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IVrry Township, on Mondsy nighttbc Utli
111 . ayouug Buy Horse, three ears oral He had
i, when lie lef.. ue shoe oil foe foot ; had sad-
.1. mark on right shoulder Mask?, anrt WM about
tiiteen hands hi-'h
i : .i i reward ill ! paid (of any information
i- t hi? whereabou JB.
atple-lw'' OWES 1'. DARLING.
'fl.f which the highest market price will be
paid in Cash at JOS. P. ELLIOTT'S,
iil . No. 9 Main Street.
1 cheap (breath No city taxes. For particu-'-trs
address Lock Box C. C. augtitf
21. THAYER, Editor.
S. SIL.VERTIIORX. Associate.
A Word in oar own Behalf.
Self-praise is said to be half scandal,
yet we cannot refrain from a few words
in our own behalf. e teel a lust pride '
r. the appearance of the Journal this
morning. We can't help it. We have
-pent days and nights of wearing toil and
everish anxiety to build up an estab
lishment and paper worthy the city and
ae in which we live, and we are vain
utnjvK a I.a1- ttiai mi , i r
:ast approximating that degree of excel
lence. No one, at least, can justly ac
euse us of not making the best possible
ise of our facilities and resources to
wards accomplishing that object. But
vhile we are not unmindful of our own
exertions, we do not forget the liberality
of our kind friends, through whose pa
ironage and neighborly assistance we
have been enabled to weather many
stormy capes, and to steer through not a
ew ''close places." We shall endeavor
:o prove ourselves worthy the continua"
lion of their kind offices.
To our advertisers, who have been un
usually forbearing for several weeks past,
we tender our thanks. We promise them
till scope for the future. To those who
have never advertised, we suggest they
will be acting the part of wise business
men to inform the world of the character
of their business, and the place at which
it is transacted, through the columns
of the Journal. We have employed Mr.
H. H. Schutz, a steady and reliable
workman, to take charge of the paper as
oreman, and he will devote especial at
tention to classifying and displaying Ad
vertisements to the nest advantage.
To our readers ye will say, we shall
strive to lay before them every morning,
the very latest news. We will use every
instrumentality within onr power to make
the Journal invaluable as a newspaper,
availing ourselves of the ability of
Our "makeup" this morning is a
little changed. Or our first page Till
be found political items and correspon
dence. On the fourth page River Items,
commercial news and interesting miscel
any. The second and third pages will
be set apart for the latest news and local
intelligence. This distribution of read
ing matter makes one page almost as
valuable as another for advertisements.
Nevrs and Gossip.
Still the reports roll in of rebel hosts
marching and concentrating upon Gen.
Roseerans. From all parts of the
outh wherever a refugee or deserter
finds patient listeners and voracious re-
porters we hear of rebel armies march-
Ing against Roseerans. One would think
that, witnin a very few days, the whole
m uB on ni8 oaclc Jits
own rnends are getting nervous and
fidgety, as well as despondent, while cop
perheads are enthusiastically circulating
the report that he has already been de-
ruL ana is in ion retreat With them
me wiau is iatner to the thought and
mucn gooa may its circulation do their
traitorous gizzards! Roseerans is not
defeated, nor is he in retreat He sel
dom retreats and never gets whipped.
The Army of the Cumberland have for
Eotten all they knew about retrograde
movements. During Buell's administra
tion they were trained in that kind of
i. i .
TT) H nJTlVQT-In tn, t) .
& ' Husccrans discarded ' """'"-" h""1.) 'aue tne war,
that species of tactics and it has been ' e?use th eJ did ni change the Consti
w - titftoii
forgotten. Let 'em concentrate, our , I find that Vallandigham warfted the
ooys are ready for them; and wc predict i Republican party to adopt the Critten
tuat Bragg or Johnston, or Lee, or who-i en Compromise to prevent civil war.
ever may command the rebel army will 1 - e h.e jaic? il WU noi prevent it.
nd ,hat hebasth. Wgesl M , JeS fcSSSgSfiJ SB
nana that was ever assigned to any one , foreign war to our present civil war
man to accomplish. i I find that Vallandigham is much op-
Gen. Gillmore is making dilligent ??se,d S? lh war- 7et he 8aid in New
preparations to send Charleston another P J ,Jz Le "ould not f:lvor Peace on
visitation of Greek fire. The huo-e mes-
sengers of destruction are being accumu-
iated at Cumming's Point, while the
r. . , gi;.. , a- e
being moonted. L nless all calculations
fail, Charleston will soon be numbered I
witn tne tninss tnat were If r,S, r. ;
i cu"
could occasion such a consternation with '
two or three shells of Greek Fire, as to
, c - '
extort a cry ot ao-nnv frnm flon rn,
j . "
gard, what may be expected when 14 or
15 of the monsters commence belchintr
i . , , ,
destruction at a much leM range? j
ftpeed the noble work! Let the Sodom ;
of American politics be destroyed. There '
is not a righteous man in it. '
From New Orleans we have meager
accounts of the sailing of an army com
posed of three columns. Its destination
is supposed to be Galveston, Texas. Our
own 11th and 24th Indiana compose a
part of the expedition. If the boys are I
really alter UalveBton, Magruder mat as ,nl tne oanks along the shore to an in
well adopt the tactics of Scott's coon and dffina.ble terminus. The experiments,
come down. ' f efour diff
ent tints, lrom the most delicate and
Wmr mere was a sharp white Irost on
fcaturday morning in this region, and
the weather was very cold for the season.
So far as we have been able to ascertain,
ro material injury wa3 done to the error.
We hear of one field of Irish potatoes,
the stalks of which were killed. Tobac
co was not injured, so far as we could
Yesterday morning there was another
and heavier frost, and we are apprehen
sive that great damage has been done
tobacoo and tender vines.
