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Adolph Luetgert, the Chicago
Murderer, Died in Pris
on atJoliet.
lie Wai Charged With Murdering His
Wife and Destroying Her Body
In the Soap Vat of His
Sail *ase Factory*
jyoliet, 111., July 27.—(By Associated
Press.)—Adolph L. Luetgert, the
•wealthy Chicago sausage maker, who
Mas serving a life sentence for the
murder of his wife, died suddenly this
morning. He had been in his usual
-health, lie arose at .his usual hour
and marched down the corridors to get
breakfast. Later officers heard ail un
usual noise ^Luetgerl's cell and an
investigation found him writhing on
Ihis bed in great pain. He died before
anything could be done for him. There
•were hints that he had poisoned him
self, but heart trouble was the prob
able cause, Luetgert maintained his
innocence all through imprisonment.
The records show that his answer to
the question, "Is your wife living?
.was alwavs, "Yes."
The trai lof Luetgert was one of 4ho
most sensational in the hi
tor*- of the state. He was
charged with having murdered his wife
in his factory, May 1, 1S97, and de
stroying the body with caustic potash
in a soap vat. The prosecution had
but a few small bones and two rings as
evidence. He has been in prison since
March 1808. He was 53 'years old.
Report That President of San Domingo
ty »s A**a»gt|iatcd
Porto Plata, via TTnvti,'July 27.
General Ulises Heureaux, president of
Ran Domiingo, was assassinated at Mo«
vca at 4:^0jo'clock yesieniay aftevnoon.
,'^T4e^nhixlerer, whose nanie is Kamon
Caceres.' succeeded in making his es
cape, but an energetic pursuit was at
once begun by the authorities, and it
is probable that he will soon be cap
"Nice President General Weneeslao
iFiguerreo immediately upon the an
nouncement of the president's death
assumed.the direction of affairs,
At present calmness prevails, every*
trhere in the republic.
The remains of President Heureaux
will probabjy be taken to San Domingo
for the funeral services.
A«na»ftlimtlou Coutlrmed.
Washington. July 27.—(By Associat
ed Press.)---1 ho state -department 'to
day received the following dispatch
vv'irom the United Stales Consul
^Puerto Plate
President Jiereasux was assassinat
Consul Keed at San Domingo, also
confirms the report, but neither give
anv details.
Port Au Prince, Haytk J.uly 27.jS-(By
Associated Press.)—Nothing is known
at the Dominican legation here or at
other quarters regard in a* the assassina
tion of Mvsses llereasux, president of
the republic of San Domingo.
President Sympathize*.
Washington, July 27.— (By Associat
.-,ved Press.)—1 he official confirmation of
.' Heutcaux death was forwarded to
1h piesidint at Lake Chnmplaiu to
day. He directed the following to be
?j^forwarded in his.name 1o President
vFiguero, Heureaux's successor:
"In the name of the American peo
.~ple and mv own, I offer your excel
lcney and the Dominican nation the
most sincere condolences by reason of
the death of President Heureaux.
Detail* of the A*»a*ftliiatIoii.
(ape Havticn. «ltil*' 27.— (My Asso
ciated Pit** )—The details *1' the mur
?'»-ier of President Heureaux, of Souto
T)ommgo. have been received here to
4"Mhe effect that he was assassinated as
he was about to leave on horsebael
for Santiago Del.as Caballeros. The
*assassin, llamon Cneeros, who was stir
vrounded bv several accomplices, ap'
^pronehed the president as he was tall.
)ng with friends and fired twice.with
Aa revolver. The first bullet struck the
^.president in the left'side and penetrat
ed the heart, causing'instant death
tf:£The second bullet killed an old man
^.standing near the president. The as
vsassin and his accomplices fled to avoid
A' ^shots tired at them bv the president*
•\-'ifriends. It is not known whether a 113'
of them were wounded.
The body of the president was taken
to the palace of, the governor of Moca
.if Heureaux's death has caused a panic
i-flt Juan Fsidoro Jimines, who
vtook part in the attempted insnrrec
:^tion 111 June, IK5)S, is a candiilatc for
v. the. presalency. It is reported tha
tieneral Maximo (lonie/.. who is a nu
live ol Santo Domingo, also aspires 1
the presidency. The father of Caceros,
"the assassin, was out to death by order
Heureaux in 1884.
