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A ,
NO. 69
T Yv y J w
11M v v ilUlJlJiJ 1
J D.
.1 :
0n Dollar per square of ten lines tor first three inser
tions, twenty-live cent eper square for each con
tinuance. One-fourth of a column three months, - - - $8,00
" " " ' six months, (renewable) 12,00
" " " one year, " 20,UO
One-half column three months " 12,00
" " . " six months, " 13,00
" " one year, " 30,00
Longer advertisements in proportion
JWAH advertisements must be paid for in advance
unless otherwise agreed upon by the parties.
LAW Notice. JOHN INGLE, Jr., Attorsey j
AT Law Succsssor to Battell Ingle General j
Colled ion and Heal Estate Agency. Bumnvsa prompt- j
ly attended to by himself and Horatio t. Wheeler,
business of the oilice in which one may always be
83T Office on First street, below Main. feb 25.
LAW Notice. J. J. CHANDLER, Attorn at
Law. Office on First at., below Main. np20.
BAKER & GARVIN, Altoru at Law, Evans
ville, la. Office in the Court House. sep3 '46.
ORATIO Q. WHEELER, Attorntuat Law-Qt-
rice with J. Ingle, jr. t irst st. below ilain. U iJ.
JAMES G. JONES, Atlonny at Law, Office on
First street, below Main. ap23 tf.
R. IIAMILL, Attar at Law, Oflico in th
Court House, first floor. ap23 tf.
BEN. STLN'SON, Jr., Attormy at Law, OfTke on
First St., below Main. ' myl56m
EA. CORBET, Notary Fublic Office on Main
. st., opposite the Dank aep 11 Mi.
Surgeon. First St., above Main, Evonsville. ap20.
MEDICAL. GEO. B. WALKER, Fhysician $
Surgeon, corner of Vine and First ata. jy lti '45.
MEDICAL. D. St. J. MORGAN, Fh,,sirin
and Surgtons, Oil ice on First St., between Main
and Sycamore. ap20 tf.
BRAY Si. CASSELDERRY, Physicians andSw
gons, First St., above Mnin. ap23 U
LANE Sc. WALKER, Fhysicans and Surgeons,
Oilice on First street, a iew door? above Main
Evansville, Ind. aug 31,'47 tuif-ic-if.
TRAFl'ON Si. WEEVER,rVi"ci'aniV Surgeons,
Oilice on First st., m ar the Sherwood House.
N. B. Dr. Weever's residence is on Second st., first
door below Rev. Mr. Dodge's church. my 25 tf.
WOOLSEY Si. N FASity commission Merchant &
A uctionrs, Main, 2d door from Second st. o27
rpAYLOK. Si. HARVEY, Commission and For-I-
UVTdimr ilyrrAanffWaterst., Evansville, Indi-
, . ana. xiave aim a luruu, nw um i-imi inn wu
, will receive and tore freight free of draj age. ap2J
ana. Have ulso a luruu, nw Ixm l-im tru-y
O'NEIL, Fash'umaU Tailor, First st , nbove
Main near tile Sherwood House. op20 ly.
- W
M IIOLDEN, Tailor,
street, over
Scantlin's tin-shop.
ap 24 ly.
"ITTM. M.MORRISON, Taylor, Main st., one door
it Iroiii the corner ol Second. Solicits a share ol
the patronage of the town and country. op'it ly.
T II. DIRTH, Stone-Cutler. Shop on Main st.,
J near the canal bridge, ap J4 ly.
m TAILORING. The undersigned wouldin
1 1 form the citizens of Evnnsville that he still con
ff tinues to carry on the above buxineso in all its
" branches, ana repectlully solicits a share ol
public natronaire.
SShop on the East side of Main st., one door from the
corner oltirst. lapJO ly A. 15. liRADT.
J.JL ana Commission M'rchnnts, Watei et., opposite
the wharf boats. Still continue to receive and for
ward on liberal terms. ap 24 tf.
pi McIIUGH, Fashionahls Tailor, Water ft., op-
't pusue me eienin ooaiianuing. Idecjl ly.
