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NO. 71
.1 '; "
i 1
Oilfl Dollar per square of ten lines lor nrs.t three inser
tions, twenty-live cent Fper square lor tai h con
tinuance. Oue-fourlhof a column three month?, - - 3,00
" " ' " six months, (renewable) 12.00
" " ono year, " 20.00
One-half column three months " 12.00
" " six months, " ld,(X)
" " " otic year, " ,W
IiOiirr advertisements : proportion.
KTAI1 advertisement must I if paid for in advanci
unless otherwise air-d upon by the parties.
LAW "tice. JOHN INGLE, Jr., ArroBxtv
at ivv Successor to Itallrtl if Ingle General
Voile' .on and Ileal folate Agency. Business prompt
ly "tended to by himself and Horatio Q. Wheeler,
' who is associated with him in the professional
business of the ollice in which one may always be
JCT Ofliee on First street, below Main. fcl25
t ios. r carvis.
AKEK& GARVIN, Attorneys ul Law, Kvans-
ville, la. t Jtlice m tneuourt uouse. sepj -io.
LAW Notice. J. J. CHANDLER, Attorney at
Lam. Ofliee on First st., below Main. np'JO.
S'uroi , corner of Vine and First sts. jylGMf-.
ORATIO Q. WHEELER, Atn,rne,,ai Tmw Of
fice with J. Ingle, jr. t irst st. be'ow Main, te'ij.
JAMES O. JONES, Attorney at Law, Ofliee on
First street, below Main. ap-2J tf.
R. HAMILL. Attorney ul Iam, Ofliee in th
'. Court House, first floor. ap23 tf.
EN. STINSON, Jr., Attorney at Law, Office on
Iirst St., below Mam. niyiai.m-
A rviTMtFT Ar,.iru VMlr Oiluw on Main
1 rt. W a A j wwr. . . -
!i. st., opposite Uc Lank. sep 11 '15.
Surgeon. First st., above Main, Evancviile. oiO.
nv.viFL mot;a. jam:s shmas.
TiTEDICAL. D. fi. J. MORGAN, Physician t
J.V I. nml Surgeons, Otlice on First St., between Main
nnd Sycamore. ap'20 tt.
Jit. J. bltVY. CASStLBERrvV
1'JKAY &. CASSEEHEI'RY, Thysirinnt and, Sw
J geons, First ft., above Main. nSA tl
JANE fi. WALKER, J'iysicane anil Surgeon.
J Ollicn on Firs t Mreet, a Ii w door? nbove .Main
Evansville, lnd. 3 1 ,"47 fi-(y w-tf.
r p It 1T N &. W EEVER , Hiysiria is Cr Surgeons,
I. Oll'iceon First St., near the Sherwood House.
N. B. Dr. Weevcrs resilience in on Second st., first
door below Rev. Mr. Dodge's church, my -j tf.
OOI.SEY fe N EIW )S, commission Merchant $
Auctioneers, Main, 2d door irom fyeond st.
JOHN I'.. TAY 1.011. B. U1M. HABVF.Y.
rpY.(l! oV 11 K VKY, ( mii.m nm! i,r.
1 vartttntt Mrrrhnnls. WnlerM., Kvam vilU', In ti
nnn. Hove nlion large, now wliarf-Umt w here tuny
w ill receive ami store iieiym tree or urnynje. np-'j
O'NF.IL, Fiishioimh's Tailor, First st , above
Main near twe t-'herwoou House. npO ly.
M lltH.DL.N, intlor, Wutei t-treet. over
Sicanilin's tin-shop. np 'lly.
1 II. LlliTH, Stotir-Cutter. Shop on Main st.,
l . near the canal ti iil;;n. np.lly.
. t TAI I.OKI.MJ. The imdrrf-ined wonldin-
form thrcili' iiHot' Evrinnville that he tillron
ff Unties to earn on the ptove business m nil its
branches, and respectfully solicits a share ol
public pntnmnec.
