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l k.. T' 1 ', .1 f! :4 j tlf ,
itst Cr.-.dia ot ih
a a ? tJ.I ,
d fatur.ay, D?c. 23 & 24.
sa CsMpan) of ArlUU
i.oo:rtUe Opurtt ilii. ana
-. ...
i V
! Th
; i
.' Theatre. Cincinnati
IVevr AtlrertisemenU.
and Inland
r ire
Insurance Co.,
Cash Capita?, - - $1,000,000.
Nearly One Million Surplus.
This well known Fir arid Inland In
rarance Company, otters Its Policies to the
CltUens ot Flvansvllie and viclnltv, at
rates comaienaiirale with the hazard In
Insured at Low Bates.
Snippers will find this leading Inland
Company desirable one for R1VKH IN
SURANCE. As to 1U prompt and honora
bie settlement of Losses, the Agent refers
IM, Wbklik k Hinuj, Makk, Wakrik
a Co., Kennedy Jc Una., and all others
who tiave bad losses uuaer (Security Pol
cles. Open Inland Policies furnished oa ap
plication. C. K. DREW, Agent,
No. 2 Main street,
dcc20 Flvaasville, lud.
Tried by Fire and faund True.
fk5M(k wri
Cash Capital. - - - $500,000
832. 15G I
" I
Cash feurplus
Th .TiiBriPiipn nf the oast year has
.lamnnat'Uni that Insurance Companies
having CiH Capital and CA9H Surplus,
are wirthy 01 public confidence.
- vja-r vnrv i, ii ii nmni ot settlement ot
.... , a .l vnattable rates.
baaeomroeodeJ iuelt te the suppert ot
btsMne men. everywhere.
Kail lines upon desirable r1Xs accepted.
ir ikUa' UT A Iran I.
dctO "o. 2 Main teUet.
I NO. 1811. 1
United States Marshal's Notica.
Lutrlclof ladlaaa, f
wm trwtv .t II hoi nf information
V was filed in ihe District Court of tbe
Unlied Slates for the District ot Indiana,
on the laib day of uecenio r, io,w, u
Ualvin, aitainBt the rtraboat lewellin.
her engines, ooitera, auaitr. !"'"'-:
niinre and boat-, aelr.! at said District
m a eatine of action, civil and maritime.
Mni c'.alinlng damage In the anin oia-KX),
ma pray ins; procem agaicni iu ""'""
nd tbat the same may be ondemotd and
tli therefor.
K.-r t noremre. In oarsuanc of the mo-
...i..th.,nr aalil Conrt to m)
mrwed aod delivered. I do hereby give
rr"i . - tnu.nf nr m in? man-
x - - , h and
liar iDienru .uciiu, - j -
appear oeiore ten uwiriu.
?. v.. . . u,. s k hi,l at the Cltv of In-
dun.nnll9.ln an-1 for tbe District oi mat-
I I UIIW . r . -, H - " . . .
on tne
at 10 o'cloca of tbe forenoon of that
.... ',,,. .mi thorn to InterBase then
a n
.1... an make their allegations In
.that behalf sporSEBi Marsha, p. a
By SAMUEL DAY. Deputy.
... ... . f 1 . unwi.ivn. Ci'a.
has. E. Maksb, Proctor for Llbellant.
So. 1812-
United States EJarenal's Nctic?.
United states cf Amebica.1 -g
rtktrir rt Indiana. I
.rrrHEKKAN, a libel of information
nWV ,1 i ih. niairict Court of the
iTnfted Ktates for tbe District, of Indiana,
on the 6th day of December, 1870, by v. ri
r" L-ni.ht and other, szalnst the
steaooiboat Commercial, her boilers, en-
muchlnerv. tackle, aprarel. rornl-
r hn.ii ai7.d at Slid Dlstrlcl
. rl .f.t.m.1
civil and mairtlme and
anAnrsvlnic process aijainot said boat Ac.
and tnat t he same may be condemned ana
ir ihrfr.re. in ccreuanceof the mo-
..ion nnderthe seal ol said Court to me
directed and delivered, I da hereby give
riiri in all nersons claiming said
fJUW. ' ' ' .' , . ... n
Irnoda. or any part loereoi,
iTtuil therein, tbat they be and
Conrt of the
PP?ur. J7r:."'." S the cliv of In
lanapolls. in aniT for the District 6f Indl
,M S iba first Mond.y of JPebrnary
eit.atlOoclos:of the forenoon of that
dSy. then and there to intsrpose theit
claims and mate their alterations In that
uehalf- spoONKR, Marshal U. 8.
By SAMUEL DAY, Deputy.
Attest: J. D- HowtASB, Cletk.
Chasv K. Mabsh, Proctor lor LlbeUant,
Notice to Tax-Payarg.
trt A (ii-CI 15t ol
I;llM-b! HI OHltllK
I stop uce:ntMr l.
1'7-f. My d':-' l1 -1
.. .iy Ual ,'J! "g. corner
l1. in . n lou will be
... , n oii M
liy ana Wrni;ay ana rri-
..... ..v .. i X :
City Collector.
Tiie Jlalariu tT lnt.
r J nsif.!i.t ' ho U
: ma;-
t us CiUMM. r tver ana
. iu I-Mi'J - . .
ai'-l ii. any
B.T fc eaii f j. r-..a t-.r t t
iL.t of t-ouQ j t; r ruince d
W iv
: I J i i I a
. x i for u
-OTTt Els hereby given to the tax-pay- De0':(J with Caba.
It Imiifiri- ij tv of Kvpvtll, that 1 " .t il i -"
t-ed i k - ; tu-vitn!aon Seocr Mcrel ban suumtt'e 1 lis an-
i'II.-ci. of 4.d f-ty. tn t d.io'icate tor ca,j budget. wh;cb exhibits a dcSoit
V;&V TiZZlS of 32:5O..HJ.O0O reals, he ancuaoced
rVsnm ho i-Y metr us in lull 4 that the Government was abic to meet
,n.r itoro i.tem:r . , i-.7 wm be eu- tll9 interest on tbe ex'craal debt, and
,'8.2afr i'-;mhErr;tu iJ. and proposed to obtain a loan of l-O.COO.OOO
.Vor I, ,.u.re"ji.-jary m. i?i, wiu beei,- rea(3 Within the countiy, at 12 per
hpX--r. cent interest, redeemable every 13
,? tif. re tvurury 1-', 1T1, will s entitled jj,..rjtbs.
..iu ... i -.(
. , of i!. flciuri we notice m the
. , . ,.J . M ,r. ttHV IK! 5,-Mfl IDCHOHM
'i';. Treeca-o.irfcd liifjo "cold term.1
. . . .u c,tu lis hlddiu m I ha
..,,,1' r 'tiol, it Ui ett.r, thai lww
" ,,.ff.o' : -; r t i .i tit lippormui'y,
v" , ,.v,j tnuu.d br.:ia,te f.ir a nio-
" fl v ,.j . !::, l.i: utf ai.-i OVur-
'" " .' .", .wufiniiHl t'ils p-jrpo-,
.t a-i-l 'i-a Jttttci- ,
: , t'lirt-i. :t is a posit! v
v lual.r:1) -) or lt!Kw-nd j
' I It .r-V.'a f.ful.-"' 1 ll j
riOf'uld ladueuj wttich I
i. ii'o iv io ail ciiol r to '
is taey '-tti'i fiva hoed to ,
t-tl f
ITOTlsions Still lient in Parte.
iclite HoTeinsct? of tj Prussian
!a the of Iacce,
v .xi.'u-- irs.
r,ON-rC)N, "Deccubr 17. I'ha J
undersus that 1 srliitaeat tc- '
t o Tth of February, when siiny j
The Qamn Las ' jj to Ojborne.
.; a
LoruO.v, December 19. Dispatches
f'jtn Versailles announee that Count
von uiBmarcK nasiisuaa an order di
rectinz the destruction of the national
forests ot k ranoe. la the districts sur-
routsdiOK Versailles and Paris. This
order is regarded as timely, as it en
ables the peasants to procure faal,
and assists in military operations.
