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5 f I ;-.rf8
-- 1
. -A
:: ;'-! v -i i, ir
,:, l J:iin' Med st.-r.
i,A i S '.''.-.'j,, v-r l! tfta
. N. .- ; . Hi.:! . . . II - i
I t
v i:
tc 1 sr.a f.jrgotun
i :r a favor cpon
e oiiuo at the
TK'V i !
v.. Y or p.ru
.liars, ap-
. -2 Main
. l-"::r, SoTCiuber 21.
- 'ivr. A rrive
i i A.M. S PJS
.. A.M. J :. S.tL
i'i i i- nanolls K. S
1 , 3:1 A.Jt
. t M. 1 :-ls) i".M
V.M. !- F.S
;ij F.3t. 10 :i3 r.j
'..as rii B. Itm
J txl.U
: -I,. p-x. .6 p js
- l'. . ' 11 i l-.l
4 .u'll 2t, ISIU
rLZ The parlors of
.ih s jleassiits place
.-6iv. Ereaiog. We
, tr I .'o pie1?, cccoa-nat
, a"i tLa delicacies of
- !I be fer?t:d np by the
i Vuzich tLis eveoiog.
L j r:ii7 iron tis to cine
I ?;e Omcs Mr. Al-
i (. L?, on the corner of
TLir-I .-r.I Loca is one lLt La3 3
Lu.e a ths cu:r, taasly iowk cf the
2 "-irf or r?al csfata c-2ce as a
isvti.s i 4-I:r. Liijbt, rcoay, pait
c j til ;.-,-creX with. taste, and pro-"wr'h-
a i'lcdsoace ra?-!, under
c&rfal ooal Sro taros, and
Sires tii tLv rocra a cozy, look,
tbs c; ii suca ote ttco!1 seek
-nt t -2-? aa tour plcasaatly. Add
;I t? cLi?r."al atid tose-like
tn::t. 2 '.f tie ciaos is the busi
j.Sj3 :-f Ilr. Jo'r.nsoa providing
i,33j2 fir the homeless which
h-!?E::j3i fciasy a caa not oc!y feel at
h-jsie, t-r. reai.'ra the feeling. Mr.
JetT.i8t.-B Is t.z scilcitiEg a patent for
?. rr.ifl a ?.-.r-3-fcLeUer, for aa In
Jliiia Lt: palest soliciting
aa i-r.pcttast part of his bnsi-
. r CoMMiSiio:;E33. After
a cf the Corciaissicners on
rrca their csaraina
- e M '. Verooa road, Sir.
reared before then, de
L:t:'cg of the Ileitz
i r -1 1 o ii ccntcst, and eontin--r-.rreiti
uatil tfce Lour for
.a.c"t. Yesterday morning ha
application, but as the
r mc-ut' vuunJLr'r.-.rs bad no oS .
:ul cf the couMP ns&on
t t " . . r . , matter will prob-
.u-i icf-re the fall Board oa
. r.M. loz-ijy in Ptcsziler.
The toa.r.Ui:oncrs, ia coijusctioa
Cu ii.-. C-. ruraL' tee from the City
CoiscU, have decided to plr.nk the
r :n. I acr-.-a .Lj riiao on the road to
!-f;'?il- with four inch oak plank,
- - I L-t v.-:rk 3:- to be done ualer the
tr: u:i e -i i lupcrrisioa
cf Commis-1
Tbc Cc :.a.liiune:3 visited and in-?7---v:
1 - 'Jz-.L'.y Aire? House, and
fr'jZ'yizci i: well kept and ia first
Tbey thenaujouraed
lrit 'Monday in De-
"tNAt "tt im ins J ray Room.
Ths trfcIiiijl c'.evta stubbora men
sreE-j dcult eiceedlrs'y provoking
tot':.:-': - 2: n of sense, whose eon
permit him to yield
ti fcLeit- 'jc.ia;sonab2e demands.
;d retires to
ail.beraie sr vu their verdict, there is
eq doatt a vis 3.uoat of argument
r 2i?I0n
e: t and c
i:;er.tiOuS iticiier
. j i i'.zhi: a r!.?b:i, asd it eoae-
Lapp to;
ia'ai artrsraents and
not the oaly mean3
t'l j loped to iad-jce tim to agree to a
erilct, A short tiaro age-a jury in
tte C;nr: ilcjia h reported to have
j?" st oio ut thirteen boars in vainly
i -. r t .-J-3 at a verdict, when at
. !t .r- , S tho clevea ictollexant and
weir&cisj tsen taraelto bisi vibosa
Eij-sric-slly arc'-od brow &nd iatelli-g?-t
coaat?rji3ce marked hiua a? the
criJ who refused to accept the coa
ccnsV;:! d'.et cf the otLcr3, sad
--4 t '5
ti fL'ty
-Jif-.tr, b r
1 'J'S '.lit of
i aj
" "
. 1 --.
i i " v ;; .
ihi t a j
lTTiiiCD, as tea ten qu?t:oa or aw:
"If I tel'eve tl
t ti. e cfiien e vss
cna irnr, and 'be e'.lier eleven lelSe?e
d:5reat, docs that justify any other
iiryrrjcn in knocking me down with a
Tbs JUS!? fl'isaerpil j foror,l
I 3
; .i
TVs 1
I i-i.
the 0
1 .! , i
Li C X- . I C
a. 2..:, to
bo v:
ll;, of io OeS.)
OoxrT, lie I', r
8 CO
I a t eTcs'cg, t j ' ab-
s-.Tt as eral weks.
a day or two eince, but omitted to tell
his neatest friends of bis intended
John Funk, Eiq, of Henderson,
paid the city a visit yesterday.
Major Griffith, of Griffith &. Van
Wagenen, contractors for tha Carmi
Railroad bridge across tho Webash,,
went to Cnadton, last night, on the
Morning Star.
The Cocntt Astlum. A long ar
ticle irom the pen of a IIoiLa'pathio
physician, now going the rounds of
the press, shows that the condition cf
Alms Houses in the State of New
York, and particularly the parts of
those institutions devoted to the in
sane, are managed in a deplorably
This article, taken in connection
with the fact that an ambitions youc.?
doctor from New York, TiEitlcg tbia
city some months ago, rushed into
four pages of denunciation cf tho ex
cellent management cf the Poor Asy
lum cf this county, shows bew idle it
is for men to go abroad ss reformeru.