Shop on the East r ideof Mnin St., ono door from the
corncrothrst. lap.'O ly A.M. UUAIJl
C. tURIMNOToV. J. It. IT.WN-.Mt. T.. Tl. rAIRcniU
and Commission JJerciiaiits, Water St., opposite
t lie wiia rt iioats. Mill continue to receive nnrt t.ir
wind on lilieral terms, tip 2-1 tf.
McllUGII, Fashionnh'e Tailor, Water St., on-
posite the sleani Unit luiultnjr. dcc3 ly.
THE subfcril)fr heirs leave to
inform the citizens ot Cvcnnvillc
iuit he continues tomnnnfaclure Br.r.AP, Rusk, Caki:
and Crackers of nil kinds, fieslt everv day, of the
best materials and in the best manner. lie will also
keen constantly on hand for sale bvthe barrxl or re
tail, the best artii;le of Flour. He is detcimined to
ilca.e the tastes of his patrons nnd hopes to receive a
I literal share ot patronage. 11 is stand is on iuain s-t
next door to Jesse T. Lamb's store.
M. RENSC FILER, Dlacksmith. Shop P
on Ijocust street, ooiwsite the SherwoiHlt it
uJllouse. Every thine in my ine done-V v
W illi neatness and dispatch, give me a call op 2
jKi&r ''NS nnd Pistols Just recived by
2VvJ Charles Keller, on Seeund street, at the
sign of the "Golden Key," a larsje and well selected
ntock of (Jess atnl I'istols of all kinds, which he oilers
for sele at very low prices for cash. Also Oun Ijocks
of every description. All kinds of repairing wfGuns,
I'istols, Door Locks, &c, done toorder. myl57ni.
re assortment f Blacksmiths tools,
.iiiely. Anvils, Vices, Bellows, Rasps,
lies. etc.. etc.. constant v on hnnd ruiu
or sale low by mny 4 A. LAUGH LIN
WM. M. MORRISON, Taor, Main St., one do,r
from the corner of Second. Solicits a share of
the pntronajre of the town and country. np-'-t ly.
GRIFFITH, M. I)., & S. D., having prnua
neatly willed in EvansMlle for the practice of
Dentistry, offers Iih profe .-ional srrie to the citi
zens of llvansville und the surround in:; mwni and
country. Ho is prepared to do every .?''rnitio;i ol
work from a single tooth to a full iinper and lowrr
set. I lis long experience in tho business gives him
confidence in tendin his services. He has tiie
Iethan or Somnific Gas, a late discovery, whereby
a tooth may boextracf d without pain. He can be
found at his ollice on First street, between Main and
Ivtist, or by enquiring at the Sherwood House.
N. IJ. Ladies waited on at their houses if desired.
ej 10 tWvVwtf.
1 UMBER. A large and full assortment of Pine
J Lumber. For sale by
may! tl. A. LAUGHL1N, Water si.
Wholesale and Retail Drusssts
HAVE removed to their new build-
ini a few doors above old stand, Main
street, Evansville, Indiana, and are
r- niw receiving from Philadelphia, New
York, and Pittsburg, the largest supply of Mf.Dici.Nts,
Prints, Oiia, Dve-Stvffs, Guss and Gi.assw'are,
Siruicai. Instrkments, &c. ever offered in the Evans
v ille miirket. Our goods are entirely fresh, and have
been bought in perm from importers nnd manufac
ture rH oitti. Ve are theieloie enabled to supply
merchants, doctors, nnd and all others wanting tlitse
articles, either wholesale or retail, as lowa3 they can
lie purchased in any city West of the mountains.
Those wishing to purchase w ill do well to give us
acall before goingto anyother mnrket, as we are de
termined to sell at a small advance on prime cost.
Ail medicine leaving our house shall lie properly
packed, and all articles sent to order may be relumed
if not genuine, or in any way defective, at our ex
pens'. - N. B. We will take Flaxseed, Ginseng, Beeswax,
and Feathers, lor all goods sold, or in payment of all
debts due us. jan 14 tf.