DiaDatcbes irom jJerho state that
the Prussian eovemment has issued
ordera for the arrest of rioters who
were engaged in the recent disturb
ances in that city. They are charged
with a treasonable plot.
I be lierlin fostm an editorial re
ports that the neutral powers will
probably suggest to the peace confer
ence which is about to assemble, a
proposition to terminate the war on
the terms proposed by Germany,
viz.: i. ne unconditional surrender ol
Paris and submission of the French
rnnoe Henry of Luxemburg has
sent Prussia an official disavowal that
the Lnxemnur? neutrality hai been
violated with his permission.
Losdom. Deo. 19 News has been
received from Paris that provisions
are plentitul, and will yet last three
months, and that great conhienoe is
felt in future success.
A large open air meeting was held
yesterday (Sunday-) in Trafalgar
Square, at whioh speeches were made
and resolutions adopted sympathizing
with France.
The Germans have invested Lan-
gres,with the intention of pntticg a
stop to the mischief dons in the
neighborhood by franc ttreurs.
Deserters lrota .Paris are numerous.
The Baden Chamber has created
a further credit for the prosecution of
the war. .
There are aotivs movement, of the
Prussians in the North of France to
attempt to arrest the designs cf. and
capture, the .trench ueneral raid
herbe. The King of Bavaria announces tbe
concurrence of all German princes
and house towns in bestowing upon
King William of Prussia, the Imper
ial Crown as Frederick William 1st.
London. December 18. The Ob
server says that Earl Granville's dis
patch to Count Von Bismarck ex
presses tho hope that Prussia will ab
stain from the enforcement of her the
ores, and will frame an amicab'c ar
rangement. riiM H nun ri no gallantly.
Losdon. December 19. The
French confronting Duke Mecklen
burg, hold their ground with splendid
IUI KET JUT tJKIt'Jl. 1. .
The University at Gattinger sarcas-
rinallv rebukes Dublin University for
askicg for a j iot intervention io eave
. i i . . i : ,. Tu
rns literary iruasure! iu x aria, auu
oommunioati'in refers unpleasantly to
tbeseiee of Delphi and otber tofcens
of British civilization.
Qceenstown, December 19. I be
steamer China, from New York. De
nftmber 7. arrived to-day (Sunday).
and soon alter proceeded to Liverpool.
Hteamer Denmark, from New York,
December 3, arrived, and subsequent
ly prooeeded to Liverpool.
Bordkatjx. December 19. Some
iournals here have asserted that there I
f . . 11. " I .L. I
have been trouoies in rani; mat
Gustavo Floureos had imprisoned
Hlannne. and tbat tbe government
raid no attention to the report, but
semi official advices stata that Paris
was quiet, and the people are animated
with one sentiment, that of common
llsDorts from the forces in the eist
and north ol rJ ranee are good.
There has been some excitement
here, owing to the promulgation of
lalse news over tna torgea signature
of M. Gambetta, the purpose being,
annarentlv. to cause reaction, b? tbe
dissemination ot news untavoraDie to
French arm. Dispatches ot this sort,
purporting to come from Havre, have
appeared simultaneously in all parts
of tbe country, it was soon cemon
strated. however, that it was a Prus-
I -
I .... ditnitoll.
it is a noticeable tact
l..t th. nnnnai inn nmrnal are more
bitterly violent toward the Prussians
than ever.
A nreit mcciine was held here ves
terdav. which was address by 51.
Cremieux and others. The sentiment
that tbe trench would defend tbe
country to tbe last, received tbe most
enthusiastic endorsement.
An aid-de-cimD of General Troobu
has escaped from Paris by balloon.
During his passage he saw clearly the
positions of tbe investing forces.
Brittanv is ersatly excited. The
people are taking up arms, and so
great are the numbers ct troops going
torward. tbat tne roads are almost
closed to pubho travel.
Madrid. December 19. An early
date was fixed yesterday for the re
ceDtion ot King Amadeus.
Ia Cortes oa Saturday the Ministry
made an explanation to the effect that
Senor Olvaz. lormcrly Minister to
Pans, left France because Spain rec
ogoized the Government of National
Defense, but not tbe Republic.
Senor Sogasta, in seme remarks,
said that the laoguage of President
Grant's message about Cuba was with
out significance, as Spain was ready to
ocoept a mixed commission for the
settling ot tbe American claims con-
Beussels, De!5ea.ler 13. An in
formal meeting ot Lexumbourg depu
ties taviog been hi.ld to consider tbe
complaints of Count Voa Bisaiaroit,
and er pecial y tbos3 regarding M.
CuHcy, i reocb Cjosu', aad the sbeher
. r.-! Fronnh nol.1 ers. Herr John.
r.efreiaurve of tbe Ducbr. Bsr
liai was scot to Verraillea to explain
tbe faCs to tbe Kioff.
St. I'ETRosBrRO, Deci-tuber 19.
Tbe Ci!r haa tevertly repTiuianded
tho Corturatioa of Jloaeow for peti
; ttoaisg in b:haif of & fre press reli
! gicus toleration aud ot-.ier reforxs.
Ei-Goy. I i ic'rvr III,
l,S'..:.'ri.s, Va . D.-cimbp-r U'
ill Governor Ijetci-sr is -riou.4!y
vtuh -n?utnocia.
introduced and
f , Dec. I'
Ii; s:
M. . . Wiilict 1 For reulatiusf Ihe com
pa. a I'jix in the iimtftitu eiu(Uin c-s.
Air. BiiUr,ot Mabsach unct is to Incor
j IB tne Kor.iuern t.xpr tuuspuuv,
an l tmpuaniij tue Ummun act.
Mr. ,iouc!!M-lo prevent acd puolU
Bribery and corropt praollces lathe?lec
tlou oi ai-mbfT8 of Couxrens.
M-. ChureblH To amend tba act oi tLa
uis; of May. 1 j j. to eaior? tiie risfbU if
L DlU: btatvs cSUian In lbs savcrnl
Sir. Taausr-To coailaua tbe case of
tl-c pOfitsil servlfe for u i irgtrunii"ut lor
p-'Ml amrK iu aud a more eiiictua; uaccc-
Mi H 'ii A uthori.in the l'slmaler
rec -3w.l h liviue one ctut :orrr-tj nuiue
v-w' oarus.
-Mr, : ard, of Penii-To lace t- aud
i 5x ci itse irtte !Ht aart inorea9 the d-;-
i u- c.i p:i air! sorsn lro.i.
! .Jr. -.it-Keiiy.le For tte a ' '.t ?-'it of
a LMfflmtwwu OD the c.ain..rj;' lo.aioili-
zcs for tlaraa-adnrlt! te reu.;i ja.
Mr. Cobum f jov!dii.,j tuat aotjutH orj
cimiai v." !oa r.ave tsea ;,.ijii1 oy ti.e
proper otticer ol iu. Ireanurv'. suaii not
re-opened t y law, and limiting time tor
tae preaentaiioa or lae eiaims ana ac
Mr. Aahsr To anlborlzs the constrar-
tion of a bridge acro.8 the Missouri river
Mem. Bemanaod Ferrv A Joint res
olutions irom me AiicniKaa iicisiaiure
analog for a geograplcai survey of that
Mr. Ax tell To charter the California ft
Anzonla Kallroad: a n. maklnx tbeoous
of the gold note bantut receivable for cus
Mr. Spink To amend the act of the Hta
of July, 1S7U, exujndinj pre-emption laws
w vuiorauo.
Kesolutiona were offered as follows :
Jeuoses luslrnctlna- tbe Jndlclary Com
mittee to Inquire into the charge ot cor
ruption and DricHjrv at tbe last Congres
sional election In the E&aiern District of
Kaode Isiand, with power to send lor per
sons and papers. Adopted.