' uwi THE subfcrilirr beps leave to
i l inform the citi7ns ol Evensville
hat he continues to manufacture Uread, Ki bK, (Jake
and Crackers of all kinds, fresh every day, of the
best materials and in the bet manner. He will also
keep constantly on hand for sale by the barrel or re
tail, the best article of Flour. He is determined to
please the tastes of his patrons and hopes to receive a
UDcral snare ot patronnge. His stand is on Main st.
next door to Jesse T. Lamb's store,
ap 23 tf. NICHOLAS FIX.
fon Locust street, opposite the Sherwood f( jl
with neatness and dispatch, give me a call ap 2
VSNcaA CJUNS and PistoM Just recived by
S VCharles Keller, on JSecond street, at the
ien of the "Golden Kev." a larize and well selected
atock of Guns and Prtols of all kinds, which he otli rs
for seie at very low prices for cash. Also Gun T.ocks
ot every description. All kinds ol repairimj l'tiuns,
Fistols, Door L ks,&c.,done to order. myl57m.
-iT I Vlarge assortment of Blacksmiths Tools,
tJnamely, Anvils, Vices, Bellows, Rasps
Files, etc., etc., constantly on hand and
or sale low by may 4 A. LAUGHLIN
E GRIFFITH, M. P., &. S. D., havins; perma-
nently settled in Evansvillo few the practice of
Dentistry, oilers his professional services to the citi
sen of Evansville and the surrounding towns and
country. He is prepared to do every description of
work from a single tooth to a full upper and lower
aet. His long experience in the business gives him
confidence in tendering his sen-ices. He has the
Lethean or Somnific Gas, a Into discovery, whereby
a tooth may he extracted without pain. He can be
found at his oilice on First street, between Main and
Locust, or by enquiring at the Sherwood House.
N. B. Louies waited on at their houses if desired,
ej 10 twJtwtf.
LUMBER. A large and full assortment of Pine
Lumber. For sole by
. may tf. A. LAUGHLIN, Water si.
W. & C BELL,
Wholesale and Retail Druygist,
HAVE removed to their new bmld-
ing a few doors above old stand, Main
J7 tatnwit F.vnnainllp. lnrlinnn. ATiri Are
now receiving from Philadelphia, New
York, and Pittsburg, the largest supply oi Medicines,
Pki.vts, Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Glass and Glassware,
Scrgical Instruments, &c. cverolTcred in the Evnns
ville market. Our goods are entirely fresh, and have
been bought in person from importers and manufac
turers only. VVe ore therefore enabled to supply
merchants, doctors, and and all others wanting these
articles, either wholesale or retail, as low as they can
be purchased in any city West of the mountains.
Those wishing to purchase will do well to give us
a call before going to any other market, as we are de
termined to sell at a small advance on prime cost.
All medicine leaving our house shall be properly
packed, and all articki. sent to order may be returned
if not genuine, or in any way defective, at our ex
pense. '
N. B. We will take Flaxseed, Ginseng, Beeswax,
and Feathers, for all goods sold, or in payment of all
debts due us. jan 11 tf.
MEDICAL Atrency. We are wholesale and re
tail Agents for the following list of Patent
Wister's Balsom of V ild Cherry;
Taylor's BaLoiii ol Liverwort;
Smith's Tonic Syrup;
Fahnettock's Family Medicines;
Cave Si. Shaffer's Tonic-,
do do . Ex. SarsoparilU-
do. do Svrup of do;
do do , Worm Syrup;
Covert's balsom of Lift-,
Starkweather's Hepatic Eli.tr;
Osgood's Indian Cholngogue;
M '1 wane's Vennafuge or Worm Specific; .
IJull's Honey-coatfid Tonic Pills;
Sands' Fluid Ex. Sarsaparilla;
Bristol's do do do.
feb 4 '17. W. & C. BELL, Main st.
JL'ST Received, and for sale by the subscribers
500 oc. SulnhUuinine, French and American;
150 Knglisti and American Calomel;
3 bbls. Camphor;
3 cases Liquorice Ex;
2 do Aloos;
1 do Assut'atida; .
