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Cpenlnj Streets.
To Vt RannralU, the Mayor axd Council!
Allow a tax-payer, groaning as po
litely at possible under the burthens
of taxatioa, emphatically to call your
atteotioa to oalyoce gteat abase of
the pi wers of your body by members
cf both political parties, to-wu.: the
opeoiot.tha widsnicgini thestraight
eniog of all sor sols rets and alleys
upon local petitions, at tke public and
general expiufe.
Tbe general c;ty charter law gor
eroinr all the citiea o- the State, ej
cept K?ans?ille, expressly provides
for the expeose of a.l such improve
meats, and a-i-.liom-a it to be assessed
agsinit any propsrty benefitted by tha
improvement petitioned for, allowieg
ia proper cages, vhere the whole rab- i
lie is benefitted, the cammiuHioner of
apprauexeat to say what part of the
expjnse, if any, shaii bo boroe by the
ci y.
The L?gisUtu;e has thus clearly
reoogntzid the ic justice of doing these
thing at the public expanse tor tho
fceaeat oi aih particular locality,
n aai eartsiy interet, tor lfigtance
Baa tint, second, fcourth or Fifth
Main, Locusf, Walaut and Chestnut
fccreets ta the openag of Fourth
fewest froa uatn to Powell Streets.
at e public expense o! 6-4,000? I wish
to Bay nothing reflecting on the
integrity of any advocate of auoh
measure as this and several others
of the sams profligate description.
and I charge it on neither political
party, but I say there has beca do
proper reneotioa oa the enact and
tendency of such pubiio expendi
tures, and tuat in their aires: e2ict
and tundenoy they are nojasf, in
equttble, and rainoasly profligate.
a cat it would be eqaailr runt and
just fcr the City Council to 11 up all
low Iota, or to make all eide walc3,
or to plant ail shade trees for
the inhabitants of a particular lo
cality as to open streets tor thsm,
at the pubiio expense. It is totally
djffjrent from expenses of lighting or
Cleaning streets, or watering the whole
oi fy and other pubiio expenses of a
purely general nature. The expenses
of opening, straightening or widening
any particular street or alley, is in aiae
eases out ot ten. so purely a local inter
est, that it would be raeies to submit
the question of the improvement to the
peopld at large, for they would in nine
case out of tea vote it down, and if
Councilmen will ask themselves the
question when suoh measures come
up:" Would the people, if submitted to
their vote for or against such an ex
penditure by the city at large?" not
one of them, who conscientiously cares
fur trie rili of the people, will ever
vota for such a measure again. In all
cases tie proprietors, in neighbor
boo la petitioning for such im
provements. Lave got possession
cf their property in full view
of the depreciation or inconvenience
whioh such property suffers for the
cost of suoh ao improvement, and
have in consequence of such incon
venience git the property so much
cheaper. If their- property is to be
benefitted by Each an improvement,
and my property, in another locality
is not to be benefitted, what right
have they to ask. that I shall bear an
equal part of the expense of the im
provement of their property? The
whole vicious principle involved in this
squandering the public money on par
ticular and private individuals is emi
nently dangerous, beoause it is im
possible when allowed at all to say
where it will stop, because tens and
hundred of thousands are as liable to
bo spent in this way as thousands.
If it is possible that any man can i
make any jast defence of these ex
penditures, I shall be glad to have
hirn attempt it.
Very respectfully, your,
John Ikgli. Jb.
Eva.nsvii.le. Nov. 24th, 1870.
3X2X3 a rf rthSUaUXJ.
Ooid doled In Sew York, jeaterday, at
TheProvers Iun. at Covington, Ky., was
It jrned yesterday morning.
Tbe Fall raC3 commence at New Or
leaus t j-day.
J. A. Ltndley. of DeSolo Connly, Miss.,
aid-ted at UtmpLb yesttrdsy.
Toe Europe,
cow. arrived at
from New Tork for Glaa-
l at Movi'.le yesterday.
Henry Keyer was gored to death la St.
Ljala jeaterd.y by a wild Texan steer.
The -teanier Pimyr. from Nw York
for Liverpool, arrived at Qwniiowa yes
terday. Patrick Ksue pirlnbad from cold near
O-aorn, Qieene Coaaty, Ohio, Thursday
Tbe steamer Baltimore, from Bremen to
Euumote, passed Furtrost Moaroe jes'.er
Tbe trial cf the I3nald80D.vllte rioters
aommeneed belore Coraiuimlouer Weill,
la Horn Orleans, yesterday
.cam man named West, ss prosed to
be a dremmer lor ao Eaat-rn house, waa
itrnaimd la tbe Miami Hirer, near Pott's
Dana, Ohio, on. Monday night.
rionkiiBlTiDZ wu ve'V generally ob
,mM toroognoat the Northern Stales
and la aome of I Us Southern Mtates, on
Brltt Paialer, a horse dealer, from Pl
ana. on.o,w robbed of MX, while
2Mp on a train from Cincinnati to Day
ton, Wednesday nlgbt.
J. J. Hamilton, of Cincinnati, waa en
. teheed to nice montna' imprisonment la
ta' etjamy Jll yesterday, lor uavlns
Manterfelt money in nU posaeuios.
Toe New York Central, Hadson & Erie,
Pennsylvania Central and all connecting
Mauroads, nave agretd to a iare advanoe
oavti ward bonud Irelguts, to take e!Tec
a Mouaay, tne asm.
Andrew J. gevls, lnOloied In Cincinnati
t Pebroaiv last for p8'Dg eoouterieit
and who baa fiaoe btea missing,
oeiivaied la Court yesterday by ni
Tie pnbllo will be pained- to tearn ithat
wVV,n tailed to walk loar hundred miles
la nve av. He oroce dowa on tbe two
faauared acd aeventyflrat mUe. It la
Vary and.