Take care f the Artillery,
Col. Frybarger, who has charge of all
the artillery in the State connected with
the Indiana Legion, is riow visiting onr
city tor the pncpofee'oi-inspecting our
artilh-i y compaxnjes and placing them on
a more orh.;ient 'boting. He has visited,
alrooili. C it i .i , i
iuujv ui we luwua on mo noruer
and established the
artillerv branch of
the service, scatten 1 along the river,
upon a war footing, so far. at least, as
the furnishing of cannon and equip
ments can accomplish that end. It is
his intention, we learn, to organize two
four-gun batteries in our city and equip
them throughout. One of these batte.
, ries, we presume, will be assigned to the
Union Artillery Company, ami the other
to Capt. Rimroth's comaany. The bat
teries will be
furnished with everything '
to make them complete and effective,
except horses. These, it is supposed,
will be furnished by patriotic citizens
should any sudden change call the bat
teries to the Held.
But it is folly to scatter cannon and
! equipments along the border of the State
j unless they are properly taken care of.
To simdly stow them away in some rick
ety old shed where the rats and dirt and '
rust can prey upon them at will, and !
! where now and then some hard-pushed
horseman can borrow a saddle or such
pieces of harness as his pressing neces
sities may demand, never remembering,
wuuc, io return the same is to
throw the money of the State away. If
Governor Morton kindly provides cities
and towns along the border with the
means of defense, it is due to him it is
due to their safety that those means be
properly taken care of.
The equipments for artillery are very
costly and easily ruined. Harness, un
less properly taken care of, is soon de
stroyed. In the first place, therefore, a
good house ought to be provided in which
to keep the artillery and equipments;
and, in the next place, a good reliable
man should be employed to look after
them and keep them in order. Hitherto,
in our city, these things have been some
what neglected, and the consequence is,
our artillery is not always in that state of
readiness for service, our exposed situa
tion demands. The citizens of Law
rence had little warning for preparation.
The citizens of our own State were as
saulted by Morgan before they had ac
knowledge that an enemy was near.
The vicissitudes of war are sudden, and
should any misfortune befall the Army
of the Cumberland, we might have the
rebels upon us before we could get things
in readiness to give them a suitable re
ception. We urge upon the Council, therefore,
as the Representative of the citizens, the
necessity of" providing some good, dry
place in which to keep the batteries sent
here by the Government. We would
keep it in order, and to prevent its being
used for other than its legitimate pur
pose. This, of course, would not take all
of even one man's time, and should be
paid for in proportion to the amount of
work done. If this matter is left solely
in the the hands of the companies, the
artillery will not be preserved as it ought
to be, for the companies are composed
almost entirely of poor laboring men,
who haven't the time to spare, necessarv
to keep everything in proper order. Be
sides, when there is no excitement, and
but few company drills, men and officers
naturally become careless, and do not
take that interest in the '' drudgery" of
! artillerymen, absolutely essential to keep
' a battery in good trim,
' These are but suggestions of our own,
' and W'H go for no more than thev are
worth; but we do think thev should be
: acted upon. v e understand that nthpr
cities have made arrangements of the
kind suggested, and expect to take care
of the State property sent for thir nrn-
j tection. Evansvilie, we are confident,
Wl11 not be behind in this particular.
Jfji-A correspondent of the Dayton
Journal gives te following account of
what he found in the Vallandigham rec
ord :
I have found that Vallandigham want
ed the Union "as it was," yet he wanted
to divide it into four sections.
1 have found that Vallandigham want-
eu me constitution " as it is, yet he said
that tKo PannKKnnn . . 1 .1
any terms.
I find that Valland
1 prophet, yet his prediction, two years
! agt.tnBtEngland would break the block-
i :,;rrniToZ
I prediction. 0 16
I firjd that Vallandi?ham is
an enemy
lu a" l"se wno oo not oliev t hp. flnnati. !
tlltinn anA h 1 1.
"k"ii . laws yet those who have I
ttf !
j tt ,, umijricna.
I hnri thnr V.alliinirrbn i
, -..-uu.guam uaa uiacover-
ed difference between a foreign war
f Dd VTeseTt civ1 j yet he has
taught no one what the d ffereuce would
be ff the rebels would destroyTe lnion
with foreign help, or with his help only,
t 7 "T
tSEJfe r6Cet .DUmbcr of
vut. vcwuiuia j. ui mci contains an ac
count of the discovery of paint mines
near Martinez. The mine of lead or
ochre substances begins about three
hundred yards from the main street of
Jlartinez, and extending to a very cot
0;,t.v.l j: .1 " .u. t. A .. l
leads go down below the bay, and extend
r. rrz:u" ? "er.n.:. "e i
son snacies ot dove color to the
brijiht- .
fsc terminion. Itis evident that there
J ear8- ;
t... Taw ,. r rT ,
Built. DridW u ?0,Si UrT,1,n !
Bull s pride has ju5t been lowered in a ,
most hnm.hating manner. For months
the London newspapers have been filled
with accounts of the wonderful ascent of
Mont Blanc and other Alpine mountains
by adventurous Englishmen, and British ,'
pluck and energy have been praised to
-dS'i "a mp 8TapenD? ra i
fi l l aoW flench lady of sixty-!
five climbed Mont Blanc last week with ;
a single guide.
m mi h MtjMlM,
From the MatSpUin Bitfletir
"he inembcra bf the Union Sthtc Com
i Wejl Tennessee ha v received
followin report ot the iiroceediiiirs
ot a meet in" ot I uion men held in tin
17th Civil District Hardemah county, on
the 29th ult. We would earnestly reeotii-
mtMiainoiracuonioinepc-i.pie everywncre
in our uivision oi me suue, aim respect
fully urre them to emulate the example.
