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Convincing Proof
Facts Kfust be Considered,
Even by the Most Preju
diced and Skeptical
Read Expressions of a Few of
the Many Patients Treat
ing with
Mrs. A. T. Mcllvain,
113 Green street
was asked her opinion of Dr. Keith &
Co., and her reply vras: They have
fulfilled every promise made me
have made me practically well In the
short time I took treatments—when
I first consulted them was hardly able
to be up at all. In a week I was re
lieved to such an extent that I cmld
not help feeling satisfied with results
and frankly believe Dr. Keith & Co..
are physicians of exceptional ability
and am glad to recommend them."
Mr. W. S. Pentzer,
Garfield. Park, City.
Says, "You are certainly doins won
ders for my wife. She Is *o much
better and we are both recommending
our friends." Mr. Fenizer and daiigh-
ter are also taking treatment and sat
Mr. Charles Hopkins,
Agency. Iowa,
Says: "My child was given up by
different physicians as hopeless, but
It is nearly cured after two months'
treatment, has gained several pounds
In flesh, and I feel as though he is go
ing to get entirely well.
Mr. E. T. Baldwin,
Agency, Iowa,
Says: "I have done more work this
harvest than I have for fifteen year*
feel better in every way, and have
taken your treatmentt but three
months. When I first commenced I
was unable to do anything.
Mrs. C. G. Jackson.
2107 West Second St.. City.
I 'have been suffering for years with
Catarrh of Liver, Stomach and Kid
neys Physicians had told me I had
gall stones. I commenced treatment
In May with the Doctor and feel that
I, am almost entirely well. Would
advise any one suffering from such
trouble to call upon the Doctor.
Mr. H. Squire.
Aberdeen, South Dakota.
Says: "I have been suffering for
years with Catarrhal trouble of Head,
Throat and Stomach and never receiv
ed any benefit until I treated with the
Doctor. I can truely advise any one
suffering from like trouble to call on
him and they will be benefited.
Mrs. Alma Thomas,
"I have been a constant sufferer for
years with Rheumatism and Stomach
Trouble, and can truly say that Dr.
Keith & Co. are the only physicians
that have ever done me any good. I
fee! as though I am nearly well ami
gaining flesh."
Jack Simmons,
Florls, Iowa,
has suffered for years wHh Chronic
Stomach and Liver Trouble has doc
tored with the best physicians in Iowa
and Nebraska, but can say that ho
Improved right along under the Doc
tors treatment.
Mrs. Manda Aller,
707 First St., City.
Says: "I have doctored for years
and felt as though I never could get
well, but now am feeling better and
doing more work than I have for
years, and feel that the Doctors are
going to cure me."
Mrs. E. Schworm,
109 South Cherry St., City.
"I had given up all hopes of ever
being cured of Catarrh, head, nose,
throat, stomach and general nervous
debility, but I want to say after two
months' treatment I feel that I am
nearly a well woman, have gained in
flesh and in every way and the neigh
bors all speak how I have improved.
I weuld recommend Dr. Keith & Co.,
to any one suffering from Chronic Dls
caseg, because they are honest and
will do exactly what they say.
Mr. S. S. Alters,
Eddyvllle, Iowa.
"I have been a sufferer for years
•with Liver, Kidney, Stomacn, Bladder
and generous nervous debility. I now
feel certain that you will cure me and
would recommend you to any one
suffering from Chronic diseases.
Frank Mullins,
Pulaski, Iowa.
"I have suffered for years with
Catarrh, Liver, Stomach, Piles and
f" aoS. puacauiooej UBO ptre
the only doctors who have holped me
and think you will cute' me."
Miss N. L. Baker,
127 Morrell St., City.
Said to the doctors, "I am more
than satisfied with your treatment."