Walfr Thomioo, while removlDg
loaded riflM Irom tbe ateamer Deer .
i Bt. Loma. last nixnt, wa killed by tne
Xoeldental discaar of oam ot tb weap
Oua. jeatrticU ve fire broke oat la "Mitebell'-J
hiliaiDU. Third Htreet between Olive and
P.ne. u Ixnia, at noon yesterday, de
atrovinz Urge amount of properly.
i2 estimated at S10,00; Insaranoe
Csaijaallon Day was celebrated In Jfew
v7.Vk bv a parade of tbe vxterausof 1812,
Ink of (be F.fi.b, Sixtn, and Baventy-Finit
S.nJi. Toe -ixih wore lor toe firat
.;X?.Tn,r new Pralan uniiorius.
ereied quite a Ur among
tbe ttermia
Tbe ship Persia, of Batb, from New Or
iel" tSloal.Tiae.weQt
BUtvennreultSr Tod two tag have
kUilns of cotton, in tt mated at ti0.0'.
B-ecacron War.
New York, Nov 25 Baeeher, in
his discourse at Pijmouth Chureh
yesterday, aternly rebuked the invita
tion to fl r with England. He said:
Cursed of God and of all men may
be that man who counsels the red
baod of war, except when needed to
fight for national existence. The only
war we want is the war of righteous
ness. Let Kiogs war. and let aristo
crats war", but the nobles of this great
Repubite sbCJld know the fellowship
of men, and. ioaiead of the red hand
of war, let them put around their
neighbors tbo arm cf ftllowship, and
dwell with them in harfflO7i 13 nnity,
in sympathy and love."
' - After tne Jesuits.
CmcursATl, November 25. A man
named Anthony Hoop, manifestly
. suffering from partial insanity, entered
St, Xavier Catholic College to-day,
arned with long knives, saying the
Jesuits were getting too much power
in this country, and he wanted to die
for Jesus, and created great eooster
pation by attacking tho priests. Path
r O'Noil was cut on the left arm in
a pamtu', thocgh not dangerous,
manner, and a number of the priests
received slight irjarica before -the
laaa was arretted.
HaRtfaed. Co.nx., NovsaUr 23.
jj 33. il. K. Welc-U. a prominent law
wrt'f this ci;v. dioi this aftemooa.
11 r- Vi't!s'i t-i.J) "
1 t:.
Armf cf the Cumberland Be-oolon
Tribute to the Memory of Hen.
Clkyxland, November 25. The
army ot tba Cumberland, in the
morning session, tne motiog was
cilled to order by General floaeorans.
The report of the Treasurer, referred
yesterday to the auditing Committee,
was accepted. The report of tbe
Committee on the nomination of offi
cers was then read. It rcoommends
that the ofnee of President be left va
cant one year, and tha' General Rose
crans be made First Vice President
for the ensuing year. Wi th this al
ternative, if it be considered necessa
ry to elect a President, he will be the
choice of the Society. A. long dis
cussion then ensued on the point that
there was no authority ia tbe Consti
tution for tbe creation of a ranking
Vice President.
General Palmer thought the Chair
should always bo vacant, and that the
duties of the f resident be di30barged
oy tne nrst V icq freaideut. Ueneral
Iloeecrans withdrew from the Chair
temporarily id favor of General Kim
ball, stating that he could oot with
propriety accept it, considering the
nature of the debate. General Gar
field was in fsror cf filling the vaoan
ey. General 'ia d'a motion, that
he Society pro.ea to the elecdon of
Jt resident, was reoewod and carried
lhe reDort of tho Nominatiae Com
mittee was adoDted. makine General
Xkoseorans. aereeabiy to tne auoulatea
aiternauve. 1'resident of the society.
(Great applause ) The General re
turned thanks for the honor, lie was
glad that tbe bociety had decided to
respect the letter of their oonstitu
tion. lie could sea no honor to a de
ceased President of this Society in
keeping his Chair vacant, if. bv bo
doiog, their written constitution was
violated. Ha earnestly reoommend
ed. however, that General Thomas'
Cbair be perpetually kept vacant and
shrouded in maoroioz as a feature of
future reunions. Carried.
ine ciacers tor tne ensuing year
are: President. Jjlai. Wen. W. S
Roseoran. V ice Presidents Ohio.
uo. J. l Vox: Indiana. Ueo. Jtt
Kimball: Kentucky. T. F. Ward:
Xdnnesiee. Capt. J. F. Dronillard:
Miohia:n. Gen. W. L. Stonehton:
New York. Gen. Joe. Hooker: Iowa.
Gen. W. P. Line; New Jersey, Gn.
Windell: rvaosas. lien.- John W.
Martin: District of Columbia, Gen.
W. D. Whipple: Illinois. Gen. P. II.
Sheridan; Minnesota, . Gen. Van
Uleve: Pennsylvania, Col. V. K. Ram
sey; Wisconsin, ixia. J. a. stark
weather: Missouri. Col. C has. Van
Sanborn; Corresponding Secretary,
Col. H M. Cist- Recording Secretary,
Col. John W. Steele: Treasurer,
Geo. J. S. Fallertoo. St. Louis and
Detroit were named as places for
holding the next meeting. It was do
cided to bold it at Detroit.
Resolved. That tbe banners of this
socioty be draped in mournioir, and
that an appropriate memorial pare
be inscribed npon ita records.
KesoCved. x bat soma ntuoir monu
ment should be erected by bis coun
trymeo to mark the spot where rests
the remains of oar beloved command
er, and that this Society shall take tbe
initiatory Bteps for its erection, and
to that end a committee be now ap
pointed to arrange some method to
procure the necessary funds and to
provide a design, specifications and
estimates therefor and to report at
the next meeting.
Resolved, That the President shall
appoint Borne comrade to prepare a
biography of Gen. Thomas, and col
lect and arrange the proceedings of
the varions States and associations, in
honor of his memory, with a view to
their future pubiiiation by this So
The resolutions wcrj unanimously
adopted, and it was determined that
the committee should consist of one
from each State.
Adjourned until 12 o'clock.
General Cruft, cf the committee
appointed oa Thursday to report a
plan to pay some fitting tribute to the
memory of General Thomas, reported
the followicg: "Oa the 29rh ot
March, 1870, Major General Georao
IJ. Thomas, tbe great soldier, who
has presided over this Society since
its organization, fell at his post with
all his harness on. Ilia spirit has re
turned to God who gave it, and the
memory of his greatness and good
ness is all that is now left to us. His
death was a national calamity and an
irrepairablo loss to his comrades;
therefore, be it
' "Resolved, That it is in vain by
words to attempt to express our loss,
and to describe the grief which per
vades this Society in view of this sad
Gen. Palmer delivered the reirular
annnal oration at 3 o'clock. Ths au
dience was large, and he was freq uent
ly applauded. In the evening a grand
banquet wsb given as tne central
Rink. ......
