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r- .--"! '..Ti
. . . w' . . -.it ' . -
Evansville stud Crawfordsville. j
- Leave -' Arrive'.' Arrive.
Evansville. Vincennes. T. Haute
Aceora'od't'n, 5 HO A M 1 10 :27 a m 4 :15 P M
MaU.- 9U5 a M 11:4T A M 3 4)0 P 2
Vincennes Ac 2:30 p m o:lC p m i
9:15 A M
5:08 p M
8:55 p M
Terre Haute. -.Vincennes.
Vincennes Ac
12:38 P. M
:22p m
Freight & Ac. 6:50 a m
Mail......-.., 8:20 p m
, Terre Halite and Indianapolis: j
. ,- Leave. .-'Arrive.
Night Express......;.;...'...'.' 1 :M A X l24i a m
Accommodation 7:15 a x 6:.x) p m
Mail . 3 :20 P M 11 :lo A M
Express. 4:?.5 p m :20 P M
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad-.
r -5 Obing! East: Uoing W't.
Mail............. 1 :20 p v I 5:35 P m
Express ......... . 10:55 Pfl 6j,00-A"si
Passengers for Si. Louit and, Cairo, leav
ing EvansvtUe At "i-M p. anake elosecon
nection . with the O. & M. R. R. at Vin
cennes; arrive at St. Louis at 1:30 A. sr.,
' and at Cairo at 5 :50 A. m.
, -t Ifc waa a work .of q.6 easy per
formances! change our entire forms,
yesterday, and. put the Journal jin
new type, bome imperfections mjist
necessarily have occurred, vhich will
.be rectified in a da j-4 or two. y
, The excellent speech of Chief
Justice! Chase, complimentary to the
Methodist Church, will be found oh
our second page this morning. .
-JEfiEWe are indebted to our friend
Capk E. Shoenlaub, who arrived, on
the -9 o'clock train, . yesterday morn-
' mgffoT New Albany papers of Mon
.., day eremcg. - . i.. . .' t "
v ; We are also indebted to the eourte-
ous clerks of the grand Armada, for
late New Orleans and Mobile papers
Also the officers of the Mary Ament
- and- Ella Faber, for late favors. 1
JJgjrEfibrts are still being made to
ferret out the mvsterious murder of
tin a AoearntatnA vromnn thaf wn fnnn? !
: :;: a I
oyuic lime riin-c i u tiJc viij. " j
v !
.fore the Grand Jury with the hope of
learning something about the mysteri- '
v ous affair, but as far as we are able to
' learn, no clue has vet been l.ad to the
vperpetrator or-perpetrators of the !
j i j
Before Esqcibe Chute. Frau.
Mundo was arrr.igned before Esquire
-Chute yesterday, and tried on charge
of assault and battery on the person
"of Gotleib Schliidlcf.. fter . hearing
the evidence in the case the Esquire
fined the defendant $5, which, with
costs, amounted to $10 10. '
. Robbed. J. VW. . 31 oliere, Su perin
;tendent of .Public Schools, Lafayette,
went to Chicago on Saturday, a week,
and expecting to stay over Sunday,
: nx ilAf U r
i i - ir uKi. . i
sacK ana soia lueunoa saioou-K.eeper.
The "feelinks" of the aforesaid
a . , . i
.Superintendent on examining his,
. . ft . .nv
- carpet-saefc; after arriving at Chicago,
. -. .,'r . -i'r i
: i.-vJr-. ; . rr&.3 I ' . I
Gymnasium. Those desiring the
- establishment of a gymnasium in the
city, are informed that a subscription
paper has been placed in the hands' of
Mr. IXobell at his book store, on Main
street, where all interested, are re
quested to call and subscribe. The
terms are f 10, for one year, instruc
ieTrruso of' the room and all includ-"
ed. Five dollars are to be paid on
signing the paper, and the balance at
i the time the gymnasium is opened.