The editor of the Journal, to whom
the communication was handed, re
turned it with the remark, that kind
ness to the writer dictated that it be
returned, as to publish it would place
him ia the position of denouncing
what a large number of the best citi
zens of the county bad indorsed the
management of.
Ma. Eichel's Wetdixq. The
wedding of Mr. Jacob Eichel to Mi-
Laura Loewenthal occurred, as was
announced, at the Jewish Temple on
Sixth Street, last evening, in ihe pres
ence of a large audience, the ceremo
ny beicg performed by Rev. Simoa
The bride was attended ty Misses
Sophia Weil and Martha Brentano,
and like her, were eplendid y attired
in para white, end Mr. Eichel ws at
tended by Mr. Abraham LoswenthiJ,
brother of the bride, and Mr. Abra
ham Reiser.
At eight o'clock the bridal party,
and a large number cf their friends,
repaired to National Hall, where a
brilliant party was given them by Mr.
aad Mrs. Samuel Meyer, the step
father and mother of the bride. The
LTall has tot been sa crowded for
long time as it was ksi eight, aud
that" too, with the beauty, grace and
gallantry of the Jewish ckizens, sad
a coneMerabla sepresentatlon of the
non Jcwieh people, all cf whom par
took, of the bountiful cheer, dan:ed
to . the excellent music of Henry
F.art's Band, and wished the happy
f.cuple the brightest and happiest
The Coarls.
Criminal Coubt Hon. Chat. H.
Bu.tterf.t2JL presiding. The trial of
YV. C. Smith before Jud53 Johnson,
was concluded ia the morning, and
the jury returned a verdict c f gailtv
fixing the penalty at a fine cf $75 and
By an error of the writer, this case
w&3 spoken of yesterday, as the trisl
nf Thomas Martin. Mr. Martin was
one cf the witnesses whose name was
accidentally substituted for that of
John Williams, who rabbed John
Washington, a fellow-prisoner iu the
lock-up, of $5 25, with which the fine
of Mrs. Barry-Clinton was paida was
tried, the Jary retiring about half-past
five indulged ia long arguments, part
of which wero muscular, as will be
seea by the account elsewhere ia
these columns. Aboat half pas
seven o'clock the jury returned a ver
diet of guilty, and fixed the penalty
at two rears imnrisoaaent in the
J. E. Taylor renewed the bond for
his appearance for trial oa a charge
of assault with intent to kill, and the
trkl vra setfor December 10th.
EscoBDEa's CouST N, Willard,
F$q.,presiding. Richard Talbott and
Thos. McClain, wanted Ecmeun, aad
tried their hand at hanging anothe
young colored hoy by the heels. It was
shown that Taitott helped the boy
down, and be was dismissed, an
McClain was sent to the lock-ap, ia
default of 15 85 to pay a fine with.
Chas. Ives is a bad boy, who car
ries metal knuckles. He took a no
tion to beat a negro boy oa Water
SfrnA wh71 1ST
tk-bt. .-i-r . '
i colored
hoy. Walter ti.i'Lcr
iad Ivf ; ij t-.cc to
v. 8 u.jr. tf d,
of ci 'I'J.
Frar'i Keiti-cn 17 C5 lor a
j-.-r : r 1 y cracl.
-lectio V7iV -in nlit i'ype?,aiw B
?, il.c NV.vb-.irg cjprii"!, K'.s Ssad
t 4 1!
L-ZL', tO Jit-
'i for belaj
1 ,,v .
. . . i r. i.v..
r. it i : ' j iii l.i ..i. .t i j . j.
! 3-, t .1. i - an .-arrfil ff
I ' Lii v ifs's health that 1.9 forb'i
i if j. ai cur
;ia?e site
-i bttirfr
r3 lii, f i'JO
' t.
, r t,, .,.
a b 1 r j i ; a in
VJ.ttt tO ;
wintcf lan-H to pay. A I
fa fie
V.-'th if:,
I" 1 : V
' ; -v r hy
ciy the 'Sret'if: :
u l-jcs ia a ff'-i
fin y " : i - , i
Be thankful.
No Journal to-morrow.
Carnival at the Rink to-night.
The puL'lo olEces are closed and
churches are open.
Otsteb3 always at Carter's corner
cf Sixth and cherry.
Matinee at the Opera House this
Odd Fellows are interested in
reading a notioe in local column.
Ths thermometer yesterday indi
cated 31 at 7 A M , IT at noon, and
42 at C l-lM.
Joseph Killt, the hackman, fell
into a water-pipe trench, on Tuesday
evening, and was considerably
A JEW days since a girl, working
in a family up town, took a notion
to dress up, and in doing so she
donned the gloves, oollar, bow,
chignon and hair switch of ber mis
tress took a box of pomatum, a cake
of soap, some lilly white and a box
of pummioe stone, and traveled. Jus
tice Emery sent an official request for
the return of the articles, which the
maiden did not feel authorized to de
cline. The ow!,er declined to pros
ecute. Removal. As will bs seen by the
advertisement in to day's Journal,
Messrs. Roach & Torian, finding their
business had extended so as to re
quire proportionate expansion of
store room, have removed to the store
No. 32 North First Strict, Reis'
building, recently vaoated by Messrs.
Morgan, Read & Co., where tbey are
prepared to see the trade and supply
them from a mammoth stock of hats,
caps and furs.
Hkavt Failure. The business
oommunity was considerably shocked,
yesterday, by the announcement of the
failure of M. Cahn & Co., who were
the heaviest liquor dealers in the
It was whispered about for some
time, that there was danger of more
failures in the liquor trade, but it
seems that some of the best informed
men in businees circles, were unpre
pared for this failure, wbicb it is said,
will seriously embarras several of their
business friends. Their liabilities are
reported to be $105,000; assets not yet
Thi Carnival op Novelties.
Another . good bouse greeted Pro
fessor Dt Caux last night, and all
seemed highly pleased with the exhi
bition. The talking band still continues to
be one of the chief attractions of the
show, its grimaces and utterances
being intensely amusing and laugha
ble. The performaaces of the Royal
Marionette Troupe were also very
amusing, the dancing skeleton being
onsiderably larger than that of the
previous evening, was amusing in pro
As usual the drawing was a most
interesting feature. A- policeman
drew a dipper; a man who i reported
to be in the habit of smashing the
family crockery, drew an article that
may Berve to replace some of the dam
aged goods ; Captain Helder, the City
Clerk,' drew a wisp duster; a very lean
thin looking man, drew a fat thanks
giving turkey; a romantic young lady
drew a bar of soap; one man drew a
can of oysters; and another a can not
of the same; a man who drew a dozen
plates is advised to start a hotel;
and a man who drew on his imagina
tion was advised to Btart a Democratic
newspaper. Octave Dusner, who lives
on John Street, drew the first prize ef
a fine set of walnut furniture; a lady
drew a handsome set of Japanese toi
let ware; and a gentleman who held
only blanks, went aeross the street
and drew a glass of ale.
