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320 Acres of Land for $20160
Acres of Land for $10!
rpiIE Texas Emigration and Land Compan y hav-
-L ing derived their Grant from the late Republic of
1 exas, by contracts made with tho rresident thereof,
uniler authority of the special acts of Congress, ap
proved 4th February, 1811 and 16th January, 1343,
granting lands to Emigrants, will continue to give
320 acres of land to families, and ICO acres of land to
single men over 17 years of age, until the 1st day of
July, 181tl, conditioned, that the family shall pay $20,
and the single man $10, for the surveying tees. A
family, as defined in our Contracts, must consist of
"A man and his wife, with or without children."
"A widower with two or more children; if males
under 17 years of age, if females unmarried."
"A widow with two or more children; if males un
der 17 years of age, if females, unmarried."
"Two single men over the age of seventeen years,
each one being entitled to UiO acres."
On his arrival in the Colony, the Emigrant should
forthwith apply to the agent of the Company, Mr.
Henry O. Iledgcoxe, residing at Stewartsville in Den
ton county, who will at all times be ready to assist
him in the selection of his land, and enter the same on
books kept for that purpose, and give him a certificate
therefor, which certificate will be evidence of his hav
ing settled in the Colony indue time.
Our Grant lies in the North-Eastern port of Texas,
between the 32nd and J 1th degrees of Latitude North,
and 19th and 22iul degrees ot Longitude West, from
Washington; beginning on the south side of Red Riv
er, at a jMiint 12 miles east of the False Ouachitta,
running thence due South 100 miles, thence East 164
miles, ihence North 100 miles, thence West 164 miles
ti the beginning, having a front on the meandering
of Red River ot nearly 300 miles; and includes with
in its limits the upper and lower Crows Timbers, and
the head waters ot the Lirasnsand Trinity Rivers, the
Trinity being navigable for Steamboats of light
draught, from the interior of the Colony to the Gulf
of Mexico into which it empties, some 23 miles from
Galveston, and Red River, to the .Mississippi, afford
ing an outlet tor the surplus productions ot the coun
try. 1 his portion ot 1 exas is peculiarly adapted to
i of Texas is peculiarly
tliegrowthof wheat, experience within the last two
years having tented the tact, that it will produce 40
bushels to the acre, weighing 65 to 70 pounds to the
bushel. Indian corn, rye, barley, oats, sweet and ' sau consequence ouen auenuing mercurial ana
Irish potatoes, peas, beans, melons, garden vegetables mineral preparations. Persons exposed to changes of
of all kinds, cotton, hemp and tobacco, and the cele- weather and climate travelers, emigrants, seamen,
brated muekect grass which covers the prairies and i soldiers, See are recommended to provide themselves
upon which cattle subsist, and keep fat during the 1 with a supply of these Pills. Their extraordinary ef
w inter, and require only to beoccasionally salted and . caey in those complaints which prevail in our South
kept together, to rear them in great numbers. ern and Western States during the summer months.
The planting season commences in February and and particularly along the banksof rivers, lacs and
continues until July; but the early crops are most pro- I ponds, nnd in those sections where the land is not all
ductive: Emigrants should go on in the fall or win- ; cleared up and drained, might be seen from the piles of
ler, so as to be ready to put in an parry crop. Those letters received by the Proprietor, which have been ad
goiug from M issoun, Iowa, Wisconsin, and the nor- j dressed to him by those who are greatful for the ben-
thern parts of Illinois and Indiana, should go through 1 nt derived irom the use ot his Pills.
Missouri or Arkansas to Van Buren, Fort Snith, Fort Da Al URPH Y's SUGA R-COATED VEGETABLE
Towson, Colli e's Station or Pine Bluff, thence into Anti-Feyer Pills,
the settlements in the direction of the forks of the For the Immediate and Permanent cure of Ague and
Trinity. Those going from other sections of the L'n- Fever, Chills and Fever, and all other Fevers.
ion, south, should go u Helena or Columbia, Ark.,! . Prepared by Wm. AIurfhy, AI. D.3S4Pearl Street
.Memphis, Tenn., or Natchez, Alias., and thence New York. TWT
across by land; or to New Orleans, and thence by 4500 REWARD.
Steamboat up Red River to Shreveport, Louisiana, at I will give Five Hundred Dollars to any person who
which place an agent will bestationed, who will give will produce, at a less cost, a better, a more innocent
the emigrants directions as to their route by land to , and more perfect cure for Ague and Fever, or Chills
DallasandStewartsvillcadistanceofsomeOOmiles. and Fever, than Dr. Alurphv's Sugar-Coated Vcget-
jnr coiony is rapiuiy iiiuug up wuh nu uiuusirious,
i, .
IXuton, Collin, and a part ot Kobeton and .Navarro
within tiic Grant. It is decidedly the most healthy
part of the state, the lands having a gently undulating
rurtiice; there are no ponds, swamps or marshes, and
no local cause for disease. The atmosphere is pure
and pleasant. During the warmest months ef sum
mer there is a constant breeze playing over the prair
ies, and the nights are invariably cool; the thermom
eter never rises above 85 to 90, and in the winter nev
er tails below 30 decrees Fahrenheit. It abounds in
springs, and at the depth of fifteen or twenty feet, in
the midst of the prairie, the best water can be had; all
the small streams are peculiarly clear and crystal like.