The Canal. It is to be hoped that
3 some-good may, come of. jthe discussion
on Monday night relative to water
- works and the canal. That the canal
T f ? great nuisance js ;appr.ent o all,
and it has only been tolerated because
of the manfacturing interests of the
-Vity. As a means of supplying water
for purposes in case of fire, it is of
ne -value at all. That the city' of
... , Jlvansville is financially , in, as good
"condition lo assist in the enterprise of
building water-works as any city' in
the West, -is true. All the bonds
necessary for such a work could be
sold to home men, and nearly at par.
Ui3 Honor, Mayor Baker, stated
that;$75,000 would be a sufficient sum
for the organization of the Company;
usldif such is the case, a we have no
doubt, surely the work should be
,J ioneat once. '."i '
.THE E V AKWIUkE ;i)AIEY:rjpirRy
.7 An IOlj Qtf f dekI 'i Yesterday,
the Sheriff of Spencer county lodged
a man in this county jail, by the name
of William Wade, who is charged with
Mr6 stfaling.S He had-been in jail at
Greenshurgh,- in this State, but made
his escape, and has for some time been
stopping in Spencer county. He is to
be taken forward to-day to Greens
burgh for trial.
" '".Some, time .; since", the same man
brought to this city two horses, which
he disposed, f,! onc for '140 and the
other for $G0. Circumstances - that
transpired then led to his jarrest by
Sheriff JriarliAgpaadHlils "loifinement
in jail for a time, but no direct proof
of guilt .being1 established,; he -was re
leased. Before his release, however;,
he was obliged to' deposit the money
.paidt hint- with ,.th 'gentlemen wh6
purchased the horses'with the under
standing that at the end of a period of
time, the money-should be. returned.
if. no evidence VappeareJ'-ofj Is guilt.
He nevei- ' kppeared l' until ' yesterday, 1
when he did so in company with the
aforesaid officer of the law, with a
nmasiv'e sott. of jewel ry o n ;h is "pfrso n ..
He is an old offender, no doubt.
u Excursion Our enterprising and
energetic friend, Martin Colden Man
ager of the -Theater,' has made ar
rangement , with Captain . , Perkins,B
of". the steanler News Boy for an ex
cursion for the cJtrzens of Henderson
that they inay haye an i opportunity of
witnessing; the , performance' of the
beautiful .and ' talented ' Webb Sis
ters on: Thursday evening next. . We
learn from Mr. Pat. Burke, Clerk of
th News Boy,' that a large number of
excursionists will visit our city- from
Henderson on that evening. ;"It is ex
pected that the 'Crescent; City Silver
Band wil discpurse music on the oc
casion, a nd a good time is to be ex
pected. . " 1 ' v
I Circuit Court". After ? the usual
motions and other preliminary busi
ness, the jcase of Mattie Fprthman-. vs.
Berne Fourthman was , called, and
Divorce asked on the- ground
of abandonment
and bad treatment.
.- 1
After hearin": . the evidence in the
kas tb! Court-granted .thtf prayer of
e piamun. - ..
a The case of Thomas McDonald and
som v8' 1 oylc and Hall, for
the, recovery of damages for .sinking a
coal barge by a steamboat, was resum'J
ed, and occupied the greater portion
of the day. The Court concluded the
argument a little after three o'clock,
and the : Caitse ; as submitted
the jurj verdict for the plaintiffs
the sum of near
barge of coal. r.
$20,000t-prk e of the
BSFWe lear u f r0nV J)v. Bray that
Joseph Stewart,; who was so seVerely
-cut's few nights sinc, is doing as well
as could be expected. He is in ji very
critical condition, though,: and .his. re
cotery is extremely doubtful. '
! meeting held at the Court House to
i night at il o'clock," to take m consid-
- . . .
works in the city, ana to-organize a
.. ,
company tor the above named purpose.
