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From the Boston Times. ,
During our sojourn in Philadelphia, last sum
mer, we one day accepted an invitation to vis
it the Penitentiary there. We had letteT3 to
the kind hearted "Warden, Mr; Scatttiigootj,
(a most appropriate name, by the way) who
extended to us all the. courtesy we could have
.desired. We were conducted through the
Prison, and in company with Mr. S. we enter
ed several of the cells. The Superintendent
learning we were from, Boston, informed us
that a prisoner was confined there, for passing
counterfeit money, who hailed from Massachu-1
setts. He had been there some two or three
years, and we found him a very intelligent ,
man. His cell was exceedingly cleanly, and '
upon a table in the corner, we discovered scv- j
eral standard books, a bible. &c. which cave I
evidence of having been thoroughly read by
the prisoner. He was said to be very indus
trious, and certainly appeared comfortable un
der the circumstances. His name was George
. He remarked that he was very glad
to eee any one from Boston, and seriously re- j
gretted that he should have been one of the
few Bostonians, comparatively, who had ilis-
graced the honored name of the Old Bay State.
He was happy, apparently, and as we parted
we shook his hand, and remarked that it was
possible we might call on him again in a few
weeks. 'You will be sine, Sir, ta find me at
home! said he with a smile, as we left the door
pf his cell !
As we entered the reception room once
more, a bulky despatch was handed to the War
den by one of his deputies, and upon opening
it, he informed us that it was a pardon for one
of the convicts. We enquired if it would en
croach upon the prison rules under such cir
cumstances, to accompany the Warden to the
cell, while he should read it to the prisoner,
and were kindly informed that we could join
him. We soon reached the cell, where we
found a freth faced young man, of perhaps
twenty-four, who was busily engaged at a little
loom, weaving.
'Good morrow, John,' fcaid the Warden,
blandly, as we entered.
'Good morning, Sir.'
'Thee keeps busy, John?'
0, yes Sir, but it's very dull.'
Docs thee tire of work, John?'
No Sir but J think of home:
And thee would like to visit home once
Oh, Sir if I could but do so'
'And thee would not return again?'
'I would try to deserve belter, Sir.'
Well, John what would thee say, if I should
tell thee I had a pardon for thee?'
Oli. Sir, udi news would b too good.
But thec would like to hear it?'
I care not for myself, so much,' said the
poo prisoner, and tears filled his eyes 'but
fc for my w if.; and child, I would be so happy
'And thec would fchun wicked company,
'Oh yes, and 1 would labor for my wife and
little one'
Well, John, here is thy pardon, continued
thf fmihil nld limn m-iil lirc vn-wl ilnnni..i
O ' " ' "11' Jll .lull Wlli UUVUIJlT-Jb
which freed this unfortunate, being, who had
un.11 im uujiu vi u.uei iw.ums. C Mill uie
pleasure of seeing him released, after a three
years confinement, and of learning that he join-
ed his young family, to whom he has since
been a faithful guardian.
' We passed out to the ante-room again
where we encountered a new comer, who had
. just reached the prison as we entered. He had
j been scut up for five years, on a charge ofem
j bezzlenient.
t .. 11. ,1 r 1 t t , . .,
He was eleCantly attired in the latest style .
of fashion, and possessed all thc nonchalance
and devil me-care appearance, of a genteel row
tly. He twirled his watch chain, looked par-
ticularly knowing at a couple of ladies who
chanced to be present, and seemed utterly in
j different about himself or the predicament he
j was placed in! The 'Warden read his commit
i mcnt, and addressed him with
'Charles, I am sorry to sec thec here.'
S It can't be helped, old fellow!
j 'What is thy age, Charles?'
I 'Twenty-three.'
' A Philadelphian?'
i . 'Well kinder, and kinder not?'
'Thee has disgraced thyself, sadly.'
Well I ain't troubled, old cock.'
Thee looks not like a rogue.'
'Matter of opinion!'
'Thee was well situated,"
Yes well enough'
'In good employ.'
'Well so so.'
And thec has parenfsT
Perhaps thee has a molticr, Charles.' . The
convict had been standing during this brief dia
logue perfectly unconcerned and reckless, un
til this last interrogatory was put. Had a
thunderbolt struck him he could not have fal
len more sudden than he did w hen thc name
of "mother'' fell on his ear! He funk into a
chair a torrent of tears cashed from his eves
Uie very lountam 01 His heart seemed to have
burst on the instant! He. recovered, partially
and said imploringly to the Warden
Don't you, sir for God's Kike, don't caller
" . ... 1 l,- 1 1 , x
TTamein tnis dreadlul. place! Do what you
way with me, but don't mention that name io
, -
we I
There were tears in other eyes besides the
prisoner's, and an aching silence pervaded the
group who surrounded the unfortunate con
vict. '":
The black cap was drawn over his eyes, lie
was led to an adjoining apartment and stripped,
and shortly afterwards he re-nppeared upon the
corridor. He passed s-ilrntly on, in charge of
a deputy keeper, to a lonely cell in a distant
part of the prison, the door creaked on its hin
ges, he disappeared, the chain dropped from
the outside bolts, and Charles was a close
prisoner for live long years to come !