Vice President Kigur hassiaken jire
oautious to prevent disorder, and haa
eommand of the troops. So far
all is quiet.
"'f Hcvh Rrttiru to Work*-:
Pittsourg, July 2?.—(My Associated
Frev*)— rh« postal telegraph mcssen
ger* on 1 *. like returned to work to
vJw-:oay at. the old teVms.
Baltimore Woman Stopped at Liver
pool for Abducting'Her Daughter*
-Liverpool, July 27.—(By Associated
s.)—On the arrival of the steamer
Cambroman, this morning', the police
arrested "^frs. William Y. Perot, of
Baltit the charge of the' ab
duetio. *er daughter, Mrs. Perot
was ac* «iied by Captain Blood,
brother fieV Colon Campbell. The.
passage as Mr. and
fe'S daughter. Mrs. Perot
did'not V* *r identity, She had
not an'ticip
surorised b,
and child wt.
don. Capta
Test and was terribly
event. The mother
°n by train to Lon
iod accompanied
She was held
*500 bail in the How
street police court, which she furnish
d. Mrs. Perot declares it is a case of
Export* for the Year Showing Slight
Vailing Off Compared With Last.
Washington, July 27.— (By Associat
ed Press.)—The bureau of statistics of
the treasury has completed the table
of. imports and exports for the fiscal
year ended June 30. 1891). It shows in
round figures the exports to be $1,g27,
000,000 against $1.231.0')0.000 for the
year ended June HO, 1R9S. The imports
were $607,000,000 against $2111,000,000
for the preceding fiscal year. The du
ties collected amounted to $207,000,000
against $150,000,000 for the preceding
Dolns* of Haivlceye Cftlzeua at the
Nation9* Capital.
Washington. July 27.—The postof
fiee at Union Center. Jackson county,
has been discontinued mail goes to
Arthur K, Chambers, Henry SVilson
Hughes and Win, P. »Stubbs have been
appointed substitute letter carriers in
the Des Moines post-office.
Iowa pensions: Original—Michael H.
Buck, Afton, $8 Benjamin V. Wright,
Oskaloosn, $0. Additional—W111. IL
\tkinson, St. Anthony, $4 to $S.
Tnree Families at AIM* Looking for
Their Lo*t Son*.
Albia, July 27.—(Special.)—Three
families of this community are pretty
well wrought up over the disappear
ance of their children. The skipping
out occurred Tuesday night. Millie
and Annie Porter, who made their
home with their parents! Mr. and Mrs.
John Porter, left sqme time,during
Tuesday night
Vuesday, August 22* Will Probably be
Governor'* Day.
.Burlington, July.
27.—Governor's Day
cniring the Fiftieth Iowa encampment
win, very likely, be on
The Americans Under Hall Do
Some Fighting.
A Soldier Taken Back to Manila tor
Desertion In the Face of the Eueiny*
the Punishment for Which
la Death.
tp tljeir
parents, and they, hqve so far covered
thf ,*i'tc1cs of their flicrht that no trace
of them cim he found. The fatheV had
given the girls some severe reprimaud
for being out with young men
and it is thought that led to their
leaving home. TJie boys, over whom
the girls had received the flooding, are
also goue and it is the general suppo
sition that the four left together. The
names of the boys are Frank Bracket!
and Kd Uhea. Brackett lives in Albia
while lJhea is a, resident of Marion
county. None of the parties arc over
XG years of age.
Manila, July 27.—(My Associated
Press.)—General Hall, with a thousand
men, today captured Calamba, on La
guna De Bay. The loss to the Ameri
can forces was four killed and twelve
Cnlamba' is a town -thirty miles
southeast of Manila. It is much furth
er south than United States troops have
heretofore penetrated on laud. It has
a population of 12,000. Jt is not strat
egically important, except as a part
of the plan to harass and worry the
Soldier* Sail for Manila.
San Francisco. July 27.—(By Asso
ciated Press.)—Three transports sailed
Tor Manila this morning—the Ohio,
Newport and Tacoma. Four compan
ies of the Nineteenth infantry were ev
enly .distributed 011 the Newport and
Ohio, besides several hundred recruits.
