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Lateb from Sakta Fk. We copy the fol
lowing from the St. Louis Republicon of Wcd-j
We kani from Fort Leavenworth that Gen,
Price, Dr. De Camp, U. S. A., and others, in
advance of the volunteers whose term of ser
vice in New Mexico had expired, arrived at
that post on the 17th from Santa Fe. They
left Santa Fe on the 11th of August, proceed
ing by easy marches to Moro. When they
took their departure, all was quiet in New
Mexico, which was then held by three compa
nies of U. S. dragoons and three companies of
volunteers, who had re-enlistcd, under Major
Col. Trice, we may infer, was Bick of the du
ties of military life, or else he, the highest offi
cer in command in New Mexico, would not
have ventured to leave the territory in so ex
posed a position a battalion of men only left
to protect the people from any outbreuk which
might be attempted. What he will do now
whether he will immdiately return, where the
presence of an officerofhigh rank must be much
wanted, or remain loitering about Missouri
is yet to be made known.
CQ When our army reached Tacubaya, the
old Texan prisoners, who were with it, stood
near a monument, which bad been erected to
Santa Anna in honor of his having built the
fine road from the Capital to Tacubaya by the
hands and labor of the said Texan prisoners,
and in the twinkling of an eye, the monument
was scattered to the four wind of heaven,
for the stones of it were literally crushed to
Bell's London Messenger gives the following I
statement of the liabilities of the firms which
had failed up to August 23d:
Douglass & Son, 300,000; Leslie & Alex
ander, JC450.000; King & Melville, 200,000;
Coventry & Sheppard, 150,000; Giles & Co.,
280,000: W. H.Robinson & Co., 140,000;
four more in London, (smaller,) 210,000;!
Liverpool, 142,000; Stockton, 100,000;;
Glasgow, 200,000; Waterford, l.r0,000;i
Cork end Limerick, 100,000; Sligo, 60,000.
Austria Rome Italy. A communication "iCF.B. Harrington.
from the Italian frontier, in the Mannheim! With the above notice we received a bounti
Journal, states that, in reply to a format pro- ful slIce of lhe bri(lal loaf oml ; rcturn we
teat from Lord ralmerston, in the name ot his , , . . , , , , .
Government, against Austrian intervention in : teU(ler our brst Wlshes for lhe future 'Pl"ncs8
the internal affairs of the States of the church, of the young couple. If Juan Jiuiz de Hatla,
the Austrian cabinet has declared its dctermin-, is to be believed, John was wise:
ation not to interfere, -except in the last ex- ! Ina liule precious stone, what splendor meets the
trcmity, i. c, if the movement in the States of, eyes;
the church threaten to compromise the tran-1 In a litu sugar lump, how much of sweetness lies;
quility of its own provinces " So in a little woman, love grow and multiplies
Letters from Rome have reached us down to ! Xou ll,e l,rovcrb nW' "A worJ ur, lhe
the 23d ult. It was reported in that capital!
wai tnc secretary ol Mate had lorwarded a
note to the Cabinet of Vienna, in which he
declared that, should the Austrians not evac
uate the town of Ferrara within a fortnight,
the Pope would recall his Nuncio from Vien
na, and send passports to Count Lutzow, the
Austrian ambassador at Koine,
The Pone had ,
instructed the Governors of Ancona and Civ i-
ta rvecclna to supply those lortiesses with
Three month's provisions.
Preparations of war form the chief items of
news from Rome. An artillery captain, named
Lopez, has brcn sent to France to purchase ten
thousand muskets, and ten thousand hands are
already held out to receive them, that number
of young volunteers having offered themselves
to resist an invasion. Meanwhile, the Roman
Government steadily continues to arm the.
civic guard, for which purpose citizens from all
parts of the State offer it arms.
Signor Azeglio is on the point of starting for
La Komagna charged with full powers 'to or
ganize, resistance in case of necessity. The
Pope gives proof of energy beyond all praise.
He lias established a camp of 15,000 regular
troops at Forli, which is every day reinforced
by a number of volunteers.
The enthusiasm of the people is at a great
height at Rome. The early organization of a
batlallion of priests and monks is spoken of,
and it is certain that a great number of the re
ligious orders exercise themselves in the prac
tice of arms. The Tope rides about the city oa
a white mule, which he bought at Florence,
and snows to his loyal and faithful subjects a
face btaming with the calm of a good con
science, and the profound sentiment of his
rights and his strength.