We left the prison with heavy hearts, reliev-
ed however bythe reflection that this was one
of thc st devised institutions of its kind in
thc world, (notwithstanding the libels of
varies j ana mat. us aununibirauuu m
the hands of JIr- Scattergood secured to its un-
fortunate inmates the most "eoual and exact
IN retiring from the retail trade we would return
our thanks to thc citizens of Evanaville and vicinity,
for their literal patronage during so long a period of
years. And in return for their kiudness, we would
say, that if they wLh to purchase any Goods by the
piece or dozen, at wholesale priced, we would be
happy to see them at the "Old Stand" on Main street.
Evaxsville, Sept. 23d, 18-17.
. ... Vr Jj JL'ST Received per steamer "Muscie
r e ' X
fc- m-ll INO.
2u hit Pipes superior Port Wine; ' i
2 do do do Madeira;
4 do do Pcigr.ette Brandy;
3 hhds St. Croix Rum;
2 do Pure Spirits;
2 do Madder;
3 cases Indigo;
1 bhle Nutmegs;
1 hhd Cassia;
1 bbl Camphor;
5 do Urd Ginger;
6 bags Race Ginger; -30
do Pepper;
3 kegs Salt Pet re;
5 do Raisins;
30 baxes Ground Spice?;
15 bags Java Cofteo;
40 Packages Tobacco, all choice brands.
For cole low for cash by ALLlo & IK J WES,
sep 22-tf. Water street, above Main.
Cor. ITIaiu and First St., Evansville.
Wholesale and Kctail Dealers in Pry
Goods, Groceries, Hardware. Cut
lery, Clocks, Collec, Sugar,
iUoiasscs, &c, i&c, Ac.
ti :.. : l:- 1
: nrl-i ctlrll nf Fnll nnfl WintPif-"
lino iu reer.veu 1113 ir:e an-vr-H
Goods, consisting of Ha to nnd Cnps of the best qimhty
ond most fashionable description. Ladies nnd Gents.
Pools nnd Shoes, Clocks, Looking Glasses, super
lino French. English, nnd American Cloths, Cassi
meres, Ijatinctts, Jeans, Tnilor 'Primings, tc.
A splendid assortment of French, German, En
trust! nnd American Lalicoes, timgnams, Alnpaccns,
lelninrs, tine nnd sucrtin? Cloth and best Lyon's
1 hibet Miawls Irom tJ to $20 each.
Which he offers for sale as low as ennbv bought in
nny bniu. ia tk ..l..i....iiiUf . MliIiuiiij tyuuIiI
do well to call nnd examine the stock before purcha
sing eiscwiiere.
OCT AH kinds o" Produce &.C, fa ten t'n exchange.
scp 18 Gmo.
R ALLEN, Hatter, (.1 practical Mechanic
Jrom iYfio York,) begs leave to offer his pro
fessional services to the citizens of Evnnsville nnd
He has opened the Store, corner of Main and First
streets, with a lartitock of Hntsniid Caps of every
quality and style; jot iip or selected by himself witii
great care, exclusively for the fill trade of this section,
mid which he is resolved to sell at such nrices as to
make it the interest nf nil, ia want of such articles for
tnc iica.i, to deal with him.
Gentlemen desirous to treat thenirrlvcs or friends
ton beautiful Moleskin of thc celebrated Bobcc Si
Costars present fall fashion, just got out by express
from New York, would do well to call early Ih fire
th lot is dispofed of.
A lot of splendid l'eaver Hats, an extra fine arti
cle on hand, and nb o every variety of Caps.
Gentlemen can have any description ot Hat made
to order at tliisestaK'iMitucnt.
Evansville, Pep. l?-tf
Stnto of Indiana, Sprr.eer County, ss.
Proluite Court of S;encer County, in vacation.
William May, lat? of
j-neneer county nnd siatc
ot' Indiana, deceased.
?nlly Ann Pinkston nnd
John Pinkston, her Hus
band, Mary Elizabeth May
Martha Jane Mnv, Cather
May, nnd William W
M ay, her 1 fusbnnd, John A
Petition for the Sale of
Kent instate;
Mnv nnd William J. May.