. f r . , , . f.: x
Drug Store. We call at-
tention to the
advertisement of our
young, frepd, .lieut. jW. ; B Hebberd,
to be found in this paper. Mr. II.
has a fine 'assortment" of 'pure Drugs,
Fancy and s Tc41et . articles,, ;and he
hopes by strict attention to business,
to merit a share of patronage. If you
want.a.drink of, ice cool soda,, just
drop in and see the JLaeutenant. , a ,
Water Works Meeting. A meet
ing was held last night to take into
'consideration the propriety 'ofHbuild
ing water works in the eity of Evans
ville. The meeting was" called ' to
order by Mr.' Ingle, who moved that
Wr.yV.ieie take trie chair, which mo
tion prevailed. a ' '--f-i j,
On motion of Mr. Chandler, S.' F.'
Horrall was:enosen Secrelarj''1 '
Mr- jingle, stated ihatHis, Honor,
Mayor Baker, had a'plan for the con--struction
of water works, and hoped
he would make his plans known. !
Mr. Baker proceeded s to read a
legislative enactment, giving to1 cities
ptfwer to organize companies for the
purpose of constructing water works,
and defining the method of procedure.
He said, the city peeded. water works,
but it was not the duty of the city, in
a corporate capacity, to build these
works, or to have control of them in
any sense, only as a stockholder; that
an incorporated company should do
the work.
.' Mr. Ingle repeated that Mr. Baker
had' suggested a plan that "Was prac
ticable, and hoped that he would state
it before the meeting.
Mr. Baker proceeded to say that it
had been suggested to use the canal
as a reservoir ; tq erect engines at the
mouth of. Pigeon creek, and pump
water into the canal, keeping it well
filled during the summer feawnThis
could be doDe cheaply," and fully meet-
the present demands or the city, and
of individual manufacturers. But he
was noi in favor of that except it was
done with the express understanding
that It should only be resorted to for
thi&Bcasoto.J fif-;n--'Cl..r .1, . i
. iJIri, Ingle, said, itha.V-.it had been
stated that the cost of erecting tempo
rary works, would not cost, to., exceed J
to,OOU ,UUV torv the. , necessary engines,
and temporary sbeding. He , urg
ed that -a pipe "could be - laid so
as 4 to drain- the Mra'nal -at ariv time
thaf it yaequird,?the mailt pipe to"
pe,iapea ior me use or manuiaciurieis,
etc -He" urged " that " the city was
not preparetv to. enter into the r con
struction of rjermancnt water, works
novw, lUi. uiis project wmu, u ayau- t
at j - u
doned at any time, and no tosis be in'
eurred ,ta the city. He sit 4 that the
difficulty attending the sale or bonds
the fact'that money Wa s hard a hor
row, and the immediate necessities
of the .city, were all argumeTits in
favor of adopting the least expensive
method ot supplying the ueiiiand at
once..- . , . f
MrV.Chandler differed with "Mr:; I.
There never was a time when the fcit,y
apd its people were so well prepared
for the enterprise. He opposed Mr.
.Ujeeapscthe, JV.ter.wajonlxJ5t Jbr
manuHtcturmg . purposes. , it .terapo-
tary"' Works were"' cocstnicted1 -that'
would afford relief to that class of .
men alone, he feared that they would :
cease to feel further interest in the1
enterprise. Mr. Lata, a practical j
Civil Engineer, had stated that water- j
works of a. sufficient capacity, to sup-;
y all the demands of the city, could
e constructed for $200,000. He also J
read from a report of Mr. Jeffrey an j The faetjthat out Banks sell at a less
estimate showing that water-works i rate does not invalidate the principle,
could be constructed in Covington, j! nor does it prove, as your correspond
Ky., for $ 157;350. Mr. Jeffrey backed ' ent implies, that merchants will find
up his opinion by v stating that heVtheiradvantage in-doinff their busi
would contract at the figures proposed rness"with. institutions .which fayor
for , the erection r of such works, at them at the sacrifice of' wise policy.
