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THURSDAY, July 8, 1908.
Miss Clara Lunbeck Leaves 8ervice
I|f of 8tate aa General Agent for
Mason City, Julv 6.—After five
years of service as state agent for the
Soldiers' Orphans' Home and the
Girls' Reform School at Mitchellville,
both s.tate institutions, Mtss Clara
Lranbeok of Mason City has resigned
•from Tier office with the state and has
returned to remain quietly at her
fhome here during the summer at
(least. In the fall she may take up
'"#j other work but does not Intend to re
C.?1 turn to the service of the state.
ijjry' Miss Lunbeck begun her work for
the state .at a time when she acted
as agent for three of the state schools
11!S—the two reform institutions and the
jpp orphans' home at Davenport. Dur
I' lng her service the work has grown,
|?\jand now there are three state agents
one for each school. Her successor
h' has not as yet been appointed.
Before beginning her work for the
"jf 'Btate, Miss Lunbeck was in a similar
servicei with the Children's Home so
ft^!1! clety during a period of 19 years.
J'After such a long time in this work
|j\\Miss Lunbeck Is ready to leave it
'ipj '"permanently and when she has fln
-4 Ished her vacation she will seek some
,JM other vocation.
./t 'Judge Clark Grants Injunction Re
A (-1 straining County Officers From
J,'/ f' Paying Ditchers.
Concord, la., July 6.—Judge Clark
•granted an injunction restraining the
-county officers of Hancock county
.from paying the last twenty per cent.
-called for in the contract for ditch
'•1 3 "work, to the contractors.
The work of the contractors has
ibcen approved by the proper authori
ties of the county and as the 'farmers
objected to this on account of their
believing the work not to be up to
the standard called for in the con
tract They then brought the suit for
an injunction. In order to withhold
the last payment of twenty per cent
of the contract which was as yet un
paid. The eighty per cent was paid
as per contract. Judge Clark decided
lor the plaintiffs.
^'County Allowance of $5,000 May be
Rescinded—Action by the
Sioux City, July 6.—Loss of a part
of the $5,000 a year which it now re
Icelves from the county for the care of
jpublic charges will be met by the
"Boys' and Girls' home, in all probabil
ijtyi The board of supervisors has
'practically reached the conclusion
that the sum Is larger than is warrant
ed or deserved,
It Is expected to rescind its action
of three months ago voting the home
an increase of $4,200 over the $1,200
iHornback, James, const, elect... 5.00
Haw & Simmons, mdse. C. H... 4.35
jHalcomb Mfg. Co., mdse. C. H. 8.7fi'
(Hamilton, W. N., quar. sup. ... 2.85
'Huffman & Done, quar. sup. ... 3.S0
[Hull, J. E., refund tax 17.0j
(Harper Mclntire Co., mdse. C.
iHofmann, F. P., quar. sup 71.68
[Hyatt, C. A., repairs C. 25.33
[Hammond & Stephens Co 9.70
{Hughes. R. G. quar. acc't 8.00
IHunter,' Marion, trustee work .. 4.00
(Hughes, R. G.. Board of Equal.. 20.00
tHuIl, J. E., refund tax 23.90
IHall-Ekleft Furn. Co., mdse... 9.75
|Harsch, Jacob, refund tax .... 5.59
{Hand, B. A., refund tax 2.00
enry, Dr. C. A., quar. acct. .. 3.00
enry, Dr. C. A., sal. twp. phys. 20.00
ays, Sam, refund mulct tax .. 14.52
Higdon, Otis P.. insurance, C.
{Hotel Court, diet." jury 13.00
Hendrickson, A. H., twp. clerk. 4.50
Hughes, C., refund dog tax .... 1.00
'Hofjus Bros., photos 6.00
Hampton, Thomas, refund mulct
tax 14.52
Hlltz. W. A., guard and tele
phone 1.90
Hamilton, G. L*, assess Adams 109.37
ftawthorne, U. S. assess. Compt 114.56
Hutchison, M. B., Lumber Co.,
lumber 18.64
H. & F. Shoe Co., paup. mdse. .. 7.75
Karris, W. H., paup. mdse 14.00
lgdon, Otis P., insurance P. F. 45.00
Mclntire Co., mdse P.
