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A SOVEREIGN remedy for Ague and Fever.
This great Remedy: to which the public atten
tion is particularly called, has been extensively
used in the western &. south western states, as a spee
dy safe and certain cure for Ague and fever, Dumb
Airiie. Chill, orintcnnittent Fever.
J'he unexampled and complete success attending its
use; and so well proven have become its wide spread
victories over every form of Ague in the west that the
'clint'inro1 it now mmprHPtlint every other offered
remedial agent, and looked upon as the only one that
can tie relied upon in all stages of the disease.
The many thousands of instances wherein it has
wrouuht cures, while no instance is known, norcan
Ikj shown of failure, warrants it in bein" offered as
possessing the three cardinal merits, without which
no medicine can be safely used in Autre cases. These
merits are, that itscurcs are safe, certain nnd'perma
nent, C. S. Mackenzie & Co Cleveland Ohio, proprie
tors. 63"Forsale by Hundley, Phelps &. Co, wholesale a
gents New York, and by Brinkerhoff &, Penton, Chi
cago, 111; Ewards &, Franci3, St. Ionis, Mo. and by
Druggists generally throughout the United States.
For sale by WM. M. WOOLSEY, agent for Ev
nnsville, Intl. may 1 "in.
Mackenzie Compound Liver Pills
These truly Celebrated Tills,
NOW projH'rly esteemed in all neighborhoods
where they have been used, were first made some
Twelve years Aro by the proprietor, from a Veget
able Extract,' and then recommended by him as a su
perior Bilious Pill He then resided in an eastern
City. On his removal to the west, in 1836 he was
noun forced to observe the very general complaint
then and now prevalent, of a Diseased state o,
The Liver, Jaundice &c. His long experience
if the primary causes,and disastrous rcsultsof an at"
fi ction oftliis all important working agent of the hu
man frame, and posessed as he was of a practical
knowledge of the specific action produced in that or
irnu (the Liver.) by the Extract so successfully resort
ed toby him in eastern practice induced the Proprietor
to give Inst ills a trial in those diseases wnerc Chron
ic or Torpid State of the Liver was Complained of.
The result in every instance, so far as ho has been
informed, has thown their Complete Triumph over
that disorder. Thus convinced of their comii.ete elli
cacy, he has evcrsincc invariably recommended them;
and thousands who in the health-restoring use of them
have been benefited, now bear witness to their power
ful cllects in ridding the system of all those diseases
connected with or dependent upou an unheulthy state
of the Liver, such as Li lions and other Fevers, Jaundice
Dyspepsia, Siek Headache, Flatulency, Heartburn,
llahiiuul owtivness, &c.
In view of all these facts, the proprietor in recommen
ding his Comvotwd Livkr Pills, docs so with
the greatest confidence in their properties of prevent
ing and curing Bilious Dincascs. He assures those
who may have occasion to use them, That they are
strictly w hat they purport to be, being prepared express
Jy liir the afore mentioned diseases, l'licy act SicJ
cilicaly on the Liver and Viscera; remove all con
gestive action and morbid secretions; purifying the
blood; causing a free and healthy discharge ot bile
strengthening the system, and assisting digestion
C S. M ackf.n7.ie &. Co., Cleveland, Ohio, Propri
etors. For sale by W. M. WOOLSEY, Agent,
may l-iin Evansville, la.
1,2. in Silver per Hushcl for Ctntor Roans.
BEANS, (in Silver.) deliverable at my Steam Lead
and Oil Works, in St. Louis, until the'lst of Novem
ber. HEN RY T. BLOW,
Comer Clark Avenue and Tenth street.
St. Louis, August 20th, 13 17.
FOR which I will pay the highest market price in
Silver, delivered as alove. BLOW.
A DMINISTRATOR'S Notice Letters of
'l administration on the estate of William James,
late ol andcrbiirgh county, deceased, have this day
lieen granted to tiie undersigned. All persons hav
ing claims against the estate aro requested to present
lite same lor settlement, and those knowing them
selves to lie indebted to said estate will make pay
ment without delay to the undersigned.
wp 30-3t. NATHANIEL J.JAMES, Adm'r.
W. C It ELL,
Wholesale nird Retail Druggists,
IIAVEremoved to their new build-
fOfc ing a few doors above old stand. Main
i '
.s street, Evansville, Indiana, and are
now receivinir from Philadclnhia. New
York, and Pittsburg, th largest supply of Medicines.
PntXTS, Oils, Dye-Stuffs, Glass and Glassware,
Surgical Instruments, &,c. ever offered in the Evans
ville market. Our goods are entirely fresh, and have
lieen bought in person from importers and manufac
turers only. We are therefore enabled to supply
merchants, doctors, and and all others wanting these
articles, either wholesale or retail, as low as they can
be purchased in any city West of the mountains.