M. Rossi having ollered him his mediation
on the subject of the affair of Ferrara, he re
plied, considering himself seriously offended,
fie would not be contented with an ordinary
arrangement, and that he intended to exact
complete satisfaction.
Letters from Turin, of the 37th ult., confirm
ourprevious announcement of the protest
against the occupation of Ferrara by the Aus
trians. rriuce Mettcrnich, it appears, had ad
dressed a circular to all the Italian princes,
prescribing the adoption of certain measures.
lor the maintenance of tranquility in Italy.
The Prince having suggested, among other
measures, tne occupation of Alexandria by an
Austrian garrison, the Kins of Sardinia was so
. indignant at the proposition, that he immedi
ately entered an energetic protest against all
intervention of Austria in the afl'air of the in
dependent sovereignties of Italy and offered
the Pope the co-operation of his army and fleet
should an Austrian force invade his territory
The report is current that Sardinia has acceed
ed I to an alliance which England concluded
with Wirtcmbcrg, Bavaria, and Baden, to pre
vent the intervention of the foreign powers in
The London Times call upon France for
f rompt acion in regard to the affairs of Italy,
t charges upon Louis Phillippe the design of
making prospective proposition for a fourth
son, in ltaly,end with a willingness, in order
to effect this object, to abandon to an everbear
ing foe, an insulted pontiff and an outraged
people, and insists that in this he is acting in
direct hostility to the wishes of hisown people,
as well as to the demands of justice and of
light. The times writes very strongly upon
the subject, aud calls loudly upon France no
longer to maintain her disgraceful position of
silent indifference. In common with other
English papers, it urges the English govern
ment to open diplomatic intercourse with the
government At Rome. Most of the journals,
however, think that the Pope should take the
first step.
Tom Corwin has been nominated for the
Presidency, by the Whigsof several co. in Ohio.
At a regular meeting of Tosey Division, No.
90, S. of T. of New Harmony, Ind., on Tues
day evening, the 24th ult., the following offi
cers were duly elected for the ensuing' quarter:
Johs R. Hcgo, W. P.
John Bzal, Jun. W. A.
William A. Twigg, R. S.
Heshy Hall, A. R. S.
Horatio C. CoorEn, F. S.
James P. Swift, C.
Wm. Hugo, A. C.
Wm. Fauntlekov, I. S.
John Ckaduock, O. S.
Joshua Variel, P. W. P.
At the regular quarterly election for officers
of Temple of Honor Division, No. 5I,S. of T.,
in this city, held on Friday evening, Sept. 2 Ith,
the following gentlemen were elected:
Isaac A. Crane, W. A.
H. U. Wheeler, R. S.
John R. Wilcox, A. K. S.
Allen C Hallock, F. S.
Wm. H. Chandler, T.
Jas. D. Waters, A. C.
Edward DeGarmo, I. S.
Joseph P. Elliott, O. S.
Jso. M. Stockwell, P. W. I.
At the regular quarterly election for officers
of Lyman JSctcher Division No. 25, S. of T. in
this city, held on Tuesday evening, Sept. 23th,
the following gentlemen were elected:
W. M. Elliott. W. P.
Wm. 1 Iolden, W. A'.
P. G. O'Reilly, R. S.
John Ingle, jr., A. R. S.
James Reilly, F. S.
Rout. Barnes, T.
Benj. P. Hugo, C
Edward McGinly, A. C.
C. Garrett, I.
G.B. Walker, P. W. T.
Married. On
last evening, hy the Rev.
V. Dodge, Mr. John Hudnall to Miss Can-
IN retiring from the retail trade we would return
our thanks to the citizens of Evansville and vicinity.
for their Iileral patronage liming so long a period of
years. And in return for their kiudness, we would
ay that if they wish to purchase any Goods by the
piece or dozen, at wholesale prices, we would be
ltniiy to aoo tlu.ni at tliv "Old Stnnd' on Main street.
J. If. MAGHEE &. CO.
Evansville, Sept. 2Jd, ltU".