NOW at this time, to wit: on the 4th day of Sep
tember, A. D.. 1S-17, cornea the above named
plaintiff, and files his petition against the nbovc
named defendants in the otlicc of the Clerk of said
Court Praying said Court to authorize said plain
tiff to sell certain real Estate situated in said county
of Spencer of which said William Mav (lied seized, tor
the payment of certain legacies bequeatiied by his
last win ana testament pursuant to the directions in
said will contained
And it appearing by the affidavit of a disinterested
person filod in this cause that all of the above named
defendants except Sally Ann Pinkston nnd John Pink
ston her husband, Mary Elizabeth May, and Martha
Jane May nre non-residents of the State of Indiana.
Therefore the said non-Resident defendants nre
hereby notified of the filing and pendency of said pe
tition and that the same will be heard in our said
Probate Court on thn first day of the next term there
of inthc town of Rock port in said County, on the sec
ond Ionday of Novemlwr next or as soon thereafter
ns Council can be. heard. When and where; the said
non-Rpident defendants may appearand show caure
it any they have or can show why thc prayer of saiJ
petition should not be granted.
' By S W. F.mr Fit 1.0 1. P.
Jons II. Smith E?q. Att'y for Petitioner, scp t'3-?t.
BY virtue of an order of the Prohnte Court of Van
derburgh County, made nf its August Term, A.
!., 1S47; the undersigned administratrix of theestate
of Daniel Miller, will expose to sale at public miction
on the premises, in the City of Evansville, on thc'.SOth
day of Septem! r next, nil of I,ot number tbirtv-one.
:.i l..Lnlil..e:. r .i -n .
111 in ini;iM:u jinn n ui'-vnv nitiresTiu. wiin nil me
improvements therein. Said I,ot will hesold in throe
! serrate pieces, each fron.in.' twenty -rivefec t on First
' s,rctt' n,lJ running back l.vi iwt to un alley in the
j " VVrm of Sah-One third of the purchase money
'"n'- nd the balance ii two rqunl payments nt six
i nnd twelve montlntroni the dav ol sale; the purriins-
rririvim; his note with approved freehold Fcunty,
nnJ vinginy w"1"";'';"'"-T ,,
I r-Al( All id ILLl.It, Adm'x.
' Aua . SV-J'-prS; 6-ct-VO.
Corner of Main and Water St., Evansville.
"lT7"OCLD respectfully invite the ci'.izensof Evans
v V ville and vic'.uity to examine one of thclarg;st.
newest and most fashionable stocks of Foreiirn ami
Domestic Fall nnd Winter Dry-Good.-, beinir the
latest arrivals in o ir city, which wcare this morning
opening, nnd would be happy to Ktiow to nil tUoic
who will favor us with n tail.
A lnnm nnrtinn tttij ctn.-.k l,i!lfT trnn cnli.pti-l
with a view to suit the wholesale tra3e to which we
respectfully invite the attention of Merchants visitin?
our city. To our old customers we say come, as
we nre prepared to sell on better terms "than eer.
To our retail visitors we shall bo pleased to show our
goods, believing that they will find them as well se
lected, as pood, and consisting of as creat variety
and ns cheap ns any stock ever oflored in this
place. scp lo tf.
BEAUTIFUL Plaid, plain black; and fancy
Silks; French Scotch and American Ginghn'iis,
nlso Plaids, Chnmiias, Embroidered, lUienti Vli'tn,
Crape, Twilled and Oregon Plaids; Fancy Delaines
and Cashmeres; plain and fiirured black nnd fancy
Alapaca; Enli-h an i Ameriean Calicoes of
every variety and of the latest and most tiishiona'-'c
Fall and Winter styles this day received and tor
eale low nt wholesale and retail by
H. & W. LEWIS,
scp 23-tf. Corner of Main and Water street.
CLOTHS and Cassimers. French. F.nglish
nnd American blue, black, drab, invisible green
and steel mixed CI0U13 and Cassimers, tit wholesale
and retail low, by G. & W. LEWIS,
nep liJ-U" Corner Mail and Water street
Vostinsrs Clentleinan's Cravats. A-c.
ILK Velvet Plaids, do Worsted nnd Cotton, black
Satins, nbiin nnfl fnnrw (Irni-flM tt.ia ilnv rn.
ctived and lor 6aIo very low" by
E. 6c W. LEWIS,
sep 23-t. Comer Main and W titer street.