Those wishing to purchase will do well to give us
n call before going to any other market, as we are de
termined to sell at a small advance on prime cost.
All medicine leaving our house shall be projerly
packed, and all articles sent to order may be returned
if not genuine, or in any way defective, at our e.-
N. B. We will take Flaxseed, Ginseng, Beeswax,
and Feathers, for all goods sold, or in payment of all
debts due us. jan 14 tf.
CONSUMPTION and Liver Complaint
Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort has been used
successfully lor eight years in the ere of these diseases.
'Remember the original and genuine i made only at
i!7j Bowery N. Y., all others are spurious and unau
thorized. To the Public V hereby certify that our son,
ti t years old, was suddt nly taken ill with n fever, and
after a severe sickness; a violent cou"h ensued.
He was bloated, his skin was tilled, and his physi
cian said there was no favorable symptom alioulhim
that fie had confirmed consumption. At that time we
procured a bottle of that valuable medicine, Taylor's
Ualsam ol Liverwort. Alter taking one bottle, we be
jran to have hopes of his n-covcrv. He continued un
td he had used live bottles. It is now a year from
that time, and Ids health is beeter than it has been
fince an infant. David & Hannah Rooers.
Granville, Washington co., N. Y
State of Indiana, Vnnderburuh Co. as.
In the Probate Court of Van lerburgli County va
cation, Sept. 30, 1817.
John K. Y ileox, adm r. ol 1
Stephen A. Doolittle, dee'd.
Unknown heirs of said Ste
phen Doolittle.
Petition, to sll real
ViNU now nt tins tirnecomes the said Administra
tor ami files his petition, praying for the sale ol
the real estate of the said Stephen A. Doolittle, de
ceased, and also files the affidavit of a disinterested
persin,by which it appea-s that the unknown heirs
of the said Stephen A. Doolittle; dte'd. are not ren
dent of the Slate of Indiana.
Therefore, notice is hertby given to the Slid un
known heirs, that miles they apjxar a tie next
term of the faid Probate Court, and show ' : ire whv
mid real estntet-hould not fie sold and im.h issets in
'the hands of tii said Administrator, thJJ'.ne jv ill
le plead and determined in"heir nhen
ix-t-7-prs. f .',-':-:tt S.ML. T.Jb ilNS, Clk.
ARE now daily'receiving their heavy full supplies of Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuffs. Spices
Soaps, Patent Medicines, Varnishes, Paint Brushes, Surgeons' Instruments, Glassware, Window
Glass, and manufactured Virginia, Missouri, and Kentucky Tobacco. Their stock is the largest end most
complete ever offored in the Y est or Southwest, and has
ities of importers and manufacturers, or first heads, on
roods for cash or to prompt dealer on the usual time
Mountains, indeed fully as low as they can be bought
exchange audeu, in tne quantities usually tougnt by
Dealers Generally are respectfully invited to call and
ing East, and such as cannot visit the city, by sending us their orders, may rely upon being promptly served
with the best articles and at as low rates as if they were here in person.
Their arrangements are such that they will be constantly receiving during the season heavy additions to
their stock, which will render it always complete and the goods fresh.
Ginseng, Beeswax, Feathers, Flaxseed, Lard, Furs, Skins, Flax and Tow Linen, and country produce
generally will be received, atlhe lowest market prices, in exchange for goods or in paynientof debtsduethem.
Louisville, September 30, 1847. (Lou. Jour, c) oc 9-lm.
ARE now receiving their Fall and Winter stock of DRY GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, HATS,
CAPS, BONNE'l S, &.c, &.C., consisting of about one Thousand Packages of every style and
variety, which they oiler to the trade entirely at Wholesale, having retired altogether from the retai
These goods were purchased mostly at Auction, by
knowledge of the markets ; and we can and will sell
Merchants and Dealers to call and examine for themselves.
Evansville, September 23 tf.
TT has been truly said that the Supreme Ruler of the
JL tor its permanent and radical cure and, it is a remarkable fact that the lemody is always found in- thd
greatest abundance where the disease exists to the most alarming extent. Thus it is with the Fevers and
their remedies. In all low, wet, and swampy countries we find Fever and Ague, and Fever in all its variey
forms, carrying hundreds to an untimely grave yearly: we also rind the H'iUvw, end the Ltoiuset, iu
their greatest perfection, and it is from these two most valuable Tonics to be found in the vegetable king
dom that the only certain and posative cure for Fevers has U-en obtained.
procured from the Willow, Boneset, andCayenue Pepper, by anew chemical proces of their own discovery,
and are immediately coated first with gum arabic and then with sugar, which protects thee.xiracts from the
atmosphere, thereby preserving the medical properties as pure in the Pills as tliny are in the living plant.