F. 15.85
Millis, E. E., mdse. paup 105.75
sHowk, Frank, dls. on warrant
Tarper Mclntire & Co., mdse.. IS.67
irbin, Fred, nurse, paup 12.00
layes, J. T., corn P. 252.54
lollingsworth & Rupe. mdse... 13.50
lead & Co., naup. mdse 12.00
I. & F. Shoe Store, paup. mdse. 1.25
lowk, Frank, coal P. 126.00
lHanshaw, const. J. 15.40
Hughes, Grant, wit. J. 60
Hays, W. I. mayor's fee 3.15
lHanshaw. W. R., wit. J. P.' 60
Herrick, Dr. J. F., cor. wit. .. 10.00
Hirst, W. N., wit. J. 60
Hofmann. R. C.. seed P. 12.00
Hanks. John, Juror J. 2.00
Herman, B., wit. J. .80
Hobbs, Cora, wit. J. 70
Hobbs, Lizzie! wit. J. .70
Harrison, J. M.. wit. J. 6.00
Heastrui), Ed., wit. J. .70
Hayes, Bert, wit. J. .60
Hayes, Mary, wit. J. 60
Hinkle, Arthur, wit. J. 60
Huffman. J., wit. J. 60
Hessan, Grace, wit. J. 2.00
Hedftck, H. M., juror J. 1.00
Heather, Wm., juror, J. P. ... 1.00
Harris, Mrs. A. N., wit. fee 1.20
Henehan, Tom, wit. fee .60
Huddieson. Cliff, wit. fee .60
-Hannan, Dan, wit. fee 1.20
Hull, J. E.. wit. fee so
Hawks, Sam, wit. fee .6#
Hobbs? J. ., wii". fee .ffl)
Hackerison, Geo., wit. fee 60
larker, A. B., wit. fee 60
laller, J. J., wit. fee 60
larvie, A. A., wit. fee .60
ludson, C. N., wit. fee 60
Hastings, S. A., wit. fee 60
lall, Wm. H., wit. fee .60
lurd, Ed, wit. fee 60
luddleson, M„ wit fee .60
lortolh, Jeff, wit. fee .. .60
:nt, C. F., wit. fee .60
Ifcbbs, J. E., wit. fee .60
Hldgon, Dal, wit. fee .60
1 kV*
Jv «t
a year formerly gi\en It by the board.
While the board realizes that the
home is a benevolent Institution do
ing great good, and, therefore, is
worthy of all possible financial aid, It
feels that as a board of supervisors
It has not the right to give the coun
ty's money to charity, and therefore
It should pay the home only for tho
care of such cases as are strictly
county cases.
Wedding Bells Will Ring for Seventh
Secretary or Iowa Col
Mt. Ayr, July 6.—Mrs. Adolph
Shane, who has been secretary co
President A. B. Storms of the Iowa
college for over two years, has hand
ed in her resignation and will discon
tinue office work August 1. Thus, the
magic silver key chain will become
the property of another private secre
tary. Miss Lillian Storms, daughter
of the president, will succeed Mrs.
Shane in the office work, and come
into possession of the large heavy
chain to which the secretaries attach
the office keys. The chain is a large
one and Is usually worn around the
waist. In fact, the chain Is so very
large that it jingles, and Its musical
notes have a great attraction for men.
Already seven men have become inter
ested in as many secretaries by means
of the jingles. The silver key chain
of the president's office iB becoming
a noted rival of Cupid.
Convention of German Evangelical
Young People Closed at Ft.
Ft. Madison, July 6.—At the closing
session of the convention of German
Evangelical Young People's societies
at Ft. Madison last week it was de
cided that Muscatine should have the
next meeting which will be held some
time next summer. Rev. J. J. Jans,
the pastor of the Muscatine German
Evangelical church, delivered the
opening address.
Lincoln to Inspect Guard.
Ames, la., July 6.—Capt. Charles
Lincoln, son of Gen. James Rush Lin
coln, of Ames, has been delegated by
the war department to represent the
regular army as inspector of the Iowa
National Guard companies at their
four encampments this rummer. The^e
will be seven other regular army in
spectors, but Capt. Lincoln's appoint
ment Is the only one thus far com
municated to Gen. Logan. Out of four
army men who were asked for iv
Gen. Logan, Capt. Lincoln is the only
one who was favored by the depart
Holiness Camp in August at Bussey.