BLUE, black, steel mixed, gold mixed, drab and
nnd lancy Cussineits.
i'luin, blue, fancy, cohl mixed, steel do, nnd striped
Kentucky Jeans. Also .New Hone nnd Steulieiiviiie,
lirandy, ' Wine, Fisherville, Woodland, iNukeve,
Westminister, lirooklyn, llcrino, and Uocknway
Manufacturie.--, K.r sale low wholesale and retail by
K. &. W. I,EW1S, j
sep 23-tf. Corner .Main and Water strwt.
fT iiats am caps. r-p"
FIFTY cases nssorted HATS ANDH"i
CAPS, consisting in part of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rate
Heaver; 1st, 2nd und 3rd rate Prush; Cerro Gordo;
liuena 'Lta; Silk; Wool and all other varieties.
IjO dozen assorted cups ol the lutcst and mopt fash
ionable Fall ami Winter Styles now on haud and re
ceiving for tale at wholesale and retail by
E. &. W. LEWIS,
scp 23-tf. Corner M.:.in and Water street.
s consisting in part ol
' i.Mens' and IVy
s thick Uoots;
uo do do Kip do;
do Calf lioot;
Also, llents. coarso nnd fine TIrogans;
Ludlos Clalfniiil Morocco Miocm;
do Kid Slippers and Gaiter lktots,
Together with a varied assortment not above men
tioned, atwholsalcand retail low by
E. &. W. LEWI.?;
eep 23-tf. Corner Main and Water street.
THIS day received Butterfly, Polka
9c Imitation ShellPuck Comb, Side do, Pocket do,
Ivory do, Reding do, nnd nil other varieties. For
eale wholesale and retail by
I',. & W, LEWIS,
sep 23-tf. Corner Main nnd Wnter street.
IJonnets, Artificials and Ribbons.
t THIS day received 73 dozen assorted jki?
Florence Brai l, Straw. Devon! and Chio llonnts.
M boxes artificial I lowers of French and American
5'JO nieces Kibbcm white. Lonnet b'aek.fiiiured fan
cy cap, colored 'Pallida, black Taffa, Gold Satin, nnd
Einliroidcred Pibbono; und for sale low, wholesale
and retail by E. W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tf. Corner Main nnd Wnter street.
tUmbrellas, Flannels nud Tickings.
-jir NOW on hand and receiving r large and
lT!. complete assortment, lor sale low by
E. &, W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tf. Corner Main and W ater street. -
rWsN Uomestics, Cot. Vain, Cot. Ratting,
l--j ALWAYS on hand and for saV low 1 y
E. & W. LEWIS,
sep 3-tf Corner Main nnd Wnter rtret.
T T A Ml If 1' H f l i I f ?:s n,il rnmrrtc
Jinndkerehiets and Coniforts nf every style nnd
price, lir sale by li. v. t.j.,vi.s,
sep 2!-tf. Comer Main and Water street.
rff.rfVi Shawls, Glves, Sus.o
' j ''Ji ponders and Hosiery.
LJ t.;ubroidered Cashmere Shnv. ls0
and till other vatieties. Assorted Stock of Glove?,
Suspenders, nnd Hosiery, now on liand nnd Trceiviris.
For sale low by E. & W. LEWIS, "
sep 23-tf. Corner ?lain and Wnter street.
THIS day received Steel trimmings nnd tassels,
consisting of bag clasps nnd tnssels, purse rings,
purse clasps, steel bcad3, shaded nnd plain mirsesilk.
For sale low by
ti. OC VV. LitWISS,
scp yj-tl
Corner ilain and Water street
At a Probate Court held in and for the County ol
Spencer on the 9th day of August, A. D. 1S47; betbre
the Hon. Kfrzin Wner, Probate Judge
William Jone3 and Thomas C. "
Heady, admr's of Esquire j
Heady, JecU vs. p . . u
Atiilrew J. Ileatly, James i-..,,
Heady, James Powell, Sally Ls,att
Powell, Elizabeth Heady, Nan- j
ey Heady, ah j
Now nt this time come the Petitioners in this cause
by Thus. F. De Under, their attorney, and tile
tiic allulavit of a ilirintcreoted witness from which it
appears tliat James lieaity and Andrew J Heady, two
ot the above named ueieiidants are nuii-resiaiiits.-lt
is therefore Ordered by the Court that thev the sai
James and Andrew J Heady be notilied of thc tiling
an pemii m y oi saia peuuoii uy a ouuiicunon oi iiua
order for three weeks successively in the Lvatisviile
Weekly Journal printed r.nd published in the City of
Lvansvilte endc'rlnirhLouiity and fttatc ol Indiana
And that unb-ss thev ho and appear here on or before
the calling ot tluseause at the next term ot tins court
to be held on the 2d Monday in Novendx r next, nnd
show cauo why the prayer of said petition should
not be granted the same wiil be heard and determined
in their absence and tbia caaiC is continued.
By the Court.