These celebrated pills have become so famous lor their virtues in curing Fever and Ague, and all other Fe
vers, that but little need be said of them. Their action upon the system is wonderful, so wonderful that a
chill or fever of any kind, no matter of how long standing, will yield to their operations almost immedi
ately, and rarely takes more chan one or two days to etlect a perfect and lasting cure. Wherever they have
gone they have universally superceded the use of any other remedy, and they only need a trial to convince
every one that they are f ur sucrior to an remedy ever administered for the cure of these niost obstinate op
pressions of the humane frame, for which they are recoommended.
The discovery of this medicine has been the etlect of long and attentive study, and was tr ade publicfrom
the most decided conviction, founded on ample experience of its powers of eradicating from the system the
most intractable cases of Fever, after all other medicines had failed. The euros performed in the city of
Louisville alone are sullicient to establish its superior virtues on a basis too solid to be affected by the mal
ignity of the envious. It is worthy of remark, that the greater part of those persons who have been pcrma
nentfy cured had previously resorted to all other known remedies, and numbers had been abandoned as be
yond the reach ot mebical skill. Such is the fact, and soextraordinary were many of the cases cured, that
they wlil satisfy the most incredulous that Wilder Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills are the only elleclual rem
edy ever discovered that will positivey cure Fever and Ague, and Fever in its various forms.
We have in our possession hundreds of certificates from the most respectable sources; as it would however
be swelling the length of this advertisement unnecessarily, we avoid publishing, and will refer all those
who doubt the merit of these Pills to the following well known and resectable merchants, all of whom have
sold large quantities, and have had every optwtuiiity of seeing the remarkable cures performed in cases
where every other remedy failed, and from all of whom we could procure a certificate of the higher! com-
menu'itcon :
John B Biggs, Charleston, la
Dr E Newland, Salem, la;
H. Thomas, Little York, la;
T L Ewing, Brownstown, la;
Geo. Moore, Bloomington, la;
V M &.T L Smith, White Hall la;
E. West, Bloomlk'ld, la;
Chits Biggs, Westfield, 111;
DrTC Moore, do do;
J R Decker, Charleston, 111;
M Smith, Alton 111;
Thos Cooper, 1'airgelJ, 111;
John 11 Kami, .Alt
1 1) Richardson,
Andrews. Burrackman.Point Com-E Price, Wesport
incrce, la; Hayes & Uncell, Ohio city. Mo;
Kern !t Lackey, Fayetteville, la: M Swabacker, Rouchcport, Mo;
l u tiioson at to, .lt ricasant, la; L, L,ang, Arrow
li li Lawrence, i.alayette, la;
W D Ferguson.
1 &, 1 Alsop, Carlisle, la;
W T Short, Ruinsev. Kv:
li Atkin, uo do;
J as D Riggs, do do;
Stewart &, Jenkins, do do;
C Kendall, Leavenworth, la;
TR Mathews &
JAf.UcKoon, do do;
uyatict iieipnensiine, asn lonia; uarvin .v o, uo; A .Vlomson, XSasliville, Tenn;
F Hall, Maysviile, la; XV Mansfield &. Co, Seottville, Ky;.lanstield&.MarehLll,Lay fayette.T
Jas Waters, Darwin, HI; JohnCanith, do;
JOrPrepareb and sold by J. B. AVI LULU & CO., Louisville, Ky.
And for sale in Evansville by ALLEN C. HALLOCK, wholesale and retail. jyl3 tf.
Dr. Vpham's Vegetable Electuary, or Internal Itemed y for the Piles.
P REPAIRED BY A. LTH AM, New York, a regularly educated Physician, w ho devotes his attention
almost entirely to this disease. No mineral can be detected in the composition, nor any other article
that can lie directly or indirectly dtjeterious. The remedy was invented by Dr. L'phain after he left college,
1 le was driven to hnd a cure for the piles by the misery the disease inflicted uKin him ; and he now oflers
the benefits of his discovery to the world at large. The proprietor of the Electuary unequivocally and dis
tinctly avers (and challenges contradiction) that it will completely cure external, internal, blind or bleed
ing piles ot the longest standing, no matter how obstinate the case may be. or hopelessly the patient may be
considered situated. Three one dollar boxes have entirely eradicated the disease, after it had existed in its
most terrific aspects for twelve, fifteen twenty and twenty-five years; in proof of which, the fortunate indi
viduals who were made whole have nresented the most iKHitive mid unmistakable trstimnv In
ces a cure has been effected by six doses, or hall a box, after the ingenuity of a host of physicians, and the
dreadful kniie ot the Surgeon has been exercised to the utmost with but the smallest shadow of success
1 hese are not idle assertions, falsely put forth to entrap the credulous, but solemn and wonderful truths to
winch hundreds will testily. Even it a surgical operation were certain to accomplish a permanent cure, it is
too disgusting to be thought of, while theagony it engenders is appalling in the extreme, and shatters the con
stitution beyond a hope ot recovery. The number ot persons effectually cured of piles by the Electuary in
two years tall but little short of ten thousand in New-York, Philadelphia, Boston and other cities oi the
Union. I his is a great result to boast, and is not equaled, or even approached, by any event noted in the
medical history ot the world. It is reusonable to suppose that sneers w ill be levelled at these remarks So
mey w ere ai r uiton w nen no nrst made known the worth ot steam and its great practical utility so they
were at the persecuted Galileo w hen he published his discovery of the Microscope so they were at Morse
when he hinted at the discovery of the Magnetic Telegraph which is now a familiar and every day affair.