Colonel William Myers, who removed there from
Garrard County. Ky., last full, says, in a letter dates
8th May, 13-17, "1 will not venture to tell my friendd
in Kentucky that the land here was better than the
best land in Kentucky, because they would not be
lieve it; but now 1 assert it, for the soil is deeper,
being in many places five feet, and the kindest land
to work 1 ever put a plough in. 1 verily believe that
around the forks of the Trinity, lies the largest body
of first-rate land in America." From the tbrks of
Trinity to Simla Fe, is only about 600 miles by the old
Spanish trail, and the newstmpers in Texas are now
ndvocnting the route up the Trinity, and from its forks
!v land, as in every respect preferable to the one by
independence. Mo. Why should Emigrantsthinkof
i;oiug to Oregon or California when they can obtain
better land for nothing, so much nearer homef
This is, perhaps, the last opportunity that will ever
offer on the continent of America of getting lands for
the mere cost of surveys and cost of deeds. Our Col
ony is emphatically the place for the poor man's
home: there he does not have to feed his cattle for six
or seven months in the year; there he will have a
home market for all the surplus he can produce for
years to come, and with industry and economy, speed
ily become rich.
I jet no Emigrant loose sight of the important fact
that our contracts with the Government of Texas ex
pire on the 1st day of July. 118, and that he must not
onlv be in the Colony, but that he must have selected
hislnnd, built a house or rabin thereon, and be resid
ing therein with his family bv that dav: one day af
ter that date, and thcopiortuiiity of getting lands for
nothing is, perhaps, lost for ever. Persons desiring
additional information, by addressing the undersign
ed Trustees or either of them, post paid, shall receive
prompt attention.
WILLIS STEWART, J Trust of the
JOHN J. SMITH. Ttrai Emigration
W.C.PETERS, andIjnJ Comjxmy.
Jxfisvn.LE, Sept. 1st, 13-17. sep. 14-1 in.
FRESH Teas. Just received and now
i . m reauy lor inspection, iu pacunges oi lea.
An assortment selected with great care espe
. : .-wn . I - n.
vinlly for the Evansville Market, for sale by
aug31-tf. ALLIS Sc. HOWES.
State of Indiana, Spencer County, s.
Probate Court of Spencer County, in vacation.
James Uryont, executor of
the Inst will and testament
of William Alay, late of
Spencer County and State
of Indiana, deceased.
Sally Ann Pinkston nnd
John Pinkston, her Hus
band, Alary Elizabeth AIny
Martha Jane May, Cother
May, nnd Willhm W
Mny.hcrHusband, John A
Petition for the Sale of
Keal estate;
Mnv and William J. Ala v. I
NOW at this time, to wit: on the 4th day of Sep
tember, A. D., 1H7, comes the above namei
plumtiil, nnd files his petition against the above
named di'lcndanu in the othce of the C lerk of sait
Court Pravinc said Court to authorize on id nlain
tiff to sell certain real Estate situated in said eouuty
ol Spencer of which said William May died seized, for
the payment ol certain leuueies bequeathed by his
last will and testament pursuant to the directions in
jiuid will contained
And it nnpearing by the affidavit of a disinterested
person tiled in this cause that nil of thenbove named
lelendnnts except Silly Ann Pinkston and John Pink
r.ton lnr husband. Alnrv Elizabeth Alay. nnd Marl hi
Jnne Alay are non-residents of the State of Indiana
i herelore the said non-uesiacnt dctendanis arc
Jiercby notified of the filintr and pendency of said PC'
tition and that the same will he hrnr.1 in our said
I rohnte Court on the first day of the next term there'
jof in the town of Rock port in said County, on the sec
ond .Monday of November next or as soon thereafter
as Council can be heard. When and where the said
non-Resident defendants may appearand show cause
It any tney nave or can show why the prayer ot san
iicuuou snoiiui noi oe grained.
Attest JOHN CRAWFORD, Clerk.
By S W. Fairfield D. P.
ions II. S.xitji Esq. Att'y for Petitioner, tep
intelligent and moral people, and must soon become and Fifty Dollars to any person who will show a sin
the most populous part ot Texas. The Government , gle case where any iniurous effects have attended the
lias recently formed the counties of Grayson, Dallas.! iw of these PilU. Thev r unrrnntwl in all hirp.
Mackenzie Compound Liver Pills
These truly Celebrated Pills,
NOW properly esteemed in all neighbhoosd
where they have been used, were first made som
Twelve years Apo by the proprietor, from a Veget
able Extract, and then recommended by him as a su
perior Bilious Pill He then resided in an eastern
City. On his removal to the west, in 1836 he was
soon forced to observe the very general complaint
then and now prevalent, of a Diseased state o,
The Liver, Jaundice Slc. His long experience
of the primary causes,and disastrous results of anaf
fection of this all important working agent of the hu
man frame, and posessed as he was of a practical
knowledge of the specific action produced in that or
gan (the Liver,) by the Extract so successfully resort
ed to by him in eastern practice induced the Proprietor
to give his Pills a trial in those diseases where Chron
ic or Torpid State of the Liver was Complained of.