T r-t, JOHN CZ VF01D, Clerk,
scp 23-pf 3. F.y S. W. r.Mcrnxp D: C.
THE Hoiie nnd I,ot in .1 tio iijurih enTargemcnt. of
Evansville, formerly owned by Wm.Town, Esq.
i offered tor sale cheap. App'v to
An t. 26. 1-17. JOHN MITCHELL.
J. H. MAG-HEE & CO.,
ARE now receiving their Fall and Winter Moek of PRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS,
CA1S, lUJNNE'l'S, &C, &c., consistingof about one Thousand Packages of every style and
variety, which they offer to the trade entirely at Wholesale, having retired altogether from the retr.il
These goods were purcliased mostly nt Auction, l.y the Package, by one of the Firm who has a thoroug h
knowledge of the wnrkets; and we can and will sell thorn as low as any House in the West. We invi o
Merchants and Dealers to call and examine for themselves. '
Evansville, September 23-:.f. " ,
JK5"t;awtte, Vmcennes; Resiister. MLCarmel; lvepublican.Shawneetown, and Kentuekinn, Henderson,
will please publith to thc amount of $ J each, and forward pnper containing tame to advertisers, and cliargo
tl'is office.
New Grocery and Provision Store.
Corner ot .Main and Soeond Si., KvansviHr,
. --. - 1 1 Ut i 11 -g tn intitrtu t lip i7n rtf lvnus-
More, 111 lieillv' old stand, on the corner of Main nnd
UK J IIUYU UjJtlllI (X 1JI tl t I V.i I 1U 1.-11M1
Second streets, where they will be thankful for a share
l" i, .
i- i . ' ..,: r 11 1 1 r
1 ue miinest casn prices naia ior uu Kinus 01,
ntrv Hro.luep - '
House Iaiiitieis: and Glazinsr.
Joseph Turnock, thankful for past favors, will con
tinue to pay fetrict attention to ail work entrusted to
his care.
Rcfrlazinrrdone at the shortest notice.
Dif'iieaily Mixed Paints, Glass, and putty always
on nana. scp ls-tt.
Wholesale and Retail dealers ia Iron, Nails;
Xiiiplate, l oreictn Ac Domestic Li"
fjuors aad Groceries in general.
Tl'ufcr Direct, uiiucc Mtiin, Ecansviile, Indiana.
"T7"OULDres:ecifullv invite the attention of coun-
try Merchiiuis, und the trade in general, to!
I their lurijo nnd wi.ll selected ttoek of Groceries,!
j Wines, Liquors, Tobacco, Scgars, Cot-ton Kails, &.C.I
One of the iirm is spending the entire summer,!
j making purchases East; and with a perfect kno'wl-j
ed.'e ot the westi rn trade, nnd buvintr for cash onlv.
we tec! confident tl;at we will tie able to uilord goods;
as cheap aa they can be bought in the West, aug 31
FRESH Teas. Just received nnd now
i ready for inspection 200 packages of Tea.
ciully lor the Evansville .Market, for sale by
aug31-tf. . ALLIS &, HOWES.
EAETiniORE Oysters Prepar
ed nnd put up without Eeasoning by Holt
oc .Maltliy, witrranted to keci) m any cli
mate; constantly on liand and for sale by
nu 31-tf. ALLIS & HOWES.
2i K) doen assorted Tumblers;
SO " " fine.cut and com. Decanters
20 " ' Svr.Cans.SiMolassfcsJuiis:
30 " Jnrs assorted sizes;
15 " Cruets.
Together with Salts, Dishes, Lanterns, Goblets, etc.,
etc., jus received and lor sale very low bv
nu 31-tf. ALLIS &. liOWES.
rr o SMOKERS. Thelwst assortment of
j Ever Indow the lulls of the Ohio river is now offered
tor ale by the subscribers. We name
La Orleans;
Regalia Ne Plus Ultra;
Colorado Claro;
, Para Touos;
Pciilea many other Drands
Every taste can be
suited. Inu.li-tt.j
TORACCO. The undersigned have on hniulonc
ol lhc largest nnd liest assortments of rnanufae-i
turcd Tobacco in the West, Virginia, Ken'ucky, Mis-I
souri, nuo Indiana uranus. Among late nrrivais nre
tiic following :
20 boxes Seidon nnd Anthony's 5 lump;
20 " King's 8 lump;
10 " Emier's 12 lump;
10 " I. Hare's 12 do;
10 " W. II. Hare's pound lump;
10 " St ldon nnd Anthony's pound lump.
All superior V iruuua brands, selectod ly a con-!
noisseurand bought tor cash, on which term theyj
iii oe soiu aia very small advance iy
nu 31-tf. ALLIS &, HOWES.