Mr. C. L. Beatty,
802 Ellis Ave., Cil.y.
was suffering from Kidney, Liver and
Stomach Trouble and also Rheuma
tism. It was almost Impossible for me
to get around, am now gaining
and feel almost entirety well, and
would recommend everybody to the
M^B. C. Hadden,
1040 Orchard St., City,
Says: "I have been suffeing for
years with spinal, head and neck
trouble have made wonderful Im
provement and would recommend any
one suffering to the Doctor."
Mrs. H. C. Moffltt,
119 Evergreen St., City,
was suffering from general debility
and nervousness could scarcely walk
Is now feeling fine and nearly well.
I can't say enough for what the Doc
tors have done for her.
Mrs. E. A. Edgington,
R. F. D.j Ottumwa,
Says: "I have received wonderful
results from their treatemnt for Ca­
tarrh, Rheumatism and Asthmatic
Trouble. I cannot say anything but
good words fo them."
W. H. Harris,
228 South Moore St., City,
was suffering from Catarrh, enlarged
Kidney and Stomach Trouble. Must
sry that I have received most wonder
ful results from their treatment, and
feel myself entirely cured. Would
recommend any one suffering from
such trouble to call upon the Doctors.
Would space permit-, great numbers
of expressions could be published, but
the above are certainly CONVINCING
enough to any fair-minded man or
woman to at least cause them to
Keith & Co.'s methods of treatment
in your own city and there' is nto long
er any excuse to neglect, yourself- or
postpone calling at their offices for
consultation and examination, both of
If your case Is not curable you wiv
be told frankly and honestly for Dr.
Keith & Co.. have refused great num
bers of people who applied to them
for treatment in Ottumwa, because
they knew the patient could not be
cured and felt it thlr duty to say so.
If your case is pronounced curable
you will be treated by the latest and
most approved methods according to
your diseased condition.
Do not be operated on. Some phy
sicians wishing to line their pockets
with filthy lucre, and getting more for
operations than for ordinary trealt
ment, would subject you to an opera
tion. The human race, -human form,
the organs that make "the wheels go
round" are the same now as of yore.
Come to us and be examined very
seldom we find it necessary to oper
ate. If your grandmothers got along
without surgical operations, so can
MEN by the scores have been cured
after trying all tlie worthless reme
dies and appliances and Dr. Keith &
Co. have proven their ability to tho
satisfaction of all men.
Dr Keith & Co. lt-or.fr
THROAT troubles. BRONCHIAL anil
LUNG Diseases. HEART Complica
and BOWEL Troubles. KIDNEY and
troubles without oporatlon or pain.
CANCERS by most successful treat
ment known and cures made In many
cases given up as incurable.
Dr. Keith & Co. treat Chronic and
Special diseases of men. women and
children and invite von to coll and
Their offices are at 115 South Mar
ket street, First National bank build
ing. Ottumwa. Iowa.
Hours to consult them are from 9
to 12 a. m., 1 to 9 p. m., 7 to 8:3Q
evenings. Sunday, 9 to 1.
Special Notice to All People Living
Out of Ottumwa.
Dr. KcltL will pay the railroad fare
both ways of all people coming to Ot
tumwa and commenc'nsr his treatment
during Carnival Week, Sept. 23 to
If you are thinking of taking treat
ment plan to come now.
Teacher's Slayer
Caaght in Ambush
Prepared to Fight
Chicago, Sept. 26.—Richard Walton,
the colored man wanted for the mur
der of Mrs. Lillian W. Grant, the
teacher found in her room strangled
to death several days ago, is said to
be surrounded by police in a desert
ed building at Sunimltt. 111., about
twenty miles south of this city. He
Is reported as being barricaded
strongly in the building and abrfld
antly supplied with weapons and am
munition. Fifty officers are on the
ground. ..
Don't Push
The horse can draw the
load without help, if you
reduce friction to almost
nothing by applying
to the wheels.
No other lubri
cant ever made
wfears so Ion#
horsepower. Next time
Standard Oil Co.