The result in every instance, so far as he has been
informed, has shown their Complete Triumph over
that disorder. Thus convinced of their complete effi
cacy, he has ever since invariably recommended them;
and thousands who in the health-restoring use of them
have been benefited, now bear witness to their power
ful effects in ridding the system of all those diseases
connected with or dependent upou an unhealthy state
of the Liver, such as Bilious and other Fevers, Jaundice
Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Flatulency, Heartburn,
Habitual costivness, ate.
In view of all these facts, the proprietor in recommen
ding his Compound Liver Pills, does so with
the greatest confidence in their properties of prevent
ing and curing Bilious Diseases. He assures those
who may have occasion to use them, That they are
strictly what they purport to be, being prepared express
ly for the afore mentioned diseases, i'hey act spej
cificaly on the Liver and Viscera; remove all con
gestive action and morbid secretions; purifying the
blood; causing a free and healthy discharge ot bile
strengthening the system, and assisting digestion
C S. Mackenzie Sc. Co., Cleveland, Ohio, Propri
etors. For sale by W. M. WOOLSEY, Agent.
may l-9m Evansville, la.
Dr.Mnrrliy Sugar- (ttud tqtn tit
Anti-Rillioas and Anti-Dyspeptic Pills.
1 PREPARED by Wk. H. Mukpav, AL D. 3t4
Pearl Street New York, price, 25 cents per box.
These Pills are composed enterely of Vegetable ingre
dients, and contain not one particle of calomel or mer
cury in any form, nor any mineral substance what
ever, and may be taken at all times and under all
circumstances, and by all ages, without any fear of
able Anti-r everl'Uls. 1 will also give 1 wo Hundred
to cure Ague and Fever, or Chills and Fever, when
taken according to the direction accomompanying
them. WAI. MURPHY, At. D.
Price 50 cents per box. Agents for Evansville, W
&.C. BELL; Alt. Vernon, D. AIcMullen; New Har
mony, Agniel Sc. Son; Cynthiana, Wm. Whiting;
Owensville, John Graham; Princeton, J. R. Camp
ell; Columbia, W.J.Casey. june24 tw ''im.
r I MIE Subscriber cffjrs for sale one hundred acres of
.1 land adjoining Westtranklin, fronting on the Ohio
river, 1 of a mile, well timbered ; together with the
choicest quality ot lime and tree stone winch issitua
ted on the river.
Also, one dwelling house and lot. including a stone
house on the same lot Id by 23 feet, well situated and
fixed for Dry Goods and Groceries. I will also sell
my present stock of Goods and Groceries. The
dwelling is comfortably situated with all the neces
sary out houses, together with a seller and cistern.
I he whole premises is well situated for any eerrtle
man who may be desirous to embark in business on
the Ohio river, with a flourishing country around.
and particularly for a merchant who may wish to go
into the wood and produce business.
i r .1 T i ii i - .i
roriurmer particulars can ana see tne owner on
the premises.
Terms easy and the property at cash valuation.
1 lie undersigned is anxious to sell soon.
West Franklin, Posey Co. Ind. sep 1 1-tf.
I WILL sell the Farm on which 1 live, containing
335 acres of land, 60 acres are now in cultivation.
There is on the land a large substantial Frame dwel
ling, one room of which is finished for a Store, about
300 apple trees have been planted on the place, and
are just beginning to bear, a well near the house af
fords plenty of good water, pains have been taken to
preserve the timber and to sustain the quality of the
soil. It is 2 miles from Boonville, 9 miles from New
burg, 4 miles from the Canal and 16 miles from Ev
ansville, and is in fertility, shape and iicighlmrhood,
a desirable family residence. Aly price is $-.'5tX), one-
tilth in hand, the residue on time to suit purchaser.
Aug. 23,-7 w-tw&w.
r 'AAts ionwn. i win meet the tax payers
L who may attend at the following places in Van
derburgh county, for the purpose of receiving taxes,
to wit:
At the place ofliolding elections in Knight Town
shtp, Saturday Sept. IHth. At the place of holding
elections in Centre Township, Monday September
vain. At tne place ot holding elections in ccoU town
ship Tuesday Sept. 21st. At the place of holding
elections in Armstrong township, Wednesday Sept.
'r:nd. At the place ot holding elections in German'
Township, Thursday Sept. 23rd. At the place of
holding elections in rerry 1 ownship, r riday fcept.
24th. At the place of holding elections in Union
Township, Saturday Sept. 25th.
And 1 will attend at my othce in the L-ourt House
at Evansville, from the first day of October, until the
first day ot January, 1848, tor the purpose ot receiving
The Taxes for the year 1S47, are as follows: For
State purposes, on each one hundred dollars valua
tion of all property made taxable by law, 28 i cents;
and for each poll 75 cents.
ror County purposes, on each one hundred dollars
valuation ot all properry 40 cents, and for each poll
.j cents.