MEDICAL Agcncy.Wre are wholesale nnd re
tail Agents for the follow ing list of Patent
VVister's Balsom of Wild Cherry;
Taylor's Balsom of Liverwort;
Smith's Tonic Syrup;
Fahnestock's Family Medicines;
Cave & Shaffer's Tonic;
do Ex. Sarsapnrill?-
w do do Syrup of do;
do do Worm Syrup;
Covert's balsom of Life;
Starkweather's Hepatic Elixr;
Osgood's Indian Cholagogue;
M ''J ane's Vermafugeor VVorin Specific;
Bull's Honey-coated Tonic Pills;
Sands1 Fluid Ex. Sarsaparilla;
Bristol's do do do.
feb 4 '47. W. &. C. BELL, Main st.
UST Received, and for sale by the subscribers
:')00oz. SulpU Quinine, French nnd American;
150 English and American Calomel;
3 bbls. Car.'-phor;
'A c.irea Liquorice Ex;
2 do A!oer;
1 elo A?ea;auda;
1 do Bern'.udns Arrow Root;
1 do Copal Varnish;
1 do Shellac;
t carboy'.NiUic, Muii t'ic a:vl?;il;'h At''1
4 boxe'j Tart. Acid;
3 do Sal. Rocheil;
'i c:isks sup. c. Soda:
'J.'iO l!s. Pulv. J'ilap;
2i'0 do do Rhei;
l.'i) do cab. Maner-ia Eng;
IB err. Sulph Morphia;
'A bids, cream Tartar;
ft do Si im.-i India and Alehd;
1 bale Sarsaparilla, (Honduras;)
1 do Sponge;
1 do Cloves;
3 do Corks, (Lot lie and vinl.
1M7. W. (Si. C. BELL, Main si
IkJ 100 reams ruled Fool's Cap Paper;
1ik do letter do;
10 do commercial ost do;
srross liliic nnd Mack. Ink;
Biack Sand, Quills;
I.etterStamps, Inkstands, cce.
In store and for sale by flSJ W. & C. BELL.
r. LKU'ORS :
yt half pipes Cog. Brandy;
JSarfA 2 bbls. ( lid Port;
1 do Pure Jiiiee,especiiil!y for sickness
The public can rely upon their purity, fur sale by
fib Id '47. W. A. C. PELL
ritllSH Ten:
5 half chests Young Hyson;
Kj 3 do do Poiirchong or black;
iLl 20-13 Ik'. Iioxes Iinperial:
10-u do do You;i!T Hyson.
On hand nnd for -ale by ft W. .V C. BELL
yiNDOW and Wall Paper. We have nse
T lected an 1 full supply of window and wall Pa
per, of latest patterns, teln W.& C.BELL
A CK ER EL. 8 bbls. no. 1, just ree'd nnd fo
sale low by fo4 W. &C. BELL
PRINTER'S Ink. rkegsJohn.-onandluraiit's
"Spring News Ink," in store and lor sale I y
f,b H W. &. C. BELL.
T"I:FINF.I L,oaf Snsjar.
'.j loaves Stewart's
IV double reltned, and three barrels Stewart
cd, for sale by
V. Sc. C. BELL
lon's fi i-)s for sale by lelt1
-A few boxes Pon-
TT7H1TE Lead 70 kegs rec'd per steamer Mai
W aud for sale by febld W.&.C. BELL.
TTAVING !i-po.cd of my interest in the Drug
L I More to t . Hell, my late J'urtncr therein, th.
business will lie carried on hereafter by him r.t th.
same stand on Alain Street.
I ta ue pleasure m recommending his house to a
continuation of 'that encouragement heretofore to
liWrally liostowed by mv friends and the public gen
erally whilst connected with hint,
nu's 24 1817. WILLIAM BELL
NOTICE. Being desirous of closing up the af
fairs of the late firm of W. & C. Bell, as toon as
practicable, all persons having claims against the firm
will please preseYil ihein fornavment and those in
debted will please close their accounts cither by cash
or note. C. BELL.
aug !U 1817.