It IS safer for thcSUtlerer to Irv before he scotls. and nrorure linmnn.va nnrl n roneunl linapnl if Ko lif
M nny a man bus lost his existence bv otrmittiiitr liis
I he Electuary is particularly commended to the attention of married ladies, one-half of whom are
subjected to the attacks of piles in a middled form. The medicine can lie safely taken under all circumstan
ces. Either before thepiltsappear, or after they have made theirsad havoc, the victim is made to endur
severe costiveness, giddiness, intiamation of the spleen, kidneys, liver, intestines, bladder and spine, with
many corresponding ailments, lor the sure cure ot all of which nothing equals the Electuary. These pro
fessions are not solely mercenary, but are made with a view of alleviating the distresses of myriads who can
discover no method whereby to gain a restoration of their health. This tuct will be apparent to all who in
spect the medicine, when, by so doing, they may percieve that its cost must necessarily be almost as great
as the price demand for it ! I labile this certain and sjieedy remedy is to be had cheap, it is crimnal to
neglect to test its woi th, and put our unoualilied observations in its favor the test.
lUessre. II yatt& Ketcham Gents: tor several
tive state of the bowels, indigestion and weakness of
to disable me from business, and a dread I had of physicians and patent medicines, that until this Sprint 1
neverused any medicine or applied to a uhvsician lor relief. Vhp Piles tl,Pn Iw-iimtn thn I i!..,?,i
several operations to be performed, without any benefit. Determined after this to try other means, I read
on advertisement of acure guarantied by the use of Dr. Urphan's Electuary. I purchased three boxes at
your store, and from the use ot which 1 found myself entirely cured of the Piles and my health much improv
ed. I remnin, sirs, your much indebted lriend. EZRA DIBBLE, 194 Broadway.
PHIIVDELPHIA CERTIFICATE Dr. Urphax 7W S,r.- A it fivA wonra firm T u-no nfflwttAsl
with what was called Chronic Dysentery. I havesullered with it ever since, and physicians have told me that
my liver was atlected, and that my bowels were ulcerated, for blood and pus, attended with a peculiarly put-
iiu puicu, nc i.ic.ic-.jueui uiyfimryes. si. rnori ume
n" "" uiuii, uui rmuicu mure tcvereiy man ever oetore. H hde there a physician ottered to
cure me tor $10, in throe months. Happily, in the midst of intense pain, occasionally relieved by laudanum
1 saw in a wrapper ot yeur Elcctunry a perfect description of my complaint, together with many certificates
"'" ijicui euiiiiuenee in inu ineuicine, ami i purcnased a box, and nine doses ot which
has appcarently cured nie, and am prepared tosay everythinsr in its favor, or render any servicel can to hu
manity by subscribing to its merits. RespcctluJiy jours, BENJAMIN PERClVAL,8y SiuthSixth-st.
Lett, rjrum Captain Mclean, I . S. A. : Rahwat, June 1G, 117.
"I have been altlicted for years with the piles, and have tried, without anything like permanent benefit
almost everything assuming the name ol a remedy. 1 had, as a matter of course, lost all confidence in
medicine. Under this feeling, I was induced not without reluctance, I confess to use Tpham's Electu
ary,' and having used it tor about three weeks according to the direction laid down, I find, to my utter sur
prise as well as satisfaction, that every symptom of the disease has left me. 1 think it due alike to Dr. Up
ham and myself to make this statement. g. H". MeLE VN, late of the lT S N "
Sold, wholesale and retail by ll"YATT&. KETCIIAM, 121 Fulton-st! N. York; and by A. C. HALLOCK
Evansville, and by Druggists generally throughout the Ui.jed States. Price $1 a box. '
Notice. The genuine electuary has the written signature thus StCrA. Uriux, M. D. The hand is also
done with a pen. jylO-tf
MKlMCALAgency.Wenre wholesale and re-
tail Agents lor the following list of Patent
Wister's Balsom of Wild Cherry;
Taylor's Balsom of Liverwort;
Smith's Tonic Syrup;
FahnestiX'k's Family Medicines;
Cave &. Shatter's Tonic;
do do Ex. Sarsaparilla:
do do Svrup of do;
do do Worm Syrup;
Covert's balsom of Life;
Starkweather's Hepatic Elixr;
Osgood's Indian Cholagogue;
M'l.ane's Vermofmreor Worm Specillc;
Bull's Honey-coated Tonic Pills:
Sands' Huid Ex. Sarrnparilla;
Bristol's do do do.
feb 4 '47. C. BELL, Main st.