Through the instrumentality of such
meetings as this, Tennessee may le j
speedily brought to enjoy the blessings of
peace, and material prosperity, by being
placed again under the action of consti
tutional law, uutramnieled by military ;
necessities. The rebellion having been !
entirely overthrown in our State, and
even far south of our borders, it only re
mains for the loyal men of Tennessee to
take the necessary measures to restore
her local government, when she will
again resume her position in the Union,
and recover from the blighting effects of :
anarchy and all its comcomitant evils.
The following resolutions were adopted
by the meeting;
Resolved, That we this day petition
and pray in good earnest to get home
again, by passing our once prosperous
and happy State into the great family of
the United States.
Resolved, That we ask Gov. Andrew
-Johnson to "'issue writs of election for
members of the Legislature," pledging
ourselves to support no man for any
office whatever, unless he be loyal.
Resolved, That we recommend to our
sister civil districts, in this county, to
hold public meetings, expressing like
' crto,-ana that we will atany
time meet them in county convention at
Bolivar, by sending representatives to
the same.
Resolved, That Moore Ray, Charles
McCommons and David Thompson be
appointed by us as delegates to attend a
county meeting at Bolivar, whenever
such a meeting is called.
From the United Irishman (Dublin) Aug. '29.
Irish Advice to Irishmen in America.
From the tone of the British journals
we are induced to believe that England
is at the bottom of the resistance to the
draft for the Federal army. It is quite
natural that men should be opposed to
conscriptions of the kind, and that, such a
measure would be more especially up
popular in a free country like America.
It is, therefore, the more easy to stir up
opposition to it. English gold is at work
in New York. Her emissaries are there
taking advantage of the popular preju
dices, and doing more damage to the
cause of the Union than if she had actu
ally recognized the independence of the
SnntViprn Srotp
The London Times has an article,
gloating over the anticipated resistance
of Gov. Seymour to the draft. It would
certainly be playing the game of the en
emy to perfection. England would give
the Governor am;,! i r-.ds sterling if
lie could be indue : . ke such a step.
It might tend to tie pu nidation of the
war, or the destruction oi the Union, but
most unquestionably to the complete an
nihilation of Irish influence in America,
and an end of all hope for the freedom
of fatherland in our generation. Let
tbeui stand, till the last, by the flag that
has been borne alongside their own in
battle, and under whose fold3 alone they
can find freedom and protection.
completed, and will be opened on the 1st
of ( ctober. This is the largest hotel in
the L nited Mates, borne idea of its di-
j tensions may be gathered from the fol-
owing figures and comparison with the
Continental at Philadelphia:
Eront, 335 feet.
Doptli,... Itt4 feet.
Dining Boom, 90x47 feet.
Capacity (gunats) 800 to 900.
272 feet.
227 feet.
45x233 feet.
I,2e0tol 400.
The Lindell is seven
stories high
clusive of basement It height from
sidewalk to cornice is 112 feet. The two
dining rooms are divided b7 a carvinir
room, j uai part oi tne dining room
i- i i fr. .
. . III j.t.i ty Ully UllUUg I UOni
wn as the gentlemen's ordinary, is
by 45; the ladies' ordinary is 45 by
yih while the carvinsr room, which onn
be thrown open to unite both dining
rooms, is 55 by 45. On the same floor.
and immediately off from the carving j
room, is a large Kitchen, WJ by 4.) feet,
and 20 feet high.
The bricks laid in the walls would be
' be sufficient to pave an area of thirty
eight acres. This is in addition to 8.000
perches of rubble masonry in the founda
tion; 35,000 cubic feet of cut stone in
the fronts; 740 tons of cast and wrought
iron; twenty-seven acres of plastering;
810 windows; 650 inside doors; 3,240
pounds of copper for gutters; the plate
glass used would cover an acre of ground;
the floors seven acres, the sheetings or
wash board, laid in a continuous line,
would reach thirteen miles; and if a
boarder desires to take a walk beforp
breakfast, he may travel through the wide
j and lofty corridors one mile and a quar
ter without going over the same floor a
! second time. Beside the marble floor
! ing and other flaincr. 30.000 feet of
flooring boards have been laid, requiring
30,000 yards of carpet to cover them;
i2 tuns of sash-weights were used; 16,
OQO feet of gas-pipe, 120,000 pounds of
lend and 30,000 of iron pipes to supply it
with water, besides 87,700 feet of steam
pipe for heating it. Thirty-two miles of
hell wire arc used, and three water
tanks or reservoirs, into which thirty
thousand gallons of water are taken up
auu uisuiuutea to an parts ot the house,
rest upon the roof.
The actual cost of the building is
$950,000. which, with the ground (valued
at S326,400, and makes the whole value
$1 ,270,400, not to a peak of furniture
1200,000 worth of which is now being
imported and put in. So that when the
house is completed text month, the
whole property will have cost nearly a
million and a half of dollars.
A Puksentatiox. Paris letters say
thnt I,o olK.o, L-a. t k -e aa-
vjoUl mc viijr OI illBi-
ico. which were received some time aro
b; the Emperor Napoleon,, are just now
uie suDject oi no mue satire amone the
-7 ,Jn - t. . J5
wits of Paris. It has been recently dis
covered, people insist, that the kevs
were manufactured some months ao "in
Paris, after a pattern submitted to the
Emperor and Empress for their appro
val, and that they were sent to Gen. Fo-
rey, who received them from the Mexi
cans, to whom they were lent, and then
duly returned them to the Emperor at
leny. liiey are now in a militaty Mu
seum, with the Mexican guns uresented
to the Prince Imperial, and are said to
bear no marks ot antiquity. It is hinted
,l,.,t 4k 1 f-. J
"it guiu diau ncie uiauuiaaureu ai
Paris after apped b7 the Em-
Hkaw Hail. The Sl Louis Repub
lican of Thursday, reports the most vio
lent hail storm we have heard of this
year. It occurred in St. Charles county.
a4o , on Friday night of last week, and
cornfields were complctly stnpped of the
corni leaving the sulks bare, and the
,r" havinS the appearance of being
pounded in a mortar One man was
Killed and otl e hSouSH nlured byThe
hailstones. Pigs i "2ers were kflled
and the next day cart d- o"d "ekB
were taken from the M u i,
Claier, killed by the hail. Fabulous T
ries are told about the size of the ha ?
gentleman tells us that he saw one
stone which, after being kept in an ioe
chest two and a half days, was still as
iarge M a g008e
b"r THK fe; A ,
Exclusively for the Jouiiia. .