There will be a Matinee this after
naon, when every child present will
receive a present.
The Amateues. Arrangements
are now nearly complete for the
opening, on the first of December,
for two nights, at Masonio Hall. On
the programme, among other things
are cornet, Mute, violin, banjo and
piano solos, and two performances on
that sweet sounding instrument, the
zither, a triple clog danca and the
usual round of negro extravaganzas.
Musical Soiree. As the time
draws near for Mr. Bukowitz's con
cert, persons should secure their tick
etB, for the entertainment besides be
ing a testimonial to a worthy gentle
man, will, without doubt, richly repay
those who attend, if his exhibition at
Philharmonic Hall is any evidence
The Rink. The Fancy Dress Car
nival to-night, is expeoted to be the
affair of the day. The Crescent City
Band will be present and enliven the
Trinity M. JC Church. The membeia
of the various Methodist Churches In the
elty will unite In a Union Thanksgiving
Service at this Church at 10 a m. The ser
mon will be preached by Rev. L. f5. Car
Vine Street Pretbyterian Church. --The
members and congregations usually wor
shipping in the various Presbyterian
Chnrohea will unite In a Thanksgiving
service this morning at 10 o'cloct, in the
Vine Street Church. Bev. Mr, Martin will
preach the sermon.
The B.ol-l Innoeftnt) and St. i'wU'.Jhe&e
two congregations will unite for Thanks
giving service in the Church of the Holy
Inuocents this Thanksgiving morning at
10 o'clock. All of these congregations
and any others desirous to share in
TUanJt-orTericg, are very cordially invited
to corns. The Bector of St. Pauls will
preach the sermon. The seats of this
Church are always free.
Ths On pa Li on or tne Ear
. -
t Shall we bay turkey or meal?
I A t i ha nrMwoe fizorotlsnt orlea nf llvtnr
I li d a S2X1UU0 juuiier w c&u
Turkeys are high, but we'll ttrlaiuly buy
We'll save enough money by buying of
To pay ior the larkey and all.
So we'll go to the cu arch, and be thankir.1
for nealth.
For life, and for freedom trom pain.
And be ton..'al still more that u r drat al
Of i.icft, at 31 Main,
I - 1
f - Cosstaljla rlalf.
i T ;it !! thia dav. at 10 o'c'o.I-
l'J in front of 3en. Stinson'a oS.ce, one
Side Botrd, Cushion l-Jest Ctaifa,
"? Sofas, Baraaus, Bedsteads, Carpeta,
- i Looking Glasses, Pi--nar, &.
FBAhS JlCt-itS.
r-.-.t O'Cce 5o .Its.
In observance of tho Na'ioaal
Ttanksi?iae:, tho Post 05tb ill he
closed for fewness, at 10 e'e'-c k
A '
V J I. O. O. F.
'".1 a""
All members of the Morniug Star
Lodge, .No. 7. are requested to be
present this (Trrirsday) evening, at 7
o'clock promptly, m buduecs cf great
importance to tha Order, will be pre
sented. Bv order of the Lodge.
" W. D. Andkews, N. G.
Jous C. Jameson, Sac'y.
teg-Mr. A. O. Litle. from Bo
tardus' celebrated establishment.
New York, oontinues to make those
uplendid pictures, at Parkhill's, on
8trnnd Street, near Locust, samples
f which are on exhibition alt tne
nov-2i-l w
HsTtn't Utt Towb,
But removed the Weed Hewing Ma
chine cfiloe to No. 143 Main Street,
between Fourth and Fifth, where we
still are prepared to show up the
Weed. It is the only machine in the
market that gives entire satisfaction.
nov24 C J. S. Missis, Agent.
Removal. Dr. Bort will be in his
effioe, corner of Third and Locust,
during to-dy, till 5 P.M., and other
days for the successful treatmsot of
L'eatness, i-UDdneus, catarra ana
ail ether chronie diseases, private dis
eases included.
Look Htrr, Everybody, to Tour In
- terests.
300 sacks family flour, at $2 73 per
sack; also
500 barrels No. 1 choice peach
blow potatoes; and
100 twenty-five and fifty pound
saoka of fresh corn meal.
50 twenty-five pound sacks of
buckwheat flour, (expressly for family
use) ; also
300 barrels Western New York
apples, jast received, and for Bale
low, for cash, by
A. S. IIathurst & Co.,
No. 6 South. Water Street..
nov24 6t
STA fresh supply of Fresh Lake
Fish, Prime Mush Fed Oysters and
Canada Celery, just received hy ex
press and for sale at W. Rube & Co. s
Green Grocery, corner Second and
Locust. . nov IStf
Toe Old Sellable Wlti a Tall Hand.
100 dressed turkeys. t "
1.000 pounds choice Lake fish.
50 dozen celery. , ; , , . ,
Choice new hams. '
Choice new breakfast bacon. , ' -Choice
new Buffalo tongue.
Genoa citron.
Layer raisins. - -3. -
Lemon peel. ;
Atmore's celebrated mince meat,
and tho corn fed in all variety, large
and small. Atmore's mince meat and
corn fed oysters to be bad only at
the agenoy. Wm. Caldwell,
nov23-2t No. 9 First 8treet.
To Arrive, on Tuesday aad Wednes
day, for Ihsntsglrliis Dinner.
50 dozen extra celery.
200 cans oysters, sla'l fed to order,
100 extra fat turkeys. .
200 44 44 chickens.
At H. A. Cooke's Oriental Tea
Store. - -
Thanksgiving "Ilxent."
100 pounds of cboioe currants,
380 44 " citron,
25 boxes of 44 lsyer raisins,
25 half boxes 44 " " .
50 qr. boxes 44
40 drums " new figs.
Just received at the Oriental Tea
10 barrels extra choice cultivated
cranberries, in store, at the Oriental
lea to tore. , ?