I.'. I? .-n . t MimiUM in Akj.K nA l,nm.trA.l rt . rm '
valuation on Real Estate 10 cents.
AVI ipiiiuvm n, tiii ,ru llllliuiui UVIWI3
sept. 4 1847, 6w. R. W. DUNBAR, T. V. C.
41,25 in Silver per Rnshel for Cator Rean.
will give ONE IX 1LLAR nnd TWENTY-FIVE
BEANS, (in Silver,) deliverable at my Steam Iead
and Oil Works, in St. Louis, until the 1st of Novem
ber. 1 1 EN R Y T. BLOW,
Corner Clark Avenue and Tenth street.
St. Louis, August 20th, 1847.
liOR which I will pay the highest market price in
X. Mlver, delivered as above,
atig 21, 6t.
COTTON Yarn. Constantly on hand and for
sale the best quality of Cotton Yarn bv
may4tf. A. LAUGHLIN,' Water st.
WALL Paper 1000 pieces of Wall Paper va
rious patents, just received nnd for sale by
sep 25-tf. BABCOCK BROTHERS, Waterst.
T7"ALUABLE Town Property for Sale
V at Public Auction. By virtue of a certain J
aeea ot mist or mortgage dated the bth day ot -uly-,!
A D 18 46, between Andrew Huston of the State of
Ohio, ot the first part, James George Graham, of the
City of New York, of the seco.nd part, and James T.
Soutter, Robert Soutter, Jr., and Alexander Bell, of
ew x otk u-tty, acting and trading under the hrm ot
Soutter. Brothers & Co. of the third part. I. the said
James George Graham in pursuance of a power of
: J .i i . r - . - i -1 1 . i s.i
ouic in Buiu uutru ui irusi cumuuieu, w in on me Din
day of October, A D 1S47, at the Exchange Hotel,
in Evansville, between the Hours of 10 oclock, A Al
and 6 o'clock, P AI of said day, proceed to foreclose
said deed of trust or mortgage, by then and there ex
posing to sale at public auction the following real es
tate situated and being in the county of Vanderburgh
and State of Indiana, described in said deed of trust as
follows that is to say Lots number sixty-three 63,
sixty-four64,and forty -five 45,in the Upper Enlarge
ment of Evansville, in the county of Vanderburgh
aforesaid, beins the same lots conveyed to the said An.
drew Huston Dy James Lockhart and wife by deed
ueunntj aaie me umaay oi .tiarcn, a ij lBJb, and
Recorded in Book "C" at pages 550 and 551 of the Re
cords of Deeds of Vanderburgh County.
Also, that parcel or portion of Lot number one
nunured and twenty-two in the Original 1 lan ot f aid
town of Evansville which was conveyed to the said
Andrew Huston bv George F. Lvon and wife, and
John R. Wilcox and wife, by deed dated October 25th
A D 1841, and recorded in book "J" at page 353 of
the records aforesaid, the same being bounded and de
stribed aa follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the south-west corner of said Lot
number Vti on Third street and running thence on
the line of said lot sixty-six feet, thence at right
angles with said line to the back line of said Lot,
thence to the south west cornor of said Lot and
thence on the line of said Lot to the place of beginning.
Also, the undivded one-half of Fractional Lot
numbert wo 2, in the Lower or AlcGary'a Enlarged
ment of the aforesaid Town of Evansville, containg
ing about three-fourths of an acre :
Also, the undivided one-fourth of t ractional Lot
number one 1, in said Enlargement last aforesaid,
subject to the conditions and limitations contained in
the deed of Nathan Rowley to Amos Clark and
Francis Amory for said Fractional Lot number one.
Also, the undivided half of a certain other parcel of
land adjoining said Fractional Lot number two and
bounded as follows, to-wit :
Beginning at the end of the street which so Derates
said Fractional Lot number two from Lots seventeen
and thirty-two in said last mentioned enlargement,
thirty teet from the most northerly corner of said
Fractional Lot number two, running thence with the
middle course of said street north, thirty deerees east-
eight chains and eight links to the road leading from
L' . . I o: 1 ; 1
uvtino, iiic: tu me xj i m;",- ,m i igtaju revK iiiimeuiaie-
ly above the Salt Well, thence along said road south
thirty-two degrees five minutes east, six chains and
seventy-five links to the town of Evansville. thence
along said town forty-nine degrees and thirty minutes
west, six chains thirty-eight links, thence to the place
of beginning, containing three acres and three-quarters
ana eigiu rous or inereaitouis, netng the same land
sold and conveyed by Charles L Battel! to Amos
Clark in the year 1836. The said three tracts last
above mentioned being the same the undivided half
of which was conveyed to said Andrew Huston by
Samuel Rogers and William Alartin and his wife, by
deed dated the 3d day of July, 1845. The aforesaid
deed of trust will be found recorded in book "N" pages
498, 4'J9, 500 and 501 of the Records of Deeds of
Vanderburch county, and the amount claimed to be
due thereon at the time of the first publication of this
notice is 14.uk Jb-iuu ,vansvilli3, August 'il, 1K47.