The Co-partnership heretofore e.visiing between
William Bell nnd Crawlbrd Bell, under she linn of
W. &. C Bell was dissolved on the C.kl inst.. 1 v the
withdrawal ol William Bell. The business will in
tuture be conducted by Crawford Bell who nl me is
authorized to doc and adjus-t the business of the con
auj 2t 1S17. CRAWFORD BELL.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers in
Ae. 5-.'t Main Strett. war Third. Isuii;l!t. A'u
A RE now receiving direct from the Engli.- h and
American Mtinulacturers and lmitorters their
fall etoc containing the choicest and best felected
and assorted stock ol
ever offered in this market. Our stock is heavy and
contains a much greater variety than can lie found in
any similar establishment in the West, and at prices
that cannot fail to give the most entire Ritisfiction.
( )ur slock of Table Pocket &Cutlcry,in extent and va
riety, cannot be equalled by any establishment in the
West or surpassed by any in the East. We solicit
an examination of goods and prices upon your visit
to liO'iioville this fill, when we shall be pleased to
wait upon you. ug7-3m.
'. 31. GRIFFITH.
Wholesaleand Kclai! Dealer in American,
English At German I lardu are V Cutlery.
Jftnn Street, Kvansvilt, lnd.
1 HE subscriber has on hnnd and is
and and is
d general r
utUTv, tot J
now opening a large and
assortment ot American, En
German Hardware and Cut!
which the attention of Country Merchant
and the trade is invited. His stock is well
assorted and of direct importation. His
intention is to sell goods lower than ever before oiler
ed in this market. The stock i composed in part of
the following, viz :
100 sett Knives and Forks, white, black, cocoa, ebo
ny, bone and stag handles:
50 doz. Pen and Pocket Knives, assorted;
Rogers &. Son's warranted do 1 to 4 blades;
Wastonholm & Son a do sup. co do;
Superior l'uir?;
Wade's SujuTior Batclier Knives;
J.'usstL's do do do;
Wade vSi. Butcher's barber and other Razors;
Rogers Son's do do do;
A superior
A superior
assortment of work and pocket .Scis
assortment of Barbers and Tailors
A superior assortment Woman's cutting out Shears;
do do Lamp and Paper do;
20 doz. Sheep Shears;
30, " Wuliiion's Grass and Com Scythes;
30 " Ili.rris' do do "do;
5 " Ionian's Bramble Scythes;
10 Collin's, and King's, and Hunt's Axes;
Socket, long dandle, canal, coal ami grain shovels
of Ames' Taylor's and Rowland's make;
Ames and Rowland Spades;
Manure and Hay Forks;
Butt and table Hinges of Greenwood, Clark and
Baldwin's make:
Knobs, Dead, Pud, Chest, Tin, and Cubbard Locks;
Bolts and Latches of everv variety;
Brass Round Head, and Wood Screws, all sizes;
lied Screws, llat and square heads, 6, ti and 7 in.;
Jacks, Brads, Sparables and Finishing Nails;
Bright, Black and Hollow Augurs;
Rowland's Mills Cross Cut, Pit and Hand Paws;
Bii:ij;burst and Knrby'sMill andCrossCut Saws a
superior article;
Wood Snws, Blades, Fiainen, and Strainers;
Bastard, Smooih, Mill, Cross Cut, l it an. I Hand
.-aw Files;
C'irry Combs, llor-o, Wool, and ('Ifcm Card.-;;
Srive and I'i IdUv:
Horse, tlioe, Scrub, Wall, Cio'li and Hair Brushes:
Willi's, and Parker nnd While's, Iron Hopper
Box plain aud covered Coii'ee Mills;
Il'int'ssiiingling m:J la.-'ing Hatchets;
1 l'tsburg l al' iit l;roa;l Axes;
Patent B:!!!am'i;o and Stuly
3, a'l s:ze;
n Mounrin:
lutle Birrais, brass and iron (J
House, lea, and tlan '1 Bei:;
German Silver; Brmania. r.nd iron Tea aril TuV.
Spoons bulled and piain;
Trace Chains, Gi and 7 fuel No. "a 3 to 4 atoned
from 10 to 1J inches.