CHOCOLATE ami Cocoa: A few boxes Pon
lou'3Jiesh,forsa'cby telt-J C.BELL
been Durchased. with due reference to the best Qual
the very best terms, which enables them to offer their
at as low rates as any other house this side of the
East and placed here with carriage, insurance, and
country Uruggists, Merchants, mysicians ana .uanu
examine their stock before buvina elsewhere or go
the Package, by one of the Firm who has a thorough
them as low as any House in the West. We invite
Universe never created a disease without a remede
Josiah Harris, Columbia, Ky;
S T Wilson, Grcensburg, Ky;
T E Newman, Center, Ky;
MeCord &. Brickell, EastKirt Miss,
B J Malone&Co, Holy SpringsMiss,
J Lindsey. Van Buren. M'ish:
Shawneetown, U1;W 1) Thomasson, Richmond, Miss;
r A iiarncs, r ulron, Miss;
W Downs, Mt. Hotie, Ala;
F C &, T N Owen, Moulton, Ala;
Lackery Sc. Ieggett,Courtland, Ala;
G Moore & Son, Sommerville, Ala;
i:' i l i
Kock, mo;
Fruit Dill. Kv
Co. Greenville, Kv:R II Cleer. Mt. Hone. Ala:
- c i.iigiaim, uo;
Geo W Short,Greenville, Ky; H 1) Edwards, Morgantield, Ky,
Rector &. Oovershinor,Hamt)urg.KyS B Lanier, Brownsport, Tenn;
KiiiL'sley & M vers, Skilesville, Ky;T A.Thomas, Clarksville Tenn;
W li Iewis, Woodsonville. Kv: W (xileman. Willianisoort. 'IVnn-
incrt-MlnIitv iti mntor liw intltrmnnnt
vears uast I hnvp been tronlilnd with Pit
the system.
verv cos-
1 tilt t, V ivniiin i nt tint tiAintr mi i-ni-nr.
since i maue a visit to Massachusetts, in hows ol ben-
ELECTION of Bank Director The Stock
holders of the Evansville Branch of the State
Bank are hereby informed that the annual election of
Directors, for the ensuing year, will take place at the
Banking Office, in Evansville, on Monday the first
day ot November next, between the hours of 2 and 4
o'clock P. M. JOIIN DUGLASS, Cashier.
sep 28 Iw.
rTMIE subscriber will sell one or both of his dwelling
L nouses on Main street t-ast ot the canal, each
lot is 21 ti-et on Main street running back to the alley.
One third of the purchase, money paid down, the re
maituter in twelve and eighteen month
aug 21 2m.
1 PRINTER'S Ink. 5 kegs Johnson and Durant'
"Spriiis News Lik,"in store and for sale by
feblS C. BELL.
320 Acres of Land for $20..160
Acres of Land for $10!
nniir. Tins Emigration and Lasd Company hav-
1 ing derived their Grant from the late Republic of
Texas, by contracts made with the rresiaen t tnereoi,
under authority of the special acts of Congress, ap
proved 4th February, 1811 and 16th January, 1843,
trrfintinrr lands to Eniiirrants. will continue to irive
:t-20 acres of land to families, and 160 acres of land to
sinsrle men over 17 years ot age, until the 1st day o!
July. 1848. conditioned, that the family shall pay ftJO,
andthe sinsile man 610, for the surveying feea. A
family, as defined in our Contracts, must consist of-
"A man and his wife, with or without children."
"A widower with two or more children; if males
under 17 vears of aee. if females unmarried."
"A widow with two or more children; if males un-
der 17 years of age, if females, unmarried." Recorded in Book "C" at pages 550 and 551 of the Re-
"Two single men over the age of seventeen years,' cords of Deeds of Vanderburgh County,
each one being entitled to 160 acres." Also, that parcel or portion of Lot number one
On his arrival in the Colony, the Emigrant should ; hundred and twenty-two in the Original Plan of taid
forthwith apply to the agent of the Company, Mr. j town of Evansville which was conveyed to the said
Henry O.Hedgcoxe, residing at Stewartsville in Den-1 Andrew Huston by George F. Lyon and wife, and
ton county, who will at alltinies be ready to assist John R. Wilcox and wife, by deed dated October 25th
him in the selection of his land, and enter the same on AD 1841, and recorded in book "J" at pace 353 of
books kept for that purpose, and give him a certificate . the records aforesaid, the same being boundedand de
therefor; which certificate will be evidence of his har- j stribed as follows, to-w it :
ing settled in the Colony indue time. Beginning at the south-west comer of said Lot
Our tlrant lies in the North-Enstern part of Texas, numlier 122 on Third street and running thence on
between the32ndand 34th degrees of Latitude North, : the line of said lot sixty-six feet, thence at right
and 19th and 22nd degrees ot Longitude West, ,trom ; angles with said line to the back line of Ba id Lot,
Washington; beginning on the south side of Red Riv- thence to the south west cornor of said Lot and
er, at a point 12 miles east of the False Ouachitta, thence on the line of said Lot to the place of beginning.
