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.J8 SATURDAY, April 7, 1906.
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m, *4V
•Hi *-*-.y
Work That
Pays Well
No work so quickly
develops poise, self-reli
ance, ease, ability to grasp
situations, instinct to
meet the demands of the
moment, and capacity to
meet men and women
on their own ground as
salesmanship. And no
salesmanship is more
agreeable, more highly
respected, more sincerely
esteemed, nor, propor
tionately, better paid,
than for
ha6 done
more to inspire Ameri
can manhood and en
courage it to its best
development than any
other American periodi
cal since th«e day of
George William Curtis
and Harpers* Weekly.
It is a beautifully printed
and illustrated magazine
with a circulation of
about three-quarters of
a million copies every
week. 2 i'
We will ^advise you.
Write to us,
St., jpiiiliddpiua, Pa.
\X eighth District Congressman Says
Wyf&liji Court Review Provision Is Not Ne-
cessary—Appanoose County Made
,0! Part of Keokuk Division of Southern
Iowa Judicial District.
Wasbrington, D. C., April 5.—(Spe
cial).—Congressman Hepburn said last
night that he believed the senate
would pass the house rate bill without
a court review amendment. He
declared that It is constitutional
and that there is no excuse
for opposition to the bill on that
score any longer. He considers the
bill, as it left the house, constitutional,
and thinks that there is nothing to be
gained by a court review amendment.
He thinks that after threshing over the
situation for some time, the senate
will finally pass an unamended bill.
He thinks that some of the amend
ments that are now being offered in
'the senate are not being put forward
in good faith, their chief aim being to
make th6 bill unconstitutional. He has
not this criticism for the court review
amendment recently introduced by
Senator Long.
Allison vs. Aldrich.
Eastern newspapers are making
much of the fact that the rate contest
in the senate has become a struggle
between one force led by Allison, and
another led by Aldrich. The Wash
ington Times last night said:
"Senator Allison is to put his forty
years of experience, his prestige as
dean of the senate, his power as head
of its most potent committee, his skill
as a manager of legislation, his tact
in handling men and situations and
the genuine affection of his associates
for him against the skill and accom
pli8hments of the senator from Rhode
Island, who is conceded to be the anti
administration leader. It is going to
be from this time forth a test of Alli
spn mettle against that of Aldrich."
Change in Judicial District.
In the house yesterday Representa
tive Hepburn called up and got passed
a bill transferring Appanoose county
from the Creston division of southern
Iowa judicial district to the Keokuk di
vision and changing the time of the
spring term of court at Creston, so as
not to conflict with the time at Ked
kuk. It is more convenient for Appa
noose county citizens to attend court
at Keokuk, and hence the change was
decided on. It is expected that the
senate will soon pass the bill.
lowan Argues for Burton.'
F. W. Lehmann of St. Louis, former
ly of Des Moines, made an argument
It enriches the
the nerves,
before the supreme court this after*
noon in behalf of Senator Burton. The
court room was packed wlth.members
of congress and attorneys, intensely
interested in Mr. Lehmann's masterly
Congressman Blrdsall has intro
duced a bill creating a department of.
printing at the request of an outside
party. Mr. Birdsall will not press the
bill. Congressman Dawson was yes
terday chosen as the Iowa member of
the national congressional commlt!(ee
tt succeed J. A. T. Hull.
Discuss Rate Bill.
When the railroad rate bill was
taken up in the senate today Senator
Newlandj continued his argument in
support of his proposition for national,
incorporation of railroad companies.
At the conclusion of his speech Sena
tor Stone took: the floor in support of
the rate bill.-
The house today began considera
tion or the postdfflce application bill.
Frenzied With Fear
are many who develop lung trouble,
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption will cure them. BOc and $1.00.
F. B. Clark, Druggist.
Big Vein District In Marlon County
Will Be Worked.