Log, Halter, Fifth, Dog and JackCUr.n;
Cast Stee! and Iron weeding and Corn H.ics;
I'pjginj.'Sewin j and Brad Awls;
Fi..h Hooks and l.inef;
Sh'ilter Lift and Screws;
- indov.- I astncr.i;
Snsb lV!ler-; '
Brass, Iron and JapanedCandlcS
Brittania and Jnnnned Sooons;
Wood nnd Iron l'winc Boxes;
Horse Shoe nnd Wrnuuht Nails:
icks and Lamps;
"Together with a full and general nssorimcnt of nl
goods in his line, with a well selected assortment of
Among which may be found :
1-i doz Ring Brudoons;
30 do Snapple and Wire Bitz;
4; do Stirrups, plain, lull an. I half plated;
.r pieces worsted. Cotton and String Vtb;
rsK) do Skirting Leather;
30 doz Pad, red and green, Morroeo, Hog, Calf and
Shark SUins;
r do white Welting Morroco;
50 gross llat and round Log Roller Buckles;
-0 do Tin'd Sham cio;
10 doz. Japaned Mullen Bits;
Jnpaned Cot kegers and Bad Screws;
Halter and BriicLing Ring-", Draw (longer;
Claw and rd'C tools, Slraing Forks and irons;
Pinchers, Creases, .Vc, dc.
june CO. C. M. GRIFFITH.
QTO.M1WAIIB.-A few 1,000 gals, ptill
iOat a reduced price by ie-t C.ivl. GitlF,
on li a
OALT. 300 bbls. Kanawha Salt No. 1.
O lower than tho agnt can sell, hv
17111 . AS W .1ir.tJlll.lliS. MJUS
ALLEN C. HALLOCK, Vrugzist ana iA
L ihci in i,' , uiuu i .ui tiir u ll'. in ton ul
"itho citizens of Kvansville and and adjoining
tow ns to his complete assortment ot J-riiErs,.leuicines.
Chemicals, Oils, Dyestutls, &c, &.e., ccc. All of
which are carefully selected and received fre.-li from
tho Eastern Markets. Physicians and merchants
may depend upon their orders being promptly aitend-
eu to ami the genuine article always delivered, on
terms wholesale nnd retad as tavorable as the same
quantity and quality enn be purchased at any Place.
A full a.-soritiient of Botanic Medicines, Roots.
Barks, Herbs, Extracts, Powders, prepared and
put ut) lv the Shakers.
Hallock's spperior cold drawn No. 1 Castor Oil
innnuiactured tit Mt. Carmel. Illinois.
A large assortment of Pattern r.nd Family Medi
ones, r.i'senec s, lhur Oil s, 1 ertumery, Soaps, and
fancy articles Cologne, Lav and Ko-e Water, all of
the best qualities S-idiitze nnd Soda Powders, care
fully put up and of full weight.
Copal Varnish at S3 00, bC 2j, and fl 75 per cril
Superior Pale Trench Brandy, P. tl . Goddard , Co's
Brand, warranted pure, for medical purposes only.
Hallock's Worm Candy, a sate and pleasant med
icine to destroy worms iri children and improve their
I hpi r m-mir-i !
i neral h allli;
ock s I'Oiign camiv conipo-co ot iiorehound
Boucfcl. X:c. for nil kinds ofeainrh
At the proprietors prices
Dr. Woofl's Sarsatrariila and Wild Cherry Bitters-
See advcrtiFrment.
Dr. I'pham's Ycfjiiallc Pile Electuary See adver
Wilder. Sugar Coated Veg. Anti-Fever Pill; Sw
Dr. Van.aildt's Health Restorative Veg. Tills See
Dr. Folger's 0osaonior.,or all Healing Balsom Pee
Dr. Peter's Vegetable. Pills, Worm and Cough Loz
enges. Dr. Le Roy's Universal Vegetable Tills, composed
of Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry.
Dr. Toner's Poor man's Curative Stigir Coated
Pills, at lOcentspcr box.
Dr, Porter's Poor Man's Strcttgthning Plaster, at
10 cents a pi'-ce.
Barnes' Tooth-Ache Drops, warranted to cure in all
(Herstrret's genuine Linament.and Doctor Beach's
Family Pill.
Dr. Grave's Anti-Fe v' r and Fever and Ague Pills
Cholera inlautum una JjowcI i-oiii
plaint Pill.