Baker &. Garvin, Att'ys. nug 24-Jt p f $20 00.
PURL1C Sale. Notice is hereby given that we,
William Alartin and Samuel Rogers, of the firm
of Atartin & Rogers, will on the 20th day of Octo
ber, A D 1847, beiween the hours of 10 o'clock A
M and six o'clock P Al of said day, proceed to fore
close a certain mortgage in fee given and executed
to us by Andrew Huston (ot the town ot Circleville in
the State of Ohio) dated the seventh day of November
A D 1845, by selling themotgage premises mentioned
and described in said mortijace. at public auction and
outcry pursuant to a power of sale contained in said
mortgage, s-aid mortgage and tne power ot sale there
in contained are recorded in Book 'AI" nt paaes 619.
620 and 621 of the Records of Deeds of Vanderburgh
County and the mortgaged premises therein mention
ed are described in said mortgage substantially as fol
lows to wit :
"The one undivided half of the following real estate
situated in the county of Vanderburgh, and State
of Indiana, and thus described.to wit, a lot or parcel
of land in the Town of Evansville known and des
cribed as fraction number two in the lower or Ale
Gary's Enlargement of said town containing about
three fourths of an acre."
"Also one undivided fourth of fraction number one
in said enlargement subject to the conditions and li
mitations contained in the Deed of Nathan Rowley,
to Amos Clark and Francis Amory for said fraction
number one."
"Also the undivided half of a certain other parcel of
lanii aujoiuiug saiu fraction io. two and bounded as
follows, beginning at the end ot the street wluch sepe
rates said traction No. two from lots seventeen and
thirty-two in said enlargement, thirty feet from the
most northerly corner of said fraction number two,
running thence with the middle course of said street
North 30deg. East, eight chains and eight links to the
road leading from Evansville to the new Bridge on
Pigeon creek, thence along said road south 32deg.5min.
East, six chains and seventy-five links to the Town
of Evansville. thence along said town 49 deg. 30 in in.
West, six chains and thirty eight links, thence to the
place of beginning. It being the same land conveyed
by Charles 1 Battell to Amos Clark in the year A 1)
1836, containing three acres three quarters and eight
rods or thereabouts. The amount claimed to be due
to us on the foot of said mortgage from the said mort
gagor, Andrew Huston, at the timeot the hrst pulili
cation of this notice is $2,855,76."
And said sale will take place at the Exchange Ho
tel in the City of Evansville on the day and betweei
the hours herein before mentioned.
Terms of sale cash.
SAM UEL ROGERS. Mortgagees
Baker Sc. Garvin Att'ys for Morgagees.
aug24-9t-prs fee $14 U).
CONSUMPTION and Liver Complaint.
Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort has been used
successfully for einht years in the ere of these diseases.
Remember the original and genuine is made only at
Jijoowery in. x., ail others are spunous and unau
thorized. To the Public. We hereby certify that our son.
six years old, was suddenly taken in with a tever, and
ft f 1 1 1 r H apvpra ainlrnAaa . vuitont r,n rVi onanwt
He was bloated, his skin was filled, and his physi
cian said there was no favorable symptom about him
that he had confirmed consumption. At that time we
procured a bottle of that valuable medicine, Taylor's
Duisam oi ijiverwon. Alter lasing one Dottle, we be'
gan to have hopes of his recovery. He continued un
til he had used five bottles. It is now a year from
that time, and his health is beeter than it has been
since an infant. David & Hannah Rogers,
Granville, Washington co.,N. Y
(JAI-E of Delinquent .Mortjiaced Land.
k3 The following described tracts of land havintr be-
come forfeited, on failure to pay the annual instal
ments of interest due on Alortgage No. 5 of the Com
mon School Funds, belonsrinff to Vanderburgh eountv
in the State of Indiana, will be sold at the court house
door in the said county, on the 16th day of October, A
D 1847 for the payment of the nnncioal. interest.
damages and costs due on said mortgage at the time
of said sale, to wit : The South-East quarter, of the
North-East quarter ot section number twenty, in
tAU-nal,in " U T . l'
jrw IIOIUU 11,, HINUJ UI IUIIUR It 11 If 1T1.
Also, twenty acres to be taken of the North end of
the cast halt, ot the bouth-cost quarter, of section
twenty aforesaid. The whole amount due 204 43-100
dollars. WAI. 11. WALKER, A. V. C.
aug 12, 2m prs fee $3 00.
TMIE subscriber will sell one or both nt hiaHwrlllrm
-L Houses on Main street East of the canal, each
101 is leet on .nam street running nacK to the alley
"ne tmra ot tne purcnase money paid down, the re
mainder in twelve and eighteen months.
ug 24 2m. D. F. GOLDSAI1TH.
TRON and Nails. A large assortment of Bar
JL Iron, 75 tons or more just received.
Alto 400 kegs nails assorted, from 3d to 6 inch
spikes, ror sale very low by
may 4 tf. A- LAUGHLIN, Water st
A SOVEREIGN remedy for Ague and Fever.