Bussey, la., July 6.—Arrangements
are fast being completed for a Tri-
Harty, J. O.. wit. fee
Halberg, Chas. wit. fee
Harriss, Robert, ^vlt. fee
H.edley, F. AV., wit. fee
Huddieson, Sam wit. fee
Hoddy, A. F., wit. fee
Hastie, Hal. wit. fee
Hobbs, J. A., wit. fee
Hutchison, J. G., wit. fee
Hobbs, .TEIS. wit. fee
Hobbs, Thos. J., wit. fee
Hubble, Ira, wit. fee
Herzog, John G„ wit. free .. ..
Hutning. Ed O., wit. fee ......
Hickman, J. H., wit. fee
Haw, Geo., wit. fee
Hawks, A., wit. fee
Heckart, J. C., wit. fee
Hopkins, E. F„ wit. fee
Howell. B. W., wit. fee
Harris, Susan. O., wit. fee
Higdon, S., wit. fee
Hlbbert, Geo. J. P. fees
Hays, W. L. J. P., fee
Hull, F. E., cor. wit
Havenor, Dave, cor. wit
Havernor, Mrs. Dave, cor. |wlt..
Havenor, Chas.,' cor. wit
Harden. Louis, cor. wit
Hyatt, Chas., wit. J.
Hall, Berney, wit. J.
Huffman, James, wit. J.
Hampton, Jas. wit. J.
Hampton, Thos., wit. J.
Hampton, Mrs. Thos. wit. J. P.
Hants. Frank, wit. J.
Hampton, Myrtle, wit. J.
Hartley. G. M., juror J.
Hendrix, O. E., juror J.
Howard, Mrs. J., wit. J.
Hornbeck," B., wit. J.
Hedrick, Chas. wit. J.
Holly, Ben, wit. J.
Harper, Russell, W., wit. J. P.
Hill, Julia, wit. J.
Hill, Wm., wit. J.
Hill. Julia, wit. J.
Hollen, John, wit. J.
Iowa Telephone Co., rent
Iowegian Ptg. Co., printing ...
Iowa Steam Laundry, refund
Iowa State Pen., keep of Jun
Iowa Steam Laundry, refund
Iowa Lumber Co., lumber
Iowa Cloth. & Shoe Co., mdse...
Irv.-in, C. O., wit. fee
Jones, Lee and Emmett poll tax
Jay, D. A., quar. acc't
Johnson, C. E. twp. trustee ....
Jackson & Cloyd, quar. coal ..
Johnston, W. H., gopher claim
Jackson, W. W„ sal. W. E.
Jones. Lee, two. trustee
Johnson, Chas., refund tax ...
Jackson, W. W., insane fees ..
Jackson, W. AV., insane expense
Jackson, AV. AAr., diet, prisoners
.Tackson, AAr. AA'., postage ......
Jackson, AV. AV., criminal fees.
Jackson, AV. AA'., criminal ex
Jackson, AV. AV., civil fees !!!.!
Jacksorf, AV. AV., inebriate fees
Jackson, AAr. A\r., inebriate exp.
Jackson, AAr. AAr., med. serv. pris.
Jaques. T. J„ bridge work ....
Johnson, C. E., paup. mdse....
James, T. L., paup. trans
Johnson, Bell, wit. J.
Jay, Lester, wit. J.
James, Art. wit. J.
Johnson, Frank, wit. J. P.
Johnson, R. A., wit. J.
Johnson, AVm., wit.
Johnson, Cliff, wit. J.
County Holiness camp meeting (ten
days) in the park in BusBey. They
will have tents and those Interested
will come and camr for the sessions.
A boarding tent will be conducted by
BuBsey ladies, several noted evange
lists and special singers are expected
and the occasion will be one of great
interest and importance. The meet
ings will be held in August.
Campaign to Save the Hogs.