Very Latest from New Orleans.
MM TK. !
Two of out' Guu-bnat Destroyed and
Captured "War wtk England not
Improbable -Lower Potomac In
fested OTtfk Rebels Rebel heavily
Reinforeed by Bragg-Roiccrans'
Situation becoming Precarious.
New Yoke, Sept. 10. The steamer
Cromwell, from New Orleans 12th, ar
rived at 1 o'clock. News meagre.
Gen. Grant's wound was much better,
and he would be able to start for Vicks
burg in a few days.
The health of the city was better than
for years. No yellow fever. General
Shipley had arrived.
Ihe World's New Orleans correspon
dent, writing on the 11th, gives some ac
couut of the movement probably on
Texas, in three columns, under Gens.
Franklin, Washburn and Herron.
The gunboat Clifton, while passing
through Sabine Pass, was exposed to a
raking fire, which reduced her to a total
wreck' killing and wounding all on board.
The gunboat Sachen, which was in com
pany with the Clifton, was captured.
The Tribune's special says, in a private
letter received to-day. our Consul at. Lmt.
cipooi says one of the Aiiglo rebel rams
is ready for sea, and expresses the
dreaded opinion that the British Govern
ment will take no steps to prevent her
from sailing. There are those who con
sider Mr. Dudley's views regarding the
probable course of Great Britain as more
entitled to credence than the opposition
ones which Mr. Adams has frequently
reiterated, and who apprehend open war
as the inevitable result of the secret hos
tilities to the country practiced by Eng
land. An inmate of the Libby Prison writes
on the 8th of August that twenty of our
officers and soldiers are quartered there.
and they are well and comfortable as
could be expected under the circum
Private letters from officers in Rose
crans army, more than confirm all that
has been printed touching the numerous
desertions from the rebel army in front
ot the army ot the Cumberland, dunno-
the march to Chattanooga.
Not far from 1,(300 of these fugitives
from the rebel service came within our
The lower Potomac is not thoroughly
cleared oi reoeis.
Thirty or forty mounted men were
seen opposite Mud Point yesterday, and
there is information leading to the belief
that the captors of the Satellite and Re
liance are in Cone River with boats,
waiting an opportunity to capture the
guard lort at Pine Point.
ANewberne letter of the 15th, to the
Herald, says intelligence from the front.
aunounces the arrival of a large force of
the enemy at Kingston cavalry, infant
ry and artillery. The main body con
sist8 of cavalry, which is reported to be
Imboden 8 trotn Virginia.
1 hn iiot'l I vtT id coin in nNnika I I n i i
-' '"uun cTfrt'i i i i troops HI"C 1U t; II 1 1 1 j ii rCi
as being among the new arrivals IU
tween 30,000 and 35,000 rebel troops
passed through or were within the vicin
lty of Ralleigh a few days since.
Alfred Stanley, brother of Ex-Gov.
Stanley, was arrested in Little Washing
ton a few days ago by Lieut. O'Brien.
Stanley lived in the " vicinity of Little
Washington, a mile and a ' half from
town, and is a substantial and influen
tial citizen of secesh proclivities. He
seems to be sincere in his opinions, and
is not inclined to let an opportunity slip
to show his hatred of Yankees. He is
reported to have passed our lines and de
nounced l 111011 CltlZeUS in k'illtratr,.,
thereby causing their arrest, and commit
ted other acts in detriment of the inter
eats of the government.
On his arrest, Stanley said he had done
nothing but what he believed to be his
nuty, and would do it again. He is now
in vv ashington lail.
A Fort Monroe letter to the Herald of
tne nth, states that yesterday, four men
in the uniform of rebel soldiers, arrived
at Newport News. They proved to be
iour ot our men, who had thus disguise'd
themselves to facilitate their escape.
They were captured July 18, in the first
charge of our troops at Fort Wagner.
They state that for some time past
four or five trains per day have been
running troops through Richmond south.
The day of their departure the city was
...uiuiuuLcu wun camp nres and crowded
with troops, all doubtless being hurried
towards Charleston.
The fortifications of Petersburg are
said to be quite formidable. Thev pas
sed through lines of troop without 'bein
interfered with. "
The same letter states that rumors are
in circulation that Leo is deserting the
whole State of Virginia, to join Bragg.
Charleston, it is rumored, was shelled
for five days and completely destroyed.
This was said to be communicated by
parties from Atlanta.
From the Army of the Cum
Mo Battle up to Last Mglit-Sharp Ar
tillery Dnels eaterday The Two
Armies Fronting each other-Bragg
Rtlnf"r'' m r.rii'a I n ,
crans m strong d,w ru,u,u
A Battle may take place amy day.
Louisville, Sept 18. Rumors have
been prevalent here the past three days
of the reverses of Gen. Roseerans' army,
all of which have been discredited by
military authorities. They probably
arise from the fact that Sunday last a
rebel force of 16,600 strong, attacked
Negley's brigade, 5,300 strong, at Bird's
dan mnA .I,...,-. 4La. . V I
"fi uua mem luree nines. ieg
ley recovered his ground next morning,
with a loss of 35 in killed, wounded and
missing. Our forces baried oT rebels
found on the ground on Monday even
ing. The number of their killed and
wounded which had been removed is un
known, bnt is supposed ro be consider
able. Hkadqiakters Army Cu.mheri.ani.