Washington, D. C., Sept. 26.—Major
John F. Lacey, former representative
from the Sixth district, would like to
meet Governor Cummins of Iowa in a
contest for the senatorial toga.
Major Lacey lis In Washington on
business and yesterday he gave out a
political Interview to "the Washington
Post to which he predicts that Sena
tor Allison will be re-elected despite
the hard fight that is being made
to place a younger man from Iowa In
the office. Regarding his own candi
dacy for senatorial honors, Major La
cey says he will not enter the race
as long as Senator Allison Is In the
field. The Washington Post also
quotes him as saying that he is not
thinking of coming back to congress.
Would Take on Cummins,
I wouldn't mind having a round or
two with Governor Cummins," said
Major Lacey. "But I think Senator Al
lison will win.
"It would not only be a state calam
ity to retire the senator, but it would
be a national calamity. Allison is ap
proaching his eightieth year, but he
Is one of the most remarkable men
of his years. There are occasionally
men who are strong men when they
become old physically, and Allison is
one of them. Like BismarK, Gladstone
and Clnclnnatus, he Is a giant, even
with the weight of more than three
score years and ten on his shoulders.
No one will dispute that he Is the rec
ognized head of the senate. Ask. any
one ask a politician In Texas or New
York, who Is the leade rof the senate?
He will tell you Allison. Ask a labor
er in the streets and he, too, will tell
you Allison ask a miner in far off
Alaska and he will eacho Allison. The
senator has practically recovered
from the illness whioh laid him up for
some weeks last winter and is stead
ily growing stronger. His cheeks are
beginning to glow with youth, and his
mind is as. vigorous as ever. I repeat
that it would be E calamity to retire
Senator Allison and I do not think the
people of the state will permit it.
Cannon Too Old.
"People of Iowa are no^ talking
much about national politics. Roose
velt is exceedingly strong through
the west.
"I recently made a trip to the coast
anl everywhere the president Is talk
ed of mere than any other man. There
seems to be a disposition among some
to believe that perhaps he may be In
duced to reconsider his decision not
to run, and those persons hesitate to
express a preference for any other
Hearing of Case Against Elmer Pratt,
Charged with Killing Iowa
City Man Begun.
Iowa City, Sept. 26.—(Special.)
The murder trial of the state of Iowa
vs. Elmer Pratt opened today, and the
state and defense are working hard
to pick an unprejudiced jury from 10S
veniremen. Hon. M. J. Wade is the
leader of the prisoner's attorneys.
Pratt, is charged with the killing ot
W. F. Connell, his neighbor.
N unusual coffee of ex
ceptional richness and
strength—a coffee with
a flavor so smooth and an
aroma so fragrant as to de
light all who try
is a remarkable blend of
"Old Crop" coffee—se
lected, blended and roasted
by experts.
a cents at dealers.
German Woman Living Next to Miller
Home on Center Avenue Claims she
Was Called a '.'Dirty Dutch Hog"
by the Defendant.
In polite society it la not consider
ed proper to orawl up on the kitchen
roof and call your neighbor an "old
Dutch hog."
This point in etiquette was decided
by Police Judge Klrbv this morning
when he fined Mrs. Martha Miller of
492 Center avenue $50 for disturbing
the peace, upon information filed by
Mrs. Augusta Ludwig, the next door
neighbor of the Millers.
Mrs. Miller, however, denied eynr
calling her neighbor a hog. "I never
called her an "old Dutch hog," sh«*
said. "I called her an 'old Dutch fool,'
and she certainly is."
Mrs. Miller declared that whenever
the grocer would come to the house
to take her order, her neighbor, Mrs.
Ludwig, would get out in the yard
and yell: "Mens come to the Miller's
house. No mens come to my house."
"Nix Come Arous" Ruled Out.