The Tacoma took !*00 horses for the
Fourth cavalry.
Rebel* Get Saltpetre*
Manila. July 27.—(My Associated
Press.)—There is a report in Filipino
circles here that the insurgeuts re
cently received consignments of salt
petre and lead from Japan. They have
heretofore been unable to make goo|
It is reported that $3,000,000 in Mexi
can money will be offered the insur
gents for the release of the Spanish
prisoners. General Jamarillo refuses
to confirm the report.
Take Back a Deserter.
San Francisco, July 27.—(By Associa
ted Press.)—On the transport Ohio,
which sailedthis morning for the Phil
ippines. was Benjamin Givens, a pri
vate of Company H, Fourth United
States infantry, manacled and guarded,
to be returned to Manila for trial on
the charge of "desertion in the face of
the enem," the.penalty for which is
death. The young soldier came on
the transport Indiana as a stowaway,
and was arrested 011 his arrival here.
He deserted when' the company was
stationed at the block house a short
distance from Manila. The command
was under fire constantly from ma
rauding bands. One day in the lattei
part of May he went to Manila, drank
heavily and cast his military obliga
tions to the wind.
Department Notified.
Washington, July 27.—^(By Associat
ed Press.)*—Gen. Otis today notified
the war department of the sailing of^
the Sheridan with the California regi
ment and 25G discharged men, a total
of 1,567.
22. Adjutant (lenei'al Byers so stated
yesterday, though he must .first see
Ciovernor Sliaw upon his return to.Dea
Moines before any positive statement
can be made. On that day immense
crowds will undoubtedly visit Burling
ton. On the last similar occasion
when the Second regiment campod
here, there were over 20.000 strangers
in the city. Both the governor and his
staff will be here to review the trooos
and there will be all sorts of fancy evo
lutions by the soldiers. General Byers
said there would be no sham battles
during the encampment, only the usu
al routine drill and parades for the.
eight days.
Arrangements have already been
complctnd for the transportation of the
companies to this city, Company A«
of Keokuk, anmpany F'.of.Fort Madi
son, and company K: :of Centerville,
will come over the l\eokok Western.
Company (», of Ottumwa, company
of Chariton, and comnnny of Fair
f'eld will come over the Burlington.
Company of .Washington will conic
over the Burlington .& Western, and
the remaining companies, of Daven
port, of Muscatine, of Iowa City,
of Grinnell and of Newum, will
come over the B., C. K. & N. and Hock
Island route.
Going* Ou lu uud About Keokuk'*
CapUul Clty.^
Sigourney, July 27,—Quite,a few of
our townsmen went to Wliat Cheer
yesterday to witness a gartic of base
ball between the What Cheer and Pe
kay nines. Pekay won in a hotly con
tested game by the score of 8 to
Ml, Kav. of the firm of Kay &. Mc
Donald, publishers of the Grinnell Her
ald, was transacting business in town
last evening.
A marriage license has been issued
to Peter II. Leonard and Jessie H. Car
The republican county central com
mittee for the ensuing year is made up
of the following men: liichlnud town
ship, A. C. Brady. Jackson, Geo. M.
MeKinnis Steady linn. Win, Lester
Benlon. J. T. Brooks Ku*st Lancaster,
C. S Meall West Lancaster, W. I.. Hol
Ideu Clear Cr^eU. F, T. Goeldner Fast
Lafayette. K. A. flulse: West Lafayette,
J. X. Allen German, ('. (!. Halstead
Sigourney, \V. 11. Needham: Van Bu
ren. Silas Lamb Washington, 12. A.
Tanner What Cheer, first ward, J. L.
Mitchell What Cheer, second ward,
.v. II, Holland:'What Cheer.third ward,
W. K. Reed Prairie. G. G. Mrilcc Ad
ams. H. M. Wilson Ii'nglisu Kiver, Jno.
uemmill Libe* JU10. Smith.
Rector to Resign.