The publishers ot tbe Cleveland
Trader gave a thanksgiving dinner to
fiftc-sii newabovs. on Thursday after
noon. Mr. Cowles, rresiaen or. tne
liMrfpr Comnanv. was TDresent. Ad
dressfcs were made by L. Prentiss and
W. N. Hudson.
Thanki-giving Diy was very gsner
ally observed here .
Nw York. Nov. 23. The Tri
lune's Washington correspondent tel
eeraDhs that when Congress meets
Cbiet Justice Chase will ask to be re
UpvpA of the dnties which the bank
mntev act of 1867 riauired him to
perform as Chief Justice of the Su-
Sreme Court. The health of the
hlef Justice continues steadily to
imnrove. He will remain at JNarra
crsnsett. Rhode Island, until after
Christmas, when he will leave for a
milder filimata.
Tna recent letter he says: The
doctor rives me reason to believe that
I shall recover fully from my present
illness. I arm certainly much better.
Secretary Robeson is the authority
for the denial of tho published report
that he u a candidate lor united
States Senator, from New Jersey, as
Mr. Cattell's sucoessor. Robesoa
savs that he is not onlv not a oandi
date for United States Senator, but
that hp. never had anv such intention:
and, further, tat he is emphatically
ia favor of Catfel's re election. There
is eqaallv as good authority for saying
that Frelin2buvsen will not be a can
didate at the approaching election
Prnm what ia known here of the con
dition of affaira in New Jersey there
smears to be but little couot tnat
Senator Cattell will be re eleoted.
Peace! Peac !
Bostov. Nov. 25 The World's
Peace Convention cf women ass em
hlpd at Tremont Temrle this eveo'iop:,
with a rood attendance.' Mrs. JjIis
Ward Howe presided, and addressed
iha (Vinvnrition. eivinz her views an
on the subject of the paci&oation of
the world. ' ...
Mrs. Sarah D. Cheeney followed.
She said there was bo reason why tho
endeavor of women to aUy suffering
on tba battle field should not be car
ried further and aid in the prevention
cf tbe cause of that suffering. Moth
ers, who furnished the vietime of
war, had a right to be heard.
At the close of Mrs. Cheeney'a ad
dress, Hon. Henry Wilson, Senator,
entered the temple and was unfed to
take a seat on the platform. Ho de
cline!, and then renmked that if any-
, thing coald bo done by man or woman
to mats a pub'io sea anient that would
t - og o a close tLs present war ia
' : , ho would tf glad. Mr. Vul-
. t'.iad by Eovlcji the aproint
r i '. of acomaaittae to act with similar
, i ;s io the other cities to for
t ;t 1 interests cf tbe New York
, t. Canvsstlci , to be fcsld on
"t JDecernbnrj eerrfi. The
Nmnbar and Severn nt tf Troop?.
Formal Surrender of .alocvtHf.
Heavy Fagem!iit Nr Orleans'.
KlscelUoeou Europrfti Into licence
Lojtdos, November 23 The Times
intimates that Russia will be firm,
witnont closing cer doors to negotia
tions, an attitude r.ogiand will lmi
tate. Xbe Zimcjalao eays there are
200.000 Germans in tbe valley of tho
The Prussian dragoons on Wednes
day entered ot. taentm ter tho pur
pose of stopping the railroad train
Their attempt was defeated by the
French, whose movements are looking
as if to concentrate on the German
armies, and who cootinue to come in
from the north of Franee.
Ijarge bodies oi Prussians are
marchine south to take positions
around Paris and near Urleans.
Since the last dispatches were for
warded, the German, who have been
operating around Rocroy Ramwcv
and Meeieres, have suddenly departed.
going in the same direction
Baveral .Prussian division! passed
Sjissons, going towards Samieos,
early in the week, and others were to
It is reported that Manteufiel is
leaving Amiens on tha right, and will
maroh on Rouen. His headquarters
are still at Campagne. i
lhe Prussian intrenched camn at
Laon is nearly completed.
lhe formal surrender of Thionville
occurred this morning. The town
had been burning sinoe yesterday.
The Duke of Mecklenburz ia urg
ing an immediate advance on the Ar
my of the Loire. , .
Skirmishes have alreadv naonrrnd
between tbe outposts of the armies
at Neaville and Mezieres, in the De
partment of Loret, and the Gardes
Mobiles, from Amiens, have been re
pulsed near Le Qieset, by the Prus
sians, 'lhe flight of the French was
very disorderly.
LONDON. Nov. 25 The faelina- in
financial oiroles at this hour may lair
y do called panicky. Consols and
otner securities at tha close of busi
ness were generally lower, and while
there waa no corresponding advanoe
in breadstuff-t, much uneasiness per
vsded the entire business oommunity.
There is no doubt but that tbe Rus
sian government will ba very firm ia
her demands relative to the wrovi-
eions of the Paris treaty.
London, Nov. 25. Tte later ad
vises, wbtcn nave been received from
C lica, are of a more pacific nature
Tae firm attitude taken by England
and France, in the matter of the Tion
ltin massacre, bad tbe eject to en
courage the trading classes there, to
ward whom tbe natives bad daily
grown more insolent.
London. November 25. Robert
Wrioht & Co . chain and anchor
makers, of Sunderland, have stopped
payment. Muoh distress has resulted
from it.
It rumored that John Bright has
declined the position of President of
tho lioard or Trade.
The Prussians are reported near
Onnaral Ttonrbakl has written a
note to tbe ttovernment omoiais, ue
cloiog the command of the Eighteenth
A dispatch from Versailles, via
Berlin, says that the forts about Paris
have been entirely silent fcr the past
three days. The weather contieues
bad for military operations.
Special to tbe World.
London. November 25 A special
dispatch from Brussels, dated to-day,
says that Wilfred Fainville, late Sci
entifio Chronicler for the La Liberie,
arrived at Pari?, with four others
from that city, two of whom lett im
mediately lor Lille and lours with
dispatches from Paris officials. -
The cellars of Thionville are inun
dated, and yesterday the oommandant
of the plaoe asked permission to re
move the women and children, for
whom there was no placo of refuge in
the town. The .Prussian command
ant retused to grant the request. The
bombardment ot Thionville was Etill
going on last evening.