On another occasion Mrs. Miller
said her neighbor blew, her nose in her
face. That is. It was Mrs. Ludwlg's
nose and Mrs. Miller's face. Another
time she stuck a cat'B tall1'In Mrs. Mil
ler's face, the witness alleged. Mrs.
Ludwig then went through the back
yard waving a bunch of roses in her
hand and yelling: "Nix come arous in
a Dutchman's house."
Attorney Ramsell insisted that this
evidence bie stricken out as being ir
relevant. immaterial and having no
direct bearing on the case at issue in
which Mrs. Miller was charged with
disturbing the peace.
Herman Ludwig, wife of the com
plainant, went on the stand.
"This Miller woman she called my
old woman 'Dutch hag' or 'Dutch
hog.' What she mean about this,
"Did she say this In a loud voice?"
asked Attorney Ramsell.
"Why, she. was always noisy. She
was never quiet," averred the wit
Mrs. Ludwig was more emphatic.
"We have a high fence in the back
yard," she said, "and when this wo
man couldn't see me over the fence,
she would climb on the kitchen roof
and call me names. Once she said,
.'Here she is, girls. Here is that old
Dutch hag.'"
Neighbors Called In.
Walter Farrington, a neighbor, tes
tified that on one occasion he saw
MJss Emma Miller, a sister-in-law of
the defendant, running after Mrs. Lud
wig with a club.
Anna Farrington, his sister, heard
Mrs. Miller call Mrs. Ludwig a "hog."
Dan Gibbons, who lives across tho
street from the quarreling neighbors,
heard some making a noise like a
"frog In a pond," but he was unable
to say whether it was the defendant
or the complainant.
After hearing the evidence Judge
Klrby made the fine $50 or a fifteen
days' jail sentence for Mrs. Miller.
The defendant gave notice of appeal
and gave an appeal bond of $100.
Another case is pending In which
Mrs. Miller is prosecuting Myrtle Far
rington, another neighbor, on the
charge of assaulting Edith Miller, a
daughter of the complainant.
An Outrage.
It's an outrage to let your skin suf
fer without he!p, when burned or
wounded. Use Bucklen's Arnica Salve:
25c. F. B. Clark, Court and Second
J. H. L. Swepsou & Co., Court and
Mulct Law is Enforced Through Agree
ment—Ministers of City Want
Puritlan Form.
Fort Madison, Sept. 26.—Fort Madi
son has experienced an awakening
during the past few days of the reform
movement which has recently swept
over several Iowa cities. The first
was the saloon reform moveinent
which struck Dubuque, Davenport and
Burlington. The Ministerial associa
tion took up the cudgel, and, assisted
by state officers of the Iowa Anti-Sa
loon league, started the ball rolling.
The ministers asked for a meeting with
representative saloon men„and the re
quest met with such an agreeable res
ponse that it surprised the ministers.
A meeting was had and the mulct
question was discussed in all its
An agreement was soon reached and
signed by both parties, and now there
is peace between saloon and church.
The saloon screens are down and the
lid is down tight on Sunday, this be
ing the only change from the old order
of things.
Ministers Not Content.
The ministers however, were not
content with this little reform, and on
last riunday night, while the "Tempest
and Sunshine" company was filing an
engagement at the opera house, dls
patched a constable with warrants for
the arrest of the ticket seller and four
of the theatrical company, one of the
four being Miss Marie Do Bean, a for-
mer Burlington girl who play's the
part of "Tempest" very acceptably.The
play, however, was not distrubed, the
ofHcer serving the papers after the
performance closed. The four mem
bers of the company gave bond for
their appearance the next day and
were released. They and the opera
house manager were charged with a
breach of the Sabbath.
Defendants Win.
The case came up in Justice D. F\
Alley's court Tuesday afternoon, the
defendants asking for a jury. One wit-1
When past middle age, there comes
a noticeable weakening: of the organs
of the body, and the danger of quick
decline. It Is quite necessary to give
prompt help to any part that first
/owi signs of wear.