7" AI.l r A RLE Town Property for Sale
T ni rustic Auction. Uy virtue ot a certain
deod of trustor mortgage dated tiio 6th day of 'uly,!
A D l."M(', between Andrew Huston of the State of
Ohi , of the first rART.Jnmes George Graham, of the!
City of New York, of the sd'Osd tart, and James T.I
Soutter, Kobert Souttcr, Jr.. nnd Alexander Uell, ofi
New York City, acting nnd trading under the firm of
Soutter, Urothers & Co. of the TmuD tart, 1, the said:
James Geonre (rrnhnm in pursuance of a power of
sale in said deed of ttut contained, will on the 2(ithi
,1 . i l.. i 4 n ioi- .1... i 1 1 ...i
iwiy ei --n-iuinT, . v u kii. uv mo t..euaiii;w liuei,
i, V.v..ncvi!i i..tntl ii,.,,fi,wi,u.i, A M
n.l C '..l.,!. i i 1-
said deed of trust or mortfage, by then nnd there ex-j
posing to sale nt public auction the following real es-s
tatcsiiuatfd and being in the county of Vnniierburgln
anil Stae of Indiana, described in said deed of trust as
follows that is to say Ix)ts number sixty-three f("3.1
e in..Jt: r i r. ,u i ' i.'..i .
s-ia. v -i' nu u l, laiiii ty -i e 1 jilt uie e iJer i.ii urt!i;-i
,,, ! r f I--vnnsvillo. in lh , n. tVn,l,r!m,l,
aforesnt.l. fw in-the same lots conveved tothes:,!,! An.i
"uston by James IyelJ,art und wile bv deed;
t II" t
bearintr date tlfe l.Ith day ol M.vch, A 1) IKit'., nnd:
Kcco,-oe.linI( ok "C"nt pasres 550 and 351 of the Re-j
:onls of Deeds ofVnndcriunrh County.
hliTi.-Irr I
at ia reel or portion ol lot number one-
r.,1 .xvrntv-two in tlie OrinRI l'lr.n f fni,l
town of Fv ,n vilh, whie.h was rnnvpv,,! to th s.i.l
AmlrPw ll.ut.iM bv (ieon'o V. Lvon nd wite. nnd
y George F. Lyon nr:d wite, nnd,
'd wife, by,leed lated Octoler 25th :
John R. Wilcox an
thellcetoUsoulh west corm. of said I
thence on the line of said Lot to the place ot beainnine
' in lli. nlniui nl I :,.;
A DISH, and recorded in book '-J-at paPe353of lu,el te lue uul bulu 1 " or a8iwnimUyM wi
the reconis ..toresaid, the same being bou.ia.ea and de-j UT)llivilk.d half ofthe fi1m.inR reRl tat0
St 1 rndS'aT In-wcst corner of said J in the county of V nnderburgh ' nnd Stnte
numlW 122 on Third street and runnine thence on' otf Indiana, and tliua .lescrilKxl.to wiu a lot or parcel
the line of said lot sixty-six ket, thence at rishtl "f:,ia l!dheJ W' ol.L!a.R.sv!11,krlown ani1 ''f8'
Also, the undivded one-half of Fractional li . "A'so one unoivmea ourm oi iiriction r
umbert wo 2, in the Lower or MeGury's Enlarged ln,6a,111 olargeincnt subject to he conditi
rent of the aforesaid Town of Evansville, containg nutttiona contMne.i n the Deed of Nntha,
ijr nbout three-fourths of an acre : V0 Ap103 C1",k ttnd 1 rancl9 Alnory or E0
Also, the undivided one-fourth of Fractional Lot
number one 11, in said Enlargement Inst aforesaid,! f 18,- ulu; ",,U'V " l;c "" "P"'1
: . . ,u 'l.i;.;.. .; i ::lnnd adjoining said lracuon No. two and bounded na
the deed of Nathan Rowley to Amos Clark and. TTfK
a i :.i i.- .: i i ... i i rates said traction N
l raucis jviiio: v 1 r piiiu i rueiinuai uin iiuinuer one: ,i . . ; i
a i.. . .i,..-i:;.i oi r' thirty-two in sail
-y- .... . ii. i .most northerly corner ot said tract ion numlter two,
and adjoining said fractional Lot number two and: .hencewith the middle course of snid .trect
bounurd as follows, to-v.it: JSortli 30 .leg. East, right chains and eight linksto the
Beginmnga he i ended the street which sepcrates. , , f Kvansville to the new Bridge on
saulfractionul Ix,t number to rem Iils seventeen Pigeon crcekthcnce alongsaid roadsouth32deg.Lin
and thirty-two tn sa:d last mcm,,, ,l reiMit. E lU c, a5n9 anJ eet-enly-five links to tlTow,.