&.eiiOKK. iconn.i-insirnciine tiie com.
mltteee on Waya and Means to Inquire In
to tbe expediency of the immediate re
peal of toe lDCoiiie tax. The fiouse re-
tnsed to second the previous qaentlon 61 to
i. ana a aeoate arisinn the resoiatioa
went over U.l Monday, Jaonary 9th.
ceamaa-t nun committee on ADDro-
prlllons, reported tbe Fostoffice appro
priation bill, and It was made a special
order lor to-morrow. The bill appropri
ates 26,161,9S.
cress ottered a resolution calllnz for in
formation In regard to the purchase of
Donas tor the binilne h and. Kri.-cted
61 to 110.
Filch moved tbe suspension of tbe rales.
and to have restored to the Speaker's t-
me ine eenate diii relating to the slenlral
branch of the Pacific Kallroad Company,
which was last session referred to the
Committee on Pnbllc Lands. The motion
was rejected ; yeas 11.3, nays 09.
v oruees onerea a resolution instructing
tbe Committee on Pablle Lands to report
at the present session the bill exempung
disabled pensioners from tbe reautreinent
of the homestead law, which make per
sonal settlement neoeasary. Adopted.
sir. jones. oi Keniacay. ottered a pre
amble and resolution, reciting; that tue
Government ot the United tstaiea was
established as a confederacy of coequal
b talis; tbat tbe right of revolution was
admitted, and was affirmed in the Declar
ation of Independence; that certain (States
have seoeded and set op a government of
their own In accordance with their honest
eoavlouons as to tnelr reserved rigols:
that a great civil war ensned, and the ex
periment made was settled by arm: that
since then the people of the (Southern
(Halts had con for in td to all the require-
iouui ui tue uuvemmeni, ana naa Deen
fully reconstructed, and declaring that it
was tne amy oi the Government and Con
gress to grant a free, unqualified and per-
iec-i paruon ana amnesty to ail political
offender In the late war.
The resolution was rrtected. Yeas. 14:
nays, 142.
Anions tne Democrats voltne in the
negative wee, liarnum. Cox, Crebi, Uale-
man, Morrissey, Monger, echumaker and
Cox asked unanimous consent to offcr
tbe resolution without the preamble.
juuw V rwy i vj uj :cteu.
Cox Remarked that manv eentlemen
on the Democratic slue had requested him
to say mat tney wouia nave voted for tbe
resolution, but did not desire to because It
was embarrassed with a preamble, wnlie
others held for the resolution in spile ot
tne preauiote.
aargent jrrom the committee on Ap
propriation:, reported a special bill appro
priating KiO.OOu to enable the President to
collect the Apache Indian tribes In Arizo
na auu iNew Mexico on reservations, aud
to provide subsistence and promote peace
civilization among them. Passed.
ijawrenoe- introduced a bin to amena
the Boidters' Homestead Act. It author
izes tne soldiers ol tbe war of lbli, and the
Mexican war, entire, under the Home
stead law, to claim lbU acres ot alternate
rwerved sections along the railroads
wnicb have received land grants, thus
giving them the same rights of bome
si eaua as the United mates soldiers in the
war ol the rebediou. Passed.
The House then, at 3 o'clock, went into
Committee on tna Whole, with Mr. Mc
Creery la the chair, oa the Pension Appro
priation, bill.
Mr. Jveieey wno naa reportea tne uiu
from the Committee on Appropriations,
proceeded to state some (acts In con oec-
tioo wnu me uisiory ana statistics ot tue
pension system. He said the bill appro
priated thirty million, bu', tbat be had
peeu lnairnccea io oiidr an aruenumeni,
which would reduce the amount to twenty-nine
millions; that the max mum of
pensions had been reached, and that the
aggregate amount would now be dlniln-
isnea every year, xueouiwas pa&seu.
Mr. Conner Made a personal explana
tion In reply to an ed torial article in the
fiew Yore tribune, reflecting upon blm in
nim two weests since, ior the abolition or
-J..tr .r. an .turn. ..n.i lu.rtua A fla, ha
connection wnn a resolution onerea Dy
duly on tea. sugar and coftee. After he
had spoken fifteen minutes on tbe general
subject of tbe revenue reiorm, Mr. Dawes
obleoted to any farther ex ten Hon ot time
being auowea. air. con cor saying ne re
gretted very much that that gentleman
did not seem to understand tbe meanlDg
of tbe term pera nal explanation, and be
had never known so gross an abuse; and
for the privilege ot tbe House, Mr. Connor
appealed tor five minutes longer. Mr.
Dawes objected, saying that he did not
think the country would suffer It It never
did know what that personal explanation
The House men, at hair-past J o clock.
went Into Committee of tbe Whole, with
Mr. tioofleld in the cbalr, on tbe Legisla
tive Appropriation Bill, a bill which fills
fifty-three printed pages, and appropriates
118,635,480. A proviso in the bill, which re
peals tne taw inaa auowea tae puuuc
printer to luraisa private par lies at co.ti,
paper and pres work, such public, docu
ments as are printed at tbe Government
priming office, give rise to considerable
discussion. Without disposing of the ques
tion, the Committee rose and the Rouse
aojournea at nan -past lour.
Commissioner Flcasanton Chief
Jnsilce Drake Military Affairs
Kamor denied.
Washington. December 19. Com
missioner P.easanton arrived at Wash
ington to day, and after a visit to the
Executive Mansion be passed a short
time at the Internal Revenue Office.
It is understood that he will not as
sume the duties of his new office an
til after the holidays.
Ex-Senator Drake took the oath of
office and entered upon his duties as
Chief Justice of the Court cf Claims
this morning. He was introduced to
the bar by Senior J udge Loricg, when
he delivered a few remarks, asking
the gentlemen to excuse him for any
imperfections until he should become
better acquainted with the business
usages of the Court.
The House Committee on Military
Affairs to-day non concurred in the
Senate bill, for extending the time
from the 1st of January to the 1st of
July for the reduction of the army.
There is no foundation oa fact for
the California rumor that Collector
Phelps, of San trancisco. is to be su
perceded by Charles A. Waehburne,
tbe late Minister to Paraguay. Wash,
burne himself is now here and he dis
credits the story.
. ' Weather Report.
' Summit, Mr. Washington, Deo
19. The barometer at 2 o'cioci was
32:13; chauge finco yciterisy, plus
1-92. The thermometer was ."':
change, plus 10. Wicd, nort h wee t.
Velocity cf wiad, o5 miies p ' Lo.ir.
A storm passed yesterday, and to d ty
ras boen very tino weather in this
locality. Tbo clouds were mostly
below us to the west, aDi ia an uu
brokea sea to tbe east, comicg up ia
heavy drilting masses. Some very
hoe pbotcgrsphs are negatived rf the
clouds, and frost scne3 have beta se
cured by artists.
Arrest itn.i Kiln,
Pittpeueo, Dacctcber 13. Gcd.
John ' Katosey, formerly Major Gen -
eral of tbe volunteer, now a tobacoo
manufacturer in Jersey tjity, wad j
lodged ia jail here, clargod with usias? j
counterfeit stamps and eUtcps used :
before. When arrested, he was de
tected in eecretirjg a box cf fraudulent
Btatrps. ,
Thera was Leaty rain to-oitbt.
and there there are good proerects lor
another coal bost rit.e.
Darlen Ejper.lUt o.
NoarotK, Va, December 10. The
11. S. stealer Nipsie tas arrived. She
isattaebtii to tbo Diriea Sarreyiog
Ilinnditioa, cd w.li to-hiorio'
ior'Key West.
' Terrible Crs Kipleshin.
