarn. Constantly on hand and fo
sale the best quality of Cotton Yarn by
may4tf. A. LAl'GHLIN Water st.
LUMBER. A large and full assortment of Pine
Lumber, l or tale by
may4 if. A. LAUGHL1N, Water ei.
VALUABLE Real Estate for Sale. Lot
number 69 situated on the corner of Vine and
First streets is offered at private sale until the first
day of November next. The title is considered per
lct, and part of the purchase money can remain on
mortgage. For terms apply to
aiiS :i-tf- JOHN MITCHELL.
Corner of First and locust St. Ecansvffle.
JLJb THE Proprietor of the above well known and
popular establishment, de-ires o return his thanks
tor the very large share of patronire ht-roiofore bestow
ed upon him, and to assure Uiepublic that every ex
ertion will Ue made to iiuiii a contiu'mce of the same.
Hid table shall be well supplied with the best the mar
ket afford his rooms are large and airy his beds un
surpassed in the west, ami every attention v ill be
piveu tor the comfort and ease of vLitors. Terms
moderate ap 24 tf.
JNO. M. APP reswectfullv itifonns t'nt f!
Diillic ireneralll v that he ha l :isul for a LiJL
term ol years, the well known tavern viand in l.v
ansville formerly kept by E. Ehrsain, anJ fitely by
Benj. Nuae. 'i'he house lias been', thoroughly re
paired, and handsomely lilted up ii!i entire new.fur
niture, and those of the travelling puiilic who may fa
vor him with a call, may rest assured that their com
fort and convenience will meet wirheverj" attention.
His Table will always be supplied .iviih the best
that the market jitlords, and hi Bar nirnifliul with
the choicest loquors, carefully felectfcd by an exi)cri
enced hand.
Attached to the Hall, and immediately on the
Public Square, are his Hables, acknowhtlged by all
to be the most spacious and convenient in the place.
Evansvilleliul. JNO.M. APP.
ana 26, is 17 t f.
-iIjil I leave to tender his gratelulS2rrft
j I thanks to his friends and to the travelling public for
lilt; piiuonai; iHTinuioic CAienueu 10 nun ai Ilirt OIU
stand, and loiufoim them that he has removed his
Hotel to the opposite corner, on Main street, which
building is larger and more commodious, and having
been recently fitted up by him, he will be better able
to accommodate those who may favor him with a
call. His rooms and bedding are good, and his table
will at all times be supplied with the best the market
affords. He has epacious stables and a wagon yard
lor the accommodation' of travelers, and his charges
as heretofore will be moderate. He solicits all Ids
stand wheie he believes he can accommodate them
more tolnsovn satisfaction and tlinr comfort.
July 2:-3mow
4-, ALLEN C. HALLUCk, Druggist anfiA
At hPlijrmaevti.it . would call the atiention ol
''the citizens of" Evanaville and and adjoining
towns to his complete assortment ol Drugs,MtdicincH,
Chemicals, i.ils, Uyestulls, tie., &c, Ac All ol
which are carelwlly telected and received fresh from
I HI t . Tkl - l
'? ' "i .If;' '''rL"r'lcl5 "r,w"'1 ,ilv,:r,,)' 0,1
terms wholesale :md retail as fuvoruhle as (he r.amc
quantity and quality can he purchased at any Place.
A tull assortment of Botnnie Medicines. Hoots.
Barks, Herbs, Extracts, Powders, Stc, prepared and
pui up ny me ctiakers.
Hillock's spperior cold drawn No. 1 Castor Oil
manufactured at Ml. Carmel, Illinois.
A lar assortment of Pattern and Family Mode
cines, Essence's. Hair Oil's, Perfumery, Soas, and
ancy arucK s Cologne, liiiy and Kose Water, allot
the best qualities S idlilze and Soda Powders, caie-
tully put up ami oi lull weiulit.
Copal Varnish at ?3 (X), l'3, and SI 75 ixr gal
Ion. ...
Superior Pale French Branch-. P. M. Goddard ,t r.."
Brand, warranted pure, lor medical purposes ouly.
Hallock's WormCandv, a safe and pleasant med
icine to destroy worms in children and improve their
tneir general neann;
Hallock's Cough Candy composed of Ho rebound
Bonesei, &c. for all kinds of raii'di.
At the proprietors prices
Dr. Wood's Sarse.purilla and Wild Cherry Bitters
See advertisement.