Des Moines, April 6.—Authoritative
announcement has been made of the
Intention of the Rock Island road to
develop this season the coal properties
it has acquired in Marion county,
along English creek, and the work has
actually been entered upon. It" will
be carried on under the direction of
Superintendent Given of the Valley di
This property comprises about four
thousand acres of coal lands in the
big vein district in the south part of
Marion county and principally along
a small water course known as English
creek. The mineral rights were ac
quired after prospecting several years
ago by the White Breast Fuel com
pany of Illinois, Byron Seevers of Os
kaloosa conducted the prospecting and
made the purchases. The entire field
on this creek has been disposed of to
the Rock Island and it will operate the
mines and use the output largely for
coaling its Iowa lines, though it is
likely that some of the coal will of ne
cessity go Into the competitive mar
ket. The coal as prospected shows
from four to eight feet in thickness
at a depth of from 80 to a little over
100 feet. It will average over five
To reach the CQal It will be neces
sary to build a considerable extension
of the Knoxville branch of the Wash
ington division, and this work Is now
under way. Two steam shovels, a
number of dump ctrs and & large
force of laborers are employed on the
work and a number of teams Will be
used later on. The extension to be
built this season will extend south and
west from Knoxville about eight miles.
The dpening of tne two shafts will bf
undertaken this season and It is ex
pected to commence coaling a portion
of the Book Island road from them
t.^is fall. The mines are to be equip
ped with electricity and this trolley
system will be used for conveying coal
to the cages through the principal en
tain Tea, 35 cents, tea or tablets, Sar
gent, the true druggist, corner Market
and Main.
E, Tlnley and G. S. Wright Almost
Come to Blows at Council Meeting.
Council Bluffs, April 5.—It looked as
though Attorneys Emmet Tlnley and
George S. Wright would come to
biows in the city council chamber yes
terday during a heated verbal ex
change, but they did not. Tlnley is
one of the city's special attorneys em
ployed at a figure of $7,500, to see
that everything goes right in the
steps taken toward purchasing the
water works, while Wright is attorney
for the water works company. The
colloquy between them was due to
Wright twitting Tlnley on the high
price of his services to the city.
"If it were merely a matter of fees
with me," responded the latter, "I
might say that our firm could have
had a larger fee from the water works
company than from the city had we
been disposed to take it."
That's not true,' Wright promptly
"You lie," was Tinley's answer.
Spectators looked xor a fist fight, as
the men were only a few feet apart.
The expectations, however, were dis
appointed. Wright's only rejoinder
was: "Well, that makes It an even
New Track on Ward Street and Exten
sions to Court Hill and East End
Lines—Ties for South Side Improve
ments on Ground—-Will Make Loop
of West Qttgmwa Route.
Material for the first division of the
extensive improvements to be made
by the Ottumwa Railway & Light Co.
this spring is already on the ground
and active work will begin within the
neat future. Some of the proposed
Improvements to Tie made by the com
pany is the relaying of the entire
Ward street line, new track, new ties
and ballast being used the extension
of the North Court street line to the
Ottumwa Country club property and
the construction of an entire new line
from Market street on Main to a point
at McLean street or perhaps further
west. This line will proceed north on
some side street to join the
Second etreet line.. The South Ottum
wa improvements are certain. Ar
rangements for the extension of the
Court Hill line are practically com
pleted and a petition to the property
owners on the route of the Main street
line, asking them to waive their right
to the required seven feet necessary
for the laying of the track is now be
ing circulated. This petition is being
liberally signed. It is also the intention
of the company to extend its East End
line, but if yet nothing definite has
been done Vith reference to this.
The Ward 8treet Improvements.
Work will begin soon on the relay
ing of heavy track on the Ward street
car lino. Ties for new work are al
ready on the ground. The steel to be
laid will be identical with that of the
Church street line. The line will be
well ballasted and put Into first class
The Court Hill Extension.
The members of the Ottumwa Coun
try dub and the residents to the vicin
ity of the club grounds will greet with
pleasure thS possibility of an exten
sion of the Court Hill line to the golf
links. This improvement has been
practically decided upon. The exten
sion will be put Into first class shape.
The- New Line.
The rapid increase In the business
of the Traction company makes It al
most imperative that better service be
For the present r,t least the coal
will be hauled out to the valley divi
sion at Oskaloosa and delivered north
and south from that point. In anoth
er year it is possible, to save mileage
and reach additional fields, that the street. "'Yauc' cret one from Dowle asking for more
old plan of building the Knoxville ^ked for by_the company,^the^llne ^ite^forauttion as to Barnes' In
branch to Indianola will be resorted
makes every organ of the atreet line th itae
Dr. E. R. Wallizer Passes Away
State Hospital at Clarinda.