Always on Hand Daring the Season
ai tne tuy Grocery.
Turkles live and turkles dressed,
i our cnoiee 01 game, 'us nioe ana iresc .
oyster sauce ana celery crisp.
ill niake you a nice Thanksgiving dish.
But is not bad to be taken at any
other time. Leave orders with
nov22 5t Third Street near Main.
tSr Than kpgiving Turkeys can be
bad at J. P. Elliott & son s,
Third St. bet. Main and Locust.
nov 22 3t
Post Office Kotlce.
In order to conform to the change
of time on the E. & C. Railroad, the
following hours will be observed at
the Post Office in this city:
General Delivery and Glass Boxes
open at 7 a.m. Closed from 12:10
p.m. till 12:45 P.M , for opening Noon
Mail. Closed at 6 P.M.. . .
Office open for Look Boxes till
10:30 P.M. ; .
Cashier and Money Order OSce
open from 7:30 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.
- , & Ca R& ttf AILS. . 1.
Forenoon Mail closes at 10 a.m.
Afternoon Mail closes at 4:50 p.m.
Mail arriving at Noon open at 12:45
Mail arriving at 9:35 p.m. distri
buted for Lock Boxes at 10:15 p.m.
No other changes of Mails since
the issue of last Ball' tin.
nov2l-tf John W. Fosteb, P. M.
iSTFresb Meats abd Vegetables, of
the choicest kinds, can be found at
J. P. Elliott & Son's,
Third St. bet. Maia and Looust.
nov22 lw '
Thanksgiving Tricks.
New. Raisins, Currants, Citrons,
Apples, Hominy. Cheese, &c, &j., at
J. P. Elliott & Son's, .
Third St. bet. Main and Locust.
nov22 3t " -' -' '- " - -
tF Take your Prescriptions to
Bridwell'a Drug Store, coi-ner Main
and Third Streets, and have them
correctly filled with pure Drugs.
nov 12-tf , -
A 3o. 1 Insurance Company.
Prosperity is Ibe true test of sol
vency in an Insurance Company, and
in illustration of the doctrine, we feel
justified in calling attention to the
advertisement of the Lobillabp In
surance Company, in to-day's Joub
nal. Each year seems to add to its
popularity, its volume of business
and its increasing wealth. A com
pany with one million dollars Cash
Capital, and seven hundred thousand
dollars surplus, may safely promise
policy holders most indubitable se
curity. We recommend the Loril
laf.o Insurance Company unquali
fiedly to all who want first-class in
demnity. C. K. Dsew is the agent,
No. 2 Maia Street, who adjusts and
pays' all the Lorillard's losses, ia this
part of Indiana.
liy Holland's gold pens are the
lU and " cheapen warranted at
Fish & Barters. oot38;f
Ccnnty Sotlce
To accoaamodate especially the la
boring class, notice i hereby given,
that, fiom and after November 11th,
1S70, the Auditor's and Treasurer's
ofines will be kept open every Mon
day evening from 7 to i o'clock, to
enable them to transact their busi
neFS without loss of time.
PaiLiP Dicker. A. V. C.
F. LUNS-EK'SSIitSfi, T. V. C.
novlO tXlt
Boors Ai'D Saoss. The old estab
lished boot rtrjd ft oe hoase cf John
Etseh, ca Second hfreet, below Maia,
is the p'&ce to go to ry year Wictar
toots and shoes. Ills prices are
frcta tec to tw-uty psr ceat. lower
thaa tho Maia Straat stores, sod he
Lai a larger aci betttr stot-V: cf gooia
tn-a he crar asl t-Hore.
exawina pri3s end. the
. . .. -
l ' ivn sir, J
qaali'r? cf
DOT? -tit
A Cse hie a to fcaoj of Tnr fits- ,
Evaxsvills, Nov, 15, 1S70.
Dr. II. W. Cloud:
My daughter was for months pale
and delicate, and was often compelled
to quit her school on account of her
extreme feebleness.. Her peculiar
paleness attracted tho attention of all
whoeawiiT, and her condition be
came a source cf great alarm to me.
At the suggestion of a friend 1 put
her ucbu your Invigorating Cordial,
and after its careful use tor several
weeks, ebe is in perfect health. Her
cheeks are Tuddy and her appetite is
actually al jrmiDg. 1 make this plain
statement oecaase I fully believe that
the great ebaDga wrought in my cbila
is due to the restorative properties of
your medicine, and the fact bhould be
known. novl3-lw N. Moums.
Street Railway Kotlce,
EVASSVILI-B, NO. 17th, 1S70.
The public is hereby respectfully
informed that from this day, Novem
ber 17th, 1870, the cars wili run tte
entire length of the road for five
cents. Hoping this arrangement will
be satisfactorily received by a large
portion of the coiBmunliy, a liberal
patronaga is solicited.
Daring this Winter season the first
car will start at half past six o'clock
A.M., at the Salt Well, nd keeping
a close connection with all the follow
ing cars. The last round trip will
be made at 9 o'clock P.M., from the
Salt Well, which will bring the last
car due at half-past 10 o'clock P.M , at
the Slt Well. Edward Wehleb.
novl7 8t Snpt. E.S. R. W.
The Senate.
A special session is held at J. L.
Kshn's Senate Restaurant, every
morning, at which an oyster lunch is
served. Quails and all sorts of game
daily. The beet the market affords,
of both fluids and solids, every day,
at the Senate, 133 Main Street.
nov-t-tf -
fbr Other Miver item See Third Page.
Yesterday was the dullest day of
the ec a3on, in maritime circles. The
Idlewild and Hartford bad the wharf
all to themselves up to .3 p.m., and
uhea the Idlewild bad it all to herself
until tho Morning Star arrived, and
with that exception, up to ber hour of
departure, after whioh the wharf was
entirely bare and desolate -The
IdLjwild took out a good trip-
Tho Hartford also had a fine freight.
.........The Morning Star had a mod
erate trip. She tarried at the wharf
bat briefly, and proceeded to Hender
son, returning early ja the evening,
and leaving for Louisville at 11 P.M.
The City of Quincy still lingers
at French Island bar,' mless ebe got
down daring the night ..There
were no tidings of the T. F. Eckert,
or the Minneola, up to 60 slock last
evening. The latter probably found
trouble at the Grand Chain.............
The Emma Floyd may be positively
expected down this evening, en route
to Memphis, with Captain Jim Chen
oweth and Bob Wise doing the hon
ors The Quickstep will b
paci.ee or ciiu on .Friday, and the
Rose Hits the packet for Louisville.