Dr. Cpham's Vegitable Pile Electuary See adver
tisement Wildcr's Sugar Coated Veg. Anti-Fevcr Pills See
Dr. VanZaAdt's Health Restorative Veg. PilLv-Sec
Dr. Folger'sOlosaonion.or all Healing Balsom See
Dr. Peter's Vegetable Pills, Worm and Cough Loz
enges. Dr. Ie Roy's Universal Vegetable Tills, composed
of Sarsaarillaand Wild Cherry.
Dr. Porter's Poor man's Curative Sugar Coated
Tills, at lOcents per box.
Dr, Porter's Peor Man's Strengthning Plaster, at
10 cents apiece.
Banes' Tooth-Ache Drops, warranted tocurein all
Overstreet's genuine Linament.and Doctor Beach's
Family Pill.
Dr. Grave's Anti-Fever and Fever and Ague Pills
" " Cholera Infautum and Bowel com
plaint Pill,
Dr. Grave's Tain Extractor, for burns, scalds swel
lings. Rheumatic Pains, tec, warranted to give in
slant relief in all caes.
Nerve and bone Linamcnt, highly celebrated for its
curative powers.
At the New Drug Store; Main street opposite Be
ment &. Vielc's. jylO tf
Wholesale and Retail Druggists,
II AVE removed to their new build-
fKa i"g a few doors above old stand, Main
VvC street, Evansv'Ile, Indiana, and are
C? now rece'vieo from Philadelphia. New
York, and Pittshurk- liie laiest supply of Mtntcivrs.
Prints, On, Dyu-Stcits, Glass and Glassware,
Si-rgical IxsTKi MLxrs, &a everoiTeied in the Evans-
ville market.
Ourcoods areeutiielv fresh, anil have
, - l i . . - , r
oeen nougni in person uoin 1inix)i iers ami mauumc
turcrs onhi. We are therefore enabled toRnnnlv
merchants, doctors, and and all others wanting these
articles, either wholesale or retail, as low as tney can
be purchased in any city West of the mountains.
Those wishing to purchase will do well to give us
a call before going to any other maiket, as we are de
termined to sell at a small advance on pntnc cost.
All medicine leaving our house shall be projerly
packed, and all articles sent toorderrnay be returned
if not genuine, or in any way defective, at our ex
pense. N. B. We will take Flaxseed, Ginseng, Beeswax,
and Feathers, for all giiods sold, or in payment of all
debts due us. janlltf.
MEDICAL Agency. We are wholesale and re
tail Agents for the foilov. ing list of Patent
Wister's Balsom of Wild Cherry;
Taylor's Balsom of Liverwort;
Smith's Tonic Syrup;
Fahncstock's Tamily Medicines;
Cave it Shaffer's Tonic;
do do Ex. Sarsaparilla:
do do Svrup of do;
do do Worm Syrup;
Covert's balsom of Lite;
Starkweather's Hepatic Elixr;
Osgood's Indian Cholagogue;
M'Lane's Vermafugeor Worm Specific;
Bull's I lonev-coated Tonic Tills;
Sands' Fluid Ex. Sarsaparilla;
Brit-tol's do do do.
feb 4 '47. W. &. C. BELL, Main st.
WINDOW and Wall Paper We have a se
leered and full supply of window and wall Pa
per, of latest pattern, Llel? W.& C.BELL
ftd, so.ui;iiii.(; sii ami
T . . 1 1 K L-- I
Tin-'oitaiit to Housekeepers.
I'he oubcr'.bei haviuir .-curtd the Pa- f'"
tent itiirht for tlio fut'iiies of Vanderburgh, Posey,
Warrick, Gilson and Knox, for
Now ohv-rs diem lor si'le, aiier having given them a
thorough tnul, with eve' confidence that they are the
blst io e ever o!i khI. 1 Iiuve sold a dozen or more
to our citizens, no o ie of iiiem could be purchased
for the money p;iid lor them.