Des Moines, April 5.—Dr.«E. R. Wal
lizer, aged 60 years, and formerly a
well known physician of this city,
died Tuesday morning at Clarinda hos
pital, where he had been for some
time. Dr. Wallizer gave up active
practice here about two years ago, and
has since been in a precarious condi
tion since that time. He is an old soP
dier and a member of Kinsman post,
G. A. R. The body will reach the city
today and the funeral will be held
from the home on East Fourteenth
street between Walker and Buchanan.
Probably the reason so many mar
riages are failures is because the bride
never marries the best man.
teaanilea tho h*!x.
Pxomotei taxuriiuit growth.
Kever Falls to Keltoro army
Hair to It* Youthful Color.
CurM scalp dfieittj ftnalr lulling.
t0c,and«U»»t DmggisU
that street will offer the inducements
While It is still in an uncertain condi- teaitions Th« telegram expurgated In
tlon, it is the desire of the company P*™ ove „)nhpr
to connect the West Second Sive It to the
ies the blood, strengthens coianect ine wmi oecona ^ion which had been eliminated ^Tuesday
body strong and healthy. A great either at McLean street or some point message' sent by Dowie i'nqulr
spring tonic. Hollister's Rocky Moun- further west. If the line becomes a
reality, the company will run cars
which the deceased was a prominent .. ..
member. He was also a member of tlon of^ the
the\I. O. O. F., the members of which
will act as an esoort. He wa%a mem*
ber of the Methodist church.
Damage Amounting to $120,000 Done
by Flames at Pontiac, Mich.
Pontiac, Mich., April 5.—Fire yes
terday completely destroyed the buggy
and wagon factory of R. D. Scott &
Co., and the property of several resi
dents, occupying half the block, caus
ing a loss of $120,000*- The fire is be
lieved to have been Incendiary.
The Burlington Is removing all
switches from the main line between
Ottumwa and Burlington, except those
that are absolutely needed. This week
a large force of men removed the
tracks from the station at Ketcham.
J. H. McPartland of Burlington, spe
cial inspector of car service of the
Ottumwa division, is a business visit
or in the city today.
The old Wabash depot on the south
side is being torn down. The material
is being removed to Moberly, Mo.
-V"* CITY- -.s'7
Mrs. Dowle Is Suffering From Ner
vous Illness As the Result of the Re«
cent Occurrences Among the Tribe
of Zlon—-Fears There May Be
Chicago, April 5.—The physical col
lapse of Mrs. John Alexander Dowfe
today following rupiors that the
party in the favor of the "first apostle"
has grown so strong that serious con
flict between the two factions In Zlon
City may follow the return of her hus
band. Friends of Mrs. Dowle say she
expressed the belief that bloodshed
might result. Mrs. Dowle is reported
to be suffering from a severe attack
of^ nervous prostration.
Dowie Loses $53,000.
The appellate court today, by a de
cision, deprived Dowie of $53,000
which had been left to him by'Freder
ick Sutton, a New Zealander. The
heirs of Sutton brought suit to have
the will set aside on the ground that
undue influence had been exerted by
the Zionist leader.
Repudiation of John Alexander
Dowie have come from the two men
in Zlon City on whom he had depend
ed to assist him in deposing Deputy
General Overseer Wilbur Olenn Vo
Deacon V. V. Barnes, Dowle's gen
eral counsel, yesterday, sent him a
telegram refusing to act on his In
structions to cancel Voliva's power of
attorney and Install Instead Fielding
H. Wilhite. The message furUier con
tained a threat that the administrative
body of the church had documentary
evidence of Dowle's mismanagement.
This evidence relates to charges
against Dowie's character and to the
alleged misappropriation of more than,
$1,000,000 intrusted to him for Invest-1
ment in the lace works and other Zlon
City institutions.
Dowie's arrest in connection with
the charge has been threatened.
Deacon Wilhite during the day sent
Dowie a telegram declining to accept
his power of attorney
Barnes' Telegram to Dowle.
Deacon Barnes' message was as fol
John Alexander* Dowie, Ocotlan,
Mexico—Your state of health is bad
for the proper protection of our rights.
Everything is transferred to Granger
given on the west end placed on record. Willnot act on your (chine and has one of the best outfits
be done if the proposed line on Main. instructions. Am acting in interests state. This meeting is being
street becomes a certainty. It is the zion. Believe it will be to your in-*!arranged under the auspices of tbd
Intention of the company to look Into! terests to confirm the agreement.