1 do Bermudis Arrow Root;
1 do Copal Varnish;
1 do Shellac;
8 carboy's Nitric, Muriatic andSulph Aiw'1
4 boxes Tart. Acid;
3 do Sal. Kocheil;
3 casks sup. c. Sodai
2"0lbs. Pulv. Jalap;
200 do do Hhi i;
150 do cab. Marneia Eng;
lti oz. Sulph Morphia;
3 bbls. cream 'I artar;
5 do Senna India and Alchd;
1 bale Sarsaparilla, (Honduras;)
1 do Sponge;
1 do Cloves;
3 do Corks, (bottle and vinl.)
feb.4 '47. W. &. C. BELL, Main st
100 reams ruled Fool's Cap Taper;
100 do letter do;
10 do commercial post do;
50 groM blue ana black Ink;
Hack ir and. Quills;
lUirbluitiu., Ink.lmndn.
In store and for sale by t l8J W. & C. BELL.
2 half pines Cog. Brandy;
9 M.Ij i n.l 1W..
1 do Pure Juice, especially forsickness
The public con rely upon their purity, for sale by
Kb Id '47. W. Sl C. LELL
s?s- 5 half chests Young Hyson;
i i ' ffl do do Pourchong or black;
k ii ,j 20-13 lbs. ljoxes Iuieriiil:
10-6 do do Young Hyson.
On hand and for onle by fl vV. C. BELL
WINDOW and Wall Paper. We have a se
lected Wid full supply of window and wall Pa
per, oflatest patterns, licit) W.&C. BELL
ACKEREL. 8 bbls.
ust roe'd and fo
sale low by fe4
"Spring News Ink," in store and for sale by
fi b Id W. & C. BELL.
REFINED Loaf Sngar. 75 loaves Stewart's
double refined, and three barn-Is Stewart's crush
ed, for tale by febt W. &. C. BELL
CHOCOLATE and Cocoa: A few boxes Pon
lon's fresh, for sale by felt W.& C.BELL
T7"IIITE Lead 70 kegs rcc'd per steamer Mai
andforsalsby fcbld W. & C. BELL.
AVING di?pi)ped of my interest in the Dnis
Store to C. Bell, mv late Partner therein, the
business will be carried on hereafter by him at the
same stand on Main Street.
I take pleasure in recommending his house to a
continuation of that encouraem.-nt heretofore so
liberally bestowed by my friends olid the public gen
erally whilst connected withliim.
aug 21 1317. WILLIAM BELL
NOTICE. Being desirous of cloing up the
fairs of the late firm of W. & C. Bell, as fooi
e al-
Foon as
practicable, all persons having claims against the firm
will please present them lor payment ond those in
debted will please close their accounts either ly cash
or note. C. BELL,
aug 24 1817.
The Co-partnership heretofore existing between
William Bell ond Crawford Bell, under tne firm of
W. Sc. C Bell was dissolved on the 23d inst., by the
withdrawal ot Wrilliani Bell. The business will in
future be conducted by Crawford Bell who alone is
authorized to close and adjust the businpssof the con
aug24 1dl7. . CRAWFORD BELL.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Ao. 52(5 Main Street, near Third. AV
ARE now receiving direct from tho English and
American Manulacturers and Importers their
ran bi.ick containing the choicest and Ust selected
and assorted stock of
ever offered in this market. Our stock is heavy and
contains a much creator variety than can be found in
any similar establishment in the West, and at prices
that cannot fail to give the most entire satisfaction.
Our slock of Table Pocket &Cutlery.in extent and va
riety, cannot be equalled by any establishment in the
West or surpassed by any in the East. We solicit
an examination of goods and prices upon your visit
to Louisville this fall, when we ohalT be pleased to
wait upon you. aug7-3m.
Wholesale and Retai I Dealer in American,
English & German I lard ware k Cutlery. .
Main Street, Fvansville, litd.