Oskaloosa, July 27.—Kev. .H. Bohn
has resigned his rectorship of the Epis
copal church of this city and the same
is to take effect on the first of August
The gentleman came to tlu eiry i:ix
years ago and his'wor.c the «'hurc)i
has been of the best sort. H.' has no"
yet decided upon the *vork of the fu
nire, but he will in all probability re
main in the diocese of f'^wa. MV. Mohn
isAve.ll known over the state not by his
church work alone, but for the promi
nent place that he .holds in the musical
world. He is the present treasure! of
the Iowa Music Teachers' association.
Milwaukee Railway Extension*.
Burlington, July 27.—The Hawkeve
published the statement this morning
that the (Miicago, Milwaukee & Si Paul
railroad is behind the project to build
a branch line from Burlington 'to Kir
ric'y Junction, for the construction
of which the Burlington people are
now raising $100,000. The Milwaukee,
it is stated, practically owns the,new
bridge and about $2,000.00*0 worth of
terminals in Davenport, and the Mus
catine North and South railroad, which
now extends to Klriek. In. By meana
of the ifew road to P.urlingtoii and a
contemplated extension to Ft. Madison,
a connection .with the S int:i Fe system
will be secured which by a traffic ar
rangement between the two roads will
give the Milwaukee the shortest line
from Chicago to Kansas City, and will
enable the two roads 10 profitably ex
change business of their large systems.
By .these new extensions the Milwau
kee will have direct with
St. Paul. Minneapolis, Chicago. Omaha,
Sioux City. Des Moines and every city
of any size along the Mississippi us far
south as Ft. Madison.
New TrlaS Refu*ed.
Chicago, July 27.—(By Associated
Press.)—Judge Kohlsaat, in the feder
al court today overruled the motion of
defendants, in the Hennepin Canal
condemnation suits, for a new trial,
and will enter judgment against tlieni.
Most of the defendants live in Henry
-v-y Philadelphia Uoy* Out.
Plnbdelphia, July 27.—(I'.v Associat
ed Press.)—Two hundred messenger
boys, employed by the different '.ele
graph companies, struck today for
higher wages.
The strike ended this afternoon, the
boys returning to work on tie under
standing that th»Mr irrievances would
be given consideration if
and presented to the company.
Board of Control Has rft the End of the
Year 8115,0001ulta General Fnnd.
Des Mpines, July 24.—The finan
cial statement just issued by the state
board of control shows in its first year
that it saved over $200,000. compared
with the former years, in the conduct
of nine institutions under its charge.
Despite the reductions in appropria
tions amounting to $90,000 the board
kept within it.s means, and has $115,000
to its credit at the end of the year.
There is a balance of $115,562.91, as
against $1,000 a year ago. when it took
charge of the affairs of the state. The,
$115,000 is not all, declare the members
of the board, for it must be considered
that the legislature cut down the total
appropriation for the general support
fund something like $fi|,000, so if they
had had that additional sum of money
the balance in the treasury would have
been $1S1,000.
The board feels delighted over the
showing and believes tljat it is entitled
to the congratulations of the state and
thf taxpayers.
The balance, as indicated, does not
point out the exact saving, and is sub
ject to care/ul scrutiny. The appro
priation made by the legislature was
made for each year,- and of that sum
the balance mentioned has not been
expended. There is no means of telling
just the amount of supplies on hand
when the board took a hold,of the state
institutions. Some claim that it was
enough for three months. Still there
is no doubt that goodly portions of the
sum bus been saved, for the board has
the reputation of being exceedingly
economical and of driving hard bar
gains where it. could.
The state board of control Friday re
duced the bonds required from the of
ficers in the state institutions at the
following cities to stand as follows:
Clarinda Superintendent, $15,000
storekeeper, $4,000 druggist, $1,000
steward, $1,000.
Couocil Bluffs—Superintendent, $10,
000 steward, $3,000.
Eldora Superintendent, $10,000
steward and bookkeeper. $0,000.
Glenwocd Superintendent, $15,000
storekeeper. $4,000 druggist, $1,000
steward, $8*000.
Independence—Superintendent. $15,
000 storekeeper. $4,000 druggist, $1.
000: steward, $10,000.
Knoxville—Superintendent. $5,000.