ClxasxATi, Dec. 19. Gas holier
2n W .Iva ia the CioeJ.naaei gsa
works eirlo led at j o'clock this even
icg, vitli four baaJred and City
thouatid cutis feet cf gas. The ccn
cufida was ielt miles aw&y. Persocs
witLia a few squares first noticed a
low rutEtiiag gound, with an oppres
sive condition ot the atmosphere like
tbat altendicir an earthquake. i:ad
den!y flames shot upward, illurtiiDat-
iog tbs clouded heavens with a red
and wiii'e liht, acl revealicg the
outline, clearly, of the surrounding
hiils. KUht immense iron columns, j
tbat supported th3 holder, were I
thrown out atid mainly broken to !
fragments, ohs fell across the ctfice, I
crushing iu jart of the rocf. I
i ae bolder was erected over a year
ago, ia tbe place occupied by the
one that exploded in January, le'',
from r.arr.bor twelve gauge iron, anl
was regarded as one of the tent in
the United states. It bad a capacity
ot 4isU,uuu cubic feet.
The surrounding premises of the
Company were somewhat scorched
by the fire and injured by the falling
columns, Tbe total loss trthe Com
pany will bs about $100,000. For
tunately no one was seriously hurt,
one man, alone, being slightly burned.
There was no person immediately
about the holders, though forty per
sons were at tbe retorts, only a few
hundred feet away. No clue as to
the cause of the explosion can be
ascertained. The foroe appears to
have expended itself northwardly and
southwardly. The barometer had
been filling, and was very low. Tbe
officers ot the Company say they will
be able to furnish sufficient light for
the city.
Charles C. Leininger. & well known
restauranter, made an assignment to
day. Liabilities small.
Tbe Board of Trustees, for the Dro-
posed Cincinnati University, were ap
pointed, and confirmed by the Com
mon Council to-day. -i
Washington. December 19. ihe
President to-day sent the following
nominations to the senate: A. J.
Simmons, Agent for the Blackfoot and
other neighboring tribes: T. Wirning,
Assessor of Internal Kevenna for
iNew Mexico; Samuel L. Earl. As-
essor of Internal Revenue for the
Fourth District of Texas.
Postmasters L. S. Wicks, at Glen-
wood, lows; w. ol. rlostetter, Mew
Lisbon. Ohio.
The work in the Census Bureau is.
so far as tbe full enumeration of tbe
entire country is concerned, approach
ing completion very rapidly, and the
reports from the great majority of the
counties ia all the States, with 203
exceptions, have been forwarded by
the U. S. Marshals to the Superin
tended. .. . i-
Inrestlgatlas an Accident.
Nbw York. Dec. 19. In the Court
of General Sessions this forenoon.
Recorder IlackeU called the atten
tion of the Grand Jury to tbe Thirty-
uttn Street disaster, tbe tailing ot a
piano faotory, causing the loss of five
lives, and told them to do their duty.
whether the Commissioner of Public
Buildings, tho builder, or owner was
in tault.
Collapsed Distillery.
Hoc o ester, Deo. 19. Wm. John
ston, of iNew York, owning a large
distillery at Uilldford, in Monroe
County, has just failed, and his dis
tillery is closed. Ihe distillery made
the best yield ot any in tbe State, it
will be sold by the Collector for un
paid taxes, on the olst ot December.
Death of a Xary Officer.
Philadelphia, December 19-
Commodore Wm. H. Gardner, U. S.
N.. died suddenly at the St. Lawrence
Hotel, in this citv, where he was vis-
ltiDU a Irifud. lie was seventy years
of age. He entered the navy in 1814,
and was one of the Lieht-bouse In
spectors until October last.
11 1 V 13 B 1 13 V 8.
tr Other Rixer Item See Third Page.
The weather continues cloudy and
damp, with a stiff northwest breeze,
indicating that winter has commenced
in earnest. The river continues to
swell steadily, ihe additional ar
rival was the mammoth stern-wheeler
Heary C. Yaeger, from Pittsburg to
New Orleans. The local boats all
got away with excellent trips, not
withstanding the disagreeable state of
the weather during the forenoon. The
Tarascon laid over for the noon train,
and left with a fair trip of freight and
peopleThe Fayette went down with
her usual eomplemcut of passengers
......Tho Evansville for Green River
had a splendid trip and got eff oa time.
......The Mary Anient for Cannelton
bad a cretty fair trip.........The Anna
leaves to-day for Cincinnati, on her
first round trip in the trade, and should
go up with a b?g trip Captain O
P. Shinkle, of the beautiful Charles
Bodmann, telegraphs us that she will
leavo Louisville ihis morning, and
will be here to-morrow, sure, for New
Orleans....--The large and splendid
cotton steamer John Howard passed
down yesterday. She is said to be one
of the most complete cotton boats ever
constructed. She was full of freight
and was towing a fine new barge
Tbe tnammoth low pressure stern
wheel etiamer Henry C. Yaeger, in
command of Captain Daniel M. Brady,
arrived yesterday, and stars with us
until this evening, having made en-
gagemeuts here to take a large amount
of freight. She is tbe "biggest thing
in tne business, in tbe way ot a
freighter, and a trump card over the
barge lines.
For New Orleans. Tbe large
and splendid new low-pressure steam
er Henry C. Yaeger will be found at
the landing to-day, for New Otleans.
She is one of the most somplete
r-- V . .. v.. .t... l
lre icub DICIIUC13 ua. no iiave pver
seen, being complete in every partio
ular. She is in command of Captain
Dan. Brady, one of tbe boys of tbe
olden, time, and familiarly known to
all our &b:p; crs as tbo great skipper
of tbo once famed Carrie, alius "Tho
Lone Tree." In the office shippers
will find our gonial friend Captain Ii.
C. Maion. She loaves this evening at
i o clock.
Tue Paety on tue Arkansas
Belle. The beautiful steamer Ar- i
kansas Bahe, wasforcsa.ly adopted by
c.v.i.ii i o". j.c uiQt ana
tbe adoption wss signaled by a sr lcn
did fDtrtainineDt oa board, in which
a very large naoibsr of iovited guests
troin tt.e c.ty partioipatea, tna eie
ssct cabin teiag literally fiuei with
ilTansville's aoet briliisnt beauties,
who with a corresponding number of
"ra'.lict gay lotbarios," "cbd
tbo glnwicg hours with fly
ing feet" until near midnight, w'uea
the table were spread under tl e di-
restion oi 'hat prince oi artists, Will.
irtecla. The ub!t3
feliaed uu afpeirance teat rcca.ica
tome cf th" dreams of our childhood,
vvi.ca we firmiy beiievej n the power
cf fsr.es to call icta being ecclautrd
feasts, wttrein tba giittfr of gold uui
riivcr plate, and crystal dazzled tbe
t ye.
"j ec-baating whj the scat -
tbat a tsr crert e'er tbe n-ic
that like tto3e -ireaics it would
vaiitib; sad the feais were reaped.
But the "evaaishtaeEt" was not at ia
tbe visions, lor :tne FpMiicgt;' teat pic-;
fare ws? wLat fie artist iaie
jet ;
it is ditucuit to 2y tbit tbe gratifica
tion of tbe palata wa not at tie ex-
! pease of a pleasure a!riot as great ia
; beholding the scene.
While the tab!:-.: weie. being
cleared, tie ladies withdrew to tbe
after -cabin, and many cf tbe ges'le
men gathered aroaod tho ''Jj-tti-3
Belie," a sort of rroll near ' tba of
fice, wbero Mr. A a;.-.oc "receives l:is
friends" and dUpevsa fragrant lift
vanras aud cor liai.
The company, in tba early prt of
tbe evenicg, was coopoerI princi
pally of "yoiio? folks," siioag whom
the brilliant "Diamocis'' b'?'.ol9 con
sricaous, and, at a kter hour, the
"old i jlki" put in ru appf ararfCC.
Capt, Gr'.mmer, while Justl7 proud .
ot tte Jie. e, asd ir-siciaj is tfce
presence of tLc brilliant company last
night, cannot be persuaded that she
is the equal of the much lamented
City of Evansvilie. but like a good
philosopher, maTt.es tbe most of it,
and played the host to the delight of
his guests, and with dignity and credit
to himself.
When the tables were cleared away
tbe music of Henry Hart's Quadrille
Band was acain resumed, aod the
dance proceeded and continued until
tbe "wee sma' hours." .