Healthy kidneys mean a hale old
age. Weak kidneys bring constant
backache, lame baok, stitches, and
twinges of pain, annoying urinary
troubles, and the danger of diabetes ot
Bright's disease. There is likely to be
a loss af albumen and a gain of uric
aold and other poisons, with loss ot
flesh, vigor and nervous force.
Doan's Kldnoy Pills bring quick help
to stck kidneys, and 'are entirely frft
from poisonous drugs It is a remedy
that can be taken by young or old,
weak or strong, and In every case with
prompt benefit.
If you have backache, "lame or weak
back, quick pains when stooping or
lifting if you are tired and nervous,
have headache, dlssy spells, watery
swellings under the eyes or arounr
the ankles, rheumatic or neuralgio
pain, gravel, scalding urine, too fre
quent passages, sandy or stringy sedi
ment in the urine, scanty or discolored
urino, or passages at night, be sure
jrour kidneys need attention.
MAY 1,1908
Eddyvllle, Sept. 26.—Special—At a
meeting of the Eddyvllle Commercial
club this week It wag decided that Ed
dyvllle would take advantage of the
opportunity offered them to secure a
canning factory, and work will com
mence as soon as possible in order to
have it ready for the canning season
which opens the first of next May. The
committee, J. M. Crosson and Frank
Epperson, who went to Oskaloosa last
week to investigate the matter, made
their report. J. H. Lewis of Beacon,
one of the members of the firm, was
present and stated their plans and in
tentions. The company expects to
erect a building costing $2,200 on a site
donated to them by the Rock Island
railway, and equip it with machinery
so as to have a capacity of from 10,000
to 16,000 cans per day and give em
ployment to about forty persons dur
ing the canning season. The citizens
of Eddyville were expected to take a
certain amount of the stock and the
amount was nearly all taken up at the
meeting Tuesday night, thus assuring
the certainty of the project. Mr. Lewis
will have associated with him E. A.
Tanner of the What Cheer Cahning
Co., and both gentlemen will come to
Eddyvllle and have charge of the
Other Eddyville News.
E. M. Fausnaugh has purchased the
G. H. True tenant property next to
his own home.
Lee Harding, who has been quite ill
with gall stones for two or three
weeks, was taken to the hospital at
Ottumwa Wednesday to undergo an
Miss America A. Sea will preach at
the Christian church next Sunday
morning and evening.
Sixteen members of the Rebekah
lodge attended lodge at Avery Mon
day night.
Albert Petty and W. B. Enlx of A!
bla were business visitors here this
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Sipes spent
Tuesday with relatives in Oskaloosa.
Mesdames Chris Johnson and Matil
da Richardson of Hayden left Tuesday
for a week's visit with relatives at Mt.
Pleasant and Burlington.
ness was examined on behalf of the
state and after the attorneys ftrguer
the law points the case was given to
the jury, who were out only a half
hour and returned a verdict for the
The ministers say they are not done,
but will continue the opposition to
Sunday night ilirformances until a
higher court has passed upon the Sun
day closing hours," and particularly in
the case of Sunday theatricals.
Parents of High School Pupils Told
the Law Against-Secret Societies
Must Be Observed.
Indlanapollr. Ind., Sept. 26.—Supt.
Kendall of the Indianapolis public
schools, having Indicated to the board
of school commissioners his opposition
to high school fraternities, the board
has sent out letters to all parents of
high school pupils notifying them that
the law against secret societies will
have to be observed. Principal Ben
ton of the high school and Supt. Ken
dall both are opposed to high school
fraternities, and were instrumental in
getting a law through the last legisla
ture making it unlawful for high school
pupils to orgarize thorn. Pupils who
refuse to obey the law will be expellc!
A tenant which is quickly dispos
sessed by Dr. King's New Discovery is
a Cough or Cold. 50c and $1.00. F. B.
Clark, Court and Second J. H. L,
Swenson & Co., Court and Main.