Mason City, July 6.—Dr. P. O. Koto,
state veterinarian, who- has waged
such a splendid war against tubercu
losis among cattle, is planning a cam
paign among hogs which will be even
more thorough than its predecessor.
k.any swine throughout the state have
died very suddenly and without appar
ent cause and Dr. Koto intends to
probe the matter to its limit. The
campaign will be active all over Iowa
and it is the intention of the investi
gator to eliminate all diseased hogs as
well as cattle. The instructions have
gone out to a!: deputies to be on the
A Home Coming Time for Oskaloosa.
Oskaloosa, July 5.—Oskaloosa is go
ing to have a big Labor Day celebra
tion this year and a "Home Coming"
celebration combined. The Oskaloosa
Commercial club and the Iowa Bri
gade band will have charge of the big
celebration which will commence on
Monday, Sept. 6, Labor Day and con
tinue over until Wednesday evening,
September 7. It will be one of the
biggest celebrations in Iowa and Os
kaloosa residents who have moved to
various parts of the United States
will be invited to return to Oskaloosa
and spend half a week in celebration.
Father Plante Objects to a Gift to a
Certain "Home"—Others
Are Not so Favored.
Sioux City, July S.—Declaring that
since the Roman Catholics, the Luth
erans and the Jews of Sioux City and
Woodbury county take care of their
own unfortunates they ought not to
have to pay ant taxes for care of such
persons by other institutions. Father
T. J. Plante of North Riverside, mild
ly objected to the board of supervis
ors making a donation to the Flor
ence Crittenden home at a recent
The priest's idea is that if dona
tions are made to the various homes
out of the county's money, that money
comes indirectly from the pockets of
the taxpayers, many of whom are
Roman Catholics, Lutherans and
He declared that St. Anthony's
Babies' home, which he established
here in May cares for all baby cases,
regardless of money and regardless of
religion and that it asks no help from
the board, being a strictly charitable
Janes, Alex, wit. J. 60
Junkins, Ben., wit. J. 60
Junkins, Peter, wit. J. .60
Junkins, Annie, wit. .P 60
Janes, Alex, wit. J. .60
Junkins, Ben, wit. J. P. .60
Junkin, Peter, wit. J. .60
Junkins, Annie, wit. J. 60
Jackson, W. AAr„ wit. J. 1.20
Ja», Lester, wit. J. 2.0"
Jennings, Ira, wit. fee leo
Jaques, Jo R„ wit. fee 60
Johnson, AAr. A., wit. fee 60
Johnson, A. J., wit. fee 60
Jordan, J. W., wit. fee 60
Johnson. Edgar, wit. fee 60
Jacobson, C. N„ wit. fee 60
Johnson, Gus, wit. fee .60
Johnson, Frank, wit. fee .60
Judson, Edgar, wit. fee 60
Johnson, E. II., const, fees ... 6.00
Jay. Dr. D. A., cor. wit s.po
Johnson, Malinda, wit. J. 3.60
Judd, Henry, wit. J. 60
Jackson, AV. AV., wit. J. 60
ICeefe Bros., repairs jail 9.35
Kreigh, F„ sal turnkey, jail .. 120.00
Kirk, M. L., J. P. salary 400.00
Kling, C. H., gopher claim 50
Kent, Dana, quar. acc't 92.85
Kaiser, John F., refund tax 14.52
Klrby, Thos. E.. twp. clerk 18.00
Keefe, Bros., repairs jail 6.40
Kitterman, J. B., bridge work .. 6.35
Kansas City Hay Press Co .75
Knemeyer, W. E., paup. mdse .. 10.35
Kepler, Dr. J. C., paup. mdse.. 75.00
Keller, Frank, wit. cor 60
Kirk, M. L., J. P. fees 16.00
Kidd, Eastern, wit. J. 1.20
Knox, AV. E., wit. J. 60
Kohl, AVm., wit. J. .60
Kaul, E. AV., wit. J. 1.20
Kent, Fred, wit. J. .60
Kessler, J. R., wit. fee .60
Kelley, L. D„ wit. fee .60
Kegat, Carl, wit. fee 60
Kelly, L. H., wit. fee 60
Kelley. Thos., wit. fee .60
ICenyon, Edgar, wit. fee 60
Kile, Bert, wit. fee .60
King, Ross, wit. fee .60
King, Ross. wit. fee 60
Kessler, J. R., wit. fee .60
Knudson, Rob., wit. cor .60
Kleinman, Clarence, wit. bor. .. .60
Kenney, O. C., wit. cor 60
King. Allen, wit. cor .60
King, Mrs. Allen, wit. cor .... .60
King, Ben, wit. cor .60
Kaul, Ernest, wit. cor .60
Kaul, E. AV., wit. J. 1.60
Kidd, Geo. wit. J. .60
Ketter, Leo, wit. J. .60
Kittner, Mrs., wit. J. .60
Knob, John, wit. J. .80
Knapp, John, wit 80
Kendall, Riley, wit. J. .60
Bonaparte—Mrs. E. C. Smith and
daughter Madge returned from Sew
ard, Neb., Friday where they have
been visitinrr friends and relatives.