In thk Field, Sept 18. ,
All quiet, though constant ski rmisliin"
along the line, and frequent dashes of
cavalry of both armies- The enemy does
not appear anxious to attack, although
they apparently intend to dispute our
further advance, and remain in constant
ly increasing force immediately iu front
a few miles distant The rebels are re
ceiving heavy reinforcements of old sol
diers from Lee's army.
Longstreet passed through Augusta on
the 10th and 1 1th bv rail to
The advance, it is thought, reached La
fayette. The rebels have been moving
through the gap of Pigeon Mountain, an3
forming a line this side, as if to attack.
Roseerans has assumed a strong defens
ive position on Chacamanga creek, cov
ering Chattanooga. He evinces no dis
position to attack at present Prepara
tions to do so cannot all be; completed for
a few days, when a battle must ensue.
Gen. Stanley of the Cavalry Corps, is
very ill, and lias eone to the rear. Ran
R. B. Mitchell succeeds him in command.
i.ASriySept. IS-All reft''fts of an en
iH3Teot here are false The enemy
fas bean busy today feeling our line,,
incTartilTery duehi have beta brisk, with
few casualties. Thev infty be getting
into position tin- attacking to-morrow.
Little doubt remains that either Lonjr
street or Kv.ell s corps are here. Any
day may bring on an engagement. The
public will be daily informed of the le-
olnn,"n Jl"1' progress of a battle, if any
Pond Sphin(;, Oil , Sept. 17, The ene
my still hold a strong force at Catlett's,
Dug, and Bluebird Gaps of Pigeon Ridge.
The position is a strong one, and ihe
rebel army reinforced, as it has doubtless
been, from Lee's and .loc Johnson s ar
mies, confronts its.-
The Southern journals ciaiui a largely
superior force. I have just i. en a late
Chattanooga Rebel, now published at
31arietta, tia. It contains a call fiv.w
the overnor of the Stae for all who can
supply themselves with arms to repair to
tneir nearest railroad stations :or trans- ,
portatioato Bragg's army. The Cover-
nor in tortus the people toat. he has al
ready sent forward 15, 000 men.
Ihe liebel exults over the effects of the
call, saving that the stations are alive
with men who desire to be sent forward '
to Bragg. Lee'scorpshas already joined j
lhts morning early a force of rebel
cavalry dashed into Crittenden's pickets,
when a brisk little skirmish occurred.
Later in the day the rebel skirmishers
advanced, under cover of two howitzers,
and drove in our pickets. They were
met and driven back to the forest at the
foot of the monntn!", from which place
they were shelled our shots eliciting no
reply. The demonstration was doubtless
made to cover rebel designs on our- lft,
against which, it is believed, thei are
massing their forces.
Later from Charleston atllmore
Erecting Heavy Battertoa on Cum.
mlngs Point Rebel Kit Ing Inaffec.
New Youk, Scut 19. The steamer
McLelland. from Morris Inland on the
morning of the Idth, has arrived.
Gillmore was mounting heavy gnns at
Commings' Point to shell Charleston.
The rebel fire from James Island con
tinues, hwt is not very effective.
Sumter is still held by the rebels.
Storm on the Lower Potomac Two '
fecnooners Capslaed.
Washington-. Sept. 19. During the
storm yesterday, among other damage,
two schooners were capsized, and the
rain destroyed crops, the streams were
swollen, and the Railroad bridge at Lau
ral was carried awav.
Indianapolis, Sept. 18. The 115th.
110th, 117th atari U8th Regiments of
Indiana Volunteers, together yyith the
23rd Battery and two companies of cav
alry, have left for the seat of war within
the past two days. Seven of the new
regiments recently authorized -will be in
fantry and four cavalry.
Gov. Morton arrived at Vioin Ohhh
W.ishingtou this morning.
Ktver and Weather.
Cincinn ati. Sept. 19. River has fallen
5 inches, with 'Il feet in the channel.
Weather cloudy. Thermometer G0.
No. 20 Mair, Street,
HM, Brtii.
Tablets, Si i..,,:
Kniyea, 'Watch Keys, Snard
.,",'"'b vs' KeleV Wn, Tape rMMSWM
moggies, SpectucW. T.l,er- !
in, .motors, trench Harps, Pop Guns. War. .
Beit ( Imps,
ties, Marbles
ChesHuiBii, Dolls, dojuu.t t.n.
steel I
I Pens. P utiles. Games. Ruht... u tXTI
Jewelry, Violin StriUKS, Work 'bo. 1
.p ,r , "' "" enc, work ana
Travel,,- Bankets, At., Ao.. it wholesale and re-
cW l L
DRUGS, &c.
WM H. P. sronnATm
DTHV -Main Street,
i.ui'oim;n, m axcfactubeb. asd dual-
A er in Drus, Mr-iieines, Chemicals, Oits, Paints
Tarnhhea, (,!,, Brushes, lamps, y Stuffs, ami
all aiti. k-, usually kt-nt in a first claa Bruit More
wjtfc I laMg an I varied assortment of Patent Mel
UMiies and P.rfumery, toiretlrwithererT deserin
tion , of Aiiibrotyiwana, PhutograU, Goods, con
sistn.g. f (.,,. t'uomicals. Cases and Franirs,
coA-tHiitly on Land, and sold at reasonalili- prices!
. Ir' t'T, " Ar,i,t" I"m.t I,
attended t, and forwarded, as Jnstrocted.
1 O A J, OI L A suiwriur, art icle ; white Mdn"a7
fV 'J niod-rous, for aale by the gallon or bar
rel, ut 17 Mum street.
X-J at 1, Main street.
A At .S TO PDA RD'8, 17 Main strost.