May the career of the Belle be as
brilliant as that party, and ber sac
cess as complete as her owners, offi
cers and friends could possibly wish.
Hirer Sis-patches.
Pittsbobg, December 19. It . was
snowing until noon, sisee then has
been raining.- At 6 o'clock it was
raining hard and the snow was run
ning off freely. 1 here is a prospect
for a rise. Monocgabela 5 feet 2 in
ches and ; stationary. Arrived and
departed J ulia, Zinesville ; Veteran,
from Cincinnati.
Cincinnati. December 19. Rrver
17 feet 3 inohes ; risen 6 inches. Ar
rived Hudson, 'Wheeling;- St.
Charles, Pittsburg. -There was a
heavy ram the greater part of tbe af
ternoon. Weather cloudy to-night.
Temperature 42.
Holiday Presents
it tbe Journal omce!
F0( KET E00K8,
and a large assortment of Fine Station
ery at tbe Journal OiSce. dec20 tf 1
Barr's Pectoral Elixir stops a
cough at once and cures a cold ia
few days. dec20Jlmeodeow
Call at the store of L. Ruffner. Jr..
No. 19 Water Street, between Syca
more and V me Streets, and supply
yourselves. dec20 3t
This billiard hall. &o is one of tbo
best in the State, and the only one in
tbe city of Evansvilla. There is no
investment paying better than this, a
every person acquainted w.th the city,
well knows. I offer it for sale for the-
reason tbat I have so much outsida
business I cannot attend to it. Terms
reasonable. Tbe proprietor will bo
here Tuesday and Wednesday, De
cember and 21, to receive any pro
positions that may be made.
Apples ! Apple !
Just received three hundred barrel
Northern Ohio App!e3, which we offer
at low prioes. wholesale aod retail.
dec20 2t
Cbrlstmas Goods.
100 dozen White Heath Peaches.
100 dozen Pine Apples.
100 dozen Portland Corn.
50 dozen Green Pears.
50 dozen Egg Plums.
50 dozen Damson Plums.
50 dozen Green Gages.
25 dozen Little Neck Clams.
10 dozen Olives.
25 dozen Assorted Shaker
50 dozen Assorted Jellies.
Also new Figs and Prunes, in box
es, barrels and jars. Call and price
JNo trouble to show them.
Wm. Caldwell.
dec20 No. 9 First Street.
ts All Dress Goods at reduced
prices at Coolidge's New York Store.
Just received new Velvet Ribbons
and Plushes, Kid Gloves and As
trachan Cloaks; cheap for holiday
presents. dec.u M
Asthma is speodily relieved by
Barr's Pectobal.Euxib.
rres Arrival of Goods for the Ho;l-
dsys at
Druggists, Main Street, between First
and Second. They bave just received
a splendid stock of Pocket Books,
which tbey are aeiermiueu, tu BCii veij
cheap. Also, an elegant assortment
of Perfumery, Soaps and Toilet goods,
especially for the Holidays. Give
them can. ueu-v-un
December 1st, 1H7U.
C. Kratz, Esq Evansville, Ind. :
Sib: We take pleasure in giving
our testimony to tbe superiority of
your Portable Steam Circular Saw
Mills. We believe that they are the
Ka Mills made. Tbe one that we
purchased of you and put in operation
the uZUt
I .Va a n rl wo f a If A DT 3 t .90lirA
ID Statins iu.i . tii (iicHcu,
both with tho mill and tbe gentleman
Mr. P. C. Calvert that you engaged
tn run the mill for us. We think that
he is as good a eawyer as ever took
hnM of a saw mill.
We run on irom du to cu pounds 01
Bteam, using nothing but a portion of
i rnn. Krecu siauo .w .aav siui. ,
I . i f .
an make one thousand feet of inch
boards per hour in this hard timber
foftk. a6h. elm, pecan, wait's? sua
,!.'.' ar-').
Oar ruiii (a double 62x30 in eli saws)
: all that you represented and tnat
we cciia asK u to
O ..L.-. . - L.
1 oura, iruiy.
20 t5cf S'iley & Harris.
Tek lost treatcnent for
croup is
t-iCaa't be beat Stile's Corn Fed
give & grsna - i itcaa jr.num.n.uuH.i
ia tbe Opera Route on Tuesday evin
!?, December 20th. Ioors open at
7 o'clock. Concert to comnencc at
7i o'clock, promptly. Tickets, 73
cents to dre? circle and parqnette; 0
cents to family circle, to bo obia;oci
at-the rctt-Of.ee Ntvs S'and, where
gpats my be reserved without t?xtra
charge. . deolO 2td
SSJTbe parfoersbip iitiatr bo
twecn John C. Sabwcizer and Chris
tian F. lirandt i to ay dibKilved by
mutual consent. John C. Cichsveizer
settles ail claims and is alone author
ised to ojl!et -outstf adic.2 acjouutj.
JOu" C. ScnWK'ZES,
a j
J i
J!-.;n Street htchanse, L'ao
! 5ow is tbe Tlta to tiet jroer
I 3J Trcstnts.
j 0. A. Hrn-noLFF & Co,
17 e JSat
receivr J a fine lot of Plan.
U01.1, U
".Ta sad IjEI" ,aj iiSiuS. i.a-
u.es UcLi . its, .ie., sil of vtich
e will sell at tbe lowe t prices. Wc
do net wish to iLike fortune; all we
want is enough to pay taxes and ebcp
rent. Our livisg so will try to mAe
eon 1 other way. Give us a ca'i; cvr
f c i- large &ua csmpit'te. it wm
be -to your ir.ttret to do bo. We
make no humbug ebout p:'iit-; at or
below cof t. iN'o one caa loako ends
meet that will co so.
G. A. BlTTRfLJ f &Cu.,
dccl3 No. 48 Miin Street.
All tie people use Sti.'e'e Corn Fed
Send in yoar jars ard cts arid ba-?e
thes fcl
ed at iiaSfier s tors ikuuss.
dec20 3t
Lire and Health.
The nerve tusite, when in a healthy
condition, is largely composed of phos
phorus iu combination, whioh eeerjoa
to be the agent of vital energy, not
only in the nerves themselves, but
also of the brain the great centre of
these mysterious threads of life.
Then how is nervous prostration,
or debility to be permanently re
lieved by the nameless, (because so
variously n.xmed) bitters, so exten
sively advertised, which are simply
vegetable tinclcres, made for tempo
rary stimulation, and to please the
palate, and thus to tccourage private
Phosporous and iron are tbe great
vitalizers of tbo Hood and nerve sys
tems; and these remedial substances
are also compounded with potent veg
table scents in the manufacture of
DIAL, that tbe most salutary aud
permanent results follow the proper
use of this great tonic, whioh is grow
ing daily in popular esteem and be
coming a necessity in every house
hold. dec!6 6t
Barr's Pectoral Elixir never
fails in Coughs, Colds, Hoarsenee, ifcc.
- dec20dlmeod& ireow
t&" When you want the best, buy
Stile's Corn Fed Oysters.
Choice Apples.
Four hundred barrels from New
York and Michigan, just received by
L. Ruffner, Jr., No. 19 North Water
Street. dec20-lw
Gust. II. Jageman will commence
to-day, and for fifteen days will sell
from his . large stock of Watches,
Jewelry and Silverware
Nov is the time to secure fine
Christmas presoats cheap. - deolO-tf
AgyChoieo Apples 400 barrels
from New York and Michigan, just
received by L. Ruffaer, Jr., No. 19
North Water Street. declG lw
P. L. GEIS3LER &; CO.'S,
Who have determined to reduce
their large and elegant stock of
Watches, Diamonds. Jexcary, iSilocr
Ware. Silver I'iated nare. trold x ens.
Gold end ISilver Spectacles, Opera and
Field Glasses, American, and French
The above goods will be sold, re
gardless to cost, up to January 1st,
1571. ibis is a grand opportunity to
get your Christmas presents cheap.