1 II L subscriber tins on hand and is
now opening a large and general Ci
assortment ot American, English and f
Germnn Hardware and Cutlery, tot J
which the attention of Country Merchants
and the trade is invited. His stock is well
assorted and of direct importation. His
intention is to sell goods lower than ever before olier
ed in this market. The stock is composed in part of
the following, vrz :
loO sett Knives and Forks, white, black, cocoa, ebo
ny, bone and stag handles: '
50 doz. Pen and Pocket Knives, assorted;
20 " Rogers &, Sous warranted do 1 to 4 blades;
30 " Wastonholm & Son's do sup. do do;
2 " Superior CurTens;
20 " WadeV Superior Butcher Knives;
30 " RusmL's do do do;
10 Wade & Butcher's barber and other Razors;
5 " Rogers Sl Son's do do do;
A superior assortment of work and pocket .Scis
sors; A superior assortment of Barbers and Tailors
A superior assortment Woman's cutting out Shears;
do do Lamp and Paper do;
20 doz. Sheen Shears;
30 " Woldron's Grass anJ Corn Scythes;
30 " Harris' do do do;
5 " Lillian's Bramble Scythes;
10 Collin's, and King's, and Hunt's Axe?;
Socket, long handle, canal, coal and grain shovels
of Ames' Taylor's and Rowland's make;
Ames end Rowland Spades; j
Manure and Hay Forks;
Butt and table Hinges of Greenwood, Clark and
Baldwin's make: .
Knobs, Dead, Pod, Chest, Tin, and Cubbard Locks;
Bolts and Latches of every variety;
Brass Round Head, and'Wood Screws, all sizes;
Bed Screws, Hat and square heads, 6, 61 and 7 in.;
Jacks, Brads, Sparables and Finishing Nails;
Bright, Bl ark ami Hollow Augurs;
Rowland's Mills CrossCut, Pit and Hand Saws;
Brinsihurst ond Karby's Mill andCrossCut Saws a
t.uerior article;
Wood Saws. Blades. Frames, and Strainers:
Bastard, Smooth, Mill, Cross Cut, Pit and Hand
baw Files;
Curry Comix, Horse, Wool, and Cotton Cards;
Seives and Riddles;
I!or-e. Shoe. Scrub, Wall, Cloth and Hair Brushes;
Wilson's, and Parker and White's, Iron Hopper
Box plain and covered to!tte Mihs;
Hunt's shingling and lasting Hatchets;
Pittsburg Patent Broad Axes;
Patent Ballances and Stulyards, all sizes;
Rille Barrels, brass and iron Gun Mountings;
House. Tea. and Hand Bells:
German Silver; Bnttania, and iron Tea and Table
Snoons burled and main;
Trace Chains, ti and i fee; No.'s 3 to 4 assorted
from 10 to Id intlu'3.
Log, Halter, I'ilih, Dog ond JackChains;
Cast Sttcl and Iron weeding and Cora Hoes;
Pegging, Sewing and Brad AwU;
Fish Hooks ond Lines;
Shutter Lilts and Screws ;
Window Fastners;
Sash Pullers:
Brass, Iron and Japaned Candle Sticks and Lamps:
Unttama and Japaned :-poons;
Wood and Iron Twine Boxes;
Horse Shoe and Wratuiht Nails:
Touet her with a full and ceneinl nssortment of nil
gooliH ill Ul llut:, v ivu m wulTdoIi.-d auiuucnt ut
Among which may bo found :
75 doz King Bradoons;
30 do Snapple mid Wire Bitz;
4'J do Stirrups, plain, full and half plated;
50 pieces worsted. Cotton and String Web;
SCO do Skirtii.ir Leather:
30 doz Tad, n d ondgrec-n, Morroco, Hog, Calf and
Shark Skins;
5 do wliito Weltins Alorroco;
M gro?s Hat and round Log Roller Buckles;
20 do Tin'd Sham do;
10 doz. Jaiined Mulhn Bits;
Japaned Coekecers and Pa i Serews;
Hatter and Batching Rings, Draw Gousrer;
Claw and edge tools, Straing Forks and Irons;
Pinchers, Creases, &.C., Sec.
june26. C. M. GRIFFITH.