.... •__ .. mi. mi 4taAoMenAA tfeva
the proposition of Invading Main There will be sufficient evidence. Have
street, and if the property owners
will undoubtedly be constructed. ^nm-mtad'in
anSwel is
vast business of that branch. In the ..
summer time, during the baseball, pic-!'
nic. park and gating season the bus^ *ra Delivered.
ness of the west end line Is enormous,
Concerning the extension of the east
end line the officials of the company
prefer to remain silent.
Former Member of Iowa Legislature
Succumbs at Greenfield
Greenfield," April 5.—Hon. K. R.
Madden, a longtime resident of Adair
county, of late a resident of Bridge
water, died Tuesday at Immanuel hps
pital, Omaha, of uremia. Mr. Madden
.was a merchant of prominence at
Bridgewater and lived at this place.
He was 51 years of age. He repre
sented this district In the legislature
one team, in 1898 being elected by the
democratic party.
The remains arrived yesterday aft
ernoon from Omaha. The body will be
laid to rest at this place beside that
of his father. The funeral service will
be In charge of the Masonic order, of
At the same time the following from
Wilhite was delivered:
John Alexander Dowie, Ocotlan or
train enroute to City of Mexico—Ad
vised that the,powers of attorney not
effective. Titles to all real estate and
personal property passed on Monday.
Instruments conveying same executed
by your attorney In fact Voliva. Am
powerless to assume control. Feeling
strong against you here. Recommend
that you remain there until you can
receive and consider particulars and
full reports from me. F. H. Wilhite.
Wilhite did not send the foregoing
until after severe pressure had been
exerted by Voliva and other officers
of the church. He is secretary of the
Mexico Land association, a pet project
of Dowle, and Is anxious to retain that
post, believing the colonization scheme
has a great future. Barnes and Voliva
labored with Wilhite nearly all night
and finally induced him to send the
message. He was influenced finally by
the state of Dowie's health.
I have nothing to say In explana-
he and Deacon Barnes returned to
Zion City last evening from Chicago
after sending It and consulting with
the Zion City attorneys here.
"We are doing the best we can un
der the circumstances. As for the
Mexican land project I am satisfied
that it ultimately will be successful.
It is separate from the undertaking
here in Zlon."
Queer Sensations
in stomach, back or bowels, are signs
of certain dangers, which electric Bit
ters are guaranteed to cure. 50c.
B. Clark, Druggist.
Albia,' April 5. John and Purl
Thomas and May and Gall Lane, had
their preliminary hearing yesterday
afternoon before Justice M. C. Falrey
and were bound over to the grand jury.
The two men are colored bus drivers
while the women are white and come
from Buxton. The charge against
them was lewdness.
Charles Bradley and John Smith,
charged with stealing a pair of shoes
from the store of D. A. Marken, were
tried before Justice Falrey Tuesday
afternoon and both were dismissed for
lack of sufficient evidence.
Geo. Dashiell left Wednesday even
ing for his home at Belolt, Kan. Mrs,
message was in answer to a se-
When the Sidneys are sick, every
sudden twist or movement sends a
sharp pain coursing through the back.
As the trouble gains ground, the pain
strikes you first in one place, then In
another, until you never know When
or where It will come oexk.
Ba ok ache, rheumatic pain* eoi&tloa,
gout and lumbago are brought on in,
most cases by an exeegs the Wood
of uric acid, a dangepoua poison that
should be filtered oft by the kidneys
and expelled with the urine. Urto fcoid
poisoning is a serious danger. It has
a weakening and debilitating- effect on
every organ of the body, It clogs the
kidneys themselves, and the urinary
channels, causing distressing urinary
troubles, dropsy, diabetes and Bright'*
disease. It also, crystallaea into gravel,
stones in the kidneys and sediment liv
the urine it disturbs the action of
the heart, liver, stomach and brain,
causes headaches, ditsy speUs. dim
ness of eyesight, nervousness, depres
sion, languor. Colds and changes of
Weather make these troubles worse.
There is only one way to perma
nently rid the system of uric poison,
and that is to cure the kidneys. Doan's
Kidney Pills have been curing MM
are curing sick kidneys throughout
the civilized world. This. great spe
cific cleanses the kidneys, relieves
their congested state, and permanentlv
strengthens them. The pills dlssQty*
Dashiel will remain for a longer visit
with relatives and friends.