Covington, at the figures named.' li : Evqry intelligent business man lenows
Mr. C. read at length from this re- j that banking, 'like' other business,
port, which for want of space we are must be so conducted as to pay or
unable to copy. He also read a letter prove a failure, Hence there will be
from Mr. J;, saying that'Evaftfnrille ' a strong presumption with allcust;hn
wa3 similarly , situated to . Covington, I erswho are not mere Exchange buy
and that the estimate for that eity ; ers, that a Bank which sells Exchange
would not vary much for Evansville. ! at a loss or under its value, will ex
Mr. C. proposed that a tower be pectthem to compensate such loss in
built in the Ohio river, and so con- ' other ways. As a rule, one good
structed that the water would filter,; Bank.can afford to be as liberal as
through the base, and, that a tank be another, but no Bank can violate
placed on the i topi the to wer of suffi- ' sound rules of business for any con
cient heighth that the water would, siderable time, and make itself useful
flow by force of its own gravity to a and successful. After all, it must do
reservoir, thence to be conducted business on, a panlng ba.is, and in
throughout the city for use. He in-' the end those who hate been5 misled
sisted that it could be done, and that I by its promises of special favor will
the means could be raised. He was find that they must submit to the same
authorized ..toajlhat rahtleman, f. iuoYitable, laws of gain to which they
who was -" hot fxeaent would take ; were before subjected. i 1 j
$5,000 worth of stock at once, arid he While irregularities 'in business of
had no doubt it could all be raised in all kinds are unavoidable under the
a few days. It was no difference
what city bonds were worth in New
x ork, jor,,any other place- such stock ; tent of these irregularities. In most
would pay well, andhewould him- cases of the violation of goodrules,
self invest in it. ?j discontent is .created with customers,
Mr. Smith was asked the condition c oiifyjto recoil, in- the end,1 riponithose
of the tank that supplied the .canal, j who produce it. As far as practica
He replied that it was full, and plenty I ble, it should be the object of all hav
of water there. .' ; ';: " ; ! ing common interests, to allay, and
Mr. Ingle opposed the plan of Mr. i not to aggravate, existing evils. Let
C. He had little faith in sand barsJ ihpsejpn conipetitaon, whatever their
and less in civil engineers. He had ; business, adopt liberal and" fair terms
not patience to wait for the long pro- ; with customers, and act with cpnsist
cess of building towers, but wanted ency and steadiness, and ajl will do
that the present demand be tnet; at quite r-s well, without that rancor which
oncel Hehad not proposed to'spend 1 often manifests itself in our commu
$50,000, but that $5,000 would prob-'i nity. Candor,
ably be sumcient to make tne needed
improvement. He did not believe the
Ohio river water healthy:, ley-had
never used it but when" visiting i in
Cincinnati, and it made him sick.
Mr. C, suggested that it was because
the waterworks at Cincinnati were
situated above instead of below the
city. i
Mr. Ingle suggested that if the
canal could be made navigable as jfar
93 t.ViA tank that, thp fimAnsA nf r-
ra , rin rr -ronn 1 ' Via mnra tdaTi m&.
the benefit derived from the wood ana
coal that would be brought to the city
by that means. . - .
Mr. Baker 'said that-if the jdiscuss
ion waa to degenerate intoa mere
navigation discussion, he would wash
his hands of it, and have no more to
do with it. He would favor no plan
that did not contemplate .the ultimate
building of permanent works. ,
After some further discussion by
various persons, Mr. Chandler moved
that a committee Of five be appointed
by the chair, to draft articles of asso
ciation for a Water-Works Company,
with'a stock of- $150,000, with Instruc
tions to make- provisions - for - supply
ing, temporarily, the wants of the city
by filling the canal. ' ' ' i
' The Chair appointed Mr. Baker,
Mr. Heilman, M. Orr, Mr. Chandler,
and Mr. John A. Reitz, that commit
tee. :if , , .. ,7
a On motion, the meeting adjourned,
to meet at the Court House to-night
at 7z o'clock',". t.Ci '."'' '
' The committee meets this morning
at the Council Chamber at 10 o'clock.
' Ws don't know what reason the
Evansville Courier has to make us the
subject of its low and stupid black
guardism. Get out of our way, you
dirty dog! Louisville Journal,
: " Lay on McDuff," &c. ! .