STONEWARE. A few 1,000 gals, still on na
at a reduced price by je26 CM. GRIFFITH
ALT. 300 bbls. Kanawha Salt No. 1
for sale
lower than the agent can sell, by
ALLEN C. HALLOCK, Druggist onrfW
fPkirmticutist, would call the attention
-ine cuizens oi .vansvino onu ana aiiioitunff
towns to his complete assortment of DruiTs.MedieinH:-
llienucals, Di.s, Dyestulis, iVc, &c, &c. All of
which are carefully selecttd and received fresh from
the Eastern .Markets. Physicians and merchants
may tlenend uikju their orders beinir oromnt v nttml.
ed to and the genuine article always delivered, on
terms wholesale and retail os favorable ns the snmr
quantity and quality can be purchased at any Place.
j mil assortment oi uotanic .ueoicines, Koots,
Barks, Herbs, Extracts, Powders, ice., preuared' and
put up oy the Miakers.
I llulbxk s snperior cold drawn ISo. 1 Castor Oil,
i iiianuiactured at Mt. carniei, Illinois.
A large assortment of Pattent and Family Medi
cines, Essence's, Hair I Hi's, Perfumery, .iiaiis. and
fancy arucles Cologne, Bay and Rose Water, all of
me nest qualities re utilize ana txxla I owuers, care
! fully put up and of full weight.
Copal Varnish at $3 00, $2 25, and $1 75 per gal
i Ion.
I Superior Tale French Brandy, P. tl . Goddard & Co's
brand, warranted pure, tor medical purposes only.
liallock's Worm Candy, a safe and pleasant med
icine to destroy worms in children and improve their
tneir general neaitn;
liallock's Cousrh Candy composed ofllorehound
rJonescl, etc. lor oil kinds olcatigh.
At the proprietors prices
Dr. Wood's Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry Bitters
See advertisement.
Dr. Upham's VegitablePile Electuary See adver
Wilder's Sugar Coated Vcg. Anti-Fever TilUt See
Dr. VanZandt's Health Restorative Veg. Pills See
Dr. Folger's Oljsaouion,or all Healing Balsom See
Dr. Peter's Vegetable Pills, Worm and Cough Loz
enges. Dr. Le Roy's Universal Vegetable Pills, composed
of Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry.
Dr. Porter's Poor man's Curative Sugar Coated
Pills, at 10 cents per box.
Dr, Porter's Poor Man's Strengthning Flaster, at
10 cents apiece.
Barnes' Tooth-Ache Drops, warranted to cure in all
Overstrect's genuine Linament,and Doctor Beach's
Family Pill.
Dr. Grave's Anti-Fever and Fever and Asrue Pills
" Cholera Infantum and Bowel com
plaint Pill.
Dr.Grave's Pain Extractor, for bums, scalds swel
lings. Rheumatic Pains, &c, warranted to give in
stant relief in all cases.
Nerve and bone Linamcnt, highly celebrated for its
curative powers.
At the .New Drug fctore; .uain street opposite Be
mcnt & Viele's. jylOtf
Wholesale Grocers & Produce Merchants.
HAVE on hand andare daily re- t
J ceiving additions to their large L.J?f-
a ad wtil selected stock of Gro
ceries, wniL!i are otlered upon liberal terms to the
trade, &c - :
: 2o0 sacks prime Rio Coffee, ;
- 00 hhda. Sugar,
150 bbls Mola.-ses," ; ' f
'20 " rctinet Ioaf Snrar, - :
150 packages Mackerel, Nos. 1, 2, &, 3,
50 boxes prime and low priced Virginia Tobacco,
. UK) pkgs. imienal, Gunpowder &. Hyson I ta,
20 sacks Pepper and Spice,
Together with a full and complete assortment o
groceries of JJ Junds. op 20 tf
City Queens-ware Lstablishmeut.
JLST KHJL.lv ll), per ship "Astra-,
IJicon," from Liverpool, a full and complete jJ
y ' 7asortinent of Queeugtrare and China, con- a . J
consisting, in part, of:
t lowing liluedinner, tea and toilet setts complete;
Cambrian China do do do do do;
American Flag do do:
White and figured China tea setts, complete;
White Granite and common ware, of every descrip
tion, which having len importid directfrcna the pot
teries in England," the subscribers flatter thcnitlves
that tin y can t-ttpplv tin lr cus'-oniers and the bhblic
generally at as low trrices or J on as advantageous
. " l . ? . . 1. .. I ' : . i
lei u euit uoiuuiHtjimiiTui uic Aii&ieiii ciue, uou
to which the attention of the merchants in the sur
rounding country is respectfully inviied. .