Mrs. C. M. Shookley and children
of Grinnell arrived last nightr for a
few days' visit at the T. C. Hammond
A daughter was bom to Mr. and Mrs.
Oscar Gunnar Wednesday morning,
April 4.
Ben James Is seriously 111 at the
hTis tt?eSattnSriS' rsevCT^S
Thompson of Chisholn were Albia vl*
G. A. Dourfer 6f Dubuque
Deeds have been duly executed and uses an Edison moving picture ma-
Woman'a Temperance union.
understood, to a
act nature of the
Ma ha**
M1 fro
Vernon over Sunday,
Jew teacf
Farrls of Montrose visited friends who received "an equal number of
here Monday votes at the
Mrs., Fannie Therme went to Keo- W. H. Hamilton, the democratic
,kuk to visit B. C. Therme and nee and J. T. Parker the repu
Mrs. Mary Miller was in Bonaparte Mr. Hamilton was the lucky man at
Monday. |the finish.
Word has been received of the sud-' The firm of Richmond brothers, con
den death of Lewis Podeytt, a former slstlng of A. M. Richmond and George
resident of Farmlngton, but for the Richmond, disposed of their grocery
past few years has been an inmate of business last Monday. They have been
the soldiers' home at Marshalltown. In business here the past three years
S'. T. Kinuey of Keosauqua spent and were among the leading business
Sunday In Farmlngton, the guest of men of the town. They are succeeded
his mother, Mrs. Amanda Kinney. by Marsh Herrick and Frank Holmes,
Miss Elsie King of'Centerville Is and the new firm name Is Herrick,
visiting her mother, Mrs. Frances Holmes & Co.
King. G. B. Klelnschmldt and daughter, El
Henry Erbsteln has moved Into the la, left for Fayvllle, Ark., on the mld
Woodworth property on Second street night train Monday night. This Is Mr.
H. J. Locke was a Bonaparte visit- Klelnschmldt's seoond trip to this part
or on Monday. and he is thinking strongly of buying
E. J. Boyer has been visiting friends and moving hfs family there.
in Ft. Madison. Mrs. Fred Neiman Is very 111 at her
Mrs. Nellie Therme entertained her home In the northern part of the city,
Sunday school class Thursday evening "Hooligan's Troubles" was played at
at the home of Mrs. Will Knott, Re- the, opera house here Monday evening
freshments were served. to a fair sized crowd.
Miss Bertha Miller of Athena, Mo., I William Strong and family of Brlgh
Is visiting at the home of J. W, Wood- ton have moved to the city and con
worth. template making this their future
About thirty little folks gathered »t home.
the home of Miss Nina Gares Thurs- The Woman's club gave a banquet
day evening to help her celebrate her at the Merchants' hotel Tuesday even
thirteenth birthday. Mrs. Mlaer Mc- Ing and entertained as guests their
Crary entertained Mrs. Anna Bailey of husbands. Supper was served at 8
5.— A new rec-
Fairfield, April
ord prl(y3 for
land has been
Stever has purchased
bltt farm consisting of forty acres, a J." Wetter Vf*MuscatineT
of Fairfield for $192.50 anj George Mullinix of What Cheer has
the former owner, has only
ThrM tut
I'* «Si
'-Every Picture Tells a Story." tr
Sold by all dealers. Price 90 cents, FOSTER-MILBURN CO., Buffalo, N. Y., Proprietors.
club will ba held to the club rooms to
The proposed ordinance forbidding
expectoratln on the sidewalks was lost
at the last meeting of the council. The
ordinance regulating oil wagons on the
asphalt pavement was carried,
April 5,-Mlsis Nellie
severs Twe4eell visited for a few days last
rn« 5? ., I week with Mrs. Frank Cox.
after^tevpr&l*weeks^ coif'
e- wi hort elded In the east ond are moving out
VSX r.«™a w«b»'
Mrs. Bert Horn who re-
Frea'ditto" 1„ ™v«d,to town
,rlth daughter, Mrs. an1 Qeorge Rhue expects to take pos-
"SS StfiST^U- for
Iters yesterday. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Alder
The Instructors of the Albia high
school left this morning for Ottawa Mrs. Frttafchinehard Is on the sick
to be present at the twelfth annual
days Iast week with her grand
session of the Southeastern Iowa Dafflner, proprietor of the
Teachers association. The «tade Wapello restaurant has sold out and
teachers will go ttts evening or In the
n^prnlag. I Vacated by George Rhue.