We call special attention to our
stock of Americna and Foreign
Watches in gold and silver cases, for
ladies and gents. Also to our stock
of Gold Opera Chains, Gold Guard
Chains, Gold Leontine Chains, Gold
and Silver Vest Chains, Solid Silver
Ladles, Forks, Tea and Table Spoons
at greatly reduced prices.
All goods warranted as represented.
Our goods are all new and stylieb,and
bave Dot been picked over. All
grades of Genuine American W atobes,
in 2, 3, 4,5 and 6 ounce cases, at fac
tory prices. Call and get tbe first
choice. Everybody is invited to call
at P. L. Geisslxe & Co.'s.
54 Main Street, near 2d.
TERMS CASH. dec!6 tjanl
g?"The annual meeting of stock
holders of the Evansville branch of
the State Insurance Company, of
Chicsgo, will be held on Wednesday
evening next, Deo. 2lst, 1870, at the
office of Clement, White & Co., at 7
o'clock p.m.. for the election of Di
rectors. A full and prompt attend
ance is requested.
declott (J. Clement, Pres t,
ififWhen von want meat.not water.
get Stile's Corn Fed Oysters, No. 9
iirst street.
Barb's Pectoral Elixir is sold
by all Druggists. Price One Dollar.
Fost omce Hetlce.
In order to conform to tbe change
of time on tbe LI. & C. Ilailroad, tbe
following hours will be observed at
the Post Office in this city:
General Delivery and Glass Boxes
open at 7 a.m. Closed from 12:10
p.m. till 12:45 P.M., for opening LToon
Mail. Closed at 6 P.M.
Office open for Lock Boxes till
10:30 p.m.
Cashier and Money Order Office
open from 7:30 A.M. till 5:30 p.m.
Forenoon Mail closes at 10:15 A.M.
Afternoon Mail closes at 4:10 P.M.
Mail arriving at Noon open at 12:30
Mail arriving at 9:35 P.M. distri
buted for Lock Boxes at 10:15 P.M.
No other changes of Mails since
tbe insue ot last Bulletin.
nov21-tf John W. Foster, P. M.
tT Prescriptions carefully filled,
at all hours, at Bridwell'B Drug Store,
corner of Main and Third Streets.
Boots and Shoes. The old estab
lished boot and shoe bouse of John
Kasch. on Second Street, below Main,
is the place to go to buy your Winter
boot3 ard shoe-. Hw rri'??' are
frr.m ton to twenty it-r cent, lower
than the Main Street sto-eti, and he
Las a larger aud Letter stock cl goods
thaabe ever tad before. L'o.-ac and
I csarr.ino prices and the quality o!
goods. novO-tf
C;2?" The Reliable Stilo's Cora
l ed Oysters.
rktstcaxtji, Caldwell County, Ky.
Dr. II. W. Cioud-
My pen would utterly fail tj des
cribe ttie gratitude I owe to your In
vigorating Cordial, for tbe good health
1 now enjoy. I never knew wfcat
good health wis unt.l I eoisxoBeed
uficg your Cordial, and I an: cow
thirty-three years old. 1 have always
beea al'iictcd with liver compiaiot,
and sotr etiuies thought try caee bepo
ks3, sa I was coi-incd to tho boure
to or lime months at a tiiiio for the
lat ten years. I have taken Ht-'?ea
bottles, aad I am now well and abla
to work at ty trade acd support my
family, arid tna kiss ol-.r csh instead
of payitig all I can raise to doctors
for their medicines. I have no .way
of cxptcsbing my rat;luie oniyto
recommend it to the eatSc-rins public.
' i curs in Lft5ts,
declJ G: O. L. fotuiif; i0 am.
: J3S&V4 your taoney sod voir Imc
7m.v huv Hula's Cora Fed Ov?tf-i:
tc?y Esvc-r
' --a lenilerlolBg,
i At Uu5.K-r'a tcrk Lous, on Steot '
Street, Letwef n Vina and Division
i next 'i jor to
is' ilour store.
Jew lork tiill acd StocS K&tktl
l'y Telburaj!.'! Z-isw Tosk. Lee. 19,
f.joi.'! wrs vt thill, crain t. 1! ' ,', &ad
IIo'-.iuhI ic ! th-t f.'frii- !tit pri'-e ud i i cp i i
to Lie M ff-:. x'n i.H v.'--re it-sie at lioui z
to 5 ft:.- at. per asuam. Cieatahce to
Uar i -i,i
iiovimitieat stfsarlUcn opened utaatty at
thb last, i ricosof balurdsy, aou rtmaioed
qriit uutii Jal? ia rii Kitriioou, wtieii
tnttre va.H rq &'lvoco,of f oua 't ;sOQ
5 .u,of ''..', Vi new, 'or aud VS
Htocfea opened qal't. Alter tue flrsi
"nil, lb i;r; ruftfitl .Lo"! a tiecitleiliy
weak l:tl ig Jatf?' are vj
weak, oenlt.g at I v.'i and seliiu? down
to 1 cir sin.' s icitu bet ijt-ittr Tbe
wbo! tunrk&t wis firm at tbe nloae. Tbe
tatiKtt wis .i. on tb atoiwrhllt's
e Xork Central aiid 1 ulon ctl Hum,
especially strocit oh a rofuorli sl In eou-
uu..uuii u. luu ctuve. uuti oi iua cer
tificates Into Buy year 0 per cent, gold
bonds, tbe dlflrenc between tbe per
cent, of annual dividend now paid and 6
perceDt gold Interest, is to be applied to
tne siiiklun fund lor tbe extlcguioumtmt
of bonds. Lake abort, a were scarce lor de
liverers. Tbis morning money was active at from
7 per cent, currency to 7 per cent, gold, but
alter bank boars, became ea&y at 67.
Tbere Is an Increased demand for currency
from ttie West and South, and tbe pros
pects are tbat banks will be called upon to
make more liberal sblpmenls to tbose
points during tbe remainder of tbe year.
A feeling of im-ecarity prevails,' owing to
reports tnat anolber ioc op In currency
is to De tnaae aoout tne middle oi tne
week. It is thought, however, tbat tbe
Secretary may increase bin bond pur
chases during tbe remainder of tne meutb,
wmcn wouiu oean lnuportanl obstacle In
tbe way of speculators, sbouid tbey at
tempt anolber artificial stringency.
State securities are very dull. Tennessee
and North Carolina sbowicg the most
llicuASSi-sterling a.
Coupons I iwi ....... ....!l"0.iq
.11 :-
lUfr i'
Cnrrency-sixes. ....l lu;BJ
Keir Tork Earket.
By Telegraph. Nxw Toax, Dec. 19.
Cotton Demand fair, and market ad
vanced ltc; middling npiaods oxta.
Floo-Duil, and prices bave declined
53Hc; receipts 10,000 barrels; superfine
winter woBtern and state to 20 45 4U; eom
mon to f;ood extra S5 3i ja 06; good to
cboicetO l Jiia(8 5J; common to cnoiee J 46
(H 75; common to good Ohio fj ifJaii 4U;
bt. Louis 16 06(3 25; closed Ilea f y.
Bye Floub Uncbanged.
t'osN mul Dull, but uncLaDged.
Whisky Market steady, wltu a moder
ate demand at 95c
Wheat Market steady, with a moder
ate demand; receipts ,0c0 busbeis; No. 1
mixed spring l Zj 1 27c; Old fi 30; new
sprlcgtl o6,i Si 1 red aod amber 11 4-11 45;
wnite Alien igan (1 eujl 60; choice white
Uenesse Si 75. 1
Itvs Dull but unchanged.
Malt Quiet.
Cobn Dull and prioes a shade lower.
Receipts, 45,(100 bushels; No. 1 mixed, 72 j
75o ; oid.iSc
Oats -Doll and prices drooping." Re
ceipts, 12.0UU bushels; western and Ohio. CO
Hay Unchanged.