NOTICE At a meeting pursuant to public no
tice, of the citizens of Lnmasco city, convened
nt the District school house, Septenilier 27lh, 1847,
Philip Roush and Daniel Chute were apHinted, ac
cording to law, to divide said town into five wards.
Adjourned to meet at 3 o'clock this afternoon. At
3 convened for thn ournose of hohliii" election for
Trustees, Simeon B. Stoddard and Philip Roush were
appointed Judges of raid election; Daniel Chute and
M. D. llendrick. Clerks. L'pon counting the votes it
appeared that S. li. Stoddard had 40 votes, nnd was
elected Trustee of the 1st Ward. Philip Roush re
ceived 23 and was elected for the 2nd Ward; J. P.
Henderson received 28 and was elected for the 3rd
Ward; J. A. Baner received 28 and was elected lor
tho 4th Ward; and Christian Bippus received 37 and
was elected for the 5th Ward.
sep. 30-t-w&,w-lt-prs. fee 2,00.
MS1IE11VVOOD House for Ue or Rent.
In consequence of tho late severe alilietion in
his family, tho underlined is determined tore
tire from the business nnd bustle of a Public House,
and offer for sale or rent on reasonable terms the
ShkkwooD HofSE, well known as one of the best ho
tels and most desirable stands in the State. He will
rll the furniture with tho house but will not rent the
furniture. The hotel is a large three story brick build
insr, and very commodious. If sold the terms will be
made easy or it will be rented on reasonable terms.
Apply soon to the undersigned.
xe.'J 30-31 M. SHERWOOD
ItrlHiuisvillo Journal will please publish the above
uflily arid weeklyjojunount of 2 and eh'tre this office.
A PHYSICIAN residing in a pleasant Village in
Xi. this State, nlout thirty miles from tho city of
l. it ... ,.J
i.wiMHv me, nnu iinvinjr a practice realizing Irom
1200 to 1 300 a year, wishes to dis;m?e of his situa
tion together with his office. Medical fixtures and
stock ol Medicine at a lair valuation, any person d
pirous to settle in practice, will find this oiler one se
sirous tosettle in practice will find this oiler one sel- j hioiv, in KeillyVoldstand, on the comer of Main nnd
A urn f.u lui itin tli 'I ,a ...... I n : !.. . .... .
dom to lie met with. I he population snrroundiiiii
the village, is good society excellent and moral.
The present encumbanfs wish to leave, is alone
caused by the delicate state of his family's health who
is desirous to travel South.
A married mnn would be preferred, and if necess
ary A. B. has no objeetson to remain four or six weeks
.ind introduce liis successor to his practice. Terms
liberal. Letters addressed (oost paid) to .4. B. Jour
nal Oliice, Evansville, Ind., will meet with prompt
attention. sep 30-lt
Cor. ITIiiiu and First St., Evansville.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Dry
Goods, Groceries. Hardware, Cut
lery, Clocks, Coll'ec, Sugar,
jioiasses, Ac., Ac., Ac.
j HAS just received Ins large as-(v
itw. sorted stock of rail nnd Winter?:
Goods, consisting of Huts and Caps of the best quality
nnu mosiiasnionafie description. Lames ana Uents.
Boots and Shoes, Clocks, I,ookin? Glasses, super
fine French. English, nnd American Cloths, Cassi
meres, Satinetts, Jeans, Tailor 'Primings, &c.
also :
A splendid assortment of French, German, En
glish and American Calicoes, Ginghams. Alnpnecas,
IVlaines. fine nnd superfine Cloth and best Lyon's
Thibet Shawls from $3 to $;20 each.
. Which he offers for sale as low as can hy bought in
nny house in the western country. Merchants would
do well to call nnd examine the stock before purcha
sing e'- where.
iCrAU kinds of Propi-ce &.C., taken in exchange
sen li timn.
200 dozen assorted Tumblers;
. "J TH) " " fine.cutandcom. Decanters
OS 20 " Fyr.Cansfc Molasses Ju-s;
30 " Jars assorted sizes;
13 " Cruets.