- Giver Dispatches.
Pittsburg, November 23. R lined
and snowed last niacht. and now Brew
ing colder. Monongahela rising, 3
leet ana J incnes.
Pittsburg, November 23 Cloudy
with indications of now. Mononga
hela 3 feet 9 inches and rising. De
partedNora, tor New Orleans.
i ''. Cincinnati, - November 23. -The
river has risen 6 inches with 7 feet 9
mohes in the channel. Weather
clear. Thermometer 36. About 6
inches of snow tell up to midnight
last night.
Cincinnati, November 23. River
rising; 7 feet 11 inches. The W. F.
(Jurtis was delayed in her departure
for Pittsburg until to-day. Mercury
oa . viesr.
Louisville, Nov. 23 Weather
clear and cool. It i ver stationary, with
twenty inches in the chute, and four
feet on Portland bar. The Far West
arrived from St. Louis, for Pittsburg,
dui iaia up ior more water
Cairo, November 23, Port List
Anna, Mound City to Cairo, 11 P M.;
Mallie Ragon, Evansville packet, 2 A.
M ; Continental, New Orleans to St.
Lou:s. 2; J, N. Aelloa;g. Cairo to New
Orleans, 2; City of Cairo, Vicksburg
. -j. 1 T n.T . . , .
iu oi. iiuuio, ioiier, iuouna wiry
to St. Louis. 11: Belle Memphis. Mem.
Ehis to St. Louis, noon; Post Boy, St.
pouis to New Orleans, 4 p.m.;C,B.
Church, Cairo to New Orleans, 5;
Mary Miller, Evansville to Memphis,
6. River fell 4 inches. Weather
cloudy. Mercury 8 .-
Mesiphis. Nov. 23 Weather 1 cool
with rain. River falling. Departed,
Rubicon, Vicksburg; Florence, Ruth,
Mollie Able and Belle Lee, New Or
leans; Allen, Arkansas River; Com
mercial, Evansville. Arkansas River
falling, with five and a half feet to
Little Rock.
Vicksburg, Nov. 23 Up Mary
Ella, 6am.; Great Republic, 11 A.M.
Down Belle Yazoo, 7 p.m. River
falling. Weather clear and pleasant.
New Orleans, Nov. 23 Ar
rived Magenta, from Memphis. De
parted Indiana and Mary Houston,
for Louisville; W, R. Arthur, for
St. Louis. "
St. Louis. Nov. 23. Arrived, John
son and' Belle La Crossev Keokuk;
Moonstone, Hlinoia River : Bon Ac
cord, Mound City and M. J. Wioks,
New Orleans; Dubuque, St.. Paul.
Departed, Luoy . Bertram, Keokuk;
Thompson Dean and Mollie Moore,
New Orleans; Belle-cd Ida, White
River; Grand Tower, Memphis;
Moonstone, Illinois River. River
still falling. Weather cloudy, with
flurries of snow. v
The magnificent side-Wheel steamer
-1 ' 4ftssMsalsMa1aBllBtiaussT
James Mather, Master:
r rank O. Smith, Clerk.
Will leave for Louisville and all way
pons on
at 11 o'clock r.M , on the arrival of the mail
train from the Norto and East.
For freight or paK-age apply on bosrd'
or to W. O. BliOW 4 CO.,
ill 1 Amenta.
PHid. The splendid passenger steamer
. - - -
Jas. Cusnowetb, Waster;
Kobt. W. Wise, Clerk,
W1U leave for .Memphis and all way
por'S, oa "
. ... IHimSDAT, KOVEMES8 84,
at 5 o'clock r.Jt.
Korfroigtit or passage apply on board,
or to W. O. BKOWS A CO.,
(lit Agepis.
THti Bt.NDJ,
The excellent light-draught steamer
Cash Thomas, Sis-ster;
' '1. 'jl ooiiw, Clers,
Wlil leave lor Mem puis at i ma Uenas on
nATi'iiBAr, kovbmb:.b , -
St -4 O'clock VS.
TiiroMgh Uiis of lat'.ln lva to Vicks
butg, ai.ct:t t;4 N' Orieas; aldo to'
A r-. yt i 'A' tu- 1 . r.
or to
' ' "S -01 SSI .!':W
1 . ..... , .!
. a -I t
m. Ma,
Jew lora MarSel,
Ey Telegraph. 1 Nw Yosk. Soy. i i.
Cottow Iemacii Active aad prlow ad
vanced but en tti heavy ; iniadUcu
Fiyum k-cclpt KXQ bushed ; superf ne
western anu tatit fornruoa iocilti
fj7j.jj3Si; k'kki ' e.lolce 5 716 25 ; cum
xuou to kooU Oil' . J.i ;su $tj z6; comuioa to
extra ist. Louis K 10 'M.
Eve Fi.oua Meaoy at j 50,
L'okn Meal Quiet.
Whipky &tw llriiier at 8!c.
Wbut-Iail but unchans'd ; ricelp's
76,0W bastiels; old tpnosr SI J-41 5!j; new
fluilSi; ro. 1 reu wiatt-r ud ainoer
tl 40r?l iZ: amber bta(s l io; whits Mloii
Ijjau l o).
Kye- MieHdy.
BKLKif Dull and prices nominal; re
ceipts cl,(Kt) ninUuui; Slate Sie SI ; Caea-
liAui.KY MAi.'r-tic!et.
Corn-ecarcoly u Qrm ; receipts 12 001
bushels; westi-ru mlx-d oldla'jj'i; new
hSaMs; new white W .j'Jjc. ' -
oats Dematid lair and market firm;
reoelpis 1,U.J bushels; vesteru tjtrto;
l-EATiiUK-In fair request at 2ia3!c.
Wooir Chalet; domestic to-'-'-i! un
washed 25oao ; pulled ijs.$12c; Caitiorais
iiAy-9teady;sU.Vpins St 10; retail tl &5
per hum! red. ,
Hoi-9 oar.:e and fl:m; western lUralSc;
State ia.-.lec.
UuiifBK 4aiet and unchanged; rtcelpts
5C0 bas lit"-
Bcoab (Steady ; Cuba 9.S31CC.
Mclasm Dull; Ntw uneans S03S2O.