Lipton Will Build a New Boat to Con
form With New York Rules
In Order to Get Race.
London, Sept. 26.—Sir Thomas Lip
ton, although bitterly disappointed at
the failure of the New York Yacht
club to accept his recent challenge,
today authorized the Associated Press
to announce that he has prepared a
challenge with a ninety foot boat mi
dor thja Naur York Yacht club rules.
Tells J?
Sold by all dealers. Price K) cents. FOSTER-MIUWRM Co., Buffalo, N.Y., Proprietor*.
Bonaparte.—A very pretty wedding
occurred Wednesday afternoon at 4
o'clock at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. D. H. Cresap, when their daugh
ter, Miss Florence Cresap, was united
in marriage to O. G. Corns of Chicago.
The ceremony was performed by Rev.
Father S. R. O'Calahan of Chicago.
Hon. P. J. McNally of Chicago acted
as groomsman and Miss Ethel Packer
of Bonaparte was bridesmaid.
A large number of guests were pres
ent, among whom were the following
from out of town: Miss Margaret
Meek, Keokuk Mrs. J. K. Wilson. D°s
Moines Edlo McCue and Miss Hlckey,
Chicago Miss Nellie Sellers, La
Grange, Mo. P. S. Bertrand, Center
ville, and Miss June Cheney, Carthago,
A reception was held in the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Corns left today at noon
for their future home in Chicago.
Other News of Interest.
Roy Smith and John King went to
Ottumwa yesterday to visit friends and
attend the carnival.
C. A. Miller of Mt. Zlon was a busi
ness visitor here yesterday.
Mrs. Gideon Glassock went to Ka
hoka, Mo., yesterday for a short visit
with her brother, Charles McKlnney.
Misses Lottie Miller and Maude
Ryland visited friends In Farmlngton
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. Benjamin Ketchum has return
ed home from Mt. Pleasant.
Senator D. A. Young and son ot
Argyle were Bonaparte visitors yester
A. G. Roberts attended to business
affairs in Keosauqua Wednesday.
Mrs. Madge White of Fort Madison
has been a recent guest, fit the S. A.
Brown home.
Major Montgomery Meigs Figures Out
Probable Time Card for Boat Car
rying Roosevelt.
Keokuk, Sept. 26.—Major Meigs of
the engineer corps and In charge of
the naval parade for President's Day,
was consulted as to the probable
time the President's boat would pass
the different landings, supposing the
parade to start and the President to
leave Keokuk at 11 a. m. The majov
produced a time table of what a slow
boat can do, in which the arrival at
each town below Keokuk has been
figured out. Of courso, this is only
problematical, but It Is very clrs" t'l
correct, as Maor Melgs Is up-to-date
in his postings on the river and the
speeds attained by the various kinds
of boats. The time table is cerserv
atlve and can 'be easily followed. Tho
running time, without stop, from Keo
kuk to St. Louis Is 16 hours, while thi
time table given below Is made for
18*4 hours. A tow boat and heavy
Doan's Kidney Pills Is the best
medicine to use. It has cured thous
ands and will cure you.
EL. Marble, 710 West Main streets
Ottumwa, Iowa, says: "I have use4
Doan's Kidney Pills' and think very
highlv of them. I suffered from kid
ney weakness and severe backache*
for some time. If I sat down for any.
length of time and suddenly started to
rise, I would suffer great pain over the
kidney regions and through my body.
I had hard, dull backache and a kldntf
weakness and despite all my doctoring,
I could not rid myself of the difficulty
until I used Doan's Kidney Pilla which
I procured at Sargent's Drug Store
this spring. This remedy fixed up my
back and kidneys In fine shape, and
give them my hearty endorsement".
Jamestown Ex- knoqr
position Via "r^k
Following round trip rates from Ottumwa to Norfolk, Va., via
Wabash Ry.