Together with Salts, Dishes, Lanterns, Goblets, etc.
etc., jus received and for sale very low by
au31-tf. ALLP3 & HOWES.
lints, Caps, Iionnets, Boots, Shoes,
Ace, at l holcsale or Retail by
Corner of Main and First strut, Evansville.)
t-XYV THANKFUL far past favors, wouM res
Liff .icctlully inform their friends and the public
generally, that they are now ojieiiing one of the best
selected stocks of Dry Goods ever ollered in the city
of Evansville; comprising nearly every thing retired
either by necessity, taste, or fashion. The frenior
parlner who has had twenty years experience as a
merchant in Indiana selected the stock with the great
est care in the Eastern cities and of manufacturers,
with n speeisl view to the country trade, and as they
sell exclusively for cash they flutter thenwelves that
to cash buyers, cither at wholesale or retail, they can
oiler inducements equal to any house in the West.
All we ask is to call and examine our Goods and pri
ces and judge for yourselves. t
JFST Opening
Superior Silk Warp Black Alpaccas;
50 ps low and medium price cott Warp Alpacca;
Mode and high colored Lustres and Custhneres;
Oregon and California Plaids;
Plaid ami striped Dulislcs and Mohair- Cloth;
Gala Plaidsand all wool Cloakings,
Cheap at wholesale or retail,
sep 23-tf. FOSTER & JOHNSON.
J 1ST Received A lot of fancy elrcss Silks; Tur
kuui Satins and plain black Gro de Rhine.
Also a fine assortment of Grimps, Fringes, Buttons,
and other dress trimmings. Also Zepher Worste.1
marking Canvass and Perforated Paper; Steel Deeds,
Clasps and Tassels, plain and vcrigrued Purse Silks,
sep 23-tf. FOSTER &. JOHNSON.
SHAWLS A great variety of Shawls, amongst
which are an extensive assortment of superior and
common black Cloth, Tartan, Mode, Tnretii. &c.
For sale low by s2j FOSTER &, JOHNSON.
CLOTHS, Cassimeres, nnd Testings
Bourlly's celebrated French black Cloth;
Eng. Amor, blue, black, brown and olive Cloth:
Plain and plaid Cassiinercs;
Sattin, Velvet, Woolen, and Silk Vesting.
Also a good assortment of Tailors trimmings.
For sale low cither at wholesale retail,
sep 28-tf. FOSTER JOHNSON.
- IN store and for sale low
vrr ,.-'' 2i0 sks prime Rio Coffee;
-- 3l!0 sks T. .1 Salt;
500 Kanahwa do.
Also a general assortment ofOroecries", in store and
forsaleby sep.'H FOSTER &, JOHNSON.
BUl'SIIES! nrnMie!! Just opened a full as
sortment of Counter, White War h. Shoe, Horse,
Shaving, Hair, Cloth, Varnish, Paint and scrub Brush
es. For sale low by s281 FOSTERS JOHNSON.
LECTION of Hank Directors The Stock-
Bank are hereby informed that the annual election of
Directors, for the ensuing year, will take place at the
Banking Oilier, in Evansville, on Monday the first
day of November next, Iwtween the hours of 2 and 1
o'clock P. M. JOHN DUG LASS, Cashier,
sep 2-tw.
rsa '
CII AXCE for a liargmi. A scc
ne hand Piano Forte tor rale very low.
Enutlire at the oliice of
sep 25-tf.
JUST Received per steamer "Muscle
si No. 2"
o hit Pipes superior Port Wine;
2 do do do Madeira;
4 do do Seii ette Brandy;
3 hluhi St. Croix Hum;
2 do Pure Spirits;
2 do Madder;
3 rases Indigo;
1 bble Nutmegs;
1 hhd Cnssia;
1 bid Camphor;
5 do Grd iiinger;
6 bags Race Ginger;
30 do Pepper;
3 kegs Salt Petre;
f do R nisi os:
30 ba.xes Ground Spices;
1.) hags Java Collie;
40 Packages Tobacco, all choice brand.
For rale low for cash bv ALL1S &. HOWES,
sep 22-tf. Water street, above Main.
ALLEN, Hatter, (a practical ULrlmnic
from Ai-ro Yurk.) liegs leave to oiler his nro-
fesfinnnl services to the citizens of Evansville and
He has opened the Store, corner of Main and First
streets, with a largestock of Hats and Caps of every
quality and style; got up or selected by himself with
great care, exclusively for the fall trade of this section,
and which he is resolved to sell at such prices as to
make it the interest of all, in want of such articles for
the head, to deal with him.