Dr. Grave's Tain Extractor, for burns, scalds rwel
lings. Rheumatic Pains, Sec, warranted to irive in
slant relief in all ea"s.
Nerve and hone Linament, highly celebrated forils
curative powers.
At the New Drug More; Main street opposite Be
mi nt & Viele's. jylO tf
Wholesale Grocers & Produce Merchaats.
HAVE on hand andare daily re- .
ceiving additions to their large h, s J
and well selected stock of Gro- y
cencs, wnuti are ollered u;on literal terms to the
trade, &c ...
2. sacks prime Ki j Coffee,
t0 hluls. Sugar,
l."0 Lli Molasses,
iil " relined Loaf Sugar,
150 pekages Mackerel, Kos. 1, 2, fc 3,
50 fwxes prune and low priced Virginia Tolmcco,
100 pkgs. Imperial, Gunpowder &. Hyson Tea,
CO sacks Pepper and Spice,
Together with a full and complete assortment of
groceries of ail kinds. up CO tf
City leciss-vare liablislniicm.
JUST RECEIVED, per shin "Astra--.
X,con," from Liverpool, a lull and completely
..i assortment of Queengurare and China, con- it, J
jf consisting, in pai l, of:
lowing Blue uinner, tea and toilet setts complete;
Cambrian China do do do do do;
American Flag do do:
White and figured Cliina tea setts, complete;
White Granite and common ware, of every descrip
tion, w hich having liecn imjtrrtcU direct irom the pot
teries in England, tho subscruVrs flutter themselves
that they can supply th ir cus' omers and the public
generally at as low prices ardon as advantageous
terms as can be found in any of the Eastern cities, and
to which the attention of the nierchanis in the sur
rounding country is respectfully inviled.
Having engaged the services of experienced packers
are enabled to re-eV ware carefully; and will be
warranted free from hrenhagr with projier care in hand
apCO tw tf. Nos. 13 1 1 Water-street. .
Iinportan t to Housekeepers
cThe Subscriltcr having secured the Pa-
tent Right for the counties of Vanderburgh, Posey,
Warrick, Gibson and Knox, for
Now oilers them lor sale, alter Inning gieti them a
lliorovh trial, wiihi xery conliiltiioe that they are rni.
1-l.sr stove ever olli re.l. I have sold a dozen orinorr
to our ciiieiis. no one ot them could le purchased
for the money paid for them. "
This Move is simple in its arran;'emei;t, avowing all
liability toilet out ol rejiair. Its economy in luel, its
strengthened plale w eie e. yosed to lit e: its eiiluigcj
ll'.i' s, lioUlitigiii suspense so much healt J air. ils pel -feeted
summer arratu'emeut, where all small culinary
o;s'ia!ions, with broiling nnd boiling, heating iron
and preseiving may be perloi med without heaungthe
stove; its perteet draught under any circumstances;
its capacity for performance; tho small space it oecu
pk.S tin; iaje size or.d Cim;!ete control of heat in its
ov.-u; tlic S!:i'X,'hi;e- ol i's cs?ti:ig; tltf ebga;ice
of its form, iiinKhtg it a ricn r.nd ln'a'itiml piece oi'
furni'.vrc; ail co:ist;;:!e an cxtt ioroiiiarv cotobina-
tun of hea"', co.ive;:i "tc-, mid th
leave- t' witiuui to::i,)o j'.ii i;: l';c
of S ovi s. .
Titiisiovc !e: tt!,en 'tie fr.st pr?:i
.!o ea'
vv hu ll
at the
f Kit'iti y A x al Fairs sr i at tLe Aii"rr'-H:i
l is'ittne. ?,cvv- rjii ricl we have miiiiero.ts tea
ttaionialsot its enure s uccess: i:j wiiiniag its wry to
5l c
V !.. t-( v. i- n " i I ft - .. t t mpn 1 ..,ii-ii'iff.i,i , .t Ii.
The P)!!owin'i rirtifientes from Gen. Joseoh I.ane
and others, who Lave them in use w ill speak their
Evavsviu.e Jcr.v 10 1S17.
Mr. Thomas ScantliH.Hh: The Wagar's Troy
Air-light Cooking stove, that you put up for Mrs.