Marshalltown—Cothmandant, $15,000
quartermaster, $10,000.
Mitcheilville—Superintendent and
steward, $5,000 storekeeper a6d book
keeper, $1,000.
Mt. Pleasant—Superintendent. $J54
000 storekeeper, $4,000 druggist, $1,
000 steward. $10,000
Vinton Superintendent .- $5,000
steward. $3,000.
The reductions amount to 25 per cent
to 50 per cent of the amounts formerly
required. This action was taken be
cause it was believed the former bonds
wre excessive and much higher than
was necessary to amply protect the in
terests of the state and due to. the fact
that the officers do not now handle the
State of Iowa Will Settle With Volun
teer* for Last Time.
Des Moines. July SO.—Governor Shaw
yesterday announced that he has de
termined that the stnte shall pay re
jected volunteers for the Spanish war.
When the federal call was made for
trobps the four regiments of Iowa mili
tia were offered in a body und mobiliz
ed in Des Moines. They were held
here several weeks before the govern
ment surgeons examined them. A con
siderable proportion of the men were
rejected for physical reasons. The
federal government refused to pay the
rejected men for the time they were
in the stnte camp and the state has
since had it uudcr advisement. About
$4,000 will be required to pay these
Iowa Murdcres* Now In Jail There
Awaiting Trial—1* Sullen.
El Paso, Tex.. JuJv 2G.—(By Assoc!
ated Press.)—Mrs. Rich, who has just
been extradited from the United
States to Mexico will be kept incom
municado only forty-eight hours in
stead of seventy-two. She will be
raigned. By the direction of Governor
Ahumada, the prisoner will be permit
ted to receive visitors two days in the
week, and accredited reporters at uj!
times. The trtaj will beirin six weeks
hence. Since her extradition Mrs.
Bieh has refused to eat and is very sul
Teiineaneo Man Shoot* Anothor Dead
and Wouuds Ml* ChlJdreu.
.Cincinnati, July 20. --(l»y Associated
Press.)—The Times-Star's Chattanoo
ga. Tenn., special sa: In a bnsines?
quarrel last night Matt Stanford, one
of, the most prominent while farmer
of Washington county', shot and in
staidly killed Preston Carson in the
highway near Was-yington college, and
then went
('arson's house and fired
five shots through the front door, hit
ting two of ('Arson's children, one
years old an^the other G. The young
est will likely die. Stanford was ar
rested "this morning and lodged
Iluftteu to Attsure Italy.
Houie, July 20. (By A-soekited
Press.)—An official eoni'inuajcal.Um
says Secrelary Hay has instructed the
American ainUassy 10 assure Italy,tha
the Lnited States will adopt every
measure warranted by the fuels to 4n
sure justice in the matter of the Louis
iana lynchings.
Gen. Lew Wallace \. something of an
artist and amu.srs himself
formulated 1 sketches, mostly marine*, 111
Claims of Oummins People
Are Without Foundation.
Yenterday Instrncted That Way as Did
Mill* County Also—Outlook Bright
for the Senator From i,
Des Moines, July 27.—Every time a
Cummins candidate for the legislature
is nominated, the Des Moines papers
come out with flaming headlines on
the first pace announcing the result.
This was particularly true yesterday.
The fact is that within the nasf ten
days two senators and ten representa
tives have been nominated. Ten of
these are for Gear and two. for Cum
mins. In Poweshiek great claims have
made of the instructions for Cum
mins. J. P. Lyman, the man who was
nominated for the house at the prima
ry election some three months ago, in
which over two thousand republicans
participated, said that he will vote the
wishes of the republicans of that coun
ty, as lie considers them to be when
the time comes to clec.^a United States
senator, and at the primary election
which nominated him t'ue senatorial
question was not raised.
Pocahontas county has selected J. B.
Kent, of Kolfe. as the man she will pre
sent to the convention composed ot
Humboldt and Pocahontas unities.
Mr. Kent has publicly declared that
Mill* Conuty Enthusiastic for Gear.
Glen wood, July 27.—The Mills coun
ty republican convention yesterday
nominated C. W Blick, of Malvern,
for representative and passed a resolu
tion instructing him to support J. H.