Having cngag.-d the services of exjiericnced packers
are enabled to re-pack ware caretully; ond will be
mirrantcd free from breakage with proper care in hand
ling. " baEcuck. bkutheus,
ap'JOtwtf. Nos. 13 &. 14 Water-street.
C4i Iioiiortaut to lloust keeucrs.
The Subscriber haviiig secured the Pa-
tent Right for the counties of Vanderburgh, Posey,
Warrick, Gibson and Knox, fur
Now oilers them tor sale, otter having given them a
thorough trial, with every confidence that they are the
i est Move ever offered. 1 have sold a dozen or more
to our citizens, no one of them could be purchased
lov the money paid fur them.
This Stove is Mmpleiu its arrangement, avowing all
liability to get out ol repair. Its economy in fuel; its
strengthened plates were exposed to lire; its enlarged
flues, holding in suspense so much heated air. its per
fected summer arrangement, whore all small culinary
operations, with broiling nnd loi!ing, heating irons
and preserving may be performed without heating the
stove; its pert--ct draught under any circumstances;
its capacity for performance; the small space it occu
pies; the large rie and complete control of heat in its
oven; the smoothness of its castings; the tlegance
of its form, making i! a rich and beautiful piece of
furniture; all constitute an extraordinary combina
tion of beauty, convenience, ond durability, which
leaves it without competition in the whole catalogue
of Stoves.
This stove has taken the first premium both at the
Country Agricultural Fairs and ot the American
Institute, New York, and we have numerous tes
timonials of its entire success in winning its way to
public favor amid the tremenduous compitition of the
The following clrtificates from Gen. Josej h Lone
and others, w ho have them in use will speak their
wuru. .
EvAxsviLus Jn.v 10 ld47.
Mr. Thomas Scantlin. Sir: The Wagnr's Troy
Air-tight Cooking stove, that you put up for Mrs.
Lane is on excellent one and she thinks decidedly
the best cooking stove that she has seen, its capacity
for baking is far better than any stove that we have
tried. Kerpeotlidly yours
We whose names are annexed having purchased
from Mr. Thomas Scant liti W ager's New Air-Tbdit
Cooking Stove take great pleasure in recomnirndfne
them to the public osbcinii tiie best arranged cookim?
and baking stove we have used, the ovens being large
bnking ctn be done equal to an brick oven wo have
ever tried and with one half the ordinary fuel ukiI in
stoves, they are neat in their structures and combines
economy, with every nee-ssary convenience and in
every respect the best urticle ol the kind we have ever
used, and would cheerfully recommend them to all
persons in want of a irood cooking stove.
Evaiiavillo lnd. July 10, ld!7.
I also kee pon hand the "Double ( K en Cook Stoves.'
"Premium Cook Stoves," "Air-Tight Parlor" seven
and ten plate. Cannon, and other stoves of every va
riety and pattern, and which I can allord and will sell
at unusual low prices all I ask is to have those wish
m:r to purchase to jnve me a call.
N. B. Any quantity of TIN WARE on hand ns
usual, and all work in that line made to order and on
short notice, at short prices.
July -'l-tt iilt.i.UAS HAMU.N
Sycamore st. near Liuchlin's corner, and Water
st.. adoors from corner ol Maine.
ARE now in receipt of a larse and well ossortrd
stock of new FALL a.m WINTER GOODS.
purchased at early and reduced prices, and ore ff-red
upon such terms as cannot tail to satisfy Country
.uercnaiiia w iin mis market.
.,1 .fll l l , . . .
e respecuuny solicit our oia customers and wes
tern Merchants generally to examine our stock this
ran, os u w in oe unusually large, comprising every
v.trieiv mm sivie oi roremn ana American irv
uoous auopieu to ine western trade. aug7-7i"
Q BOTANIC Medicines. Drs. Hutchinson
(J- Hatchitt have just received a general assort
ment of Botanic Medicines, fresh and nure. which
they will sell os cheap osthey can lie purchased in the
. .i i . - ii .i , , .
wesi ineir stuck comprises an me articles used by
Batanic Physicians and families.