This Stove is simple ia its arrangement, avowing a'.l
liability toget out of repair Its economy in fuel; its
strenglliened (dates were exposed to lire; its enlarged
rliie.3, liolJiiiii M suspense so much heated air. its uer-
feetcd summer arraiiuei.tent, where all f mall culinary j
operations, witD broiling and boiling, heating irons
and preserving may !e performed without healing the
stove; ii' perbct draught tinder any circumstances;
its capacity for performance; the small space it occu
pies; the Urge size aiid complete control of heat in its
oven: the smoothness of its castinsrs: the elegance
of its form, milking it a rich and beautiful piece of
lurminre; all constitute an extraordinary combina
tion of teau'T, convenience, nnd dnraUAity, whirr
leaves it without coiiiixuuiou in the whole catalogue
of Stoves.
This store has InUen the first nmminm hoffi nt the
Country Agricultural Fairs and at the American
institute, iev l ork, ami we have numerous tes
timonials of its entire suo-ess in winniiiL' its way to
public favor amid the tremenduous compilation of the
The following cirtiiiorites from Gen. Josepli Lane
and others, who have tiicin in use will spi.ak their
worth. t
Evavsvii.t.e Jri.Y 10 H17.
Mr. Thomas Scan.'liii. i: 'l iie Wagar's Troy
Air-tight Cooking stove, that you put up for Mrs.
Iane is an excellent one and she thinks decidedly
the be.t cooking siove thai she has seen, its capacity
for baking is far be'lcr than any stove that we have
tried. Rerpec.liil'v yoeis
We whose names are pnnexed having purchased
from Mr. Thomas Scant I'm Wager's New Air-Tight
Cimking Stove take great pleasure hi recoinmeiuiing
them to the public a- neie;; ihe iest ai raii. d cooking
and baking stove wc have u.sed, the ovens ocing large
baking can be donu equal to an brick oven we have
ever tried and wi hone hull the ordinary fuel used in
stoves, they aio neat in the i stiuclliiesand combines
economy, wiih eveiy necessary convenience and in
every respect il": Ix'st nrt'-!e ol the kind we have ever
used, and would checriuMy recommend them to all
persons in warn of a ikI cooking stove.
Evansville lud. J .fly JO. 117.
C. G. 1)( )RS )N.
Jliiublef h en Cook Stoves,'
"Air-Tight Parlor" seven
I also keep on hand tlio
"l'i i mi urn Ciok Sioves,'
mil ten plate, Cannon, ami o.her Moves ofeverv va
riety and pattern, and wh ch lcaii afford and will sell
at unusual low pi ices ;dl 1 us!. U to have those wiih
ing to purchase to give me a c ".
I. B. Any quan.i'y d' TIN WARE on hand as
usual, and u'l work In Uiut line made to order and on
short notice, at short price.
Sycamore Ft. near Lnughlin a corner, and Water
st.. .Hloors from corner of Maine.
Wholesale Jroeers Ac Produce Merehants.
If AVEon hand aud are daily re- "
(pt""-. J) c''v'g ad.ii ions to iluir large (-,s 'i
2Ilk nnd well selected slock of tiro- V' r"
ceries, wnKfi are ottered upon liwial terms to the
J.'iO sacks prime Rio CoflLe,
bo lihils. Sugar,
I ki blI; Molasse",
20 " refined Loaf Sugar.
I'm packages Mackerel, Nos. 1, , 3,
50 boxes prime a ml low priced . . gmia Tobacco,
100 pkgs. Imperial, t.uupowder ,: Hyson Tea,
JO sacks lVpp-r ;'.id Spice,
Together wiiiiaiu'l and complete assortment -ol
groceries of all kinds. ap 20 tf
C'ify lticeii-v:ire JLl!tallisIinicii(.
J con," from Liverpool, a lull and comiiletet J
W assortment ol Qh-hish iiu and China, con- 7
consis'ing, iu part, of:
f lowing Blneillnner, fa and toilet setts complete;
Cambrian China do do do do do;
American Flag do do:
White and figured Chil a tea setts, complete;
White Granite atid common wore, oi'eveiy descrip
tion, which having been iwpoi i'd o'irrct from the pot
teries in England, tho nbscri!f rs flatter themselves
that tliey can supply their customers and the public
generally at as towjnicts pi Jon as advantageous
terms as'can I 3 ioninl in nnvof i lie E istein cii:!,and
to which the ai lent ion of the merchants i.i the nir
ronnding country is respect mlly invited.
Having engaged the sei v'cesoicxperienced wekers
are enabled to re-pirk vaie erire.iilly; and wi!l b
warranted fnifroM brin.ie v.'v !i proper rate in hand
ling. BAi.OH'K. ui;iithii;h,
ap20 tw tf. No?. 1 1 St 1 1 Vater-street.
wholesale nnd rrt.id dealers in I)n If1.