Gear for United States senator. They
also instructed their delegates to the
enatorial convention to secure the
passage of a Gear resolution by that
body, binding the nominee for state
senator. These resolutions were pass
ed by the unanimous vote of the con
vention amid great enthusiasm.
Lee County Endorse* Gear.
Ft. Madison. July 27.—The republi
cans of the county met in convention
yesterday afternoon, selected delegate*
to the state convention and passed the
following resolution: "Resolved. The
republicans of Lee county favor the re
election of Hon. John H. Gear to be his
own successor in the United States sen
ate. He^hus filled many public places
aud filled them all with honesty, capac
ity. fidelity and distinguished ability
and success. His ripe experience in
and familiarity with public affairs, fit
him for the senate so pre-eminently
that the people of Iowa do the highest
possible service to themselves by re
electing him."
Undercurrent for Gear.
Charles City. July 27.—The republi
can convention of Floyd county yes
terday afternoon endorsed Mckinley
ai.d Shaw. A new central committee
was elected with S. G. Wythe, of'Nora
Springs, chairman. The undercurrent
of the convention was for Gear.
In Harrison County*
Logan, July 27.—Harrison county
yesterday nominated George W. ISvans
for representative. There were 110 in
structions as to United plates senator.
Howard Unanimous lor Gear.
Creseo, July 27.—Howard county re
publican convention yesterday endors
ed Gear for United States senator by a
unanimous vote.
Monona Endorses Gear.
Onawa, July 27, via Muscatine.—Mo
nona county yesterday endorsed Johu
H. Gear for United States senator.
Governor Shaw Not a Candidate for
Senatorial Honor*.
Clear Lake, July 27.— It is learned ou
excellent authority that Governor
Shaw, while in attendance on the con
vention here the past week, announced
to a friend that he was not a candidate
for the senatorship but that ho favor
ed there-election of Senator Gear. This
statement was made iu response to a
question concerning position in -the
present contest and the report in a
Chicago paper that his friends expect
ed the convention would finally re
solve itself into a struggle between the
governor aud Congressman Dolliver.
Howell Ajsalu WIuk.
London, .Inly 27.— I B.V Associated
Press.) I.. II. Howell, the American
oarsman, won the Wingfichl^ silver
mmiIIs uud the amateur championship
11 the Thames toda over the Putney
Mori lake course.beating BlacksfailV by
4 lengths. Fox was third. Howard won
the diamond sculls in the Henley re
gatta July 7th.
Ih^c.n is just now working at a new
with play of which he is 5naloutly keeping
water the name a .-ecret. He hopes to tuu&ii
lit oy theautumn.-
Convict* Again at Work and theObnox
lou*Order May be Revoked. I
Anamosa, July 27.—The recent order
of the state board of control cutting
down the supply of tobacco issued con
victs in the state prisons from four
ounces per week to two for each man,
and substituting therfor butter, is re
ceiving exactly the reception that was
predicted for the measure. The con
victs at Anamosa refuse to abide by
the regulation, ajid only on promise
of relief through the board have op
erations within the walls been re
The new law was to have gone into
effect July 1. Each Friday tlie allow
ance of tobacco is given out, and as
June .10 fell on Friday the rations for
the week had been administered the
day before the order should have been
operative. No trouble was thus ex
pected for a week. On The following
Friday the supply of butter had uot
been received, and, as a matter of
course, the change was not inaugurat
ed until last Friday night
Saturday morning more than half
the men refused to touch the oleagin
ous substance, and barring a Few of the
life men and others whose time was
short, the entire force of 500 men went
on a strike. They were taken 10
•their cells and remained there through
out the day. Sunday they were.sullen
and Monday oniy eighteen out of the
regular 150 went to the quarry.
Warden Hunter is reported as having
no sympathy with the order of the
board, and it is stated that the !i00
men who refused to work on Inst Sat
urday and Monday were induced to re
sume operations W-ednesday on prom
ise that when the board of control ar
rives this week an effort wiil be made
to secure a'modification of the order.