Ijme is an excellent one and she thinks decidedly
the best cooking stove that she has seen, ils capacity
for baking is far better than any stove that we have
tried. UerpccihiHy yours
We whose name? are annexed having purchased
from Mr. Thomas Scantlin Wafer's New Air-T.siht
Cooking Stove take grent pleasure in recommending
them to the public as being the lcst arranged cookinu
and baking stov e wo have used, the ovens tieing large
baking ctin be done equal to an brick oven we have
ever tried and with one hall iheordinary fuel used in
stoves, they are neat in their structures and combines
economy, with every necessary convenience mid in
every respect the besi article ol the kind wo have ever
used, ami would cheerfully recommend them to ul J
persons in want of n ood co 'king stove.
Evansvillc lnd. July 10, HIT.
I als-i keep on hand the "Doublet )ven Cook Stoves,
'l'remitiiii Cook Stoves," '"Air-Tialit Parlor" fseven
and ten nl.ito, Cannon, nnd other stoves of every va
riety and pattern, ar.d which 1 can aiford and will sell
at unusual low prices all 1 ask is to have those vvih
ing to ptiri base to give mo a call.
J. 1. Any quantitv ot 1 IN WAKE on hand as
usual, nnd all w ork in that line made to order and on
short notice, at short prices.
Svcaniore st. near Ijaimlilin s corner, and Water
St.. fnloors irom corner ot .VI atne.
A RE now in receipt of a larrre nnd well assorted
XI stock ot new 1AL1. and WIM Iil! (jOOD:
purchased at early and reduced prices, and are II" ;r
upon such terms as cannot fail to saiisly Country
.Vlereiiains Willi tins tuarKct.
We respectfully solicit our old customers, and Wes
tern Merchants Generally to examine our Mock this
Fall, as it will be unusually large, comprising everv
vartety and stylo ot toreiirn and American Dry
IjooiIs adopted to the H estern trade. nitgi-.i'
1JOTANIC .Medicines. Drs. Ttutrhinscn
VV3 A- llatchitl have just received a general nssort-
incut nt Uotanic .Meilicines, lresh and pure, whic
they will sell as cheap as they can le purchased in the
west tlieir stocii comprint s all tlic articles useU by
liatatnci livsicians anil lainiiics.
Also various nrenirations of their own, viz: Vee-
able Linament, Couch IjOTtenses and Syrup. Antc
and Fever Fills, Anti-JJilioiid Wine Litters,
Spiee Loners, Oc.
I Jlnce corner ot Mam ami .-eeoiul C ross street,
jr.?" rrefcriptious attended to at all hours, day
or rn-ilit. mar 13 tl.
' fr?h. w Custom made Side, four and a Q?
half Straiiriit Head and Fall Hack Saddles.
. sett double and sintile Harness:
10 doz. Bridles and .Mai lint'ales, niTered low to
lo?e the lot.
juncj C. M. GRIFFITH
LANES, Ac. A full supply of lieneh ami other
l'bines.onhandby f ieilij C. M.GK1F1TT11.
liY M. FI1 KliWOdI),
Corner of First and Locust st. EiansviPe.,
XssiL TIIE Proprietor of the aliove well known anil
popular establishment, desires to return his thanks
lor the very lare siiare ol pntronge neretolore bestow
ed upon him, and to assure the public that every ex
ertion wi.l be made to merit a contiuanee of the same.
His table ffmd 1 well supplied wiih the best the mar
ket aliords his rooms are iarce and airy hit beds un
surpassed in the wrst, and (very attention w ill lie
pven for the lomlort and eae ol vi. itors. Terms
moderate np'?if.
Oh, if there is one law above the rest,
Written in Wisdom iftliereu A word "
That 1 would trace as with a pen of lire
J'pon tta unsullied tempor cfaehild ' ;
If there is anything that keeps the niiir.l
Ojiea lo angel visits, and repels
The ministry ofill 'tis human loii!
Gd has made nothing worthy of coii'cmpt.
The smallest pebble in the well of truth
Has its peculiar meanings, and will stand
When man's best monuments wear fast away.