Coffee Demand fair and market Arm;
sales ol bio bags at private terms; Klo, 14'
(a, 18HC ; J ava, j&2la.
is tjoab Quiet; Urenada, 10al0c.
M0LAH6H-Quiet; New Orleans, at 00
Rick Dull but unchanged at O'-Jc.
l'S.TKOI,KUK KlD-d, 12VA'a'lU
Stock or (jaais Wheat, VW'ijjiM) bush
els; corn, L&i 000 bushels; oats, l.OOH.uoo
busbeis; barley, 503,0 bushels; malt, 143,
4t5 bushels; peas, 18,0u0 bushels.
I'r )Vi.-ios-f ora dull aud nominal;
old 818 50; new 519 S5; prime mesa K17 00jj
17 50; new active at SJ0 Cu21 Ou; for De
cember and February gill to. . Beef steady ;
meis lu,sl.5 ; extra 111518; beef ham,
smoked .'Jay:il; tlorco beef active and
firm; prime mess taesiflJ: ladla mess i0'
&2: bulk meats e'earrib lOHSWc; shooi
ders Sai4c; middles steady long clear 11
CnUc; snort mlildles lla(g,12o for western ;
Cumberland middles y'.c; long clear i'Ai
light short liJV,c.
Lakd i'riiue steam dull at ll:312i;
kettle rendered 12gi3; tor December aud
January Lic.
Muttck Dull and prices are nominal;
western 13c; Slate Axtlia.
CiiEJvsa Market steady with a moderali
demand at l&lttc.
Cincinnati Market.
By Telegraph. Cisciwhati, Dec. 19.
Cotton Demand fair and prices ad-
varjotxi; middling 113114.
XOLit Quiet and unchangea in evt;
w iikat Hcarce ana nrm at 11 1151 n.
Corn Market sieady with a moderate
demand atiu jlc.
uri-fteaoy at fwasac.
Oats Dull but uncoanged; No 2 t&Wc.
BAKi.ev Dull butunchauged at tOSl.
Ukocikiks - Unchanged.
Euttib-.Scarce and firm at ZSKJc
bBKDS-Clover blKher aradea advanwil
to f 10 b.' 4U; timothy In lair demand uni
at lower rates.
I'okk Dull but UDCbapged at lis oj.
Lakd Dull and prices urooplng; in ct
prime -steam al 10; kettle huld at i:1,.
with no sale.
Bulk meats Dull and prices are noa-
lnal, with no demand.
(iKEKN ilEAiy-Io fair demand bu t.:
lower rates; sales of 12,000 pieces ;shouidt-rd
6c; sides oc; bams 94llc.
bacon tiuiuon prices drooping; srjotu
ders 1U4; sides 12ji24 for c.ear ribs mud
Hcgs Demand fair and market nrm for
live ktttf 2tS 40; dressed Uul at f7 60&?7u:
lecelpta tor two days S,Xo. -
Whisky Dull but unchanged at 87c.
Amu-Quiet and weak.
Potatoes -Quiet and weak.
Exchangjc 1-16 discount.
Kew lorfe Dry cooda Market.
By Telegraph. Nxw Yobk, Dec. 13.
Tbe moat Important feature la Ibis
branch of trade to-day, la the advance 10
tbe price of darners A Co.'s prim, 07
produoers and jobbers, to 10e; and i
American, having no slock on hand, hnve
put np tbe price of tbeir prints, to amro,
to 11 HO. This 1b but the beginning . te
ecd, and all prints, in due time, are l.i'-.y
to follow in the wake of this movemto.i,
as they have been recently selling al i'u
prohtable rates. Pemberton Y brown -o-ton
Flannels are reduced from 17o to
Standard oi bleached muslins tty
dnced froml3!c to 12Hc by jobbers; nrni
yard widesame b.and.ltio 10 lie.but nfu.ti
prices are as follows: Fruit of tbe loom
4-4 Bleacbeil Muaiins 15c: do 32 lnca n .
do 42 inch &10; do 5 4 23o, do 6-4 27o; i : hi.
dreosoc for Monaduuck Bieacned ;.(-1-lngs;
8-4 27c; -4 do 3JC; l-4 do i ; do
12-4 do 45c; Ked Bank Bleached .".iu.i.'u-i
10He;York Improted Delaines 27:; great
falls In Brown Drills to 1, and Cbaties
B, Clark's ONI Hpool Cotton to UOc.
, Cnlcaso Market.
By Teiexraphl , Chicaoo. Dec, i 3.
Flour Doll bat aaohaoged; eitri
prlng 4 Z:Mnb L0.
WmtAT-Opened dull but closed active;
No. 2 Chicago spring II 06 for seller Decm
ber;llli7i ior seller January; tbU iur
noon dull, wheat market steatly w : . a
moderate demand at II Vt'i '3,1 15.
Cobn tuiet; 41 lor No.2 ml.xe 1 ; ii
for seller January ; this afiernooi. 00. : .
Oats Market steady with m c.cJ : Ll
demand ; No. '2 38c.
By-a Market steady with a moderate d e
mand ; No. 2 lin-nos'i.
Barley Duil aud price ae Lo:.-'i-i ,
No. 'i 7ik71c.
HioawiNES-Flrtn at 8fioin Iron.
Hogs Dressed KJ 75; live active (ui firn
at o HO.aij.
Mess Fobk-Steady at f 18.
Lasd Bteady at lie.
St. Looli Market.
By Telegraph. 8t. Louis, i vc. it.
Cotton Dull and prices are d 'Uiiuai bl
Flour Loose grades wantedT ;,.rflrc
winter S4 26-4 50, tbe latter loi tucite;
extra 14 40 J 4 65.
Whsat Buyers off and market heavy ;
No. 2 red winter;tl 17.1 27Hc
Corn Demand good at full prices at 41'S
044c for mixed iu bulk ; 4i.a47o for yellow.
Oats Demand fair and market firm at
1?-St"-; 1a sai-tr!.
li 11 .a - othlc dorje.
Ri y. -j-'drn soil wsntcd al 75
W HlfKf - Firm at H'K-.
Tc h - o Dull.
tifeirip aud habiting ucchsugi :
F ovisi.iS vuiet; fiori . -
shoulders t Sfe ; clear r'b Y, a - j. . ;
l'&":c.. iiicoa sbouidets lit, ::-r it
liAjis Hjgnr-cured t3'3i"
Lash ilV.iJSe for k g iti m u , . v-Kc-.4-Fi.-ui;
ti &h3' W, most .
Lti?'sn!e ISarEet,
1-y TeierspU.! LoCISvili,, Li:
ToIIao j-n!-s f 5i hii Ja; tnatkei .- -
i aud ui.t .iu.ti d iu every repe ..
BAi.i,i'i-1 lift an ununang:d - t - r.
C01 roN Firmer; middling 1 ic.
FloI'h Quiel aud UDvl'HOgtul 1 ;t
kai s Dull but umrbansed.
hois Closed weak at S 12,,-;'
kmed ndtw 1 i.i.v tiead.
pKOVisio.N Detnaud lair and - ...-(
Arm and uccuaned,
Memphis Ji2.r6.et.
By Toioaraf h.l Memphis, D ;, .
Co' ton Detuaud fair, and prtc-i
va: 1 to rvceipt for the pa i.
S tu.t-:-i; bb.poit-i. .s 111 tee laal :..
i-.i I'rt'iiti.
Fi-o.-a t-rfk v.-ithilrawn, autici...:
li. . prtcm.
;okw Duil, sod pneos have cie
I' t 1.
(it;s-i W'Ml ?oO'.5 at nil pr Cvi 1 1 '
H av ror-n-.tj' ht i-'
I-v ) -1 ' t- tali -t.
l,ai i"-.h, hut nochaned m i " c 1 u.
p;iuK. J .m.aa.t pi ct a r. .ii.-.t .
iirtsir itAi M-ifk wllaarawp,
1 Sj'fc'iti' iri3i.
i.-".a.................n'; ,
14 H'T-,J
lnoS .....li.'7 1 4
Calvestoo Xar&et
lJy Telegrarb ) G.tiv an t.x . Dee. .