-Mr. and Mrs Beau and daugh-
Roving to hjs farm which was
ter. Virginia, of Duluth, are guests of Ottumwa, were Sunday visitors a* the
Mrs. Bean's sister, Miss Carrie Andeiv-yjlts Rhlnehard home.
Mrs. George Hodgkinson who
and Mrs. Milt White of South
to'called to Gault, Mo., by the 4eath of
Albla Wednesday. 'her father, returned home last even
At the First Presbyterian church.on ing.
Friday evening, Rlftv. W. D. ElwCU, of Mf. and Mrs. Wm. Stevens
Mf. and Mrs. Wm.
Ames, will deliver one of his Illustrate this morning for a few day's
ed temperance lectures. Rev. BSlwell with relatives to Kirkville.
Slgourney, April 5—At the city
council meeting Monday evening the
Question as to who should be the may
or of Slgourney was settled by the
Farmlngton, April 5.—Captain Rob- council casting lots for the two men
city election on March 26.
Jefferson oounty the subject of the lecture to be given
fixed. John B. in the Methodist Episcopal- church
the Cor- here the. coming Friday evening by
$3,700. U. purchased the South Side livery barn
and taken
nominee each received 215 votes, and
o'clock, during which time toasts and
responses were freely given. An ex
cellent' musical program was given by
the women.
"Through Palestine on Horseback"ls
Skunk river is said to be damaging ^and win ™ve there to conduct
greatly the highway in the vicinity of 3U
the bridge at Coppock. The supervis- V?
ors of Jefferson, Washington day in Des Moines on business.
Henry counties will meet at Coppock
Karl Fellmer and wife have sold
#cre" their property at the eastern limits of
Three years ago the same farm vnnnm t\a Mnt».
brought $125. Mr. Stever, the new
purchaser, already owns several hun-
the city, formerly known as the Mob
land place, to J. E. Hanklns of Delta,
Mr. Fellmar takes Mr. Hankin's black-
smithing shop in Deita in part pay-
next Tuesday to investigate and con- clty Monday
fer with one another.
Rev. Thomas Osborn Is to deliver returned to their home Monday, after
the address at the Birmingham high having spent a couple of days in the
school commencement in the Metho-
dist church at that place, April 19. His McCarty looked at several! pieces of
subject is to be,*"How the Giant Was property while here, and says he may
Slain." choose Slgourney as his future home
Two former Fairfield men have been William Douglas returned from
elected aldermen in other cities this North Dakota the first of ithe week,
week, Paul Dysart, now holding that where he was called by the death of
office in Keokuk, and Arthur B. Mc- his father.
Cold, representing the s&th. ward in Thomas Kelly was transacting busi
the Chicago city council. Charles ..Gil- ness In Des Moines last Mofaday.
chrlst, also formerly of Fairfield, isi a The city school board Is 1 going to
candidate for alderman In Davenport, allow- the city teachers opportu-
The annual meeting of the Jefferson nlty to attend the teacf meeting
Monday and Tues-
Stanton of Oskaloosa was a bus-
McCarty and wife of Brighton
visiting relatives and friends. Mr.
grave) and stone, and help th* kidneys
to Alter the blood perfectly,
clean the urinary passages, and ref
late the passing of the secretions, in
proof we offer testimony of residents
of thta city,
& C. Bradley, B3| South Davis ^treeii
says: ''An honest medicine, one
which does all that is claimed for it£
deserves the endorsement of the
lie, and these suffering should he
made acquainted with tt~*saolt ft
medicine Is Doan's Kidney Pills,
base my pplntan on the foiiQwinfc ey&
peiience: I am one of the oldest men
in Ottumwa and suffered for y«iare
with kldiMy complaint, two condltloiw^
whioh almost preclude the possibility
of help, yet Poan's Jcidnw
brought me much sought relief. Across
my loins and In and through the WdA
peys the twinges and constant p4sthl
were so esprutlattn* that I have h«en.\
unable' to walk without support, mid*
if trouble With t&* kidney1? secretion*
added to backache is any indication^
of Brlght's Disease, then I had a touch
of it. I procured Doan's Kidney Pills
at Will I* Sargent's drug store. Main
and Market Much to my stt^pnae.
and more to my gratification they,:'"
went right to the source-^ of the'
trouble, and as I continued the treat-.1:
ment relief which I never expected
was received-"
in Ottumwa Friday by dismissing tM"
schools for that day.