Also various preparations of their own. viz: W
table Lmament, Couirh Lozenses and Svrun. Aiip
and fever Puis, Anti-Bilious Pills, Wine Bitters.
tpice bitters, &.C.
Office corner ot 31am and second (. ross street.
T Prescriptions attended to at all hours, day
or iiigni. mar 18 tt.
50 Custom made Side, four and a
half Straieht Head and Fall Back Saddles.
5 sett double and single Harness;
10 doz. Bridles and Martingales, offered low to
Ihelot. juneCC C.M.GRIFFITH
lose the
PLANES, Ac. A full supply of bench ond other
Planes, on hand by je26 C.M.GRIFFITH.
Comer of First and Locust st. EvansriHe.
1JL THE Proprietor of the above well known ond
popular establishment, desires to return his thanks
tor the very large share ol patronge heretofore bestow
ed upon him, and to assure the public that every ex
ertion will be made to merit a conriuance of the same.
His table (dial, be well supplied with the best the mar
ketafforda his rooms are large and airy his beds un
surpassed in the west, and every attention will be
given for the comfort and ease of visitors. Terms
moderate op 21 tf.
-r- Wholesale ond Retai! -.
(--s Grocery, Iron,. Nail, Tinur
&tand Sheet Iron Store. f?- . -I"
TTTE beg leave to call the attention of merchants,
V Traders, and Farmers generally, throughout
the Wabash country, Illinois, and the Southern por
tion of Kentucky, to our large ond very general
Stock of Groceries, Iron, Nails, Tin Plow, Copper,
Wire, Axes, Cotton Yarn and Domestic Manufac
tured Articles. Which we offer for sale at very re
duced prices for Cash or Produce.
The head of the house residing in Pittsburgh, will
enable nto be regularly supplied with all articles in
our line. Dealers and country merchants need not
travel beyond Evansville for a supply of all articles
they may need, and they would consult their interest
by giving us a call, as we are determined to merit a
share ot public patronage. . The business will be
conducted by
.5" Feathers, Hides, Tallow, Beeswax, and all
kinds of Produce purchased at the highest market
Price. may 4, '47-tf.
"ITriNDOW Glass. An assortment ofWind
it Glass, assorted sizes. For sale bv
may 4 tf.
A. LAUGHLIN, Wote it
y,? JNO. M. APP resnectfiillvinforms thel
EfcCl public ceneralllv dial he Las leased for o T IT'
term of years, the well known tavern stand in Ev
nnsville fbrmeily kept by E. Lhrsam, and lately by
Benj Nurre. The house has been thoroughly re
paired, and handsomely fitted up with entire new fur
niture, and those of the travelling public who may fa
vor him with a call, may rest ossuad that their com
fort and convenience will meet with every attention.
His Table will always be supplied with the best
that the market at lords, ond his Bar furnished with
the choicest loquors, carefully selected by an experi
enced Land.
Attached to the Hall, and immediately on the
Tublic Square, are his stables, acknowledged by oil
to be the most Scious and convenient in the place.
Evansville Ind. JNO. M. APP.
aug 26, 1S47 tf.
jU Tlemoved.-B. NURRE Ugs.ia.
JtiiZLxX leave to tender his grateluljS?!
thanks to his friends and to the travelling public for
the patronage heretofore extended to him at his old
stand, and to inform them that he lias removed his
Hotel to the opposite corner, on Main street, which
building is largi rondniore commodious, and liavinv
been recently tilted up by him, he will be better able
to accommodate those who may favor him with a
call. His rooms and bedding are good, and his table
will at all times 1 supplied with the lcst the market
n fiords. ' Helms t-pncious stables and n wagon yard
tor ihe accommodation of travelers, and his charges
as heretofore will be moderate. He solicits oil his
old friends and the public lo give him a rail at his new
stand where he believes ho can accommodate them
more to his own satisfaction and their comfort.