Cotton Mar tf-t s;-t;y. -a-iin a -io.
fete deinanU ; tn .IuuIiim-. 1. ?.
"IIS xNLW fOOil If
C i tliiCIl.
t:x n o-, ihi,
w fro.-u pnrelnoti tfoso,
.r t urra.-.: wii, li t... :.t ..;...i
to bo t: a d. -.
eueapest. and most df.ilcloua loud in tee
A package, coyt'.n-i a wtiuti, will irait
sixteen ! tarts oi ti.aoo :diu:-e, ara i --
portion am q b. a u ; y o f 'u lM.;.,i.,.utu,;,
Creams, tiucm, Urae, Canrioue rn.-ws,
Ice Creams, cr. , sl.
fj t.x noss t a r-t v, .
I3 - Is crea:mr great
' ti.a,in'. in ti e
l-M.-l .I'tlK-i. i j,
diliphtful Cavor, Aonvt-uuiuts lor atrt,
t5., to., It r .otarjjae'i.
C8A ssf Iri HI i i"
bmi "lue proof of the
I 11.1'; is Ui Mi,
uonfideot thnt uo txf n nr ,ilss wno n-wn
oncM eaten, ol a nunc Kac.ge, Pu,:uin,
Custard, Cream, ChaiHiite is.,n,i, ,r any
otoer ueliciM prepared with tula murine
bodneDd, wiii Otjuy Its :!ai u to r'. t
atnoug ttie t&ble iiianiwoi tae per .od.
S V. A 'it AiiTS k; '
K. Is raada r.p without
' trouo:o, aul wul
siwayt b i-ol.
Try it, and tint word (ont,nu !:. con.
tlnae ia us uw.
06K 'A.I :
iliSti an t'.-.-ht.:
Ice Crt'-.ra, l- r,i
pfilor to Core
starch or Arrowroot, and one hundred
p?r o5Ut. chettpi-r.
CI - .S nl.D . '
tLj - At lait fifty dl.Ter-
ent ut i(.-h ci. o
" iiiatio Irom .S a
Moms Kakixr, all dellelons, neaiLriiu.. aud
ecuminilral. it is tue cuetsi iooi m lu
kiowu world.
JJfcA tiititst iAi.i.M.
KJ id rlcrt Iu f. ii form.
log proi'Hi-UM na
LuteCt a d?i h L,
diet .j ehhdren ftnd alt Ott-ri ie;uJ-ia
a ilg Lt end Ueiloale foJ.
SitOst sAliitC
! dxldRd!y a very
'. t t ur. nrove
men t a I- m a 1 1 ana
tiar pr7aratton8. It Is ttie mo'l delight
Jul fca-i duilcute .ooi we fitvv) eter isiiu d."
(jti"ii tmn'r iw i .Vk
t3 C'u.'ardi,1.--:rips,Gn-?l.s,
Sc, 3l.:., !Uki1
UUi t:"A M USB
FAiusr, can be Lakeu oy Iav:l'1si l u 1
tiii.t'i, aad retailed uf-.u I:." stoma-h,
while all other preparauons a .-a rjnHL
Cu ejrpei hoaat w!:i
, ; convlfloo ibe ruiml
' skeptical that Hba
Hoj fARist wlilrro"! ace uric jcAitji Cue
.tarda, i'oddings. Ctna.ns. f.,vva.
A most delightful
aud healthy fod
lor CiiM-treu mad
CJfftA .HO ti'AalSi:
Kjr . .-., trior to Corn
.-i!';u, JMaxif-ua,
r aauii, or any
liluiirfwj preparation.
qui ,w ..
r. .-t tl"
..iful uv- serf ,
ptr cs)ht. of cutrlim lit.
1 pr.ri-
r-oi'isrrc-d nil
ahhoinie luxury, r.-jJ
1 . i.-roiftor be
tbo rua.rB.vl3 of
'ii'i!('l hr a lood ttf.i.;e la
t.Q9 wornt.
iur ii l'i usi to
wiiioo Use !"?' Ar-r-iriij.
'.j j ;,i. t
:tr tbe prion.
bie, at ot,e-qui.
f 1A rtUfi.
of lifer 1 reitiionH
f. .1 '.. i-HS. .... .. '.
chliiiieu; nolhlag Ciih fcuriiaa.-, jt iar ir f.
I Hi rx ti.
s'iti MWS l Aaff;
Vviil pro'lnc t'ot'i t-'.
a marve'ou ex
tent, waila it is
soot! li aiod cooitr" to to iji.inl ,
Cs 'A i f.Vi.f -.'
tail " 'eil your PcyM-Ui
w ; , t li Is, una our
woru ior ti, ho w i.l
reoommecd It a'so.
JtU.5 1'iMUK
iasnlBrjdid fur thlrk-
1- .113 VKilt", H'l i
1 w i 11 nfty
".li'Tiit iHt-hin.
CfcA MUSS FAklsr
roid only at wLolo
i.y the
Sit t'ai '.i Pli5 -. i'.
WjJ ds.xi n ew
w wen, Nf.tl, IHintl, thoM'i
JL "ay 01 January, i-"?. Hie pion.l pfp
eriy ct l-,.; e.,-) ul JiiPiaii j'l'iweltf, it
cfteu, hh tiiilcsrs; ti'wo worfe ri'ir,-d
ore rtr.it-r!li rlo.ng i.orsp, awi
C oi ora nxeii, quallly ; S g-md
cows.itwo are now glviog tniik'; 2 yer
iiug hel ers, 7 bbo.-t.t-, S wpi.ps mod a lot
cl narumi 5 I.1OWH, 1 uhovet plow, 2 t
rows, (1 roa tfito) ; li acres of c-jm ia 1.1,0
ftei j, oent Qt;Mi' y ; a tons of bay, t ..': n
e.n of ,o. u ' il:s, A iaj!til lu! ol tfjrtiitjd
oat and a few buacf-lJ of wheat, not very
KO-jd ; a tttfttli lot of hou"-e io; r.in'i-. 1 (.1 o
.rrlckfi, 2 log eiuJ n, '2 rtrit-g'iiif, otiw flr.t
rat: 2 pii-toiH, wi'i soro olhr ti.m h
nually io,iDi oi a (arm 'X;;t. sale oa tue
premlKira lately Occupied by tlec-'lent lu
Kniieht Towisnlp;to begin promptly ai, It
O'tlO S A.M.
1'krmh or'flltr.-All m!i jf three dn:
Iftrs and uii'lr, l.-iij!ti ; snmu 01 over tl' rt-e
doilra a credit of t mve mouiin, toe pi.r.
.t!-''r to t lvo Mi. note with (food Bt cr.i l'y,
wslvlr, iB.iel irj-1 vainal ion or apprsisd
mcrit J.
fo pr.pfrty to be removed from the
preiniies oal.i tbe trm of .3 aro OIQ
j.i. i(h. A. Ij. KuHI.ViOV, Adiu'r.
tvi- .:tis, ind., !.. It, itefl.
lively !!' t
jm deuf to :r,y l- utvi-ty ground 4 oa its
NoAburirb Kokd, oue-loH nine from lie
c.iv.wusrtii atn prepared to till allortlora
pi oittiiiv Hti'l Vi-l.-'i ere, for alivarletn H
of FljfT TKKKS urn' oiher i-urry
oIjci. I hava now on hauu
20,000 Winrsnp Apples,
15.000 HomS' lieaiHies,
And a large assortment of a. I tb leading
varieties of
I'EAU ant
And au extensive and chclce aeiuclion of
General Nursery Stee!r.
All varieties I garranttse to be true 10
, O. .
1 '
i. 'i'i.-.
i 5
.liiiBS 'f-
ia mi
t .
i J
l . I
1 '
' Ik.
W. aJ
? 1
I , ,

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