Gentlemen desirous to treat themselves or friends
to a beautiful .Moleskin of the celebrated Beltec &
Costars present fall fashion, just got out by express
from New York, would do well to call early Ik fore
the lot is disposed of.
A lot of solen.iiil Reaver Hats, an extra fine arti
cle, on hand, and also every variety of Caps.
Gentlemen can have any description of lint made
to order at this establishment.
Evansville, Sep. ls-tf
moms .m 'alms-
jMNEni ti nxoei:
New Grocery and Provision Slorc.
Corner of Main and Second St., EvanTille,
BEG leave to intorni the citizens ot Evans
ville, nnd the country people generally that
"-. ' tKotr tin oiu.noil n II r.irr niiil I V. n-1 i . v.-.
eond streets, where thev will be thankful for a share
ol the public patronage,
I he highest cash prices paid, for nil kinds of
country I'roduce.
House raiiiliiisr and filazin?.
Jo.-eph Turnoek, thankful for past favors, will con
tinue to pay strict attention to all work entrusted to
his cure.
Keglnzing done at the sliortr st notice,
JO lieady Mixed Paints, Glass, and putty always
on nana. sep ia-tt.
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Iron, Nails
unpinte, l-oreiu a Domestic Li
quors and Groceries in general,
ll'jer rlrcct, ahire JIain, Evansville, Indiana.
T7"OULD respectfully invite thenttcntionof eoun
V try Merchants, and the trade in general, to
their large and well selected stock of Groceries,
v ines, l jmiors, lobacco, Segars. ioston rsails, Jcc.
(-)neoftlie linn is spending the entire summer,
making purchases East; and with a perfect knowl
edge ol the western trade, and buying for cosh only,
we teel confident that we will be alile to allordgood
as cheap as they can be bought in the West, aug 31
BALTIMORE Oysters Prepar
ed and put up without seasoning by Holt
!t Maltbv, warranted to keep in anv cli
mate; constantly on hand and for sale bv
au31-tf. ALL1S &.' HOWES.
TO SMOKERS. The lst assortment of
Ever below lhe falls of the Ohio river is now offered
for sale by the subscribers. We name
La Orleans;
Regalia Ne Plus Ultra;
Colorado Claro;
Para Todos;
Crusndos; ' '
Besides many other Brands. Every taste can W
suited.. Iau31-tf. ALL1S &. HOWKS. '
VRE now receiving their Fall and Winter stock of DRY GlXiDS, LOOTS AND SHOES, HATS,
CAPS, BONNETS, &c., consisting of nltout one Thousand Packages of every style and
variety, which they oiler to the trade entirely at Wholesale, having retired altogether from the retail
bnsiness. ...... . . .
't hese goods were purchased mostly at Auction, by tlie 1 acfcngc, by one ot tnc 1 irm v ho Mas a thorough
knowledge of the markets; and we can nnd will sell them as low as any Hoiue in the West. Wc itnite
iMorchants and Dealers to calf and examine for themselves.
Evansville, September 23-tf. , ,
tr'r-iimj tie. Viiieeimes : Reciter. Mt. Carmel : Republican, Shawneetown, and Kcntuckian, Henderson,
will please publish to the amount of 3 each, and iorw
this oliice. .
E. & W. LEWIS,
Corner of Main nnd Water St., Evansville
WODLD respectfully invite the eitizensof Evans
ville and vicinity to examine one of thelargest.
newest nnd most fashionable stocks of Foreign and
Domestic Fall and Winter Dry-Goods, being the
latest arrivals in our city, which wc are thi3 morning
opening, and would be happy to show to ail those
who will favor us with a call.
A large portion of this stock having lieen selected
wi:h a view to suit the wholesale trade to which we
respectfully invite the attention of Merchants vii-iting
our city. To our old customers we say come, as
we are prepared to sell on letter terms than ever.
To our retail visitors we shall be pleased to show our
goods, believing that they will find them as well se
lected, ns goo 1, and consisting of as great variety
and as cheap as any stock ever offered in this
place. sep l(i tf.