Sigourn^y's eoal famine has been
broken by the merchants here Anally
succeeding In procuring eoal. JPVr two
weeks a car of coal could not be se
cured though many were ordered, and
the coal oompanys sent bills and th*'
voices of coal In response to the or
ders, but the coal never reached here.
The mild weather helped the needy
out and there was not much suffering,'
though by far the greater number of
citizens of the place were completely
out of coal.
The body of. Miss Minnie
was brought here Monday sitirnlng
from Chicago, where after
of four weeks with pneumonia, she
died last Friday
at I
o'clock p,
remains were accompanied here by her
sister, Miss Anna. Miss Neiman-was 84
years, 4 months and 17 d*ys old, and
the funeral was conducted by
E. Janssen and Rev. Phillip
Falmer at
the home of ber parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Neiww, »*, o'clock
Batftvia Rural Route No, 1, April 5.
**-J. B. Shaw was transacting business
In Batavia Wednesday,
J. W. Smith has returned hotfie after
a two weeks' trip through the iouth.
This route has had a* extension of::
one and one-eight miles, wfelcb makes
the route twenty.flve and three-eights
miles long, with 126 families receiving
Judson Curtis had a fine horse to
die Tuesday. He valued the horpe at
Mrs. L. W. ghaw and Mrs. B. H.
Burnaugh visited Wednesday with,
Mrs. John Huff,
Rural Route Inspector Martin waff
Inspecting this route Wednesday.
Miss Ada Nafsiger left for Wash
ington, 111., Thursday, for a visit with
J. E. Nevln was a business caller at
Batavia Wednesday.
Zealous Dermatteir is now a rest''
dent of Guyman, O. T.
Jacob Martin made a business trip
to Ottumwa the yQrst of the week, j1
Williamsburg, April
ened here Monday after a vacation
lasting one week, which was spenfr by
the majority of the teachers at th«
county institute at Marengo ladt' week.
Mrs. John Hughes, Jr., and' daugh
ter, Marguret, returned home last
Saturday from Des Moines, wher«
they have resided since the opening
of the present legislative session.
Paul Gilford, who has been employ
ed in the barber business here fer th«
past two years, shipped his houfeehold
goods to Greeley recently, which will
be the future home of Mr. and Mrs.
Attorney R. W. Pugh and County
Attorney Wallace were attending
court Marengo last week.
Mrs. John Mead and two Children,
of Des Moines, are visiting the for*
mer's 'mother, Mrs. Mernivlft Lengi
previous to arranging her departure
for the warm clmatie of Callfdroia,
Mrs, Hugh Harrington and daugh-i
ter, of North English, visited 'thlf
week at the parental SFheete nOme la
this city.
Mr, and Mrs. Edward Hogalr spent
Sunday in Marengo* visiting the par*
ents of the latter.
Mrs. John Hughes, Sr., and deugh-.
ter, Miss Stella, are making arrange
ments to depart for Seattle, Wash.,
where they contemplate making gielr
future home.
Mrs. Burt Sheets and MlsS Belle
Blalsier spent last week In Marengo,
attending institute lectures and vis
iting at the hopje of Mr. and Mrs.
John Shipton-
Milwaukee agent J. P. Dougherty
made a business trip to Marlon last
Saturday In the Interests of the Q.
R. T.
The W. R. C. presented ft beautiful
sixteen feet flag to the' high school re*
cently and the inspiring sight greets
the loyal citizen every morning when
the stars and stripes are unfurled,
just preceding the 8:30 a, xn. bell.
Miss Veda Pike, of Des Mpines, IS
visitinsr her many friends and school
mates whom she has not seen for
nnany months.
Work has been commence# en th
canning factory... 12,000 bricks were..
ordered for the foundation yesterday.
The third bank -has been com
pleted, fixtures were put in place last:"
Saturday and the institution opened
its doors Monday, fully equipped for
businesses ....
Bank of England .Cute Discount
Charge Half of One Per Cent.
London, April 5,—The rate of dls-'
count (of the Bank of England was re*
ducedvtoday from 4 to 3% per cent.

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