The absence of tobacco works great
hardship, and the men have been
known to become incapacitated for
work when their allowance even under
the old rule ran out. The use of to
bacco has a most salutary effect on the
discipline of the men. After the d:iy*s
work is done, during the three hours
between lockup and retiring, the men
smoke and good humor prevails, where,
without it, a spirit of incorrigibility
is not pledged to Cummins. He was
successful over M. K. Dewolf, the Dol
liver candidate, by 56 to 59. Hum
boldt count}', in its recent county con
vention laid on the table a resolution
declaring for Cummins for second
Mr. Cole, who was nominated for
representative in Tama county is un
instrueted. and is non-committal on
the senatorship, but it is understood
he will carry out the wishes of his con
stituents, which at this time are
strongly for Gear.
.- Yellow Fever in Santiago.
Waf hingtor. July 27.—Surgeon Gen
eral Sternberg received the following
from Major O'Reilly, at Havana:
Havard telegraphs from Santiago.
July 25: "The situation is as follows:
July 22, no cases and no deaths July
2J5, one new ease, a civilian, and one
death, also a civilian July 24, no cases
and no deaths. The case of the soldier
on the 20th originated in the barracks.
The garrisoo wqs promptly moved into
camp. No new cases.''
Gen. Sternberg thinks the condi
tions are now very favorable toward
presenting, the spread of yellow fever
among the troops in Cuba.
The Cleveland Strike.
Cleveland. July 27.—(By Associat
ed Press.)—As a result of the vigilance
of the police and soldiers patrolling
the .streets last night the obstructions
found on the tracks of the big consol
idated lines at daylight were very few
and far between. The employes of th^
little consolidated company, at a meet?
ing. decided to give the big consolidate
ed strikers their moral and financial
support, hut will not strike.
Up to noon there was no trouble^f
anv kind reported. The lenders'.oWHl
the important labor unions issnrffin
address calling 011 the" sympathizers
with Hie street railroad strikers to re
frain from abusive language, throwing
missiles or using explosives as tending
to injure the strikers* prospects in
stead of helping them.
Clilraso Brftckmakers Strike.
Chicago. July 27.—(By Associated
Press.)—Two thousand, brick makers
.struck today, tying up forty brick
yards in the city. The men say the
strike is in the aid of the union, men in
several of the north side vards who.
have had trouble wira their employers.
Should the strike continue long it will
paralyze building operations in the
Kentucky I'opulUtw.
Frankfort. Ky.. July 27.— (By Asso
ciated Press.)--The populist state con
vention met at noon today and will
name a full «'••-.» »»»kei. Dr. J. H.
Lackey could have the uomiuatibn for
governor, but so far refuses *to allow
the use of hi* name. It seems a gen
eral unanimity in favor of affirming
the Omaha platform opposing fusion,
and condemning trusts.
Davenport Boy Drowned.
Davenport. Julv 27.—The hotly of
Kdward Mooney. the G-year-old son of
Kngineer Kdward Mooney. of the Iowa
division of the Rock Island road, was
recovered Tuesday mornim The lit
tle boy was drowned in the Mississippi
opposite Davenport, last Saturday af
ternoon. having wandered to' the river
with several companions. He walked
out upon a raft and fell into the wa
ter. No one witnessed the occurrence,
aud the belief was entertained by some
that he had been abducted. The body
was found about forty feet from where
the lad was last seen, aud had been
decomposed to such au extent that the
interment occurred in this city in the
Stood the Trip Well.
Plattsburg. X. V., July 27.—(By As
sociated Press.)-Tlie president and
Mrs. McKiuley arrived here this morn
ing. Mrs. MeKinley stood the trip as
well as could be expected, but looked
pale. The president said lo the Asso
ciated Press that he had made no
plans for ihe stay, except to get as
luih-ii rest as possible.
Put Poisou lu Co tile.
Carmi, ill., July 27.—(P.y Associated
Press.)—Three members of Walter S.
Wai'them's family were poisoned Tues
day. The son died last night. The
married daughter was arrested today
and contested to putting noispu 111 the
Ottumwa Electric and Steams
Company Buys a New ..
Electrical Plant.
§17.000.00 IS EXPENDED.
Two Modern and Powerful Dynamo*
to be Installed—Will Put In the
Hartford System of Arc
Lighting. ..,-
The Ottumwa Electric & Steam Co,
last evening closed a contract with the
General Electric Co., of Sclienectadv.