1 . . .- L'lr... ... - -i - . -
PjiTBOLSCM-Crujo 12gl2V; nfiaedSiJ
2'3'4. '
Wl-PaU ; mesa 123,323 50; new 2i-323;
prime S2il U); prime m rss
Bcja iatet; um Ii0io; extra I1531S;
beef hams kmoked t'JB .Jl ; prime mess beef
ti-326j India mess fcgSO; hams in pickle
I518: middies Lie
LABD-Heavy; steam for Jana-
ary and February lzy,l-.. '
BCTTKB-Htea-jy; western 11330c; BUte
tHKtsK-Staady at 9(316c.
Cincinnati Market.
By Telegraph, Ciuciitwatt. Nov. 23.
Cotton Demand good al full prices;
middling loJ4ai&.
Fixjub Demand good at (nil prices.
W Hi at -In good aemand al full prices;
ales at f 1 171 20,
Cob x -Demand fair, and price advanced
to too.
-4lRI5Emand light, bat holders Arm at
OA-ra-Demand good at fuU prices; No. 2
Babi.ky- Quiet and weak at SI OSJI C8
for prime to choice.
CuKMk-steady, with a moderate de
mand at 10i2uc
Bcqar la fair demand, but at lower
rales; Nes Orleans 10cal:jc.
Aiolahsks ia fair demaad at lower
rates; Mew Orleans 7580c
Oils Linseed oil quiet and weak at 80c.
Lard oU qulel and eak at 1 al u.
sfja-Dull and prices have declined to
30c . .
Butter and Cheese quiet and unchanged.
KDd Clover seed, demand active and
prices advanced; Large sales at 19 60 on
foreign demand. Timothy seed in only
limited jobbing demand at ti &034 75. Flax
seed quiet and unchanged.
Pouk Quiet and weak at 120; no sales.
Lakx in fair demand but at lower
rate? ; sales of 1,000 Uerees at lljo for good
firlme kettle rendered ; nominally held at
2Ji13c .
Buxk MkAis-Dnll, and market nniet
tied ; should rs 7J4c; sides 10X He.
Hogs Doll, ana prices have declined to
S3 100 40; receipts, 8,WU bead ; total packed
to date, 86,000, against 77,500 last year. -
aw jjeinana rair, ana market nrm
at 84 Sic. , .
ffew York Gold and Stock Barket.
By Telegraph. . Nkw Yoaar. Nov. 3.
OotD Not very active: obened at 11:.
reached 12, and closed at 11M- Loans 1
to 3, earrying. Clearances about f 51,000.
MonkY Easy at 435.
OovkRHMKNiu steady. -
Coupons l"L.m
AM). IWImm..
,.10S41 .
Do. : . li4.
-107 S
Do. 1 lo6 ..
.107 a
Do. New .
Do. 187
Do. 1068
Do. 10-408
.. 106H
Currency -fixes-
dt. Loais Market.
By Telegraph. . St. Louis, Nov. 23. ,
Cotton -Dull but unchanged. . .
Fiocb Quiet and unchanged.
Wheat Dull and prices arooDlng; No.
2 red winter f 1 25; closing at Zl Zi.
Corn Dull and prices have declined;
mixed balk 4S5oc; in sacks tigtlo. .
Oats Demand fair and prices advanced
to 43345c.
Basliy- Firm at 85(311 10.
Ry CJnehaaged ; sales at 63a 70c.
WHISKY Firm at 86c.
Tobacco Unohanged.
Hemp and Bagging are tmchinzed, the
latter retails r,t u2s.
Pobk Lower, wiih sales at 118 &0320.
Bulk Miats Lower; shoulders be; clear
ribs 11; clear sides 12o.
BaooN-HboulderslS. '
Lakd Kasler for Jobbing at 12!(ral2.
Boos Firm, ranging from 15 BotaO 30.
Hew Orleans Market.
By Telegraph. N sw OsxxAjrs, No v. 23.
i.orTa-Bnperflne winter 1175; double
extra do 15 0.
Cobs No. 1 white 75a,7t'o.
oats Unchanged.
Bban-11 10
Hay Si9 00.
Pork i3 75.
Baoob Shoulders 21 ; hams 23 S26e.
Lard 4ol5c
Bcoak-Kir 10 fully fair at 9310c.
Motsai8-Prime 63365c
Wbi-kt 9011.
Coirm- 17H17.
Cottoh Active; sales r 7.0C0 bales low
middling at 15315; mlddlioa; 15ai5:
receipts 1.SO bates; exports 18 670.
Btebliko 21 for aunt; Exchange on
New Yojk hi discount.
loulivllie aiaraer.
By Telegraph. LocraviLXk. Nov. t3.
Tobacco Bales 82 bhds atf5 50a6S0 for
common to good lags; IB 7311 75 Ior low
to medium leaf.
BAOOisa Qalet and nncbanged.
. Cotton Firm; middling ii'i.
Floub Hteady and in demand; extra
family 15 25.
Urals Quiet; wheat Jl 20&1 25; oats 4 5o ;
rye 80; corn 85c.
Hoes Held at 6S84; bat drovers en
not realize, packers not baying ; the mar
ket closed weak.
, Provisions Demand active; mess pork
sold at S20; bulk shoulders 8c: clear ribs
11H; dear side 12c.
L abd Prime leaf 13c.
Whisky Firmer, with Bales at Sic
Chicago Market.
By Te'earaph Chioaoo, Nov. 2J,
Fxchakok Unchanged.
Fixub Ho per One spring dnll.
Whbat No. 3 Ch'-.axo spring unsettled
and irregular tclosi g firmer at 11 0231 04.
This afternoon ac.lvs and higher, with
sales at (1 05.
Cobs No. 2 mixed quiet; closing at 83c;
this alternoon inactive.
Oats No. 2 steady and firm at 41c
KM No, 2 quiet and firmer; closing at
72c, -
Bablky-No. 2 opened dul, bat clcsed
firmer at 790.
HiOHwiKBS-Hteady and quiet at f 4C In
.o" Mess fairly active ; clotlng at
si 9 oO.
Lakd 12c
Hcgs Live active, bet 2x33ic per hun
dred lower; sales at t8a8 56.
FajnoHTS-To Buffalo dull.
Inrcpean Markets.
By Telegraph. Lobdoh. Nov. 23.
CTonsois 92. Bonds quiet : TJ. 8. Ctiopons
of '62, US', : 'ti6s, m ; -07, 8914 ! 10-40s, 8054.