BEAUTIFUL riaiJ, plain Hack; and fancy
Silks; French Scotch and American Ginghams,
also Plaids, Chamlias, Embroidered. Bucna Vista,
Crn;c, Twilled and Oregon Plaids; Fancy Delaines
and Cashmeres; plain and figured black and fancy
Alapaea; Engli-h and American Calicoes of
every variety and of the latest nnd most fashionable
Fall and Winter styles this day received and for
sale low at wholesale and retail by
E. & W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tf. Corner of Main and Water street.
CLOTHS and Cassimcrs. French. Engli.-h
nnd American blue, black, drab, invisible green
nnd steel mixed Cloths and Cassiniers, at wholesale
and retail low, by E. cc W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tf Corner Mail and Water street
Vestinss Gentleman's Cravats, Ac.
SILK Velvet Plaids, do Worsted and Cotton, black
Satins, plain nnd fancy Cravats, this day re
ceived and for sale very low by
E. & W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tf. Corner Main and Water street,
BLUE, black, steel mixed, gold mixed, drab and
nnd fancy Cassinetts.
Plain, blue, fancy, cold mixed, steel d , nnd striped
Kentucky Jeans. Also New Hoe and Steulienville,
Brandy, Wine, Fisherville, Woodland, Nukcve,
Westminister, Brooklyn, Herino, and Kockaway
Manufacturies, for sale low wholesale and retail by
E. &. W. LEWIS,
pep 23-tf. Corner Main ;md Water street.
FIFTY cases assorted HATS AND
CATS, consisting in part of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rate
Beaver; 1st, 2nd nnd 3rd rate Brush; Cerro Gordo;
Bnena Vista; Silk; Wool nnd nil other varieties.
l.0 dozen assorted caps of the latest and most fash
ionable Full and Winter Styles now on hand and re
ceiving for sale at wholesale and retail bv
E. &. W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tf. Corner Main and Water street.
100 cares consisting in part ol
lis' and Boys thick Hoots;
lo do do Kip uo;
do Calf Boots;
Also, Gents, coarse and fine Brogans;
Iadics (ialfand Morocco Shoes;
do Kid Slippers and Gaiter Boots,
Togethtr with a variiil assortment not above men
tioned, at wholsaleand retail low bv
E. & W. LEWIS;
sep 23-tf. Corner Main and Water street.
rrT t r , 1 , n... n.. n 11.
Imitation Shell, 'Puck Combs, Side 'do, Porket do,
i iii.-t uav receiver imiirniv. i oiin, tu li
Ivory do, Reding do, nnd all other varieties, ror
sale wholesale and retail by
E". cc W, LEWIS,
sep 23-:f. Corner Main and Water street.
AJ- Hon net, Artificials and Ribbons.
TjV THIS day received Tj dozen assortedyr
Florence Braid, Straw, Devon) and Chip Bonnls.
."it boxes artificial Flowers of French and American
ThKI pieces Ribbons white,Bonnet black. figured fan
cy cap, colored Tad'ata, black Talfa, Gold Satin, and
Embroidered Ribbons; nnd tor sale low, wholesale
and retail by E. &. W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tf. Corner Main and Water street.
yl'mbrelln, Flannel' and Tickings.
L- NOW on hand and receiving a large and
s complete assortment, for sale low bv
E. cc W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tl. Corner Main and Water stri ct.
.XXV Domestics, Cot. Yarn, Cot. Hutting.
ALWAYS on hand and for sale low by
E. &; W. LEWIS,
sep 23-tf Corner Main and Water street.
Handkerchiefs and Comforts, of evervstvlc nnd
price, for sale by E. .t W. LE'WiS,
sep 23-tf. Corner Main and Water street.
:if(.:ii Shawls, (Moves, Nns.?
i'"il!''nfnlr& nnl lln.irrv
Embroidered Cashmere Shawls
and all other varieties. Assorted Stock of Gloves,
Suspenders, and Hosierv, now on hand nnd receiving.
For sale low by ' E. &. W. LEWIS, '
sep 23-tf. Corner Main nnd Water street.