L? ('itih, Uimls andSht.ts, Unmuls. Hut
Vc.rl c Have iast reccivi il iheir soring slock of Ircsh
and tashioiiab'e (!oids, which thi-y arc prepared lo
olli-r toCoiliry MerehaiiH on sood terms.
Purchasers ore requested tocall and examine
tlx.'ir stock. ap2ti twt wtf.
Spring and Sninmer Coods lor Gentlemen.
JOHNSON vtCIIANE, V,rohr stmt, are opening
n splendid assorimrnt of
Cloths, Cassimeres T weeds;
White and plaiil Drillings;
Stripe and plaid Linen;
Silk and Marseille? Ve-tings;
Blackand fancy Satin Stocks;
Black and fancy Cravats;
Panama and Braid Hat-1;
Fashionable Beaver and Siik Hats;
Si'k and (J.mc Merino tinder shirts;
Fine Miwlin Shirt wiih Linen Bosoms;
Clo:!i, H i'.r and Tooth Brushes;
Gloves. Hosiery. & c, vt c. ap20 t Wvi wtf.
JII. MAGHEE Sc CO., have this day associated
with them Isaac Keln, in the
Wholesale Jokbin? Business,
Which will hereafter be transacted under the name
anu svyie oi tr.e om nrui.
and style of the old firm.
J. II. MAltllI&o.
Evansville, July 21.
aug 7 tf
"CoRNrR eiF Main asd First stki pts. rT23T.
I j.-t. ; The subscribers would respectfully , -i-sj.
i inform their friends and the public tfsSWk
that they have remeved their Dry Goods from
the "Corner" to the ad joining store formerly oc
cupied by Ahlering fc Bruininer as a Clothing 'Store,
where they will coniinue the Dry Good Business and
will receive regular accessions to their stock from
the Eastern cities. They have also received and are
just opening at the corner of Main and First, a large
and well selected stock of Groceries, comprising
nearlyevcry thing in .the Grocery line wnieli they will
sell at the lowest price for Cash or Produce.
Country and city merchants are reijin-Med tocall
and examine theirsiock. FOSTER & JOHNSON.
Evrinsil!e. June .t. 1:1 r.
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Iron, Nails
Tin plate, Foreign A- Domestic Li
quors and Groceries in general.
U'uiir strut, above Miin, EcantiiUc, Indiana.
WOULD respectfully invite the attention of coun
try Merchants, and the trade in general, to
their large and well selected stock of Groceries,
Wines, Liquors, Tobacco, Segars, Boston Nails, ike.
One of the firm is spending the entire summer,
making purchases' East; and wiih a perfect knowl
edge of the western trade, and buying for casii only,
we feel confident that we will be uble to aflord goods
as cheap as they can be bought in the West, aug 31
.-o-ac-a FRESH Teas. Just received and now
5 ; ready for inspection 2tH) packages of Tea.
i -jisAn assortment selected with great care espe
cially tor the Evansville Maiket, for sale bv
augUl-tf. ALLI.S & HOWES.
BALTIMORE Oysters.-Prepared
and put up without seasoning by Holt
Malibe. wnrrnntcfl to keen in nnv rli-
mate; rons'autly on litind nnd for sale bv
aii Si-It. - - ALLIS &.' HOWES.
P7f 2(Ki d.7"n assorted Tumblers;
J " " fiiie,cul and com. Decanters
20 " ' Syr. Cans ,V Molasses Jugs;
'JO " Jars a-sorteil sizes;
15 " Cruets.
Together with Salts. Di.-lies, Lanterns, Gohlets, etc.,
etc., jus received an 1 lor sale very low bv
auJl-tf. AL1.1S &. IiOWES.
rpi) SMOKERS. The best assortment of
Ever below the tails of the Ohio river i now offered
lor sale bv the siibscii!ers. Wu name
La O, leans;
Regalia Ne Plusl'ltra;
Colorado Claro;
Para 'I'odos;
P;.-i.les lnanv other Brands. Every taste ran be
suited. au31-tf. ALUS & HOWES.