, nrty tret from the niost nor thorly raw J sn.d of E;.ansvill tUcncc nlong fid lowa i0 J, 3o nii.
ci" it chriiij-- and ei
Evansville to the Bridge on Pigeon Creek immediate
1,- Str.l WH lh..,ui i.l,.n r.v.d ..t,'
.'" . " i , .:.,. J
thirtv-two degrees nve minutes cast, six chains nnd
s..vp,'.tv.fiv links to .he town of Evansville. ll.enen.
Clark in the vear lb. The said three tracts lan
alove mentioiitd bcing the same the undivided halt
of which was conveyed to said Andrew Huston by(
h'amucl Rogers and William Martin and hia wife, by;
deed dated the 3d dry of July, It 15. Tho aforesaid:
deed of tnktwill be found reco.dod in btKik "N" pages
4iW, 4'."., 5.K) and 5ol of the Records of Deeds of
Vanderburgh county, and the amount claimed to bei
due il...reon at t'ue time of tlie lir.-t publication of lliisj
notice is ,sl t. lui L'ii-l..Ki Ev.in.- i'ie. A ngusi 21 . 1&47.I
J AME.StiliuKGE (jUAHAM, Trustee, j
Baki.u Jt GaiSvi:, Ati'ys. atg 21-Pt p f 20 oo.
rm llll n ine. luiiu ifiiuiiilf iron i l
i i
alongsaul town orty-n.ne degrees and thirty mm u.rs: Janan'of xhla noticeis f 2,H55,76."
west, six chains thirty-eight links thence to the place, And d wi)1 ,ak )lac a, , Ej d
of ljP.e.i.mng, contai img three ac esnnd three-qua tersl ,f,, j h c- . f Evan?vil'leoil the day nnd twueu
and eight rods or therw.lK.uts, being the ; kii no land. h h fa , f meR(1ontd.
sit (i nil l uiht'Hu .'v eii'iiita i. ii.iiit.ii in :i..iu!'
AVholesalennd Retail Dealer in American',
English A: German Hardware V Cutlery.
m Main Siro t, EcanciL', Jiul,
HIE sulisciiher has on hand and 13
now opening; n larirc nnd peneral
assortment 01 American, rjigiuli and
German Hardware nnd Cutlery, tot
which the attention of Country Merchants
and the trade is invited. His stork is well
assorted and of direct importation. Ilia
intention ia to soil poods lower than ever before ofler-
.j i .1. . . s... : . . . . :
jeuiii uiisniarnei. 1 ne siock is composed in pun out-
I the following, viz :
100 sett Knives and Forks, white, black, cocoa, ebo
ny, bone and stag handles:
50 doz. Pen and Pocket Knives, nssorted;
20 " Rogers &; Son's warranted do 1 to 4 blades;
30 " Waslonholiu &. Son's do sup. do do;
2 " Superior Currens;
20 " Wade's Suj)eriorIJutcher Knives; ;
30 " Kusseli'B do do do;
10 " Wade &. Putclicr's barber and other Razors;
5 " Rogers &. Son's do do do;
A superior assortment of work and pocket 'Scis
sors; . , .
A supeiior assortment of Barbera and Tailors
A superior assortment Woman's cutting out Shear?;
do do Lamp and Puper do;
20 doz. Fheen Shears;
30 " Wnldron's Grass and Corn Scythes;
30 ' Harris' . do do do; : .
5 " Inniaii 's Drauible Scythes;
10 Collin's, nnd King's, nnd Hunt's Axes;
Socket, long handle, cnnal, coal and prnin fhoveU
of Ames' Taylor's nnd Kowiaad'a make;
Ames nnd Rowland Spades; , ,
Manure and Hay Forks;
llutt and table Hinges of Greenwood, Clark nnd
Baldwin's luuke;
Kno!s, Di'nd, Pad, Chest, Tin, nnd Cubbard Locks;
Bolts nnd Latches of every vniiety;
. Brass Round Head, and Wood icrews, all ties;
Bed Screws, flat nnd square heads, f, 61 nnd 7 in.;
Jacks, Brad-;, Sparabh a and Finishing Nails;
Bright, Black mid Hollow Augurs;
Rowland's Mills Cross Cut, I it nnd Hand Snws;
Bringhurst und Knrby's Mill andCrosaCut traws a
suiwrior article;
Wood Saws, Blades, Frames, nnd Strainers;
Bastard, Smooth, Mill, Cross Cut, Pit aod Hand
Saw Files;
Curry Combs, Horse, Wool, nnd Cotton Cards;
Seives nnd R iddlcs; '
llorte. Shoe, Scrub, Wall, Cloth and Ilair Bru.dies;
Wilson's, nnd Parker nnd White's, lion Hopper
Box plain nnd covered Coffer Mills;
Hunt's shingling nnd lasting Hatchets;
Pittsburg Patent Broad Axes;
Patent Bal'anocs and Stulynrds, all sizes;
Rifle Barrels, brass and iron Gun Mountings;
House, Ten, and Hand Bells;
German Silver; Bnttanin, and iron Tea and Tablo
Spoons bulled nnd plain;
Trace Chains, CI nnd 7 fl No.'e 3 to 4 assorted
from 10 to 18 inches.