July 22-llmow
Mrs. C S. Stone, Principal of the Evansvillo
Female Seminary, takes pleasure in announ
cing to the public that the Fall Perm of this Institu
tion commenced on the tlth inst., with a corps of Tea
chers, in the building on Water btrtet, liitherto occu-
It is deemed proper to say that we fully purpose
conducting the Institution in its extended course so
as to answer the present demand ot those who -would
enjoy the distinction and ber.elit of a lini -hed educa
tion. The order of etudics have been arranged with
much care and proved to bejudicious by happy expe
rience; in the execution of which it will undergo no
other change or modification, but such as the exigen
cies of the case demand.
Teachers whose ol ility and fidelity have Wn suc
cessfully evinced will be employed by the Principal,
and will devote ihrir time exclusively to the object of
: : .u l 1 1. I ...1 . i- J ....
imparling b morou-iu hnowioiigeoi mo stuaies. i lie
most approved uioucrn methods of instruction ond
discipline will be adopted in the 11111110411111 nt of the
school, while vigilem attention will be paid to the
comfoit, health and happiness ol the pupils, omitting
no feasible eflorts tt'ut can contribute the wi ll pro
portioned development of tho intellectual powers of
the mind, and to tiie promotion of euch manners and
the cstab.'i.-hmrnt ol such habits as enter essentially
into the constitution of every accomplished leiualo
We do not intend that any tiling shall be wanting
either in facilities or eflorts to give us thorough an ed
ucation in the useful branches of study, ocan lie de
sired. As to ornamental they will hold the nrorui
nenceequal to their relative merits being held sub
servient and auxiliary to more important studies.
Provision will be made for accomodation of young
ladies in good families with one or more of the teachers
where ihev will 1 subject only to parental govern
menu W hat reason, affection and moral suasion
fail to do towards securing proper application and de
portment will not be attempted by other means. It will
considered a duty to get such into the hands of par
ents and guardians, avoiding iiuuioralituof squan
dering tun and money, as education in this school,
in every point of light, is professed to be bused on
christian principle. Re ligi'His instruction will be dai
ly imparted with the Bible lor our text book embrac
ing the broad principles of the gospel, without teetar
riun bearing. We wLih it understood that the pri
mary department will occupy the first place in the at
tention of the Principal, us it is our aim to tiain the
mind to patient and independent investigation. And
this end is secured by ereat thoroughness in first prin
ciples, commencing with the simplest forms ol ele
mentary truth. .
Vocal Music and Linear Drawing as a system of
graphics, will lie taught both as a science and an art,
without extra charce. As the communitv nrp unnr.
quainted with the Principal it is presumed that the
. - '.I.. I. ! ! Ml
reterenccs given wnn me testimonials win ce satis
factory, as our dependence for patronnge is not to be
placed on 'circulars, professions, promises and preten
sions' but tiniply on making the Institution what it
ought to be and w hat the community demands. An
opportunity will be afforded for those who wish to
continue the elementary training in the preparatory
and advanced departments, during the vacation.
1 he pupils in music will receive instruction also.
The course of instruction will embrace alVimarv.
Preparatory and Advanced Department.
Besides the Elementary branches, instruction wil
be given in History, Mental and Moral Philosophy
Rhe'toric, Compositon, Losric, Botany, Chemistry
Mathematics, Ancient and Modern Laneuaues. Mu
sic. Vocal and Instrumental, Drawing. Special at
tention will be given to the morals and manners of
the pupils. The year will be divided into two ses
sions of 32 weeks each, or four quarters of 11 weeks
Tuition in the Primary Department per Quar
ter ; 2,00
Preparatory. 4,00
Advanced C to 8
accardinsr to the advancement of the pupil. Extra
charges will be made for ancient .and modern Lan
guages Music and Painting,
The Trustees take pleasure in commending the
school to the patronage of all the friends of Education,
and trust that an institution so well calculated to meet
the wants of our rising community, w ill be vigorous
ly supported. Mrs S., brings letters of commenda
tion from Rev. N. H. Hall, of Lexington, K v.; Rev.
V. W. Hilt, and W H. Bulk! v, of Iouisville, Ky;
Bev. Mr. Pratt, Paris, Ky; references also may be
made to Rey. Bishop Smith, of Ky; to Rev. B. II.
Basconi, of Transylvania University, and others.
Evansville, Sep. 16. C. E. STON E, Vc.;x.

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