N. Y„ through the hitter's agent,
George J. Cadwfll, whereby the for
mer dbmpany will expend $17,000 in
improvements in its electric light and
power facilities, within the next few
months. The object of the company
is to improve the service and make it
first-class in every particular. Modern
dynamos, consisting of one of three
hundred kilowatt capacity, and one ot
120 kilowatt capacity will be added to
the electric lighting plant. Them.will
also be 160 of the latest improved arc
lights installed in -the place of the old
ones. The new arc lights to be in-'
stalled are known as the Hartford sys
tem, which is in use at- the exposition
grounds at Omaha. This systepi will
necessitate the purchase of six 400
light- transformers for the business
part of the eity.y The transformers
will be placed on poles in the alleys^
and the light will be taken from them.
The change in the lighting system will
not necessitate any alteration whatev
er in the power plant, although it will
increase tha present lighting capacity,
3,500 lights. first mtfchiite will ar
rive in about eight weeks and the en
tire improvements will have beeiV.com*
pleted before the holidays.
The present proprietors found the
entire plant in a 'inAre dilapidated con
dWon than expected and have conclnd
ef Ntinake sacrifices at once to make
ftitji. iJflpiHit. and
prtj^uWv *i^rr,rvt?i -cf tuh'-eu
city, .ijelievihg after some years a re«
turn may conic for the risk involved,
The thanks of the public is due to
these progressive men now at the
Fifteen thousand dollars have al
re/*5y been expended 011 the street rail
way system this summer, and it is the.
object of the company to make every
department of its business the inost!
modern and complete of any in the
country, thus guaranteeing satisfac
tion to its patrons.
Col. II. H. Caughlan, superintendent
of the plant, has visited Chicago. Oma
ha and Des Moines during the past few
weeks, for the purpose of inspecting
the big electric light and power plants
of those cities, with the objecf of ob
taining ideas which will be put into
execution in the changes that are pro
posed in the plant in Ottuuiwa.
Iuger*oJl Cremated*
New York, July 27.— (By Associated
Press.)—The body of Kobert G. lnger
soil, was removed from Dobbs Ferry
the Fresh Pond. L. L, crematory
this morning in a plain black coflin,
covered with roses. The funeral party
included Mrs. Ingersoll, her two daugh
ters and half a do/en intimate friends.
The body was placed in the. retort at
nqpn. It will take six to eight houra^
to complete the incineration
too Million*
\esterdav B.
citizen, filed a
department for
Des Molue* Man Clali
Washington, July
E. Brown, an Atner
claim with the stiij
$2^)00,000 against
ernment. Brown was engaged in min
ing iu the Transvaal and the title to
his claim [jprTur questioned it was
tlirowh i.nfm (lie courts. He savs tha'
chief justice was favorable to his case
and for this reason President Kruger
removed the justice. Brown claim*
that he has not been able to secure
justice through the courts of the Afri
can republic, and that the only wav
to secure redress Is through the Amer
ican government. The state depart
ment will investigate this claim.
Federation 1m Assured.
Melbourne, Victoria, Julv 27 (Bv
Associated Press.)—The voting on the
question of federation is proceeding in
Victoria. A11 overwhelming majority
in favor of the federation is assured
Melbourne, July 27.—(By Associated
Press.)—Incomplete returns from thw
Victoria province and Tasmania show
an overwhelming majority in favor of
Wanted to be Annexed
San Francisco, July 27.—(By Asso
ciated Press.)—The Call savs the na
tives on the island of lvusale in the
Carolines want to be annexed to the
United States. The king, high chief
said prominent men to the number of
seventy-two hare forwarded a petition
to that effect to President MoKinlev
The petition was loo hit
having bought the Caro,
Transvaal gov-.
is from
lUuuy PeruKi Drowned.
Berlin, July l".—-(My Associated
Pl'C.-a.)—A ilisjiafeli from Njjini-Noii
jforod renoi'ts' that two freight
p'assepter steamers i:ollilvl on ti]r
ei VoI^h, and the latter steamer sank,
drr.tvmng 155 .persons.
hW A

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