THIS day received Sleel trimmings nnd tassels,
consisting of hag clasps mid tassels, purse rinsis,
imrse clasps, stool beads, shaded nnd plain purse silk,
ror sale low by , E. So V . LEWIS,
sep 23-tf Corner M ain and Water street
rnponAC'C'O. The linden itrnrd have on hand one
jL ol the largest anil lieft assortments of manufac
tured Tobacco in the West, Virginia. Kentucky. Mis
souri, aud Indiana Bran;L?. Among lalcorrivalsarc
the following:
20 boxes Scldon nnd Anthony's 5 lump;
2il King's c5 lump;
10 " Emler's 12 lump;
10 " I. Hare's 12 do;
10 " W. II. Hare's pound lamp;
lit " Seldon and Anthony's pound lump.
All superior Virginia Brands, selected by a con
noisseur and bought for cash, on wliich u-rm they
will le sold at a very email advance bv
au31-tf. ALLlSi. IIOVES.
EDICA L.-GE( . B. WA I KEil. rhriria S-
vVfri'ren, corner of Viiu and First sts. 'iylii'l'i i
aid paper containing tame to advuiL-tis, aud charge
HAVING secured for tho State of
'r3 Indiana the Patent Right for the
Are nrenared to suiiijly the public on I lit ir usual rca-
sonable terms at their Old stand on Main street,
Evansville, nnd take pleasure in being able to re
commend it as the very best invention and most val
uable article in the stove line, that has yet been of
fered to tho public, it being a decided and acknowl
edged improvement over all other "Air Tight stoves."
Patented in the year lit.
The many advantages of this Stove overall others,
hassecured forit the reputation wherever it is known,
of being the most important improvement ever made
in that article. The stove is furnished with DoufJe
lle.irths, one for a coal furnace and one for broiling
and other necessary uses.
! It has a edacious oven equal in size to the Siove
itself, capable of containg two tiers of pans and (er
fect in its cock '"g. The tire chani!er is so arranged
in front of the pipe that boiling on lour of the holes at
the same time can be dune without the ntcetsity of
healing up the OVEN and thus chookirg up thelhm
unnecessarily AS IN OTHER "A 111 TIGHT
And a new improved damper has loen introduced
in this Stove so that the heat can be regulated at
pleasure and any required degree obtained with as-tJiii.-hi.ig
j The Stove is got up in good taste, combining in a
remarkable manner, beauty with tin ngth and util
ity. The furniture and equinmc nts of the stove are
perfect in every respect, and lorm of themsi Ives a
compU te movable kitchen."
: In addition to the above stove the subscribers have
also secured tlie right to tell the Double Oven Cook
ing Stove,
'which is very highly approved by all who have ever
used or examined" it for its capacities in the way h r
cooking in every department, and for its saving iu
'way pffucl. The certificates below from those who
ihavu used the above stoves show that tin Couibina
jtions are not "pulls" merely, but truths of which all
may be convinced.
j ALSO. A large assortment of every kind of
stoves; such as. Premiums, Parlors, Count tug-Room;
i Shop and School-Room. Together with a large as
sortment of Tin-ware, at their usual low prices.
MtssKs. Jajiis Scastun Si So.v,
Gentlemen Huvin" examined all, and tiied sev
eral of the Cookim! Stoves now in use, 1 have con
cluded to give the "Combination Air Tight" Cook
'ing Stove ol. Messrs. French nnd Winslow a trial,
(ifis an improvement upon the "Wager Air Tight"
ICooking stove,) and I am fully satisfied that it com
bines more useful advantages in, cooking than any
lother btove now in use. , Yors, itc.
! Musses. James Svantmn & Son,
Gentlemen The "Double Oven Cooking Stove,"
purchased by me from you some time since, has far
; surpassed my ex relations, nnd if cooking for a large
! number of persons in a veiy idiort time and in first
rate style, with small cXK'IimmiI fuel, arc any eviden
ces of a good stove; this certainly has proved itself to
jbcone. JOHN M. AIT.
j Taylor House, Evansville.
i Mrsstis. Jami.s Scanti.in vV. Sin,
I Gentlemen After giving the "Combination Air
.Tight Cooking Stove which you put up for us, a
thorough and impartial trial; we take pleasure in !c
ing able to say to you that it far Biirtiasscs any thinfr,
ol the kind we havi 'ever iiseil, and we let I sati: fi J
that it is superior to any of the many patents that arc
ollered for sale in our Citv.
Evansvimx, August 301 ll, 1S17.