Erie. 19; Illinois Central, 110; Great W ent
er n, 28.
Livkbpooi Nov. 23. -Cotton, Irregular:
middling tf;i tBd ; Orleans ,a9ci ; sales
of 15.000 bues lor rptcnlatlon. 4 OUO bales
for expert. California wbeat lis 61 : red
western spring, new, lOsflos id; old s 41;
winter 10 SdolOs M. Western flour 25s.
Corn 31s23is 3d. Oats 2s lod. Barley 5s.
Peas 4os 6d. Pork 102. Beef, new, 112 6d.
Cheese 71s 6d. Bacon 47s for Cumberland
sides; snort clear middles 61s. Common
rosin &36d; fine 14L Petroleum spirt U 9d;
refined petroleum la bj-id. Tallow 43s 3d.
Tnrpentlne 2y. Linseed oil His. Oil cake
108 10d.
Few York Dry 6oo3 laritt.
By Telegraph-l New Yobx, Nov. Zl.
Standard and extra brown shet-Mcg 12
A18c; metii om 4-4 1. V ; brown s nd bieac- ea
arllla H-aii,; glared camb-tcs "H'qiso;
worsted brands ve, Wte and 5.;; b:ecnel
sheetings New Yo-t rr.iis2oe; viuitni
!9c; Maaoovitle 16c: Hope 4 4 P.ed
knk lie; beat prints lu,'ialic; idou's de
laines lbs.
General Steamboat
OIHce lailie American Konse
Cor, Water & Sjcaisore S!s.,
nr.iinornic tickets sold awi
Ji. ls of Lading siuea io all poinis by
ruit ct river. ABut lor the
BIVEft PACKETS, aid for tt.e
VILLE and CINCINNATI 1'ACa i". i'.
mr Ail Bills cr Lam?.. at tbs
o From pi attaatloa leotiv-
lea aBd forwsi'd:cg all .ttgn; aulrueted.
tO US. ... - . '-a-'
OF '
' J .1.
' 1
IT-lvIJU. Ii-A.Tl.lIOrVI-A..
Coal Cool MtoveH VOJCATaO and Oi:iirykF,.
. ' , XT' A 1ST 12 V9
Our assortment of IlEiVTIlN'O STOVEfcJ ior Wood n
Coal is as largo and comploto as can bo lound in txny ti
dry IntlioWest. Send for Xrico List ami Illna Irnietl Cu
iogixe. Prices as low as any Foundry in ilio Wcm.
Speed Safety - Comfart
Evansville, Cairo & Mimphis
fit cam Packet Coai'y.
JOHN U. liOPKIWrt...,
The Low-PreMure Hteamcr
It. T. Dexter. Master;
W. B. PBSKlKOrOX,! f-i.rk.
iCuti ink Hi no, j.erss,
Will leave Evansville every TUK3DAY
ana kiuai , at f.m.
Leaves Cairo every WEDNESDAY and
BATUBDAY, al 6 p.m.
The above new magnificent side- wheel
low-pressure stearoeis having been con
structed expreskly lor this trade, will run
regularly during the season, carrying the
V. ri. Mall and Adams Fxpress; making
close aad positive connections at Cairo
with the M. Bt. L Packet Co. aluaraers
for HU Louis, Memphis. Vicksburg, aDd all
way points, and with tbe U Louis A .New
Orleans Packet Co. steamers for New Or
leans, giving tbrongb tic sets and Blils
Lading to Hi. Louis, Memphis, Vicksburg
and New Orleans Also through ilcke s
and bills lading slven to all polcts upon
tbe Paducab A Cidif, Illinois Central. Mo
bile A Obio, and MUMisslppl Central Itxll
roads, and Cumberland and 'i'ennemee
Ktvers. Close connections msde al k.v
ansviilefwllu the E. C. Kailroad for all
points Nona and Fast, and with the Morn
ing Htar and Tarasoon (or Loulavllia and
the Upper Onio. Hpeclal inducements of
fered to stock shippers.
This company being the TJ. S. Mall con
tractors, and running the only low-pressure
packets upon the Ohio Klver, and
being commanded hy careful, experlen.ed
and revponsmie oruoers. can saisiy guar
antee arealer Dunctuallty and safety in.n
ottered by any other Hoe. Ueneral Otilce,
No, .0 Jdaln Btreet, Lvanarue. I no,
And PHlf. D. VIElH,
novl2 A sent..
Tobacco Factories
Utemerlea situated as follows:
At Cordsvllle, Daviess County, K"y , To.
baooo House. Capacity to handle 4UO.OO0
Ashbysburg, Hopkins Co., Ky., Tobacco
House. Capacity to handle 00,000 pounds.
Taylor's Landing, McLean Co., Ky.. To
bacco House. Capacity to handle JJO.UOO
LI verm ore. McLean Co , Ky., Tobacco
House. Capacity to handle ou,ou0 pounds.
Hacramento, McT.ean Co, Ky , Tobacco
House. Capacity to handle lo,uoo pounds.
Ceralvo, Ohio Co., Ky , Tobacco House
Capacity to hand.e too.OOJ pounds.
Hart ford, Ohio Ca., Ky , Tobacco Hoo.se
Capacity to handle A.0.0 pouous.
Cromwe'.l, Ohio Co . Ky., Tobacco House
Capacity to handle 2JO,ouO pounds.
Rochester, Batler Coanty. Ky., To
bacco House. Capac ty to handle 700,0ow
- Raleigh, Sslioe Co.. Ills .Tobacco House
Capacity to handle iou.OuO pounds.
Enterprise, fpencer Co., Ind.. Tobacco
House. Capacity to handle Too,!-) pounds,
Richland. Hpeucer Co.. Ind,, Tobacco
Hooxe. Cpacuy to handle 7yi,0v9 pounds.
All of the above Kteror1e are located
in the bent prolactin Uacco es'-ttoris,
aad are 1 n co.npieie or ler, bavini; screw, i
Uotk'- stlcjta, and an ottivr tiwv-.nHry j
oonveuieuoeis for . listi'J 1 ng and iHiiing !
tobsicotj; toxeLher witn the 0.!l'e, Coupr j
feuops, M tut, and Laods tberelo t
Uicued. All or any of tne above will be
Sold bfciow their Viue. i
F- 'urti.er particular. Inqnlre of WM.