OBAC'C'O. The undersigiHd have on hand one
I, e.f thelargeiri and liest assortments ot manufac
tured Tobacco iu the Went, 'irginia, K'eu'ucky, Aiis
soui i, and Jnd' una Brand. Among late arrivals are
the Wowing:
20 boAcsSeldon end Anthony's ."i lump;
2'. " King's 8 lamp;
It' " Entler's il lump;
10 " 1. Hare s 12 lo;
1 " W. 11. Hare's pound lump;
ltl " Seldtm and Anthony's pound lump.
All superior Virginia Brands, elected by a con
noisseur and bought for cash, on which teitn they
will W fold at a very small advance by
au Jl-tf. ALL1S &. I IOW ES.
The Sulwcribcr has now on hand a lot of line m,'
F7r and is making up in the lw;st style Ji,t llj.y,
which is admitted by all to be the let liread now ea
ten. Call and try it. NICHOLAS FIX.
P.S. 1 have fresh brea.l baked every day. seplKtt.
It-'. j POCKET Rook Fond. A po ket
M .:'":T-i J wallat containiiiL' a lew dollars anu some
LjI papers, which owner can have bv describ
ing tho sa mo and paying for ti.M notice sep D-:tt. I
RECEIVED, per steamer Diana:
ft bbls pnri lied Sugar, " : "
10 bbls and 1 bbls Sugar House Mo!a ;
2 casks Boston Salncrattis.
jo 2'J, tf.
Importers and Wholesale Denlers in
No. rJti Main Street, near Third, Lovisvite, Ki ,
ARE now receiving direct from the English and
. American Manulacturers and Jmiorters their
Fall stock containing the choicest aud U.-t selected
and assorted stock of
ever offered in tins niarltrt. Our tuwk is heavy and
contains a much creatcrvanety than can be found in
any similar establishment in the West, and at prices
that cannot fail lo give the most entire s-ili.-faciiou.
Our fciock of Tabic Pocket &Cutlery,in extent and va
riety, cannot be equalled by any establishment in the
West er surjiassed by any in the East. We solicit
an examination of eroods and prices upon your visit
to Ijouisville this fill, when we shall be pleased to
wait upon you. aiig"i-;tin.
l, ill Si, -,r per Ki-bel loi Cii-lur Reans.
L G( W4 As I t )R BEAN S, .'in Silver,) del i verable
at my Sn4-ftii Ix-ad anil Od Wo. ks, in St. Louis, from
1st September to 1st t K'tober next.
Corner Clark Aenue and Tenth stiei i.
St. Louis, August 20lh, lf47.
C L E A N I' I. A X - S E E I ,
T.1R which I will pay the hi'he,-! markei price in
JT Silver, delivered ai alnive. P.lOW.
aug 24, tit.
THE subscriber will kell one or both ol his dwelling
Houses on Main stre t East of the canal, eacn
lot is 21 feet on Main street running back to thealle) .
One third ol the purchase money paid down, the re
mainder in twelve and eighteen months,
aug 24 2m. D. F. GOLDSMITH.
VDMIN1STRATORS Sale Will be sold at
public auction at the House of the late Gustavm
Copley iu Texas, all the personal projicrty of the said
decedent, viz: Household Furniture a complete pen
of Carpe-nter's Tools, Cows; Hogs, one2 Horse Wag
on, entirely new, a quantity of Brick, &c. tec. A
credit of six and nine months will be given upon all
sumsoverthreedollars, the purchaser giving note and
sutlicient security, also waiving all reJief from valua
tion or appraisement law. The above sale to com
mence at 10 o'clock A. M. on Saturday the 25th of
Sept. 1S47. D. CHUTE, Adm r.
sept. 4.
BY virtue of an order of the Probate Court of Van
derburgh County, made at its August 'IVrm. A
D., IS 17; the undersigned administratrix of the eslaie
of Daniel Miller, will expose to sale at public auction
on the premises, in the City of Evansville, on tlieisoih
day of September next, all of I.ot iiuiuIht thirty-one,
in the original plan ol the City aforesaid, wiih all the
improvements thereon. Said Lot will be sold in tliree
separate pieces, each fronting twenty -live leet on 1 irst
street, and running back t0 feet . to an alley in the
Term of SiU:-One third of the purchase money
in hand, and the balance in two equal payments at
and twelve months Irom the day of sale: the urcha
er giving his note with approved freehold recuri'y,
and waiving stay or valuation laws.
Avj ?S,-4t-pr- fee .! 50.

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