James Piper a former resident of
thiT place, but who has been living in
South Dakota, is visiting his sister,
Mrs. David Houser and family.
Minor Cummings, wife and baby
went over to Ft. Madison Saturday for
a visit with home folks, AAr. C. Wendt
and family.
Joe Troyftnan and Miss Bertha
Mack, two well known people of this
place, were married Wednesday at the
home of the bride's parents Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Mack, Rev. Trennery per
forming the ceremony. They will not
jf* A
•JKLC -1 ..A, J„1 ». I •'1
O ri'UMTW A. COmilER
The last chapter in one of the most
remarkable death mysteries that Iowa
has ever known, was finished Sunday
when the remains of Miss Emilyn
Miriam Kester were laid to rest in Oak
View cemetery in Albia.
The funeral service was held at 3
o'clock, at the Christian church. Rev.
Allison of Albia preached the funeral
sermon. Hundreds of friends and
relatives crowded the church and ob
served the services at the cemetery.
The testimonial to the memory of the
departed was a remarkable one, and
friends from Ottumwa, Chicago, Oska
loosa and St. Paul joining with the
relatives in the last rites.
The mystery in this young woman's
death is profound. Motive after mo
tive for self destruction has been
eliminated, confirming in the minds of
Nairobi, British East Africa, July S —.
Colonel Roosevelt heard his prowess as
a lion killer told in song and sketch
at the entertainment given on Satur
day night by the "Nairobi Follies,"
which Mr. Roosevelt and his son, Ker
mit, attended as the guests of his ex
cellency, Sir F. J. Jackson, C. G„ C. M.
G., acting Governor, as an evening's
diversion after dining at Government
House. The topical songs dealing with
Mr. Roosevelt were a feature of the
occasion, and at each allusion: to him
self Colonel Roosevelt's laugh rang out
above the nnplause and laughter of the
rest of the audience.
Lion Hunting Prowess.
The song describing Colonel Roose
velt's lion hunting was suns by Miss
Shooter in the course of a sketch en
titled, "A Tale of the Chase." It ran as
"Felis Leo."
A lion lurked in his lonely, lair,
As African lions do,
For he liked to be where he could get
a share
Of a nice little buck with a slice of
In our wonderful nature zoo
His large inside he nightly fed with
zebra or harte-beest instci.
"There isn't a scrap of doubt," said he,
"This diet's exceedingly good for me,
For I grow fat, fat, fatter
AA'hat on earth does it mat, mat, mat
If the way that I creep on the beasts
in their sleep
Makes the pcor things scat, scat, scat
go to housekeeping at present and
have not decided where their future
home will be made.
Mrs. Furgeson and daughter Jennie,
who have been making an extended
visit with Mr. and Mrs. E. AV. Chap
man, returned to their home at Bloom
field Friday.
J» J. Coolid^e and wife are visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Vass at Hannibal, Mo.
Carl Meek who is employed at Des
Moines spent Sunday at the T. AV.
Boyer home.
AAHlliam Dateman who has been vis
iting relatives here returned to his
home at Seymour Friday.
James Smith, wife and daughter of
Canada, came Friday for a visit with
Mrs. Smith's sinter Mrs. AA'm. IXuntcr.
Frank Morris of Scotts Bluff, Neb
is visiting his mother Mrs. Margaret
H. R. McCoy of Keokuk \as a busi-K
ness visitor here Friday.