Sheriffs Sale No. 159.
sued out of the Office of the Clerk of the Van-derbm-gh
C ircittt Conrt, in faror of Rudolph Kchr
and agamst Christian Bippus and others, I will,
on 1
MONDAY, October 12th, 1863,
Bntwpen i he hours ollO o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clo, k
P. M. of said dav. at tbo doornf tk. n.,. if
L" , !? C!ty f ETanv''. Indiana, ofTer for sale, at
Public Auction, the Rents and Profits for thtrm
or seven years of thu following described Real Fs
tate, to-wit :
lol No. two (2), In Block one hundred and
thirty-one (IM. in what ... f,,...!,. .v .
of Lamasco City, now annexed to the City of
Eransriile. in ths comitv nf v.,j..i u
State of Indiana, according to, the recorded plat of
said town of Lamasco Ci.!
And should said RenWand Profits not fell for a
siim sufficient to satisfjr said writ and costs, I will
av the same time and place, offer for sale the Fee
Simple of said premises.
P. Maier, Pl'ffs Att'y.
T,tt,i..v?ct,-rE4f' FAJE OF THE
hei.l KITS i-0"",7 AgricilTtural Societj will, bo
held In the Fair Grounds near New Haruacny. on
rand'i.h' 'M'Uy U,J J"""dy. October',."
sen?, tf ? rC0X- '""Went.
I'1"11 L. PKLHAMSec y.
Evansvilie & Crawftignisville
Railroad Co.
Evansvilie, Ind., Sep. 10, 18fiS I
NnualM "a? V THAT THE
n. v 1 T f'iSot StecKnoJdawain this Com
pauj will be hold at th. Court House, in the City
HvVrf?fl "t',ontMoy. the 5th dar of October
next a It) o clock a. m., at which time an Ktoc-
ii"tB. be-heMfor thirtwn directors, to try
for the ensuing vear.
By order of the Board
""P15-" -IQ11X A. MAKTIS, Secfy.
MUCH 4 ARLSTEUT, Affentfi.
V equal to any made, and at Cincinnati?
j n o applhHU to the Agents,
Sale of Real Estate.
& T nTtnu ........
V1"'!'" o ne.Ht.UY GIVEN TH T THt
House, in the city of Evansvilie, on the 3d da " ol
October, 18113, between the hours of 10 oVln? 1
1. aim 1 o clock p. m. of aid dav at nnl.11 ..
tion, the following described roi? estasHuated
in the said county of Vanderburgh , to-wit : LoU
No. twoM and three 3), in Blo?k No. sta (6j, in
t ie Northern Enlargement of the City of Evan.,
vlll,-, upon the following terms to-wit
fourth of the purchase money to be paW SSk,
oue quarter ,n four mouths, oae-quarter in eight'
mou h., and one-quarter In twelve months il l
pur, baser g ving his.note. for the deferred pav
u.ets with interest, without any relief whatever
fron. valuation or appraisement law. secured bv
mortgage upon the premises. ' ttcwa b
Aug. 21, 1M3.-W4W AdBTnTsfratrix.
loshiia Jones, deceased, by vtue of The "d r o
tiie Ooart of Common Pleas oi V.nrier ,
County. Indiana, will .n SlE. IL j'J&V"
Hardware, f
GEO. S.S0NNT.6&C0.,
J.obbevs and Importers.
Hardware and Cutlery.
to I
O -.r Fall Stock being very
-i , , j ..t
?arSQ and Complete, W6 Can
oflor to our Customers and
. ,.. . . 'i i. i sr. .(! a1-
I he Trade, Good3 that can-
HOt fail t pleaSG in Style,
Quality and Price. Our
Stock is now bought for
Cash, and prices reduced.
We offer the lollowing in
Large quantites:
TABLB ri Tl.FRY, EuglUh.
TABLK I'tTilSy, Amerl-ii.
10CKKT Cl'Tl.t'B Y. j
cnoi'Pis; jxt.
hiiEAsa and murtoaa.
KO. 8. SON9ITAG t CO.,
Wo. 10 Main Street.
Hsive received a complete
stock of
PurclianeU aud Imported direct from the
Enabling us to offer inducements to Pur
chasers rarely found in the West. We
call the special attention of Dealers to
our large and well selected Stock, con
8ifiting iu prt of
Axes All the celebrated
Chains Log, Trace and
Table and Pocket Cutlery,
Shovels and Spades,
Cotton and Wool Cards,
Wheel Heads,
Weaver's Reeds,
Spinning Wheels,
Locks, Latches, Butts and
Gun Trimmings,
Brass Kettles,
Shot Guns,
Rifles and Revolvers,
Chain Pump Fixtures,
Hollow Ware,
Dog Irons,
Gum Belting,
Japanned Ware,
Notions Large Stock.
No. 13 Pint Street.
OitJfT lorxntli'.v-.
Manufacturers and Builders of
Steam Engines and Boilers,
Saw antf Grist Mill Ma
chinery, Tobacco Screws,
Gumming Machines,
Chinese Sugar Cane
1 ry beg lev to inform thfir friDd and IM :
public in 0$mmi, that lhT n jirfparmi to do all
kinds of
Machine & Fiiii stung Work
And overrtniwr. appertaininK to the Foundry t-M-iu.
Taej are nianoncturiiig Steam iBgiooa
and Pollers of anT fiw and pewrr required. Saw t
Mill Machinery and Mill Gearing or any air' ; Pla- ;
tillery and Mining Machinery, Tobacco Screws,
Gumming Machines, Tbreebing Machines, Malt 1
Mills, Horsepowers, Corn Shellera, Machinery "
all kinds made and repaired ; Iron and Brass Cast
ings of cttv description. Iron House Fronts, Cel
lar Grate, e. Cooking and Heating Stores of the
latest improved patterns ; Hollow Ware, Dog
lrt.ua. Ac.
Brewers, Distillers, Rectifiers, &c.
upplied with evt-ry description of Copier and
-hect Iron Work, Brewing Kettles, Befrlgerators, ;
Attriuporatora, Sparges, Bullheads and Worms on !
at, improved principle, Columns for Alcohol Stills.