Ixg, Halter, Fifth, Dog and Jack Chain"-;
Cnst Steel and Iron weedins and Corn Hoes;
Pegging, Sewing nnd Brad Awls;
Fish Hooks and Line?;
Shutter Lifts nnd Screws ;
Window Fnstiiers;
Sush Pullers;
Brass, Iron nnd Japaned Candle Sticks and Lamps;
Brittnnia and Japaned Spoons; "
Wood nnd Iron Twine Boxes;
Horse Shoe and Wmught Nails;
Together with a full and general nssortmcntof nil
goods in his line, with a well selected nssortment of
Among which may bo found : .
73 doz Ring Bradoons;
30 do Snap le nnd Wire Bitz;
49 do Stirrups, plain, full and half plated;
50 pieces worsted, Cotton and String Web;
500 do Skirting leather;
30 doz Pad, red and green, Morroco, Hog, Calf and
Shark Skins;
5 do white Welting Morroco;
50 gross lint and round Log Roller Buckles;
20 do Tin'd Sham do; ;
10 doz. Japaned Mullen Bits;
J apaned Cockegers and Pad Screws;
Hatter nnd Bi itching Rings, Drnw Gouirer;
Claw and edso tools, Straing Forks a mf Irons;
Pinchers, Creases, &.C., ic.
June 26. C. M. GRIFFITH.
r Y o.v l i i e- - i u- i. , r t
CJ ALT. -300 l.bls. Knnnwha Salt No. 1. for sale
wer than the ngent can sell, bv
je 2ti. , C. M. GRIFFITH. ,
PITRLIC Sale Notice is hereby pivcn that we,
William Mnrtin and Samuel Rogers, of the firm
ot Martin Ik, Rogers, will on the 2Glh day of Octo
ber, A D 1H47, between the hours of 10 o'clock A
,!t !
. , i i i Af r -J j i - r
B,ld l,,ck 1 M (" .V, prOCel to fore-
clot .n c,.r,a."1 ?r,6g! vi n And ?XCUleU
a 4 i if. . r .1 r m i ii
, 1, . , , u i , i , i "'U T yMe. ln
'I'm- fd
'M ? , ?1
an 1 Ascribed in mid m
motirnce premises mentioned
niortgngp, at public auction and
. 7 - w v . ,
mortgnge. Smd mortgage and the power ol sale thtr.
W Contained nre recorded tn I!ook;M nt pages 619,
Vf aHi ot. tne Kecordsot Ue.-ds ot VunderburgU
" wi ot me Kecordsol ue.-ds ot VunderburgU
S""1" and the niortgnged pren.i. therein mention-
W S of said town containing about
" WU' Hl UIHllOtlC.
Also one undivided fourth of fraction numler one
ions and li-
an Rowley,
tnid fraction
nuniler one."
t . i 1 - 1 i i irr .: .1 i r
the end ot the street which sejw
O. two from Iota seventeen nnd
enlargement, thirty feet from thc
iy Charles 1 P.attrll to Amos Clark iuthoyiarA D
iou' ""ee .il.cs uj.ee T m. u . unu e.gui
rods or thereabout,-. 1 he amount canned to ltdue
. ., r . c i . r .i
lo UStnuie loot Ol saiu m rigagc irom lltcsatd mort-
Terms of sale cash.
WILLIAM" M" AT? TIN, j .,, ,n
SAMUEL RO;EU'S. j Morigagr-.
Baker &. Garvin Att'ys for Morgwgces. . K
aug21-Pt-prs feo $11 00.
,. 4 rt
.SA1)I)LI.K, Ac.
i15 r-0 Custom made Fide, four nnd n f y
half Sr'traight Head and Fall Back Saddles,
5 sett double and pinple Harness;
10 doz. Bridles nnd Martingales, offered low to
c'osethelot. june2fl C. M. Hi Hi I'J II
iia iruuuun nuuiutr ioiiniicjuwtTor imv
frnrriir mi row 1 1 nmin. nt 1111 1 1 mo ftt 1 do i-rsjf m:h i.

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