J. be Cabinet crisis culminated to
This morninz Granville left Lon
don, and went over to Windsor Cas
tle, where the vjaeeo bad arrived pre
viously. The object of his visit was
to inform Ler M.jasty of the impossi
bility of carrying on the Government
with the Cabinet irreconcilably di
vided as to the policy to be pursued
towards Russia. Tbe tendering of
his resignation on this issue will
upset the Ministry. A dissolution of
tbe Cabinet can scarcely be prevent
ed. The Cabinet assembled at halt
past 2 o'clock, with Granville and
Gladstone absent. At 3 o'clock,
Gladstone, the Prime Minister, ar
rived, with a note from Prince Gort
schakoff. The note was read, and
then ensued a he -tod, and even angry,
discussion. No t oision was arrived
at. Tho Cabinet adjourned at 7
o'clock to meet again to morrow.
By balloon complete files of Paris
journals to tbe 24th have been re
ceived. The Xe Ttmp gives details con
cerning the quantity of provisions in
the city. It says: In a few days
more beef will be exhausted ; very
little salt meat; dried fish sufficient
for twelve days; five month j' supply
of chocolate; rico less abundant; on
becoming scares; sogr, coffee and
wine will last for some time; there L
enough material for bread to carry
the supply into January; horse flsBh
will last two mcnths longer.
The Echo du Nord of this evening
believes that a pitched battle is going
on near Ameins.
Tbe JnaL vendenoe Beige has a let
ter dated Neuville.the 14th, reporting
an engagement on Wednesday, at
Mezieres. in which the tiermans were
defeated and suffered heavy loss.
The steamship Ontario lett Cowes,
this morning, for Havre, ooavyed by
two French trieatea. Her ca.xo con
sists of 18.000.000 cartridges, 20,000
breech-loading markets, a large num
ber of carbines and pistols, and fifty
five cannon. These munitions are -n
tended for the equipment of tbo army
of tbo Loire, whose movements, it is
said, have been delayed by their noo-
A nrmn sr. id. said to be thd Lord
Broujtham, has been captured off Deal
by a r renoa lrlgato.
The GermaaBtcamerDra!s3tUndis
still at Great GruKsby tub r.
IT 1 i-" ',
Af VT Al -',- i LV.
A. -. -
Losdos, I. '..r:, i'
nondant at 1 '3.' 1 3
Thursday thl
t o
tton opc:J 1'
tha lie - ' z
eoon. 1 i t
! an honorable and energetic influence
on the foreign policy of the oountry,
and for tbe advisability of making ex
traordinary exertions to uphold the
power of monarohy and secure a last
ing peace.
Tbe King will receive delegations
on Saturday.
No opposition is expected to an in
crease ot the Badget, made necessary
by the demands ot a prospective war.
A select commission will probably
be appointed to inquire into the state
or the natioaaidetenae.
woriscuaKoa a repiy reacnea A.on -
don early in the morning. Granville
conferred with the Qaeen, and it was
supposed that the ooject of his visit
was to present the dispaton. Such a
step, taken so swiftly, was deemed
ery grave, but, ia fact, tho chief of
tha Cabinet had sot, at that time, re
ceived the dispatch, as Baron Brun
now did cot deliver it until in the af
ternoon, shortly before the Cabinet
oonierence. Immediately a meeting
was held between Granville and
Gladstone, and the dispatch was laid
before the Council. All the mem.
bersofthe Cabinet were present ex
cept Bright and Fortcscui?. Extreme
caution is shown, not to give aoy kind
of information, but there ia some au
thority for say ins: that the Cabinet
has arrived at no decision.
The reception ot the dispatch has
produced much anxiety in ilte h-jbest
quarters. The only thing certain to
night is, that the government wishes
delay, and desires that neither tho ex
isting war feeling be increased, nor a
belief oreated that tha difficulty ia
conoluded. The Cabinet session was
The reported resignation of Bright
is doubtfnl; bat, if true, is due to
Russia. His health haa decidedly
improved lately, and ba has resumed
his business partially.
lhe Intmne correspondent at St.
Petersburg, on Friday, writes that ao
address of thanks to the Emperor,
has been received from tbe Smolensk
Diet, and the nobility and Bessarabi
ao Dier, and all classes of the popu
lation. -
rT C3a T a a v
Aae ot. iretersourg uazttie says
juussia cannot wit&draw ber declara
tion, nor leave it without practical
consequences. ouch propositions
from the JSoglish press only compels
her to pursue more actively than be.
fore, a realization of tbe problem set
oeiore ner. iNo out in Knasia wishes
for, but all classes would rather con
sent to war. than a humiliating re
traction io'the presence ofatbreats, un
supported oy anything else than ref
erences to tbe eaotitv of a treitv di.
rected against the oountry.
a ne same correspondent writes on
the 22d: Russia is not readv for war.
and cannot be before Spring. No step
has been taken to place a fleet on the
Black Sea, or to fortify the coasts.
It will take six months to arm com
pletely, and to raise the monev need
ed for the war, and to put tha Nico
laieff iron-clad shin rarda in workine
order. - -
III Braid gpaolal.
London. November 25. Tbe rtn
says the adjournment of the Cabinet
was in consideration of Russia a re
ply to tbe note from tha British Gov
ernment, and which reply is evidence
that Russia is not prepared to abide
unequivocally her original circular, or
to take instant action. Prinee Gort-
schakoff does not wish war, but is
averse to the withdrawal of his cir
cular. Londos. November 25. The City
Council or Dublin, petitions for the
pardon of Fenian convicta. . .
Mor.c atoxar apkkd fob the xAarxaat
Berlin, November 25. The Fed
eral Parliament is aaked to vote a
supply of one hundred million thalers
for the prosecution of the war to the
The Berlin Anzcxger to-day says
it believes the end of the war is near
at hand.
It is confidently believed here that
the Eastern controversy will end
without a rupture. The peaoeful re
lations of Russia aad Prussia, are
equally averse to a Congress, which
no power bus yet proposed.
Berlin, November 25. The Time's
correspondent telegraphs that 100 of
the regular troop who form a part of
the garrison of Paris, are daily offer
ing to surrender, and allege that they
are starving; except the eick, they are
all turned back.