Yeast Jugs, Can. Syphons, Ac. . Copper, Lead and
Iron 1 ' i i -; opp-r, Brass and Iron Pumps of everj
variety, for 1-er. Spirits, Oil, c. Brass Cocks and
Vatves, Steal t Whistles, Ac.
wrkmtn ..ml to all parts to fit up work and do
repairs on St. aw Boilers, Copper and Sheet Iron
Work, Ac
Old Metals Bought.
The are dealing in and Belling Allen's inr.prev
ed Steam Onage, Wrought Iron Welded Pipes and
Tulibiug, Hiram Hopkins' Improved Smnt Ma
chines, Stephen Hughes' Flour Separators, German
Boltinr Cloth. Gum Elastic Beltinir. Packintr.
Hose, Ac, of the best kind ; Tinplate, Sheet Iron I
Block Tin. Pig Iron, Babit Metal, Spelter, Firr I
"hey have every facility of the beat Machinery I
saw workmen, and will give all work entrusted to I
h ' i, their individual attentien, filling orders I
p.-omptly, warranting theirwork, and are satisfied :
with r"Hj)nabIe prices.
Oafuj r.d Sale Kooms, Foundry. Boiler-vard
I Machine Shop on Pine atseet, between First and i
irnnil ntteet, (.vansville, Ind. dec?
Commissioner's Sale of Valuable
Real Estate.
I dnted by the Vanderburgh Circuit Court in '
a suit in partition wherein Bofihia D. Gridley and !
.tii-r are delcaiaM. ! make sale of the Real 1
Estate UdoiiKing t6 the artie to mid suit to-wit : '
To the heirs or Horace Dimhain ueouned will, in :
pursuance of the decree of suid C,.urt OB tin- 2th !
day of OeuMser, IStft, between in o'clock a. m.and I
S o'clork p. in., at the Court llonae dour, in the
City of Evansvilie, Indiana, proceed to aell at
Public Auction, the following described Real Es- i
tare lo-wu : All inose tracts or parcels or laud anu
town lots lying and being in tne County of Van
dVrburg and State of Indiana, known anil describ
ed as follows : The uorlh-east quarter of section
thirty-two (32) tho south-west quarter of sec
tion thirty-two (Ai), the west half of the ,t
half of tiie annta east quarter of section thirty,
two (32). and the south half of fractional section
thirty-one C'.l i. all in township six . .rh !
range ten (lU)woit,lii theVinccunea Lanl District.
Also, all those parts of fractional sections live and
six (5) and (i), in township seven (7),t.outhof
range ten (10) west, contained within the following
boundary : that Is to say, commencing at tua cor
ner of fractional si-ctlou thirty-one (81), in town
ship six (), which corner is situate on the bayon
bank nearly opposite the Green Kit. r Island, and
! running thence east twenty-hve (xS) chains and
forty-eight (4H) links to the north-west corner of
i fractional section five (S), township seTeu
, 7.. tlirii.e running east on the township .line
i nfty (.) rhains. thence south nine (9) chains
j and nfty.six (ofi) links, thence weat seventy
; three (7:1) chains and forty-four (44) links to tiie
j top of the above mentioned bayon bank, thence
I along said bayou bank to the place of bcirfnnini;.
j i-ontaiuiug 71 18-100 acres. Also, the north-
wet quarter of the outh-weat quarter of sec
I tion sixteu Ifflk in township seven 7i south.
! of rane eleven (11) west. Alto, louone hundred
ami eighty -six. the inside half of lot one hundred
i ....l ; . ...; ,k. 1... if ..; --: i , ... .
. (. 1 1 ' uiliri, -nv , l-u, iiuk mi- .... I u, b.iih lUl ' IJ ' 1 11 -
lun IV, ' ' , Ml'l I o I i-'i orillt .11, to"., A 11UI
running from front to rear, through the center
thereof, lots one hundred and ninety -eight, two I
nTr.anff two MiiiKiirt and tBtrrr'. li, di'of '
197, l'.8. 211, 23i . and 23.J,) all in" the Donation I
Enlargement ,,t the City . f Evansvilie. Also, lot '
eiKht m and the adjoining half of lot nine (9). 1
luioir Place, K,:irsville, said lot 18 being subject '
to lease for th- term of five (5) years from the 1st :
day of Septemlwr, 1850, at a yearly rent of three 1
hundred dollars, and 60 feet of the south-east end i
of said lot23ri is subject to a lease from the 1st day
. ,u, ,1 iCrm oi eleven vear, at
a ground rent of eighty dollars per year. '
The, aboe described lands comprise over 550
Koroafn a body adjoiuging this city, which are
l'latied mto garden lots, and will be sold in small
parrels to suit pun haaers. of which m..
seen at the office of Asa Igleheart.
TERMS. One-fourth cash, th remainder in
three equal annual installment, to be secured by
notes with approved surety waiving relief laws i
ami bearing interest. HIKAM NELSON.
Asa 1,.
EHEART. ('oinilllRllioTier
1J in the ill of M. W. Foster. riwMiul .n
i as an order of the Court of Common Pleas of Van-
derbnrgh county, the undersigned will offer for
V' , , . A,""",on THURSDAY, the 15th
! day of October, 1803, between 10 o'clock a. m. and
j to clo k p. ni., at the Court House door, in the
E-Ute- a""V C foUowin8 bribed Real
Item 1. The corner part of Lot 3G, Old Plan of
Evansvilie, bei g 40 f et front on Maiu
street by 90 feet deep r;nt stree
with the three story brick (doubte) a.ore
situated thsreon, the first stories n jw oc
cupied by John Healer and J. P. Elliott.