This great Remedy: to which the public atten
tion is particularly called, has - been extensively
used in the western & south western states, as a spee
dy safe and certain cure for Ague and fever, Dumb
Ague. Chill, orintermment r ever.
J he unexampled and complete success attending its
use; and so well proven have become its wide spread
victories over every form of Ague in the west that the
'Febrifuge' is now superseding every other offered
remedial asent, and looked upon as the only one that
can be relied upon in all stages of the disease.
The many thousands of instances wherein it has
wrought cures, while no instance is known, nor can
be shown of failure, warrants it in being offered as
possessing the three cardinal merits, w ithout which
no medicine can be safely used in Auge cases. These
merits are, that itscurcs are safe, certain and perma
nent, C. fe. -Mackenzie & Co Cleveland Oluo, proprie
tors. &3rFor8aIebvIIoadlev.PhelD8&. Co. wholesale a-
gents New York, and by BrinkerhofT&. Penton, Chi
cago, III; Ewards Sc. Francis, St. Louis, Mo. and by
Drutrgista generally throuchout the United States.
For salebv WAI. M. WtMlf-SF.Y. ..rent for F.v-
ansville. Ind. may 1 9m.
At all times,
And nnder all Circumstances!
JFyou are sick, get cured; if well, employ measures
to continue so. Every individual indulges in hab
its, which must, to a greater or lesser extent, disar
range the admirable and intricate combinations i
wluch form the system, and consequently
should possess some mild, yet efficacious, simple and
accredited agent tor preserving all functions ot the body
y in good urdcr.
will achieve this result, and should be in every
family, and in the hands of every person, who. bv
business, profession or general course of life, is predis
posed to the very mnny little ailments that render
He a curse, instead ot a blessing, and finally result
in their aggregated condition in the cause
The Bitters here mentioned are compounded by a
man of creat skill and knowledge, from the simples
Nature presents to those who care to find them, and
which are the only reliable antidotes to the poison of
disease. 1 he chiet ingredients are the universally be-'
tt;,vu kllliMipnilllU DIIU UUIA Vt 1I1C f 11U V. 1 1 1 I J
tree, with which the red man of the forest cures near
ly every disease of the internal onrans These mate
rials, though powerful in their action, are, as common
sense teaches us.
and prepared as they are liere, one of the greatest med
ical operatives in tne inhabitable globe. By taking
these BiTTERS,the scrofulous may be restored to beau-
y; and avoid the sharp knile ot the surgeon; tor
hey not only eradicate pimples and tumors, but over
Whoever is subjected to the horrors of constipation
should at once purchase this sure remedy. In the
train of Costivencss follow dreadful local congestions,
oftentimes insanity, very frequently mania or hypo
chondria, violent headaches, palpitations, and other
ir .: r .1 I . - i . .r n-
..'- !., W I III. 1JV ,11 UIIU I 111 II I II U lib U I.I1M1..' I
Dr. Wood's Compound is one ot the most ctlutont ,
medicines in routine these complaints, and their '
fountain head that con possibly be procured.
r rom being con lined in close rooms, and irom ta
king a small modicum of exercise, numerous persons
daily are made to deplore a loss of appetite, head
aches, weakness of the muscles, languor want of en
ergy sufficient to permit them to seek recreation, etc.
vc. lhese persons say tor years that they "don t:
leel very well. It they do not employ a method by
which they can feel quite well, they eventually sink
under a severe fit of illness, and are
only by a miracle, and even then the lancet, leech.
blister and calomel have lclt them mere shattered i
hulks, full of aches and sorrows, and not only a pest 1
to themselves, but a source ot disgust and annoyance
to all with whom they come in contact. All these
may be avoided by an early application to the virtues
of these Bitters. For the truth of this, the proprietor
pledges his word and honor, and in evidence can alio w
tiles of undoubted certificates which he has received
unsolicited from all qaurters. He does not however.
ask the invalid to swallow his certificates, but his
Bitters, and is willing to stake all lie holds dear on
earth in favor of their worth.
neither a modified or severe form, will disappear be
fore the qualities of Dr. Wood's preperation, and the
cure may be relied on as a permanent one. Did the
Hitters possess no other recommendation, it would
be one ol the finest vegetable compounds medical sci
ence can invent; but it is equal to the complete erad
ication ot
in every shape, nnd of every affection, minor or gi
gantic; of the biliary aparatus. Individuals who are
constitutionally billious ought regularly to take this
mild agreeable and excellent toxic and aperient, as
it will diffuse health throughout every fibre of the
frame, and send happiness and love of life thril
ling to the heart, r amities ought to keep it on
Every medicine chest on board ship should zoo be
well stocked with this capital remedy, as ttJSCUR-
VYjCS cannot afflict thobe who take it, or long resist
its vigorous assaults. Au impurities of the blood
vanish before it, and the old relics of early imprudence
invariably disappear, soon after being submitted to its
action. Every complaint of the stomach is broken by
it. The Bitters have in no instance failed of curing
jau.ndice, general debility every disorgamza-iion
RunetrWtintTthH little inroads made unon the dat
ter vnst nnrtion of our fellow beings are renderel-
extcmely miserable so miserable, indeed, that they
wish to die. Every bottle of "Dr. Woods' Sarsapa-
rilln nnd Wild rherrv Bitters" contains a modicum ot
joy and content far each of these anxious and impru
dent Buiterers. uememoer mai an uijuuitiuus u- ui
mercury i- inevitably productive ot many evils wnicn
are put to Might by this glorious and unsurpassable
compound; and that afflictions which are
may speedily and safely be shuffled off through its a-
eencv. As a medicine wnicn musi ueuum
' mfnlil'DiHW
from the simply delicate to the confined and despair
ing invalid, no equal is to be found for it It would
be well to bear in mind that preventive is infinitely
more desirable than cure, and that Dr. Wood's Sarsa
parilla and Wild Cherry Bitters ARE BOTH.