- . : v 'i Convmunicatetft
Exchanger :r :
Editors Journal 'y .'f j 'n
A writer in yesterday's JourWAl
states the following remarkable histo
rical fact:' "It is well known , by all
those who necessarily buy exchange,
that, when there were but few engaged
in selling;' the price ruled from 1 to 1 1
per cent. JNo one will care to deny,
this; but the assumption that present
lower rates are the result of greater
competition, from an increased number .
nt banks, will hardly deceive those
who necessarily buy ; exchange." It
will occur at once to eyery one with
average intelligence that when ex
- nr Currency ias differentr-sheihg
State bank notes and could not be
used at par ' everywhere? as-are the
U.' S Treasury rioter and 1 National
Bank notes, the present currency of
the" country: ' It is: true " that rates
miAt' by putting under competitiori,.
had . it existed, have - - been' at
times reduced. 1 - apprehend, how
ever, that when we had to'ship gold to
navi-uuj' uiuHucs,'. .iiiau. .iuwh taicp
iu. - i a e v i u
than were then charged for .Exchange
would have. 1 proved - a too unwise
policy for even the most progressive
jankers. "NbV-that we have a cur
rency that is at par east and west, the
price of Exchange is naturally lower,
and under, ordinary circumstances
cannot exceecLlthe . cost of shipping
currency. When the supply is abund
ant a less rate'eah often; be afforded
4he law of supply and demand, in
conheetion with the uses - for money
at home, governing the value. It is
presumed that the writer of your.
money articles understands this sub-
ject; hence the charge that he would,
if he could, put Exchange. at a much
highet figure, does, not . amount ito
much. Doubtless, now that Exchange
is scarce, he would consider the .cost
of expressing currency as , not too
much to charge : for it. : And, as a
matter.of P?ffit',a lower: rate, -under
the circumstances, cannot be justified.
driving competition, of, the times, there L ,
j is much to be deprecated in the qx1- ;
Amusements. ; i
I New Metropolitan.1 The attend
! ance at the' theatre last night was
I Jarge, and all were delighted with the
magnificent attractions.. The. - Webb
sisters were highly applauded,1 as was
Bella Golden, and in fact the entire
company played well throughout.
Owing toa lack of space it is out of
the uesfioh' to' -give "a? notice in ex
tenso of the attractions.
Tp-night a splendid bill will be pre-'
sented. The great drama " The
Ticket-of-Leave Man," in which Miss
Ada will appear as Sam Willoughby,
a fast boy, and Miss Emma as -May
Edwards, to - be' s supported by the
choicest talent of the company. This
is truly la inagnificent drama',' and pre
sents great attractions. Do not fail
to secure your seats early; ! -v ;
T I T :r. t t . p. s
UliO 1 " UUB J idle i if
ri. Coughs, Bronchitis, Sore Throat, Asth
ma, Kheumatlsiu, Neuralgia, Agxie in the
Face, Headache, Toothache, Bruises, Chil
blains, Kprainn, Croap, Colds, j
Kevkr and Aquk, and Cholera,
in a single day , t j
Sold by all druggists, Vith fall directions
for use.s
Oiikin SsixxsiK & Co., Proprietors,
'' " Springiield, Maps.
G. C. Ooodwix fe Co., Agents, Bostoui
maris ly j
celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal
demand, is made from the choicest mate-'
rials, Is mild and emollient In Its nature,
fragrant!', scented,' and extremely
beneficial' 4n lt& 'action upon the akin.
For" sale by . druggists and fiicy goods
dealers.. . , . . augS4 ly
APRII, 18, ,1866.