running t!ins0 Ant SllltK lilO milA. thence Kast lii4 t ALn I,n - ..nrl;...! kU' L"" .: I . .
miles, thence North 100 miles, thence W est lt4 miles numbert wo 2, in the Lower or McGaryVj Enlarged
to the beginning, having a front on the liieanderings ment of the aforesaid Town of Evansville, containg
of Red River ol nearly 300 miles; and includes with- ing about three-fourths of an acre : '
i'nits limits the upjier and lower Cross Timbers, and j Also, the undivided one-fourth of Fractional Lot
the head waters of the Brasos and Trinity Rivers, the number one 1, iu said Enlargement last aforesaid.
Trinity being navigable for Steamboats of lujht subject to the conditions and limitations contained in
draught, from the interior of the Colony to the Gulf the deed of Nathan Rowley to Amos Clark and
of Mexico into which it empties, some 25 miles from Erancis Aniory lor said Fractional Lot number one.
Galveston, and Red River, to the Mississippi, aflord-1 Also, the undivided half of a certain other prcel of
mg an outlet for the surplus productions ot the coun- lan,i adjoining said Fractional Lot number lvo and
try. This portion of Texas is peculiarly adapted to bounded as follows, to-wit:
the growth of wheat, experience within the last two Beginning at the end of the street which seperatcs
years having tested the tact, that it will produce 40 Mid Fractional Lot number two from Lota seventeen
bushels to the acre, weighing 65 to 70 pounds to the and thirty-two in said last mentioned enlargement,
bushel Indian corn, rye, barley, oat, sweet and thirty feet from the most northerly corner of said
Irish potatoes, peas, beans, melons, garden vegetab es Fractional Ixt number two, running thence with the
ot all kinds, cotton, hemp and tobacco, and the cele- j middle course of said street north, thirty degrees east,
brated niuskeet grass which covers the prairies and eight chains and eisrht links to the road leading from
u)on which cattlj subsist, and keep fat during the : Evansville to the Bridge on Pigeon Creek immediate
winter, and require only to beoccasionally salted and y above the Salt Well, thence along said road south
kept together, to rear tnem in great numbers. thirty-two degrees five minutes east, six chains and
1 he planting season commences in tebruary and seventy-five links to the town of Evansv ille, thence
continues untilJuly; but the early crops are most pro- : alang SIUli town forty-nine degrees and thirty minutes
ducttve: Emigrants should go on in the fall or w in-; west, six chains thirty-eisiht links, thence to the place
ter, so as to lie ready to put in an early crop. 1 hose . ol beginning, containing three acres and three-quarters
going from Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, andthe nor- j ,ni elg,t rods or thereaUaits, being the same land
them parts of Illinois and Indiana, should go through sold and conveyed by Charles 1. Bat tell to Amos
Missouri or Arkansas to V an Buren, i ort Smith, t ort Clark in the year 1S36. The said three tracts last
Towson, Coffee's Station or Pine BluU, thence into aliove mentioned being the same the undivided half
the settlements in the direction of the forks of the , of which was conveyed to said Andrew Huston by
Trinity. Those going from other sections of the I n-; Samuel Ropers and William Martin and his wife, by
ion, south, should goto Helena or Columbia, Ark., ; di dutd the 3d day of July, 1845. The aforesaid
Memphis, Tenn., or Natchez, Miss., and thence : d,d of trust w ill be found recorded in book "N" paces
across by land; or to New Orleans, and thence by 4W, 500 and 501 of the Records of Deeds of
Meamooai up ueu mver to nrevepon, lxiuisiana. ai
which place an agent will be stationed, who will give
iiieeiiiigraiun uireuiions os iu iiktu iuuw iy mim iw ,
Dallas and btewartsvi lie, a uistance o; some aw miles.
Our colony is rapidly rilling up with an industrious,
intelligent and moral people, and must soon become
the most populous part ot Texas. The Government
has recently formed the counties of Grayson, Dallas,
Denton, Collin, and a part of Robeson and Navarro
within the Grant. It is decidedly the most healthy
part of the slate, the lands having a gently undulating
surface; there are no ponds, swamps or marshes, and
no local cause for disease. The atmosphere is pure
and pleasant. During the warmest months of sum
mer thrre is a constant breeze playing over the prair
ies, and the nights are invariably cool; the thermom
eter never rises above 85 toW, and in the winter nev
er falls below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It abounds jn
springs, and at the depth of fifteen or twenty feet, in
the iiiidt of the prairie, the bwl water cn l hnd; all
the small streams are peculiarly clear and crystal like.