A number of the citizens of this
place attended the celebration at Mt.
Sterling Saturday.
Delbert Glasscock of Des Mfiines,
spent Sunday in town with friends.
Miss Gretchen .Falir who has been
attending school at Council Bluffs the
past year returned to her home here
Mrs. Dickinson and children of La
con, 111., are visiting at the S. S.
Troutman home. ,•
Ottumwa Girl, Victim of Tragedy,
Who Was Buried atAlbia Yesterday
those who have studied the afTair
most closely the accident theory.
Her family relations were beautiful,
her engagement had the unqualified
approval'of her fiance's father, and her
business affairs, offer not the slightest
foundation for the motive.
Not a scrap of paper was left to
show premeditation. But there does
remain one single condition of health
that physicians pronounce the most
logical explanation of it all, namely
brain racking headaches. Such an
illness had overtaken Miss Kester the
day before her death and its effect on
her nervous system must have been
terrible That sufferers from such in
tense headaches have given way
mentally is a matter of record, and is
the only plausible solution.
W. T. Kester of Chicago was in Ot
tumwa today, and will wind up the
small financial affairs of his sister.
He hunted game in the moonshine
With never a thought of harm,
But he got quite a fright when there
hove in sight
Another song entitled "B. E. A."
(British East Africa,) recounting some
of Mr. Roosevelt's experiences in the
colony follows.
Experiences in B. E. A.
(With apologies to Kipling.)
At the port of Kilindinl,
Teddy, armed to the teeth with a
knife and a sheath,
And a rifle beneath his arm.
The Colonel plugged him with a
AA'hile Kermit took his photograph
Said he "Those Wall street boys
would cry
If they knew how near I'd been to die
Oh, this country's bull, bull, bully.
I've enjoyed it full, full, fully,
For it euchers the best they can show
in the AVest
That's so wild and wool, wool, woolly."
Looking eastward cros the main,
We welcomed Teddy Roosevelt,
As we hope to do again.
And the rain it fell in torrents,
And the world seemed far from
But we did our best to greet him in
OUR way in B. E. A.
He traveled up the railway,
And he said the sights were
And he also said "THAT'S BULLY."
As we well can understand
For the game is here in thousands,
And it's here we'd have him stay,
Just to see uiraffes and rhinos
Near the rail in *B. E. A.
We heard of hand-fed lions,
And of rhinos on the chain
How he bravely faced all dangers,
And deadly beasts has slain
Still we've nothing heard BUT
That's a truth we must confess
We have no truthful story, for
He shut out all the press.
Yes. he shut out all the press.
And he left them there to guess
They raved and growled and grum
They were lef* in such a mess.
)t that's a'.l passed and done with,
For they were not far away.
And their news is scattered broad
Over all the world today
Stil, he sent in news on Tuesday.
It is nice to be polite.
But the New York papers had It
On the previous Sunday night.
Oh. it really was a frost.
And one it to his cost.
he tries balk the press men,
He is very often lost.
Colonel Roosevelt afterwards enter
tained the performers at an informal
supper at which other topical songs of
Africa were rendered, the former Pres
ident joining: in several familiar chor
Postmaster Gen. Hitchcock Authorized
Better Paper, Change of Color
of Ink, Etc.
Washington, July 6.—-Postoffice de
partment. is preparing to issue a new
postal card. Postmaster General
Hitchcock has called in tjie expert
chemists of the department of agricul
ture and has instructed them to work
out a formula that will give a much
better paper than can be made und*sr
the contract now in lorce. He says
Copyright 1901 by Hart Schaffner & Marx
12, 13 AND 14.
Eldon, July 6. (Special) The
Keokuk district conference to be held
at Eldon Methodist Episcopal church
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,
July 12. 13 and 14.
A. V. Kendrick, district superin
Chas. E. Coggeshall, pastor.
Committee—A. V. Kendrick, D. W.
Whitham, J. H. Helmer, C. E. Cogge
Monday Evening.
7:30—Song service, D. W. Witham.
8:00—Sermon, F. B. Tucker.
Tuesday Forenoon.
8:30—Devotionals, J. A. Sinclair.