rut up ana soia in large iwuira, i i, vj -ATT
& KETCHMAN, Wholesale and Retail A
gents. 121 Fulton-st., N. Y., and by
my 27 tf. A. C. II ALLOCK, Evansville, Ind.
And Druggists generally throughout the United
VALUARLE Real Estate for Sale. Lot
number 69 situated on the corner of Vine and
First streets is offered at private sale until the first
day of November next. The title is considered per
lect, and part of the purchase money can remain on
"SKf. '""""'""JOHN MITCHELL.
AD.MINISTRATORS Notice. The under
.mnnl Lno tkia lnv tn kpn OUt letters Of Adlllin
Utrationon the estate James Waters late of Darwin,
111 i. deceased. Persons indebted to said estate are re
quested to make immaliaui payment, and those nav
ing claims against same to present them tor settle
ment. Estate probably solvent, in this 8Jte.
fx.pt. 4. II. D. ALLIS Adm r.
SOMETHING more precious than Gold.
The most superior Anti-Billious Pill now in the
market, and which are creating so much excitement,
and are so greedily swallowed by the Billious, are Dr
Charles A. Van Zandt's
Anti-Billious Health Restorative Pills, They
cure safely and certainly, without preventing the pa
tient from attending to the business, and are the only
sure remedy for BilUouness and
All its Attendant Places, ever placed before
the people. They open the pores, cleanse the stomach
restore the biliary ducts to health full operation and
perform miracles in the way ofprttrving health, and
preventing spread of dangerous maladies. This in
valuable medicine will also correct a depraved appe
the, strengthen the nerves or any other debditated
part of the system, remove those dull headaches which
are premonitory ofLiverComplaints, and generally
accomplish what it takes Dozens of other Aledicines
to do. t .
All this is performed through a concise knowledge
of the plain fact, viz: that there is but one cause for
troubles of this kind, and that a medicine so made aa
to strike at the root of this cause, must of a necessity
Annihilate axd Dissipate all its subsequent re
sults, which medical incompetency has so badly treat
Yes Billiousnes involves an infinity of disorders,
all which render life a curse and death a relief.
Billiousness is simply a manifestation of disease of the
liver, and if not taken
I n Time,
will eventually send the sufferer to "that bourne from
whence no traveler returns." Let a billious affection
have sway, and it will end in induration or abscess
of the liver, producing, as it commits its secret and in
sidious ravages, Dyspepsic. Gout, Epilepsy, Heart
disease, internal disorders of all kinds, foul stomach.
Headaches, Hysterica, Shortnes of Breath, Mucous,
Expectorations, Pains in the Breast, Dry Coughs,
Sore Throat, Dropsy, Apoplexy, all species of wast
ing fevers, capricious appetite, or loss of it; Scurvy,
Chi orosis. Jaundice, Neuralgia, Palpitations, severe
costivenes, and an hundred other fearful complaints
which are too numerous to mention. We car) prove
to anybody's satisfaction, that these pills will com
pletely renovate the human frame, and Cure I'erma
nently, all these ills by driving away every improper
condition of the bile and liver.
Billiousness being produced by a hot climate, by
a changable atmosphere, by damps and fogs, this med
icine, unequalled as it is, is just the thing for the
west, where men are exposed to all the causes and
effects of the Bile: to the South, where Liver Com
plaints seem to be epidemical: to the Sea, when an
excellent Cathartic is invariably the Preserver of litis
and Hapiness.
Let no one suffer, but buy Dr. Van Zandt's Anti
Billious, Health Restorative Pills, and be strong and
mentally as well as physically vigorous. The seden
tary want it, and can procure nothing better.
In short, all these virtues of the pharmacoipia are
comprised in these little pellets of life.
JKyNo family should be without themC3
If philanthropists, would purchase boxes of tlieso
invaluable pills and distribute them among the poor,
they would prevent the expense ot Doctor's fees, and
ameliorate much genuine suffering.
Sold wholesale and retail by W yatt Sc. Ketcham,
121 Fulton st., New York.
In Evansville, Indiana, by A.' C. HALLOCK, and
druggists generally throughout the U. States. Price
25 cents per box. ap 20 3m.