B. FOKD. F- au-viii, ibd., or H. ii. Ah,. - 1
fcilHUKija'.to Bros ri., N. Y. iMl-irn ;
Forwarding & Commission
Forward log & Commission
Have located their offlce at
Io. ltS Water ?St.,
Between Pjcamoresnd Vine, !
(Cp stalre), and will soon have a hw
prepared toreclve, protect and cfc.p ALL j
FBElvillTS conelaned lo theia. '
Wharf Boat. In the meantime, they are
N. B- A Receiving Clurk will be on the
wharfst all hours, day or night, to receive
freight, 1IUMPHKSY A UHVia.
I,. SEELirr.
Th li;i.-t
J. f
SierifTe Sale No. 10.
sa'e liuiued oat ol tne oruee of ths
I irk of Ihe Court of Common Pleas of
Vanderburgh County, Indiana, In lavrof
Adolf Melzar, and aalnit Cpsr Mar
shall, I will, on
Between tbe li6hii of 10 o'clwi a ii and
4 o'clock p.m. of aald day, at the door of
theConrt Mou-e, In thet'iiy h.vanville,
Indiana, oIr or sa.e, al Publis Aocllon,
the Hen is and Fronts lot the term t sevn
years lit tne followiog deoc lbud Heal Fil
ial., to-wit. ;
Lots No. nineteen (10) and twenty (20), tn
B ock No. one 1), io le Crescent f .nirs
ment ol III. City of Erauivlll., Vandcr
bargh County, Indlsea.
And sboold atd Htnts and Profits not
sell for a sum sufficient to satisfy ssid Writ
and Cools, I will, at Iht snin 11 in. and
place, ell or for sale the Foe biinpls of tald
bramlNfi. No relief
nov21 A. PFAFFL1N, Bherlff V.C.
RKylO AI,.
YW-Kltia ROtru Jk THKI4M have
JLX removed their mock of MAH.CArn.
F I. H4 aud t)UAWOOJlM Iroia No. 14
North First blreel to
No. 32, in Reei Block,
Formerly occupied by Mess's. Morusn.
Ilead A Co.. where tbey will be bsppy lo
meet all their o.il ctmiumera and as many
new ones as dee're Io puiciiM gro lu
their line, promising to tail in .in Kxxlt
as low prices and on as good terms hi i hey
cn be bought lu Cincinnati Ol el.ewhere.
Tbe Increased facilities afforded by the
large and ommodious s'ore nowoccup ed
will suable toein to cany on a mucl
larger and more compiet stnek tnan
heretofore, snd to transact business In a
manner much more sat i.fsclory to them
selves and customers. We aB yon to call
and look through their tnssulflcsnl .toe.
They will take pleasure In showing you
through. iio.l it
Sedentary People.
Ernlnont men of our country swert I hot
there Is no rnnlf like MiMlf.KK'K
HKKB B11IK.K- lor diwases peculiar Ut
person, of seOenlary. tianiis. Jl lit. long
been claimed and is now an elnblltii
fact that a combination of ewtata tert,
roots, and barks will nure their lila.- r-ui ii
a preparation UUHULKK M Hk.HH nil
Tthi, for it has never tailed, and it t ill
oontinues on Its triumphant caieer. tut
a 1 diseases arising froiu any Impurity of
tbe blood, or derangement of tue d itera
tive orgs re, including Liver Coin Maiut,
Conn tin. Odd., Wet lieadscbe, .url
Debility, DysrtMla, Ac, It la now proved
neyonu an perauvenrure toai no in.n,
women, or child, however pale r ir.
elated, can use Mlll LFK'H 11 KliU HI T
TK1U4 reiculariy lor tweuty-one das,
wlthont tne return or the roey cnaeks and
fslr oomriexlon, chsrac eriatlo of guiMi
bealtb. Hold by all drugg'sts and dea era.
Dr. r). B. liartmaa A Jo , Proprietors, Lan
caster, Pa. It
y w v
s 4
Corner of Fourth, and Locust Eta.,
Is prepsrtd to Umn, HlriM
nd pr'.rfn iH-i-Hir
11 H W ( ll . . r ,
dencripllon. II r-psi; wmrartU-d to
I well :i.. In -u u-'t t- :t wiirj lid, I -I
wit: i t.r'i i. .r l.srve or r-i.-.n
' ! i"JL'L,A h-.. ol tne hwi I i . t
rtiei-i, at ti iownut n. hi j.j i .
Ail hw soM li lfi tt riil.l. Hin
fl.'ed and set. Port : u n-ai t-i. i .u pai.t ti
g i. io mi ii and straUL.terUiiK lare t .n u'r
! OtcJeri rrnru a lUsinur, pen. pi y
'teuded to. Address 1. .. hot -i, Fvt
vllie, lei. ij, i.-liii
.kOYA.tUiyji lull .V KiilHUllI-.
j at hi Hit r u rKmmi'.
I J.,1 lo;4 OloUK. r.n b f-ouid, b.de.
) iu larr''! nul a-vri- at. m s ot
1 r. i-1 .. 1. 1 .1. I . . . -.i .1 t. .
j tutu wt,iue p'-iiowmgiiat f
i.uutM ud Hiam'i:i lis. Lis.
. ..
p-?"J ' i-o-j....
Y'". Uoi.b.. I 1 W.r.
,..,. IVj ,
Tedli J'.u,,e' li; e at
Z I i ;s.nt fu r
j A 11 slunof On,. In i-l H;r Hru-.be. j
IZJ?" ...
7. Usau.meu's Focaet
I Ai
rT rOtil, N A'., 1. .1 ifH !?!
1 -i.
i "K? nirllub, Vinnch , ti d
( '...I.; Fl(U.-?,
':i. aud
tt: r
f j
I i t.
.4. V.Jf .Ji
genuine mzzTQir:
JACKSOIi 20 Ii;. 117 .
SAWS, ....
O E N U I N E EPi:Al
ping ca;vi;, . . c
Ohio Tool Co. I'J.'ii
SINGLE lil.QOri!,
sir, gle jac;:,
All oth'ir I'Uif's la inyA-U
Batcher Cir File.?, t
'$ lnca, 4 and. 11-:-:
15 cents of cli.
Brad bury 'a llpoktnhnvt
Incri 43o; a 1-2 inch I
Wo oiTtir til o it HACD7AI;
Ollttli J ltiy:iM
At Extraordli.ary low lii
We have now in t a Die Vf x j
C:lffDi:i.N and 4K.I hi mi.lt I
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