The law of Heaven is love and though ils name
lias been usurped by passion, and prolan'd
To ils unholy uses through all lime,
Still, the cteral principle is pure ;
And in tl?sc deep affections that wc fetl
Omnipotent within us, can we see
The Iuvish measure in which love i? giv'n.
And in the yearning tenderness of a child,.
For every bird that sineS above its head ; -And
every creature feeding on the hills,
And every tree and flower, and running brook, '
We sec how every thing was made to love,
Aid how they err, who in a world like this,
Find any thing to hato but human pride.
A Tocchixg Ixcidest. The New Orleans
Picayune says that a fsw days since a gentle
man of that city taw in the streets a lovely lit
tle girl of tender jearsstanding on the banquette
bathed in tears. The good man approached
her, and laking her by the hand, iiKjuircil the
cause of her anguish. The dvar little creature
continued to t.ob bitterly, until at length she
exclaimed: "My father and mother have been
taken to Heaven, and I am left au orphan."'
There were three or moie ersuns by at this
time, and the feelingly eloquent winds of the
engaging little one brmiglit tears from even
eve. The worthy gentleman who first address
ed her sjid a few kyid words wiih a view of re
litrving hf r. Bud then aid- 'T will be to you
father, and my wife (and no man" has; a better
oik1) will greet you wilh a mother's smiles."
lie then took her by the hand and carried her to
his residence. This is an achievement, on the
field of merry, of which any good man should
be imiu 1.
V. hlk Col. Dav is. wiih his command. Was
hotly engaged wiih the enemy, ex posed to their
direct lite, a man in a long grey Mirtout sud
denly rode up, and dismounting, placed him
self in the middle of the street. There, in fare
of the enemy, amidst the thickest of their fire,
he cooly drew from a case, suspended about his
person, a 'spy-glass, with which, having ad
justed it to a proper focus, he proceeded to re
connoitre the Mexican batte r y. Having satis
fied himself as to the information lie Knight,
he shut up the glass, returned it to its case, and,
approaching Col. Davis, said to him: 'Sir, tlie
enemy has but I wo pieces, and by making a
detour to the right you can take them in flank.'
'And who the devil are you!' 'I, sir, am Ma
jor Mansfield, of the Corps of Engineers.' 'All
right! come on boys!" responded the Col. The
battery was soon carried.
hi n Fetcr of Cortona was engaged on a
picture lor tlic royal palate of IVlli, Ferdi
nand II. particularly admired the representa
tion of a weeping child. "Ilusyour Majesty,"
said the painter, "a mind to see hew easy it is
lo make this very child laugh?'' And suiting
the action to the word the artist merely de
pressed the corner of the lips and the inner ex
tremity of the eyebrows, when the little urchin
seemed in danger of bursting its sides w ith im
moderate laughter, who a moment before scorn
ed breaking his heart with weeping. If this is
true in the world of art, it is eminently true in
the world of living men. Slight, very slight
are the causes that make or break the happiness
of life. The touch of a brush can dim heaven
with a cloud or brighten the prospect in the
far horizon.
Govr.nxMF.NT. "Which is the most perfect
popular Government? "That,? said Uios,
"where the laws have no superior." "That,"'
said Thules, "where the inhabitants are neither
too rich nor too poor." "That,' said Anucli-
arsis, the Scythian, "where virtue is honored
and vice detested' That," fcuid riltactts.
"whose dignities are always conferred upon
the virtuousand never upon the Ijase." "That,"
said Clcobolus, "where the citizens fear blame
more than punishment." "That," said Chilo,
"where the laws are more regarded than the
orator.?. "But that, said Solon, "where ay .
injury done to the meanest subject is on insult
upon the constitution." Apothegms of the An
cients. .
Sixgi'lab Death. An English paper relates
the death of a man, named Jeffries, in wonder
ful manner. He was catching fish m a pond
and attempted to pull a sole through the mesh
es of the net with his teeth, when the fish dar
ted into his mouth and throat, and before as
sistance could lie rendered he was a corpse.
Mosaic glas flooring has leen iliscovoivd by
a Yankee.

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