Season Tioknt: ... ,........$43.80
Sixty da$ tickets
Fifteen day limit
Season tickets on sale daily Atfr.u 19 to Nov. SO, 1907. Final re
turn limit Dec. 15, 1907.
On season and sixty day tickets, stop over will be allowed at oer
tain eastern points. Short limit tickets will be exchanged at validat
ing offices, for a longer time limit, by deposit of ticket and payment
of difference rate.
Aak Ticket Agent Jefferson Jtreet Union. Depot tor particulars.
New Phone 1294. .. ...
J. P. Whelati, Local Agent.
tow went down in July in 19% hours.
It is quite probable that the presi
dential party will run down the river,
on this schedule to Clarksville and
loaf on the lower end of the trip so aa
not to arrive St. Louis too early.
The table prepared by Major Meiga
for the benefit of those who desire to
see the parade as it passes down tha
river contemplates* eleven miles an
hour is as follows: u,
Distance, Mole­
stations— miles hrs. min. Time
President starts 7'
review— 11.00 am
Keokuk .... .. 0.00 0.00 11.30 am
Warsaw 4.50 0.25 11.55 am
Canton 24.00 2.11 1.41 pm
La Grange .. 31.00 2.49 2.19 pm
Quincy 41.00 3.44 3.14 pm
Hannibal .... 61.00 5.32 5.02 pm
Louisiana. .. 89.75 8.09 7.39 pm
Clarksville .. 99.75 9.42 9.12 pm
Hamburg. ..114.26 10.23 H.53 pm
Cap au Grls. 136.S5 12.23 11.53 urn
Grafton 163.25 14.50 2.20 am
Alton 179.25 16.75 3.47 am
St. Loulg ... 202.25 18.23 5.53 am
The above schedule, while allowing
ample time to get to St. Louis, does
not allow too much, to? there might
be fog to delay the boats an hour or
so. Probably the schedule will be
run on till near St. Louis In the early
morning, when the boats will slow
down so as to arrive in St. Louis ex
actly on the time the committee haa
fixed, 9:45 In the morning.
A traveling salesman, hands In the
following: "I tried everything from
pills to osteopathy for constipation and
stomach troubles. They said I was a
hopeless case. I then went to a spe
cialist who gave me the following pre
scription, which cured me in thirty
Acid Sulphuricum Dil ........IX drams
Lax-Own Comp Ill oa
Ellx, Lactated Pepsin
Aquae Dlst. equal part qs. ad...VI oz
Directions: Take one dessert spoon
ful before meals. Can be filled at
Swenson's Drug Store.
Ouster Proceedings Begun By Attorney
General—Claims Company Has
No Busirtes Permit.
Dallas, Texas. Sept. 26.—Following
upon the suit filed by Attorney Gen
eral Davidson on behalf of the state
against the Pullman company, the at
torney general has filed a similar suit
against the Western Union Telegraph
company for ouster from the state on
the grounds of operating in Texaa
without a permit. The allegations are
precisely the same as set forth In th«
petition against the Pullman company
—that the defendant company has a
capital stock of $100,000,000. and thai
the fee due and which should be paid
to the state to do business In Texas
amounts to the sum of $100,040
School Board Grants Demand for a
Ten Per Cent increase in
Dubuque. Sept. 26.—After a
month's agitation the teachers of
the Dubunue city schools have been
accorded a ten per cent, increase in
salaries. At the meeting h°ld lasi
night a nincrrase in line with the de
mands was made throughout the state.
The orasv rrolf enthusiast when he
is tireJ out thinks he is entitled to
It shows how chcap you can buy Shooting and Hunting Clotliing,
Boots, Decoys, Boats, Shells, Rifles, Revolvers, Foot Ball and Basket
Ball Goods, Koller and Ice Skates, Camp Stoves, Beds, Bowling Balls, Talking
Machines, Kodaks, Cards, Dice, Flags, &c.
!S FREE 900

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