Tour. November 25. Heavy can
nonading was heard at Orleans, all
day yesterday, in the direction or Ar
theny. where an important .engage
ment has doubtless occurred. It is
reported that the engagement was fa
vorable to the Frenoh. Nothing offi
cial has been received.
Veb8aill.es, November 25. The
Dai y A'eics says it is confidential
asserted that if Uio Russell is seek
ing the help of Prussia, he will suc
ceed though Prussia might remain
' Lille. November 25. There has
been fighting all day at Villiers
Bretoneaux. Details of the battle
have not yet come to hand. Neither
the troops engaged, nor the result is
known here.
Vienna, November 25. The jour
nals of this city, official and otherwise,
are unanimous in tt ir expressions of
joy at tbe peaeeiul tenor or the Red
Book, wnion nas fust made its ap
pearance. All applaud the firmness
of the -Austrian government on the
Euxine policy. .
Vienna, November 25. In the
Hungarian Diet, Baron Von Beust,
in reply to an inquiry in regard to the
Euxine qaestion, said he deemed it
inexpedient to make any disclosures
at present.
Vienna, November 25. Two let
ters from Connt Buest to Count
Chatek were laid before the Delega
tion yesterday. It the seoond Count
Buest says: I have made no secret
of my conviotion that the late treaty
placed Russia in an unworthy posi
tion. Hence I was all the more
pained that she should take suoh
means to rid herself of the burden.
Pxsth, Nov. 25. In the Austrian
delegation Count Von Beust asserted
that nothing had been omitted wbioh
was required by the dignity ot a mon
archy on the Black Sea question. He
said that no Russian reply had been
received yet, and cautioned the mem
bers against speaking too muoh of
war or peace as equally inopportune
ia the present state ol affairs.
Lisbon, November 25. Pilotes has
been tendered the War Portfolio of
Brazil, but refused it.
Tbe rebels in the Argentine Re
public are gaining ground. A siege
of Alontivedeo by the revolutionists is
FLoarscE, November 23. A son
las baea bora to the Duchess of
Aostt. - - "
ric -r st., iovoraber 22. The
" -3 . loi tu eny;iical aad
.1 c..--- t tiJ filiation cf the
-1. : - " ' i i st it is 1m-
have anything to do with robbers not
aocept anything from their hands.
Tbe bull pronounces a major ex
communication against those who
order, commit, assist or connive at
St. PgTaasBcaa, Not. 25. Tbe
presi cf this oiry have been officially
warned against supporting France or
i unfavorably cririoNine- Germany.
; Death ofs fiembf of loagrrss Ilect.
4 lmm grailcn tommllce.
Chicago, November 25. Thanks
giving was very generally observed,
yesterday. All the papers suspended
publication except the Rej'ullican.
ibe weather was a.l that could be de
'A special ' Jroni Peom saya that
Hon. B. N. Stevens,' Just elected to
Congress from the Fifth District, is
dying. -
The committee appointed by tbe
National Immigration Convention, at
Indianapolis, to memorialize Congress,
met at tne onerman tlouse, to this
city, to -a ay. ine committee com
prises the following gentlemen : Gov
McCook. of California. Actin Chair.
man, Henry Green baum, of Illinois,
Secretary, w. if. ftluokle. of Penn
sylvania, Chaa. Ramelio, of Ohio,
C. U. Loudon, of Mississippi. Col.H
Watson, of Minnesota, W. E. Smith,
of Wisconsin.
The resolutions presented to tha
Convention were taken no. The fol
lowing was then drafted, regarding
tbe nrst two resolutions:
i our memorialists would present
to your bonorable bodies that tbe
convention whioh we represent em
bodied deleratea from twenty-two
States and one Territory of the
Union, and that it was comprised, in
a great measure, ot men who bad Riv
en tneir time and attention, botn in
this oountry and Europe, to the sub
ject of transporting emigrants from
Europe; and, in pLcisg before you
tne views oi tne convention, we wouia
state tbat emigrants are frequently
placed in badly ventilated ships, sup
plied with insufficient food, deprived
of means to secure personal cleanli
ness, ana unprovided with proper
medical attendance. i.ven in vessels
where proper sanitary regulations are
enforced, the laws of the . United
States are violated by overcrowding
the steerage.
Your memorialuta believe that as
great, or greater, evils exist in the in
land transit of emigrants than in their
transportation to this country. Your
memorialists call especial attention to
tbe fact that by far the greater number
of emigrants landing at our sea-ports,
pass over immediately to the western
and southwestern States and Territo
ries, and during such transit they are
subject to many abuses, suoh as being
crowded into cars insufficiently venti
lated, and not afforded euffioient fa
cilities for obtaining cheap and
wholesome food and water; being un
necessarily detained by being sent a
circuitous route in order to accom
modate certain oiUvA ma.al,
being enticed by runners into boai d
ing houses against their wishes and
interests; not being able to have their
baggage checked through, and there
by frequently losing it; being insulted
by deck hands and thieves on the
river and lake steamers. The annual
report of the Commusinners of -Emigration
of the State of New York, for
the jear ending December 3lst, 1SG3,
corroborates fully the conviction
forced npon the minds of the memo
rialists, that it has tecomo ao imper
ative duty with tha government of
the United States to carry out the
objoota above recited, and they re
spectfully urge tbe proposed conten
tion between the Government of the
United States and foreign govern
ments, for the better protection of
steerage passengers on the high sea,
at the earliest practicable time. They
also call especial attention to tha an
noyances and injuries frequently sus
tained on the part cf immigrants by
the action of Custom House inspect
ors, referred to in said report ot the
Commissioners of Immigration, of the
State of New' York. The convention
then adjourned ontil evening, when
they will probably , complete their re
port. , t -
Indian Land Survey Ordered Troops
la Georgia Treasury Matters.
. Washington, November 25. The
President has ordered a survey of the
Creek and Seminole cessions in the
Indian Territory, west ninety-six de-
Eees, for the purpose of having the
nd divided into small tracts, on
whioh families can locate separate.
and thus enable them to establish
homes, so tbat the peaceful policy of
the Government towards the Indians
can be carried into effect.