MnssK.s. James Sj axtlin &. Son,
Gents. In reply io your enquiry concerning the
'Double Oven Stove "Ilarry of the Wct." that you
'put up for me I would say tiiat 1 have tiled a number
! of stove ot various patents, but this one I must give
a decided preference over all others that 1 have u.-ed,
land consider it well worthy of tho attention of the
iMrssns. Jaii:s Scantmn &. Sox,
Gents. 1 have used for some weeks past, in my
.Hotel tho Double Oven Cooking "llany ol the West"
Ipurchased by me from you, and during that time the
capacities of lhe stove for boiling, broiling, cooking
;and roasting has been fully tested and I can safely say
that this stove can do more nnd 1m iter cooking in a
shorter lime with less trouble nnd exense than any
stove that has ever lieen used in my hou:. I have
examined many of the stoves lor sale; nnd for some
'years was engaged iu the business of manul.icluriug
'ihem but have never yet wen any stove that arrives
!so near w rleetion as the one now uwd bv me.
Washington House. BENJ. N'l'RRE.
EvANsviu.r, August 30t li, 1 17.
Mrssr.s. Jamls S a.vti.i.n S"N,
(Jents. Having used the Double Oven Cooking
Stove "Harry of the We.-t," 1 can say that 1 fuliy
concur with Mr. Nurre, in the favorable opinions ho
has expressed aWc eonct rning it.
iMr.ssr.s. Javts Scvstms &. Son.
j Gents. 1 have now in use iu my kitchen n "Har
ry ot the West" Stove, nnd I find it to le in every res
pect prclcrahle to any I have vrr used in my ten
'years cxporicnccin keeping a hotel, 1 have had va
rious kinds and among tlicm "Burks" celebrated
'cooking stove, but the "ilarry of the West" combines
ind vantage in the saving ol fin 1 ar.d in Wiling nnd
baking which must ever place it nmong the veiy U -t
Cooking Stoves yet inv nted ('. k.DREAV,
I Propiii tor Exchaiice Hotel.
I Reference concerning the stoves can also lie had of
iL. M. tHi.isteml, I'.siir.. Janu s Brazelton. Ehj , Mo
'ses Aiken, Win. Gritl'-'h, Win. Elliott. Evansville;
:W. Bildon. and Dr. Poev. PeteiburL'h. I.i.
I Call on JAM ES SCANTLIN Ac M N, at the sign
jof the Goi.nr.v Corn.F. lVr: Main street, nearly oppo
Vite the 'Chequored Store,' Evansville. bep 2.V(,ih.
! INDIANA, ss.
At a Prol ate Court Ik Id in nnd for the County ol
Spencer on the !'th day of August, A. D. 117; U iore
the lion. lUzin Waer, Probate Judge
William Jones nnd I hurnasC. 1
I lead v, admr's. ( I Esquire
; Heady, dee'd. vs.
I Petitin
!f Est
etition to rt-Il real
(Andrew J. llealy, james
dleadv, J:nnes Powell, Sallv
Powell, Elizaleth Heady, Nan
cy Heady, ft. al.
Now nt this time come the Petitioners in the: came
by Thos. F. DeBruler, iheir attorney, nnd file
ihe rdhdavit id'a disinti rested witness from v Inch it
iappears that James Heady and Andrew J Heady, two
of the above named defendants are non-ridi ills.
It is therefore r:lere.i by the Court that thev the said
James nnd Andrew J Heady he notified of lhe filing
an pendency of said petition by a publication ol ihN
ionler lor three weeks succes'ivrlv in the Evansville
j Wee kly Journal printed and published in the City ol
i Evansville Vcndrrburgh County and State of Indiana'
And that unless the y 1.0 andnpiiear here on or Ixloro
the calling of this cause nt the next term of this court
tole held tin tlie 2d Monday in Novi nilx r next, and
.show cause why tho prayer of said petition should
not lie granted the same will lie heard and determine d
in their absence and lhis cause is continued,
i By the Court.
i Te-t, JOHN CRAWFORD, Clerk.
I sep 23-p f $3. By S. W. pAir.i u.i.u D: C.
AW Notiee.-J. J. CHANDLER, An..n,rt
I 1iu-.- y ifiicc on First St., 1 low Main, np .

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