IS. A. Fa lines fork's Vermifuge,
A Sura Remedy for Worms.
It has met with a success hitherto vvparaUeled.
RukalGrove, Butler co., Pa. i
July2".Hh, 184(i. i
ABOUT ten days ago, a boy belonging to one of
my neighbors, anu who had been ill for a week
or more, was seized with spasms, nnd had four severe
fits within twenty-four hours His parents adminis
tered two doses of B. A. Fahnoetock's Vermifuge,
when he passed one hundred and three large worms,
and obtained complete relief.
Josei-h Bcxthixs, Merchant.
Baldwin Township, Alleghany eo., Ta. )
Aprfl30th,1846. j
Air. Fahnestock: Sir This will certify that I gave
my child aged two years, three tea spoons full of your
Vermifuge, upon which udiirhmTjdiHUtF-fiv (mrvm
worms. I had previously called in a Physician, who,
however, did no good; but the Vermifugo gave inline,
diate relief. AL Brad
Certificate of the Alayor of Lancaster, Pa.
Lancaster, July 3, 184G.
Messrs. Fahnestock Sc. co Gentlemen: Several or
the younger branches of my family laboring undei
symptoms indicating worms, induced the application
of various remedies, and 1 am happy to say that your
Vermifuge had the desired effect of, in one instance,
removing the almost incredible number of one hundred
and fifty-one of the largest worms, from one patient,
which, in addition to its other beneficial qualities in
my family, established the efficacy of your Vermifuge
as a sure cure. M. Carpenter,
Alayor of the city of Lancaster .
From the Louisville Journnl of April, 1846'
D. A. Fahnestock Vermifuge. '
We invite attention totheadvertisementof this very
valuable medicine. We have repeatedly heard it
warmly recommended by some of the most distinguish
ed physicians of our city, as the very best remedy of
the kind now in use
From the Rev. T J. Fisher, a Baptist minister in
HopiiEiNviLLE, Ky., April 11th, 1846.
This is to certify that I have administered B. A.
Fahnestock's Vermifuge with unparalleled success.
T'J. Fisher.
SCr Read the following from a highly respectibla
house in
Knoxville, Tenn., Alarch 4th, 1S46. .
It (the Vermifuge) has proved the best article of the
kind which has ever been used in t his pnrt of the coun
try; we have other prcpeations for sale but always
recommend yours when our opinion is asked.
UnparnVcled Imtmrition and Effrontery!
An individual named S. Fahnestock has repeatedly
asserted that the article which he calls "Dr. S. fah
nestock's Vermifuge," and which he acknwledges is
made after another man's receipe, is the same or the
equal to the Vermifuge made by me.
1 he rublic are assurea tuai mis is maw inisenooa
and are hereby cautioned agninst confounding the
spurious article with mine. It is entirely different in
its composition and does not possess the virtues and
powers of my preparation. B. A Fahnestock. ,
rittsburgn, ;jarcn, ion.
The true and geuine B. A. Fahnestock's Vcrnrhige
may at all times be had at the drug warehouse of' the
subebribers, corner First and wood streets, Pittsburg.
Penn. A. r ahnestock &, co.
ap24 tf. For sale by W.& C. BELL, Evansville
B. A. Fibnrilotk C'a Family Hedtetnca
. safe and valuable remedy in intermittent, remit
tent and bilious fevers, and all complaints of an in
flammatory character. It is an excellent purgative,
being mild yet effectual in its operation.
B. A. Fahnestock't Ltqid (tpodUdoe. A prepara
tion far superior to tlie common Ojiodildoc for sprt ais,
bruises and all cases in which Opodildoc is com
monly used.
B. A. Fahnmtock J- Co.' Cough BuUnm. There
are perhaps but few cough preparations, that will pro
duce such decided effects in so short a time. It is
pleasant and effectual.
B. A. Fahnrttock J- Co ' Cough Lmnge, Pos
sessall the virtues of the best cough synis in a concen
trated form are convenient to take and pleasant to
the taste. , ' . ,
B. A. Fahnrttock Co.' Carminative Loxenge,
Have cured hundreds of the Bowel Complaint, while
not an instance has yet come to our knowledge in
which they have failed. They will certainly and
spedily allay the morbid irritability of the bowels, re
store, thechecked prespiration, and in a short time cure
the most inveterate case or Diarrhoea, Chronic Dys
entery, or habitual looseness. Price 25 cents a box.
B. A. FahnttockSr Co." Ey Water, for curing In
tarnation of the Ete. Has proved itself a valuable re
medy for Disease of the Eyes, arising from sand, dust,
and other foreign substances, acrid vapors, exposure to
intense light Wows sudden change of temperature
colds absorption of scrofulous, small pox and
other virulent matters; also the effects of scarlet and
other fevers. Price 25 Cents.
B. A. Fahnettockfy Co.' Kubifacient. A power
fid and permanent stimulant for the cure of Rhuma
tism. Sprains, Sore Throat, Spavin, See.
For sale by W. Si. C. BEEL, Alain street,
P 20. Evansville, Indiana

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