10:30—"Is Organic Union of Ameri
can Methodism Desirable AV. G.
General discussion.
Tuesday Afternoon.
1:30—Devotionals, \Ar. F.' T. Evans.
2:30—"Methodist Laymen's Place in
Reform Movements," J. C. Calhoun.
2:30—"Anti-saloon League," C. S.
3:00—General discussion.
3:00—Woman's hour: W. F. M. S„
Mrs. Minnie Adams N. II. M. S., Mrs.
Naoma Day Ladies' Aid, Mrs. J. W.
Cheney Deaconess work, Mrs. L. G.
4:30—"Is a Reduction in the Num
ber of Districts in the Iowa Confer
ence Desirable," J. AV. Carson.
Tuesday Evening.
7:30—Song service, Jesse Monkman.
8:00—Address, Rev. C. E. Cogge
Wednesday Morning.
3:00—Devotionals, C. L. Jordan.
8:45—Closing message, district sup
10:00—Iowa Conference, interests
Graham hospital, W. S. Gardner, con
ference claimants, J. C. Kendrick, Iowa
Wesleyan university Pres. A. E.
Wednesday Afternoon.
1:30—Devotionals, S. F. Bishop.
2:00—-Foreign missions, L. Ingram.
Home* missions and church exten
sion. AV. H. Perdew: Freedom's Aid, M.
H. Banker Education, J. P. Cummins.
3:00 Sunday Schools. Cradle Roll,
Mrs. D. C. Beaven Normal class, C. A.
Field, Home Department, Miss Car
rie Beardsley.
3:30—Epworth League in the Keo
kuk district, J. A. Krenmyer Epworth
Volunteers, Miss Iva Ingersoll Junior
league, Miss Gertrude Robinson.
4:00—Closing business.
Wednesday Evening.
7:30—Song service, A. T. Jones.
8:00—Methodist Brotherhood, Rev.
J. W. Potter.
License to Preach—C. E. Coggeshall.
A. L. Jordan. H- C. Druce.
Examination Local Preachers Course
—J. AAr. Potter. S. F. Bishop. J. A.
Reception on Trial in Annual Con
ferences—F. B. Tucker, N. H. Pesdew,
H. F. Gilbert.
Candidates for Orders—W. H. Thorn
Geo. Blaag.
Fairfield Mav Have Day Current.
Fairfield, July 6.—(Special.)—The
Fairfield Gas & Electric company will
install a complete new electric equip
ment within the next sixty days, this
probably meaning that Fairflel^l will
have a day current after struggling
along until now without one. The
equipment, it is stated, will be new
throughout and will consist of up to
date machinery.
Eddyville People in California.
Eddyville, July 6.—(Special.)—Word
has- b
sart nad his brother-in-law, T. H.
Miller, formerly of this place, have
purchased a large grocery store at
Glendora, Calif., where they now re
side. The latter is also the proprietor
of a feed store next door to the groc
ery store.
4"A on all
7- Cravenctlcs
MM Mffr/y/tftr-
the postal cards issued by this govern
ment are inferior to tne product of
almost every other country and that
it is contemplated to make improve
ments in the general style and de
signs. It may be decided to change
also the color of the ink and the tint
of the paper. The government issues
75,000,000 postal cards' a month. T'ie
present four-year contract expires De
cember 31.
-4 JTS.
This Week.
You'll have use
for a Raincoat
every month in
'if the year. ,.
Buy Now!
$25 Cravenettes
at $18.75.
$20 Cravenettes
at $15.00.
$15 Cravenettes
at $11.25.
207 East
Main St.
We have a line of very fine Haviland
China that orders are taken for. We
will gladly show, you this pattern and
have some made with your initial in
gold. Moderately priced.
The Jeweler
Smiling In the
Dentist's Chair
Why not? The times when the
dental chair was a seat of pain
and torture are past.
that the crude work and clumsy
implements of the last genera
tion have given way to wonder
ful improvements and that
in up-to-date methods, scientific
research and latest technique
Dr. W. L. Dunning,
Opposite Ballingail
A Cool Kitchen
in summer is longed for by every
housewife. Buy a
Have the article you need handy'an
keep cool. The Best Cabinet Made
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