Colonel William Myers, who removed there from
Garrard County, Ky., last fall, says, in a letter dates
8th Mav. 1847. "1 will not venture to tell my friendd
in Kentucky that the land here was better than the
best land in Kentucky, because they would not be
lieve it; but now 1 assert it, for the soil is deeper,
being in many places five feet, and the kindest land
to work 1 ever put a plouch in. I verily believe that
around the. forksof the Trinity. lies the largest body
of first-rate land in America.'" From the forksof
Trinity to Santa Fe, is only about 600 miles by the old
Spanish trail, and the newspapers in Texas are now
advocating the route up the Trinity, and from its forks
by land, as in every resiect preferable to the one by
Independence, Mo. Why should Emigrants think of
going to Oregon or California when they can obtain
better land for nothing, so much nearer home?
This is. perhaps, the last opportunity that will ever
ofTer on the continent of America of getting landsfor
the mere cost of surveys and cost of deeds. Our Col
ony is emphatically the place for the poor man's
home: there be does not have to feed his cattle for six
or seven months in the year; there he will have a
home market for all the surplus he can produce for
years to come, and with industry and economy, speed
ily become rich.
Let no Emigrant loose sight of the important fact
that our contracts with the Government of Texas ex
pireon the 1st day of July. 18W, and that he must not
only be in the Colony, but that he must have selected
his land, built a house or cabin thereon, and be resid
ing therein wiih liia fnmilv hv that dnv:)ne day af
ter that date, and the opportunity of petting lands for
nothing is, perhaps, lost for ever. Persons desiring
additional information, by addressing the undersign
ed Trustees or either of them, post paid, shall recei e
prompt attention.
WI LL1S STEWART, ) Truttet of th
JOHN J. SMITH, Ter.it Emigration
W. C. PETERS, and Land Company.
LortsruxE. Sett. 1st, 1847. sop. 14-lin.
A PHYSICIAN residing in a pleasant Village in
XJL this State, about thirty miles lrom the city of
Evansville, and having a practice realizing irom
1200 to $1500 a year, wishes to dispose of his situa
tion together with his office. Medical fixtures and
stock ol Medicine at a fair valuation, any person de
sirous to settle in pmctice, will find this ofler one sel
dom to be met with. The population surrounding
the village, is good society excellent and moral.
The present encumbant's wish to leave, is alone
caused by the delicate state of his family's health who
s desirous to travel South.
A married man would be preferred, and if necess
ary A. B. has no objectson to remain four or six weeks
and introduce his successor to his practice. Terms
lilieral. Letters addressed (oost naid) to A. B. Jour
nal Ollice, Evansville, Ind., w ill meet with prompt
atention. sep 30-4t
rTMIE Subscriber offers for sale one hundred acres of
I land adjoining W esttranklin, ironling on the Ohio
river, i of a mile, well timbered ; together with the
choicest quality of lime and freestone which is situa
ted on the river.
Also, one dwelling house and lot, including a store
house on the same kit 18 by 23 feet, well situated and
fixed for Dry Goods and Groceries. 1 will alio sell
my present stock of Goods and Groceries. The
dwelling is comfortably situated with all the neces
sary out houses, together with a seller and cistern.
The whole premises is well situated ti r any gentle
man who may be desirous to embark in business on
the Ohio river, with a flourishing country around,
and particularly for a merchant who may wish to go
into the wood and produce business.
For further particulars call and see the owner on
the premises.
Terms easy and the property at cash valuation.
The undersigned is anxious to sell soon. -
West Franklin, Posey Co. Ind. sepll-tf;
2 half pipes Cog. Brandy;
2 bhls. Old Port:
1 do Pure Juice,especially for sickness
The public can rely upon their purity, tor sale by
fib 13 '47. C. BELL
VALUABLE Town Property for Sale
at Public Aoction. By virtue of a certain'
deed of trust or mortgage dated the 6th day of. 'ulf ;
A D 1816, between Andrew Huston of the Slate of
Ohio, of the first part, James George Graham, of the-
t-ity of New York, ot the second fart, and James 1.