General Hallock has been ordered
to make each disposition of the troops
now in Georgia as may be necessary
for the preservation of peace at the
approaching election. The Governor
of Georgia, who is now here, has no
knowledge of any additional troops
having been sent to Georgia, and is
of the opinion tbat tbe State author
ities will not need tbem.
The agent of tbe Treasury Depart
ment who recently took $3,000,000, in
greenbacks, to San Francisoo, to be
oxchaoged for a-similar amount in
old ones, will return with tbe latter,
whioh will be canceled before leaving
that city.
. Railroad Blockade Raised.
New York, November 25. Tbe
efforts of Commodore Vanderbilt to
blockade the approaches to the Niag
ara Suspension Bridge against com
peting lines, have failed. The Su
preme Court at Syrabuse, to-day, ren
dered a decision that tbe allowance of
950.000 was a sufficient remuneration
to the Central for the use of the
crossings, and condemned the pro
ceedings of the Central authorities in
obstructirg the approaches to the
bridge. Tne Erie and Suspension
Bridee Junction will be immediately
completed, and, it is stated, form a
Drincioal outlet tor tramt wi b tbe
Great Western Rai road of Canada.
Killed by Seglect 1 Kidnapper.
Cincinnati. November 25. The
Coroner's jury, in the case of. Mrs.
Uesmg, wbo was tcrown down a wen
by the caving in of a wall, returned a
verdict to-day, in which her death is
ascribed to the neglect of Edward
G. L. Lacey, of Chicago, has been
arrested here on a warrant sworn out
by a man named Willard, charging
him with kidnapping Fred. F. Lacey,
with the intention of forcibly remov
ing him from the State of Illinois. He
was taken out of the municipal offi
cers' hands to-day on a writ of habtat
lhe Telegraph.
Havanaa. Nov. 25. Though no
official notification has been given of
tbe event by the officers of the Pan
ama & West India Telegraph Com
pany, there ia good authority for an
nouncing that the telegraph cable
between Jamaioa and Aspinwall has
been laid, and that telegraphio com
munication with Panama is complete.
It ia noderstood tbat messages of
to-day's date have been forwarded
from Panama to London.
Washington, November 25 The
report of the Commissioner of Arri-
culture, makbf a-bound rolutEe cf
700 pagss. -r it.
tions, has jast
Govercr "nt.
fress, ia J :' .
Eitsercnj Ulastra
. a issuB-i from tha
' ;cg Oo. Con.
; . ordered 22'XCt)D
t . , - ; , -
Joarnala ob the Hew Zing
Havana November 25 The Jour
nals merely referred to the eleoiion
of the Duke of Aosta the day after
the reception cf the newt.
The custom revrnue, under the ad
ministration of Scnor San tea, shows
an increase over last year of six
millions of dollars. - "
libel 8 ait.
Portland. Me.. November 25
George Gifford, editor of the Vr
bas brought nu t against John M.
Adams, editor of the Argus, for de
famation of charaoter, l.yiog. the
damages at 110.000, and bus put a
keeper into the Argvs office.
Paxaxa, November 22. In conse
quence of teiyy tains in the country
cearxsurna vista, tbe raurjad has
been submerged to ai. extent of eight
ra.liS. The food is now subsiding.
A severe cortber prevailed lor bve
days. The Arizociao, on the 8:b, cut
ber hawsers and put to sea.
News from Lima, of the 14th bas,
been received. A conspiracy for in
surrection bas been discovered and
the leaders punished.
An intercepted letter from ex
President Prado, now at Valparaiso,
to Senator II .aides, implicated both.
The editor of the El Aaiionel was ac
cused of participation in the move
ment, and impi-oaod.
In Bolivia, on the 22J, a revolu
tionary movement, headed by Gen.
Rendon, was attempted. He pro
claimed himself President.
Martial law bas been declared in
tbe State of Potosi. A fight is immi
nent between the Government forces
and tho revolutionists.
OMAHA. .November 25. Yellow
Sun and four other Pawnees, in jail
here for murder, and for a year and a
halt awaiting trial, are to be tried at
next term of court,
Lena Schmidt bas confessed ta the
throwing of her babe . under the
bridge in tbe town where it was found
by some boys. The cause assigned by
her was a wish to avoid di-grace.
Xt is reported tbat tbe Mormon mil
itia in Utah are drilling in spite of
the uovernor s proclamation, and
notwithstanding the fact tbat some of
the more prominent ones have been
arrested. -Th
Union Pacific Railroad Com
pany are putting on their big snow
plows tor V inter servioe.
Waehingtos. D. C. Nov. 25.
Ilereafter new notes will not be for
warded from the Treasurer's Office,
in return of certificates of deposits is
sued to Assistant Treasurers and des
ignated depositors in the United
States, as provided for in circulars
No. 8. 1869, and No. 1, 1870, and new
notes will not be forwarded in return
for banker's drafts, as provided in
circular No. 1, 1870. New fractional
currency will be forwarded by ex
press from the Treasurer s Office un
der - government contract, with tbe
Adams Express Co., to any point
wLbia .! territory oovered bv that
contract, at the expense of the De
partment, on certain forms.
Washington. November 23. A '
private letter received here, yester
day, from Arkansas, reoorts tha Leg
islature of that State Republican on
joint ballot by a majority of thirty-
five, and that Senator McDonald will
surely be re-elected.
Senator Sawyer, of South Carolina.
stopped here on bis way north, to
spend "Abanxsgiviog. lie saya tbat
Bowen. who waa oounted out in tbat
State, has collected a mass of evidence
to prove corruption on the Dart of the
friends of Delarge. and the contest
naanot fail to be successful. Senator
Sawyer estimates Boweo's rightful
majority, at about 1.000. Delar?e'a
majority was returned at lJ.
Cl- T -aT m n
lltTABA. IVoVAmhpr VlX I.nr tars v
uauy reoeivea ner from the farm
ers ana rancneros oi central Ameri
toa, making anxious inquiry about
tbe time- when the ocaainn nf th
Island to the United States will be
consummated. Should the treaty be
ratified it is expected that Venezuela
will r.cnd twenty thousand emigrants,
principally agriculturalists.
Xbe ilaytiens continue to .ive ma
terial aid to Cabral. and bona to ao
comblish through him the overthrow
of JJaez before the ODeninz of Con.
gress at Washington.