. .11.' - t -
,'?Ui f rtj 'j';JjfiM;.i
if i.i n.i'i;iu
' Having Bousht the Interest of
Cusstoiners and the Trade: generally,
that, with increased facilities for carrying
on the business, and with a determination
to sell at the LOWEST PRICKS for CASH,
we trust . that we shall be success t'nl, in
pleasing, and greatly increasing ourr trade.
r;; Oil I" Stock ,
Will be full in all the line that are found
in a Wholesale DRY GOODS and NOTION
House. ,- ' - s- .. . : , ... . -1 ,
,.'si.I i 1 n i' No4 10 fc irst Street,
, feb22 Kvansville, Ind. .
C3ilS Hi
(succicssonswF s. s hopkins,-)
! -
i 5 it
Hoiise; FwrnjsMri Goods, y
TVo. ir, -Iii-wt ti
jan 'i2. '
' '' COAL: ' "'"
- coal;' i
' S I 1 o ODD LIDS: '
... .. r 7 . ., IM IRONS; - : t i
'.' - r- - JAMB GRATES; : - -a .Y :
ti .i , ,. FANCY GRATE FRONTS; ... :
'! iu -I..,; ,;y. , AIR GRATES; . ...,,-,. ;
f i WINDOW WEIGH1H;. . , !
- r MUFFIN MOLDS; , ; i .
' v. -n-. ' "WAFFLE IRONS;. -; ?.(;; i
f SToyj; HOLLO W WARE, &c,
.1 i ,4 : 'i
" J li r t I r '
Tin Plate, Sheet Iron & Copper,
Tin and Japanned Ware.'
Main Street, opposite Court House. Foan-
dry near mouth of Pigeon Creek.
wOrders solicited,' , . . . , . ' ' fel
Mark ct lVarrtn,
v'' 2fO. IS MAIN STREET, - :
are now receiving onr iueensware di
rect from the Potters of the Old World '.At ,
New Orleans, our craves are hoisted from ,
the Ocean Steamers, end placed on board
Steamboats, which land them at our wharf
in this city, thus making, but one .transfer
from : . I - ,
5 ,. v i -1 'In, ;'.(,.. r , ... - . i'
Evansville, - - - Indiana.
You will o!serve, therefore, that we se-" """
cure safe and speedy transportation,' as
well as great saving in breakage, which
alone is a very important item to be con
sidered in the cost of onr Waves. .
Our Stock is one of the largest and best
assorted to be found in the West, and for
sale sit . - .
, Extremely Low Prices. '
We are now manufacturing every de
scription of COAIi OIL LAMPS, CANDLE .
and COAL OIL LANTERS, which we will
sell at less than Cincinnati prices.
Lamp Stock, consisting of Burners,
Shades, Chimneys, Pegs, and Feet, for sale
at manufacturers' prices.
Our new Catalogue and Price List for Ij8
is now ready for distribution, which will
be furnished to Merchants only, on appli
cation. - - .... . , : i
c ii i.x" a ,: ..
... . j
-AND r.
!'. i .. '
Or X A.SS W" A.,R :k,
...... . 'Ac(.t''c. . ";,
A;'-'; IV B W STOCE!
' ; ' IX CKEAT vakietV?8 .
-'-: -wi ; .1.1 1 I -: if. , ; ,
Come sLiitl See.
xVO!4-J -'FIRST -ST.,
Capital Paid In - . -' $550,000
Linilted to - - - - 109,000
t ii 4
- TV
. OF.EVANSviLLE. ! )
C. R. Ilemeal, - - - Iresi.
Jolin J. Roclie, - Cashier.
- Havlm; commenced business at itsoftiee
otters it services to th citizens, of Evans
ville nd its vicinity, being prepared to'
carry on a legitimate i - -: ... . t ,
General Banking Business,
And to purchase and supply
7-ao Tkkascry Notes, Gold and Silver
veriiucBies, isonas, and other
Securities, and Discounts Foregn and Do
niexVUcJHler; and, for the accommodation
Of Mechanics and nthora ...i.. v. i .
" iVopr Govern-
i a d T ' i l receive pacaages of
U. S. Bonds Interest Bearing Notes and
other Securities nn Knu.ii t.? V " . .
chanre. affldinV"", i?.?1
tunity to avoid the Insecurity and riak of

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