Soutter, Robert Soutter, Jr., and Alexander Bell, of
New York City, acting and trading under the firm of
Soutter, Brothers & Co. of the third fart, 1, the said
James George Graham in pursuance of a power of
sale in said deed of trust contained, will on the 26th
day of October, A D 1847, at the Exchange Hotel,
in Evansvillev between the Hours of 10 oclock, A M '
and 6 o'clock, P M of said day, proceed to toreclos
said deed of trust or mortgage, by then and there ex
posing to sale at public auction the following real es
tate situated and beiiik in the county of Vanderburgh
and State of Indiana, described in tuud deed of trust as
follows that is to say Lots number sixty-three 63,
sixty-four64,and forty-five U5,in the Upper Enlarge-'
ment of Evansville,; in the county of Vanderburgh
aforesaid, being the same lots conveyed to the said An
drew Huston by James Lock hart and wife bv deed'
bearing date the 13th day of March. A 1) 18:?. nH
y amlerburgh county, and the amount claimed to lie
j due thereon at the time of tlie first publication of ihis
notice is ftM.lOti 36-100 Evansville, Augtisl 21 1817.
Baker Ctakvin, Att'ys. aug 24-llt p f $20 00. :
PITRLIC Sale. Notice is hereby given that we,
William Martin and Samuel Rogers, of the firm
of Martin & Rogers, will on the 26th day of Octo.
her, A D 1847, betwetn the hours of 10 o'clock A
M and six o'clock P M of said day, proceed to f ore
close a certain mortgage in tee given and executed
to us by Andrew Huston (of the town of Circleville in
the State of Ohio) dated the seventh day ot November
A D 1845, by selling the niotgage premises mentioned
and described in said mortgage, at public auction and
outcry pursuant to a power of tale conuiimd in said
mortgage. Said mortgage and the power of sale there
in contained are recorded in Hook 'M" at pages 619,
620 and 621 of the Records of lxts - VUl..wk
County and the mortgaged premises therein mention
ed are described in said mortgage substantially as fol
lows to wit :
"The one undivided half of the following real estale
situated in the county of Vanderburgh, and State
of Indiana, and thus dWcrihed.to wit, a lot or parcel
of land in the Town of Evansville known and dexr
crihed as fraction number two in the lower or Sic.
Gary's Enlargement of said town containing about
three fourths of an acre."
"Also one undiv ided fourth of fraction number one
in said cnlarreinent subject to the cotuliiionsand li
mitations contained in the Deed of Nathan Rowley,
to Amos Clark and Francis Amory for suid fraction
numlier one."
"Also the undivided half of a certain other parcel of
land adjoining said fraction No. two and bounded as
follows, beginning at the end of the street which sepa
rates said traction No. two from lots seventeen and
thirty-two in said enlargement, thirty feet from the
most northerly corner of said fraction number two,
running thence with the middle course of said street
North 30deg. East, e ight chains and eight links to the
road leading from Evansville to the new Bridge on
Pigeon creek, thence along said road south 32ileg..rimin
East, six chains and seventy-five links to the Town
of Evansville, thence along said town 49 deg. 30 min.
West, six chains and thirty eight links, thence to the
place of beginning. It being the same land conveyed
by Charles 1 Battell to Amos Clark in the year A D
1836, containing three acres three quarters and eight
rods or thereabouts. The amount claimed to he due
to us on the foot of said mortgage from the said mort
gagor, Andrew Huston, at the timeof the first publi
cation of this notice is $2,855,76."
And said sale will take place at the Exchange Ho
tel in the City of Evansville on the day and between
the hours herein before mentioned.
Terms of sale cash.
SAMUEL ROGERS. '. Mortgage
Bakek & Gaivw Att'ys lor Morgagees.
aug 24-9t-prs fee 14 00.
p GRIFFrriiTM. D.,&. S. D., having perm a--J
nently rettlcd in Evansville for the practice of
Dentistry, oflers his professional services to the citi
zens of Evansville and the surrounding towns and
country. He is prepared to do every description of
work from a single tooth to a full upper and lower
set. His long experience in the business gives him
confidence in tendering his services. lie has the
Lethean or Somnific Gas, a late discovery, whereby
a tooth may be extracted without pain. He can at
all times be found at his residence; the bouse former
ly occupied by Dr. Weever, or by enquiring at the
Sherwood House.
N. B. Ladies waited on at their houses if desired,
je 10 twiw tf. ...
REFINED Loaf Sngar. 75 loaves Stewart
double refined, and three barrels Stewart's crut h
ed, for sale by leb4 C. BELL .
loo reams ruled Fool's Can Paper: '
100 do letter do; . i :
10 do commercial post do;
50 gross blue and block Ink; . '
Black Sand, Quills;. , ,
letter Stamps, Inkstands, &e. ' '!
In store and for sale by fl8 . W. A. C.BELL. '
5 half chests Young Hyson; ' - ""
3 do do Pourchone or black;
20-13 lbs. boxes Imperial: -
10-6 do do Young Hyson.
On hand and for ale by . ft W.&C.BELLr
WINDOW and Wall Paper. We have a se
lected and full supply of window and wall Pa
per, of latest patterns, fcl8 W.&C.BELL

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