Elhiba. November 25. The auc
tion store of L. Bush, was burned on
Thursday evening. The stores ad
joining were more or less injured; loss
uoiwetu rou.uuu ana w,uw,
Wilmisqton, N. C., No?. 25. The
ship Persia is still on Frying Pan
Shoals. Her cargo consists of 3.800
bales of cotton. At last accounts a
hear gale prevailed off the coast.
Sfevr Advertlaementm.
J. G. .UOUlStiUWuliTJJ,
Attorney at Law,
Will practice In a'l tba Courts lu tbeolty
and adjacent count lee; also In tbe U. H.
Court. Offloo oa Tblrd btreet, near tbe
ConitHonae. oqv?--3t
Wbera yon can be supplied with an arti
cle of well cleaned COAL at lowest prloe.
Notica of Dissolutioa.
tbat tbe partnerablp bltherto exlat
ia between Henry II. Ublborn and Jeo.
Brlnaiaan a dlasolved by tuutual eonaent,
tbe aald Bilnkmaa wltndrawiDg. II. H.
Ublborn wtll aeit e ail demands dne from
Ibe aald Arm, and collect all claims daa
said firm. HKMRY H. UHL.UUKN.
Kfttsrt's Great Assistant.
"Disobedience to tbe laws of bealtn
must be Inevitably followed by tbe
penalty nature baa imposed. Ignorance
respecting tbese lawa la co-extensive
witn tbe human race, hence tbe uni
versal prevalence ot disease, sickness
and premature deatb, Hclence and skill
combined have brought to oar snow -edge
tbe precise character of different
dieases, and enabled us to treat liem,
with more or less success, accord ing so eir
cuinstanca. Bat In tbe whole category of
medicines or remedies, niquea looably
tbe greatest easl-iant of nalnre Is MIbH
UKli'iS BITTUiwl. because It never
falls when taken In doe time. A treat
ment which a child can understand and
practice is simple enough, and It Ibe Hit
Mrs Is given when the eariy symotoma of
disease appear, a radical care can be re
11. d npon. Tula Is oar experience for tbe
past eight years ia tb treatment of air.
eases arising from a dlsoruered Btomacn.
Liver, Kidneys, Bowels, Langs and Heart,
with this popular tem.lf."Me crQer of
Hentfh H
Cosffa-a or Kibst akd hocvit Btvcbti,
(Entrance from Locust St.,)
Sample Room for Commercial Ag'ts.
Kooms airy, comfortable, and
Furnished In Splendid Style.
ar Hack to and from the Depot free of
ebargs. novl-3ni
EfiUblisliEeat fez ih fall cf
FLOWERS, PLAI2T3, ' '' ,
opispa iioiifsi:.
Ci RAfiD
To be given by the I'upi: cf
I'ltOF. . W. WtRRM
Mr. Charlie E. Warren,
0a Taesday ErcnlEg. Novembsr 29.
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iCnnday and Tuesday, Nov. la. ana CSlo,
at tba Post Cgey-wi Stand. " cotCS
For One Week Only!
iL&tilBlllUS TiiA.Vi.UIMi.
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TKILtUIST. Ti Man wl h tin "JaJilng Hand!
Wlilcn liaa created ibe tuoot wonderful
sensation botn in London and Near York,
and proooanoed by tbe Pre and pubiio
to be tbe k re meet leal in VenlrilcqalMia
ever introduced.
To ! lol owed by W. G. WARE'S
Or 85 Artistes of an extraordinary o:itr.
acier, lucluaiog tba
Xaiiolngr Mcelotou.
100 Presents given away nlgully !
A bicibsion. Dresa Circle and Parqaette
CO eta. Uall.rr iii en. fceaia oa:i ba axeured
at the box OOice during tbe day wubout
extra coarse. Dooraopun at tn 7; coin
inenoaal i toK. FAMILY M ATI N fee iv on
Saturday at ii p u. Admixbion to Mall nee
SO eta. K very child rwive a prevnt.
novl8-it i. Ii. HUD10N, Oeo'l Agt,
The Three Bemedlee, " BCHXKai'a vj
iioino Bran?," for tha core of Cough,
Colds, Eronohltls, and every form of Con
sumption. The peculiar action of this med
icine ripens the ulcers in tha lauga, pro
motes the dlsohaj-ge of the eorrnpt matter
by expectoration. Purines the Mood, and
thus cares Consumption, when every other
remedy falls.
"Bcbenck'a Be a-Weed Tonlo" for the
cure of Dyspepala or Indigestion, and all
diseases arlsung from debility. This tonlci
Invigorate the digestive orgftns, supplies
the plaoe of the gas trio )uloe when that la
deficient, and then enables the patient to
digest the moat nutrioious food. It la
sovereign remedy tor all oasea of lndlgea.
M Schenek's Mandrake rilk," one ot tha
moat valuable medicines ever discovered
being a vegetable substitute for calomel,
and having all tbe useful properties as
cribed to that mineral, without producing
any of Its injurious effects.
To these three medicines Dr. J. n
Scbenok, of Philadelphia, owes his un.
rivaled success In tha Treatment of Pul
monic Consumption. TLe Pulmonic Syrup
ripens the morbid matter, discharges It
and purifies the blood. The Mandrake
Pills act npon tha liver, remove ail ob
struction thereCroiu. give the organ a
healthy tone, and cure Liver Complaint,
wiiicn is one of the most prominent cauaea
of Consumption.
The Sea-Weed Tonlo Invigorates the
powers of the stomach, and by strengthen
ing the digestion and. bringing It to a uor-
nuU and healthy condition, Improves the
quality of the blood, by which meacs the
formation of nioers or tubeclue la th
lungs tooraes linpoJlbl. The combined
action of fume medicines, as thus ex
plained, w I cere evry case of Consump
tion If the t medies are used lu lime and
the use of tb e is persevered In sufilclenU
ly to bring the ease to a favorable terrain,
Dr. Hcheiick's Almanac, containing a full
treatise on the various forms of disease
his mode of treatment, and general direc
tions how to use his medicine, can tin bad
gratis or sent by mail by adcaewilng tx:
rrlnciDal umce. No. U Worth eixui bueeu
fnoe of (tie f ulffionle Pyroo and Sea.
r .a'C each I 60 per bottle, or 91 V. a
half doaeu. M.oUr.. puis, too. per bos
For sale by ail a i uu.it, j, mh tiMl!'