Itm 2. The lot of ground adjoining the above,
commencing on First street 90 feet from
the intersection of Main street, thence
along First street 32 ftet, more or Ies to
uie center oi tne partition wall dividing
the store now owned by J. G. Veneman
Horn the store now occupied by Goldman
Berg & Co., thence at right angle with
Mrs street along the center of said par
tition wall 70 feet mors or less to the out
side of the rear wall of said storei, thence
at right angle towards Main street 3"
feet more or less, to the line of the Lot
owned by Charles Viele, thence at right
angle to the place of beginning, with the
buildings situated thereon; alio, an
alley in the rear of said propertv, 10 feet
' . r ePl irever opened.
The first floors of said building are now
uci-upivu ay u. copeland and Goldc
aIJ a o.
It 3. The lot of ground on the corner of Lo
cust and Water street., being 150 feet on
Water street and 150 feet onLocnst street
known as lots 7 and 8 Old Plan of Evan,.'
ville, with the two brick warehouses sit
uated thereon, now occupied by the U S
Quartermaster, and the brick and frame
dwelling aud store adjoining
Its The undivided one-half 01 Lot 1 aubdi
vi.ionLot 200, Donation Enlargement of
Evansvilie, being corner part of said lot
having 2o feat front on Fourth or Market
street, and 80 feet on Locust s.reet to a
ten foot alley, with the common privilKC
of same. 1 "
1t. 3. The undivided one-half of Lot 2 subdl.
vi.ton Lot 200 Donation Enlargement
Evansvilie, adjoining the above, naving
-' . feet front on Fourth or Market street
and 4, deep, to the alley in the rear
with the common privilegeV the aSe'
Itkh 6. The undivided one-half of Lot 3. subdi
rision Lot 200. Donation Enlarge' nt of
Evansv.lle adjoining the aTavL.
25 feet front on Fourth or Market strt
Slh?hfcet deeP' "erin the ret;' I
with the common privilege of the same
7 T.h. .undivided one-half of W Vo
subdivision of Lot SOS Donatio,; Tvli 4
tuentof Evansvilie hshLt WtSS"
on Locust strJt and Trfeft. rfj;0nt !
street wit!, k. ,0 leet on Dunham
X a ev th0encoon privilege of the '
cether v. 7,1 h.e "onth-west side, to
frame norl 1. h9 br,ck none and
frame pork house situated on the same.
itkw 8. The undivided one-half of to, r, ,
sTuatedfban8TiUSWith th wooden "fed ;
toChnwT.JSr1 Md rU"nin' ,hrh i
lT"" Vi vir.on"a:h,If of
ii f KMttrn Enlargement of Ft
ansvuie mvi 4g feet f cn
urcrtr J rn,"""
given at very short notice
v .1 ... ' i"oeraion can t
any one desi
riUlt to hnrrV.... '
J me tmlimtitnl.h-
property and see plats o'f i, b r, .nrTi" ."il" ,n
Foster A Co.
PPl.vingat George ; At
and Canal. ",u" 01 J'0f11" Mivet
a ' - ' ueorge
"V,nS,. third
cha.er giving o,e,w,' u 'he
Ing interest, and waiving reliefliw. -
r.v. IUM-JSK, I
juun w. Foster ,-Erutor.
Bvansville, Sep,. i2, 18ri3 31 -
- ' o-vu w jx XV. I " ,
THE A Rnvi- d, .
k,U g
of eiasrr.v il, "m? 'ix-atedly broke- lights
yard .. ,v.i Thompson's .house, porch or
g?' 1 thla outrage can be done from no other
direction on the broken window. ; or for the oon
vlctton of any person who may hereafter parpe
trate such diabolical actioos.
. ED from New York City, where be baa par-
cbased the i . p-st and finest stock of Goods, which
they .ftVr at very low : riots a:
I E T A. I L, -
They call the special attention of the Country
Merchants and vicinity at Urge. The stock com
prises the finest selection of
Fine Gold and Silver WATCHES,
o Jin o o 3ESL a ,
I 1-sM l
EYE GLASSES, &c., &c.
Also, a large stock of the very beat brands ot
Manufactured In the United States.
Pine full Tea Sets,
Pioe Casters,
Pine Cake Baskets,
Pine Card Baskets,
Cups and Goblets,
Tea, Table and Desert Spoony,
Tipped, Beaded & Threaded Forks.
Soup Ladles, Fruit Knives, and
Napkin Kings,
Children's Setts of Knives, Forks
and Spoons ;
Also, a large stock of Gold Feni
All of which we offer at Wholesale and Retail
I l.frepurthasiug elsewhere
at very low hgures. Call and examine our it' ck
P. I..
No. 28 Malm Street,
(One door above First, l
N. B.
Personal attention paid to repairing
i Watch
Wholesale and Retail.
Has just opened at the old stand
Oue of the largest and best selected stocks of
X E3 3 X H. "X",
Diamond Rings and Pins,
Silver Ware,
Silver Cups, Soup Ladles,
Table and Tea Spoons,
Kapkin Kings, Butter Knives.
Childrens' Setts, &c.. Ac.
Plated Ware, Full Tea Sots,
Castors, Pitchers, Cups,
Butter Dishes, Salt-Cellar,
Goblets, Jewelry,
A full assortment of all kindt of
Watch Materials,
Watch Glasses, &o, &c.
Having bought my stock for Cash, I can sell al
the lowest fignres for Ca.li fall and sxamlni my
Stock before mnehof,,.. .1 i "-maiummj
w -.. , is urn,
No. 8 Main Street.
sepS n .
And can furnish the trade with
t o m .
Country Hollow-Ware,
X fefrT & '
prices which
-vo. 70 .llaln Street.
Notice to ivtx-Payers.
TVOTIPP. is ni-,.,.t!V f;ivvv- tuu
PYK. Ll'' .,oi.. .n.ville,
that I
rir ., , "e - ',rk of the
& con'tained-ia DicaT" "
thUtyrsnfrou.,K-T,U,cir ln
ffiUu?if tht"r di -titled to .,
those d, ln ., J? T f h amount, aud
uTwitS n?ii 1 t,,e P''ion of thirty dV.

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