The Ileallntr
T?"ts ron Toi!.u
have fallen Into vlcioua babiti. and
. .k P' ltti cortaln means of reil.
for the amioUKl. Bent In sealed letter en!
velopes, tree of charge. Addie. HOW.
AKJj AkiOClATlOrBox P.. Vlurlt
Fit! A, r A. aia
WKW, who
or.CoiI,0'i0?"' Bif k-worrtis or Grub.
Pimply fc.ru rrtlous aad D'.olohed dlstgnra.
lions on tbe own. 1 ij tAnr
gSu. Se -aedy, Bold by ail Drag-
leas i Kemedy for removing brown olsool-
iT, , r, ' " rreparcu cr ur,
B- O. 48 bona rttreet, if. Y. Bold by
VFor BLACK WUKMH and flMfl.M
uu iu, iwo, uw rr i OomcdoiM and Urn.
yt9 jLvmeuy, preparea ODIy by Ur. B. O
PSBKT, 4 Bond Btreet, New York. Bold
everywhere. The trade scDnlled bvwhm.
sale medicine dealers. Ianl7dam Hpm
Tblssplendld iialr Dva la tba hwt in ty,.
dees not contain lead nor an tuu iwu.'
woriu. Harmless. reiiu.rjie. iiutAnt.nwtii,
son to produce paralysis or death. Avoid
tne vaunted and delusive preparations
wasting virtues toey ao not poAMwa. lhe
enaine W . A. Batcbelor's Hair lye has
tad W yearn' notarnished reputation to
cpbold its Integrity as trie onlv Perfect
Hair Dye Black or brown. H Id h, &n
Drussuts. AppUed at it Bond Btreet. New
EsaaFS for iouli Men. on Hn
ouurage. aou aoioiuoq. me cause and
oure with sanitary aid for Ibe febi4 and
ambition the cause and
uonpouuinif. oeni rree, in sealed e-nvel-
x P, Ptillaaei tibia Fa. uiUi iim Ho N
Renews tbe nutritive matter which nour
ishes the hir.
jtByjsrrs tub ueowtii of 7 he
Renews tbe brash, wiry balr to illkan
One bottle shows Its effecu.
R. f. HALL k CO., Nanbua. N. II.. Pre.
prletors. Por sale by all druggists.
dot 2 ( deod&wew
Evils, and tne propriety or impropriety of
getting married, with sanitary belp for
mot who feel unfitted lor matrimonial
happiness. Heat free, in sealed envelopes.
Aaurem howahb AaaociATio.-, Box P,
pbiifulelphla. Pa. nlw1..lm
wm. r. PAEEirr. lck wood.
AttorneH at La-w,
Ornce Corner Third at:d LocuhtSU.,
Will practice in all the Federal and Hiate
Courts, i'aitlcalar atlention given u col-
lertlons. . novl-3tn
OfBoe on Third Btreet. in Waxhmetoa
Hoo.h Block.
V 111 practice i . e various Courts I
the ClrcoiU Prompt attention given to
boa! ner.
Evauaviila J
X Formerly of Miss
Attorneys at J-.U.W,
Kortb side Third Bt bet. Main & Locust,
KtHiixvlUe. Initlaoo.
r All bntineui promptly attended to,
WiU have legal eonnecLlous for Coliacllotis
tuMli"., Ky.,'i'sau., 1du 1U-, Ala. o l-iru
Jolnsoa's Eeal Estate and Patenl
Ageacy. ,
- 1 sirSHanul)W! I U (i i'OCuT 8
I ,J i L'.'bm il t -, -''"I i r.
FAHiuoiriini.i; viAri 211.
Has a much larger stock of
Thar ever before brought to KvansvlUr.
lie baa iocrcased Lis force In tba
And ia now prepared to get ap fully as
Oootl Work fo FleBHitre
From 12 to 20 Years cf Age
Will Cad
l?or a Ifl ce flult
For your little sons from 3 to 8 yara
ol age, go to
He ia eelling Chilpben's CLOinisa
His f-toclt of
overcoa rr u
I very LARGE and extraordinarily
For mi lElefTiiit Outfit,
FtxwliioxifxlIo Emporiumt ill IInln f't.
l l o i i town ,
lltxtionixl XuinoM.
orrica is
E vnnHvill o, I 1 1 1 .1 s t 1 1 iv
E. W. VkTZirU
Ja:y ? ;
T-T i ft?'.
i .
It TM T- "' ft T . f i
i-UK LAI ?
I TO Ii! r o
1 1
Ii liaJe to LU .
v c
LYON'fj d O
-AI.E Al l.
aro i,.
t'Eir.Ai-iin 1
vsry Urr stock
CHt Blyl '9 of
of t'.u- new-
t ffflTP
ot-. ' J
Good! i
la the piece for Xireus an 1 V
31iY O 3ST
LiOms Per C n t n y o
CM THE tzzi
Tbaa you caa boy tlia
Ccinuien rvI-',C: ifot!.i.
o to
Pi 1 tu 1 rut mi "
laTMri rnib( iim i-n
1 p-fHTM, A rrViUM f " '-i i Ii,
!t 'nrfT''t"tlt V r l4 1
Of tAj nrr, J- i -J( J
j liUfl Of A J. ui'tr-Mt tti.f ; t
eituHI hr rntaX eun.c
j curuf( It t'Mj f ft hn .i
j liomtntj i'it r. Uim tn t i
at Datwr I rft l n i t n
J til y irtojia I r I f- it f'-1
CllaVliOl la mi 1 1 W i 'lit'! 1 1 t--;
: iiua, . r ' f i j
I not bm cu? ei vnini m n-m.
IJtllua 'f 'I IVtHl'UHlH an I
lmE..!td WMt i-! iq iM-iu ancni t
i I taui'f-i WU, ,1 i!"ri ftt t .
Cm 3 U (ill I It II ' T i -
j n tar V SW. J -t -'l1 l' it L i
; ,s t W "a tM . 'i Ii to ' I " H 1 i V
ill iriA4 I r It
I' J I a.
a 1
I ,arr, aai ct?-t ttpt
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